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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. by cheap foreign workers. Aussies replaced the tradies out of a job This morning, that can't compete. and the local firms Now, some answers. The Federal Government explains through the insurance minefield. how it's helping flood victims Carlos hits the Northern Territory. after leaving Shane in Melbourne. Liz arrives back in London, a long-distance relationship? So can Warney do who foiled a daylight robbery The 71-year-old woman shows off her handbag technique. what you did? So can you show us anyway, shopping. I was holding it like that And it was just a 2-handed thing, just a 2-handed thing like that. The super gran speaks out. this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, here's Kochie and Nat. Now, live from Brekky Central,

The granny bag, hello, Mel, off sick again today. and Vegemite in bed this morning We're hoping she's getting toast as she recovers. it's the original Vegemite. And we're hoping full-bodied Vegemite. The full-strength, full-taste, that's just been launched. Not the new one smoother taste and less salt. It's supposed to have a milder,

Don't muck with Vegemite. the taste test later this Sunrise. Nevertheless, we'll put it to

There are some things you leave

alone, you don't cater for mamby

pampby parents with their kiddies, go to honey.

Golden syrup, my personal favourite. on the cyclone in the Top End. We're also keeping an eye Sam has more from the newsroom. Good morning. is roaring over the Top End, Cyclone Carlos lashing Darwin and the Tiwi Islands

and flash flooding. with 100km/h winds The slow-moving category 1 storm from the south-east is approaching Darwin it's unlikely to intensify. but forecasters say inundating homes, Around 400mm of rain has fallen, have fallen around the city. while trees and power poles from school, Children will be kept home until further notice. and Darwin Airport is closed

a new multicultural policy The Federal Government's announced and fears of religious extremism. in a bid to tackle racism Multicultural Advisory Council It includes a new independent to promote social unity. The new body will act as in the community, a champion for multiculturalism multicultural affairs will advise government on government responds and will help ensure the Australian and refugee communities. to the needs of migrant the Federal Opposition It follows a row within of asylum seeker funerals. over the taxpayer cost they're happy, but cautious, Whaling activists say its Antarctic whale hunt. about news Japan has cut short

by the Sea Shepherd crew. The Japanese have blamed harassment the news may signal The Greens say whaling in the Southern Ocean. the beginning of the end to Japanese court challenge against whaling A decision on Australia's world

isn't expected until 2013.

Friends of a young fisherman at sea who survived more than seven hours he'd make it to safety. say they just knew in northern New South Wales Andrew Wilson left Tweed Heads on Tuesday morning, and was knocked from his boat. and was stung by blue bottles The 25-year-old braved sharks as he swam about 8km to shore.

if he was alive and swimming, We had a gut feeling that he would of made it to land. with rescue services next time He's been warned to log in before his next fishing adventure.

Prince William and Kate Middleton's as a married couple first official trip will be to Canada. from Canada's Prime Minister The pair accepted the invitation to come for a royal tour at Westminster Abbey. two months after their wedding

for nine days, Will and Kate will be in the country and even the Arctic. taking in Alberta, Quebec And as they plan their trip away, to London. Liz Hurley has arrived home to Heathrow this morning, The British model jetted in with Shane Warne. staying mum about her relationship We hear there was no goodbye kiss on Tuesday night. when he dropped her at the airport

Oh dear! writing "Home sweet home". She's also been back on Twitter

I Wonder if that adult movie star

had anything to do with it? The Dow

Jones up 50 points because of

stellar fourth quarter earnings

report from computer giant Dell and

Borders, the book company has filed

for bankruptcy. Our region yesterday

dominated by BHP's result.

Don't you lover the even numbers?

The Aussie dollar buying bang on $ US. The Aussie dollar buying bang on $1

After Rio's massive result all the

attention was on BHP. BHP has overtaken Microsoft third-biggest listed company. to become the world's Morning. Craig James is at CommSec.

What drove BHP's big profit?

No, it's Savanth. It is.

Good to see you, now, what's driving

BHP's big profit?

Look, Kochie, it was a phenomenal

result, certainly a standout and it

is important to look it was cash

flow, the fact, the high commodity

prices was the key driver. Six of

the key assets that drove most of

the business, particularly the high

iron ore prices driving the result.

Going forward, BHP has no debt now

and that looks like it is going to

post a healthy full-year profit.

post a healthy full-year profit.We

have gaut a

have gaut -- got a buy rating on the

stock, around $

stock, around $56, keep in mind it

is trading around $

is trading around $47. It is a

matter of how long the high

commodity prices go for but China is

growing at a phenominal pace and we don't expect to change.

How did the tax go the profit? A bit

back into the country?

They certainly did, Kochie but you

speak to the likes of BHP and Rio

they are happy to pay a mining tax

but they want it to be more equitable and better

equitable and better planned out than last time.

Their tax dropped to 24%

Their tax dropped to 24%, I think.

Yes, it is did.

Good tax planning. Thank you.

Time for sport. James Brayshaw North Melbourne president at the fractured AFL club. has retained his grip on power More than 500 members attended the Kangaroos' club election overnight where Brayshaw survived a challenge from former director Peter De Rauch. Coach Brad Scott offered the assembled group

plenty of reasons to be positive about the upcoming season.

We are young, but we're talented

And we expect success, we expect

that and we expect nothing less. At Port Adelaide, key forward Jay Schulz has been cleared of serious injury after falling on his ankle at training. Manly officials are expected to fine star back rower Anthony Watmough after finding out he's had his licence suspended for speeding. The 27-year-old was caught travelling 50km/h over the speed limit last month and not displaying his P-plates. It's the latest in a long line of indiscretions from Watmough who was fined for fighting with a sponsor at a Sea Eagles 2009 season launch. Seven times Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong has announced his retirement from professional cycling. The 39-year-old, who finished 67th in last month's Tour Down Under in Adelaide, says he's leaving the sport to devote more time to his family. Meantime, reigning Tour de France champion Alberto Contador has returned to competition in Portugal a day after he was cleared of doping offences.

