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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. steps aside Disgraced AFL manager Ricky Nixon for substance abuse. and enters rehab anniversary of our alliance, And as we celebrate the 60th

I think it's especially appropriate

here. to have Prime Minister Julia Gillard

at the White House. Julia Gillard meets Barack Obama This morning, report from Washington, DC. the verdict on their talks in a live

You're lucky when it is revealed to

you and you are lucky when you can

say the words lucky train. Charlie

Sheen goes back online to launch a tirade. Life from a whole new perspective. ('WONDERWALL' PLAYS)

# You're my wonderwall # Meet the new generation Oasis. this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, here's Kochie and Mel. Now, live from Brekky Central, Hello, and thanks for joining us. with Barack Obama in Washington. Julia Gillard has held talks the talk of a carbon tax But back home,

in the opinion polls. appears to be sinking her government More on that shortly.

Also this morning, who is the little

girl in these photos? Your hint. She

was her daddy's princess when these

were taken but she's about to become

someone else's princess. Cute.

Let's get the morning under way,

speaking of cute, here's Nat. Thanks, Kochie. proposed carbon tax The Prime Minister's plummeting to its lowest level ever. has sent Labor's primary vote

from 36% two weeks ago, to 30%. Labor's primary vote has fallen four points to 45%. The Coalition has risen On a two-party preferred basis, 46 to 54. Labor trails the Coalition

who's in Washington, The Prime Minister,

the fight for a carbon tax says she's going to continue scare campaign. despite the Opposition Leader's I've always understood reform like pricing carbon that arguing for a tough economic was going to be a big debate. It's going to be a hard debate that I'm determined to win. but it is one The Prime Minister held talks this morning with US President Barack Obama high on the agenda. with the war in Afghanistan

has announced AFL player manager Ricky Nixon a rehab clinic. he's checking himself into last night saying Nixon released a statement from work he's taking an indefinite break to deal with a substance problem his decision-making. that he blames for affecting from overseas 2 days ago, The 47-year-old, who returned co-operate with an investigation has indicated he will fully

with a 17-year-old girl. into claims he had sex challenge He says this is a significant in Christchurch Flags that have been at half-mast since the devastating earthquake will be raised today. will be lifted The flags on government buildings at 12:51, New Zealand time, since the quake hit. to mark exactly two weeks John Key has announced The country's Prime Minister on March 18 a public memorial service for those killed in the disaster. The service will allow people terrible loss of life suffered the chance to reflect on the

As a result of the earthquake. on our second largest city. and the huge impact it has had will also resume today New Zealand's parliament in the aftermath of the quake. after being suspended

an internet mapping site Police have used growing in Perth's suburbs. to track down marijuana crops To the trained eye, hidden along the edge of a lake. these aerial photos show a crop swooped yesterday Drug squad officers seizing 50 plants the tens of thousands of dollars. with a street value in who planted the crop. Police still need to identify provides access The freely available website of every street in every suburb to high-resolution aerial photos and is updated monthly. In finance news:

An ugly night on Wall Street.

An ugly night on Wall Street. Still

trading at the moment, about 10

minutes ago, about 100 points down,

why? Because of oil and gold. We

will talk about that in a tick.

Closer to home yesterday the

Australian share market had its

biggest one-day fall since November

to its lowest level in a month.

Down after the poor performance

Wall Street over the weekend. Down after the poor performance on

Commodities is

Commodities is the thing started to

put the skids under it the market.

Gold got to a record in infraday

bit now. trading but it has settled down a

last night Gold prices rose to a record high

in Libya. as a result of political unrest Morning. Savanth Sebastian is at CommSec. to spike? Savanth, will this cause inflation

What flow on effect will it have?

Yes, Kochie, I think at the moment

inflation is well contained but it

is clear the surge in the oil price

is going to feed through to

inflationary measures over the next

couple of months. Just look at the

oil price now, motorists are paying

well above $1. well above $

well above $1.40 a litre but paying

well over $

well over $.

well over $.50 a litre at the high

end of the cycle. It is going to

feed through to domestic prices. For

the Reserve Bank they have to look

through the result. Look at the

under lying inflation measures,

excluding volatile items like fruit,

vegetables and energy costs the

underlying costs are showing

inflation at present is negligible.

The Reserve Bank believes inflation

will be well contain for the next

couple of years. If you are a

mortgage holder be on the lookout, a

few more to come this year.

Thank you, suvangth. Braith Anasta Sydney Roosters captain over his playing future has ended speculation contract extension. by signing a 1-year Roosters season launch last night, The announcement was made at the all his energies allowing Anasta to focus against the Rabbitohs. on Friday night's NRL season opener

we're in a good position We'd like to think

It's a big game, it's always a big

game against Souths but being, I

suppose, the first game to launch

the season we are excited about it. will miss the match Dally M Medallist Todd Carney after his groin injury flared up. to make his AFL debut Israel Folau is finally ready for Greater Western Sydney. He'll line up for the Giants against Port Adelaide this weekend if his injured ankle gets through training tomorrow. Meantime, Carlton must decide today whether to fight the 3-game ban handed to Michael Jamison for his hit on Adelaide's Ricky Henderson. The defender will miss two games with an early guilty plea. Mike Hussey flies out for India today to link up with the Australian World Cup squad. The 35-year-old's late recall could cause some family problems given the man he'll most likely replace in the starting line-up will be his brother, David. In overnight action, Australia's next opponents, Kenya, went down to Canada by five wickets in Delhi.

Time for a first check of the

weather this morning, straight

weather this morning, straight to Grant Denyer who is getting back to

nature this morning? Grant?

