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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This morning - over the Christmas Island disaster, the people smuggler, suspected arrested in Indonesia.

after a car clips a semitrailer Four killed just outside of Rockhampton.

from Sydney to Perth The skies light up Australia Day celebrations. as the nation caps off badly injured in a stage fall. Also, the legendary singer Australian Open dreams. And injury shatters Rafael Nadal's with Rebecca Maddern. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News

Good morning. the alleged ringleader Indonesian police have arrested of a people-smuggling syndicate,

the Christmas Island boat tragedy. believed to be behind during a joint operation Ali Hamid was arrested in Jakarta and Australian authorities. by Indonesian

is an Australian citizen. It's also believed the 40-year-old appeared in a Perth court Three crewmen from the fishing boat earlier this week, charged over the crash. Up to 50 asylum seekers died on Christmas Island last month. when the vessel hit rocks has left four people dead A horror crash clipped a semitrailer after their car north of Rockhampton in Queensland. tragic reminder for drivers Police say it's another to take care on the roads. 20km north of Rockhampton On the state's main highway, an awful end to Australia Day. In long grass just off the road of a Commodore sedan. lies the crumpled wreckage four people travelling in the sedan Unfortunately, are deceased. and two women were in the car. It's believed two men and so was this semitrailer. They were travelling south the car clipped the truck Witnesses say at the end of an overtaking lane. looking at what's happened yet It's a little early to be but that's certainly a possibility. a fifth person in the car. Police thought there may have been searched from above A rescue helicopter

and firefighters on the ground, but they found nothing. wasn't injured. The semitrailer driver He's in shock. for this to be on Australia Day, It's particularly tragic themselves with families. a day when people are out enjoying four victims will never forget. And now a day the families of these in the backyard of her home An elderly woman has been found dead of Seacliff. in the beachside Adelaide suburb

was discovered by relatives The woman, in her 80s, not long after 6:00 last night. they were concerned about her - It was a welfare check, she lives by herself. as suspicious. Her death is being treated to come forward. Police are asking any witnesses back to work this morning The nation heads Australia Day festivities. after enjoying plenty of

a day of parties, barbeques Huge firework displays topped off and staged events as everyone took time out to be Aussie. to celebrate what it means The colours of Australia... up the faces of Sydney. set up in Darling Harbour A floating stage a serenade on the seas. played music to sail to - for a party that was far from over. Providing a moment of relaxation around New South Wales 180 arrests were made to just enjoy themselves. but most people were happy across the country Night skies sparkled in time to music. and in Perth the fireworks danced # They're really saying

# I love you... # New Year's Eve, Making up for a fireworks-free was set off, $450,000 worth of colour and noise fired in 30 minutes. 31,000 pyrotechnic shots throughout the day, No matter where you were in Aussie pride. everyone was wrapped at Alexandra Gardens. Not everything was traditional it's multicultural side. Melbourne showed off

very skilled at barbeques Australians seem to be and not give anyone food poisoning so if I can pass myself off I'd be quite satisfied, really.

a good go, While some gave being true blue reminded everyone these little Aussies at Victoria's Hanging Rock races the day was, well, about them. catch a couple of those roos COMMENTATOR: Well, if somebody could and maybe paint a colour on them a little race there. we might be able to have to cancel the event Organisers were forced clear the roos from the track. after they were unable to From kangaroos to cricket, at Adelaide oval the Australia Day match a less professional game. started with I reckon Australia's gonna win. but the smiles were never far They didn't, showing off their spirit. from the faces of South Australians Plenty of spirit too in Queensland - west of Brisbane, for flood victims. a fundraiser in Gatton,

where everybody's gonna figure out If you want a day a part of this culture what it means to be and they all turned up. well, today was the day and Ipswich residents For many Brisbane helping to rebuild. the day was again about mates helping them. Australia Day for me's here, to have fun, forget about the floods Others took the opportunity to be Australian. and remember what it means After all of the nonsense with the floods and everything, that's gone on on the community is really great. just something that puts a smile during his performance last night after he fell from the stage in Sydney. The 64-year-old American towards the front of the stage appeared to be walking when he slipped off. to leave the Hordern Pavilion Stunned fans were asked the singer out. as security tried to get He suffered head injuries at St Vincent's Hospital. but is now in a stable condition are expected to be slugged more Wealthier tax payers flood levy. under the Federal Government's details of the levy today Julia Gillard is set to unveil a two-tiered scheme, which Fairfax reports will be

on middle-income earners. limiting the impact The money raised will go towards infrastructure rebuilding flood-ravaged but the Opposition is vowing to fight the new tax.

