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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. to get back into parliament. Pauline Hanson's surprise bid, But does she deserve a shot? by rising waters. North Queensland towns cut off in the flood zone. Our crews are standing by after divorce. The couples finding a better life wow the crowds and win more fans Kate Middleton and Prince William ahead of their royal wedding. at crack of sparrow's? What are you doing here Oh...again. I've left Brett. and their movie debut. Australia's favourite foxy ladies this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, here's Kochie and Mel. Now, live from Brekky Central, to the middle of the week. Good morning, and welcome is coming up later in the show. Kath and Kim on their big screen

Can't wait, won't they be terrific. takes on Paris Fashion Week. Also coming up, Collette Dinnigan fashion icon about this year's show We'll speak live to the Aussie in France. which has been held overnight

Is that your best French Oh,

Is that your best French Oh,haha,

Yes, I feel Yes, I feel like

Yes, I feel twirling my moustache. Independent MP Tony Windsor says campaign to sell the new carbon tax a taxpayer-funded advertising for the government. would only make things worse

in the United States this week, The Prime Minister, who's future advertising on the issue. is refusing to rule out as silly, Mr Windsor has described the move saying the plan is too vague.

cart before the horse here. I think they've put the They've sort of given the conclusion without a price. without a number, without a target, the carbon tax Ms Gillard has been forced to defend

after recent polls showed

to a record low. Labor's popularity had slumped is trying to make a comeback, Former One Nation MP Pauline Hanson for an Upper House seat launching a bid in the New South Wales election.

of a group of 16 Independents. Ms Hanson will be running as part The controversial politician South Wales parliament in 2003 last stood for election to the New but was unsuccessful. Labor says it Ms Hanson under any circumstances. won't be directing preferences to is set to give evidence The competition watchdog milk pricing inquiry in Sydney. at today's session of the and Consumer Commission The Australian Competition of the big milk processors will look at the role as well as the major supermarkets. have told the Senate inquiry Dairy farmers is allowing Coles and Woolworths that government inaction to abuse their market power. to slash milk to $1 a litre. Coles was the first supermarket a series of air strikes The Libyan army has launched

oil port of Ras Lanuf on the Mediterranean to hold on to the town. as rebel forces fight desperately on residential areas Warplanes have fired missiles as well as near rebel positions. rejected reports Meantime, Colonel Gaddafi has he approached the rebels for him to leave the country. to try and broker a deal has been honoured Former Olympian Cathy Freeman of outstanding women. in an international list has published British newspaper 'The Guardian' the 100 most inspiring women a list of Women's Day in the UK. to celebrate International has been recognised 38-year-old Freeman to win an Olympic medal. as the first Aboriginal athlete alongside international role models The unranked list puts her Hillary Clinton and Madonna. Oprah Winfrey, Aung San Suu Kyi, In finance news:

Isn't that nice, congratulations to Kathy.

Kathy. The Dow has turned around Isn't that nice, congratulations to

because oil prices are down.

Speculation around that Gaddafi

might be moving on, so that

certainly has put a rocket

Wall Street after a couple of dismal certainly has put a rocket under

days. European markets were a fair

bit quieter. Closer to Home

yesterday, we were up 7 and 10

points, which wasn't a bad result

doing. considering what Wall Street was

Oil did peek at $ Oil did peek at

Oil did peek at 107.

Right, girls if I can just have your

Always. attention.

I want you to meet Martin Parkinson,

he has been appointed the new head

of treasury, taking over from Ken

Henry, now you will know he has held

the reigns

the rein reins for the last 12

years. The treasurers takes the

glory but the real decisions are

made by the boss of. How does he

compare with Ken, it he is good

bloke? Does he have a clue?

He does seem to have clue, he

in the 1990s for a number of Labour He does seem to have clue, he worked

treasures, and the early part of the

2000 he joined Treasury and was

deputy saergt of treasury. Worked

for the IMF before hand, so in terms

of economic credentials he is well

crudentionled. He master of

economics and has a PHD, one up on

me, I only have my masters but his

real claim to fame is climate

change. He was appointed secretary

of the department of climate change

for over three years. So if you

think the Prime Minister was going

to drop the carbon tax any time

soon, you have got another thing

coming. He has got a long background

in terms of his control of the

economy as well as focus on climate

change. So it does look as though

the government is going to continue

to push ahead with this.

So a good appointment? Will stack So a good appointment? Will stack up as well So a good appointment? Will stack up

So a good appointment? Will stack

as well as Ken?

Yes, well crudention lds.

I am fascinated.

I will put the call in today. Brendan Fevola has committed to

taking medication for the remainder of his career which will make him violently ill if he touches a drop of alcohol. The troubled forward started training with VFL side the Casey Scorpions last night. But he didn't have much to say about his comeback. WOMAN: Brendan, do you want to make any comment? Hope I train well. Fevola will train with Casey again tomorrow night before going on an overseas holiday. He's yet to sign a contract with the Scorpions. Brett Stewart will be out to put a disastrous 18 months behind him this weekend when he returns to action in Manly's round-1 clash against Melbourne. Two serious knee injures have limited Stewart to a handful of NRL appearances over the last two seasons.

But Sea Eagles coach Des Hasler insists

the talented full-back has never been better. Stewart will go head-to-head with Storm superstar Billy Slater at AAMI Park. Brisbane Roar has dismissed fears star import Henrique could miss Sunday's A-League grand final against Central Coast. The Brazilian limped from the field late in yesterday's training session but the club is insists his quad injury is only minor. The Mariners are also dealing with injury problems with Argentine playmaker Patricio Perez battling a hamstring strain.

Grant Denyer is out and about with

your weather and another beautiful

location, a few pelicans.

Yes, Ettalong Beach, Gosford, just

north of Sydney, a beautiful holiday

hamlet and a wonderful place to be. hamlet and a wonderful place to

be.We will have our eyes to the sky

today as more monsoonal rain is

expected in the northern parts of

Queensland, places just north of

Townsville, Bambaro, 478mm in 48

hours, extraordinary! Some too in

Victoria, western New South Wales

and hot in the west as we look at

the forecast for you this morning, good morning. Sunrise Weather brought to you by Beacon Lighting. It's the final week of the Up to 50% off everything sale at Beacon Lighting. Hurry, sale ends Sunday.