Beretts, I think if I came back as

an animal, I am tipping a

an animal, I am tipping a koala would be a pretty good animal to

come back as. Apart from the whole

chlamydia thing, they sleep for 18

to 20 hours a day. That seems a pretty good life to me, just

quietly. Look how content and happy

old mate here is, this is Bailey,

let's do a bit of commentary for you, "

you, "Yeah, pretty good leaf this,

I've had some good leaf in my time

but this leaf? Yeah, fresh sugar,

should keep going for another

should keep going for another six or

seven minutes. What a life." You

know the fallacy they get drunk on

eucalyptus? Not true. They get 80%

or 90 pest of the water from the

guys, and the other fallacy is they

don't drink, they do, the most of it

comes from the leaves but in the hot

weather they have to climb down and

get a drink but they don't like to

because demakes them vulnerable.

That is Bailey, the end of the

mating season and these boys are

stifrisky. You eyeing anybody?

Bailey? Debbie? Maybe, she got a

good set of ears? Who knows. Let's

look at the forecast. Sunrise Weather brought to you by Beacon Lighting. It's the final week of the Up to 50% off everything sale at Beacon Lighting. Hurry, sale ends Sunday. Canberra, some morning fog followed by sunshine.

(cookberas -- -- cook buras, daing daing

Featherdale Wild life Park, we are

getting as one with flaicher, a

tawny mouth, I nearly called it

horny mouth. They are not an owl,

they are a night jar, they are

referred to. You know in sports

fields at night you the light tow

sqrz the bugs FBIing around,

sometimes you see a shadow and it is

these guys.

Look at those eyes. Aren't they great.

That is the best stare, if ever I

saw one. I get that every morning

when I in trouble here.

The death stare.

From Mel or Lib.

Lib is still asleep, one guess. And

the eyebrow goes up.

Well, it is now.

Thank you, Grant, don't you love the

sound of a kookaburra at dawn.

Unless you are trying to sleep in. Ahead this Sunrise - the official inquiry into the supermarket milk war.

And later, life from a very different perspective. We head out with the world's smallest man. Incredible, isn't it? But next, Julia Gillard gets down to business with Barack Obama in the US. A verdict on their talks is coming up.

Mark Riley is travelling are the PM

and, Mark, were you in the

presidential motorcade to the

presidential motorcade to the school as well?

I was indeed, Kochie. Good morning. Wow!

An experience, stopped traffic all

the way through DC do a school in

Virginia, Wakefield, a lot more

pulava than in Canberra when

pulava than in Canberra when the Prime Minister goes to a local school.

What did they talk about?

In the Oval Office, mostly the world

economy, G-20 and Libya, the it is a

issue for the US. Barack Obama said

Australia and the US stand shoulder

to shoulder in the sanctions they

have applied against Gaddafi, quite

an interesting address from Barack

Obama mostly to the domestic

audience but they warned everyone

around Gaddafi they will be held

responsible for any violence to the

Libyaian people and any support to

the regime they will take a dim view.

They also talked about Afghanistan, any changes there?

Not really, the US is starting to

pull the troops from Afghanistan in

July. A draw-down and handing

July. A draw-down and handing over to the Afghan national army to take

control of the areas where the US is

in total control. Of course, we have

a joint mission with the US in

Uruzgan. They won't affect us, it is

still a long-term mentoring role,

probably four or Fife years to sound

but there is pressure here for the

US to bring troops back. Both sides,

Australia and inUS acknowledge the

worth of that campaign but don't

have very high expectations for

profound changes in security or the

political situation there for the

next couple of years.

Do we expect anything to come from

the trip? Anything chroncrete or is

it -- anything concrete or is it off

to visit the relatives?

It is a bit of that and it is a duty

for the Prime Minister to do that.

It is our most important, obviously,

our most important bilateral

relationship but the key moment for

for the Prime

for the Prime Minister, apart from

meeting Barack Obama and going to

the school, the joint sitting of

Congress, on the 66th anniversary of

the officialal treaty between

Australia and the US,

Australia and the US,anss. It is a

-- it is an honour, Bob Hawke did it

and Menzies, and that occasion is a

big one here in Washington, the

big one here in Washington, the 60th

anniversary of ANSUS. Unlike

anniversary of ANSUS. Unlike he, who has been invited twice and said yes

and had to pull out because of the

oil spill down south and also his

healthcare bill, Julia Gillard has

accepted the invitation to come

across to meet and speak to the Congress.

Or just that she is an Aussie and we

don't mind the distance, either way,

thanks, Riles, stay in touch.

That is true, as I say to all the

yanks, it is the same distance from

here to Australia as it is the other way.

You think it is way further. Thank you. Coming up, Ricky Nixon steps down as an AFL manager and enters rehab. Plus, George Michael on the crash that changed his life. The singer opens up about his time behind bars. And the wedding from hell. Everything went wrong, and then some. That's next on Sunrise. The beauty of Ski D'lite is you never have to think about it. It's delicious, low-fat, has real fruit, and now even three live cultures that are good for you. After all, you've got plenty to think about, like... Are they wearing enough layers?

Should your family be bigger? Should your car be bigger? Should you get them a pet? Well, at least they're eating right. Ski. Simply good yoghurt. Doing the rounds of the net this morning - What's making news brought to you by Beacon Lighting. Up to 50% Off Everything sale is now on. For lighting and fans it has to be Beacon.

the couple who had a wedding to remember. Stephanie and Nathan Suter had just tied the knot and were on the way to their reception when their wedding car caught fire. Nathan rescued Stephanie. Her hair was on fire and her dress had stopped her from getting out. The groom was treated in hospital for smoke inhalation.

The newlyweds will join us later this Sunrise to tell us about the fire and what happened next. But we're wondering what dramas others have had

on their wedding day. Email or Tweet and tell us about yours.

Can you beat that? Tough.

You don't want to beat that.

What a hero the groom is, saving


You can see why she married him.

Work on that for 30 years, be niece

to me.

Jaous yuz it? I saved your life.

Do the dishes, well, I saved your

life. You wouldn't be...

Okay, let us know your wedding day

dramas. Also making news is Suri Cruise. The 4-year-old daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes has been snapped with a dummy in her mouth. The photo has sparked debate about what age parents should take dummies away from their children. Some experts warn use after six months could affect their bite. So we're wondering when you think it's appropriate to stop giving children a dummy.

