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That's Nine News for this Friday.

I'm Allison Langdon. Goodnight.

This program is captioned live.

Hello. I'm Leila McKinnon. Welcome

to A Current Affair.

Tonight - we're are in the crowd as

Oprah mania hits fever pitch.

Department-store discounts - where

to find the biggest savings before

Christmas as the big stores battle it out for your dollar.

The mince mums share their tips to

delicious, low-fuss, low-cost meals.

Open for inspection - our weekly

preview of Australia's most impressive homes.

And Christmas books - our experts

nominate the pick of the bunch that

will keep every family member happy these holidays.

First - Oprah, and the hysteria

surrounding her only public

appearance. There were screams and

there were tears as local fans

queen. caught a glimpse of the talk-show

Everybody is so darn friendly!

Oprah!! (CROWD CHANTS): Oprah, Oprah,

Until today, it's been all about

Oprah's ultimate American fans. But

today, it's the Aussies' turn to

get some VIP treatment and some

special activities. Onboard this

tram - 10 of her ultimate

Australian fans. Let's go and meet

them! This is like the golden

ticket! Remember Willy Wonka and

the chocolate factory? This is the

golden ticket! Very emotional.

Because she's just such a great

inspiration. Do you lovope are ru?

We love Oprah!! We are mad about

Oprah!! Is this a serious offer?

Yeah, hell yeah. I'll go for it.

Why not? She's amazing. She's so

smart and she's like, amazing.

(CHEERING) group? Who's the biggest fan in this

For the fans, it was a very long

wait - some camped out overnight,

others came early this morning. But

there was entertainment throughout

the day. Jessica Mauboy, and then

Human Nature.

# I'll be there...

(CROWD CHANTS): Oprah, Oprah, Oprah...

And she has finally arrived! This

is the moment that Oprah arrived in

Melbourne, and these fans are SO

excited!! I've never seen a

(CHEERING) welcoming like this in my life.

(CHEERING) Nothing like this in my life!!

In my life!! (CHEERING)

We looked around the world - our

(CHEERING) Australia. greatest fan base was right here in

So... So I said, "Let's go to the

(CHEERING) people who support you!"

And I can't wait to see how you

live, how you love, and how you

(CHEERING) part-ayyy. Thank you.

And as quickly as she came, she

disappointed... left. (CROWD CHANTS):. No-one is

We love Oprah!!

24 years I've waited for this. I

tried to get tickets, I couldn't

get tickets. I've sent about 15

letters. I can't believe I was this

close to her. I'm crying! This - I

can't believe it... She touched my

hand! I was just like "She touched

my hand, didn't she?" Gorgeous.

Definitely since worth the wait at

7:30 in the morning. I touched

Oprah's hand. I don't think I will

ever watch my hands again. Which

hand was it? This one. You lost

your job today? Yes. Why'd you

Lewis it? I was here. She could

have lied and said she was sick. I

told them the truth! She touched

our hands. It was awesome, I didn't

want to let it go. She said "Can

you please let my hand go?" I did.

I dragged it along for a bit, so it

was awesome. Thank you, thank you...

Thanks for coming. You're beautiful. Thank you.

Oprah, Oprah, Oprah... I'm gonna go

through withdrawals when I go back

to Cincinnati. My husband says

"What's with Oprah?" Nobody

understands unless they've really

watched her. Thank you, Oprah, for

coming. Thank you so much. Aww.

And for the latest on Oprah, I'm

joined live by Sarah Stewart in

Melbourne. Sarah, what about the

hysteria there today?! Oh, Leila,

it was simply unbelievable! When I

got there at about 10:00 this

morning, there were a few hundred.

By this afternoon, there were a few

thousand. People came from

interstate, some even came from

overseas. To these women, really,

Oprah is like a God. They love her.

There were tears, there were smiles,

and lots of cheers.

Sarah, she has been very busy,

she's been right across our country.

Today she managed to squeeze in

some shopping time? She sure did.

