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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. I am extraordinarily humbled. one in a great army of Australians I'm humbled because I'm just the not-for-profit sector. who are involved in making a difference. The corporate high-flyer Year, Simon McKeon live. This morning, Australian of the Watson on her next adventure. Young Australian of the Year Jessica The ordinary men and women during Queensland's flood crisis. who made an extraordinary difference our new national symbol? Should this be suburb by suburb. State-by-state, city by city, The country's biggest parties, 26 January, 2011. this Australia Day, Wednesday From Broome to Byron Bay

From the Black Stump to the Back of

Beyond, this is Sunrise on Seven,

from Aussie central, G'day to Kochie

and Mel. Ripper.

And G'day to you too. to our Australia Day party. Hello and welcome

we have it covered If it's happening today right across the country, with our team of reporters the honours winners, on the soapbox. and your contributions your Australia Day hero - We want you, to tell us about in your community or school someone who works tirelessly or sporting club.

Who wants no recognition. Head to

our Soap Box and tell us,

And come and visit us if you are out

and about. We are going to fire up

the Barbie and are a party on the


Come and have a party pie.

Followed by Tim Tams and lamingtons,

it is going to be a healthy

breakfast, can't wailt. the news of this Australia Day Right now though, it's time for with Bec Maddern. Good morning. Simon McKeon says New Australian of the Year will inspire others he hopes his achievement to reach out to those in need. has been recognised The 55-year-old Victorian banker and the not-for-profit sector. for his involvement with charities as many Australians as I can I'm really hoping that I can inspire to support the community sector. just to get involved in their cause and Academic Ron McCallum Teenage sailor Jessica Watson Australians of the Year. were named Young and Senior is the Local Hero Sydney man Donald Ritchie for his work in suicide prevention. This year's Honours List a raft of Australian talent once again represents and the arts. from politics, to medicine Former Treasurer Peter Costello on the honour roll to his family has dedicated his place for services to Parliament. after being recognised

the Medal of the Order of Australia Social worker Ken Morgan received for services to young people.

is also among those honoured Former AMA boss Dr Mukesh Haikerwal for services to the arts. as is actor Billie Brown reignited calls to change our flag. Former Australians of the Year have and Shane Gould Olympians Dawn Fraser to sign on are among 15 high-profile names a new national flag. to a statement supporting

is leading the charge, The group AusFlag on a suitable design. pressuring Parliament to work

to promote Britain. It claims our current flag serves To other news now, and a 9-year-old girl has died south of Sydney. after being hit by a train been playing with another girl Police believe the child may have near Wollongong, on the tracks at Coledale, just before 7:00 last night. when she was struck were unable to save her. Emergency crews on the brink of announcing Julia Gillard is reportedly areas of Australia recover. an extra tax to help flood-ravaged It's understood the existing 1.5% Medicare Levy the Prime Minister will increase to raise $3.5 billion. help from the Defence Force In Victoria, volunteers are getting

swollen Murray River at Swan Hill. as they battle to hold back the will be out in force Australian actors at the Academy Awards next month, and Geoffrey Rush with Nicole Kidman, Jacki Weaver all picking up nominations. It's a special event for me an Australian character because I get to play in an international film. for Best Supporting awards Rush and Weaver are both up for Best Actress. while Kidman is in the running In finance news:

The Dow in America is down, around

52 points as of this minute:

To our region yesterday,

To our region yesterday, what a

ripper CPI figure came out.

Remember, Craig James was telling us 0. Remember, Craig James was telling us

0.7% was the expectation, came in up

0.4% to an annual inflation rate of 2. 0.4% to an annual inflation rate of

0.4% to an annual inflation rate of 2.7%

2.7%. Car prices are at 22-year lows

and for the first time in ten years,

moreitems were falling in price than

rising, quite extraordinary.

Craig James is celebrating Australia

Day so Mark Beretta, what a great

way to start Australia Day than with

the Socceroo doing us proud?

Absolutely, Kochie, it doesn't get

much better than that. What a great

place to be, Melbourne Park

Australia Day for the Australian place to be, Melbourne Park on Open. a mouth-watering semifinal showdown Novak Djokovic has booked at the Australian Open. against Roger Federer ousting sixth-seed Tomas Berdytch. The Serb was all class last night, dominated the contest, While Djokovic flashes of remarkable tennis. Berdytch still came up with COMMENTATOR: Whoa!

That's brute strength. Oh, what a shot!

of the last 15 games of the match Djokovic won 12 on his way to an emphatic victory. in the final of the Asian Cup Australia and Japan will do battle a commanding 6-0 win after the Socceroos recorded in Doha this morning. over Uzbekistan set the tone for the contest Harry Kewell's fifth-minute strike with Holger Osieck's side going on of the tournament. to register the biggest win less decisive against South Korea. Japan's route to the decider was in a penalty shootout. The Blue Samurai prevailed 3-0 has farewelled the Twenty20 Big Bash West Indian superstar Chris Gayle for Western Australia with a power-packed performance at the Gabba overnight. to prepare for the World Cup, In his last game before leaving against a shell-shocked Queensland. Gayle hammered 92 runs off 40 balls The innings featured 8 sixes and set up a comfortable 32-run win for the Warriors.

Well, on this magnificent Australia

Day, what else would you have for

brekky than breakfast lamingtons?

Grant Denyer has your weather, how

is it looking around the nation on this great day.

You might be having your breakfast

lamingtons but I will be going the

old school damper. We are in the

Australian Village in Wilberforce,

this place hasn't been open for ten

years and today we are celebrating a

wonderful slice of Australianania,

with a wonderful treat like a hoby

horse race, dunny race and damper

making. It is Australia Day and we

are doing it Aussie style as we take

a look at the forecast for the first

time this morning. Sunrise Weather brought to you by Beacon Lighting. Keep cool this summer with a ceiling fan from Beacon. 30% off your second fan sale on now.

A little further explanation to the

hot temperatures of Australia Day

today and also more advancement with

tropical cyclones just fringing the

coasts of Australia.

