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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. This morning - New South Wales floodwaters recede

but residents warned to stay away with more heavy rain on the way. Claims the head of WikiLeaks is ready to speak to police as his website releases a new round of secrets. And, they're here. Hundreds of Oprah fans descend on Sydney for their Australian adventure.

This is a dream come true this is awesome, awesome. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Morning News with Ann Sanders. Good morning.

Floodwaters have started receding across the New South Wales Riverina

but hundreds of residents remain in limbo, unable to return to their homes. While the immediate threat has eased in Wagga Wagga, the town is being warned to prepare for further flooding with more heavy rain on the way. Paul Kadak is in Wagga Wagga. Good morning, Paul. The levee around the Murumbidgee River has held. When will the evacuated families be allowed home?

Well, that's the question that

hundreds of people here in Wagga

Wagga are asking. Unfortunately

there is no clearance for them yet.

There was a meeting of hundreds of

evacuated residents last tonight.

The question was asked and the

message from authorities was "

message from authorities was "Not

right now, in fact not until this

next lot of rain comes through in

the next two or three days"

the next two or three days". Only

then will they know what could be

coming now in terms of a new flood

threat. Obviously people are keen to

get back to their homes, they have

been reassured police are on patrol

in case there are looters and

council workers ensuring the levee

is still holding. It is a question

of wait and see. It should be a few

days after this coming rain, a week

or so after the rain, depending on

how heavy the rain is. The SES spelt

it out like this.

We expect with this new band of rain

coming through, which can deliver or

which is predicted to deliver

between 80 and 140mm of rain,

between 80 and 140mm of rain, that we will see significant inflows into

the river, that there is the

possibility of a significant

possibility of a significant rise and there is the possibility that

the current flood emergency will extend for some time yet.

Paul, there has already been plenty

of damage with 34 shires declared

natural disaster areas and millions

of dollars worth of crops lost?

The estimate so far, around half a

billion dollars wiped off what was

meant to be a bumper crop

meant to be a bumper crop in New South Wales, from the rains and

floods now and in October. It's a

bitter blow for farmers. There are

fears that will translate to higher

food prices as we get closer to

Christmas. It has been certainly an

extraordinary year after a decade of

drought, this year rain started

falling at the right time for this

bumper crop to get going. A couple

of months ago came the threat of

locusts spreading through the state

to Jepp daouz that. Then came the

rain and it has been wiping value

off the crop. Some crops down grated

from being able to to be used for

food production and now only to be

used for is the stock feed. With the

human cost of that for the farming

community and business community,

add to that the people who are

waiting in this town and others to

know whether, as Christmas

approaches, their hopes will be

spared by the flood waters that are still to come.

Paul, thank you for the update. Paul

Kadak reporting from Wagga. To Queensland now where a search is under way for a car and its passengers missing in floodwaters near Mackay. The vehicle hasn't been seen since it drove into waters on the Oxford Downs-Sarina Road early this morning. It's not known how many people were inside. The state's big wet is set to continue into the weekend with more heavy rain and storms. Central Queensland has been hardest hit with Emerald isolated by floodwaters. The town has run out of fresh food with 40 fully loaded semitrailers stranded at a service station.

The south-east is also drenched. Brisbane has already received an entire months rainfall. Just three months out from the New South Wales state election a Labor MP is facing criminal charges for corruption. The state's corruption watchdog has found Angela D'Amore acted inappropriately

by allegedly rorting staff entitlements. She's accused of falsifying sitting day relief forms so her staff could work in her parliamentary office instead of her electorate office. The ICAC report is recommending the Director of Public Prosecutions consider charging Ms D'Amore with two offences of misconduct in public office. Australian WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is preparing to meet with UK police after a fresh warrant was issued for his arrest. While he's being pursued over allegations of sexual assault, his website has released a new round of cables, naming potential targets for terrorists. As the net closes on WikiLeaks' elusive Australian founder his lawyers prepare a meeting on his terms, with UK authorities. We are in the process of making arrangements to meet with the police by consent. Julian Assange is wanted by Swedish Police not over his controversial website but allegations of sexual assault which he has vowed to fight. Sweden is obviously seeking extradition but, again, we say it's completely disproportionate because we are offering testimony that they seek. Assange's time in hiding hasn't stopped the release of more highly sensitive diplomatic cables. The latest, a list of Australian sites deemed by the US to be potential terrorism targets. They include the Southern Cross undersea cable to Sydney and a Melbourne drug company which is the US's sole supplier of snake anti-venom. It's grossly irresponsible.