After Federation Square, she went

on to tour ac, where she went to a

very high-end baby shop. When she

went inside, she hugged one of the

shopkeepers, put on an apron. It's

believed she's doing a segment for

her show in there, and maybe even

have picked up a present for John

'The Time Traveler's Wife''s new

baby. At the moment, she's -- John

Travolta's new baby. At the moment,

she's having a party in tour ac. At

the moment, I am at the Block

Arcade, where it's believed she

will make an appearance a little

later in the night. If you have a

(CHEERING) people here. look around, there are SO many

You just say the word "Oprah" and a

crowd forms. Now, inside, Tourism

Victoria is hosting a dinner for

about 120 people. We're not sure

what time exactly she'll arrive,

but these people don't care.

They're just coming for a glimpse.

A lot of them missed out this

afternoon, and they wanna have a

look tonight. Tomorrow, she's

heading up to Sydney. Carry on.

She'll climb the Harbour Bridge.

Tomorrow, she'll up to Sydney where

she'll climb the Harbour Bridge.

She'll also go to the Botanical

Gardens tomorrow night. I have been

told she'll be visiting Canberra

some time on the weekend. She is

thank you. all over the place. Sarah Stewart,

Well, why wait for the Boxing Day

sales? This year, the stores are

discounting early, making your

much further. Christmas shopping dollars go so

How good is this sale? Some of the

offers we're having at the moment

are as good as you will get on

Boxing Day. 30-50% off, toys,

Boxing Day. 30-50% off, toys, electrical clothing and

electrical clothing and more. Nope,

it's not the Boxing Day sales. It's

the pre-Christmas clash between DJs

and Myer. I haven't seen the level

of pre-Christmas sales and

discounting like this before. I

just haven't seen it. Peace and

goodwill have gone out the window

with our two big department stores

fighting it out for your Christmas

cash. Are there good offers

throughout? Absolutely. All of our

discounts are genuine discounts on

current-season merchandise. Jason

from David Jones has fired the

first Salvo, announcing an across-

the-board discount on every toy

across the store. 25% of all toys,

all brands, in the stores. The toy-

store floor is where I found Jackie,

a bubbly young mum with two helpers

scouting the shelves. It's

retailing at $249. You're getting

25% off that. $180 or thereabouts.

Under $$200. If that's something -

that is pretty big and has

everything that you need in it for

LEGO. That's a good reduction. Boys,

do we like this? What do you

reckon? Good parcel? Good. No need

to wait till Boxing Day, then? No

need at all. Come in right now.

Great opportunities to save and get

some real bargains prior to

Christmas, either for yourself or

as a gift. Ernie from Myer was

slashing 40% off women's designer

dresses. Designer women'ser with.

Your specialty? Yes, it is. What

have we got? Fantastic bargains that

have we got? Fantastic bargains

that moment. Liano is 40% off.

Manning Cartell - 40% off.

Retailers are sharper and more

aggressive now than at any other

time I've seen. Particularly at

this time of year. Brian Walker is

the retail doctor. He says the

global financial crisis, coupled

with the online onslaught, is

forcing stores into sales just to

get customers in the door. These

pre-Christmas sales are good. And I

think they're gonna get even

greater. I think we're gonna see

even more specials looming into the

Boxing Day period. We've got 25%

off a huge range of sunglasses,

particularly our customers'

favourite brands such as Dior,

Gucci and tom Ford. A great offer

at Myer on Christmas trees?

Definitely a great offer. Until

Sunday night, 40% off items when

you buy two from our Christmas

items -- item snooze. The same on

food? Two or more item - 30% off

two or more. 30% off jul jewellery

over over $50. For me, I would shop

more now than in Boxing Day. Then

you're getting the leftover, if you

know what I mean. I'd rather a bit

more choice. Both chains are

dousing us with offers on

fragrances - big-name brands like

Versace and Ralph Lauren with 30%

off from $59. These digital photo

frames are very popular. They're

shaping up to be a great gift this

year. At David Jones, we've got 15%

off all digital frames at the

moment. Meanwhile, Myer has taken

25% off men's jocks, Bonds,

McPherson Men, even Calvin Klein.