We will break down those rain

figures in more detail in half an

hour, see you then.

Shrepbt, thank you Grant.

You okay, Nat, looking a bit

You okay, Nat, looking a bit pale compared to yesterday.

There was a bronzer situation

yesterday, I am back to normal.

The bronzer has been toned down,

good to see. Still ahead - how to know if you should get the flu vaccine. Our doc makes a house call. Also, crack open the "cardonany".

Kath and Kim confirm their "filum" debut. And, the performing pooches. The conga line of dogs that's become an internet sensation is coming up on Sunrise. Do you belong to this industry of people who care? While you care for others, your industry super fund, HESTA, is taking care of you. Year after year, HESTA is run only to benefit members. Year after year, HESTA's had low fees, which is why more people in health and community services choose HESTA than any other fund. HESTA, your industry super fund for health and community services. Sunrise keeps in touch with the new BlackBerry Pearl thanks to our friends at Telstra. Libyan leader Moamar Gaddafi is reported to have offered talks with the country's opposition leaders. It comes amid increasing international calls

for a no-fly zone over the country. For the latest situation, let's go to Seven News correspondent Adrian Brown in Benghazi. Good morning. What do we know about this offer of talks?

It is certainly sparked a rally on

financial markets right around the

world that maybe he is going to concede?

Well, look, I would, personally,

take that report with a pinch

take that report with a pinch of

salt. We've seen real increased

defiance today from Gaddafi. An

intensification of military action.

Not just in the west of the country,

near the capital Tripoli, where a

town closeby is now surrounded by

some 50 tanks, a town we are hold by

eye witnesses has largely been

reduced to rubble but also here in

the east of the country where his

war planes have been in action

again, close to a port facility, a

crucial port facilities, a number of

bombs were dropped, water to this

town has been cut. We don't have any

reports on the number of casualties,

or the number of people who have

been wounded but certainly, we have

seen a real escalation in an intensification, almost

intensification, almost of

intensification, almost of military

action by his forces today. The

question is will it lead to

intensifying calls for the

introduction of some sort of no-fly

zone? Certainly it continues to be

discussed in various world capitals

but as yet, there is no evidence of

it about to happen.

Could, no evidence it could happen

but international bodies are going

to put that pressure on these no.

Fly zones but you don't think there

is any chance that would happen?

Well, there doesn't seem to be,

there seems to be no urgency to it.

I mean, there are lots of words and

when you speak to these fightsers on

the ground, they all say, "

the ground, they all say, "Please

enforce a no-fly zone." We don't

want foreign troops here and we

plead with you, to introduce a

no-fly zone, because this is not an

equal battle at the moment, the

rebels don't have fighter planes,

Gaddafi's regime does. He can use

the air force and continue using

the air force and continue using it in the way he has done today, and

indeed, over the past few days.

Okay, mate, keep us up to date. Still to come - Pauline Hanson and her surprise return to politics. Then, North Queensland's wild weather. We're live to the flood zone as waters rise across the region again. And, on the road again. Your sneak peek at the new animated movie 'Cars 2'

is coming up on Sunrise. What's making news brought to you by Beacon Lighting. Up to 50% Off Everything sale is now on. For lighting and fans it has to be Beacon. As of today, I'm officially divorced. Do we say congratulations? Yeah, why not? Well, it doesn't seem like something you celebrate.

It's about new beginnings, few

drinks, meal, nothing serious. Last night on 'Packed to the Rafters' Nathan found out his divorce from Sammy had been finalised. But instead of getting upset, he decided to make the most of his new life. Which got us thinking - can the end of a marriage be the start of a better life? Share your experiences with us.

Never liked Sammy from the start, good for him.

Do you say that to people when they

split with their partners? I never

liked them.

No, we have a rule.

They might get back together.

We've had that in the past Whoooohhhh.

When did you get divorced?

No dealing with friends.

But people have divorce parties, I

have heard of that. Yes, ask the

girls, the sisterhood supports each

other. We are at the stage, you know

how you go through stages of life,

when you are in your 50s, when kids

have grown up and left home, it is

amazing the number of couples who split.

Who don't like each other.

The kids aren't there to dwrt attention.

They just wake up and go, " They just wake up and go, "I don't like you."

You put all the hard work in.

Maybe they just concentrated on the

kids for 20 years.

As my mum always said, "

As my mum always said, "You have

your kids on loan, you have each

other forever."

Wise words. Now making news this morning - Pauline Hanson. She'll run for a seat in the New South Wales Upper House at the upcoming election. The former One Nation leader is heading a group of Independents. They're reportedly campaigning on cost-of-living issues. Pauline now lives near Nelson Bay, north of Newcastle.

Really? I thought she went to England.

She went there and realised it

didn't work out. Grass wasn't greener. Two years ago she said she was quitting politics for good after a failed bid for a Queensland state seat. She's obviously changed her mind. But should she make a return? We're opening a phone poll.

What do you reckon? No.

Can we have a third option: do we care?

Yes, she's had her moment in the

sun, there is no doubt at the time

she captured a lot of attention and

a lot of people agreed with her

policies, been there, done that.

So policies outdated do you think?

I sort of feel sorry for all the

people who are running and have

great ideas we don't give publicity

to. I am sure there are worthy

candidates around the state.

New South Wales is pretty stuffed,

it's not in its best shape, I think

you need new fresh ideas, not...

She might have them.

She rattles cages though of the two

big parties, I quite like that. I

think they get a bit complacent.

I just think she gets too much

publicity compared to other people

who could have good ideas.

Love to hear from you. Also doing the rounds of the net, the survey that reveals our biggest gripes when we're eating out.


Agreed. Sat down and gaoun Ahhh!

Out for a romantic meal and you want

to smoochy, Maroochy, love you

darling and you are saying it to the next person.

