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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This morning - for a 1-in-200-year flood. more Victorian towns prepare Severe storms rip through South-East Queensland. flood-devastated after a deadly shooting in Sydney. And four men arrested with Samantha Armytage. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News Good morning. Victoria's flood crisis is worsening of being swamped this morning. with more communities at risk of Warracknabeal The small Murray River town is under direct threat unprecedented levels. after the Yarriambiack Creek reached spent the night sandbagging Hundreds of residents to go under. with at least 84 homes expected Love the town. the town stays here Want to make sure the town stays here Want to make sure give up our time and, well, we just have to

give up our time and, well, we just have to to protect our town. and do what we need to do appears to be holding. So far the town's levee bank are also bracing And communities nearby for the largest flood in history, with about 140 homes under threat. depending on the town's levee While at Kerang, residents are

to hold the waters back. have been hard at work Kerang residents and emergency crews levee defences. shoring-up the town's was closed yesterday The bridge across the Loddon River to evacuate. and residents were advised Some though, aren't going anywhere. It's a bit of a shock really, for three days. to know that we're going to be stuck I was born here. We're not leaving, we're staying - the town's electricity substation Emergency workers have barricaded against the rising waters. At nearby Quambatook, are already flooded some parts of the town and more water is on its way. were pretty big then, In September I thought the floods 'Geez, this is massive'. and I was like, Better news at Horsham a 1-in-200-year peak yesterday. where the Wimmera River hit albeit very slowly. It's now in retreat, and as many as 500 were isolated. At least 10 homes were inundated The clean-up is now under way. and All these guys come about your community? MAN: What does that say It's great. a muddy clean-up. A big effort sparred some homeowners and the wife's pretty happy too I'm pretty happy so happy wife, happy life. appealing to people And police are again and creeks to steer clear of flooded rivers Lachlan Collins was recovered today after the body of 8-year-old from a billabong near Shepparton. His family is devastated. Shouldn't have happened and he wasn't scared of nothing. but Lachie was a tough little kid until the day he died. He lived life to the fullest flood victims The first of Queensland's will be farewelled today and her teenage son in Toowoomba. with the funeral of a mother keeps getting harder The state's massive clean-up were battered by severe storms, after Brisbane and Ipswich

tearing down powerlines and trees. First the floods, now this. to its limit. Queensland is being pushed Brisbane's south-west were hit hard Ipswich, the Gold Coast and

as storm cells lashed the suburbs. crushing homes and cars. Strong winds tore down trees,

was seriously injured. Luckily no-one slowed the recovery effort. The torrential rain with soggy, rotting possessions. Some streets still clogged Crews worked through the night blacked out by the storm. restoring power to 23,000 homes without power after the floods. That's on top of the 20,000 still if they have a certificate of test Energex will only reconnect supply electrical contractor. from a licensed Queensland The blame game has already begun. allowed to build on a flood plain Residents are asking why they were Brisbane River wouldn't flood again. when they were told the What's happened is an act of nature worrying about the blame game. and people have got to stop will also question The commission of inquiry enough water before the peak hit. if Wivenhoe Dam released The state agencies who run that dam, during that period I think, from what I saw

they could be expected to do. did everything to help the recovery. Big business is pitching in a reconstruction task force The Prime Minister's set up to encourage corporate donations. to help create a lot of that access I guess it's my job for the people Queensland. and get outcomes of at least 20 fellow Queenslanders: People who are grieving the death Jordan, will be farewelled Donna Rice and her 13-year-old son, in Toowoomba today. Jordan was hailed a hero to save his younger brother first for asking rescuers were swept away. before he and his mother And after appealing for public help caught in floodwaters in Toowoomba. police have identified this person safe and well. The teenage girl was found Four men have been arrested in Sydney's south-west last night. over a deadly shooting in Ruse around 10:00 Police were called to a house after reports of gun shots.

was found dead at the scene. A man in his late 20s going on I just heard all this commotion and then we heard a car screech off people screaming, carrying on

"Don't do it, don't do it". and there was someone yelling out A second man was taken to hospital and is in a stable condition. with a gunshot wound being questioned by police. Four men were arrested and are now of a little girl A mother who saved the life in Sydney's west yesterday who almost drowned at a public pool

says all parents should learn CPR. from the pool at Stanhope, The 4-year-old was pulled not breathing and motionless. a former paediatric care nurse, Kylie Davis, for the first time in 25 years. used her training go to a pool - Everyone who's going to to have children, to a beach - everyone who's going to go I think everyone should know CPR. the Children's Hospital at Westmead The little girl was flown to in a satisfactory condition. parliamentary inquiry has revealed A New South Wales the state's power sell-off could reap as little as $340 million. The state's power assets sold for $5.3 billion but this will be chipped away by costs including a new coalmine, repaying power companies' debts and compensation for blackouts. It does leave the state with residual risks. But they're not new risks. MAN: Does it de-risk the state? It doesn't de-risk the state. The Treasury Secretary

also contradicted the New South Wales Premier, saying the sale is not the best possible deal. A multimillion-dollar scam operating out of Sydney's west has conned some of Australia's leading wineries. Left high and dry, victims say the company at the centre of the scheme had appeared to be above board. At the head office of World Wide Trading there's nothing but a bare storage unit, police fingerprint dusting and certainly nobody at reception. PRERECORDED MESSAGE: No-one is available to take your call. But at nearby Fairfield, pallets and pallets of wine, boutique bottles, mass-produced and all stolen - $2 million worth and that doesn't include potentially thousands of bottles still missing. Cheques have been issued for the payment of those wines to various wineries, which have been dishonoured. At least 25 wineries were duped. Draytons in the Hunter Valley is among them.

