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as Australian cricket captain. Ricky Ponting stands down or was he pushed? But did he walk First milk, for the big supermarkets. now the new battle grounds Have a look Have a

Have a bloody closely, his eyes are closed. taking his parrot for a wild ride. The pet owner with authorities. Why his excuses aren't flying to breastfeed. The doll teaching little girls

I couldn't wait for it to be over

because I thought this is so

dangerous. This feels out of control. thought of her trip Down Under. What the talk-show queen really this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, here's Kochie and Mel. Now, live from Brekky Central, Welcome to Wednesday. We've seen plenty of video last year. from Oprah's visit to Australia bring you new pictures But this morning we're going to from behind the scenes.

What she really thought of

Australia, no mention of Nuala.

Obviously, she loved Nuala.

Exactly right, she should have, her

No.1 groupie. it's news time with Nat. Right now though, Good morning. to identify a woman Victorian police are working bushland north-east of Melbourne. whose body has been found in dense the remains Two people out walking discovered in Stony Creek late yesterday.

the area for clues. The Dog Squad has been searching the crime scene and of the area We're undertaking a search of particular individuals involved. to see if we can locate any how the woman died. Police don't know wanted over the 2002 Bali Bombings A top Indonesian terror suspect has been arrested in Pakistan. a leading figure Umar Patek is thought to have been within Jemaah Islamiah the attacks. when the group carried out he's now in custody. Unnamed intelligence officials say the 202 people killed 88 Australians were among in the nightclub bombings. widely expected to be announced Michael Clarke is today as Australia's new cricket captain. stepped down as skipper Ricky Ponting yesterday following heavy speculation. the time is right for change. The 36-year-old says

It's my turn to step away and

completely hand over to that, to the

next captain. I want to continue to

lead by example both on and off the

field for my team-mates and future cricketers coming on. playing for the team Ponting will continue and is expected to be selected against Bangladesh. for the upcoming one day series has launched a scathing attack Former Prime Minister Paul Keating the New South Wales Labor Party. on the man who's tipped to lead John Robertson Former state transport minister is set to become Opposition Leader election thumping after his party's weekend

Mr Robertson has no moral authority but Paul Keating says the loss of so many seats. and blamed him for are hanging around your neck, If those dead men and women and they are, of the leadership. you've lost the vantage point Mr Keating also believes in New South Wales the Coalition's win for Federal Labor. will have implications to the streets of Syria Massive crowds have taken embattled President. in support of the country's has come under threat Bashar Assad's 11-year rule from a week of deadly unrest rallied in the capital, Damascus, but last night tens of thousands backing the government. Syria's Cabinet has resigned. To help quell the uprising, has captured the moment An American snowboarder formed by loose snow in California. he fell head first into a hole as he managed to call his wife His helmet camera was recording who then alerted rescuers.

It's hard to watch but you know it's

a little embarrassing too.

It could happen to anyone. Well, It could happen to anyone.

Well,iest really scared. for almost an hour Despite being trapped and continued on. he got back on his snowboard

That's tough. Finance new

That's tough. Finance new now and

the Dow Jones up 86 points at this

very second.

very second. Buoyed by in2% increase the Dow Jones up 86 points at this

share price of Home Depot after they announced a $

announced a $1 billion share buy back. continues to moderate, Australia's population growth rate

While it continues to rise, not by

much, easing away from a 40-year high it

high it reached 18 months ago. The

big reason is a massive slide in

migration numbers which is not going

to help our skills shortage. Morning. Sevanth Sebastian is at CommSec. What's slowing our growth?

Look, I don't think this slide in

population is going to be something

that remains a concern going

forward. I think the Reserve Bank

has highlighted we have a shortage

in skilled migration, they expect a

pickup in migration visas going

forward to ensure the employment

rate doesn't slide too dramatically.

But over 100,000 less people called

Australia home, a significant slump Australia home, a significant slump.

Migration numbers are down 40% on

preGFC numbers and it is robbing

Australia of momentum. In terms of

skills shortages, the mining

skills shortages, the mining sector

is driving the shortages but the

list, a whole host of areas from

dentists to nurses to pharmacists to

engineers but a lot is in the

medical profession. We have got an

aging population and further demands

on the health sector but there are a

lot of babies being born. Over

300,000 babies in the last year, so

taking place. certainly a baby boom seems to be

Yes, do it for the country. Thank

you, time for sport. Wayne Bennett Seven times premiership coach is expected to confirm his departure St George-Illawarra from NRL premiers possibly as early as today. The announcement will send into overdrive speculation over Bennett's future and South Sydney with Brisbane, Newcastle for next season. all fighting to secure his signature It's understood Bennett will endorse Steve Price respected assistant coach the top job from next season. as the best man to take over Geelong welcomes back star trio and captain Cameron Ling James Podsiadly Paul Chapman for this weekend's encounter with Fremantle. Joel Selwood remains in the mix to tackle the Dockers despite being knocked out in a sickening collision with St Kilda's Farren Ray. Cats coach Brad Scott is confident his side will rediscover its attacking flair after only managing six goals in their narrow win over the Saints. Sri Lanka is through to the World Cup final after downing New Zealand by five wickets in Colombo overnight. Some big hitting from Angelo Matthews powered Sri Lanka past its 218-run target with 13 balls to spare. They'll take on the winner of tonight's second semifinal

between India and Pakistan. One Indian fan is so desperate to attend the blockbuster clash that he's trying to swap one of his kidneys for a ticket.

No, serious, that's incredible. That's die hard. And the Socceroos and Germany are locked at 0-0 midway through the first half of their friendly match this morning.

Time for a peak at the weather

Time for a peak at the weather with Grant Denyer who continues his

odyssey around Queensland. You looked odyssey around Queensland. You

looked pumped. Where you today?

Kidney he was trying to give away? Not in the league?