Time for a check of all the weather

for the first time this morning, it

is good morning to Grant Denyer,

again on the beautiful Sunshine

Coast of Queensland?

Yesterday we focused on the coastal

part of the Sunshine Coast, today we

move slightly inland to show you the extraordinary move slightly inland to show you the

extraordinary beauty of this

particular area. As we we were

saying there are many areas grouped

into one when it comes it it into

the broad stroke of saying

Queensland has been devastated by

recent event, this isn't one of

them, but they have copped 100%

cancellationoffs accommodations so

the industry here has stopped. It is

savage, savage stuff. Yet this area

is still immaculate, in fact, it is

spectacular. We are going to show

you how amazing it is. I gave an

elephant a pedy cure yesterday, we

road a motor bike -- rode a motor

bike through the beautiful

subtropical rain forest. Look at that.

Well, it is promising.

You can't see anything, when that

sun comes up, you will be amazed.

It is a really solid fence.

I promise! Let's look at the forecast. Sunrise Weather brought to you by Beacon Solar. Act now to reduce your power bills. Go to Darwin, wind with heavy rain.

We are on cyclone watch there for

you as well.

So the Sunshine Coast hinterland, it

is a wonderful place to visit, easy

to get to, just 15, 20 odd

to get to, just 15, 20 odd minutes from the actual coast itself. We'll

show you why it should be on your radar.

A couple of weeks ago everyone was

sitting at home in sitting at home

sitting at home watching television

saying how can I help Queensland.

Grant is at a place you can go. Just

go there for holidays, book your

Easter holidays, school holidays. It

is easy as that.

True dat. Absolutely. Still to come - a win in the Southern Ocean. The Sea Shepherd heads home after forcing Japan to suspend its whale hunt. Rb You beauty! Also, the new-look Vegemite. Our expert panel puts it to the ultimate taste test. So your kiddies are safe. But after the break, why pool fencing laws could be about to get even tougher. The campaign to save young lives is next on Sunrise. (CALM MUSIC) that gets this? Youi do. where you live and your contents Call 13youi. Or go to: Sunrise keeps in touch with the new BlackBerry Pearl, thanks to our friends at Telstra. Pool fencing laws could soon become much tougher.

National regulations are being considered which would make the rules the same right around the country. Royal Life Saving blames the lack of consistency for the deaths of hundreds of young children. Rob Bradley is the CEO of Royal Life Saving. Good morning to you. Why don't the current laws work?

Well, the current laws don't

currently work because they are not

enforced uniformy throughout the

country. Our research shows that

over 80% of home pools do not

comply. That's alarming.

Okay, so, don't comply with the new

regulations so these are old fences

that haven't been brought up to

date. I know we had some work done

on our house recently and the

council inspector said the pool

isn't right, you got to cut down the

shrubs and put something there kw there.

There are so many problems with different There are so many problems with

different interprutaigs between

councils and the manufacturers of

latches and gates, they don't know

where they stand. Real estate

agents, just open the latest real

estate section and see in full

colour homes that don't comply with the regulations.

What sort of regulations do you

What sort of regulations do you want in place?

We want to see, and it is a first

step the minister for sport Mark

Arbib is putting in place, a clear

and consistent set of uniform

regulations to ensure all home pools

in Australia are fenced, that all

those fence comply with the

Australian standards and that means

there is no direct access from the

house to the pool or any other

adjoining buildings. We want to make

sure there are no exemptions.

How many kids die from pool deaths each year?

It is horrendous and it is not

improving. Last year, 16 out of 33

children under five drowned in back

yard pools, over 150 in the last

five years and to that you need to

add those children that suffer

severe hypoxic brain injury.

Do you think parents are being lured

into a false sense of security with

this and not supervising? Isn't it No.1.

As part of this process, education

is key and supervision of the

children is the No.1 priority that

must occur at all times. But the

effective barrier to the water is

the next step, if the children get

away from the parent's gaze, the

pool fence is the barrier to the water.

New regulations. Keep us up to date. Thank you. Ahead this Sunrise -

the overseas workers undercutting Aussies and taking their jobs. Plus, the flood of questions about flood insurance. Who's covered? What's covered? And why is it taking insurers so long to process claims?

We'll get an update. Up next though, 'Super Gran' speaks out. I think the adrenalin that got going.

And the second thought was how dare they do a daylight robbery. Her first live TV interview since foiling that jewellery shop robbery is coming up on Sunrise. (WHINES) VOICEOVER: Changing the toilet roll (YELPS) (BARKS) For less roll changes. paid parental leave. Any eligible working parent Full-time, part-time,

What's making news, brought to you

by Beacon Lighting. Up to 50% off everything sale is now on. For lighting and fans it has to be Beacon.

At one point didn't one lift the

sledge hammer to almost attack you?

It was almost at the very end, one

of them wobbleled, it didn't nocthem

off the scooter, I didn't even

off the scooter, I didn't even know he had the hammer in his hand, it

was the second guy, I thought thee

got on the scooter to go with the

other guy, and that is when he stood

up and we stood up, eyeball to

eyeball and he just put it down, I

think he realised I was just an old biddy anyway. Super gran Ann Timson explaining the moment she took on a gang robbing a London jewellery shop. She's given her first live TV interview since becoming an unlikely hero.

We'll bring you more of that later this Sunrise.

She looks the sort of lady that

could have adopted old-fashioned

parenting, I bet her kids and the

grand kids are on the straight and narrow.

And wouldn't they be the world's

most embarrassed robbers.

Yes, the cell of shame.

You guys are a joke! Also making news this morning -

there are new concerns about cheap foreign workers being brought in to replace locals. Tilers who are paid around $40 an hour are being laid off in favour of Koreans who are paid as little as $10. Later in the show, we'll hear from a building contractor who's lost a major job because he can't compete with the firms bringing in the cheap foreign workers. But before that we want to hear from you. We're told Australia is facing a skills shortage but is this the answer? And has it happened to you?

