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(generated from captions) Cricket Australia tapped him on the

shoulder and told him it was time

to go but he admits Australia's

early World Cup exit forced him

into a decision. He still wants to

play and hopes to be named in the

team for the tour of Bangladesh.

It has any a dramatic change of

heart Ricky Ponting who wanted to

stay on as Australian skipper just

a few days ago. I will go on record

as saying that I had no tap on the

shoulder from anybody. It was a

decision by a buy me. The woman at

the other top job acknowledging his

he contribution. He's a good bloke and

he has had a fantastic cricketing

career. Ponting sees no problem

with the transition. I know when it

is my time, I have always known

that around the Australian cricket

team. Michael Clarke is the obvious

choice an the departing skipper can

choice an the departing skipper can

have given him stronger support. He

role every day. role is growing into that leadership

Paul Keating has unleashed a

scathing attack on Labor leadership

frontrunner John Robertson. The

former PM claims the list of Labor

MP's who lost their seats at the

weekend have Robertson to blame.

Paul Keating felt ashamed three

years ago he shared the same party

as John Robertson. Today, he feels

no different about the man who

wants to lead the crippled Labor

party in New South Wales. If those

dead men and women hanging around

neck, you've lost the point of

moral authority. The former PM has

blamed Labor's landslide loss in

New South Wales on party machines.

Eric Roozendaal and Mark Arbib got

an unfavourable mention. Paul

Keating knows the demolition of

Labor is heading to Canberra. He

believes with so many enthusiastic

Liberal MPs on the ground in New

South Wales, Julia Gillard will

find it harder to get re-elected.

It'll be more weight for Julia

Gillard to drag along. A heavy

burden the Gillard Government can

do without, as it tries to

introduce an unpopular carbon tax.

Coles has told a senate inquiry its

decision to slash milk to $1 a

litre is saving consumers millions

- with more discounts on the way.

The milk price war between the

supermarket giants shows no sign of ending.

The milk war's been curdling -

today, it's gone sour. I mean, you

are going to kill the industry! We

just want a fair cut of the retail

pie in this case. The big red

finger being pointed at Coles for

starting the price war. The Coles

actions have done nothing to farm-

gate prices in the short term and

will not damage the long term

sustainability of the dairy

industry. Our reaction was a

reaction to the drop in the market

- our customers expect us to be

competitive. When you see this

silly red finger pointing down, we

know that in a few months the

finger could well be pointing up at

all of us. That's because while

both companies claim they haven't

sold milk below cost, Woolies is

starting to waver. It admits it's

absorbing the impact of the price

drop but long term, this isn't good.

I think, you're concerned about

profits. I think that's the biggest

concern of Woolworths. With the

cost of living going up and up,

Coles say their prices are down,

and staying down. It says its

storewide price cuts have slashed

about $21 a week from the average

couple's grocery bill. Next on

couple's grocery bill. Next on the

list - chickens. Good for consumers

who want to get a bargain, but of

course we want to make sure that

rewarded. our primary producers are properly

Pressure is on the federal

opposition to support of the

company tax cut. The Government is

splitting the revamped mining tax

legislation, which includes a 1%

company tax cut. The Greens want

the mining tax, but not the tax cut.

The Coalition promised to cut the

company tax rate by 1.5% during the

election campaign. We'll make a

final decision when we see the

Government's legislation but no one

should be fooled by this

choreographed fight between the

Government and the Greens. If he

wants to say to Australian

businesses around the country 'no

tax cut for you', well, that'll be

a very interesting set of words out

of Mr Abbott's mouth. Tony Abbott

says in principle, he strongly

supports tax cuts.

Two slabs of deep fried chicken,

sandwiching bacon and melted cheese

- that's KFC's latest contribution

to the Australian diet. It's been a

huge success in the US, but critics

here call it sheer gluttony. Man

invented the wheel. The Colonel

reinvented the burger. Two pices of

cheese, two pieces of bacon and two

pieces of chicken. So long bun. The

double down burger's deliberately

marketed at men. It is a meal

that's going to appeal to men and that's going to appeal to men and

yes, it is dare food. Even men

exercising on their lunch breaks

accepted the challenge. I'd have to

have a few drinks before I ate that,

watching my figure and everything

but it does look nice. Looks pretty

tasty, it would probably take half

an hour of exercise to get rid of

that. That's just a start,

according to the formidable

'Biggest Loser' trainer Michelle

Bridges. You're going to be looking

at a good hard hour of cardio

training. The 'Double Down' is

packed with 460 calories. Far more

than a ham and cheese sandwhich -

and three times the calories of a

chicken salad. That's better for

you than some other fast foods. But

a chicken bun doesn't equal a

healthier choice. Well, clearly

there's a lot of protein in this

burger, to the point that they've

done away with the bun and deep

fried the lot.

A man who filmed himself driving at

high speed with his pet parrot

clinging to the windscreen wiper

has ruffled plenty of feathers. The

RSPCA says it's a terrible case of

animal cruelty. Cruelty like this

has to be seen to be believed.

You've just seen him doing 100km/h

on the freeway but if you have a

look closely, his eyes are bloody

closed! Dubbed 'Angus - Action

bird', the parrot clings, literally,

for dear life. What do you reckon

we try and throw him off! The

videos were posted online by Justin

Lawther. Is that yours? Yeah, yeah,

he's mine. I'm just giving him some

wind in the feathers, mate. Shot

from behind the wheel, whilst

driving along suburban streets. I

hope I got that. Animal welfare

officers claim this is one of the

worst cases they've ever seen. This

guy is an absolute idiot.. The

RSPCA is now investigating the

matter under the prevention of

animal cruelty act, which carries

fines of up to $25,000 or 2-years

jail. Why he would endanger it in

such a manner - its beyond

comprehension. And Police too are considering laying driving charges.

Sports Tonight now with Brad. And

it seems everyone has an opinion on

Ricky Ponting's decision to step down as Australian captain?

Including his former teammates. Up

next - two of Australia's most

successful Test batsman will tell

us what they think of Ponting's

decision to hand over the top job.

Also tonight, we'll tour the new Tigers den.

And Des Hasler's radical plan.

Make the field of Bega.

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This program is captioned live.

Good evening and welcome to Toyota

Sports Tonight. Ricky Ponting's

decision to relinquish the

captaincy and play on towards the

2013 Ashes series has been

supported by two of our greatest

batsmen. Justin Langer and Matthew

Hayden say Ponting's contribution

to Australian cricket can't be

underestimated. Ricky Ponting has

always done things on his own terms

and today was no different. I have

had the chance to think about it, I

have decided to stand down as

captain of the Test team and one

day team. The decision opening the

door for incumbent Michael Clarke

and drawing praise from those whom

he played alongside. Respect is given

given in this country because you

win hard. He has won the heart of the

the cricket community. I am very

disappointed, because if you can

see how powerful he is. He is the

perfect blueprint for a lead and a

cricket player. Ponting giving up

the top job but deciding to play on

and concentrate on his batting, and concentrate on his batting,

whilst lending his experience to a

side in a rebuilding phase. He will

be a very democratic person with in

that culture he will naturally that culture he will naturally

guide who ever it is in the fabric

of wearing the baggy Green.

The stats tell of the size of

Ponting's legacy to Australian

cricket. Over 25,000 runs across

the 2 main forms of the game.

He is feisty and ruthless. He can boast

boast an amazing record. During 16

years, our most successful

Australian captain. After a ton in

his last ever innings in charge,

Ponting now concentrating on

performing during the tour of

Bangladesh. Geelong coach Chris

Scott has refused to rule out Joel

Selwood from making the trip west

to play the Dockers. The tough

young Cat hasn't trained all week

but remains in the mix after

recovering well from a sickening

clash with Saint Farren Ray. Nobody

has ever doubted Joel Selwood's

courage. On Saturday night - eight

days after being ko'd at the MCG -

the Geelong vice captain could well

step out against Fremantle. He put

his hand up 15 minutes after the

game. We will disregard everything

he says and back our medical staff.

Captain Cameron Ling's hamstring

pulled up well from a VFL hit out

at the weekend. As did Paul

Chapman's dodgy groin. And James

Podsiadly's previously broken hand.