It seems that the Prime Minister is going to call this a mateship tax but mates help each other, they don't tax each other. It's also reported the Prime Minister will scrap her cash-for-clunkers scheme as part of savings measures. SES crews in Victoria are increasingly confident the Murray town of Swan Hill will remain safe from floodwaters inching towards it. The flood front is slowly moving north with attention now turning to levees protecting surrounding rural areas.

The Australian Defence Force is on hand to help with evacuations as well as food and fodder drops. We're here as long as they require us at Vic Flood Assist, I mean, that could be up to weeks if required. Swan Hill is facing high water levels and strong currents from tomorrow. Queensland's seafood industry is under threat from the huge amount of toxins washing into Moreton Bay, near Brisbane. Experts have warned floodwaters from the Brisbane River are flushing lead, zinc, sulphate and other chemicals into the sea. Dairy farmers who've battled through years of drought and now major floods, fear they'll be ruined by milk price wars in the nation's supermarkets. But grocery shoppers couldn't be happier after finding Coles and Woolworths selling 2 litre cartons for just $2. Fridge shelves were being restocked regularly as Coles customers snapped up the cheap milk. That's pretty good with the cost of living the way it is.

A lot better than it was before. Sounds good, provided the milk's good. Anyone saving a bit of money is always a help.

Across Australia, Coles has slashed its home brand milk by a third, with 2 litres of full cream and light milk costing $2 a carton. So this is about bringing customers a new low price to help families make ends meet. But for dairy farmers - many of them just keeping their heads above water after droughts, floods, fires and locusts - the latest Coles milk markdown spells yet another disaster.

This is horrendous, as far as we're concerned because they're using it as a tool to get people into their supermarkets and it's at dairy farmers' expense. dairy farmers won't be effected Coles claims dairy farmers won't be affected as the shopping giant will absorb the price reduction but farmers fear a full-scale milk price war between the major supermarkets will drive prices down at the farm gate. We wake up to situations like this. It's not very Australian on Australia Day. at Thursday's weather. Now for your first look

Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00am - US band Train performs live at Brekky Central. But next on Seven Early News, more revealed about how much Australia spent

on its failed 2022 World Cup bid. And, a suspect's daring attempt to get away from police.

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It's been revealed the Federal Government covered millions of dollars in wages at the privately operated Football Federation of Australia during our failed World Cup bid. Fairfax reports the government spent $34 million on expenses,

including travel and consultancy, while another $11.4 million it gave to the FFA is still yet to be accounted for. Despite the big spend, the government apparently had limited control over the work done. A religious service has been held at Moscow Airport where 35 people were killed in Tuesday's suicide bombing. Foreign dignitaries joined families and friends of the victims laying flowers and lighting candles inside the international arrivals area. There can be no refuge for monsters who are capable of carrying out an attack like this. Security has been stepped up at airports across Russia. Some people will do anything to get away from the cops, like what this man attempted. The 20-year-old was in the back of a squad car in the US state of Utah,

going 60km/h when he slipped out the window. It's amazing he didn't get run over or die from the fall.

He suffered nasty cuts and grazes but no broken bones. Police say they'd opened the window for the suspected burglar because he was looking a little worse for wear.

Your first finance this Early News:

A Canadian woman has become the first ever person to complete a masters degree devoted entirely to the Beatles. Fittingly, the student earned the educational milestone at the UK's Liverpool Hope University in the Beatles' home town. As 'ologies' go, of course, it's a bit of a first. Beatlesology, a new academic field and Mary-Lu Zahalan-Kennedy is its first university graduate as she picked up her MA today, subject - the Beatles, popular music and society. (APPLAUSE) # Yeah, yeah, yeah

# She loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah #

That the Beatles were loved is well documented, with thousands of books written about them, but Liverpool Hope University's course was, it said, the first in the world to make the band the subject of a serious academic study. The course began in 2009 and for a new graduate who is a singer from Canada said it was much more than 'a hard day's night'. It's a fascinating study of society. It's an anthropological look at our culture so it was way more intense and a much higher level of learning than I could have even imagined. And I think the British academic system is extraordinarily strong too which I think is a great thing. Ah, but it was, it definitely challenged the grey matter, I must say. So, Mary-Lu posed next to Penny Lane to celebrate being the first of her class of 2009 to graduate. There are 11 more to come and talk of a PhD. # All you need is love, love

# Love is all you need # ..but sometimes it seems you need a degree too. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00am - Kochie and Mel look at the Queensland flood levy, how much you're likely to pay. But next on Seven Early News, England hits back in the one-day series. And Rafael Nadal's Australian Open dream ends in tears.