Just on another patter talking to

Warren Ench, the MP yesterday, he

was going to a rally last night in

far north Queensland of tradies

because there is huge unemployment

in far north Queensland because of

problems with the property industry

and tourism, not much building going

on. We have got all these tradies

out of work and we are bringing in

others from overseas. So we'll take

a look at it a bit later on but it

is real issue.

If you are a tradie or in that

industry tell us what the situation is. Also making news is the latest Vegemite product. My First Vegemite has less salt, more vitamins and a toned-down taste. We'll have a taste-test next hour. But is there really a need to change the taste of this iconic black spread? Of course not.

I did do a taste test. Sat Hunter

and Laughlin down, an tea, got out the fresh bread.

They have eaten it from birth, fair

dinkum Aussies.

And their answer was, "

And their answer was, "Mem, tell

them it's the same."

Just smoother.

You feel sorry for the

You feel sorry for the for the at

Vegemite, to try and change it a smidge.

Just leave it alone.

But it must be pressure to do new stuff.

It is pressure from mamby pamby

mothers, who want the best, healthy

stuff for kiddies, there is even

kiddies Weet-Bix now, come on!

I I don't know who asked for the

stuff, is it the marketers saying they stuff, is it the marketers saying

they want it.

It is you, young mamby pamby.

Young is good, mamby pamby no.

I don't think so.

I think think

I think think parents ask for it.

I don't think anyone asked for the

last one, they scus do it because

they've got nothing else to do at Vegemite.

And then they gave mum as bad name,

saying we are mamby pamby.

Come on Kraft.

Stop having meetings.

Yes get back down and make more. Shortly, grocery bills slashed. How the average family can save $100 a week. Then, the hunt is over. The Aussie campaign that's forced Japan to cut short its whaling season.

We're sending them home! But next, news, sport and weather together. And how you can milk the Cash Cow. Swrrn

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Which is what cows are in India, treasure. And be watching next hour when we phone our first major winner.

It is news time with Sam. Good morning. Darwin and the Tiwi Islands are being lashed by 100km/h winds and flash flooding as Cyclone Carlos moves over the Top End. The slow-moving category 1 storm is approaching Darwin from the south-east but forecasters say it's unlikely to intensify. Around 400mm of rain has fallen, inundating homes, while trees and power poles have fallen around the city. Children will be kept home from school and Darwin Airport is closed until further notice. The Weather Bureau has issued a cyclone warning for coastal areas from Daly River Mouth to Goulburn Island including Darwin, Croker Island and the Tiwi Islands. And South Australia's Barossa Valley region is bracing for more wild weather tomorrow after heavy rain sparked flash floods, swamping homes and cutting roads. Some areas saw double their average rainfall in just a few hours. Winemakers are just two weeks away from harvest and are now fighting disease outbreaks on their vines. We'll have to get into these blocks

and be spraying them within a week otherwise the potential for disease is quite high. Around 15 homes were flooded. The Immigration Minister says he expects more refugees from Egypt after the country's recent political upheaval. Chris Bowen launched a revamped multiculturalism policy

in Sydney last night

after a brief interruption by protesters. I'm in the process of putting together next year's humanitarian intake and it will certainly reflect the ongoing pressures in Iraq and, potentially, the ongoing pressures in Egypt. The new policy aims to tackle fears of religious extremism and develop strategies to stop racism. The Royal Lifesaving Society is stepping up its push for all states and territories to have the same pool fencing laws. More than 150 children aged under four have drowned over the past five years, half of those were in backyard pools. National regulations are being considered. There's so much confusion out there caused by different interpretation, different requirements between councils. About 85% of home pools are either not fenced at all or don't comply with safety requirements. And bookstore giant Borders is the latest to fall victim to the digital world, filing for bankruptcy in the US. The company says it'll shut down all of its American superstores

in coming weeks. At its height,

Borders put countless local, smaller book shops out of business. The company's reported to have debts topping $1.3 billion,

saying it's suffered from online competition.

In finance news:

Thank you, Sam, we forecast that

this time last week, going into

chapter 11.

Very sad. The Dow Jones is currently

up 46 points, pushedp by Dell, great

fourth quarter earnings result and

housing starts were a little

housing starts were a little better as well. To the commodities.

The Aussie dollar is just over $ The Aussie dollar is just over $1,

checking my Bloomberg at the moment. Time for sport. This is Sunrise sport report brought to you by Swisse. Tired? Stressed? You'll feel better on Swisse. Benji Marshall has called on the Wests Tigers to re-sign coach Tim Sheens to a long-term deal. Sheens has coached the reigning Golden Boot winner for his entire NRL career

and Benji is keen for the association to continue. The veteran mentor plays a key role in helping Marshall ignore outside pressures. For me, expectations is a thing that I worry about from what my team-mates expect of me and what the coach expects of me. Sheens is off contract at the end of the season. Quade Cooper looks to have put any thought of switching to the NRL out of his mind. The fly-half will play his 50th match for the Queensland Reds this weekend and says he wants to win 100 Super Rugby caps. Cooper's Aussie team-mate Kurtley Beale

is also being touted as a possible NRL convert. Wallabies legend Glen Ella is convinced the classy full-back will eventually try his hand at rugby league. West Coast midfielder Daniel Kerr is back training with his team-mates 10 months after badly tearing his right hamstring.

The star on-baller had been training in virtual isolation but is now ready to step up his recovery. It's unlikely Kerr will be available for the Eagles' opening round clash against the Kangaroos. Now time is running out to vote for us in the Logies. There are just four days left. Sunrise is nominated for Most Popular Light Entertainment Program. And Kochie, Mel and Grant are nominated for Most Popular Television Presenter. Voting is as easy as heading to our website.

That is all you've got to do. We'll

just whack Sam on the end and away

we go. Grant has the weather on

we go. Grant has the weather on the Sunshine Coast and hello?