They're available, we haven't made

that decision yet, but they're

available. The Cats will be without

Matthew Scarlett, who has accepted

a 1-match ban for his hit on Nick

Riewoldt. Tiger Alex Rance also

choosing not to challenge - copping

three weeks for rough conduct. In

better news for Richmond, the club

today showed off the $20 million

facelift to its Punt Road

headquarters. The skipper hoping a

dolled up training base will result

in more attractive on-field

fortunes. We fell behind in that

area. We are state-of-the-art now.

It will make a huge difference on

the field. That theory to be put to

the test against St Kilda on Friday

night. NAB Essendon youngster Dyson

Heppell has been given the nod as

the Round One NAB Rising Star. The

18-year-old impressed in his debut

outing for the Dons on Sunday,

collecting 20 possessions in his

team's 55-point win over the

Western Bulldogs. And with haircut

to boot, Heppell is hoping to

mirror Dale Thomas' career. I have always

always had this year. Essendon

takes on the Sydney Swans at ANZ

Stadium on Sunday. Richmond is

hoping a new $20 million training

facility, will give it a long

overdue edge. Ahead of their Friday

night encounter against the Saints,

Tiger spearhead Jack Reiwoldt took

Sports Tonight's Ian Cohen for a

tour of their new state of the art

lair. Week are inside the Richmond

centre. The new sponsors and the

new give. A amy bank are sponsoring

the centre. To it is a very

exciting time for the Tigers. Hopefully

Hopefully it will plug into some

good on-field performances. Is that

the sort of work you do? I do it

once a-day. I try and punch out a

few weights. You this is where the

players and coaches will be sorted

out. We go and see the coach is a feared

feared that. Each coach has the

airline offers. Sometimes you have

to go into the senior coach's Office

Office and Copp face break. This is

Beanie Griffiths. And Mr Graham and

the hydrotherapy pool. Thank you

for the tour. This is we will be

having we heard. We played some

great football against St Kilda.

Hopefully we can bring a great game

plan and game style.

plan and game style. The Wests-

Tigers have fined Liam Fulton,

Bryce Gibbs and Beau Ryan for

drinking while they should have

been doing re-hab. Joining the

injury debate, Manly Coach Des

Hasler has devised a radical plan

to reduce the crippling toll that's

sidelining the game's stars. Sports

Tonight's Liam Cox has the details.

Over $10 million worth of rugby

league talent is sitting on the

sidelines, and Des Hasler has come

up with a novel idea to keep our

stars on the paddock. The Manly

coach says the solution is to make

the field bigger. Why not? If the field bigger. Why not? If

there's a bigger field, you've got

to do more chasing, there's more

running. Make the field bigger,

there's more space to run. The hits

are less. Jamie Lyon returns from a

hamstring injury against Souths on

Friday night, and he's wary of a

rejuvenated Greg Inglis. There's

been a lot of talk about him and a

bit of criticism but I don't think

it's warranted. He's been such a

great player for such a long time.

The Bunnies will be bolstered by

the return of Sam Burgess from a

shoulder injury. And the injury-

ravaged Knights welcome back

skipper Kurt Gidley, and centre

Adam MacDougall after the death of

his father. We're struggling at the

moment and we're going through a

tough time on the field, and

they've helped me through a tough

time off the field, so I'd love to

make myself available this week.

And the 'do it for Darren'

sentiment has kicked in at the

Broncos, but Lockyer's having none

of it. He didn't want the year to

be about him and I guess that just

typifies the guy he is - a very

humble man. Corey Parker and Sam

Thaiday are the front-runners to

take over from Darren Lockyer as

Captain of the Broncos next season.

They are big boots to fill.

Rivals beware, Ian Thorpe warns

he'll swim faster than ever at the

London Olympics. Currently in

Germany, Thorpe says he would never

have made a comeback if he didn't

think he could better previous

times. I'm confident I can be

faster than I used to be able to

swim, otherwise I wouldn't be able

to get up early in the morning. But

Thorpe won't be able to wear his

famous bodysuit banned by FINA - a

decision he isn't happy with. It

was just a reaction, if we looked

at what should be produced in the

long term, we would have had a

better outcome. Thorpe says he's

more focused training in Europe,

rather than Australia, with new

coach Gennadi Touretski ahead of

the 2012 Games.