See you soon. Shortly - what it means to be Australian

through the eyes of a former refugee. Plus later -

# I don't need anything but you # Look who's in our neck of the woods. America's most famous weatherman joins us live. But next, a celebration of a nation. The parties planned around the country to mark Australia Day. (RADIO BABBLE) (STEAM HISSES, ALARM BLARES) (ELECTRONIC BLIPS, RATTLING) (SUSTAINED HIGH NOTES) Sunrise keeps in touch with the new BlackBerry Pearl thanks to our friends at Telstra. Victorian businessman Simon McKeon is is Australian of the Year. He's shown how business can give back to the community. But the Australia Day honours include many more appointments and awards.

Rebecca Maddern has been looking through the list. How many people have been recognised?

Well, hundreds are actually

recognised. There are two companions

of the order of Australia, 16

officers, 97 members and over 300

medals. More than half the

nomnitions considered were

successful and this year's first

awards started last night. What an honour. I am extraordinarily humbled. I'm humbled because I'm just one in a great army of Australians who are involved in the not-for-profit sector and this sector has given me much much more than I've ever contributed to it. Victorian entrepreneur and businessman Simon McKeon

named Australian of the Year, for 2011. But while he is the public face of Australia Day

plenty more are on the honours list. Like this bloke, who prompted a population boom. Have one for Mum, one for Dad and one for the country. Former Treasurer Peter Costello has added AC to his accolades becoming a Companion in the General Division of the Order of Australia. It's for service to parliament, particularly his economic reforms. Another political connection with Malcolm Turnbull's wife, Lucy, named an Officer of the Order of Australia. But this honour is for service to the community and fundraising. Former AMA President Dr Mukesh Haikerwal also becomes an AO for promotion of public health. Queensland actor Billie Brown is honoured for years of service to the performing arts.

He's a member in the General Division. Kid sleeping in Christmas morning. More tea, Prime Minister?

Oh, Yes. Lovely. Fashion icon Liz Davenport can now add OAM to her name. She's been recognised for her industry and community work. And boxing tent showman Fred Brophy gets a gong for entertaining generations of Aussies and helping the Birdsville community.

Now, Bec, what's been the reaction

to Simon McCeon.

He was only awarded last night,

everyone is impressed. Only 55 years

old. He has done so much. It is

going to be how interesting how out

spoken he is. Last year's winner has

caused a lot of controversy this

year, whether he decides to step

aside and take the honour and enjoy his year or

his year or the politics.

A few months there are more honours.

Yes, the honours are handed out

twice a year, obviously today and

the Queen's birthday. We will have

more, and details, if you would hike

to nominate someone, the

nominationerize open for next year,

there are details on the web site,

if there is someone in the community

or someone who kwofrbs it, go for it and nominate them. People and nominate them.

People who are not recognised

publicly can get the recognition and

get attention to the work they do.

Lot of people on the list you

wouldn't know their names but once

you start reading about them it is

interesting and great.

What about our local hero? A bloke What about our local hero? A

What about our local hero? A who

lives near the Gap, in Sydney, a

notorious suicide

notorious suicide jump and he keeps

a watch for them, from his house

window, if he sees someone who

window, if he sees someone who he thinks is going to commit suicide he

asks them for breakfast and a cup of

tea. He has savored to00 lives.

-- he has saved 200 lives. Amazing.

Congratulations to every

Congratulations to everyone who was

nominated. Send us your nominations,

we will give them a Guernsey today. Later - the ordinary men and women who made an extraordinary difference during Queensland's flood crisis. Plus, she sailed in to the record books. Now she's set her sights on a new challenge. Young Australian of the Year Jessica Watson joins us live. But next, changing the flag. Should this be our new national symbol? Your chance to pass judgment when Sunrise continues.

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Hello, I'm AC Bear from RAAF Base in

Amberley and here to help out with

the flood cleaning and want to wish

you a happy Australia Day. Let's have a look at what's making news on Australia Day. And more than a dozen former recipients of the Australian of the Year Award are supporting the push for a new national flag. Among the suggestions - the famous Eureka flag and a kangaroo in front of a sun. The Southern Cross features heavily with one idea placing it above a stylised Uluru and the Southern Cross features on a flag design based on the Canadian flag. And the green-and-gold design does away with the Union Jack and rearranges the existing stars. There's also another Southern Cross design in green-and-gold. Also, the latest idea is the flag of unity, combining a rising sun, a stylised kangaroo and stars. So, what design would you like as our national flag?

That looks quite good, get rid of

the kangaroo. That looks a bit, we

are not an airline.

It does like a bit like an airline.

But without the kangaroo it looks good.

Ulrulooks good am.

I am not keen on the green and gold.

Leave that for us to work.

Should we keep the existing one. It

is a conversation we have every

single year on this day and we will keep having it 3467

Until it is change.

But it is someone else's flag up in

the corner? Why can't we be our own country.

I personally have thought if we are

heading towards being a

heading towards being a republic one

day, wi wait. I wonder if changing

the flag is a stop gap? We have this

conversation every year. Love to

hear from you this morning. Drop us

an e-mail or SMS. Also being clicked on the net is the Australian Made logo. Most people questioned for a new survey thought it was put on products that are either entirely made here or locally owned. but Australian Made can be put on goods with 50% local production or locally made by a foreign firm. So, should the guidelines be changed or do we just need to be better educated on the meaning? I don't this I don't

I don't think you can be too

sensitive on this. If it is locally

made by a foreign firm at least

Australians are being employed to

produce it and things like that.

But I think it is a deceptive thing,

Australian made is Australian made. But it is made here.

Yes, but

Yes, but by other stuff. Mind you

Mind you, it is like 97% fat free,

it's not really good for you,

doesn't mean it's good for you, does it? That's right. And the Aussie accent is also making news as researchers begin to record 1,000 of them from all states and territories. While our accent is distinctive it can vary depending on age and gender, as well as social, cultural and regional history.

Particularly state to state, people

notice stark contrasts. Do you think we have different accents and are there some you find annoying?

State to state, certainly, Bec.

I am from Melbourne, everyone pays

me out for speaking strangely.

You can tell people p people when

they talk to Mel, where they are from they talk to Mel, where they are

from, because in Victoria, they

often call Mel Mal.

We say A instead of E.

And South Australia, where I come

from, it is Skoooool and pooool.