I think DOCS need to step in there,

pretty serious.

Take the high heels and the dummy.

Or the dentist needs to show his

face and say, "

face and say, "Hey, I can reveal

myself, get the dummy out, it is bad."

But it is better than sucking your

thumb you can't break the habit, the

dummy take it away and they will stop.

Four, it will affect the bite. She

won't be advance vanced for her age.

Matilda has given hurz up, had to

bribe her with a Disney princess dress. And the most powerful moments in screen history are being clicked on the internet. Topping the list is the emotional goodbye in the 1982 movie, 'ET'.

Oh, my God, I cry every time.

Yes, very powerful. The survey found a scene from 'Toy Story 3' where the toys hold hands and prepare to face their fate in a pit of fire was second.

Of all the movies in history?

Yes, and such a Newby. And Rocky's big fight scene ranked third.

Which one? There are 85 Rockies?

The biggest, big one.

Probably Apollo Creed I reckon.

What about Rolf blowing the

What about Rolf blowing the whistle in the cemetery?

That was just extraordinary.

The Von Traps escaping under the

cover of darkness.

Okay, one scene?

Rolf blowing the whistle.

What would you rank as the most

powerful moment in a film. Just ahead - Charlie Sheen and his estranged wife set a court date

That's not part of the same story. for their custody battle. Also, egg farmers cry foul. The new supermarket war and what it all means for shoppers. But next, news and sport. And Grant has the weather on Sunrise. Prime Minister Julia Gillard has met with US President Barack Obama

in Washington, DC, this morning. The pair held official talks on trade, security and the war of Afghanistan before visiting a high school together. One of the students asked the Prime Minister about Vegemite.

This is also a little bit of

division between the President and

I. I love Vegemite and...

It's horrible. The Prime Minister will be addressing a joint sitting of congress during the visit. AFL player manager Ricky Nixon is blaming recent bad decisions on a substance problem, announcing he is entering drug rehab. The father of two, who is accused of having sex with a 17-year-old girl, is taking an indefinite break while he receives treatment. It's the latest development in the teen sex scandal engulfing the AFL,

player manager Ricky Nixon announcing he's stepping down from his position indefinitely

and checking into rehab.

In a statement he says: His decision comes after the 17-year-old at the centre of the scandal revealed new details about the couple's alleged sexual relationship.

There was just this weird

connection, that we just hated each

other so much and it was sort of lust. Nixon has again denied he had a sexual relationship with the teen although he has admitted to "inappropriate dealings". The AFL Players' Association is continuing to investigate the matter. A 43-year-old woman has been killed after the scooter she was riding on collided with a 4-wheel drive at Surrey Hills in Melbourne's east last night. Another person on the scooter was seriously injured in the accident. The woman is the fourth motorcyclist to die on Victoria's roads in the past three days. Police are preparing a report for the coroner. Rebels in Libya are reinforcing battle lines and restocking troops with heavy weaponry

as government forces advance. The oil port of Ras Lanuf has been hit by multiple air strikes and those loyal to Moamar Gaddafi have retaken Bin Jawad, a town 50 kilometres to the west. Rebels maintain they can take on Gaddafi's elite ground forces

but are outgunned if he uses his air power.

Finance news now and the Dow has

just dipped below 100 points down.

It has been down as much as sort of

110, 120 points at some stage,

European market are down, Greece's

credit rating has been cut three

notches by moodys rr to be just one.

The commodities is where all the

skittishness is on the markets at

the moment. The oil price got up the moment. The oil price got up to $ the moment. The oil price got up to

$106 US a barrel and the gold price

got up to

got up to a record intraday high got up to a record intraday high of $ got up to a record intraday high of

$104 an ous. Time for sport. This is Sunrise sport report brought to you by Swisse. Tired? Stressed? You'll feel better on Swisse. The Melbourne Demons are furious after their VFL partner the Casey Scorpions decided to recruit controversy-prone forward Brendan Fevola. The sacked Brisbane Lion has returned to Melbourne following a 66-day stint in rehab and will train with the Scorpions this week. Demons officials urged Casey not to recruit Fevola but the club ignored their advice. The Lions officially severed ties with Fevola yesterday after negotiating a payout figure believed to be worth around $1 million. Brisbane recruit Ben Hannant is out of the Broncos round one clash against the Cowboys after succumbing to a calf injury. The long-awaited NRL return of Justin Hodges has also been put on hold due to a hamstring strain. His place will most likely be taken by red-headed rookie Jack Reed who's set to debut along with winger Dane Gaguy. Things have gone from bad to worse for the Western Force with centre Rory Sidey banned for three games overnight for a dangerous tackle. Wallabies star David Pocock is already facing six weeks on the sidelines with a knee injury. There's better news in Canberra

with cult hero Brumby Jack cleared of serious injury. Jack's adamant he'll be back in time for a round six showdown with Tah Man.

Now, there is still plenty of kick

left in Brumby Jack and he is in

good spirits, despite the long face.

Is there a replacement?

No, all good, in the sidelines and

will look after his hoof, fetlock,

all good news for Brumby Jack. Grant

Denyer is amongst the wild life?

Yes, speaking of Brumbies, G'day,

for 38 years

for 38 years the Featherdale Wildlife Park has been here and the

one thing that is great about this

and the tradition that continues is

how one on one you can get with the

animals. Close proximity. A unique

experience. Can you leave my pen

there please? I might need it later on.

there please? I might need it later on. Once a kid comes out and has a

one on one experience with an

animal, a kid is changed forever.

They have a real sense of

conservation from a young age and it

is great. This guy here, an emue,

Australia's largest flightless bird,

they had a lady out this way bending

down to take photo of the animals

and old mate went straight for the

diamond earring, the diamond earring

she claimed was worth about $5,000

and it swallowed it. So the staff

had to follow it around for three

weeks to sift through the

weeks to sift through the poo to

find the earring which came out

three weeks later.

