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This program will be live

captioned by Ai-Media. This

is Sky News - Australia's

news channel.

Today in her address to con

Glens Prime Minister Julia

Gillard confirms Australia's military partnership with the US.

Coming up short leer on PM

Agenda, we will check in on

the New South Wales election

campaign and join Kristina

Keneally on her campaign bus.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard

and Foreign Minister Kevin

Rudd contradict each other

over the crisis in Libya. Tasmania's controversial

Gunns pulp mill gets the go

ahead. Good afternoon, this

is News Day for Thursday 10

March. Also this hour - the

Dalai Lama steps down as

political leader of the

exiled Tibetan Government but

remains spiritual leader. In

sport - Christchurch

desperate to retain hosting

rights for the Rugby World

weather: Cup later this year. The