My girlfriend

My girlfriend pack a suit case or

pack a port. But also accent. After the break - this morning's news, sport and weather together. Then - This is the street I grew up in and every Australia Day me and the other kids woul play backyard cricket. I'd try and be just like Shane Warne. I'd bowl wrong 'uns. Anh Do takes us home and shares what it means to be Australian And, get ready to party. How Aussies right around the country are celebrating our national day. Oh, no! Not Mortein! (PANTS) And with Mortein Easy Reach, VOICEOVER: Summer's coolest deal is now at Hungry Jack's. Now you can get a flame-grilled cheeseburger or a tender, juicy chicken burger

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What would Australia be without a

barbecue? Bridgette is here to help

us do some seafood, I am actually

doing a seafood barbecue for today,

so I figure the boys will come and

help me, so if we are going to

replicate it, it has to be done in

its entirety.

I feel like Oprah here, where is

Curtis? G'day, how are you?

Can't talk?

Lycraed. Can you see?

Kind of. Hello, hi, mum, Kind of. Hello, hi, mum, happy Australia Day.

How will she know it's you?

He's excited about Australia Day. Just ahead - the wheelchair ace inspiring a whole new generation of Aussie athletes. Plus, later we'll talk live to the 2011 Australian of the Year. Right now though it's news time. Here's Bec. A part-time banker and a teenager sailor are amongst the Australian's being celebrated today. Victorian Simon Mckeon has been awarded Australian of the Year for his work with charities and non-for-profit organisations while teen sailor Jessica Watson is Young Australian of the Year. You've gotta dream big and you've gotta take that first step to make it happen. You don't have to be anyone special to achieve something. Blind professor Ron McCallum picked up the senior award while Sydney man Donald Ritchie was named the Local Hero for helping prevent suicide. Millions of Australians will gather at parties, barbeques and staged events around the country later today. In Sydney, events will include the popular Ferry-thon and the massive fireworks display tonight. Brisbane will dedicate its celebrations to Queensland's flood victims, including the Aus Sounds Concert. I ask you to celebrate the great story of our nation and particularly, this year, the extraordinary chapter that Queensland has added to that story. Melbourne's celebrations will begin with an Australia Day breakfast at the Alexandra Gardens. The Australia Day Parade will cap off Adelaide's party tonight including a concert featuring Jessica Mauboy. And Perth's famous fireworks display will be the centre of celebrations in Western Australia. And around 13,000 people are set to become our newest Australians during 300 citizenship ceremonies across the country today. Those taking the pledge come from 143 countries. Julia Gillard will attend her first citizenship ceremony as Prime Minister in Canberra later this morning. And Sydney's early morning celebrations have kicked off with hot-air balloons taking to the skies over Parramatta in the city's west. A spectacular sight this morning.

In other news, police south of Sydney are looking at whether a little girl hit and killed by a train had been playing on the tracks. The 9-year-old was struck at Coledale, near Wollongong, around 7:00 last night.

Emergency crews were unable to save her.

A woman is missing, feared drowned,

after getting caught in a rip at a Sydney beach. The 28-year-old was swimming with her husband at Maroubra Beach not long after 8:00 when both were knocked over by a large wave. She was then dragged out in the current.

And a Mercedes has wound-up worse for wear in Melbourne after crashing into a dam at Tarneit south-west of the city. The driver says he was behind a ute when a barrel fell off right in front of the car. He ended up in the water as he swerved to miss it. Everyone in the sedan got out in time.

Finance news now and the Dow is

continuing to drop

Finance news now and the Dow is continuing to drop a mixed batch of

earnings overnight from 3 M,

earnings overnight from 3 M, Johnson & Johnson and American Express all

disappointed. European markets were

down as well. To the commodities:

Time for sport now, and Beretts, it

is always a great day,

is always a great day, the Australian Open with Australia Day.

It is a really special day and the

Open goes to a lot of trouble to

make it a special day. A great day

and amazing matches coming up,

Kochie, happy Australia Day to you too. Novak Djokovic is one win away from his second appearance in an Australian Open final

following a straight-sets victory over Tomas Berdytch last night. Djokovic withstood a spirited second-set revival from the Czech to win 6-1, 7-6, 6-1. He'll now take on Roger Federer in a semifinal blockbuster. If I continue playing like this, and I think I'm playing well,

I have a good chance but next match I have Federer and we all know he's the best player ever it's going to be very tough. Djokovic upset Federer on his way to the Australian Open crown in 2008. The Socceroos have advanced to their first Asian Cup final this morning courtesy of a 6-0 drubbing of Uzbekistan in Doha. Harry Kewell and Sasha Ognenovski scored first-half goals and the floodgates opened after the break. David Carney, Brett Emerton, Carl Valeri and Robbie Kruse all got on the scoresheet in an utterly dominant performance. They'll take on Japan in the decider, who snuck past South Korea in a penalty shootout. After a trying few months dealing with off-field distractions St Kilda's AFL stars have decided to take the plunge. They've been canyon swinging at Queenstown during a week-long training camp in New Zealand. It was a leap of faith with all players and coaching staff making the 100-metre jump.

Boy, they can have that! On this

great Australia Day, let's check the

weather with Grant Denyer who is

knee deep in Australia Day?

You can't deny, she is a sun burned

country, I know I have heard you say

it many, many times before. That big

yellow dot in the sky is not going

to let us down. A huge ridge of low pressure

to let us down. A huge ridge of low

pressure across Australia bringing

nice, warm, sunny conditions

nice, warm, sunny conditions for Australia Day but she is also a land

of dramatic chrontasts. Talking

about the heat running through the

middle of Australia, Woomera,

hottest day yesterday on record, a

very cool

very cool great degrees. Port agusta

was much cooler, 47 degrees over

that way. We won't repeat that

intensity today, slightly cooler but

lovely in so many places, contrasts?

Of course

Of course! It is a big country and

we have lots of them. A tropical low

off Broome is now tropical cyclone

Bianca, it is category one, 155 Ks

off Broome and likely to track down

the coast, so providing some wind

and rain but nothing serious at this

stage. We will keep you up to date.