It's contrary by a recent claim that

diplomats were not ordered to spy.

It's grossly irresponsible. The site has also revealed the identities of 23 Australians living in Yemen who are on a US terror blacklist. The Federal Police still haven't determined whether Julian Assange's website has broken any Australian laws but the Prime Minister seems confident he will face charges overseas. Information would not be on WikiLeaks if there had not been an illegal act undertaken. Melbourne police are yet to speak to the parents of a 10-month-old girl who died in the care of a babysitter. The couple left their child for three hours on Friday. When they returned she was fighting for life. The child was taken to hospital but later died. The babysitter says she doesn't know what happened. I do exactly like normal - everything. You know, I am a mother - got two kids, you know. And something turned up. It bad. And I still not know anything. A post-mortem examination is under way. Police are hunting two men

after a Sydney man was stabbed in a home invasion. He's in a serious condition in hospital. The victim tried to fight off his attackers after they forced their way into his Chester Hill home around 10:00 last night. They were wearing balaclavas and armed with a gun and a knife. They fired two shots into the ceiling before running off. A man has been left with head injuries after he was attacked by intruders inside his Melbourne home early this morning. Two balaclava clad men allegedly broke in to the Narre Warren South house, hitting the man over the head. A woman and two young children were home at the time but managed to escape unharmed. Police are searching for the offenders who fled the scene. The search has resumed today for a 40-year-old man who went missing A supreme court jury is deliberating in Sydney for a second day in the trial of Keli Lane. The former water polo champion is accused of murdering her newborn baby, Tegan.

She's pleaded not guilty. 2-day-old Tegan was last seen on September 14, 1996, when the pair left Auburn Hospital. Keli Lane told police she gave the baby to the infant's father. Oprah fever has hit Sydney with the first of her 300 loyal American fans arriving this morning. They'll visit some of our biggest tourist destinations

as part of their Australian adventure.

Seven's Edwina Bartholomew was at the airport to meet them.

Ann, what an absolute media frenzy.

These are some of Oprah's ultimate

fans. 300 of them flew in this

morning on two jumbo jets. These are

the buses that will take them to

their five-star hotel. They didn't

get very much sleep but they are

excited to be here. Much of the trip

is still top secret. When they were

greeted here this morning by a dozen

media crews and journalists, they

knew they are in for an amazing

trip. Here is what some of them had

to say.

Very excited to be in Australia.

What are you going to see?

Anything and everything.

I think they were pretty excited

with take-off and landing.

The best thing on Earth. Almost as

good as having my two babies.

Definitely I'm ready. This is so

awesome. I'm going to cry.

Go on, do cry, it's excited. You are

overcome. Why are you so emotional about this?

This is a dream come true. This is awesome.

Oprah doesn't arrive until tomorrow.

She is flying in on her $

She is flying in on her $42 million

private jet. We will follow these

guys going to Australia. They will

go to WA and Hamilton Island. It's

an all-expenses ultimate trip. Most

people say it's an absolute dream

come true. This afternoon they will

enjoy the harbour, have a walk to

the Opera House and settle into

their hotel rooms in preparation for the two

the two shows filmed on December

14th. Ann. The man behind popular children's character Mr Squiggle has died, aged 89. Norman Hetherington created the pencil-nosed puppet in 1959.

The show was intended as a fill-in program but was so well loved it ran for 40 years. Mr Squiggle's talent was to turn children's squiggles into drawings. Now, what shall we make of it? Oh, now let's think. How's that, Miss Jane? Oh, that's an interesting little start to it. The show was written by Norman's wife, Margaret, and later co-hosted by his daughter, Rebecca. Next in Seven News - what the Reserve Bank's likely to do with interest rates today. A court lays blame over the Concorde crash. And violent scenes on the streets of Greece on the anniversary of a teen's death. (HORSE NEIGHS, SNORTS) (SCOTTISH ACCENT) Countrymen! With these angry onions, we can fire up any Hungry Jack's burger for free!