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Not even close

because today I am prepared to go

the full arm, maybe a leg. Today we

are at Billabong Sanctuary here in

Townsville playing with Crocs and

trying to reignite the tourism

industry here in Townsville but I

industry here in Townsville but I am prepared to die to do it. This place

hasn't opened since Yasi came

through and did a huge amount of

destruction, remember, winds of

290km/h, they haven't been able to

open their doors to tourists in the

region, they had to rebuild so much

of the enclosuress and bring the

trees back to life and clear up the

stuff, so their animals haven't seen

tourists for quite some time. So

today, we are just about to find out

how willing they are to play once

again, and hopefully play nicely as

the tourists come back through the

doors. We will do it on the telly

today with you as we look at the

forecast this morning. Sunrise Weather brought to you by Beacon Lighting. Be green and beat rising electricity costs during Beacon Lighting's Energy Saving Sale - on now.

(animal squeaks while Grant reads weather) (animal squeaks while Grant reads


Ever stroked a cockatoo?

They really are soft. Really quite

friendly. Sharp claws but look at

this little person.

Sound happy.

He does, he is right at home there,

he is tearing my arm to bits, but

apart from that, when we finish and

go back to you, I will just pat that

blood away.

We might keep you talking for a

minute or

minute or two. Thanks for that, see you in halfa.

Stay there, we will keep the picture

up while we throw to the break.

Good on you Mel, love you.

You look an expert at that. Thank you Grant. Still ahead - the real story behind Ricky Ponting's resignation as cricket captain. Also coming up,

And taking off, flat out! Vrrrooh!

Stopping real quick (laughs) Stopping real quick (laughs). The bird-brain idea that could land a pet owner in jail. But next, six months, 200 applications and still no job. One woman's desperate search for work. Lovely. And then there's yours. Subway Restaurants. When we need a car, we call Redspot car rentals. No funny business, just serious car rentals with no hidden extras. Official unemployment figures are low. But that doesn't necessarily mean you can just walk into any job you want. Some job seekers are having no luck, despite applying for hundreds of jobs. Gemma Anderson told a Gold Coast paper she can't find work despite a background in local government. She's sent off 200 applications. Amanda Burke from Talent 2 is here with some advice for job seekers. Good morning. What can Gemma do?

Okay, well the Gold Coast is a

challenging situation because they

do have very high unemployment, GFC

hit them hard plus the other things

happening in Queensland so it is a

very competitive situation. In this

scenario, I say don't send out

blanketcVs, think about things you

should apply, the most relevant to

your background, everything. Is she

applying just everything online?

Take a more tailored approach a

Take a more tailored approach a good letter and follow it up with a call

and try to get in front of the

employer because it is going to be

really important and give you an

edge versus someone who just sends

in a piece of paper. Look at the CV

and see if it is the shape it needs

to. Get interview practise and

training and use friends or people

you know that can help you with

interview practise. Do some

networking. Has she done networking.

The Gold Coast employs a lot of

people part time, rather than full

time, also exacerbates the

situation. Could she look at

part-timework work.

Do you have to be prepared to move

these days if you are looking for a

job? Even though unemployment is loy, job? Even though unemployment is

loy low, the figures are skewed

towards WA and the commodities boom.

Tourist spots are doing it tough?

Very tough, has she looked at

Brisbane. Brisbane is quite close,

it is commutable and so could she

look at Brisbane? I think she is 25,

so if she is single, and doesn't

have, she could move interstate kw

try to work interstate for a couple

of years and then come back. But not

everyone has that luxury. Advice for

others. Jess has said:

21 doesn't sound that old? Does it?

Well with that situation, I don't

know a lot about motor mechanics but

the Australian government has an

apprenticeship scheme, she should

hop on the web site, look at the

apprenticeship scheme because motor

mechanics is in skill shortage. Is she mobile? she mobile??

she mobile? If she is, the whole of

Australia is her option. She should

investigate that thoroughly and the

same thing applies to Gem hada, be

competitive, how is she selling herself?

And Nick says:

It's very true your first job in

Australia is a tough one to get.

Probably your hardest one. So, she

is probably got to use a network. So

whether, you know, you say she is

new in the country how does he sl a

network but she has to start,

network but she has to start, 2 could be community, church, side

line at cricket with the kids to

build the network to get a part-time

role or correct role as a starting

point. So your first role might be a

stepping stone into getting


That is really good advice. Tell as

people many people as you know you

are looking for a job, it is amazing

how big networks are, family and friends. Later - the new battle between Coles and Woollies. Plus, behind the scenes of Oprah's Aussie adventure.

All these people are screaming I am

trying to get through the crowd,

watch the crowd, look for crazy

people at the same time. Why the talk-show queen nearly walked away from Australian fans. And Britney's back.

# I want your body now

# Would you hold it against me # See her live on stage in San Francisco.

# You might think

# That I'm crazy

# What's Making News brought to you by Beacon Solar.

Be green and beat rising electricity

costs during the light-saving sale,

on now. Making news this morning - the preparations for William and Kate's royal wedding. With just under one month to go, cameras have been given a rare glimpse at preparations inside Buckingham Palace.

This is the blue drawing room, I understand. The blue?

Yes, we will give you tour later on Sunrise.

That is the moroon one.

They opened 19 rooms that are not

usually accessible. Thrown open the doors. Big lottery wins usually make the news. Often syndicates of workmates or friends claim the cash then split it. But just who has the right to a share of the jackpot? On 'Winners and Losers' last night on Seven the four girls faced an interesting dilemma. You may remember - they were all together when they bought a lotto ticket that ended up winning them $8 million but Bec didn't help pay for it.

The one with the real coloured hair

didn't help pay for it. She helped

them pick the winning numbers but

didn't put in. It caused an argument

whether she was entitled to a share

of the money.

Jenny, I can see your point, I kk but you have to see

but you have to see ours too.

They were my birthday numbers?

You own the number 19?

I was standing there, you asked me

to take part, you practically begged me to take part, you practically begged

me. If you had chosen your own

numbers, you wouldn't have the Money Angely.

