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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Good evening, I'm Jacqueline

Maddock. Welcome to Ten's Late News.

Tonight - she was drugged &

sexually abused. After 8 years, the

truth - finally - about cruise ship

victim Dianne Brimble. Climate

change meeting - the shock threat

quits, Victoria's premier-elect to power bills. As John Brumby

promises no more secrets. Plus -

Bono and Julia Gillard - as the

rock star paints the town red. Hi

I'm Brad McEwan, in Sports Tonight,

who to pick for the second Ashes

Test. Doug Bollinger's in. So is

Ryan Harris. Mitchell Johnson is

under the pump. He has had a tough

run-in the last week. From A star

grouping for the opening rounds of

the Australian open. And pretty in

pink - comeback queen Libby

Trickett looks the part, but says

don't expect too much too soon.

Doing good times means I'm the top

in the world, in reality it may not

be their weight.

But first, after 8 years, a coroner

has set the record straight on the

cruise ship death of Dianne Brimble.

For the first time, it's been

revealed she was drugged

unknowingly before she was sexually

abused. The coroner called them

anti-social men. Led by Mark

Wilhelm, who she described as an

insipid, cowardly, desperate and

callous man who lied and lacked

courage and decency. It's fitting

that Mark Wilhelm over on his right

shoulder if he had turned around

and looked would see Diannne

Brimble. I would say to Mark

Wilhelm for the rest of his life

whenever he looks over his right

shoulder he will see Dianne Brimble.

It's been four years since the

inquest began into the 2002 cruise

ship death of Dianne Brimble. The

42-year-old died of a lethal mix of

alcohol and the recreational drug

GHB after meeting Mark Wilhelm and

his friends at the ship's disco,

before retiring to their cabin.

The coroner also commended P&O,

saying she is most pleased with the

improvements the company has made

since the inquest began and hoped

Ms Brimble's story would be

confined to history. In September

2002, Dianne Brimble boarded the

P&O cruise ship Pacific Sky in

Sydney. Hours later she was found

dead. The inquest into her death

started four years later. And in

2007, the coroner ended it

to the DPP. prematurely, referring the matter

Today, a result 8 years in the

making. Throughout everything, Ms

Brimble's former husband and then-

partner have stood united, seeking

justice for the mother of their

children. We are happy to have the

pages of history Shirley that those

were the events, this is what took

place it is the manner in which she

recommendations on Friday. died. The coroner will deliver her

There are warnings tonight that

power bills could double over the

latest world push on climate change.

The UN Climate Change Conference in

Mexico is fighting for a high price

on carbon emissions. A $40 a tonne

price on carbon will double the

price of producing electricity.

Quite simply, the costs of inaction

are significantly higher than the

costs of action. We need to get on

with the job. The Climate Minister

is heading to Cancun next week. He

says Australia won't go beyond a 5

per cent emissions cut.

Victoria's Premier-elect Ted

Baillieu has promised a spin and

secrecy free government. As the

Liberal leader took charge,

vanquished Premier John Brumby quit

as Labor leader.

Diving headlong into the top job,

Victorian Premier elect Ted

Baillieu began his first day in

charge with an early morning dip.

It's obviously a very exciting day,

a very humbling day. Leading the

Liberals out of the political

wilderness and into a new era of

conservative rule he promised a

government of substance. Under a

Baillieu Government, what you see

is what you will get. There will be

no hidden agendas, there will be no

spin and there will be no secrecy.

And with $7 billion in election

commitments Ted Baillieu has a lot

of promises to keep. Among them

fixing Melbourne's public transport

woes, delivering 1000 new rail

police. security staff, and 1600 more

The government I lead will be

dedicated to protecting the

families of Victoria.

Coalition leaders checked out their

new offices as they received briefings from senior bureaucrats.

Managing relations with the

Commonwealth could prove an early

challenge as the coalition seeks a

review of the federal-state health


I am sure there are a range of

things they will look at but I am

very confident it's a good deal for


The outgoing Premier may have felt

the sting of rejection from voters,

but there's still plenty of love

for John Brumby. Thank you for the

card. It was lovely. As the

shredders whirred inside his office

and removalists trucked out all

traces of Labor rule, Mr Brumby

bench. announced he'll head to the back

leave politics altogether. He remained silent on whether he'll

The new Government will be sworn in

on Friday.