And you know who you have sat to,

golly, and too late to change.

And the conversations can start to morph, And the conversations can start to

morph,io aare half listening to the conversation.

Or you have gut to pull your chair in Or you have gut to pull your chair

in they goat to the bathroom. And price hikes on special occasions such as Mother's Day and Valentine's Day.

Number three gives me the irts. In

the fine print, 10% service charge

added to your bill and it comes

without the total on the bottom of

the bill, still a bit for a tip, and

you think, hang on, I just paid

service charge, why put more on. My

kids tell you maou you are diddling

the waiter and the waitress, and the

10% goes straight to the restaurant.

Then you are pay20%

Then you are pay20%, that's a lot of service.

Your biggest gripe, when you go out,

when you eat out. Finally going viral, the performing pooches. This dog conga line of cute little Pomeranians already has 320,000 hits on the World Wide Web and that number is rising.

You can see the full clip by heading to our website and following the links.

Something to make you chuckle

Something to make you chuckle early in the morning. Wednesday, I had to

think what day it was.

It is hump day, hump of the week.

Nat is of course, good thing. Coming up - think before hitting send. When SMS and emails go wrong. Then, 'Kath and Kim' the movie. Fountain Gate's foxy ladies make their "filum" debut. But next, news, sport and weather. This is Sunrise, across Australia. We are looking for lots of space. Lots of space for lots of kids. A big kitchen.

What we've got is this little plan and I want to run it past you - just a few of the things that we need to talk about. Private school, obviously. But private school is SO expensive. No, forget private school. I've got it all mapped out, yeah? Tennis academy, racquet contract, pro tour. 24 hours a day. Really. He's always available on that telephone. VOICEOVER: Your local Westpac bank manager and team can talk expert solutions, whatever your conversation. A long time looking at the... Westpac.

# All of the lights, all of the lights # Good morning to Sydney looking through the Jetstar Skycam. Some cloud and 29 today. Just ahead - Charlie Sheen's bizarre stunt, wielding a machete. And, we're live to North Queensland as the region faces yet another serious flood threat. But first it's over to Nat for the 6:30 update. Three people have been shot during a home invasion in Sydney's inner-west. Up to five men, wearing balaclavas, forced their way through the back door of the Petersham home, shooting the occupants before fleeing. One man is in a critical condition in hospital after being shot in the upper body.

A woman and another man are in a stable condition with gunshot wounds to their legs. A crime scene has been established and police are interviewing residents. A 54-year-old Melbourne man is in a critical condition after being shot in the face in the city's north-west. The attack happened at a home in Sunshine North just after 8:00 last night. The victim, who's believed to be known to police, was taken to Royal Melbourne Hospital with gunshot wounds to the face and upper body. We're appealing to witnesses out there if they know anything about this incident to call Crime Stoppers. The victim is in an induced coma after emergency surgery overnight. Prime Minister Julia Gillard is refusing to rule out a taxpayer-funded advertising campaign to sell her new carbon tax. Ms Gillard was all smiles as she met with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in Washington this morning but recent polls show support for Labor is at a record low. She won't rule out launching an advertising blitz to sell the tax. On government advertising, from time to time we advertise to get necessary information to people. Independent MP Tony Windsor has urged the government not to go ahead with any advertising, saying the carbon tax proposal is still too vague. The jury in Judy Moran's murder trial has been given more time to come up with a verdict. Moran is charged with the murder of her brother-in-law Des Moran

who was gunned down in Melbourne in 2009. The jury was given until late yesterday afternoon to make a decision but the foreman told the court they were having trouble reaching a unanimous verdict. They'll resume deliberations for a seventh day later this morning. Prince William and bride-to-be Kate Middleton have shown off their domestic skills on an official visit to Northern Ireland.

They both flipped pancakes on the unannounced trip their first to Belfast. Kate looked relaxed while greeting the hundreds of people who had turned out to catch a glimpse of the princess-to-be, seven weeks out from her wedding.

Very exciting, counting down for that one.

Very exciting, counting down for that one. The Dow Jones has

reboundsed nicely with the oil price

coming down. It has peaked at $

coming down. It has peaked at $107

US a barrel yesterday. Overnight it

eased a bit. The Dow is up 126 as of

this second. European markets

finished flat. The commodities,

finished flat. The commodities,. Time for sport. This is Sunrise sport report brought to you by Swisse. Tired? Stressed? You'll feel better on Swisse. Cricket legend Ian Chappell is worried Australia's path to the knockout stage of the World Cup is proving too easy. Last week's wash-out against Sri Lanka robbed the team of a competitive match-up and it's unlikely Sunday's game against Kenya will provide stern opposition. I suppose that's the disappointing thing about the last game - that it got washed out. It would have been a really big challenge, no doubt, ,

Now we've got a week to wait. Overnight, an unbeaten century from Ross Taylor propelled New Zealand to a 110-run win over Pakistan. The impressive victory was soured by a knee injury to Kiwi skipper Daniel Vettori. Mick Malthouse will be back in the Collingwood coach's box for Friday night's NAB Cup grand final against Essendon. Malthouse is taking the reins for the first time this year after letting his assistants call the shots early in the pre-season. Injured Magpies skipper Nick Maxwell won't be playing on Friday night but he's confident the club has enough depth to cover his absence. Rookie Brisbane coach Anthony Griffin has put his faith in a pair of debutants for Friday night's NRL clash against North Queensland. Jack Reed and Dane Gagai will join forces in the Broncos backline and Griffin's confident the pair won't be overawed. The Cowboys have been forced to train on hockey fields because of the recent heavy rain in Townsville.

So, what's the weather hold for

today? Let's get straight up

today? Let's get straight up to Grant Denyer on the central coast

and find out. That is a beautiful

sunrise coming up behind you.

Snoyes, Fo Schizle, Ettalong

Snoyes, Fo Schizle, Ettalong Beach has been wonderful, the waterways

into Broken Bay, Lion Aland between

us and the entry to the Hawkesbury.