I got it!

You wouldn't whack is straight back

in your ear? Would you. Now these

emus are fascinating. Hello? Good

thanks, you? Yes, well, I don't feel

so confident.

It is the dads, in theeme ow family

that raise all the kids. So like the

mum will come along, pop a couple of

eggs out and dad has to sit on them

and raise them so you see the little

ones following dad behind and a lot

of ladies think it is cool but he

might have seven or eight mistresses

and that is a lot of kids to raise.

That is how it is here That is how it is here at Featherdale Wildlife Park, let's

look at the weather forecast. Sunrise Weather brought to you by Beacon Lighting. It's the final week of the Up to 50% off everything sale at Beacon Lighting. Hurry, sale ends Sunday. A high is keeping the south-east mostly clear whilst directing moist south-easterly winds and showers onto the east coast. The monsoon trough is causing heavy rain and storms across the tropics.

Another trough is triggering showers and storms over southern Northern Territory, South Australia and Tasmania. Morning fog and sunny later in Canberra.

Um, the thing that is amazing about

these kangaroos, they have the

ability to pause pregnancy inside

them. So if there is not enough food

around, they can hang on to an

embryo inside and wait for the

younger sibling to grow up and then

initiate the pregnancy. So they are

a beautiful breeding machine, they

have the ability, no matter the

conditions, particularly if there is

a drought and not enough

a drought and not enough sustenance they can hold off until the conditions improve.

I had no idea, put pregnancy on

pause. That has got some

attractions. Thank you, Grant, catch

you in half an hour.

attractions. Thank you, Grant, catch you in half an hour. Love learning

stuff like that. Joke of the day

comes jaum Jeanette Ferguson from

Maningee in South Australia. She

lives in a beautiful place, she is

80 years of age and she is in the

Homes for the Aged and loves

Sunrise. So, thank you for that. Good morning.

Loves the news in particular. She

makes the point, which is terrific.

Here is

Here is your joke of the day, a man

arrived at his place of work with

both ears covered in bandages. What

happened? Asked his boss? He said I

was ironing my shirt when the

television rang and I accidentally

answered with the iron." And the boss said, "

boss said, "That accounts for one

ear? What about the other." And he said, "

said, "Well, I had to ring the hospital." said, "Well, I had to ring the hospital."? Sorry.

But for you and all your mates, a

Kochie Joke Book 4 is coming your

way. Thank you for tuning in and

your joke. Send in your joke of the day jokes. Coming up - actress Kate Hudson shows off her growing baby bump and we have the photos. Also, the prices are down

but are consumers really winning from the supermarket war? We have the official investigation. And, George Michael's regret. The troubled star comes clean, next on Sunrise. WOMAN: Up & Go Vive. Now with a natural sweetener, less than 5% sugar and 98.5% fat free, to help keep you in shape. SONG: # Ooh # Do-do. # We are looking for lots of space. Lots of space for lots of kids. A big kitchen. What we've got is this little plan and I want to run it past you - just a few of the things that we need to talk about. Private school, obviously. But private school is SO expensive. No, forget private school. I've got it all mapped out, yeah? Tennis academy, racquet contract, pro tour. 24 hours a day. Really. He's always available on that telephone. VOICEOVER: Your local Westpac bank manager and team can talk expert solutions, whatever your conversation. A long time looking at the... Westpac. If your dog is suffering from unsightly tartar buildup, try doggy dentures. You're kidding, right? Just give me DentaStix. Scientifically proven to reduce up to 80% of tartar buildup when fed daily. DentaStix, from Pedigree. Morning, Melbourne.

How is that if a pretty view? Here's a live view of the city through the Jetstar Skycam.

The sky is gorgeous. A little rain around for you today and a top of 23 degrees. As civil war grips Libya, it's hard to know who's winning. Rebel forces claim to have taken some towns while the government says it's reclaimed others. So where is the war heading? I'm joined by our foreign affairs editor, Dr Keith Suter. Can you see an end to this conflict?

State of play? Where are we at?

Well the way, the quickest way for

the conflict to end would be for

someone to kill Moamar al Gaddafi.

Because I can't advantage the

government forces will continue will

him in control. When he is dead,

everyone will rush to get out of the

country, particularly the African

mercenaries. The battle lines keep

moving back and forth across the

country. Of course, the rebels can't

afford to surrender either because

they know they will get killed in

reprisals. So they will fight to the

end. And obviously, Colonel Gaddafi

can't flee the country. The criminal

court is interested in

court is interested in him.

Where is he?

I assume in the national capital,

Tripoli, he is giving media

conferences, he is letting the

international community go if he

goes Osama bin Laden will take over

and the country will fall into chaos

and millions of people will flee

into Italy and the European Union.

Will it? Or

scaring? I don't think Osama bin Laden, if he

is still alive has any role to

is still alive has any role to play in the current round of conflict but

yes, there is a worry you will end

up with hundreds of thousands get

nothing to Europe to flee the

country and the chaos.

The rebels have set up an interim

government and council, will it it

have an effect?

Yes, it will tell the international

community, they are trying to win

the hearts and mind, they say we

have got the control of the east of

the country and controlling our own

government. And the British

government. And the British stupidly tried to get someone smuggled into

the country to negotiate with the

rebels. They went in by helicopter

and should have gone by boat. A

separate story of its own. But

western governments are it de-b

gining to open up dialogue with the

rebels as are Arab states, no doubt.

And inPresident Obama will be on to the And inPresident Obama will be on to

the Saudi Arabians and saying can

you get weapons to the rebels. And

they will say yes, but stop

criticising what we are doing to our

own rebels in our country. A lot of

policy is going on. But what we are

seeing is the rebels tablinging

control of the -- taking control of

the eastern part of the country. We

are sliding towards a civil war

which will have an effect on the oil

market and people fleeing into Europe. George Michael has come clean about his time behind bars. In an interview aired on BBC Radio overnight the singer admitted he deserved the tough punishment after crashing his car under the influence of drugs. UK correspondent Martin Frizell joins us now with more. Good morning. What did he have to say about his time in prison?

Morning, Kochie, well this was

George Michael, his chance, he said

to say sorry to everybody and I can

report this morning if you are a

George Michael fan, he sounds great.

He said he has been clean for some

time now, off antidepressants and

straight from the interview

straight from the interview he was

off to another anominous drugs

therapy meeting to keep him on the

straight and narrow. He talk td

about his time in prison, what

prisoners get letters from Elton

John, Paul McCartney. He was signing

autographs for all the inmates and

guards, and all the reports about

him crying were nonsense. He took

his punishment line a man.

I know people think it must have

been an horrific speerng but it is

-- experience but it is easier if

you know you deserve it and I did. I

am George Michael and the poster boy

of cannabis but the second time I had a conviction.

He does sound terrific, Martin,

He does sound terrific, Martin, do you think he has put all this behind

him? He is a changed man?

I reckon so, he is a really nice

guy, a very intelligent bloke as

well. He was genuinely ashamed, he

said, the past year, usually his

life is a roller-coaster and the

past 12 month he hit a big

past 12 month he hit a big hump. He

is someone who believes in Euan

Comriea. -- comma.

I am brought up with a principal

orof do unto others, and it is

shameful for me to have done it to

others, so comicly -- calmericly I

had a bill to paych

There is reports he has split with

his partner of 15 years? Did he

respond to that some

He is furious about that, straight

after the interview he got the

morning papers to hear the story he

had split split-with Kenny, he has

denied with that. He was so angry he

phoned up a day-time talk show to

say it is nonsense, Kenny and I have

had ups and downs but we are very

much together. Things are looking

up, he has a new single coming out,

a new album coming out and he is

going to tour again.

Excellent, good to see him in such

good shape, thank tz, Martin, here is Mel. After the break - this morning's news, sport and weather together. Then, stepping down and getting help. Ricky Nixon quits his job as an AFL player manager and enters rehab for substance abuse. And Charlie Sheen goes off.

Sheen's corner is ingrained into the

pantheon of the lexicon of the

pantheon of the lexicon of the whole (beep) movement and it is Sheen's

torpedo, you are with Sheen or the

trolls. The actor's latest rambling, non-sensical internet tirade is coming up in a live report from Los Angeles, on Sunrise. (PHONE RINGS) (TYPING) WOMAN: (ON PHONE) Welcome to Apia. How can I help you? WOMAN 2: (ON PHONE) I've been thinking for a while about changing my insurance.

Oh, OK. I have a Toyota Corolla that I got in 2005. And you've had no claims in the last few years? No, the last one I had was back when I was still working and I was driving home from school and I hit a hare. Oh, no! (LAUGHS) Oh, you weren't stranded at all, were you, on the road or anything? No, no. With our car policy, you're covered for get-home expenses for undriveable cars to the value of $500. So it's a good policy for you. VOICEOVER: At Apia, you'll always talk to a real person. It makes insurance for over-50s a rewarding experience. So call 13 50 50 for a chat. The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more. Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen joins us.

From Melbourne, good

From Melbourne, good morning to you

on your Aussie tour. We will send

you a list of great places to go for

coffee, food, shopping.

I think it is just beautiful here

and I just met the exquisite naoufa

Heffner, never met her before, we

always chatted by satellite, and

hopefully we can have coffee because

I hear it is sensational here. '80s pop icon Cyndi Lauper proved she still knows how to have fun. Tell us more about her performance?

Just like Kochie, it doesn't matter,

once you are over 55 you can still

charm a crowd. Music soothes the

savage beast. She controlled some

passengers who had air rage

passengers who had air rage in Buenos Aires rr, when flights

delayed, he

delayed, she took to the microphone.

# My father yells

# What you going to do with your life

# Oh

# Daddy dear you know you still

number one

# But girls they want to have fun.

# Oh

# Girls they want to have fun #

# That's all they really want

# Want

# When the working day is done #

Excellent. I can't get over all the

cameras filming her, look at that, a

media call but not really, what a

good chick, that's great. Whitney Houston's daughter seems to be following in her mother's troubled footsteps. How?

Bobbi Brown and Whitney Houston have

had substance abuse problems and

there is a worry about their

18-year-old daughter, Bobbi

Christina. Snorting what appeared to

be a white powder. They taken prior

to her 18th birthday and she has

sfnded by saying she was set up by

an exorboyfriend, unnamed and the

pictures were sold to make money off

her fortune and she is well and she

doesn't have a drug problem.

Hopefully we can take her at her

word and keep her on the straight


Where will you be today?

Tonight is the night I am going to

sing with Rhonda Burchmore for the

flood appeal at Red Spice restaurant

event. Then tomorrow, doing a signing at

signing at Myer in Melbourne. If you

in Melbourne, let's have a coffee

and check out the book, dinner at

Nelson's rr.

You have a good one, talk to you soon.

Soap Box?

We are asking about strange things

on your wedding day after the bridle

car caught fire.

I should have known my marriage

would never last says Danielle.

Off to a good start.

On my wedding day, my father-in-law

told me he never liked me but now we

were getting married he would have

to accept me. Then I fell down the

aisle, the pastor's speech was

tainted with dislike for me, then my

partner's ex girlfriend and now wife

showed up. I got told he was only

marrying to punish me for leaving

him and going to England. Tim and

Sandra, you know who you are. That's

great! Kind of. Powerful. Okay.

Moving right along... Now, still to come on Sunrise this morning - Disgraced AFL manager Ricky Nixon steps aside and enters rehab for substance abuse. anniversary of our alliance, I think it's especially appropriate to have Prime Minister Gillard here. Julia Gillard meets Barack Obama at the White House. This morning,

the verdict on their talks in a live report from Washington, DC.