The tropical cyclone out to sea,

Anthony has been downgraded to a low

but it has turn back to the

coastline and may reintensify,

weather, in Australia, got to love

it! Let's look at the forecast. Sunrise Weather brought to you by Beacon Lighting. Keep cool this summer with a ceiling fan from Beacon. 30% off your second fan sale on now. A trough is bringing showers to Victoria. A tropical low north-east of Broome Broome is causing heavy rain A tropical cyclone north-east of

and gale winds. Ex-Tropical Cyclone Anthony is moving away from the Queensland coast.

It will swing around just a touch

but no great threat. The monsoon is generating thundery rain across the northern tropics.

I hope you get what you were looking

for for your Australia Day, no

matter what it is, whether it is

spending time with the family or

back yard cricket as I will do this afternoon.

So pretty, back yard cricket is a

cracker. We have got the giant

sticker of wickets we put on the

wheelie bin. A bigger wicket for

mummy to try to get because I am not

good at batting or bowling or fielding.

Aussies, a win by the Socceroos into

the final of the Asian Cup.

Tough game. They are looking a bit

shabby so woe we won't talk to them.

Joke of the day. Bec?

So not listening to anything, look at you.

A joke and a call for help, from

Samuel Gilles a uni student,

Samuel Gilles a uni student, loved 'Packed To The Rafters' but his

studies get in the way so he needs a TiVo.

Pressure, pressure, pressure!

Sucking up.

A pood sql Cawley were walking down

the street, the poodle turned to the

Cawley and said, "

Cawley and said, "My life is a mess,

my owner is mean, my girlfriend is

having an onfair with a German

shepherd, I am as nervous as a cat."

And the Cawley said, "

And the Cawley said, "Why don't you

see a psychiatrist." And the poodle said, "

said, "I can't, I am not allowed on

the couch." A smile and a laugh? One?

Is that a prize?

Yes a

Yes a Kochie Joke Book.

Making char-grilled squid with

radish salad. I am making it for

lunch or I will just take this home. Just ahead - the Aussie heroes of the flood crisis. But next, forget taking it easy. Wheelchair ace Kurt Fearnley gets set for his next challenge. How he's inspiring a whole new generation of athletes. And, comedian Anh Do shares his Australia Day. My mum loves cooking up an Aussie barbie with just a slight Vietnamese influence, lamb with black bean sauce, sweet and sour crocodile. But there's one meat Mum refuses to cook on Australia Day - kangaroo. He joins us live when we return. enter at Bonjour. ..and start practising. # Beers and snags # All after dark # Summer days driftin' away # To, uh, all those summer nights # Uh, well-a-well-a-well, uh # Shoo-bah-bah, shoo-bah-bah # Shoo-bah-bah, yeah # Shoo-bah-bah, shoo-bah-bah... # SONG: # When there is always something there to remind me # Always something there to remind me with day tickets just $75 each way. And why not upgrade to a cabin from an extra $60 each way? Hurry. Offer available only for a limited time.

A very Happy Australia Day to Melbourne through the Jetstar Skycam. Becoming dry and 23 today.

I love this day because you meet so

many great Australians. And one

bloke who, for me, is right up there

is saguy who loves a challenge. It's wheelchair ace Kurt Fearnley. And while many are taking it easy today, he's out to defend his title at the biggest wheelchair sporting event in the country - Oz Day 10K. He'll be joined by a new generation of racers, some inspired by Kurt's own journey.

He will get the gold!

He will get the gold!! Fernly

defends his marathon! Kurt Fearnley really sums up the Aussie spirit. He's a go-getter but also a battler and definitely not afraid of a challenge, even the 96 kilometres of Kokoda. I told you it could not be done. I walked it in six days he crawled it in 10. His enthusiasm is unstoppable and infectious. I have got something lined up for you

The track was hard, 35 marathons,

they have been pretty hard, the Balmoral Burn is 400 metres up a hill. Thanks to a chance meeting he's also inspiring the next generation of Aussie athletes. You know what a huge fan we all are of Kurt Fearnley and this bloke - Sunrise viewer Rheed McCracken, well done. the I'd wanted to do it for a while and this was sort of the opportunity I'd been waiting for

And I got it.

It was one of my highlights of last

year, doing the Balmoral Burn with

these two. Kurt and Rheed join us now. Good morning. Kurt, how does it feel to have inspired young athletes like Rheed?

Mate, that's one of the reasons we

are out there, when I was about 13

or 14 years old, I was shown this

or 14 years old, I was shown this exact race on Australia Day and I

fell in love with it, mate, it has

been 15 years of just turning up

here and spending my Australia

here and spending my Australia Day in the middle of the city doing what

I love. It is great to have Rheed

here and he gets to experience and

hopefully in 15 years time he has

had a bigger roller-coaster as I have.

I am sure he will, Rheed you have

had a remarkable couple of months,

you did the Balmoral Burn in a

borrowed racing chair but now your

community has paid for a ridgy-dij,

Rheed McCracken race chair?

Yes, the community helped me,

Bendigo Bank did a lot of support,

it is great to get in my own chair,

ask loft o fun.

Are you really going to get into

wheelchair racing. You were a bit

iffy a couple of months ago, you

wanted to but you weren't sure?

I wasn't sure how to get into it,

kurt helped me out a lot with

thatch. It is what I needed.

Has he got a big future.

Mate, check out the guns? Has he got

a big future? Mate, he is already

intimidating me, wait until he starts up with

starts up with the start line and a

growl, now he has got the old hair

trimmed as well, trouble.

He is looking very presentable than

last year. Kurt was does Australia

Day mean? You are such an

inspiration to so many Australians.

Mate, I love this day, my family

comes in from the bush and we spend

a day enjoying the capital city and

the fact I get to do something I

love, in the middle of the Rocks, it

feels like it is presented a stage for feels like it is presented a stage

for me to do what I do. My family

come down, my mum, my dad, nigh

sisters, my nieces and it is a

chance to sit back and say we are doing well.

A gorgeous wife, everything going well.

Haven't started dying from the

finger yet, it is fantastic.