And the early bird punches the worm

for the early riser. We are

for the early riser. We are talking rain fall again, the falls in

Townsville have been incredibly

substantial, just north of there,

470 oddmm in 48 hours, extraordinary

figures, up to 100 mills expected

for the Cairns region. So more

showers in the northern parts of the

Queensland area. Victoria, southern,

western and central New South Wales

will get some rain today, also a

little bit on the eastern side

little bit on the eastern side of South Australia, and the Northern

Territory as we take a look at the forecast for you. Sunrise Weather brought to you by Beacon Lighting. It's the final week of the Up to 50% off everything sale at Beacon Lighting. Hurry, sale ends Sunday. A high is sending isolated light showers onto the east coast whilst bringing warm, northerly winds to the South-east. A trough is triggering showers and storms over South Australia, Victoria, western New South Wales and Tasmania. The monsoon trough is causing heavy rain and storms across the tropics.

There is a low sitting in the Coral

Sea at the moment, likely to move

towards Vanuatu and develop into a

tropical cyclone over the next

couple of days. So while they are

packing a punch on the beach this

morning there is likely to be a

weather punch today but it is off

the coast. You be careful that, that

girl kicking in the back, she had good form.

Good on you, girls.

Living in fear we are calling this, this morning.

Okay, mate, stay safe. Grant will be

back in half an hour with all the

weather. Joke of the day comes from

Helen from Merbean in Victoria, I

think? Thank you for sending it in,

a traffic light wasn't working in

the centre of the city. A lady of a

distinctive hair colour was with a

large crowd of people waiting to

cross, with the cop directing them.

Finally, the cop blew his whistle

and motioned the crowd and said, " and motioned the crowd and said,

"Okay, pedestrians." And they all

crossed the road but for the lady

with the distinctive hair cull whaor stayed on stayed with the distinctive hair cull whaor with the distinctive hair cull

with the distinctive hair Kaarle

McCullocher hair colour who stayed

on the corner. Later he had did it

again, and inlady of distinctive

hair colour still stayed there.

Finally he went over and said, "

Finally he went over and said, "What

On earth are you standing here."

On earth are you standing here." And she said, "Why do you only let the Catholics through."

Catholics through?

Catholics through?." Pedestrians. Proststants.

That wasn't even funny at all. Thank

you for your support. Zip.

Not even. Did they make that up.

Helen, I thought it was quite clever

but a Joke Book will be coming your

way, if you can improve on that and

tickle Nat's funny bone.

Not even the blonde jokes. Just ahead - the pros and cons of the flu vaccine. How to know if you should get it before winter. But next, no job, no worries. Charlie Sheen's bizarre stunt to celebrate his unemployment. And, oops. The email and SMS mistakes you can't take back. How to avoid them, next on Sunrise. (CELESTIAL MUSIC) VOICEOVER: Every Subaru Liberty comes with Subaru's renowned DNA, Boxer engine, symmetrical all-wheel drive, and a five-star safety rating. And for a limited time, every Subaru Liberty 2.5i comes with standard satellite navigation. Subaru Liberty - extraordinary drive, exceptional value. Subaru - all for the driver. I never properly introduced myself. Fin McMissile, British intelligence. Toll Naybe, average intelligence. I need

I need your help.

In a race that will take them around the world. Oragoto.

Welcome to the international terminal. Not again.

They'll experience more excitement.

Listen, this is not anyone radiateer


Leaking oil, got to go. Sorry ladies.

More dangers.

There he is. Wow!

And more

And more adventure than ever before. McQueen.

I'm sticking by you the way you

always stick by me. This is the new animated movie, 'Cars 2'. There are voices from people like Owen Wilson, Michael Caine and Michael Keaton. And it's coming out in Australia later in the year. Charlie Sheen is out of a job after losing one of the highest paid gigs in television. But that hasn't stopped the actor's wild antics. He celebrated his unemployment by pulling out a machete. For more, I'm joined by US correspondent Angela Cox. Ange, tell us about the bizarre stunt?

Yes, that's right, this happened

just a short time

just a short time after he found out

he had been fired.

he had been fired. He was meeting

he had been fired. He was meeting in Beverly Hills with a big promoter

and trying to do a deal to sell

shirts and mugwise his now infamous

slogans. He put on a show, waving

around a machete and taking a swig

from a bottle labelled Tigerpen's

blood, when asked how he felt about

being fired he said he felt he was

set free. He is continuing his

programs on the net?

Yes, we have seen the third

installment of Sheen's Corner, this

time he spoke as erratic as before.

It did appear a couple of hours

after he was fired but we think it

was pretaped before he knew because

he didn't make any ref

he didn't make any reference to the

fact he is permanently unemployed.

He talked about doing a deal with

Amazon or Kindle for his book. Have

a look. 'Apocalypse Me', 'The Jaws of Life'. That was brilliant. You should see the images. Ah, yeah, get him to call me today because I want to sell this thing though Amazon and through Kindle. That way we save a bunch of trees, because they give us oxygen.

Face it, right. And we love trees. Must keep as many of them around as we can. Must even marry a tree. Marry a tree because, you know, the other kind of marriage for me didn't work. So I'm just going to marry a tree.

Yeah, tell us why he is causing a

stir on Twitter?

Yes, well as we know, he's really

sort of starting racking up the

followers. He has got more than two

million followers on Twitter, he set

up a new world record for racking up

a million quicker than anyone else

and he is trying to cash in on it.

Yesterday he posted a Tweet

advertising for an intern for

Tiger's blood and put a link to a

company, a company that provides

internships for people. The company

who arrangeed the deal hasn't

who arrangeed the deal hasn't said how were he is makeing for that

it is typical he would get $

it is typical he would get $1 or $ how were he is makeing for that but it is typical he would get $1 or $2

for every time someone clicks

link. He could be making $

for every time someone clicks on the link. He could be making $10,000 for every Tweet.