But today we go to the top - the Angus burger! Let's make it angry! (CROWD ROARS) Fire those spicy, crunchy onions! Hungry Jack's angry onions. Add them to any burger - for free! James Hardie asbestos victims received some peace of mind today. Julia Gillard announced a loan of $160 million to the New South Wales government to ensure victims and their families continue to receive compensation. This, in no way, overrides the moral or legal obligation of James Hardie to continue to make contributions in to the fund. The global financial crisis hit James Hardie profits, limiting their compensation payments. Part of a school in north Queensland has been destroyed by fire. 17 firefighters battled the flames at Mackay North Primary School. The Year 1 special education block was gutted. I must say, the operational crews did an extraordinary job to keep the fire to the actually wing and stop it from spreading to the remainder of the school. A firefighter was treated at the scene before being taken to hospital with unspecified injuries. Police are investigating. The Reserve Bank is tipped to leave interest rates unchanged when it holds its final board meeting for the year today. Economists are predicting rates will remain at 4.75% until April at the earliest after the 0.25% rise on Melbourne Cup Day. Governor Glenn Stevens has indicated the current level is appropriate for the period ahead. To finance now and joining me is David Halliday from Macquarie Private Wealth. Good morning, David. Economists are expecting interest rates to remain steady after today's meeting?

That's right, Ann. I think you

pretty much said it all. The market

is expecting no surprises from

is expecting no surprises from the Reserve Bank today. We got a shock

last month on Melbourne Cup Day when

they rose by 0.

they rose by 0.25% they rose by 0.25%. That

they rose by 0.25%. That combined with the fact the banks lifted their

rates above the official rise by

rates above the official rise by the Reserve Bank, almost guarantees

there will be no surprises for

mortgage holders. When you combine

that fact with the economic data has

been a little bit weaker, there is

almost no case for the Reserve

almost no case for the Reserve Bank to be making a rise this month or

next month. As you said in the

preview, probably not until some

time mid next year. Mortgage holders

can probably rest easier today,

there will not be a shock rise in

interest rates this afternoon at 2: interest rates this afternoon at 2:30. How is the market performing so far today?

A surprise, Ann. We had anaemic

leads last night but the market has

ignored that. We are up 20 points or 0. ignored that. We are up 20 points or 0.2% ignored that. We are up 20 points or

0.2%. The buying is centred around

the resource stocks, BHP and Rio

Tinto doing well today, up by 0.

Tinto doing well today, up by 0.75 and 1.

and 1.25% respectively. A big

in the gold price, it jumped to $

and 1.25% respectively. A big jump in the gold price, it jumped to

$1400 an ounce. Gold stocks are

doing well on the back of that. Newcrest is up by 1%

Newcrest is up by 1%. I must stress,

volumes are again quite weak. It may

be a precursor to the fact the

market is winding down to that

slower Christmas

slower Christmas trading period.

Thank you, David. Continental Airlines says it will appeal after a court in Paris has found it responsible

for the crash of an Air France Concorde which killed 113 people. The supersonic jet smashed into a hotel shortly after taking off from Charles de Gaulle airport in 2000. A piece of metal which had fallen off a Continental plane shredded the Concorde's tyre, causing a fire in its fuel tank. The airline was ordered to pay a fine of $270,000

and $1.5 half million in damages to Air France. Thousands of young people have clashed with Greek police in Athens in protests marking the anniversary of the police killing of a 15-year-old in 2008. The teenagers marched through the streets throwing stones, sticks and bottles. Several grenades and petrol bombs were also hurled into the crowds, some sparking small fires. The 2008 police shooting sparked Greece's worst riots in decades. Two police were convicted for his murder this year. Up to 145 people are feared dead after a landslide in north-western Colombia. Rescue crews are continuing to recover bodies from the mud and rubble

following weeks of heavy rain in the region. Diggers have been sent in to help with the recovery efforts

which are expected to last for several more days. Around 50 homes have also been destroyed after a hillside collapsed. Next in Seven News - another gong for James Courtney. Timana Tahu tipped to be shown the door at the Eels. And, Australia facing a mammoth task to save the second Ashes Test. (SMOOTH MUSIC) Taxi! (SIGHS)

Hello, George. We've run out of capsules up there.