Payment date was due some time this week and it started to all fall apart yesterday. For smaller wineries, the loss isn't insured,

a crippling blow to companies in Australia's premier wine belts - Margaret River, the Barossa, Yarra and Hunter valleys, Young and Cowra. The wine producers had every reason to believe they were dealing with a legitimate company. It had a good credit rating, it had been trading for months and even had good references. Then, almost overnight, the cheques started bouncing. It was a well-coordinated, professional strike. And how much wine did you sell them? Um, over $100,000. World Wide Trading promises the world. Police wouldn't be surprised if its owner,

describe as a well-dressed European, is already overseas toasting his success. Some of the biggest names in reggae and hip hop will do their bit for Queensland's flood recovery. Music promoter Andrew McManus has announced a Reggae for Recovery concert in Brisbane on Sunday January 30. It's being headlined by Mary J Blige with Jimmy Cliff,

Maxi Priest, Sean Paul, The Wailers and Ky Mani Marley. Tickets are $99 and 1,000 free tickets have been set aside for emergency services volunteers. Now for your first look at Wednesday's weather - Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00am - is an early warning system needed to alert communities to looming floods. But next on Seven Early News, we'll tell you which Volkswagen has been named car of the year. And, Larry King's replacement sits down with Oprah for his first show. That's next. (GENTLE MUSIC) You know what it takes to make your house a home.

Air Wick iMotion. The only continuous air freshener that detects movement, releasing a burst of fresh scent inspired by nature. So day after day, your home always feels welcoming. And FreshMatic compact with iMotion makes even the tough spaces welcoming. Try the full iMotion range. Air Wick. Release the freshness of nature. For the second year running Volkswagen has taken out the prestigious 'Wheels' magazine Car of the Year award. Last year it was the Golf, this year it's its smaller cousin, the Polo.

'Wheels' editor Bill Thomas says it represents outstanding value and the automaker had improved the Polo's quality, safety, performance, efficiency, refinement, and practicality. It's the first time in 25 years

that a manufacturer has won back-to-back awards. The American politician shot in the head at point-blank range earlier this month could be out of hospital within weeks after what doctors have called a miraculous recovery.

Gabrielle Giffords' husband has revealed

his wife gave him a neck massage from her intensive care bed. She reached up to you?

She reached up and gave for me 10 minutes, and I keep telling her, I'm like - "Gabby, you're in the ICU you don't need to be doing this." Ms Giffords' condition has been upgraded from critical to serious but she'll need months of rehabilitation. The BAFTA nominations have been announced in London overnight with only one Australian up for an award. Geoffrey Rush has been nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his work in 'The King's Speech'. Listen to me! Why should I waste my time listening to you? Because I have a voice! Yes you do. The BAFTA Awards are announced in London next month. The Englishman who's taken over from talk-show legend Larry King in the US has received mixed reviews for his first show.

Piers Morgan sat down with Oprah Winfrey for his show's premiere.

Turn on any TV in the States and there he is. I'm Piers Morgan. I love interviews to be provocative. He used to be a journalist, now he's a star turned. They told me this Piers Morgan's a great interviewer. I can't wait to see how good he is. The launch appears Morgan's latest career as a celerity interviewer, his subject the monarch of US television herself. Everything you touch is a hit. Well, that is, you - no, that is not true. Let's assume it is for a moment. OK, but it is not true. Could you, could you just... Go along with the program? ..could you just touch me? I've got a hit! I have got a hit! Just go along with it, OK. He started out across the Atlantic as a judge on a TV talent show but his latest role is a massive step up in status, with the might of the CNN network behind him, probing question about Oprah's teenage pregnancy.