The magic train is filled with the

magic period the end, you are lucky

if you can touch it, you are lucky

if you can say the words magic

train. What? Bah! Ahhh!

train. What? Bah! Ahhh!! Foiled again. Charlie Sheen goes back online to launch a tirade. Life from a whole new perspective. # And after all # You're my wonderwall # Meet the new generation Oasis. Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. Now, live from Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Mel. If you've just tuned in, welcome to International Women's Day.

Well done, Sheilas. It's your day.

Thanks. That's cool.

Uncross your fingers under the table. It'll be marked around the world to celebrate the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. And right now it's time for the news of this day with Nat.

That's good. Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been forced to defend her carbon tax after a new poll put Labor's support at a record low. Labor's primary vote has fallen from 36% two weeks ago, to 30%. The Coalition has risen 4 points to 45%. On a 2-party preferred basis Labor trails the Coalition 46 to 54. The Prime Minister, who's in Washington, says she's going to continue the fight for a carbon tax despite what she's called the Opposition Leader's scare campaign. I've always understood that arguing for a tough economic reform like pricing carbon was going to be a big debate. It's going to be a hard debate but it is one that I'm determined to win. The Prime Minister has taken her love of AFL football to the White House, playing handball and kick-to-kick with the President.

That's grite. Gee.

How about that? AFL Player manager Ricky Nixon has revealed he's taking indefinite leave to deal with what he calls a number of personal issues. The 47-year-old released a statement last night saying Nixon is due to be questioned over claims he had sex with a 17-year-old girl, allegations he strongly denies. Police in Perth are searching for a 32-year-old woman who was abducted early on Sunday morning. Bianca Collard was grabbed around the throat, threatened with a weapon and dragged into a white Toyota Hilux. She's made two calls to relatives and one to police but it's feared they were made under duress. We'd like to speak with her directly, more than just to confirm she's OK. We need to sight her, basically. Police believed the woman's ex-partner may be involved. A Sydney policewoman will return to work this morning almost two years after she was viciously attacked and left for dead. Sergeant Samantha Barlow suffered horrific injuries when she was bashed with a brick on her way to work at Kings Cross Station. Her attacker, heroin addict Roderick Holohan, is serving a minimum 11.5 years behind bars. The shuttle 'Discovery' has left the International Space Station for the last time. The astronauts got a special send-off from one of TV's space travellers Captain James Kirk. These have been the voyages of the space shuttle 'Discovery'. Her 30-year mission, to seek out new science, to build new outposts, to bring nations together on the final frontier. The retiring spaceship is now returning to earth and will arrive early Thursday morning.

Very cool, wasn't it? The Dow is

down about 100 points at the moment. Because Because higher

down about 100 points at the moment. Because higher oil and gold prices,

skittishness about the Middle East

is coming out. In European markets,

the big news there is, ladies, Louis

Vutton has paid $

Vutton has paid $6 Bill Clintonian

for Bvgalri. Big in beige

gold had an intraday high of $ gold had an intraday high of $404 an

ounce a couple of hours ago, oil was above $

above $160 a barrel US, it has

dipped on news that Kuwait, Saudi

will try to make up the production

of the losses in Libya. Time for sport.

Finance and fashion just intertwine. Big money.

Always connected. Big money. Always connected. Aussie speedster Shaun Tait expects the current World Cup to be his last. The 'Wild Thing's injury-prone body could break down at any time. That's why he's not holding back and actually enjoyed a fiery mid-pitch confrontation with Sri Lanka's Tillekeratne Dilshan. I suppose it was a tactic of mine to get under his skin a bit

And probably vice versa. He got

under mine for a bit and then key

cooled off so it was good. so it was good. Overnight, Canada scored a comfortable 5-wicket win over Kenya. Australia takes on Kenya this weekend. Roosters playmaker Todd Carney will miss Friday night's NRL season opener against South Sydney after his groin injury flared up during a secret fitness test.

The Roosters launched their season last night and revealed skipper Braith Anasta has signed a 1-year contract extension. At the Rabbitohs star trio Greg Inglis, Issac Luke and Sam Burgess are all confirmed starters for the Sydney Football Stadium clash. The Roar are doing their best to turn Brisbane bright orange in the lead up to Sunday's A-League grand final against Central Coast. More than 50,000 fans are expected to attend the Suncorp Stadium showdown and Roar coach Ange Postecoglou wants his players to embrace the hype and excitement. Victory in the decider will extend Brisbane's unprecedented winning streak to 28 matches.

Incredible! Alright, let's go out to

out back Grant right now, who is

amongst the wild life this morning.

I was about three seconds ago, I

will see if I can get them back. Gone.

Hello, guys, come on over. Nothing

at all. Yep. Just patting them on

the belly, a couple of dingoes,

would you like a little rub on your

belly? How gorgeous are these guys?

This is Red and Tia, hello, good to

see you, are you well? Just want to

give me lip, don't you? These guys

are actually, I didn't realise

are actually, I didn't realise but they were introduceed to Australia

by Aboriginies they believe 5,000 to

10,000 years ago and they traded

with Asian fishherermen because they

are similar to the Asian dog and

they think it is where the origins

come from. Only 5% are pure breeds

and this is one. Fraser Island is

the other. We went through period

where they were popular as pets, but

they have got very short attention

spans and they wander a lot. So it

makes them not a great domesticated

animal but they are gorgeous and

playful as we take a look at the forecast. Sunrise Weather brought to you by Beacon Lighting. It's the final week of the Up to 50% off everything sale at Beacon Lighting. Hurry, sale ends Sunday. Canberra, some morning fog followed by sunshine.

I feel like David Attenboruogh,

I feel like David Attenboruogh, as you can see, the dingo here... I

don't know if you know this but

don't know if you know this but we used to have Tasmania derveals on

inmainland and they believe theses

were responsible for wiping them

out. Tasmania doesn't have dingoes

lee, turn to the right the dingo is

caught in the cable. Very playful

and invizative. They will go

anywhere, an extraordinary animal.