It is one of the event in Australia

Day, the wheelchair race around the

Rocks from 9 o

Rocks from 9 o'clock. Good luck. Thank you. He came to this country at two as a refugee from Vietnam. but comedian Anh Do is as Aussie as they come. Now he's put his spin on our national day to show what it means to him. This is the street I grew up in and every Australia Day me and the other kids would play backyard cricket. I'd try and be just like Shane Warne.

Sensational stuff, one hander! I'd bowl wrong un's and I'd try and text Liz Hurley.

# I come from a land down under

# Women glow # My mum loves cooking up an Aussie barbie with just a slight Vietnamese influence, lamb with black bean sauce, sweet-and-sour crocodile

but there's one meat mum refuses to cook on Australia Day - kangaroo. My family's just like many other families, are very grateful to Australia has let us call Australia home, just like these folks. Happy Australia Day! Anh Do, good morning.

I am so glad you are wearing the

national shoe, got your thongs on.

Yes, got my thongs on, great to be


I know it is a broad question but

what does it mean to you to be Australian?

The recent Queensland floods gave us

a very good example of inAustralian

spirit, we love to give back to each

other. When my family arrived from

Vietnam, the first thing, some nuns

from Saint Vinies came and gave us

clothes and charities have always

helped out and mum and dad, said

growing up, do what you can to give

back and I reckon it is part of the

Australian spirit. We use the term

mateship but that is what it is. Yes.

Do you think the face of Australia

is changing? Do you think there is a

typical face anymore?

It is hard to say there is one

typical face, you, me, Kochie looks

different to us, which is a good

thing. Imagine if we all looked like

Koch. There he is. But you know, my

wife is blondand Anglo Australian

and then there is me and my

children, my wife is Aussie and she

tells everyone, I am her mail order

husband and my head got squashed in

the letterbox when they delivered

me, look how flat the back is Mel.

Sorry, I am just... It is not that flat.

It is funny.

I can't believe you are laughing.

Your brother Qhu was named

Your brother Qhu was named young Australian of the Year five years

ago, it must have been an amazingly

proud moment for the family?

He does a lot of work with street

kids and I remember thinking I am

going to nominate him. I met a kid

that Kwha was

that Kwha was working with and the

kid said if the wasfront me I would

have committed suicide five time

said over, he used to wake up and go

and help kids. I nominated him not

thinking he would win and he is now

young Australian of the Year, who is

Mum's favourite now? Young

Australian of the Year or the kid

can the flat noggin?

She love uzayou both.

Just a great Australian. A great

book out is called 'The Happiest

Refugee', which is Anh and his

family's story about growing up in

Australia, it is wonderful, go and

buy it. After the break - the Aussies nominated for Oscars in a live report from Hollywood. Then, a new honour for solo sailor Jessica Watson. Our Young Australian of the Year joins us live. And, celebrating the land Down Under. How Aussies are marking our national day right around the country. You love your whites but worry when you wear them. They get stained so easily that I have to wash them every time. And with frequent washing, they turn grey. Try new Vanish Oxi Action Crystal White. and see its Oxi Action formula help to remove even set-in stains and actually whiten your whites. New Vanish Crystal White.

Hospital cover. Ambulance cover. Extras you'll actually use. From: The Sunrise entertainment report bringing you all the gossip from Hollywood. Win an amazing red-carpet experience proudly brought to you by Carpet Court, where you get the red-carpet treatment. Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen is in Hollywood

and the nominations for the Oscar awards have been announced. Of course, all eyes are on our Aussie stars. Who made the list?

Well, since you and I are are

satellite siblings I thought it is

the perfect way to

the perfect way to celebrate Australia Day, with three nominees. We are all getting to We are all getting to know the

We are all getting to know the name Jacki Weaver, she was nominated for

her wonderful work as supporting

actress in 'Animal Kingdom'

actress in 'Animal Kingdom' and Nicole Kidman for best actress in a

motion picture for playing a

grieving mum in 'Rabbit Hole'

grieving mum in 'Rabbit Hole' and Geoffrey Rush for the best

supporting actor for 'The King's

Speech'. 'The King's Speech' is

leading the nominees with 12. See

how they go on the big night. Now Penelope Cruz's husband was nominated for Best Actor but it's surprised plenty of film critics.

This is note worthy because his

film, Beautiful, is Spanish, a

foreign-language film, only five

actors have been nominated for

speaking in a foreign language ing a

film. He is up for best actor and a source tells me,

source tells me, he was spotted in

the hospital, and we know Penelope

was spot, and my friend spotted him

pacing the hallways wouldn't it be

nice if they announce td on the same

day as his nomination.

Keep us informed it will be

geneticly blessed baby. And a few Hollywood A-listers were snubbed from the awards.

Mark Walhberg has been left out in

the cold, he spent years training

himself and making the Fighter, he

didn't receive a nomination though

his film did and also the costars

did. Also left out was Leonardo

DiCaprio, 'Inception', and also

great work in 'Shutter Island' and

personally, I think Ben Affleck, two

of my very favourite films of the

year, his films, the Town and

Company Men, two different films, he

acted magnificently in thim and also

writer, producer director, he missed

out but his star, Jeremy Renner did

receive a best supporting actor for the Town.

We could give him an honorary

Sunrise award.

It would mean a lot to him.

Don't underestimate it.

I tried 'Inception' and I couldn't

get into it.

I just couldn't understand it.

I loved it, I thought Leonardo was great.

It required a lot of attention, you

can't zone out and relax. You got tofocus.

I like to zone out a lot. It shows

you Nelson and Bec are the deep ones

on the team, thank you.

Just marking down the time when you said that.

Finance, sport, movies... Now, still to come on Sunrise this morning -

I'm extraordinarily humble said,

because I am just one of a great

army of Australians who are

army of Australians who are involved in the non-for-profit sector.

National hero, the corporate high

flier making a difference, this

morning, Simon McCeen, live. Sail

nothing to history,

nothing to history, young Australian of the Year, Jessica Watson on her

next adventure. Plus, every day

heroes. The ordinary men and women

who made an extraordinary difference

during Queensland's flood crisis.

Also, changing the flag: should this

be our new national symbol? And

celebration of nation, state by

state, city by city, suburb by

suburb, the country's biggest

parties, this Australia Day,

Wednesday, 26th January, 2011.