Security video has been released

showing a man suspected of king-

hitting South Australia's Deputy

Premier. The suspect is seen

speaking to security staff outside

an Adelaide nightclub moments

before the Sunday attack. They've

appealed for him - or anyone who

knows him - to come forward. For a

new scandal has broken out this

Australia lobbies to win the World

Cup. This is supposed to be a good

news story, two countries will

emerge this week as the host

nations of the World Cup. The lead-

up to that has been overshadowed by

these corruption scandals. To

members of the Fifa executive

committee we stood down over the

first cash for votes scandal and

now the BBC Panorama program has

indicated three more certain

members of the committee is doing

dodgy deals and in the 90s. Now

Frank Lowy has distanced Australia

from his entire affair. He says he

does not believe everything he

reads and season it does not read

anyway because he is not the

president of fever he is the

president of the F F A, and he is

line. in Ceric to push Australia over the

There was a time when Australia was

given a snowball's chance of

hosting a World Cup. But now the

on Australia's bid. sun is shining in Switzerland and

It's a good omen for us and we can

look at this that we are ready for

the grand final. That's the top

secret presentation the bid team is

rehearsing. Featuring a film by

renowned director Phillip Noyce. It

was all systems were, as they say

at Cape Kennedy, go. But faith in

FIFA itself is under fire after Britains' Panorama program levelled

more allegations of bribery at its

executive committee. It's a secret

document which some people at FIFA

hoped would stay buried forever.

The Aussies are doing their best to

sidestep the scandal. You can only

control what's in your sphere.

That's what we're doing. After the

last corruption expose - the

Oceania President was stood down.

Now, it looks like the Vice

President could take his place and

his vote for Australia. They have

declared who they are going to vote

for some time ago and that can't be

bad, can't be a bad thing. Come

Friday - it's all or nothing. The

harsh reality is, we may not win.

And if Australia's bid for 2022

fails, it could be a very long time

before we can try again, with any

reasonable chance of success. And

by then. I'll be watching from

somewhere else, I think. Some of

the world's most famous landmarks

are being used to highlight the

global battle against HIV. And

Australia is playing its part.

Ten's Frank Coletta has more from

Sydney Harbour. In the global push

to raise awareness in the battle

against HIV, more than a 80

prominent landmarks around the

world we live up in red at like

this our very own Sydney Opera

house and the Harbour Bridge and

the honour went to the star of you

to, he was in town for the 360

degree tour. He got to fit this

which as well as some prominent

politicians. Doubt under, my us, I

feel on top of the world even if it

rains when I am in Sydney, you have

done an incredible thing and

pulling us together. The occasion

has been used to encourage the

straying government to provide more

financial assistance for health

education in the developing world.

The pioneering spirit of this

country is what it is going to take

to win against this winnable war

against this tiny little virus

caught HIV/Aids which has wreaked

so much ever can the world. But

they remain very serious problems

in Australia. The incidents of

sexually transmitted diseases are

on the increase, 62,000 in the past

year alone. Majority in the 15 to

29 age group. Globally, 23 million

people are living with Aids, 7,000

are infected daily. After the break

- the new twist in the Wikileaks

scandal. The price of lobsters to

plummet. Plus - after a life of

granting wishes - the Oprah fan

whose own wish has come true.

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This program is captioned live.

Australia's obesity epidemic is so

bad, doctor's are being trained to

deliver super-sized babies by

breaking their bones. The

Queensland AMA claims up to one

thousand large newborns are being

traumatised at birth each year

because their shoulders are so big

they get stuck during labor.

To collapse the shoulders and get

the baby out. It's an obstetrics

emergency and life-saving obstetric

treatment has to be implemented to

save the babies lives.

one killer. Obesity is now Queensland's number

Wiki-leaks could be declared a

terrorist organisation for exposing

embarrassing American diplomatic

secrets. And the Australian

government is backing White House government is backing White House

threats to prosecute the online

whistleblower. The first steps in neutralising a diplomatic disaster.

The US deeply regrets any

information which was intended to

be classified. Such as America's

embarrassing nicknames: Russia's

Prime Minister Putin, the alpha dog.

Nicolas Sarkozy, the naked emperor.

And a rude Prince Andrew. The 250,000 explosive documents also

detail how the Arab States are

urging America to attack Iran over

its nuclear program. Failed

attempts by the US to get enriched

uranium out of Pakistan, That China

is ready to abandon North Korea as

an ally, And that Hillary Clinton an ally, And that Hillary Clinton

signed off on orders to spy on the

UN. Australia is still waiting for

some 900 Canberra documents, to UN. Australia is still waiting for

surface. We're now going through

the painstaking job of searching

all of the cables that are and

proposed to be released to ensure

that Australia's national security proposed to be released to ensure

interests have not been adversely

impacted upon. The intelligence

officer suspected of stealing the

files may be prosecuted. So too

Wikileaks Australian founder Julian

Assange. Who's in hiding. Not

publishing anything at all would

mean not publishing the abuses.