You didn't put in the money, that is

the contract, putting in the numbers.

They were my numbers! I can't

believe how selfish you are being. In the end they decided to give Bec $2 million but what would you do?

No, the internationals rules.

Roughly, no mism

you pay up front. A mate of mine

says if you don't pay your cash up front.

Put a dollar figure on friendship?

No, if you are going to be in it,

you have to pay.

Yes, you can still be friends in

your mansion. Living in a Howel.

You can buy her a cocktail now and then.

Send hoar a post card from Tuscany.

Tell us what you think.

We are a little harsh. But number 19

is Nat's birthday so she is just as

entitled at Jenny.

I want the money, Jenny!

We are harsh. Now a question of etiquette this morning. Our director, Paul, is having a birthday party this weekend. Beretts can't go so he doesn't think he has to RSVP because he's not attending. We say you still have to RSVP either way. The term is French and basically means, "respond please".

Could you say it in French?

No, Repondez, S s'il vous plait.

I used to do it, but I have rung

people to say sorry I can't make it

and they say, that's okay, it is

only if you are coming we need to

hear from you. Etiquette has changed.

Nope, they don't know what they are

talking about those people.

It has happened a few times.

You respond either way because

people have got to know.

People are left hanging.

People think you have forgotten to respond People think you have forgotten to respond.

They can work it out, if you are

coming you say yes. More efficient for everyone.

Io are rewriting the rules, no-one

knows but you and the two people.

You are taking up their time.

The etiquette of VPing, it annoys me

when they leave it, past the date

unless a better offer comes up.

You do forget, it is not because

something better comes up.

Ahead - our exclusive with Matthew McConaughey. Plus shortly, welcome to sunrise - the most spectacular starts to every day.

# Hallelujah # But next, news and sport. And Grant's in dangerous territory in Townsville.

# But I don't mind

# And I need her #

People like Arthur and Steven Mums like Heidi at home. Peter, working from home. Good morning. Police in Victoria have launched a murder investigation following the discovery of a woman's body near a camping ground in South Gippsland. The remains were found by passers-by in dense bushland at Stony Creek late yesterday. We were of the view that death had occurred relatively recently before that

and there was a chance that other people involved in this matter were still in the area. Police are trying to identify the woman. They've asked anyone with information to contact Crime Stoppers. Two young men have died and three are critically injured after a car crash on Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula. The five were in a station wagon

when it ran into a concrete power pole at Crib Point around midnight. The driver and one passenger died at the scene. Three other passengers have been airlifted to hospital. World leaders have vowed to push on with military action in Libya, saying they won't let up until leader Moamar Gaddafi stops attacking civilians. Around 40 foreign ministers,

including US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, discussed the crisis at a meeting in London. But Libya's opposition doesn't want Western powers to attempt regime change. We are not asking for any non-Libyan to change the Gaddafi regime. That's the job and the responsibility of the Libyan people and the Libyan people alone. It's believed some leaders are keen to arm Libya's rebels while most agree Gaddafi has to go. It's claimed drivers using Coles Express outlets have been paying more for petrol so the retail giant can subsidise its Down Down price campaign. News Limited reports there's been a widening gap in bowser prices between Coles Express and Woolworths Caltex petrol retailers

since the discounting campaign began. Yesterday Coles revealed it may expand its grocery prices war to include eggs, chicken and bread. What we're doing is trying to keep those prices down as low as possible for as long as possible. Coles denies it's trying to force smaller retailers out. Retail king Gerry Harvey says he'll soon launch a new online store to take on cheap foreign websites. Mr Harvey admits the site will take business away from his existing stores but the time is right to go online. At the moment Harvey Norman has a catalogue-style website with no transaction facility. Only recently, Gerry Harvey spearheaded a campaign for the GST to be applied to all overseas online purchases.

Financial news now and the Dow Jones

index up 81 points. We are still

about 25 minutes away from the close

there, Home Depot up 2% on a billion

dollar buy back. BP shares down 3% dollar buy back. BP shares down 3%.

Some of their executives could be

charged with manslaughter over the

11 workers killed on the Deep Water

Horizon drilling platform that blew

up in the Gulf of Mexico that

started that enormous oil spill.

Time for sport, here's Beretts. This is Sunrise sport report brought to you by Swisse. Tired? Stressed? You'll feel better on Swisse.

He's gone from swiss.

A sign.

That was the first sign of it.

Exactly right, keep an eye on the

Suisse ad, it will tep you what Michael Clarke will today be anointed as Ricky Ponting's successor at the helm of the Australian cricket team. Clarke's tenure as captain officially begins in the upcoming one-day series against Bangladesh and the incoming skipper has Ponting's full support.

He's certainly growing into those

leadership roles every day so I

certainly endorse Michael Clark as captain. certainly endorse Michael Clark as captain.Ern At the World Cup overnight, Sri Lanka booked its place in the final with a 5-wicket win over New Zealand. The hosts reached their 218-run target with 13 balls to spare. Penrith will head into Friday night's crucial game against Brisbane as the NRL's new wooden spoon favourites. The Panthers are also dealing with constant speculation over the future of coach Matt Elliott but are adamant it won't affect their performance. The in-form Broncos have lost Josh Hoffman to a leg injury.

Utility Gerard Beale moves to full-back and youngster Dale Copley comes onto the wing. The Socceroos have fallen behind in this morning's international friendly against their World Cup nemesis Germany. The hosts have dominated possession in the opening half and got their reward in the 26th minute with a goal to striker Mario Gomez. Socceroos midfielder Mile Yedinak earned a yellow card for a crude tackle. Germany holds a 1-0 lead approaching half-time.

Let's head up to beautiful

Queensland, Grant Denyer continues

his trip around the state, this

morning he is at Billabong Sanctuary

a great spot?