Vote, vote, for Grant Denyer...

Yer... Got it.

Got it done. Locked it in. I just

voted for Kochie... voted for Kochie.... Well done.

Blood brothers, beautiful.

Look at that.

A united team as we take on the rest

of the television world. This

morning I told you how wonderful the

view was from the Glasshouse

Mountains and I wasn't lying. It is

starting to become absolute crystal

clear, just how spectacular this

place is, good morning, everybody,

the locals are coming out as well.

Would you like the tourist to come back? All: yes.

I thought it would be the case, it

is why we have come to the special

location, just take a look at the

pictures we shot yesterday, just

coming here. At the back of

coming here. At the back of the Sunshine Coast is a real tourist

treasure where the local want to

welcome you back, it is one of the

great drives or rides you can find.

An easy day trip or an effortless

weekend away. The trip to

weekend away. The trip to the Sunshine Coast's pristine and

plentiful beaches takes no time with

the temp rainforests and wind your

way through the amazing view to

way through the amazing view to the Glasshouse Mountains where the town

ofrz Malaney and Montville, truly

unique views, local produce, the

locals are sensational. The place is

famous for bush walks and inspiring

views. It is so close, 25

views. It is so close, 25 minutes from the beach, so close to

Brisbane, an easy and effortless

holiday. Let's not forget, there are

so many pockets in Queensland just

like this one that actually weren't

affected by the tragic weather

events recently. So it is time to

reinvigate yourself, find a special

location, because Queensland does

need you and they'd love to see you,

let's look at the forecast. Sunrise Weather brought to you by Beacon Solar. Act now to reduce your power bills. Go to Tropical Cyclone Carlos is causing torrential rain in north-western parts of Darwin-Daly. A tropical low is causing showers and storms across WA. A trough is bringing rain and isolated storms to the south-east. Moist easterly winds are sending showers onto the east coast.

So normally, that view, you can see

all the way to Caloundra, Nambour,

Mooloolaba, you name it, right out

to the ocean, one of the great

little vistas of this country well

within reach and well within your

thought to consider a holiday. Sensational!

Hots of families have trouble

booking in weekends and

booking in weekends and school

holidays, it is your chance,

Queensland is open, make the booking.

Glasshouse Mountains discovered by

Matthew Flinders as he charted the

coast. The joke of the day, I don't

know, you will get the prize, it know, you will get the prize, it was

Tweeted into me, but I will find you

a bloke goes to a doctor and goes, "

a bloke goes to a doctor and goes,

"Doctor, doctor! I'm addicted to Twitter "Doctor, doctor! I'm addicted to

Twitter." And the doctor goes, " Twitter." And the doctor goes, "I

don't follow you?

don't follow you?." A bit of a geeky

joke, an IT joke. Come on, Sam.

It was clever.

Yes, I know.

Joke book coming your way, I will

find you. Shortly - inside Paris Hilton's 30th birthday party.

Go where angels fear to tread... But after the break, why we're still paying too much. The push to cut ATM fees. And, how your family can save $100 a week on groceries. We'll show you how, next on Sunrise. Oh

# I want some more

# What are youwaitering for

# A view of Melbourne through the Jetstar Skycam. A few showers and 27 today. Nobody likes the idea of paying a couple of dollars for withdrawing money or just checking your balance at an ATM.

But how many of us actually do pay? We went to find out. Do you usually pay the $2 fee or do you...? Yeah. I do it for convenience. Yeah. I try desperately to find one of my own. Yes, I really resent that. I just find an ATM from my bank. Wait to find one of my own. I just go to the bank I bank with.

No if I can see my bank then I just go to that, but if I, you know, just wanted to get money out and it's the closest thing

I'll just pay whatever much I have to pay. For me to go to my bank I actually need to go down four floors into the other side of the shopping centre so I actually have to pay, this kind of $2. And it kills me to do it every time but my bank's not there. And it's infuriating. Clearly, not everyone can escape them. In fact, a new report from The Australia Institute says we're paying $750 million in ATM fees each year. So what can be done? The Institute's Josh Fear joins me now. Good morning to you. These fees were supposed to become more competitive.

What's happened?

They were, there were reforms about

two years ago which were supposed to

bring price competition but instead,

in virtually all cases we pay $ in virtually all cases we pay $2

every time we use an ATM. We pay $ every time we use an ATM. We pay

every time we use an ATM. We pay $2 even to check our balance so often

we get hit with a double whammy.

We have changeed our behaviour

though haven't we? I saw some

figures last week saying there is a

massive drop in people using

massive drop in people using another bank's ATM because of the fee and an

increase in using your own so consumers are voting?

Yes, they are using foreign bank

ATMs 15% less than they used to, generating savings of $

generating savings of $120 million a

year for consumers but all those

savings are due to behaviour change,

not because we've got lower prices.

So there is only so much consumers can do.

You are making some

You are making some recommendations

to a task force on bank fees, let's

look, you would like a limit on how

much fees can be, also fee balance

inquiries, they should be free I

agree with you, plus you want fees

displayed on the outside of

machines, they are on the little

screen, aren't they. How will it help

Just like when you drive past a

service station you can

service station you can see the

price of unleaded petrol and you can

decide whether you want to buy

before you go in the petrol station,

I reckon there should be signs on

the outside of ATMs to see the fees

before you start. If there are a

bunch of ATMs in a row it might

bring real price competition but you

are right about the price of balance

inquiries, it is virtually costless

for an ATM to giveio athe service, what $

what $2 is in essence, penalise responsible behaviour.

responsible behaviour.. A good tip,

going to your ATM, take over a bit

more than you need and budget it

over the week. Take $

over the week. Take $20 from an ATM and $

and $2 is 10%

and $2 is 10%, but if you take out a

couple of hundred bucks it is less. This basket of fruit and vegies costs us $53 from a supermarket. It's pretty expensive, but the average family spends twice that every week just on fresh produce. So how would you like to slash the cost of your weekly shop? It's as simple as growing your own. except you don't need a green thumb or even space in your backyard. Phil Dudman is the co-founder of a new initiative called Landshare Australia. Good morning. What's Landshare all about?