Thank you for the update, good to

talk to you. Email and SMS are quick for communicating

but there's always the risk of a mistake. It could be using the wrong word, wrong address or just angry comments. Like this email trail. It started as an office email over a missing sandwich. Two Sydney legal secretaries ended up hurling insults about the other's intelligence and appearance. Like, "I'm not blonde!". The comeback was, "Being a brunette doesn't mean you're smart though!" Unfortunately for both ladies, the email went viral and they lost their jobs.

But sometimes the technology itself traps us. Here's a phone message from the website "Damn You, Auto Correct". A mum writes about a brother being adopted when she meant to spell "accepted". The phone chose the wrong word giving someone a shock. With one click, that simple message can become a minefield. So how can we avoid embarrassment? Donna Hanson is an expert in all things messaging. Good morning. Are simple mistakes or runaway emotions the cause of most embarrassing messages?

They can be so many things, Kochie.

They can just be a reaction to

something emotional that has

happened or something that is

thought out and a little bit more

sinister, just depends on the

situation and I guess the mindset at the time.

This autocorrect type thing really

annoys me, particularly when you are

texting on your mobile and it

happens on your e-mail as well. Is

there any way of getting it back?

With SMS messages, no. But there is

software that you can down load for

android and iPhones that lows you to android and iPhones that lows you

android and iPhones that lows you --

allows you to delay the sending of

messages if you are bit susceptible to that.

That is a good idea, are they apps

and they automatically go in?

What you can do is set them up so it

will delay sending your text

messages by five, 10, 20 minutes,

enough time to cool down and make

sure you want to send that message.

Sometimes it is gone and you think I

didn't accept that autocorrection

that went through. You have tips,

don't message when you are tired or

hungry, do one thing at a time so

you don't get distracted and if you

are annoyed turn off your phone or

computer and hold your tongue, it is often hard to do?

It certainly is, sometimes you want

to get in there and rip

to get in there and rip somebody

apart because of something they have

done or said so it is a challenge to

hold yourself back.

Okay, Donna, great advice. Too

We have all done it. That

autocorrect, where it comes up.

How many times. That five-minute

break sounds fantastic, goes in a

holding box for five minutes, so you

can go back and change it.

I had no idea it was available. Very good.

E-mails, lots

E-mails, lots on the Soap Box

Pauline Hanson already, Dom said, " E-mails, lots on the Soap Box about Pauline Hanson already, Dom said,

"Hasn't anyone figured out he

"Hasn't anyone figured out he is running for the money? Last time she

said she gets paid even if she is unsuccessful."

In 2004 when she stood for the

senate she earned almost two 200,000.

That is meant to cover expenses.

Her party earned an extra $ Her party earned an extra $56,000.

You are running a phone poll. She is

running for the Upper House.

Chris says, "Pauline Chris says, "

Chris says, "Pauline Hanson said hetiate it, hetiate Chris says, "Pauline Hanson said

he she hated Australia and Australia

can go to hell." Not much support.

Tell us what you think. After the break - this morning's news, sport and weather together. Then, Pauline Hanson's return to politics. Why she's running yet again and in another state. And, Australia's favourite foxy ladies. Kath and Kim hit the big screen. Their "filum" debut, next on Sunrise. The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more. Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen joins us from Melbourne.

We know Warner Brothers have fired Charlie Sheen. The troubled actor now says he has a 'Michael J Fox clause'. What is that?

Well, he says he is happy, he says

the beast is alive and awake and

deadly and this is the kind of stuff

that is going to keep the lawyers in

business for a long time coming. You

might recall back in the days of the

sit calm, 'Spin City' when Michael J

Fox left the show as the lead man,

Charlie Sheen filled in

Charlie Sheen filled in but Michael J Fox drew salary while it was on

the air. And Charlie claims he has

the clause in his contract, if the

show goes on without him, which is

unknown, he will continue to get

paid. But the producers say, " paid. But the producers say, "No,

no, no." In the 11-page

no, no." In the 11-page delailed letter to charmy firing him,

detailing the reasons they say they

have just cause and it

have just cause and it nullifys the have just cause and it nullifys

have just cause and it nullifys the terms of the contract. Charlie

terms of the contract. Charlie seems to be landing on his feet, even

though it is the weirdest possible

way to land on your feet. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban welcomed baby Faith Margaret

in January. How is the family going?

Even back on the red carpet around

award time, proud Keith was showing

off baby pictures on the phone but now off baby pictures on the phone but

now 'Us' weekly magazine are putting

out photos of that Loch Ard Gorges

lit girl for the first time and

lit girl for the first time and she is a beauty.

What is on the itinerary today?

A signing at Myer in Melbourne and

last night, Rhonda Burchmore and I

raised a lot of

raised a lot of money for the flood

appeal at the Spice Restest

restaurant and I am off to Brisbane

tomorrow. One more day in Melbourne

and then talk to you from Brisbane.

Great, have a great time, talk to you a bit later.

Talking about moving on after

divorce today. Of course,

divorce today. Of course, on 'Packed to the Rafters' last night, flamen'

Sami sent through the official

divorce papeers to Nathan, I never

liked her but Nathan is taking a new

approach, a new chapter.

Onwards and upwards, Ann said I was

recently divorced and couldn't be

happier, kissed my divorce papers

with bright red lipstick, a new

life, new job, a new man, life isn't

good, it is fantastic.

Wow, really good.

Terrific, that is inspiring as well.

Let us know your stories. Now, still to come on Sunrise this morning. Pauline Hanson's surprise bid, to get back into parliament. But does she deserve a shot? North Queensland towns cut off by rising waters. Our crews are standing by in the flood zone. The couples finding a better life after divorce. Kate Middleton and Prince William wow the crowds and win more fans

ahead of their royal wedding. Kim? What are you doing here at crack of sparrow's? I've left Brett. Oh...again. Australia's favourite foxy ladies and their movie debut.

Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. Now, live from Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Mel. If you've just tuned in, we're standing by

Jimmy Barnes as well, a song, he has

immortalised the Largs Pier hotel, I

was never allowed to walk on that

side of the street, it was so rough. Really?

Not that I know much about music, it

is a slightly different sound for

our Jimmy, the song.