See you with more details in half an hour. Now more on the latest developments in the AFL photo scandal.

Player agent Ricky Nixon is stepping down from his job and will check into a rehabilitation clinic. Joining us now is Sunrise Melbourne correspondent Nuala Hafner. Nuala, what reasons have been given for Nixon's decision?

Good morning, well, every

Ricky Nixon flu

Good morning, well, every since Ricky Nixon flu flew back into

Melbourne Sunday night there is

speculation what he would do next.

He said he would be back at work at

the Flying Start offices at ediad

stadium on Monday morning but that

was before he saw the interview the

17-year-old gave. He was nowhere to

be seen Monday and then he releases

a statement in which he is battling

a substance problem and it has been

impacting his decision making for

the last eight weeks, that period

taking into account his contact with

the 17-year-old girl. In the

statement, he reveals he was

receiving treatment while away in

the United Kingdom about the

personal issues, which explains why

he spent so much time in the United

Kingdom rather than Ireland. He has

been in the AFL business for the

last 30 years he understand the

media in this but he asked for

privacy as he tries to battle the

demons and enter the rehabilitation

clinic and he asked for privacy for

his friends,

his friends, family, players as well. He said they have been through

enough in the last few weeks.

Has he talked about returning to

work and when he may well do that?

No, he hasn't, Mel, he described it

as an indefinite break, we

as an indefinite break, we don't

know when he will come back but he

said he has a lot of confidence in

the people in Flying Start to manage

it as business as usual. Police now

have asked for footage of the

17-year-old girl's hotel. Which will

show him coming and going which can

probably clear up some of the

inconsistencies. He said while he

waw away he was in contact with the

AFL Players' Association and said he

will cooperate in every way with the

investigation, with David Gallbaly

QC. He is coping to the substance

problem but not a sexual

relationship with a 17-year-old girl.

So many areas. Our major supermarkets have been at war over milk prices. But today the battle ground will shift as a senate inquiry into the discounting begins. So are consumers really winning? Christopher Zinn from Choice joins me. Good morning. Are lower milk prices a sign of healthy competition in our supermarkets?

They would be if we had a normal

supermarket sector. It wasn't really

so dominated by the big two that sell so dominated by the big two that

sell eighty% of the packaged

groceries. If we had four or five

supermarkets chainatise it would be

fine but it means the concentration

means a short-term gain for milk

prices, in the medium to long term there would

there prices, in the medium to long term

there could be real issues for the

milk industry and consumers for less

choice in the future. This senate

inquiry, what is it going to cover?

Coles and Woollies haven't put a submission in

They did, overnight woollies

submission went in to the site. And they take

they take Coles to task. They have

discounted their prices too but they

are saying it is somewhat

unsustainable. Coles say there are a

lot of myths round the price of milk

and really they are making things

cheaper. But there is so much he

said she said, it means we should

have a supermarket ombudsman who can

really ajuteicate on where the facts lie.

It is not just milk, we have got an

egg war starting and bred look at

milk, eggs and bread now compared to

10 years ago and it is cheaper?

It is great when other food stuffs

are going up, we don't mind prices

going down but it has to be

sustainable. If the supermarkets are

so powerful, the price war, they

match the prices, hardly a war,

really cause disruption to strategic

industrys and parts of industries

you have to ask, really, is it in

the interests of the food security

of this country?

A lot of retailers use loss leaders,

don't they? They cop the loss on

say, milk or eggs, just to get

traffic in to the store? What is

wrong with them doing that? As long

as they pay the producers the price

and cop the loss themselves and pay

the producer?

That is true and the perusers in

terms of eggs and milk seem to

urworry in the future they won't get

the same price. But look, loss

leaders are fine, it is part of the

supermarket trade for a long time.

We are not against that. When you

are in a sich

are in a situation where the market

is concentrated with just two major

players it can have a disrupting

effect and it is what the senate

inquiry will look at, both with

dairy and also the broader competition issues.

Mel, the Australian Special

Mel, the Australian Special Coffee Association says cheap milk doesn't

froth as well. Really?

They reckon it is probably store for

longer and a bit older. Just passing it on.

Thank you, learn so much. Julia Gillard has held talks with Barack Obama in Washington, DC. The pair discussed Afghanistan, economic ties

and the situation in the Middle East and North Africa. Our political editor Mark Riley is travelling with the PM. Riles, what were the major announcements?

Good morning, Mel, no major

announcements. The first meeting

between the first black President

and the first female Prime Minister

was quite a sight but nothing major.

They did discuss Afghanistan, the

President's plan to start

withdrawing troops from July and

drawing down in Afghanistan and also

the washup from the global financial

crisis and the G-20, reforming the

banking sector and also stimulus. A

lot of money has gone through the

economy here in America and I can

tell you, from my experience, very

much in the economic dole drums.

It wasn't all heavy talk, a few

might moments and not all work?

That is right, Prime Minister Julia

Gillard presented the President with

a Sherrin footy. They hand-balled

round in the White House before

their official meeting. The

President later joked that the Prime

Minister had dobbed the Sherrin into

a bust of Lincoln but she didn't

smash it, it would have been an international incident.

Go through a window or

Go through a window or something would be embarrassing? Wouldn't it? Yes.

Julia Gillard also companied the

President to a local school. Tell us

how it went?

It was quite something. It was a

high school close by the White House

here in Virginia, the US students

studying US history. They expected a

visit from the government but not

the President, there was a sharp

intake of air, they didn't know who

the Prime Minister was I think. But

the President showed had his

knowledge, having been there as a

child and the kids asked a few

questions. One question they asked

was about Vegemite to which they got pretty interesting responses. This pretty interesting responses.

This is also a bit of division

between the President and I, I love Vegemite and...

It's horrible.

It's actually, a by-product of

making beer, that is how the story goes.

It is a quasi vegetable by-product

paste that that you smear on your

toast, for breakfast. Sounds good,

doesn't it?