You can see what I mean by Boxing

Day-style savings. Boxing Day,

you'll see 50% and up, I think. But

here, you're getting 25%-30%, but

you're getting the things you

actually want in the sizes you want

and that sort of thing. We always

keep something special for the

Boxing Day sale. But we have great

offerings now. So come into the

store now and see the great

opportunities you have to save.

Time for your weekly snoop around

some of Australia's most beautiful

homes. Tonight, properties with a

touch of the celebrity factor...

Hi, I'm Michael Klim. Come and join

me for the tour of my new

development. You might even end up

being my neighbour. Let's go.

Too many sportspeople seem to blow

their money and have nothing left after their money and have nothing left

after retirement. Not Michael Klim.

As I was swimming and doing my laps

in the pool, I was sort of

investing in property around

Victoria and also in Queensland.

This is just one of his investments

- next door to his Brighton home in

Melbourne. Very self-sufficient, a

7-star rating. It's conscious about

the environment. The Olympic gold

medallist has bought a gold-medal lifestyle on Melbourne's 'Golden

Mile'. A sleek and streamlined

free-flowing home, with lots of

innovative features. I think the

inspiration for the home is some of,

I guess, my heritage, and also my

wife's heritage from Bali. We use a

lot of imported materials from

Indonesia and Bali.

It's got a really strong bawl

nation feel - the water feature,

the bamboo... Being just 100m from

the beach, the home has a resort-

style feel, and in keeping with its

prestige location, has used top-

shelf fixtures throughout. You can

always take the stairs, and if you

get a bit lazy, you can grab the

elevator too... With an asking

price of around $5 million, it

seems Michael Klim wasn't just a

good swimmer. Yeah, hopefully

there's someone out there that's

prepared to hand over a cheque and

be my neighbour. (LAUGHS)...

In the early '90s, one of TV's

first reality shows was filmed in

the Sydney suburb of Sylvania

waters. That's what I'm saying to

ya. I didn't say it for fun! It

centred on the new-found wealth of

Noeline and Laurie Donagher. Seems

nothing much has changed in

Sylvania waters. The Donaghers

moved long ago, but the rich still

live there. This home around the

corner from theirs is a castle of

sandstone and marble. Join the tour,

with agent Denise Howell of bell

properties. An -- Belle Properties.

An amazing property. One of the

best I have told in 20 years as a

real-estate agent. Is that right?

They love a piece of marble in here,

don't they? Yes, marble. All

custom-made. Even the skirting

boards are marble. All the way

through? All the way through the

house. And the arcer trays. Marl.

All marble. You look at these doors

- All custom-made doors. Everything

is custom-made? Yeah. Now I know

what you're thinking - some of you

just can't believe that furniture.

Well, the owners are prepared to

sell it with the home. But on with

the tour. Deep water, Brady, facing

north. Goodness me. You can fit a

big yacht in there. Yes, an 80-foot

cruiser, actually. It's big enough

to take an 80-foot cruiser. Built-

in pizza oven, entertaining area.

They get requests all the time for

people to shoot, you know, videos

and ads here all the time. Is that right? Yes.

Beautiful panelling, and the floor...

Piped music throughout the house.

Is that right? Each room can be

different. If you have teenagers,

you don't centre to listen...

Everything in this house is

digital? Automatic. Blinds, doors...

The home itself cost $2.6 billion

to build. The land - over $3

million. So the $5 million asking

price is a bargain. For you millionaires.

OK, no-one famous owns it or lives

here, but celebrities flock here -

we're on the Promenade, thile of

Capri's premiere address. The main

living area here is a vast, 2-

storey atrium featuring 6m sliding

doors of tinted glass that glide

away to reveal the expansive

waterfront terrace. And for

protection from that extreme

Queensland summer heat, giant

matching doors slide across to

enclose the terrace. Rather than

using walls, this home uses columns

to separate some of the living

areas. That's agent Nick Cole, who

points out a couple more features

of this spacious home. A creative

yet simple idea is the walk-through

photo gallery, which can be used in any home.

One of the unique features of this

amazing home is the master suite -

the light and airy feel, and no

separation between the bedroom,

bathroom and walk-in dressing room.

And enough shoe space for Imelda

Marcos. And even a lounge room to

sit on while donning one's shoes.

Oh, to be wealthy...