Yes, a great spot, spending the last

eight weeks sore so rebuilding after

Yasi. Operation sunshine is coming

into the key tourist areas affected

by and not affected by the natural

weather events at the start of the

year but this one was. Add the

moment, in Townsville it provides $ moment, in Townsville it provides

$336 million in tourism dollars to

the Queensland economy but there has been 30

been 30 tourist operators that have

contacted the government directly to

say we can't hold on any longer. So

bad are the visitation numbers we

will have to close our doors for

good. These guys at Billabong

Sanctuary have had their doors shut

completely and will hopefully open

them shortly, after eight weeks,

having to rebuild the place from skach?

It has been intense, the community

has got right behind us, they got

involve would the clean-up. The

rangers have been awesome but it is

a process and we are on our way.

What was the damage like? A

significant category 5? Strong winds?

To walk in the next morning was

awesome to see what could possibly

happen. We had a lot of the

enclosures down, especially the

birdaveries and the flight birds

were all out missing.

So they escaped.

Yes, we had some wedgetail eagles

walking away, sitting in the trees,

awesome birds of prey. Croc Enclosures, building Enclosures, building those.

A croc is not something you want to escape into the community.

No, as you will see later when you

have you feeding one of our crocs,

we have got some big boys up there,

and just with the damage but we are secure now.

We had this, they obviously lot lost

all the birds, three days later they

came back, thankfully, one has just

come back and has been dive bombing

us in the last couple of minutes.

Went straight into our lights, so

this thing has got his eyes on for

the duck that has just returned so

we are expecting anytia gangons --tia we are expecting anytia gangons we are expecting anytia

we are expecting any Shenenagans. Sunrise Weather brought to you by Beacon Lighting. Be green and beat rising electricity costs during Beacon Lighting's Energy Saving Sale - on now. A trough near the Queensland coast is generating heavy rain between Innisfail and Mackay. Onshore winds are causing isolated showers in north-east New South Wales. A tropical low is bringing heavy showers and isolated storms to the Top End. Showers in Brisbane. A few showers tomorrow onwards.

And for a, what is a family business

for you guys, you took over from

your dad, is it hard to have the

doors closed for so long?

It has but look, we have taken over

and it is the perfect time for a

rebuild opportunity and the park has

been an icon in Townsville, thur

years it has been open. So with years it has been open. So with this

break in business we have, it is

time for a new look ahead for Bill

long, a whole new fresh face and got

the opportunity with the rebuild at

the moment that we can implement new

enclosures and really give it a wow

factor that it is needing.

We certainly know the

We certainly know the numbers are

drastically down, let's hope they

come flooding back to get to the top

of the tourist icon status. See you

in half an hour as we play with wild

and crazy animals.

Joke of the day is from Pat Jarvis

in Bundaberg. Saying, "

in Bundaberg. Saying, "Like Nat,

there haven't been many

there haven't been many recent joke of the day I have thought funny.

Thank goodness.

I am sending this for a giggle.

Let's test your luck, a

silver-haired lady says, " silver-haired lady says, "Can you

come help me, I have a killer jigsaw

puzzle and can't get it started. The

neighbour asked what is it meant to

be? And according to the box, it was

meant to be a rooster. The neighbour

decided to help her out, she lets

him in and he studies the pieces and

looks at the box and turns hootoo

her and says, "

her and says, "No matter what we do,

there is no way we are going to

resemble these pieces into anything

resembling a rooster. Secondly, I

want you to relax, I don't want you

to worry, let's put all the

cornflakes back into the box." cornflakes back into the box."? Sorry... cornflakes back into the box."? Sorry....

Oh! Pat! A joke book is coming your way.

It is better than a TiVo anyway.

Exactly right, sorry, you failed

with that giggle. You may have had one.

I like the little pictures on the


Very good, send in your jokes of the

day, ladies and gentlemen. Ahead - the new battleground for groceries. Just how cheap chicken and bread could now go. But next, who needs a man? The scientific breakthrough growing sperm in a test tube.

Yes, get rid of us. And, the most spectacular start to every day. This you've got to see. In my job, there are days I have to wear this... ..when I feel like wearing this. Know the feeling? Weighed down, sluggish? That's where new Ski Activ comes in. VOICEOVER: Its unique blend of a prebiotic plus probiotics, including scientifically proven bifidus prodigestus, helps relieve digestive discomfort. Try it daily for 14 days. You'll feel more comfortable... Ski Activ. Get comfortable. It's what makes Sydney so Sydney. To book, call 13-RAIL, that's: # Everybody, come on Sunrise is the home of live music.

# Next thing I knew # # Baby, baby, no # # You're in then you're out # You're up and you're down # Get set for national superstar Avril Lavigne. # All my life I've been good # But now I'm thinking "What the hell" # See Avril Lavigne perform this Thursday only on Australia's No.1 breakfast show, 'Sunrise'. # But now I'm thinking "What the hell" #

Avril tomorrow as we take a look at

the Melbourne Jetstar sky cam,

showers and 21. Japanese scientists have successfully grown artificial sperm in a lab which could lead to discovering a cure to male infertility. The breakthrough raises hopes that young boys who have chemotherapy for testicular cancer will still be able to father their own kids. For more it's over to Dr Ginni Mansberg. Good morning. How did scientists create the first viable artificial sperm?

They haven't actually sort of

created it out of bits of chemicals.

Thitook immature sells existing in

the testicles that would one day

form sperm and stuck it in special

fluid and bingo, been able to grow

sperm if the first time. They have

been trige it for 50 years but they

needed to get the right fluid. They

have done it, they even have tails

and everything.

I am amazed at medical science.

Almost every week we have an amazing

breakthrough, what will it do for human reproduction.

They are preserving immature cells

from a prepubertal boy for later.

There are implications for

indangerered species, for animals

that are dying out and we can't get

sperm from them, it raised an

opportunity to do IVF on them.

It is extraordinary. It has just

been discovered. Tell us the time

delay, there is a lag before it gets into practice.