Put like that it sounds disgusting

but we know it is not. Has Julia

Gillard reacted to the latest

Newspoll that shows Labor support at

a record low?

Yes, publicly she was quite

contained but I am sure privately

she was shocked. It shows two

things, volatility and the

things, volatility and the polling

but also hostility from the

electorate towards her carbon tax

policy moving to an ETS. A shocking

result for Labor. Julia Gillard

result for Labor. Julia Gillard said it was evidence Tony Abbott's fear

campaign had resonated with voters

but it is also evidence voters don't

like the carbon tax idea and the

government hasn't sold its message.

So big problems for her, doesn't

matter if it is Washington or

Canberra, the bad news follows.

Can't escape. Good to talk to you, stay in touch. It's official - Australia has just recorded its second wettest summer on record. Now, parts of North Queensland are facing more flash-flooding dramas with heavy rainfall overnight. For more we're joined by Seven Townsville reporter Nick Price and Tom Saunders from the Weather Channel? Good morning to you both. Nick, what problems has the downpour caused?

In the past 24 hours we have seen

more than 200 mLs of rain hit some

parts of inregion. The biggest

impact is yet another closure of the

high way just north of here. It has

happened four or five times in the

last few months. It is annoying

people because sometimes they have

to spend overnight in the cars to

wait to get through. But the

reprieve is since Yasi, right

through to the wet spell now a four

to five week gap

to five week gap where 80% of the green waste green to five week gap where 80% of the

green waste left by the cyclone has

been cleaned up.

Is the weather here to stay

Yes, an active monsoon trough over

northern Australia causing heavy

rain. Over the next few days, heavy

falls for the northern Queensland

coast. But north of Townsville the

heavy rain will continue, flash

flooding possible today and minor

river flooding between Cairns and

Townsville. The rain will gradually ease from Thursday.

When are we going to get rid of

When are we going to get rid of the La Nina event?

I think most Australians are

probably sick of La Nina. It has

past the peak so since early January

it has been weakening but until the

temperatures through the pacific

Ocean return to normal it won't

happen until early autumn or winter,

above-average rain will continue. We

are seeing it in South Australia and

Victoria, and Adelaide has had 28 mL

since midnight.

Thank you for that, guys. Charlie Sheen has delivered a second online rant in his new self-produced web show 'Sheen's Corner'. Joining us now from Los Angeles is Seven News correspondent Angela Cox. Good morning. Ange, how did Sheen appear?

We haveeen

We seen a few snippets?

He insists he is clean but he seems

he is under the influence of

something, he is sweating, chain

smoking, swearing throughout the

13-minute rant. Yesterday we saw he

was surrounded by an entourage of

enableers and today he was on his

own and spends time on the phone

with someone who seems to be his

publicist and he is telling charmy

to pull back a -- Charlie to pull

back a bit and show the real Charlie

but needless to say he didn't listen.

I don't care, the Sheen delivery is

all I care about. I can sit here and

pretend I fit into their form at and

thing, I can do a Conan or Jay,

boring! It is what it is! It is what

is it, what is isn't what you

thought it is because you claim it,

insist it is what it is and therefore it

therefore it ain't what it ain't. Yeah... One of the Yeah... One

Yeah... One godesses also made an

experience? This is the one she

experience? This is the one she said is a model, the one still living

with him, she makes a brief

appearance talking about how his

11-year-old pug died.

Betty diedm

Betty is the black pug that used to

run around here?

Born on what day?

9 3.

4th July because her heart exploded

like a fire cracker, Betty

like a fire cracker, Betty was (beep) cool as hell but she is dead.

Ange, tell us, a lot ahead, Charlie Ange, tell us, a lot ahead,

Ange, tell us, a lot ahead Charlie Sheen is due in court shortly about the children?

Yes, TMZ, the celebrity gossip web

site is reporting the courtroom show

down will happen tomorrow, his

lawyers are expected to ask the

judge to lift the restraining order

so he can see the twins, Bock Bob &

Max. They had agreed to settle out

of court but Charlie Sheen Tweeted

about it and Brooke Mueller said the

deal is off so they are back in court to decide.

Thanks for the update.

The saga continues, doesn't it? Would you like to be reunited with a friend or family member? Thanks to our friends at Jetstar you could soon be taking off. This month Sunrise is giving away free flights around Australia for Jetstar's March Fly promotion. The prize includes two Jetstar return airfares to any capital city within Australia. To enter, head to the Sunrise website and tell us in 25 words or less who you would like to be reunited with, and why. Coming up - will the carbon tax sink the Gillard government? Plus later, the world's smallest man. What life is like when you're the size of a baby.

And from the old classics...

# Some day you will find me

# Coming

# In a champagne superNova

# Champagne superNova

# the new. Our exclusive with the next generation Oasis soon on Sunrise. start this morning.. it'll Good morning, After another cool

warm up to another gorgeous day in the Capital.. with a top of

27.. 28 for Yass. Locals will get their chance to quiz Monaro Candidates

tonight ahead of the state election. All three

candidates will be at the Q in Queanbeyan to field questions

from the public and to put forward their plans for Queanbeyan and

surrounds. Curtin locals are one step closer to a community bank at their

shops. Stage two of a feasibility study

will be launched today after more than 700 hundred

thousand dollars in pledges. Local member Gai

Brodtmann says it's a clear indication.. a Curtin branch will

work. And Iconic Australiam women like June Dally-

Watkins and Terri Irwin will join the Governor-

General Quentin Bryce at government house to

celebrate International Womens Day. They'll launch a

book.. women's words of wisdom. (JOVIAL BRASS MUSIC PLAYS) This is a promise to keep you upwardly mobile. Cheers, Warren. VOICEOVER: Look around you on any given day. People like Arthur and Steven leaving their cars at home and walking to work. Others like Merrick and Suze, driving a short distance. Mums like Heidi at home. Peter, working from home.

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Nat? Wedding disasters?

Wow! Poor people! Susie,

photographer at a convention won a

competition for telling our story a

the worst wedding