# From Broome, to Byron Bay, from

the Black Stump to the Back of

Beyond, this is Sunrise on seven,

from Aussie Central, G'day to Kochie

and Mel.

A very big G'day to you too. If you've just tuned in welcome to our Australia Day party. And if you're out and about early this morning

It is worth it, trust me ladies!

Breakfast on the plaza, having a barbecue.

We have all the newsb views and

We have all the newsb views and lots of interesting to talk about. Don't

we Bec?

Do we? Yes, we do. Good morning. Our top Aussies are urging us to dig deep, dream big and care for others this year. Banker and philanthropist Simon McKeon

was named Australian of the Year while academic Professor Ron McCallum won the Senior award.

My main aim will be to change people's attitudes to make Australia more inclusive. Teenage sailor Jessica Watson has added 'Young Australian of the Year' to her achievements while Sydney man Donald Ritchie is the Local Hero for helping to prevent suicide. A raft of Australian talent is also on show in this year's Honours List. Former treasurer Peter Costello has been recognised for his services to Parliament. Honours too for fashion designer Liz Davenport for her work in the Australian industry. Boxing showman Fred Brophy also made the list. The ocker Aussie accent is set to go down in history with 11 universities to record the way we speak. 1,000 adults from across the country will be invited to lay down their diverse intonations for a digital database. The government-funded program called AusTalk will be used to improve speech recognition software. Australian Defence Force personnel are helping shore up flood defences in Victoria's north-west as communities brace for rivers to peak.

For the very latest we're joined by Tim Weibusch at the SES. Good morning, Tim. The flood peak is moving more slowly than expected?

Yes, good morning, Bec, we

Yes, good morning, Bec, we certainly seeing a slowing of the waters

seeing a slowing of the waters but it is still threatening a number of

communities as it makes its approach

toward Swan Hill. We still have

concerns in around the area of

Mystic Park, across to Lake Boga and

Murrabit West to Benjeroop. But we

are expecting to see the highest

peak in Swan Hill across the weekend into next week.

Are you having trouble predicting

the peak? Is it making teefrts

control it more difficult?

We are seeing unprecedented flows in

the area as we have come the last

couple of weeks. We have the Murray

River peaking and the Loddon and the

Avoca River peaking so water coming

from potentially three

directionathise into Swan Hill. Make directionathise into Swan Hill. Make directionathise into Swan Hill.

Your job tougher, thank you, Tim. And Julia Gillard is reportedly on the brink of announcing an extra tax

to help flood-ravaged areas of Australia recover. It's understood the Prime Minister will increase the existing 1.5% Medicare Levy to raise $3.5 billion. Australian actors will be out in force at the Academy Awards next month - Nicole Kidman, Geoffrey Rush and Jacki Weaver all picking up Nominations. Jacki Weaver says she's especially relieved after hearing the news.

Before I came here, three weeks ago, every person in the street - strangers were stopping me saying

"We want you to get an oscar nomination". Rush and Weaver are both up for Best Supporting awards, while Kidman is in the running for Best Actress.

Finance news now and the Dow down

around 62 point at this very second. Finance news now and the Dow down around 62 point at this very second.

Mixed batch of earnings

disappointing ones from 3 M,

disappointing ones from 3 M, Johnson & Johnson and American Express. To

our markets yesterday. Vernon

Airlines produced a profit

downgrade, or announced a profit

downgrade. On the good news, the

consumer price index for the

December quarter up just 0.

December quarter up just 0.4% December quarter up just 0.4%,

from the 0.

December quarter up just 0.4%, down from the 0.7% most economists

expected. Annual rate of 2%

expected. Annual rate of 2%. Car

prices at a 22-year low and audio,

visual and computer equipment down 18. visual and computer equipment down

18.3% in the December quarter, some

bargains out there. ,

Time for sport, here's Beretts. What

a great way to start Australia Day?

Feels good at the Australian Open, I

got to say, Parramatta Park just

seems to turn it on, people come

with the flags drape

with the flags drape tlound shoulders and the green-and-gold

zinc, a great feeling, the Australia

Day at the Open. Australia has advanced to its first-ever Asian Cup final in style this morning. with a 6-0 demolition of Uzbekistan in Doha. The Socceroos humiliated their opponents in an utterly lopsided second half, putting four goals past a pitiful Uzbekistan defence. Australia are 6-0 in front, it's an embarrassment.

En for Abramov and for Uzbekistan. Their opponents in the decider will be Japan who edged out South Korea in a penalty shootout. Mitchell Johnson will return from a throat infection to bolster the Aussie line-up in today's fourth one-dayer against England at Adelaide Oval. Selectors are unlikely to gamble on fellow speedster Shaun Tait who's carrying a leg injury. England welcomes back key duo Kevin Pietersen and James Anderson but they'll be without spinner Graeme Swann. He's heading home for treatment on a back injury. Novak Djokovic has set up a blockbuster semifinal showdown with reigning champion Roger Federer at the Australian Open. The 2008 champion easily dispatched Czech Tomas Berdych in straight sets last night, 6-1, 7-6, 6-1

to secure his place in the last four. The world number three hasn't dropped a set in five matches at this year's event.

Boy we are getting to the great end of it. British hope Andy Murray will be out to book a semifinal berth today when he tackles Alexander Dolgopalov. Kim Clijsters and Vera Zvonareva are also in action. Rafael Nadal headlines the night session against fellow Spaniard David Ferrer. Check your local guides for times.

Now, for a check of what the weather

is doing up there. Let's go there. To Grant Denyer?

Hey, Beretts! Maitd, look, as a

country, to know where you're going

you need to know where you've come

from. Do you know hutch about

Australian history? One to 10?

Strong, weak?

Owwwh, reasonable, I reckon?

I reckon you would because you're a

fair dinkum real Australian. The

importance is to understand when

you've come from, the old houses,

the old way we've lived. This

country was built with hard work and

hard hands. Remember the classic

shots of Bradman, who was born in

Cootamundra, lived in boweral, hit

the ball up against the corrugated

water tank. But where do you get to

see them? Sydney Town doesn't exist,

but this region in the hawk

but this region in the hawkbery

region is opening today, to preserve

the original look using real

buildings of how Australia used to

be. The classic barber shop, next to

the saddler and

the saddler and and other assorted social businesses.