The researchers haven't said what

they will do next but one would mean

they will need to go through ethics

committees big time in hospitals to

get through trials but I can't see

why they are not ready to get up and go.

Will it do away with us blokes?

No, because you need

No, because you need testtical cells

so you are still safe. Appreciate that. Mel.

For now.

It is a conspiracy, I knew it. Oh dear! With the early starts, we see some pretty spectacular sunrises in this job. But nothing tops what photographer Eugene Tan has enjoyed over the past 12 years shooting Sydney's beaches. His pictures are now emailed around the world to office workers in need of an ocean escape. Sunrise correspondent Edwina Bartholomew spent a morning with Eugene at Bondi. Do you ever get sick of waking up to this, Eug? It's a great start to the day, coming down the beach in the morning. Is it different every day? Yep, every day is different.

The conditions are different. The surf is different. The beach may change but every morning Eugene Tan does the same thing - he takes photos of Bondi. You wouldn't believe some the days we've seen here with the sky pink, beautiful waves. Beautiful waves, nice and still. You can travel to exotic locations and swim out to outer reefs and take some underwater shots but when it comes down to it, people love seeing a great sunrise at Bondi Beach. 12 years ago, Eug started sending his shots to a few mates along with a surf report. I just woke up in the morning, back in the '90s. Used to take photos to document my morning,

piece it together to send to a few friends. Very soon the rest of Sydney wanted to see more of our ocean home. How many people now receive your Aquabumps email every day? There's 40,000 people that get the email but there's 10,000 extra people visiting the website every day. He's turned his hobby in a business now with a gallery and a book. But his daily Aquabumps email is still free to anyone who wants it.

People log on overseas all the time. I think there's a lot of expats who are hungry to see a bit of Australia every day. There's an 86-year-old lady in Oregon, US, and her son lives in Bondi and she just wants to see the same sunrise he sees every morning. That's their connection. Could you do this anywhere or is there something about Bondi?

I think Bondi is very unique. Just look how many people are down here this morning. There's a lot of photo opportunities down here. For most people Eug's email provides a quick ocean escape

when they're stuck in the office. It's also a kind of photographic essay of life on Sydney's eastern beaches. In the last 10/20 years, it's gone through amazing change. It's kind of a document of what's happening at the beach and what they are doing. There's always something going on. That's why I come down every day. You'll be sitting down here when you're 70 noting how much it's changed. Probably will be, yeah.

Aren't they gorgeous? Great.

We featured Eugene in our business

builders show. He runs a great

business, go to, which

is his web site and you can buy a

lot of the photos online, mounted,

the whole thing, he has just got the

best data base, it is what makes his

business so successful. After the break - can Ricky Ponting play on under a new Australian circket captain. Also, Oprah's Aussie regrets.

I felt really great those many

people showed up but I felt a sense

of emptyiness there. What she really thought of her trip Down Under. And, Britney's back.

# So if I said I want your body now

# Would you hold it against me # See her live on stage in San Francisco when Sunrise continues. But I haven't been losing all the things I love because I've become a swapper. I've been swapping big for small. Swapping sitting for moving. Swapping watching for playing. Here you go, Eric. And swapping often for sometimes. Once I got into it, I found it was easy. VOICEOVER: To help lose centimetres without losing out, you don't have to stop it. Just swap it. So start swapping today. For more tips, visit: The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more. Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen joins us. Britney Spears has made a comeback with her seventh album, 'Femme Fatale'. To celebrate, she's peformed live in San Francisco.

# Because you feel

# Like paradise

# And I need a vacation

# Tonight

# So if I said I wanted your body


# Would you hold it against me #

Wow, there you go. Is she back for good?

Britney is back and Britney's front

and middle, we got everything. You

know, I don't know, it is her

umpteenth come back. There are a lot

of people speculating how much was live singing.

Any of it.

Why didn't she move around more. The

fans seemed to like it who were

gathered there. Fans saw it as the

gym and everyone was mesmerise but

nobody seemed too impressed and word

has come out, her ex Kevin Federline

is expecting his 5th with his

girlfriend, and is it is stole her

thunder. Everyone is intensely

interested, that is the good news for Britney. Moving on, and Charlie Sheen is having trouble finding a hotel to stay at while on tour in April. R

Yes, I mean, his sold out

performancesats Radio City Music

Hall in New York City, the bad news

is he going to stay and put the

entourage of 30? And put the

godesses? Last October he got in a

big bit of trouble

big bit of trouble alt the plaza rr

Hotel Because he trashed the room

with the porn star. Donald Trump

doesn't want him staying at the Soho

Hotel, but he is trying to blame it

on the fact the hotels don't like

smokers, he is trying to find a

private residence, I can tell you,

charmy, it won't be my place.

Thank you, catch you later, Soap Box.

RSVP etiquette.

How is it going down?

Not well, no. Not at all.

All you do, if you get an RSVP

respond and saying you are coming,

if you are not coming don't respond.

Lots of people begging to differ, deb says, "

deb says, "It shows poor manners and

disrespect, this person has taken

the time to bother to invite you

the time to bother to invite you so take the time to bother to respond.

I know standards are slipping and we

need to put up an effort. Is it how

we want our children to conduct

themselves, is it this okay to be

this casual about everything.

this casual about everything.." From

Victoria, you said it.

Got it, deb.

Deb wants him to be stoned.

