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. sh . Roozendaal Roozendaal reduce captioned by Ai-Media This program will be live

This is Sky News,

Australia's news channel. I

have had the chance to think

long and hard about it and

today I have decided to stand

down as captain of the test

team and one day team as of

now. Ricky Ponting stands

Australian cricket team. down as captain of the

Tonight I can report that we

have stopped Gaddafi's deadly

advance. President Obama

stands by the decision to

prepares to take over intervene in Libya as NATO

operations. And coming up

shortly on PM Agenda the soul

searching continues in Labor

ranks after the NSW defeat.

We will be talking to the

form er Victorian Premier

Steve Sbracks and Malcolm

Turnbull on the national

broadband network. Hello

you are watching News Day for