Hello, Grant, good to see you again.

What are you talking about? Never

met you?

Yes you have, what about that big

birth mark on your...

Thank you, lovely. Good work. Well,

Australia it takes all types to put

together this rich tapeistry that is

our country Australia. Good sootoo

see are keeping the heritage alive.

Old Sydney Town, seeing the red

coats and inguns fireed and the

whipping, which used to terrify me

because I thought it was for real,

they are the snap shots that show

you where the country dame p came from. Good

from. To see they are keeping it alive.

The weather now. Sunrise Weather brought to you by Beacon Lighting.

Keep cool this summer with a ceiling fan from Beacon.

30% off your second fan sale on now.

Your folks built this place

originally, it has been dormant for

ten years, today it reopens, how

important is it for you and the kids

of today am.

Magnificent, it gets my heart going,

and for had children coming today,

children or grandchildren of the

original people that came here,

original people that came here it

elates me.

We can't forget, we are a unique country.

We are and it is the only time evthe

National Trust has acknowledged

movable houses and the

entrepreneurialship of my father and

they would have been destroyed if he

didn't bring them here.

Thank you and let me clarify, don't

know those girls at all.

We believe you. Thank you. On Australia Day we recognise the charitable, the brave and those ordinary Australians doing extraordinary things and Jessica Watson is no exception. The Queensland teenager has been named Young Australian of the Year. Two, maybe three years ago

I was the last person anyone would

have expected to have sailed around

the world. The first time I went

sailing I was terrified, yet here I

am today, totally humbled to be

receiving this because I did. What I

taught myself or learned is you

don't have to be anyone or anything

to achieve something, you have just

got to believe in something and work hard. The award caps off a record-breaking 12 months for the 17-year-old. In May she became the youngest person to sail solo, unassisted and non-stop around the world. Jess joins us now. Good morning and congratulations. In those dark and lonely hours at sea did you ever imagine something like this would happen?

No, definitely not, thank you very

much, and good morning. This is the

last thing from my mind, I set out

to sail around the world. What has

happened since has been absolutely


You look back at what you achieved

and the guts and the determination,

but also, a fair bit of criticism

surrounding you as well. Sort of, a

dodgy start to the challenge.


Do you reckon this will silence the critics?

Look, I don't think it was every

about that. There were critics yes,

about that. There were critics yes

because sailing around the world is

dangerous and scary and you can

understand there were critics

because not many people knew the

full story, the experience, the

preparation, the team around me and

we never knew had anyone who knew

that still criticise me. I don't

think it was about silencing the

criticss and the support has been

ned crediblechm

Bring us up to date with what

Bring us up to date with what you have been doing since you got home some

I don't know where to start. It has

been very busy, I have been able to

do lots of travelling and promoting

the book and sharing the story with

lot of people. It has taken the

schedule for the next year to

schedule for the next year to to a

whole other level of crazy.

whole other level of crazy. Frblgs it is great because you have been

getting out, talking to other

teenagers about what you

accomplished and really inspiring

them. What advice do you give them

Love, I hate Love, I

Love, I acnauments and accolades, it

is humbling and but the bit I do

love when you get someone come up to you and go, "

you and go, "Wow you sailed round

the world." And they tell you their

dream. It has been lovely getting

out and talking to lots of people.

Sharing the voyage has been the best

part of it. The message I am trying

to tell other young people is

simple: you don't have to simple: you don't have

simple: you don't have to be anyone

incredible to achieve something, you

just have to believe in it and work hard.

It is great advice to all kids out

there, what is on the agenda for

you? For the next 12 months

I think the next few days is

I think the next few days is going to be a challenge to get through to

be honest. I am a

be honest. I am a 17-year-old,

school to finish, sit my driver's

licence examine, fingers crossed for

that. There will be other sailing.

Looking forward to doing racing over

the year and other adventures and

pleny more challenges.

pleny more challenges. Looking forward to sharing the story and

throwing my weight behind as many

things as possible this year as

Young Australian of the Year.

Share the story with as many people

as you can, Jess, it is really

inspiring. Thanks for joining us. Is Pleasure.

That puts us back in our box. She

achieved so much but still got to go

get her driver's licence, it is one of those moments. As usual, there are plenty of ways to celebrate Australia Day.

Let's whip around the country to our Sunrise correspondents. Michelle Tapper in Brisbane.

With the city recently affected by floods, what's happening today?

Good morning, Mel, well there will

be plenty of fun and fund raising

here in Queensland today. A few

activities have been cancelled, activities have been activities have been cancelled,s as a result activities have been cancelled,s

vult of the floods, noest most

notably the South Bank

notably the South Bank celebrations have been relocated to kangaroo

point Park kicking off at 11.

point Park kicking off at 11.15 with

the flag-raising ceremony, at

Ipswich, the Bundamba Pool will

reopen at 10, it was severely

damaged in the floods but they

damaged in the floods but they will open the door today and thousands of

people are expected to flock there,

like they do every year to escape

the heat and enjoy the sausage

sizzle. There are a couple of hotels

in town affected by the floods and

they will reopen and throw

barbecues, including the R eggatta

and Breakfast Creek Hotel and then

at 5.

at 5.30, a free concert at the

Convention Centre featuring Guy

Sebastian. Nuala, plenty of

entertainment for you?

Yes, a bit of a foggy start

Yes, a bit of a foggy start to Australia Day in Sydney Town but it

will hot up. Kicking off at Hyde

Park at 10am, a full family day of

fun, a special kids playground and a

wine garden for the adults, the Lord

Mayor's citizenship ceremony at

Mayor's citizenship ceremony at 2 p.m. And then Ross Wilson at 5 p.m.

And then my favourite, the ferry-on

the, duking it out, racing from

Circular Quay. Then we will hear

them before we can see them but the

RAAF planes will be in the air from 2 p.m.