And you can catch all the action from the Australian from the Australian National

Swimming Championships live and

exclusive on ONE HD from Friday.

Check the website for details.

Blue Diamond winner Sepoy remains

favourite for Saturday's $3.5

million Golden Slipper after

drawing barrier 10 in the capacity

16-horse field. Master trainer Bart

Cummings has three representatives

and could create history in the

richest race for 2-year-olds. A

soggy start to track work as

Saturday's Slipper contenders

completed their final serious hit-

outs. Bart Cummings' stable of

stars put through their paces by

grandson James. And while the old

master hasn't won a slipper for 32

years. The stable thinks Salade can

become the most inexperienced horse

to ever win the race. I wasn't even

thought of in 1979 and he's been

itching to win another one, and I'm

sure when he puts his mind to it,

the great man can do it. Salade

drawing gate 12 at today's barrier

draw. Just outside the drifting top

pick Sepoy. A hot odds-on favourite

less than two weeks ago, the threat

of a wet track has deterred some

Sepoy backers after the horse

failed in the soft, going behind

the very smart Smart Missile.

Plainly a very good racehorse. New

to his game, but taking very big

steps. The colt's final gallop

impressing not only connections. It

seemed a very popular gallop. Your

confidence levels, bossy? Nothing

changes with me. It's always the

same. I've said all along Smart

Missile is the one to beat, and

after watching him this morning, I

probably still think that. O'Shea

is pleased with his duo Elite Falls

and Foxwedge. They both worked

really well. Sectionally, they were

great and both pulled up really

well from it. Gai Waterhouse giving

her hope, Shared Reflections, an

outside chance she's just thriving.

She'll be the dark horse in the race.

Billed as the 'redemption match' Billed as the 'redemption match'

Socceroos coach Holgier Osiek has

promised there'll be no holding

back in tomorrow morning's friendly

against Germany. Osiek is expected

to stick with a similar line up and

style of play that led Australia to

the final of the Asian Cup. I am

confident feel. We will not hide,

we will not just a faint, we will

play football. Brett Holman is

tipped to replace the injured Tim Cahill.

This program is captioned live.

Play of the day and he's no

stranger to danger, but even by the

standards of the self-proclaimed

French Spiderman, this was a tall

order. Alain Robert has successfully scaled the world's

tallest building, the Burj Khalifa

in Dubai. It took the daredevil

over six hours to climb up the 828-

metre structure. Unusually, using a

rope and harness to comply with

safety requirements. But there were

no arrests for the Frenchman's

stunt this time. Authorities in

Dubai actually invited him to do it.

Play of the day. 5th than their of building

building his 828 metres high. He is

learning French slowly. He is quite

good at it. Finance headlines.

Global markets have taken a Breeda?

Global markets have taken a Breeda?

Some strong performances last week.

The last two trading days have been

quieter and having lower trading

volumes. The US was are really on better-than-expected spending

numbers and home cells. It could

not hold the Games and drifted off.

We closed up 22. They brought

relief. JB hi-fi was up 7.5%. Good

performances out of banks and resources.

The weather. Bright cloud over

northeastern Queensland is forming

in a trough, leading to areas of

heavy rain. Cloud over inland

Queensland is developing along a

second trough, creating a few

showers. Extensive cloud over the

Northern Territory is swirling into Northern Territory is swirling into

a developing low, generating heavy a developing low, generating heavy

rain and squally winds. A cold rain and squally winds. A cold

front will sweep into Victoria

triggering storms on the ranges. triggering storms on the ranges.

Showers and cold winds will follow

for southern Victoria and Tasmania.

A trough should trigger showers and A trough should trigger showers and

storms through and northeast NSW. A

monsoonal low near the NT coast

will generate heavier rain for the Top End.

A plane's dramatic splash-down has

been caught on camera. It hit the

water just metres from the Florida

runway it was headed for. Nearby

boat crews managed to pull the

pilot and passenger to safety with

only minor injuries. The plane had

been involved in the opening

ceremony for an IndyCar event when

it crashed. That is it for today.

Goodbye. Captions by Red Bee Media

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