No Ahhhh...

No, a bit more sort of twang, kind of.

Twang? What do you mean twang? Folky?

An Irish sound.

A jig. An Irish jig.

Obviously, I am not in music and

best I don't describe sounds.

Mel has done herself a favour and analysed this.

Not the normal Jimmy sound.

Not 1982?

You have heard it too. Don't dob me in.

You are putting it out there today, those views. We are going to hear from David Oldfield Pauline Hanson's former adviser. Pauline Hanson will try to resurrect her political career at this month's New South Wales election. The former One Nation leader has nominated for a seat in the Upper House as an Independent. Her campaign platform will be the rising cost of living. Labor has already indicated it won't be giving her any preferences.

Ms Hanson failed in her last attempt to enter the New South Wales parliament in 2003. Parts of Cardwell in Far North Queensland are being evacuated again

just five weeks after the town was devastated by Cyclone Yasi. Heavy rain has dumped more than 200mm on parts of the coastal region between Townsville and Cairns in just 24 hours. Water is waist deep and dozens of homes in Cardwell have been inundated. The Bruce Highway is cut north and south of the town. Prime Minister Julia Gillard has celebrated International Women's Day in Washington. Seven's Mark Riley is there with the latest.

Well, because of the time

difference, it

difference, it is International Women's Day here today. In America.

And the Prime Minister attended two

functions, first an official meeting

with the Secretary of State, Hillary

Clinton. And then she joined Miss

Clinton and also first lady Michelle

Obama at the international women of

courage awards where Michelle Obama

praised Julia Gillard's courage in

coming to the top of the political tree in Australia.

I also want to thank Madam Prime

Minister for joining us and hanging

out with my husband yesterday and

for all your work, we look forward

to coming to to see you soon, hopefully.

And Julia Gillard told the gathering

she was a strong advocate for the

empowerment of women and the

strongest agent for the empowerment

of women, a good education.

I am very honoured to be here with

first lady Michelle Obama

first lady Michelle Obama and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton

and to join so many women of courage

who have done remarkable things in our world.

She heads to Capitol Hill for a

series of leaders before addressing

a joint sitting of Congress

tomorrow. Back to you. Libyan leader Moamar Gaddafi has rejected rebel claims that he's trying to secure a deal with them for his safe exit out of the country.

The news comes as fighting rages in the oil port of Ras Lanuf

with warplanes bombarding residential areas as well as rebel positions. There are also reports of heavy fighting west of the capital, Tripoli, as government forces attack a rebel-held town. Charlie Sheen has broadcast his most disturbing internet video yet. A chain smoking, and seemingly agitated, Sheen blames "trolls" for a bad phone system and talks about wanting to publish a book.

'Apocalypse Me', 'the Jaws of Life'. People need to hear my gold as it rolls out. Not as it's like disappearing, disappearing like so many freaking magician's rabbits. As I was saying, because people are calling, I need to change my number to get rid of these friggin' interruptive trolls. The rant comes after Sheen was fired yesterday from his TV show.

The Bulls are rampaging on Wall Street.

The Bulls are rampaging on Wall Street. It is really zooming ahead

at the moment, up 1.

at the moment, up 1.7% or just over

140 points because the oil price has

eased. A bit more on that in a tick.

Closer to home, we had a pretty

reasonable day after the weak lead

from Wall Street. If you are looking

for an apartment on the Gold Coast a

bit of a buyer's market, there

bit of a buyer's market, there are

2,000 apartments for sale, do you

know how many they sell on average?

300. They have got between five and

seven years of stock available. If

you are looking for an apartment up

there, go hard. You can really screw

a great deal.

If you are selling, bad luck.

Well, yes, that market is so

volatile, always has been. Time for sport.

Good on you Kochie, always looking

out for a good deal. Wests Tigers coach Tim Sheens is convinced NRL fans will see Benji Marshall at his brilliant best in Monday night's clash against the Bulldogs. Marshall has promised to fight an assault charge stemming from a weekend altercation but Sheens is confident it won't prove a distraction for the five-eighth. The Monday's probably an advantage for us so give us a few more days to sort ourselves out. I've got every confidence he'll be in good shape both physically and mentally for the game. Off-season recruits Trent Hodkinson and Kris Keating have been named in the halves for the Bulldogs. Brendan Fevola's last shot at reviving his AFL career is under way. The former Brisbane and Carlton spearhead

started training with VFL side the Casey Scorpions last night and is expected to sign a contract when he returns from an overseas holiday next week. Fevola plans to use an anti-alcohol drug for the rest of his career. which will render him virtually unconscious if he drinks. Brisbane Roar has dismissed fears star import Henrique could miss Sunday's A-League grand final against Central Coast. The Brazilian limped from the field late in yesterday's training session but the club insists his quad injury is only minor. The Mariners are also dealing with injury problems

with Argentinean playmaker Patricio Perez

battling a hamstring strain.

Let's get straight to Grant Denyer

on the central coast of New South

Wales, a beautiful spot where you are?

Word, absolutely. Beautiful

waterways around this way, great

fishing, particularly when the

whiting is running, just looking

back over Sydney from Gosford, the

central coast region, Palm Beach,

that head land, the first slab of

land, the northern part of Sydney

where 'Home and Away' is filmed,

Lion Island, a slab of land, the

entrance to the Hawkesbury river

entrance to the Hawkesbury river and Ettalong Beach in Aboriginal means

drinking place. Not a bad day on the

coastal regions but we are talking

about substantial falls in

Queensland yet again. Just north of

Townsville, overnight, 100 mL for

Tully. And Ingham. Of course, this

is the wettest part of the country

up there, so water, although it does

come down in huge amounts it does

also start to disappear quickly.

Hopefully they will get some control

of the closed roads and flooded

streets soon. Let's take a look at the forecast now. Sunrise Weather brought to you by Beacon Lighting. It's the final week of the Up to 50% off everything sale at Beacon Lighting. Hurry, sale ends Sunday.