Everyone's ears have pricked up alt saving $

saving $100 a week, how is Landshare working?

It is like an online match-making

service for gardeners, if you want

to grow food but don't have the

space to do if, we connect you with

people hoodoo have land they are

willing to share. But we want to

bring together everyone who wants to

grow their own food and learn how to

do it.

How does it work? You go to their

house and do the gardening there

if you want to go, you go to the seb

site and sign up, a listing, people

with a land to offer put up a

listing as well. You do a search,

make contact, connect, talk about

what the agreement should be, and

then get growing. It is as simple at that.

Talk to us about food miles?

Food miles is a big thing and a lot

of people are talking about it. A

lot of food travels thousands of

kilometres to be on our table. But

the stuff you grow yourself, it is

just there in your back yard or

just there in your back yard or it can be in your locum community garden can be in your locum community

garden -- local community garden or silet.


What about the costs? You have to do

mulching and fertiliser, doesn't the cost outweigh?

Yes, it can be a part of it, but if

you have got a patch of dirt, dig it

up, plant seedings and you are away.

Recent surveys have shown for every

7 cents, a guard gets a $

7 cents, a guard gets a $600 --

gardener gets a $

gardener gets a $600 return. -

They want to be a part of the

grow-your-own movement, we have lost

a lot of knowledge. One of the great

things about the web site is that

people can share their knowledge

online, so it is a great place to be.

Thank you for that, we will put the details on the web site. After the break - is Japanese whaling over for good? Then, jobs disappear. How Aussie workers are being replaced by cheap overseas labour. And, the new taste from Vegemite. Our young panel puts it to the taste test,

next on Sunrise. (LAUGHS) The Sunrise Cash Cow.

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Hollywood, win an amazing red carpet

experience, proudly brought to you

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red carpet treatment. Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen joins us.

Some breaking news, Nelson, about Jessica Alba. What is it?

Io agot to follow the right people

on Twitter because it is how Jessica

Alba and her husband Cash Warren

have announced they are expecting

their two child, given two-year-old

Honour a little baby brother or

sister soon. Hopefully it doesn't

detract from her hot detract from her hot F-f-f-f-f-fact wit! detract from her hot F-f-f-f-f-fact wit!Er.

You are hotter when you are tpreginant. Moving on, and party girl Paris Hilton recently celebrated her 30th birthday. Nelson, how was the party?

She turned the big dirty 30 and in

Paris Hilton style she had a blowout

party in Hollywood and the police

were called in because the crowd of

300 plus got out of hand. Paris said

she has anxiety about turning 30,

her birthday is tomorrow but he is

going to celebrate in Los Angeles,

vague sqs New York and she said the

good news, she doesn't look 30, she

didn't say she looked younger but

not 30.

Nice outfits.

That is Kathy Griffin, because Paris

had a theme, pimps and showgirls. Nice theme.

Weep love you e-mailing in lots of

clips to Sunrise But every now and then, one stands out.

Like this one from 'America's Got Talent'.

See it to believe it.

Next it's Kevin James. Buzz saw sounds)

Heart beats)

(suspenseful music plays)

(suspenseful music plays). CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Impressive. Amazing.

That's good. That's pretty cool.

A trick you haven't seen before,

that was just original.

Sometimes you think, maybe they do

it this way, look! Does it happen?

Clever. Just amazing.

I think David Hasselhoff was quite worried.

And he was off the drink.

I think he thought he might have

been back on the drink. Now, still to come on Sunrise this morning - Carlos hits the Northern Territory.

Darwin's mayor has the latest from the city. Now, some answers. The Federal Government explains how it's helping flood victims through the insurance minefield. Aussies replaced by cheap foreign workers. This morning, the tradies out of the job and the local firms that can't compete. Liz arrives back in London, after leaving Shane in Melbourne. So can Warney do a long-distance relationship? The 71-year-old woman who foiled a daylight robbery shows off her handbag technique. So can you show us what you did? I was holding it like that anyway, shopping. And it was just a 2-handed thing, just a 2-handed thing like that. The super gran speaks out. This is Sunrise on Seven. Now, live from Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Nat.

That was her grand-daughter sitting

next to her. A vegetable. Do it like this! If you've just tuned in, Mel's off sick today. So Sam is here with the news of the day. Good morning again. After a second wet and windy night hunkered down at home Top End locals are bracing for another day of Cyclone Carlos. The category 1 storm is expected to take a south-south-westerly track during the day. A cyclone warning includes Darwin, Batchelor, the Adelaide River and the Tiwi Islands. Around 400mm of rain has fallen, inundating homes, while trees and power poles have fallen around the city. Children will be kept home from school and Darwin Airport is closed until further notice. Two men charged over a multimillion-dollar Sydney drug bust will appear in court again next month after being refused bail. Former champion swimmer Aryton Dickey and alleged ringleader, Sahba Yazdani, were arrested on Tuesday after police pulled over a courier van in the city. They found 11 kilos of the drug ice with a street value of more than $4 million. We've been looking for an opportunity to be proactive

and at the appropriate time, to intercept. Police searched two homes also finding nearly $900,000 cash. A hospital has promised to investigate claims by a woman she was left to miscarry her baby in a toilet. Tracey Lake says she went to Melbourne's Frankston Hospital last week, in pain and bleeding. She's told News Limited she went alone to the toilet when staff left her waiting for hours. I didn't know what to do, I was by myself and I had the lady in the cubicle next to me asking if I was OK. Hospital managers say they deeply regret what happened. Tackling racism and fears of religious extremism are the aims of a revamped multicultural policy unveiled by the Immigration Minister. It includes a new independent multicultural advisory council to boost social unity. The new body will act as a champion for multiculturalism in the community, will advise government on multicultural affairs and will help ensure Australian government respond

to the needs of migrant and refugee communities. It follows a row within the Federal Opposition over the taxpayer cost of asylum seeker funerals. Anti-whaling groups are celebrating Japan's move to end its Antarctic whale hunt early. The Japanese have blamed harassment by the Sea Shepherd crew, hinting at a temporary suspension.