2 p.m., promising to be louder and

faster than ever this year and at faster than ever this year and at 2 p.m. faster than ever this year and at 2

p.m., out of town, at Penrith Lakes

there will be seven full hours of

family-friendly entertainment, full

use of the water with an aquatics

stunt show and for the very brave,

you can get a free jet ski ride. At

Parramatta Park, a great live show,

performances by Altian Childs and

Justice Crew, who took out 'X

Factor' and the haoudue guru -- Hudu

Gururus and fireworks and there will

be donations boxes throughout the

sites in Sydney to

sites in Sydney to donate to the

Salvation Armyen flood appeal.

Simon? Hit us with what is on the cards for Melbourne?

A beautiful cool morning in

Melbourne, some of the CBD buildings

shrouded in low cloud but also

Victorians celebrating the

announcement of Simon McCeen

announcement of Simon McCeen as Australian of the Year, there is

Australian of the Year, there is an Australia Day breakfast

Australia Day breakfast at Parliament House, invite only, don't

gate crash, but there is a big free

one at the Alexandra gardens kicking

ufat 8 o'clock. And

and then the people's march. James

Morrison will be performing in the

's Domain with the fantastic

Federation Square vehicle display

and the Rul eats will do a fly over at 2 p.m.

at 2 p.m., hopefully the cloud will

lift and then, Tito Pumbo, I don't

know if you remember the Mumbo

Kings, that is at 2.

Kings, that is at 2.From sidney Myer

Music Bowl and once again, the vuv

zaleas, you can blow it here at 7

o'clock and then a fireworks display

at Fed Square at 9.

at Fed Square at 9.15 and if it is

too much, stay at home and watch the


Okay, you go and work on your mumbo,

love it. Amanda is in Melbourne, in

a gorgeous spot?

I am at Glenelg where things are

getting under way, I smell bacon and

eggs cooking for a big breakfast on

the foreshore, and the people behind

me getting ready for the Havianas

thong challenge. WA holds the title

at the moment with 1,301 thongs so

we need lots of Saugsiesies to get

here. If sport is your thing,

cricket, the one dayer at the

Adelaide oval but if you would

rather participate, you can swim two

Ks: the brighten jetty classic blogs blogs

Brigthon Surf Life Saving Club. If

you want to take the family

somewhere, head into the city, a

parade that starts at 6 o'clock from

Hindmarsh square, 3,000 people are

involved with 300 floats, the

highlight is a giant echnidna. The

parades goes to Elder Park where

there is a concert, headlining that

is Jessica Mauboy and cis chasey rr, the

Sting, with a concert under the

stars, the citizenship awards and

breakfasts all over the state.

breakfasts all over the state. If

something in that lot doesn't float

your thong, as the case may be, a

barbie, South Australian wine, kick back.

I know how it goes,

I know how it goes, just as well as.

Sting in the Barossa sounds temping. Perth?

Here in the big state of WA, we love

a big Australian day party. The

party starts just after 8 this

morning with citizenship ceremonies

held across the city. Of course, a

party is no good without music so

from midday the Too Solid music

festival. It runalise afternoon with

Christine Anu expected on stage at Christine Anu expected on stage at 6 p.m. Christine Anu expected on stage at 6

p.m.. Hundreds of thousands of

people flock tog the banks of the

Swan River from 3.

Swan River from 3.30, an air show featuring every

featuring every kind of flying

machine, but the main event is the

city of birthday day sky works. There city of birthday day sky works. $ city of birthday day sky works.

$450,000 of fireworks going up in

just 30 minutes and this year's

theme is celebrating families,

theme is celebrating families, sure to be a great night.

It will be

It will be wonderful, team, you so

much, lots of options, appreciate

it, have a great day and

it, have a great day and happy Australia Day. So much to choose from.

I'm exhausted. Just hearing about

it. That is not the end of it. it. That is not the end of itch. In

Canberra, you will do your thing, a

breakfast and the flag raising at

Commonwealth Park with the Wiggles

the special guest and fire weres at 9.

Prizes for inbest dressed ute.

All day at Sandy Bay there are

citizenship ceremonies, get out and enjoy it.

Definitely, thank you. The Queensland floods will go down in history as one of our worst natural disasters but through the devastation, the true Aussie spirit shone. We learnt that heroes live among us. From life-saving rescues to ordinary people just doing what they could to help a stranger in need. This Australia Day we salute you.

How many more down there? One more, one more. There's no doubt, in my mind, that the tug driver saved lives. They are the unsung heroes of the Queensland floods,

risking it all to save others. And I looked over my shoulder in between flights and people were just in shock and stunned, horror and the realisation they've been saved. Chopper pilot Mark Kempton plucked victims from raging floodwaters in Grantham, one-by-one. The courageous helicopter crew from Archerfield winched 28 people to safety. Others weren't so lucky. It's just a heart-breaking thing.

It doesn't matter how many people you save, what you want to do is to get someone else someone more, you want to get everyone and you just can't. But in the eyes of his son, Mark is still a hero. He's done a really good job and I reckon he should keep doing it. Just minutes from impact, tugboat 'Mavis' fights the current to slam the walkway into mid-stream, darting up and down its length to safely shepherd it through. 40-year-old tugboat 'Mavis' had fight in her yet. into harms way to avoid disaster. Skipper Doug Hislop steered her into harm's way to avoid disaster. We'd made a mess if we hit anything, about 1,000 tonnes I'd say. Then there was the incredibly brave story of 13-year-old Jordan. He insisted that his little brother, Blake, be saved first from raging floodwaters in Toowoomba. Jordan and his mum, Donna, didn't survive. They were swept from the top of their car. My heart will continue to burn, until my time comes to join them but until then, all I can do is to think of you both and tell anyone who'll listen just how much I loved you both. In a true show of Aussie spirit, mateship was what mattered most during the flood crisis. Around 11,00 volunteers signed up to help clean up. I'm going to be taking out rubbish and putting it in a big pile. It's just amazing my family was so worried about me because they don't live in Brisbane and when I told them about how people were going to help me they broke down too they just can't believe it. Ordinary people making an extraordinary difference.

Just so many stor as like that in

Queensland over the last few weeks.

We salute you on this Australia Day.

We salute our life savers learning

how to debone a fish, well done! Just ahead - this morning's news and sport and your public holiday forecast. Then the community symbol. Should we change our national flag to this design? And, Oscars fever.

The best performance by an actress

in a leading role, the nominees are

Annette Benning in the kids are <