Plent a e to take away, thanks, it deb. Now, still to come on Sunrise this morning - Ricky Ponting stands down as Australian cricket captain. But did he walk or was he pushed? First milk, now the new battle grounds for the big supermarkets. Have a bloody closely, his eyes are closed. The pet owner taking his parrot for a wild ride. Why his excuses aren't flying with authorities. The doll teaching little girls to breastfeed. I couldn't wait for it to be over because I thought, "This is so dangerous" "This feels out of control". What the talk-show queen really thought of her trip Down Under. Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. Now, live from Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Mel. Good morning. Behind the scenes with Oprah is coming up shortly. Right now it's time for the news of the day. Good morning. Two Navy personnel have been killed and three young men critically injured in a car crash on Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula. Their station wagon slammed into a power pole at Crib Point

just before midnight. The driver and one passenger died at the scene. Three other passengers were flown to hospital. Victorian police are working to identify a woman A main suspect, wanted over the 2002 Bali bombings has been arrested in Pakistan. Intelligence sources say Umar Patek was taken into custody earlier this month. Australia, the Philippines and the US have all been chasing Patek since the attacks with a $1 million bounty on his head. 88 Australians were among the 202 people killed in the nightclub bombings. Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd and Immigration Minister Chris Bowen

have arrived in Bali for a major people-smuggling summit. Australia's proposal for a regional refugee processing centre is gathering little enthusiasm with the idea reportedly not on the agenda. Leaders met for dinner last night. It's a big day for Michael Clarke. He's widely expected to be announced as Australia's new cricket captain. Ricky Ponting yesterday stepped down as skipper following heavy speculation.

The 36-year-old says the time is right for change. It's my turn to step away and completely hand over to that, to the next captain. I want to continue to lead by example both on and off the field for my team-mates and future cricketers coming on. Ponting will continue playing for the team and is expected to be selected for the upcoming one-day series against Bangladesh. TV cameras have been given a sneak peak of preparations inside Buckingham Palace ahead of next month's royal wedding. There are canapes galore and the palace crystal is getting a good polish. The Queen is opening 19 rooms

to the 600 guests invited to Kate and Wills' reception. And the Royal Mail has released new stamps celebrating the wedding. They'll be available on April 21. Speaking of royals, a collectable 50 cent coin is now available here marking Prince William's engagement to Kate Middleton. The Royal Australian Mint says Queen Elizabeth officially approved the coin which was designed by Her Majesty's goldsmith and jeweller.

I'll check on the investment

potential of that. Finance news now I'll check on the investment potential of that. Finance news now

and the Dow Jones has closed a

couple of minutes ago. Up around 80

points. Home Depot up 2% because of a $

a $1 billion buy back. I will have

more about a lot of the crew were

interested in United States property

prices yesterday, I will have more

on that in half an hour, the latest

statistics on it. To our region yesterday:

The Reserve Bank is going to look at

credit card surcharges on the use of

credit cards, by companies and crack

down on them, particularly taxi

companies and airlines with their

flat fees. They reckon you shouldn't

be making a profit on the surcharge.

The Aussie dollar is sneaking back

up to around $

up to around $1.

up to around $1.03 United States.

Time for sport. St George-Illawarra's worst fears have been realised with master coach Wayne Bennett poised to reveal he's leaving at season's end. Bennett will front the media in Wollongong today where it's widely expected he'll confirm his impending departure from the Dragons. The seven times premiership winner is in high demand with Brisbane, Newcastle and South Sydney all desperate to secure his services. It's believed Bennett's assistant coach Steve Price is in line to be elevated to the top job. Geelong welcomes back star trio

James Podsiadly, Paul Chapman and captain Cameron Ling for this weekend's encounter with Fremantle. Joel Selwood remains in the mix to tackle the Dockers despite being knocked out in a sickening collision with St Kilda's Farren Ray. Cats coach Chris Scott is confident his side will rediscover its attacking flair after only managing six goals in their narrow win over the Saints.

The Socceroo have just levelled,

take a look, an equalising goal against Germany.

And David Carney scores for Australia.

There it is! 1-1 between Australia

and Germany at the moment, earlier

on, German striker Mario Gomez

scored but Australia levelling at

1-1, good news for Australian

football and Australian fans who are

in the minority at that match we

will keep you tupe date at that one

ticks on. Moving into the late

stages, the second half. And Grant

is up at Billabong Sanctuary, took

the family up there, it is a great spot.

Bring them up New York City,

Beretts. Oh! Wooh!

Man versus croc.

Help me! Look at this. No!

Ow! I just got bitten by a croc and

I survived, yes! Well done.

Only just. These guys, we were talking about the

talking about the effects of tourism

operators here and how the cyclone

has thrown everything into disarray,

it is the same for the animal world

with the croc beading?

Definitely, definitely.

What sort of numbers had you lost.

Normally every year we have great

success with the crocodile hatching.

All the females laid before the

cyclone, which is great, we take the

eggs from the net and incubate them

out the back. We were without power

for the best part of two weeks. Did

have backup generators running for

us, for the incubators but hard to

get fuel

get fuel. So at some time the

generators wasn't running and we did

lose quite a lot of

generators wasn't running and we did lose quite a lot of eggs during the cyclone.

These are some of the lucky ones

that made it, it is so hard to think

these guys can grow into six-metre

killing machines. I want to do it again. Get him...

Owww, Owww! You can have him now.

Quite a bit on them. How old? A

couple of days?

Yes, a few days old.

Let's look at the forecast. Sunrise Weather brought to you by Beacon Lighting. Be green and beat rising electricity costs during Beacon Lighting's Energy Saving Sale - on now.

What I actually love about these

guys is they would have been buried

by mum, once they start to

guys is they would have been buried by mum, once they start to crack

out, the first few start to call,

mum comes back and digs them out.

Those who haven't made their way

out, the mum, despite their enormous

size and jaw power still have the

delicate touch to just crack the egg

with their teeth to help them out

and dig them out, put them in their

mouth and get them going towards the

water's edge. What is your favourite quality?

My favourite quality is this animal

and its ability to survive. It has

been on the planet for the best part

of 280 million years and seen a lot

of animals come and go, seen a lot

of natural disasters and it has

managed to live through the lot. Pretty unreal.

Let's hope the one that bit me

earlier, doesn't grow up and lives

in an estuary later. earlier, doesn't grow up and lives in an estuary later.

Australia has scored a second goal,

it came off the boot of Luke

Wiltshire, deit is came from

penalty. It is big news for

Australia, here is the shot.