These are the other local residents

that occupy the beaches, absolutely

hundreds and hundreds of ducks.

hundreds and hundreds of ducks. We have been watching them cross the

road back and forth, the traffic has

to stop, people get out of the cars

and try to shoe them off, -- shoo

them off, they are the local

residents of Ettalong Beach.

Very well guarded, thank you. One Nation founder Pauline Hanson is attempting yet another political comeback. The former Federal MP will contest this month's New South Wales election. Joining us now

is former Hanson adviser turned talkback commentator, David Oldfield. David, are you surprised Pauline's trying again?

Not especially, I suppose it is last

minute we are hearing it now but I

am not especially surprised. If you

take into accounts everything we are

hearing on talk-back radio, 2 UE is

fielding calls every day about the

sorts of issues that are prime for

her to run on.

You think she is in with a chance?

She is with a group of Independents

could she win a seat?

If she is above the line and people

can find her easily, it is luck of

the draw. But let's face the simple

fact, a lot of people who don't want

to vote Labour and not necessarily

Liberal, a third used to be

conservative, all the issues, crime,

ethnic-based crime, three people

shot overnight by five balaclava

clad men and so many issues that are

at the heart of were once One Nation

policies, it is prime territory for

her to be garnered for the Upper House.

You sound like you would be keen to

help her out?

I certainly miss it but I get my

chance to say it every day on 2 UE

as does every on 13 13 32. Freedom

of speech is what Pauline Hanson

will reinthrodeuce to the New South

Wales parliament. There will be

things said that wouldn't be said

and no matter what people think, an

opportunity for people to talk.

Nice plug, our Soap Box, let me

share a couple of e-mails, Chris,

Pauline Hanson said she hated

Australia and she was going back to

mother England and we could go to

beep, whive

beep, whive give her a go. She is

running for the money, I remember

the article last time, she said she

gets paid even if she is

unsuccessful, not a lot of support.

That is two e-mails, not everyone

should think I am supporting her or

endorsing her but she will need 3%

of the vote with a quota system. She

could easily run last overall in the

count and still get elected. The

fact is there are a lot of people

who will still support her, there

are certainly a very good

opportunity for her to be elected. A

simple mathematical fact, let's see

if it happens, there will be plenty

of disenfranchised voters.

I only read you two, if I read them

all we we be here until lunch time.

Let us know whether you

Let us know whether you think Pauline Hanson should run again. North Queensland is once again on flood alert after another night of heavy rain. Sunrise correspondent Michelle Tapper is in Townsville and Seven News reporter Trent Evans joins us from Cairns. Michelle, what's the situation in Townsville?

The whole region can't take a trick.

X good morning Kochie, good news

Townsville. It is clear today and

the Weather Bureau said it should

remain that way for the most of the

day with just a couple of scattered

showers but they are recovering from

the drenching on Monday when they

received 270 mL of rain and a mother

and four young children found

themselves waste deep in -- waist

deep in water in their home and

deep in water in their home and had to be rescued by police on a

quadbike. There is heavy rain just a

couple of hours north so there is

flood warnings for all the coastal

kraebg creeks and streams down to Townsville.

20, Cairns, what is the situation? 20, Cairns, what is the situation??

Yes, the rain has stopped here but

last night it simply poured for

hours and it has been like that

since Friday. As Michelle was

saying, more than 200 mLs in areas

and inground is simply wet. We are

hearing towns just starting to

flood, particularly a town called

Cardwell which was hit hard by Yasi

a few weeks ago. The few houses that

escaped the wind and storm surge are

under water now. They have reopened

the evacuation centre which was in

operation during the cyclone and

many family husband many family

many families had to spend the night

there. It was only on the weekend we

were celebrating the town getting

back on its feet.

The Brisbane floods earlier this

year, the blame game is well under

way, a report suggesting engineers

knew well in advance that water

knew well in advance that water had to be released from the Wivenhoe Dam

well before the floods?

This is going to be particularly

explosive. According to 'The

Australian', the flood log book

states that senior engineers

recommended on Sunday night, January

ninth, four days before Brisbane

flooded, they recommended the dam

release level should be increased

from 1400 cubic metres per second to

3,000 cubic metres per second but

Queensland Water didn't act on

thought that for two days and they

ratcheted it increaseding it to

7,500 cubic metres per second, just

two days before Brisbane flooded.

The flood inquiry is continuing in

Brisbane and no doubt there is

Brisbane and no doubt there is going to be more finger pointing towards SEQ water.

The dam authority is blaming the

weather forecasters for getting it

wrong. We will wait and see how the

inquiry weighs it up. Trent, before

we leave you, we feel for the people

of far north Queensland, how

of far north Queensland, what is the

mood like? How are they coping with

another barrage of rain?

They are doing their best but they

are starting to get tired. Christmas

Day, we had a cyclone, and the start

of the major flooding which move

down the state, we had Yasi, which

everyone knows about and now this,

the flooding, everyone is trying to

get back on their feet, there are so

many homes that don't have

many homes that don't have roofs from the cyclone. It is starting to

take its toll, emergency services

are getting tired. There are so many

volunteers helping out with the

natural disasters and their

resources are starting to run thin. resources are starting to run thin.Wood resources are starting to run

thin. We had an e-mail from the Red

Cross pleading for more volunteers

and leniency for employers to let

people have time off to help. It is

going to be a year or two before it

gets back to normal.

It is relentless and we can't forget

you guys up there. Thank you, here is Mel. Many people get the flu vaccine because they're in a risk group or they don't want to experience the symptoms.

But some overseas studies indicate the vaccine could increase the chance of catching more serious flu strains. I'm joined by our medical editor Dr John D'Arcy. Good morning, Doc. Could the vaccine do more harm than good?

It is a change in attitude, isn't

it? We have always thought vaccineerize good. vaccineerize it? We have always thought

Vaccineerize -- vaccines are good.