The Greens say the news may signal the beginning of the end to Japanese whaling in the Southern Ocean. A British super granny who took on a gang of robbers, armed only with her handbag, says she plans to flog the purse on eBay. Anne Timson will give the money to charity and has this advice on the best crook bashing techniques. It's just a 2-handed thing. It's just a 2-handed thing, like that.

Probably best not to try that at home. The 71-year-old says she was fuelled by adrenaline when she attacked the gang. In finance news:

A short time ago the Dow was up 63% A short time ago the Dow was up 63%,

Dell shares up on a good 40 quarter

profit, Borders have filed for

chapter 11 bankruptcy and close their stores.

Our news dominated by BHP, a 71%

increase in half-year profit to 10.

increase in half-year profit to 10.5

billion dollars. The tax rate fell

from 33% to 24% though. Time for sport. North Melbourne president James Brayshaw has survived a challenge to his leadership Over 500 members turned up at the Kangaroos Arden Street headquarters for last night's club elections. Brayshaw and his incumbent board were returned but the mood of the meeting was tempered by some dire financial details. The club has run up debts of almost $5 million while funding their new training complex. How we erase our debt is a matter of priority and urgency for this board and our management team. The lead-up to the election was marred by a public slanging match between Brayshaw and former director Peter de Rauch. Cycling legend Lance Armstrong has announced he's getting off the bike for good. The 39-year-old was unable to win an 8th Tour de France title during his comeback but he's still satisfied with his achievements. You take four years off the bike

You come back, you're nearly 40

years old, you break your collarbone

before the third before the

before the coming third in the

hardest bike race in the world. Got tested more than anybody else in the sport that year - I think it says a lot. Armstrong finished 67th at last month's Tour Down Under in Adelaide. Anthony Mundine admits another loss to Garth Wood will almost certainly end his boxing career. The 35-year-old was uncharacteristically humble at yesterday's press conference to announce the April 13 rematch. Mundine admits he'd gotten lazy

before being knocked out by Wood last year but the former world champion is adamant he'll be a rejuvenated fighter when the pair meet again.

Well, Grant Denyer is enjoying his

time on the Sunshine Coast, out on

the Harley and at the Glasshouse Mountains on the Sunshine Coast? Beautiful spot?

Yes, the Sunshine Coast hinterland,

Beretts, it is one of those

wonderful pockets of Australia

wonderful pockets of Australia that has been a little bit forgotten

throughout the weather issues of the

last six to eight weeks. They've had

100% cancellation in their

accommodation. They are doing it uf,

Beretts, have you had a pedicure? No. Aman-to man question.

Thanks for asking, do I need one.

I am a guy and not really into feet,

and I got a footphobeio, don't want

to do it, but it changed everybody

check this out. I had a one-on-one

experience check this out. I had a one-on-one

experience I won't forget. I didn't

mind doing it all after dropping

into Australia' zoo for the first

time, a stone's throw from

time, a stone's throw from the Glasshouse Mountains but I got to

have a one-on-one experience with an

Asian elephant and the team at

Australia Zoo. They allow

Australia Zoo. They allow everyone to hand feed the Asian elephants

to hand feed the Asian elephants but you can scrub their hands, back,

beat, the tongue looks and feels

like a giant oyster. But

like a giant oyster. Sayaa, the

oldest elephant, cheeky and playful,

but shovel the food in, 150 kilos a

day, pump it in, it is why she is

4,000 kilos heavy, so a 4 tonne unit

but every bit of money that is

raised from the one-on-one

experience that you can do as well

goes straight to the Asian elephant

conservation program which they do

in places like Cambodia, the last

bastion and strong hold for the

Asian elephant, which is classicly

the Australia Zoo way, won't forget

that one for sure as we take a look

at the forecast. Sunrise Weather brought to you by Beacon Solar. Act now to reduce your power bills. Go to

Sometimes they do say it is the

Asian elephants that can make an

experience but for me, it is the

people hoomake the experience here

at the Sunshine Coast hinterland and

Kaye you produce is what you are

reknown for in places like Malaney

on the top of the Glasshouse

Mountains, the freshest milk

products in Australia, is it true?

Yes, we have beautiful milk

Yes, we have beautiful milk straight from the Guernsey cow, we don't add

anything to the milk nor take it

away, we have been on the farm for

60 years and supply from Noosa to

north Brisbane and offer tours of

the farm and factory. We share the

process of milk from the cow to the

bottle and everyone can see our milk is the best.

We know you haven't seen too many

people but when you meander to the top of the

top of the mountains here in

top of the mountains here in the Sunshine Coast hinter laond, the

food is extraordinary, fresh and

locum. Something to consider whether

you look for holiday hile

you look for holiday hile hide away.

Beautiful part of the world. Cyclone Carlos is still pounding Darwin this morning. It's uprooted huge trees, brought down down powerlines

and caused flooding. The airport's closed, as are schools and pubs. Let's get more from Darwin Mayor Graeme Sawyer and Tom Saunders from the Weather Channel. Good morning. Graeme, how does this compare to past cyclones?

Well, look it has been a huge rain

storm there, has been enough wind to

knock a fair few trees down but I

think half of them floated out of

the ground than blown down. We heard

on the radio a few minutes ago, 670

mLs in three dayss.

So you are getting a huge swamping

there in Darwin. Any serious reports

of sort of structural damage or is

it the environmental stuff with the trees?

Yes, it seems to be environmental.

The only structural damage I have

heard of so far a couple of places

where houses or cars have been hit

by falling trees. Nothing

by falling trees. Nothing due to

wind, the rest is flooding. Absolute wind, the rest is flooding.

Absolute drenching, let's see what's

ahead, Tom at the weather channel,

what will happen to Carlos from

here? Yesterday you said it could go

out to sea and come back again.

The good news it didn't head to sea

at all, it made a right-hand land

and stayed over land for the last 24

hours, it hasn't intensified. Good

news for Darwin, been moving away news for Darwin, been moving

news for Darwin, been moving away from the city. It is 70 kilometres

away from Darwin and moving away at

10km/h. The heavy rain and winds have eased for the

have eased for the past few hours

but they have had more than 600

but they have had more than 600 mLs in the last 24 hours, more rain than can

in the last 24 hours, more rain than

Canberra sees in a year. It will

head towards the Kimberley, probably

take a couple of days to get there

but since it is over land we aren't

expecting it to intensify.

Good news, thank you. Nine tilers have been laid off on the Gold Coast and replaced by foreign workers. It's the latest example of Australian jobs being lost to cheap labour. And now there's a new threat to farmers after the government approved the importation of New Zealand apples. So how can our jobs and industries be protected? Joining us is David Mullan from Brisbane tile company Tilecorp and apple grower Peter Darley who's also the Vice President of the Farmers Association. Good morning to you. David, I'll start with you. Are Australian jobs in your industry being lost to cheap foreign workers?

And has it impacted on your own business and your workers?

Mel, the jobs are certainly going to

cheap labour but it is not just

cheap labour, it is a whole tax

scenario, nobody pays any tax, these

people are independent contractors,

labourers, tiler's assistance, they

don't speak English and doing a BAS

every quarter? I don't think so.

You say it is happingening

willy-nilly, could there be a crack down?

Absolutely, the ABCC have the power

to investigate, they and the CMFEU

could audit the industry. Painters,

tilers, cleaners, this is all over

Australia. It is not just in

Brisbane, Sydney for ten years now,

Perth, Canberra, there are Korean tilers everywhere.

How is it affecting you?

Our work force has dropped from 190

Australians to 50 in the last 18 months.

It sound serious, what about the

visas, some of the people talking

about the visas the people are

coming in on, could it be changed?

Cracked down on?

We don't know, are they coming on

457s, why? There is no shortage of

tilers in Australia, there might be

now but there wasn't? Why? Why do we

need skilled labour?

Peter we will move to you, in a very

different industry but facing a

similar issue, let's listen to Julia

Gillard addressing the New Zealand

parliament yesterday.

Let me be clear that Australia

accepts the verdict of the global

umpire and will implement the world

trade organisation rulings on the

importation of New Zealand apples

into Australia. APPLAUSE .

We already import apples from China,

what effect will it have on

Australian farmers? Peter?

Look, certainly that is very

unnerving yesterday when Julia

Gillard, our Prime Minister made

that statement. It is a very much

political grandstanding, the

decision was made by the WTO in

December last year, we have to

accept the referee's decision and

move forward. But particularly on

apples coming from China and New

Zealand, the industry will be

depleted in Australia. We are self

sufficient in apples but New Zealand

have a bacterial disease, fire

blight that we are free of and we

will be under threat from that once

the importation in 2012 from New Zealand.

Fair trade does work both ways, we

import from overseas but are allowed

to export as well, isn't that fair?

Yes, I would agrew with that but

when we have world parity on our

dollars it makes it very, very

difficult for us to be viable in

regards to export. I think certainly

on a level playing field it has been

tipped against us in the world. We

will lose grows from this industry,

particularly the two countrys imborting particularly the two countrys

imimporting in. The Americans are

knocking on the door, the ten state

have advised there are 5,000 bushel

cases available to Australia once

their protocolerize available in

Australia. I can see the demise of

the apple industry in Australia.

Affected on lots of frunt, thank

you, two different industries but similar problems. As promised, we're about to follow up on flood insurance issues with Assistant Treasurer Bill Shorten but first, let's get some reaction to Nat's interview just now. Bill, good morning. Are overseas workers allowed to undercut Aussies?

Are they allowed to under cut Aussie wages?

No, absolutely not. I spoke to the

BLF secretary in Queensland this

morning before doing your interview,

Dave Hanna, there is no question in

my mind, on the facts I have seen,

there is something very, very wrong

here. We know on the Gold Coast, the

property, the high-end proper market

is not doing well. There are not

infer jobs for Australian tilers on

the Gold Coast. I cannot see the

case for bringing in imported

labour. I should say these men have

been affected in the story you have

just covered. Some don't want to

just covered. Some don't want to go in the mines and go be with their

families. Some people saying they

can get jobs repairing in the

floods, the Gold Coast didn't get

hit the same way the rest of

Queensland did and it is not at all

fairp, we should have Australian

jobs for Australians, you only use

temporary workers where there is a

complete and demonstable shortage

and I think there sab racquet and we

need to get it to the bottom of it.

There was a meeting in Queensland

last night, angry local tradies and

building companies saying they are

being frozen out of the insurance

work there in favour of the imported

skilled traders, and you are meeting

with the insurance council today,

can you get an assurance they will

just use local companies and the

tradies for reconstruction work?

For sure, our meeting is tomorrow.

One of the issues, I have been in

touch with the Queensland Are ckz

Authority just to check the policies

in place. For government work, a lot

of the contracts are being let by

Queensland councils and State

Government department, they will use

their existing tradies and service

suppliers, many are local. Then you

get into the private insurance

market, we have been in touch with

the Insurance Council, thaids they

have got to have people who can

guarantee the work, that is fair

enough but I think there are local

tradies in a lot of these larger

centres, we went through this very fight in fight centres, we went through this very

fight in the fugs bires. Some of the

bushfire communities in Victoria

were so small there weren't local

tradies so they had to bring in

people from bigger towns but the 457

cases, on towns, the case isn't made

for that either.