Australia up 2-1 against arch

nemesis, Germany. This is looking very good. They are toast. Here is Mel. They are toast. Here is Mel. .

My son will be very happy this morning: Now to Ricky Ponting's retirement as Aussie cricket captain. And there are questions this morning over whether he might have been pushed. Ponting faced the media saying after the World Cup result he felt it was the right time for a change in the captaincy. I've had no tap on the shoulder from anybody. This has been a decision that's been wholly and solely made by me and people close to me. He said he wanted to allow his successor to settle into the role. Do we believe it was his decision? And who's set to be named the next captain? It's over to the Wilsons, Jim and Bec. Jim, you asked him about his decision at the media conference. Did you accept the answer?

I think there was some robust

discussion when he got back from

India, Mel. He wanted to continue

last week in

last week in the role. He said in

his own words he would know when

his own words he would know when the timing is right. How things can

change in the space of 48 hours.

There is no doubt Cricket

Australia's power brokers have

Australia's power brokers have said this is a chance for you to go

gracefully, you can Kay on as a

special -- you can stay on as a

specialist batsman but time to go. I

don't know how the dynamics will go,

he has been in the dressing room and

the boss for so long, and to fit in

under Michael Clark.

You reckon Michael Clark will get it

I think that is right, even though

there is a huge popular uprising

against Michael Clark. A number of

the team don't want him. We know what the

We know what the country thinks the

team needs to support him?

There is a core

There is a core group who do accept

him and have accepted he will be the

next captain but there are rumblings

of discontent. It won't help having

Ricky Ponting in the dressing room.

He should have retired full on

yesterday, the way Steve tailer and

mark Waugh did. It is hard to step

down as captain and take your

down as captain and take your place in the dressing room as an underling.

I can't see why not, Jim, I am a big

boy I know when it is my time and my

place, I have always known that

around the Australian cricket toom.

You have got to look at his record,

it is amazing. Could he be a help?

Yes and know, I keep coming back to

the fact the guy has run the show.

He has been it, as far as the

Australian dressing room and that

team is concerned. Michael Clark, a

series against English, one-day

series, and Sri Lanka and South

Africa away and India over our

summer. It is like Kevin Rudd being

with Julia Gillard. I mean, it is a

really difficult, difficult scenario.

Absolutely. I think that, you know,

really, Ricky should have seen and

smelt the wind. He smelt the wind

enough about the captaincy. As you

said with robust discussions but I think Cricket Australia should have stepped in and said, "

stepped in and said, "Look, Ricky,

it is time. Go gracefully." His

record is unbelievable. It is

interesting yesterday, sewing

comparing him can with the great

captains like stee Waugh and Mark

Taylor but he sat there and told us

what the record is. I have never

seen anyone do that, we know he has

a test record of 53, fabulous but

retire grasfully, see you later.

He has been a great captain but I am

with Bec, he should have gone and

Michael Clark should be brought on.

Today we should be announcing

Michael Clark as captain of the

Australian cricket team.

No, Shane Watson.

We are only announcing him as the team for

team for Bangladesh, it is wrong 100% team for Bangladesh, it is wrong 100%.

In If it

In If it was it was wrapped up

In If it was it was wrapped up we would be talking bout nothing. Woolworths has admitted the fierce milk discounting between the major supermarkets can't last. After weeks of pressure from the dairy industry the head of its fresh food also agrees the war will affect farmers' bottom line.

Wolloongong have a genuine concern

that the rapid price -- Woolwurgts

have a genuine concern the rapid

price drop to flow back to

processors and farmers may impact

the longer term sustainability of

the Australian dairy industry. Milk's not the only battleground. There are plans for a discount war on chicken, eggs and even bread. Christopher Zinn from Choice joins us. Good morning. Coles says the low milk prices are sustainable. Woolworths says they're not. Who do we believe?

Well, I wish I knew, of course,

Woolwurgts have an interest in

dissing Coles because it is suiting

them to match the prices. But the

dairy farmers have interests to

protect. It is why we are calling

for a supermarkets ombudsman, an

honest broker in the area who has

the expertise and guidance, but at

the moment, we have got

the moment, we have got all sorts of people saying all sorts of things

and the senate inquire ay has and the senate inquire ay

and the senate inquire a -- senate

inquiry has got to sort through it.

Senator Nick Xenephon has brought on

the inquiry and he is worried what

it might mean for primary producers

and retailers.

When you see the silly red finger

pointing down, we know in a few

months, the finger will be pointing

up at all of us. Chris, this is the

big issue for consumers, isn't it?

We want cheap prices but these two

giant supermarkets, we have the most

concentrated supermarket industry in

the world here. And it can damage

the economy. Can't it?

Well it can be. We like to think of

them as two big twin boys in a play

pen slugging it out. You want

pen slugging it out. You want them to be boisterous and assertative but

they don't realise the collateral

damage they do to other primary

producers and retailers who aren't

as big. We need them in the mix

because they keep the big boys

honest and keep downward pressure on

prices. You need supermarkets to

take risks and Coles is doing a good

thing but they are not conscious

what they are are doing and you need

strong regulation.

The stentererize criticising them

but what will it achieve.

The talk is more pressure on the

ACCC, the consumer and competition

commission to lift their game in the

area. There has been a lot of

concern about supermarkets and

supermarket powers. Supermarkets

have bought up other supermarkets,

grown the concentration so we thought it thought grown the concentration so we

thought it is one way and talk of

predatory pricing. We were at the

senate and it is

senate and it is the areas they

predatory pricing. We were at the senate and it is the areas they are talking about.

Let's hope they follow through, we

will continue to watch it as well. Now to a parrot called Angus who's survived a very wild ride. The 1-year-old was forced to cling to the bonnet of a car while it hit speeds of up to 100km/h. Here, Justin Lawther is driving in the emergency lane of Melbourne's Eastern Freeway. This video is one of several he's uploaded to YouTube documenting his adventures with the bird.