Something for everyone this week.

The cost of Christmas lunch can

amount to more than the amount you

spend buying gifts. ACA's mince

mums have come to the rescue,

whipping up creative festive fare for half the price.

You can still have all the

Christmas trimmings. Pork, seafood

and turkey. Without breaking the budget.

It's all about the love that you

put into your food! The mince and

sausages is fine for Christmas Day.

They're the mums who became famous

for successfully and creatively

feeding their satisfied families

mince and sausages for a year,

which all led to an inspirational

cookbook based around low-cost meat

dishes. It did take a good nine

months for anyone to say "Can we

have a steak?" And donning their

Santa hats, they're at it again for

Christmas. Have a very mincey a

Christmas! Sally Tullberg and

Amanda Trapnell have their own take

on festive favourites, using, you

guessed it, mince and sausages.

It's not boring at all. It sounds

exciting and it looks exciting. So

- and it tastes good. So what more

can you ask for? Using these

inexpensive meats will save you a

packet - their versions are are

half the price of traditional

recipes. We could have fed eight

people easily for $150. First:

We've got half a kilo of chicken

mince. What now? Put in the stock

here. Crumble the stock cube into

the mince, yeah. Then what else

goes in? You want some sweet chilli

sauce there. Give it a decent

squeeze. Probably a quarter of a

cup. OK. Now is it time for me to

get my hands dirty. Yes, get in there!!

J I've got some chopped-up onions,

the prawns and balls. Just thread

'em on. Once skewers are done,

season and drizzle with lime juice.

Does the crew like the look of

them? Very good. Like that.

$10 for 12 skewers.

Next - pork medallions with

caramelised apples.

Remove the skins from 500 grams of

pork sausages, reshape the meat

into patties, cover with walnuts

and shove in the oven. Four pork

medallions for less than $2.50 per

serve. And who needs a whole turkey

when you can make the more cost-

effective bacon-wrapped turkey roll

with cranberry stuffing? To make

the stuffing, start with some diced

bread. I'm just going to add to

that - one cup of crazens, which

are dried cranberrys. Pecans, diced

onions, sage and chicken stock next

- to half a kilo of turkey mince,

add an egg and some breadcrumbs.

We'll divide this into four. Cover

with stuffing, and roll. We roll it

in bacon, secure it with the

toothpicks, and throw it in the

oven for 35 minutes. That's the

quickest turkey you will cook on

Christmas Day! It's not gonna take

five hours! At this time of year, a

turkey sells for around $15 a kilo.

But turkey mince only costs around

half that, at $8 per kilo. You

still get the same flavours and

taste for less than half the price.

Cheers, girls. Merry Christmas.

It's about making things stretch

further and still having a great

Christmas that feels festive and

bountiful. Without the stress of

having to spend the extra money on

the extra trimmings. having to spend the extra money on the extra trimmings.

Great savings there. You can find

more about those recipes at the ACA website.

Still to come on A Current Affair -

the experts' guide to the books

that will keep every member of the

family happy these holidays.

And 'MasterChef' Live - are onstage

as some of TV's biggest

This program is captioned live.

There's no more reliable present

than a good book. This is the time

of year when all the big releases

drop, and we've found the latest

great reads for the lowest possible prices.

Books have come down in price a

great deal. And, you know, it's the

gift that keeps on giving.

Books start from around the $10

mark and go all the way up. There's

definitely something for every

budget. Oh, wow!!

If you're stuck for the perfect

Christmas gift that doesn't break

the budget, a book might be the

answer you're looking for.

the budget, a book might be the answer you're looking for. A book -

no joke - is something that has a

soul, a spirit, that'll enliven you

and make you grow intellectually,

that you'll treasure and love

forever. If you get the right one.

Author Peter FitzSimons's latest

book 'A Simpler Time' remembers an

uncomplicated childhood. It's my

life, but it's everybody's life.

Regional Australia in 1960s was

very, very simple. There's great

deal of nostalgia for that both as

children and parents that were

raising kids in that time. And

these days, books can beed up for a

bargain. We've got some great value

ideas for books for Christmas this

year. Starting for as little as $1,

ranging up to around $30. Kmart's

Vicky Anderson. Cooking books,

biographies, children's books.