We said we would keep checking back

with you on the issue of flood

definitions, still lots of

e-mailers, Anthony from the Lockyer Valley

e-mailers, Anthony from the Lockyer

Valley in limbo, waiting for his

insureer to work out what kind of

flood hit them. Where are we at in

the definition of floods and getting

a common definition

There are two bundles of issue,

Kochie, one is how do we fix up the

situation going forward and we with

working on that. There could working on that. There

working on that. There should be a

common definition of flood and the causes of flood would causes of flood

causes of flood should be in plain

English but we have got a whole lot

of people already in the mess and we

have got to sort out their issues. I

attended a meeting in switch on Monday, attended a meeting in switch on

attended a meeting in switch on - esh attended a meeting in switch on -

esh -- in Ipswich, on Monday, not as

far as Lockyer Valley, and some are

getting on but there are some

companies who are bogging the

processing down. I am hearing

stories, two houses in the same

street are getting different

conclusions was it storm damage or

riv rene damage, all the technical

arguments that are unfair. If you

never paid insurance that is one

issue, but a lot of people I have

met, I am now convinced this is not

just a couple of people, I inam

convinced there are any number of

real people who are getting stuffed

around. We have asked all seven of

the named insurance companies where

there is problems to turn up to a

public meeting to account for

themselves. We are hoping the

problems will e vaporate.

Beat up on them for everyone here,

we will check shortly to see how you

went, thank you, Bill. Good morning. Japanese whalers have suspended their annual hunt in the Southern Ocean. They're blaming harassment by Sea Shepherd activists for the decision. Joining us now from Perth is Sea Shepherd's Australian director Jeff Hansen. Good morning. The Japanese say it's just a suspension of whaling at this stage but do you believe you've forced them to end their season early?

You know, we got down to the whaling

fleet early this year and

intercepted them before they killed

any whales so it is our most

successful campaign. There are very

few days where they have been able

to whale this year. At this stage,

it seem as suspension, they it seem as suspension, they haven't

confirmed they are heading home but

as long as they are down there we

will by on the tail of the factory


What happens now, do you keep going

down there? Do you think you have

made a big dept in this?

You know, we have cost them over the

last seven campaigns, $

last seven campaigns, $200 million

in debt. And the hunt is now heavily

dize. We believe we are hurting

dize. We believe we are hurting them in the hip pocket. Each year we go

down we are hurting them more and

more financially, it is the way to

end it, the way to understand it

profit and loss. Each year we go

down we are having an effect on the

hip pocket. We cannot do it without

the support of the Australian

people, and our heart goes out to

them and the support they've given

us from volunteers to the people all

around Australia and also just the

general public coming down with

their car loads of fresh fruit and

vegetables, the support is overwhelming.

Yes, certainly on our Soap Box they

are saying congratulations, thank you. Thank you.

Here is Kochie. Vegemite has a new product out on shelves and they're taking care to do it differently to the last launch. iSnack 2.0 was released in late 2009 after a competition to name it. However the technology-themed title left a bad taste in the mouths of shoppers. The uproar led to the product being renamed "Cheesy-bite" just days later. Since then, it's shared the shelves with the 'happy, little', original Vegemite. Now there's the new product for kids called My First Vegemite. We'll be doing a taste test shortly,

in the meantime Andra Gough from Kraft is here. Good morning. Do you still talk about the iSnack experience in the office?

Why muck around with Vegemite, it is

a bit unAustralian, isn't it?

The great thing about Vegemite,

The great thing about Vegemite, it has been around for a long time rb

over 85 years, what we are seeing

over time is the public are so

passionate about it and feel so

strongly they are sharing what they

want over us over time. We have

heard from parent in particular

looking for products from Vegemite

and other products in market that

have additional nutritional benefit.

So My First Vegemite has been

launched as the newest family member. Why? There are great There are great benefits.

Is it metrosexual parents bubble

wrapping their kids? You can't

protect kids from real Vegemite.

No, Kochie, the great thing about My

First Vegemite it has a similar

flavour to the original that we are

grown up to love and enjoy.

Why is it different?

It has got 50% lower sodium levels

but it is packed full of great

nutritional benefit including B

group vitamins and iron which are

really important parts of growing

children's development as well. children's development as well. What do you think?

Silence is killing me.

It actually doesn't taste that

different from the original.

That is exactly right. By bother?

The great thing, parents are looking

for products with great nutritional

benefit so with the added B group vitamins and iron.

How can it be more nutritional than

the original.

As I said, the added B group

vitamins and iron are important for immunity.

Who are the parents.

Across the KUB country.

Parent across the country don't want

to feed their kids original Vegemite.

They do but there are heap ofrz

trends, a lot more packaged foods in

the market place and we need to be

careful as we grow up of sodium

levels so we are proud to bring to

market this product that is 50%

lower than the original in sodium

but still the great flavour. Be

I dent know.

But the great thing is you like the taste.

We had had growing up, is it heritage listed?

Vegemite? It has over 85 years history.

Is it heritage listed.

Australians would argue.

We should start a campaign, heritage

list it, don't touch it, don't muck

around with it, and parents go with

the original toughen up. Thank you.

My pleasure.

Your generation is bringing it on.

I don't believe it, Bron says it is

a, marketing ploy to take it

tewmeric because -- taking it to

America because they find it too salty.

But Oprah liked it with a glass of

Grange Harmtage. -- Grange Hermitage. Coming up - we reveal the city with the worst traffic and it's probably not the one you think. But next, we give away another $15,000 from the Bollywood Cash Cow. Stand by your phone, we could be calling you. And, the award goes to... How one little statue means big bucks at the Box Office. The Oscars effect, soon on Sunrise. You can claim on extras, Download the NIB app for iPhone Sunrise books online at Enjoy a choice, enjoy your stay.

We're reviewing Beretts's contract,

he doesn't like Vegemite.

Just never took it up. Toughen up. Coming up - the city with the worst traffic in Australia. Then, Oscars gold. What winning an award means for an actor's career. Right now though it's news time. Here's Sam. Forecasters say Cyclone Carlos is now tracking away from Darwin

and towards the Top End's Kimberley region. A cyclone warn