So I'm thinking, "Well, I'm going to just going to have to kill myself." So, when... Did you come close to doing that? Um, no. He has a tough act to follow - US television legend Larry King, for years the most high-profile interviewer on the screen and a man who knew how to woo a celebrity. There are two people I would not swear in front of - one is Her Majesty the Queen and the other is Oprah Winfrey. Well, thank you. You are the American queen. Well, thank you for that. It is my pleasure. I will accept it. And if the ratings are judged a success, it's potentially a job for life. Your first finance this Early News. Stocks are up on Wall Street. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00am - tradies from across Australia join our official campaign, Operation Bounce Back. But next on Seven Early News, the Socceroos seal their place in the Asian Cup quarterfinals. And all the action from another thrilling instalment in one of the Australian Open's great rivalries. That's next. The stories we're following on the Early News - Victoria's flood crisis is worsening with more communities at risk of being swamped this morning. The small Murray River town of Warracknabeal is under direct threat after the Yarriambiack Creek reached unprecedented levels. Brisbane and Ipswich have been battered by severe storms, tearing down powerlines and trees. 23,000 homes were blacked out by the storm. That's on top of the 20,000 still without power after the floods. And a man is dead and another has been injured in a shooting in Sydney's south-west last night.

with all the day's sport. Now it's over to Mark Beretta

in Melbourne Park. Very much so, it was quite a night Still in Melbourne?

have played out Lleyton Hewitt and David Nalbandian of their rivalry another gripping instalment at the Australian Open overnight. two match points Hewitt couldn't convert in a 5-set epic. as the Argentine triumphed Ana Ivanovich crashed out In the women's singles, 19th seed Kim Clijsters while tournament favourite Dinara Safina. embarrassed former number one Hewitt's 15th Australian Open The opening match of Lleyton was always going to be tough. David Nalbandian knows no other way. COMMENTATOR: Wow! Man! to land the first blow A double break allowed Hewitt in straight sets. but this was never going to be over isn't he? He's a great counterpuncher, Nalbandian's measure The Aussie looked to have on all the important points

fighting back to force a decider. until the Argentine found his range, All happened so quickly, didn't it? to ice the game Hewitt had two chances each time. but Nalbandian rose to the challenge come on now. You gotta be kidding me, Nalbandian came out on top. After almost five hours on court Got it! three sets to two. Game, set and match Nalbandian, in a marathon, Ana Ivanovic was also involved against Ekaterina Makarova. forced to pull out all the stops Only as champions can. 5 match points The 19th seed staved off a pulsating final set 10-8. but couldn't stop Makarova claiming for the Russian. A fitting final point Things then went from epic to tragic 2009 finalist Dinara Safina. as Kim Clijsters dismantled Oh, magnificent. was a total mismatch, The battle of the former number ones the ultimate humiliation - Safina suffering a 'double bagel' defeat, 6-0, 6-0. She has got it

Sam in 44 minutes. on a night of marathon encounters. Clijsters proved the exception to oust Phillip Petchner Jo-Wilfried Tsonga took five sets went the distance and Marcos Baghdatis against qualifier Grega Zemelia. The Socceroos have qualified of the Asian Cup for the knockout phase in Doha this morning. with a 1-0 win over Bahrain

ahead of South Korea. Australia finished top of Group C, knack of scoring crucial goals, Mile Jedinak continued his recent setting up the win late in the first half. with a classy long-range effort COMMENTATOR: Mile Jedinak! for Australia! is the goalscoring hero again What a strike.

It's good to be top of the group but

what I kept saying is whoever we

play from the other group, they are

decent teams. this weekend's quarterfinal clash Brett Emerton will miss through suspension yellow card of the tournament. after receiving his second In-form batsman Shaun Marsh

one-day squad has been called into Australia's to replace the injured Mike Hussey. on his torn hamstring yesterday Hussey underwent surgery

to recover for the World Cup and now looks long odds on the Subcontinent. starting next month in Hobart today, Marsh will join the Aussie squad Western Australia fresh from powering in the Twenty20 Big Bash to a 6-wicket win over Victoria at the WACA last night. off 59 balls Marsh hammered an unbeaten 93 to their 146-run target as the Warriors cruised with 17 balls to spare. the home side on the path to victory Earlier, Michael Hogan put

the Bushrangers top order. by ripping through with figures of 4/26. The paceman finished will take a 4-second lead Tasmanian rider Matt Goss of the Tour Down Under in Adelaide. into today's second stage came down to a sprint finish Yesterday's 138km ride champion Andre Greipel with Goss too quick for reigning and Robbie McEwen. It's one thing to win but when you're expected to win on yourself there's a lot more pressure today for me and I'm really happy to get the win

and the team they rode all day. champion Amber Halliday Former national time trial remains in intensive care the women's event on Monday night. after crashing during That's all for now. a little later in 'Sunrise'. I'll be back with more sport

It was a huge day and night

Melbourne Park and plenty more It was a huge day and night at

coming up today.

Looking forward to it. Next on Seven Early News - at how the weather's shaping up a closer look in your part of the country. passes through a dishwasher, 15 kilos of grease and food potentially clogging vital parts. For flawless results, has a unique dual-layer formula - Finish Dishwasher Cleaner the clear layer attacks limescale. the blue layer targets grease, and means cleaner dishes. And a cleaner dishwasher And to keep your dishwasher smelling fresh and clean, Finish Freshener continually releases a burst of fresh fragrance. Finish Freshener. Another weather check before we go - for this Wesnesday. And that's Seven Early News Stand-by now for Sunrise. I'm Samantha Armytage. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by