Everyone thought influ enza vaccine

given to people was going to be a

good idea. This research shows if

you give the annual flu shot, in

some way it dampens down the

immunity so that you are more

susceptible to get the serious newer

flus that come on later. This is contraryitute

flus that come on later. This is

Miss Congenialitytrary to what we --

contrary to what we always thought,

the newer flus have a bit of the

old-fashioned flu in them. If you

got a bit of the old-fashioned flu

naturally you built up some immune

to it, therefore later in the day,

if you got the new flu, you got some

immunity and you are better off. The

argument not getting the flu in

general because you are close to

someone with the you might be more

susceptible so it is against the

policy of influenza vaccination in

the community.

What is your advice? Who should get

it and who shouldn't? There is a

marked difference between getting a

really bad cold in winter and the

flu? They are very different?

That is true but the truth of the

matter is flu can be very mild. For

those of us not at risk it can be

like getting a cold. People say I

have got a influenza and they might

have the influenza. Peter Collingnon

who is behind this is saying let's

relook at the vaccine. There is a

suggestion we jumped into the bin when suggestion we jumped into the bin

when everyone was worried about

swine flu, Peter is saying sit back and look.

In the meantime, the high-risk group?

I would still have my vaccine Protem

and we need more research but this

waves the red flag for the research.

In the meantime, I have my vaccine

an vale because it is a good idea

but do more research about it if, as we go forward. Great.

So have the needle.

Thanks Doc, here is Kochie and Plenty of Kath & Kim fans were "gropable" mism when the series came to an end. But look at me, look at me, I have one word to say to you - movie! Entertainment editor Fifi Box joins us with all the details on the "filum". Good morning. What do we know about the movie so far?

Well, this is very exciting news

broke yesterday. We know the girls

are on board so we have got Gina

Reilly, Jane Turner, Glenn Robins,

Magna zubansky, and the director is

involved, Rick McKener so we have

got the team back together which is

fabulous. So a great start, to go

through the back catalogue and

relive the highlights,

relive the highlights,thets let's look. Again.

It was this moment in 2002 we were

first introduced to the foxy ladies

of Fountain Lakes.

My marriage is over. OVAH, over.

They would go on to create three

series with the ABC, 24 episodes in

tote sql one more series tote sql one more series with Channel Seven.

You are being stupid you can't leave your husband.

Stupid am I? Was Melanie Griffith

stupid? Was Rachel Hunter stupid

they're left bad marriages.

They hreld a mirror to suburban

Australia, they did it with a cheeky

grin the whole time.

It must have cost a bomb?

No, the price has come down, Kel.

More things in life besides TV.

Not really. The idea of Kath and Kim

was taken to American audiences in

2008 with slight changes.

Don't be stupid.

Is Britney Spears stupid? Is Melanie

Griffithen stupid because they all

left bad marriages.

But maybe the humour was lost in

translation because the series flopped.

What did you do to my room? You

turned into a freak rr curves.

Now the cast is coming back. They

are busy writing. We know the plot

will be set overseas on a holiday.

What is up yours.

You been in a foul mood all morning.

We live on top of them now we got to

go on holidays with them.

They are very funny, Australians

love the sense of humour but will it

work overseas as a movie? The US

series didn't go well.

The concept of Kath and Kim went to

the States, the concept of American

actors to the American audience.

This is a movie Screen Australia are

helping to fund it, it will go well

here, I think, whether it succeeds

overseas is a different story. It is

based on a world-wind trip of Europe

and we think Italy. Love and lust on

the road with Kath and Kim.

An Australian version of the Griswolds.

That is a movie, the Kochies?

No, great suggestion, good to see you.

Good to see you too.

Let's go back to my foxy lady.

Noyve. No!

Let's move on. Would you like to be reunited with a friend or family member? Thanks to our friends at Jetstar you could soon be taking off. This month Sunrise is giving away free flights around Australia for Jetstar's March Fly promotion. The prize includes two Jetstar return airfares to any capital city within Australia. To enter, head to the Sunrise website and tell us in 25 words or less who you would like to be reunited with, and why. Shortly, your biggest gripes when eating out.

Also, Pauline Hanson's bid to return to politics. Will she receive voter support for yet another comeback? We'll get the view from the street. And, get ready to rock.

# Something is wrong

# With my baby # Jimmy Barnes is live, next on Sunrise.

# Something is wrong

# With me # cloudy day for the capital with Good morning, It'll be a mostly

a top of 26. Cooma can expect a late shower and a top of 25.

The Greens say they're confident they have the

support to pass a bill to create a childrens death review

committee. It'd look into trends in the deaths of young people

including safety around our city. They say the capital lags

behind most other jurisdictions. The ACT assembly will debate a bill today that

could stop government stripping the auditor general

of cash. It's after the budget blew out last year, forcing

the office to cut jobs. The bill would see the whole

assembly determine how much money the auditor

general should get. Some more star power at the National Arboretum.

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser will plant a tree

this morning.. in an area reserved for prominent Australians.

And the Raiders will unveil their new look bus this morning

ahead of their home season opener against the Sharks. More at 11.

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And now spend less

with a Focus LX Auto, from $22,890 driveaway. Less fuel, less to pay. That's Ford smart thinking. VOICEOVER: With the Commonwealth Bank, you get more branches and ATMs than anyone else, mobile and online banking, even business bankers in branch. You're never far from your money. Sunrise brought to you by the Jetstar MasterCard. If you love travel you'll love this card. For more details and to apply visit These days we consider Jimmy Barnes to be Aussie rock royalty but don't forget he had to start somewhere. and that somewhere was playing with his band at the Largs Pier Hotel in Adelaide. Now Jimmy has written a song about the pub. He'll perform it for us live, shortly. But first he's here for a chat.

When I was going up in Largs Bay, I

had to cross the road it was so


My mates used to do burnouts between

jetties, it was a wild place. But it

is incredible. I was there the other

day for the launch of the single and

the pub is trendy. It is a beautiful

location. The area is beautiful and

they have done it up.

I am staying there over Easter.

Don't get room 11.

Did you trash it?

No, all the furniture is stuck to

the roof. I believe there is a ghost

in room 11, which could be fun.

You have booked room 11?

We are going as