Great value for the whole family.

We're well below the recommended

retail pricing on all of our books.

Target's Cassandra Towill says

biographies are popular this year.

Great as a gift item. TV pioneer

Reg Grundy's self-titled memoir

could be a Christmas-stocking

memoir.. Why did you write your

memoirs? I thought, if I'm going to

do it, I should do it now. I knew I

was going to be 87. And I thought

if I didn't do it now, what about

if I kick the bucket and I'm

halfway through a sentence? Still

stuck it -- stuck for a gift idea?

Target recommends Donna Hay's

latest cookbook for mum, Maeve

Binchy's latest novel. Kmart

suggest 'The Cook's Encyclopedia',

suggest 'The Cook's Encyclopedia', just $20.

just $20. What about Dad? He's

always hard to buy for. 'Parky's

People' is less than $30 at Target.

Borders says 'Life with Keith

Richards' is a great read. And Mark

stores. Webber's autobiography has just hit

Buying a present for the kids?

Target suggests the popular 'Diary

of a Wimpy Kid' - just $9.

Borders has 'the Wonky Donkey' box

set, and Kmart's 'My Big Book of

Bedtime Stories' is just $12.

What about the person who has it

all? Comes preloaded with 100 books,

and then you can download up to

1,000 books. This is an e-reader.

Borders' Jodhi Armstrong says, for

$179, you can download books and

carry around a library with you

wherever you go. It's great for

travellers, or even just those

people who catch a train to work

every day. I'm not yet sure that I

can get that blink, blink, blink

having the page turn electronically.

I don't know that that will provide

the same joy, but maybe that is the

great. cutting wave. Awesome. This is

great. cutting wave. Awesome. This is

Stkpwhro More details on those

books at our ACA website.

If you thought the TV show was big,

the new stage show of 'MasterChef'

has taken the cooking craze to a

whole new level. And we've been

given exclusive behind-the-scenes

'MasterChef Live'. access of the first performance of

It feels like a bit of a family


For me, it's a really good thing.

For all us food lovers, it's great.

The cooking extravaganza - off the

box and ready to hit the stage.

This is going to be very funny. box and ready to hit the stage. This is going to be very funny.

This is a sneak peek behind the

scenes of the last rehearse. Give

you all a sense of what happens in

the MasterChef Live studio as we

film. Gary? The best part about

this - all it's all about getting

involved, making your dreams come

true. The show sees the return of

Marion and, of course, this year's

winner, Adam. Over there, over into

these mikes. Over here... These

mikes? I'll keep these in my

pockets. It's very different from

being on a TV show. Even though

there's millions of people watching

you, there's not that many people

around you when you're doing it.

It's a bit nerve-racking, but also

fun. One of the biggest challenges

for the producers of the live show

was to create a stage that would

replicate the real 'MasterChef' set.

They've done it - everything from

the kitchen benches to the product

an incredible show. shelves are are here. It's gonna be


And when the real thing began, it

was everything fans had hoped for -

some plucked from the audience to

(CHEERING) cook with their culinary heroes...

Adam and Marion got a big reception,

and had equally big advice. Don't

try and impress the judges. Just

cook what you want to cook and

impress yourself. Marion, how do

you deal with pressure tests? I

reckon you should cry. (LAUGHTER)

No tears - just a chance for junior

MasterChefs to meet the real thing.

And wonder, perhaps cooking could

change their lives as well.

Basically, I'm travelling around

the country cooking, talking about

true. food. It is an absolute dream come

Thank you so much for coming! Thank you so much for coming!

And the live show is expected to

tour Australia next year. Tickets

are still available for this

our website. weekend's Sydney shows. Details on

After the break on ACA - how to

beat the stress -

This program is captioned live.

On Monday, a story for every driver

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find a shopping-centre car space in

the lead-up to Christmas.

Australia's Christmas car park

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minutes, every time. Yes!

Plus - first it was the supergrain,

now the low-GI superspud - a guilt-

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space. Need to know how to find a car

Those stories on Monday, only on

Have a great weekend. ACA.

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