There are calls for Wikileaks to be

classified an international terror

organisation. One of my colleages

said, well, don't worry, you should

hear what we say about you. But,

it's not all over the internet. 271

never before seen art works by

Pablo Picasso have been discovered

in France. A retired electrician

and his wife have come forward with

the collection, which is worth more

than 82 million dollars. They claim

the undocumented art works, dating

back to the 1900s were a gift. But

the artist's family is suing, and

French police are investigating.

Picasso was known for his

generosity but his son Claude says

he always dated and signed his

gifts. The price of rock lobsters

is expected to plunge because of a

mysterious importation ban by China.

While some retailers were today

selling crayfish for $75 a kilo,

prices could drop as fishermen try

to offload their excess catches

locally. But the embargo has hit

Australia's fishing industry hard.

Fishermen are now calling on a

certain former prime minister to

intervene. Feel I had Kevin Rudd it

is using his many run to what we

find out why China is not taking

our crayfish. Those did and the

love theme. For two thousand years

they helped guard the tomb of a

chinese emperor, but now some of

the famed terracotta warriors have

made the journey down under. The

warriors will go on show at the Art

Gallery of New South Wales,

providing a fascinating insight

into an ancient lifestyle. In the

shadow of the burial site of

China's first emperor - the spoils

of his tomb are revealed. An

undergound world complete with

royal gardens, chariots and

entertainers. All guarded by an

army of life-size warriors. The

first emperor - he planned his tomb

complex when he ascended the throne

at just thirteen. From a young age,

it seems the emperor was obsessed

with the afterlife and wanted to

ensure his was not spent alone. So

many pieces were created to

accompany him, they're still being

uncovered 36-years after the first

item was dug up by a farmer

building a well. The story is still

going on and on and on. They've

brought an estimated 2000 of these

figures - there's still an

estimated 8000 to come. And each is

different to the last - detailed by hand to create different

personalities. Just ten feature in

the exhibition but clever tricks

multiply that number.. The return

of the warriors marks a return to blockbuster exhibitions for the

gallery after renovations forced a gallery after renovations forced a

reduced program. And what could be

bigger than this - the most important archeological discovery

of the twentieth century? The First

opens tomorrow night. Emperor: China's Entombed Warriors

Good evening. A solid start to a

month by Whelan to the end of

November, what happened. It was a

weak finish to the market. Down 34

points. The thing that keeps our

markets on whaling. It is the

concerns out of Europe regarding

the concerns for governments and

banks. In contrast, with some of

the hard data, American

manufacturing books like it will

stay in positive territory. Some

data released today suggests the

Australian economy remains in the

brewhouse, employment at full

capacity. We are about to be

swamped by key data, GDP key

amongst those. It kicks off tonight

in America with information

regarding business conditions with

the Chicago PMI index,

manufacturing data and the Federal

Reserve's own survey, locally, GDP

numbers out here will be interest

rate sensitive. That will have a

key impact if it comes in lower

than 0.5, it will reinforce market

expectations that the Reserve Bank

will remain on hold and December.

After a life of granting wishes to

others, one of Oprah's biggest fans

has had one of her wishes granted.

But the charity worker's dream has

only come true after help from one

hundred grateful friends. We are

counting down the days until our

Australian adventure. Of the 12,000

people who wanted us to see Oprah

when a free 95% are from Australia.

But there would only be a few with

friends as determined as Christine

Bullivant's. Contacted all our

friends and asked them to register

for there ballot and put Chris down

as their guests to go along. More

than 100 people did just that - and

one was lucky enough to win tickets.

I am very grateful and very excited.

So why were all these people so

keen to do something for Christine?

Because for the past 16 years,

Christine has spent all her time

doing things for other people. She

currently works for Father Chris

Riley's Youth off the Streets, and

was the longest serving member of

the Starlight Foundation, granting

wishes for sick children. She is

probably the most generous and

giving an unselfish person I have

ever known. Oprah is her hero. For

little things can make a huge

difference. People think I am I any

one person, she has convinced a lot

of people that as a one-man band

you can do a lot. And Oprah has

been doing some of her little

things again - in a special episode

airing on Ten tonight, she reunites

an American fan and her Aussie pen-

pal and puts another fan on the

plane to Perth. My shell Brian. And

if Christine is lucky enough to

meet Oprah - she knows exactly what

she's going to say. You have been a

great inspiration in my life. She

looks like a worthy winner. Now we