(TYRES SCREECH) Volluto. My favourite. All of it, George. (THUNDER CLAPS) Heaven can wait, George, but not for its capsules. (HORNS HONK, PEOPLE SHOUT) WOMAN: The city has inspired a new line of Nespresso machines. It's been a dramatic start to the final of the second Test with Simon Katich and Stuart Broad both out of the Ashes series with injury after Michael Clarke's dismissal for 80 last night. Marcus North and Mike Hussey were batting to save the Test this morning but Hussey threw his wicket away on 52. COMMENTATOR: Catch. Must be out. Anderson catches it.

Brad Haddin and Ryan Harris followed, leaving England three wickets from a 1-0 series lead. Graeme Swann then took the big wicket - Marcus North for 22. It seems Timana Tahu's days as a Parramatta Eel

could come to an end today. The club is expected to close the door on the dual international's tour of duty following his return to rugby league after a 2-year stint in union. Tahu has failed to return for pre-season training after being given leave by the club to attend to personal matters. AFL hopefuls around the country will find out today if their dream of playing in the big league is still alive.

Former Collingwood forward John Anthony will be rewarded for his month on the training track with the Dockers with Fremantle set to hand him the sixth and final pick in today's pre-season draft. Around 80 players will then be taken in the rookie draft. After claiming his first V8 Supercar title on Sunday, Ford's James Courtney has also picked up the sport's best and fairest award. Courtney claimed the V8 championship title after finishing 14th in Sunday's Sydney Telstra 500 and was awarded the Barry Sheene Medal last night He was chosen for showing outstanding leadership, personality, fan appeal and sportsmanship. Ford star Paul Dumbrell capped off his great end to the season winning the most improved award. A revitalised Lleyton Hewitt believes he can break back into the top 10 in the world tennis rankings. The 2-time grand slam winner is over his injuries and back working with coach Tony Roche. This time of the year is always enjoyable but it's bloody hard work being on the practise court with Rochey and doing a lot of fitness work at the same time. If I play the full year I'd like to play the Masters Cup. I think that's a realistic goal. Hewitt will play the Kooyong Classic in Melbourne for the first time in the lead-up to next month's Australian Open. Boxer Anthony Mundine will put his long-running winning streak on the line against The Contender champion Garth Wood in tomorrow night's middleweight bout at Sydney's Acer Arena. Mundine is unbeaten in his previous 17 fights with his last loss coming against Denmark's Mikkel Kessler in June 2005 but Wood says he's determined to make his mark against the former NRL star. I can't wait. It's something I've been hoping and wishing for ever since I was a kid - to be in the big time, and it's come.

Mundine is hoping to use the bout as his final step before a move to the United States. Stay with me here on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the weather details after this break. (EXHALES) With no interest on purchases until July 1 next year, a new NAB low-rate Visa card lightens your load... you more of a break before reverting to a low rate next July. Enjoy the holidays without interest weighing you down. Apply by December 31, 2010. NAB - more give, less take. (HORSE NEIGHS, SNORTS) (SCOTTISH ACCENT) Countrymen! With these angry onions, we can fire up any Hungry Jack's burger -

Hungry Jack's angry onions. Add them to any burger - for free! Checking the weather now. Low-pressure troughs are generating very warm, thundery weather in South Australia and parts of New South Wales and western Victoria. Cloud over Queensland and the Territory is causing showers and storms.

Cool southerly winds are moving through southern WA with a few showers. Around the country - A few showers in Brisbane. Sydney, the chance of a shower. Similar conditions for Canberra. Melbourne's expecting a few afternoon showers. Fine in Hobart. Hot with showers in Adelaide. Perth, showers. Dawin, a shower or gusty storm. In breaking news - England has just won the second Ashes Test in Adelaide

by an innings and 71 runs to take out a 1-0 lead in the series. And finally, Hollywood stars Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal have walked the red carpet in Sydney for the premiere of their new movie, 'Love and Other Drugs'. The pair was joined by plenty of local celebrities including Lara Bingle and Collette Dinnigan. In the movie Jake plays a ladies man