Taken off, flat out! Wooooh, Broohm,

stopping real quick. He admits the parrot has fallen off the car at least once but denies it's cruel.

No, it is cruel to keep him inside,

it's cruel to restrain him, it's

cruel to have him. Where do you draw

the line? I got to justify having

him to myself, right? Well, he is

his own person. He is a free being,

I don't give a (beep)

I don't give a (beep), he is a human

being to me and that is how I treat So how does that fly with authorities? The RSPCA's David O'Shannessy is here. David, what's your reaction to the video?

I can't believe that someone can

I can't believe that someone can see it is appropriate. It is

irresponsible behaviour, it is

stupid behaviour and things could

have easily gone very wrong for that bird.

Given he admits it has fallen off

the car once and someone else could

have run over him, can he be prosecuted?

It is a matter for the Victorian

police and RSPCA because the

incident did happen in Victoria, but

what he is doing is endangering the

life of the animal. Some sort of

action sthaob possible to protect

the bird. Obviously it is not in safe

the bird. Obviously it is not in safe hands.

There are other YouTube clips

showing Angus's living conditions.

They appear to be good. There is no

doubt Justin does love the bird,

doubt Justin does love the bird, do you think he is misguide snd

I think so, it is difficult to

comprehend someone who has a comprehend someone who has a love

for his animal would put it on the

wind screen wipers of the car at

100km/h. It has just got to fall 100km/h. It has just got to fall off

and be seriously injured or killed.

And the danger he poses to other

motorists. But dollar is great risks

for that bird.

Okay, thank you for your views.

Appreciate it. Back to Kochie. When Oprah visited Australia last year she was full of praise for our country and our people But now a new behind-the-scenes documentary has aired in America revealing what she really thought. Sunrise correspondent Nuala Hafner spent weeks trailing the talk-show queen.

Nuala, don't tell us she actually hates us?

No, I wouldn't go

No, I wouldn't go that far at all.

As you say, I am a massive Oprah

fan, I was so concerned that would

show she was being insincere, it was

a world-wind jam packed tour and she

was always so poised and energetic

but underneath all of that there was

a lot of work and a lot of worry,

take a look. From coast-to-coast, state-by-state, Oprah and her ultimate fans enjoyed the best Australia had to offer. Hello! She loved us and wasn't afraid to say so. You've gotta come to Australia. Even Sunrise basked in the Oprah glow. I thought everybody was watching Sunrise - That was what I was doing on the treadmill. But was the world's most powerful women faking it?

All I can say is, think of your own

family vacation. Times 302 people, going to

going family vacation. Times 302 people,

going to the other side of the

world, my goodness, nat is a lot of

work. I am looking at this already,

I am exhausted just hearing it it on paper.

This is definitely challenging, no question.

My God, this is a logistic nightmare. These scenes come from a documentary about Oprah's final season. It reveals Australia scared her from the start.

Driving through Hamilton Island Oprah says she was keeping watch for weirdoes. All of these people were screaming and I'm trying to get through the crowd, watch the crowd, look for crazy people, all of that at the same time.

I met up with her in Uluru but it seems she wasn't too fussed initially

about one of Australia's most famous landmarks. I was told that's the place with all the flies and it is 104 degrees. So my first reaction was - "Oh, 104 degrees and flies? Count me out." The huge Oprah fest at Melbourne's Fed Square was almost cancelled because too many fans turned up. I felt really great that those many people showed up but I felt a sense of emptiness there. And when her meeting with the Prime Minister was hijacked she wanted to abandon it altogether.

The reason I didn't stop it is because she is the Prime Minister. you are in their country and you can't now say "Can we go get a cup of coffee somewhere?" I couldn't wait for it to be over because I thought, "This is so dangerous". "This feels out of control". Not to mention, not being able to pronounce Julia Gillard's name.

Prime Minister Gillard? There were some highlights - that 'O' on the Harbour Bridge still gives her a thrill. The fact the people of that country would think enough of me to put that 'O' on the bridge is huge.

There is an O on the bridge, on the

other side of the world! And I shall

be forever grateful to the people of

Australia. That was extraordinary.

What that phepblt to me. Well, maybe we'll forgive her the rest.

Over the past 24 years you have seen

me as the face of the Oprah show but

I do not do this alone. Now meet the

team behind the scenes. They are the

best in the business.

Do whatever you have to do.

And see what goes into making season

25, the biggest year of our lives.

She still loves us, I am glad about

that. Do you think Australian Oprah

nans were a little crazy?

Look, this show is seen in 146

different countries across the

world, I don't think Australian fans

are weirdier or crazier than a

Finnish Oprah fan or a Zambian Oprah

fan, we just like to show our love.

Nothing too offensive there, but

interesting to see the team of

people behind her and all the stress

that she was covering when she was

out there going, "

out there going, "I love you, I love

you, in her mind going weirdoes,

weirdoes, weirdoes, "

weirdoes, weirdoes."

And how she is concerned for

And how she is concerned for people during the hysteria. Yes. Thank you. Ahead - your chance to win a new car. Also, the new daylight saving debate.

Should we just have it all the time? And, Matthew McConaughey lays down the law.

You pay me or go with the public defender.

You going to

You going to count it.

You just did. The Hollywood star is coming up in 15 minutes. (FUNKY MUSIC) They get the way I live, the way I do things. it's easy to claim, and it's great value. That's why more Australians are choosing NIB. MAN: New at Subway restaurants, ..crisp, fresh salads... ..tasty cheeses, golden, freshly baked bread, The new Wagyu Beef Sub - Sunrise brought to you by Jetstar, low fares are just part of the story. # Everybody, come on

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Done her calf.

No we don't care. What is happening

on the Soap Box. Don't you try to deflect.

Beretts reckons if it is RSVP you

only respond if you are going. More efficient.

Eye ignore it.

Catherine Wilkes, "

Catherine Wilkes, "I ulalways edheld

you in