Introducing McDonald's Mighty McMuffin, with two slices of rasher bacon, a freshly cracked egg, spicy sausage and cheese, all on a toasted English muffin, and all for just $3.95. Mighty breakfast, mighty value, only at Maccas. but what we might NOT know

(EXPLOSION BOOMS) Fight biofilm with Listerine.

The stories we're following on the Early News - Indonesian police have arrested the alleged ringleader of a people-smuggling syndicate believed to be behind the Christmas Island boat tragedy. The nation heads back to work this morning after enjoying plenty of Australia Day festivities, including spectacular fireworks. And an Australia Day show has gone bad for singer Jimmy Buffett

after he fell from the stage during his performance last night in Sydney. Now it's over to Mark Beretta at Melbourne Park with all the day's sport.

Thanks, Rebecca. Good morning. Injury has cruelly ended Rafael Nadal's tilt at Grand Slam immortality at the Australian Open. The world number one was hampered by a hamstring injury in a straight-sets loss to fellow Spaniard David Ferrer overnight

which ended his dreams of winning a fouth-straight Grand Slam title. David Ferrer was expected to become just another casualty of Rafael Nadal's relentless push towards the Rafa Slam. And despite a slow start, the world's best looked to be warming to his task. COMMENTATOR: Oh, superb. What about that movement? But it quickly became apparent that all was not right. Rafa took a medical time-out and when he returned Ferrer turned up the heat. And that can't help. Nadal was clearly being hampered by a hamstring injury and had to call on all of his legendary courage and determination. Oh, what a champion he is, we know that. It wasn't enough as Ferrer claimed the first set and kept growing in confidence. What a ridiculous shot. I haven't seen a better pass than that all week. Rafa was determined to play through the pain but without his renowned leg speed, Ferrer smelt blood. Ferrer leads by 2-0. And went in for the kill in the third set. Oh, beauty. The world number one was reduced to tears as Ferrer shattered his dream of becoming the first man in 42 years to win 4 straight Grand Slams. So, a Spaniard goes to the semis but not the one we thought. Nadal was as classy as ever in defeat,

refusing to focus on the injury. For respect to the winner and to a friend I prefer to talk about the match. Seems like I always have problems when I lose and I don't want to have this image. Former world number one Justine Henin has retired from professional tennis for the second time. The 28-year-old exited the Australian Open in round three last week at the hands of Svetlana Kuznetsova. It was Henin's first Grand Slam event following a serious elbow injury last year. Doctors have told the Beligan her elbow is too damaged to keep playing top-level tennis.

England has breathed new life into the one-day series against Australia, winning game 4 by 21 runs at Adelaide Oval last night.

Australia now leads the 7-match series 3-1. Shane Watson gave the home side

a chance of reaching its massive 300-run victory target.

The all-rounder smashed a quickfire 64 but the rest of the top order failed to fire, including Michael Clarke who fell for 15. COMMENTATOR: That one's right through Clarke, top of middle stump. That's the way it goes

I think we've always said we are

trying to get better in all forms of

the game. We weren't at our best

tonight and didn't get the result we

were after. England century-maker Jonathan Trott was a clear choice for man of the match. He also got the job done with the ball, taking two wickets. A change of home ground has done nothing to upset Brisbane Roar's record breaking unbeaten run in the A-League. The competition leaders downed Wellington 2-0 at Skilled Stadium last night, extending their undefeated stretch to 22 games. Young gun James Meyer

continued his knack of scoring important goals for the Roar, coming off the bench to bag double late in the second half. COMMENTATOR: Make it three goals in two games for young James Meyer At Dairy Farmers Stadium, Melbourne Victory snapped its 4-game winless run with a comfortable 3-0 win over competition whipping boys North Queensland. ,

So, Rafael Nadal out and done, Bec,

for this year, plenty more sports

news during the morning on Sunrise.

Yes, very sad indeed. Next on Seven Early News - a closer look at what the weather's doing right around the country.

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That's all from the Seven Early News team for Thursday. I'm Rebecca Maddern. Stand-by now for 'Sunrise'. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia