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holding each other up The men formed amazing poses, in amazement. as Pope Benedict watched on they even created a human tower. At one point to enjoy himself The Pontiff appeared as did the nuns in the audience. Your first finance this Early News:

a lot more of Shane Warne Liz Hurley could soon be seeing reportedly set for a quick divorce with the British model

from her husband Arun Nayar. World tabloids have been in a spin locking lips in London. since Hurley and Warne were snapped on an Aussie trip very soon. It's also understood she's planning London paper 'The Sun' says has already been drawn up. a divorce settlement Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00am -

to the rising star Mel and Kochie chat performed at a Sydney shopping mall. who caught Keith Urban's eye as he

But next on Seven Early News,

at the Aussies a former cricket star lashes out ahead of the crucial third Test. And, how not to stop a shot on goal. Sydney FC loses again.

on the Early News - The stories we're following will turn to recovery today the Christmas Island rescue effort asylum seeker shipwreck after the horror that's claimed at least 27 lives. 70 people from Iraq and Iran, The vessel, carrying around slammed into rocks and broke up.

A motorcyclist has been killed Queensland's south-east as a powerful storm swept across forecast today. with more bad weather

will be unveiled today, And superannuation changes biggest shake-up which are set to be the industry's was introduced in the early '90s. since compulsory super

introduction Central to the changes will be the

scream. introduction of the My Superspz

Jeff Thomson Former test fast bowler ahead of the third Ashes Test has slammed the Australian's starting today in Perth. needs to fire up at the WACA Thompson says our attack to England in five days time. or the urn will be heading back on the verge of losing the Ashes. This is the team that could be (LAUGHTER) The Aussies have lightened things up

Jeff Thompson says but fasting bowling legend in the last Test they went too far.

hit his double ton. Especially when Kevin Pietersen and I went, "Smiling at him?" And the bowlers were smiling at him and bowl one right as his head. I would have just run in at the task ahead. Ricky Ponting in no doubt though Looking at the wicket, in this match you'd think there would be a result that has to be a positive one for us and, obviously,

or it's game, set and match. The pitch looks green at the moment Mitchell Johnson is the answer. but Thompson isn't convinced to use the wicket?", "But are they good enough this is what we're saying. You know, I mean, Mitchell Johnson, prepared one wicket. I mean, they've only if he plays. They might need two out there to lift on their captain, Thommo calling on the Aussies his third Ashes series. who may lose his job if he loses go down like this He doesn't deserve to in the team arc up and say, and I just hope the other blokes

this guy's carried us for so long "Well, look, hang on a minute, and do something about it". "you know, let's go out there to support England, Glory star Robbie Fowler turned up for a fired-up Australia. Andrew Strauss preparing Adelaide and have a point to prove If Australia were wounded in that much harder to beat they're going to be to counter on that. and, ah, we gotta be ready of South Australia by 67-runs Victoria has taken care

at the Adelaide Oval. in their one-dayer a 64-ball century, Rob Quiney blasting in domestic history, the fifth fastest

from their 45 overs. steering the Bushrangers to 6/301 COMMENTATOR:: Oh, it's gone though. but good enough. Not out of the middle Another six to Quiney.

The Redbacks couldn't match it in the 44th over. with Victoria all out for 234

South Australia's hopes The loss all but ends of reaching the one-day final.

for Sydney FC. Things keep getting worse The defending A-League premiers North Queensland 1-0 in Townsville. going down to last-placed Ufuk Talay Former Sky Blues midfielder mid-way through the second half. scored the only goal of the game Sydney keeper Ivan Nechevski in his highlights reel. won't be putting this save

COMMENTATOR: And it was Ufuk Talay

from this distance. and we've seen him hit them before has got that all wrong. Ivan Necevski their unbeaten run to seven matches In Newcastle, the Jets stretched over third-placed Gold Coast. scoring a 2-0 win and Sasho Petrovski Late goals to Ali Abbas up to fifth on the ladder. moving the Novacastrians will be back in action later today Peter Luczak and Alicia Molik

at Melbourne Park Wild Card tournament. on day three of the Australian Open yesterday, The top seeds were both victorious Jelena Dokic. so too was women's number three seed quarterfinalist The 2009 Australian Open over 16-year-old West Australian won in straight sets Nina Catovic. And Collingwood captain Nick Maxwell contract extension, has signed a 2-year until at least the end of 2013. tying him to the club

build on the success of last season The 27-year-old says he's keen to at the Magpies when he became just the ninth player to a premiership. to captain the club That's all for now.

Good news for Pies' fans, plenty

more in Sunrise shortly. Next on Seven Early News - the weather's shaping up a closer look at how in your part of the country.

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Sunrise again. Now for a closer look at what the weather's doing around the country. A cooler change in the south-east is bringing showers and storms to eastern Victoria. Moist onshore winds are feeding a weak trough, triggering showers and storms elsewhere in the east. And the monsoon trough is stretching across the far northern tropics, causing scattered showers and storms. Around the capitals -

And that's Seven Early News for Thursday.

I'm Natalie Barr. Stand-by now for Sunrise. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia