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Tonight - millions left short of

cash. The computer glitch that's

spread to the major banks.

Miracle survival - seven weeks lost

at sea - the teens given up for dead.

Plus - a superstar tribute to New

Zealand's miners, as another

explosion strikes at Greymouth.

Hello, I'm Tim Webster.

This is Ten's Late News. Also

Big Apple. tonight, Kylie, on parade in the

But first - there's been an

escalation of the Korean crisis.

Earlier tonight, smoke could be

seen from artillery fired by North

Korea. The South says no shells

landed in its territory in what

appears to have been a drill. And

new video has emerged following

North Korea's attack on the south

earlier this week. Two soldiers and

two civilians died in the shelling.

Millions could be left short of

cash this weekend because of a

computer glitch now affecting

customers at several major banks.

The NAB's system crashed on

Wednesday and it could take days to

fix. It's a rare day when a bank

says "sorry", especially this many

times. We are very apologetic. We

are extremely apologetic. We are

very apologetic. We're very

apologetic. The National Australia

Bank is "apologetic" because more

than 2 days after a computer

meltdown, many customers still

can't make payments and

transactions through Eftpos, ATM's

and online. I absolutely understand

that people are very, very annoyed

about this. They really need to

pick up their game. They charge a

lot for what they offer. And I

think simple access to your own

cash is probably pretty important.

There is things they could have

done to make it a bit easier. I understand people are very annoyed

about this. And the problem's

spread - the Commonwealth, ANZ, spread - the Commonwealth, ANZ,

HSBC and Citi all confirming some customers have been affected.

Perhaps most frustrating for NAB

customers, the bank won't confirm

exactly how the problem occurred,

other than to say it was caused by

some kind of corrupt file. They

can't even confirm if it could

happen again. And there's no word

yet on when it will be fixed. Ah,

it's a little bit annoying, but

these things happen. I understand.

Technology unfortunately is a

failable instrument. But- in a rare

piece of positive banking news,

Australian's have saved $120

million a year since it became

compulsory for banks to declare on

screen the cost of using a foreign

ATM. People have responded to

knowing what the foreign fee is

going to be, by changing their behaviour.

There's some early Christmas cheer

for borrowers from the Reserve Bank

Chief: official interest rates are

on hold. Glenn Stevens won't say

for how long, but economists are

predicting no move on rates for at least six months.

He's the man with his hands on the

levers, Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stevens unapologetic about his

Melbourne Cup Day official rate

rise of 0.25%. We judge this to be

the appropriate setting for the

period ahead. No sooner had

Americain run past the post than the Commonwealth Bank gazumped Americain run past the post than

borrowers by almost doubling the

Reserve's rate. The politicians

howled, gouging. I don't think the

here. banks have a great deal of choice

The Governor sides with the Big

Fours' arguments on borrowing costs

and only held its rise to a quarter

percentage point because they

expected the banks to go further.

But relief for those under mortgage

stress is at hand. At this stage,

the expectations are fairly gradual

and not close together increases. A

number of economists now say

official rates will be on hold for

at least six months and to peak at

five per cent. One of the Liberal

MPs on the Economics Committee won

reluctant endorsement from Glenn

Stevens for a cost benefit analysis

of the National Broadband Network.

There ought to be a proper cost

benefit analysis of that case in

those circumstances. This is going

to be the most inspected piece of

infrastructure in the history of Australia. It's an argument infrastructure in the history of

accepted by the senate, despite

every Opposition delaying tactic in

the book the legislation paving the the book the legislation paving the

way for the NBN Co to take over Telstra's wholesale network finally Telstra's wholesale network finally

got he nod. There being 30 ayes and got he nod. There being 30 ayes and

28 noes the matter is resolved in

the affirmative. Hear! Hear! After

being given up for dead, three

teenage boys have been rescued -

after 50 days lost at sea. They

survived by sipping water and

eating a seagull 'raw'. After 50

days at sea - this is the moment

these three boys touched dry land.

Escorted by the Fijian navy,

dehydrated, malnourished and barely

able to walk. They had survived on

a few coconuts, a fish and a lone

seagull they'd eaten raw. The boys'

physical appearance was just

heartbreaking. In October the three

teenagers aged 14 and 15 from teenagers aged 14 and 15 from

Tokelau set out to row one hundred

kilometres between atolls. But they

drifted in the tiny aluminum dinghy

until they were spotted by a tuna

boat. They'd been given up for dead. boat. They'd been given up for dead.

The boat they took was brand new

apparently. Relatives were ecstatic. apparently. Relatives were ecstatic.

Yes, I happy, I cry, I want to Yes, I happy, I cry, I want to

dance, laugh. To survive so long -

nothing short of a miracle. Their

bodies would have broken down,

broken the protein down to try and

nourish itself and in the end

you've got no more protein. They

did have rainwater, thanks to the

heavens. But that ran out, forcing

them to drink sea water a day

before rescue. They would have had

problems with seizures and other

things. A number of days and they

would have been in real trouble.

They're now recovering in hospital,

but still likely to be in trouble

once their families catch up with

them. There's been a third

explosion at the Pike River mine in

New Zealand. It happened just

minutes before the country paused

to mark 1-week since the first

blast. Music for a nation in

mourning. This is for your 29 lost

to this earth but not to the

eternal. U2 dedicated a song to the

men, as all 29 names scrolled across big screens.

the sea. SINGS: with tears like a river to

New Zealand observed a moment's

silence, exactly one week since the

deadly explosion. Just five minutes

earlier - there was a third blast.

No-one was injured in this one. It

lasted for 20 seconds in as far as

we can tell from the footage it was

more than the two explosions

whippet already. A jet engine from

Queensland will suck oxygen out of

the mine - meaning recovery could

start early next week. We want to

get people out of the mine ASAP.

Pike River Coal has $77 million in insurance, which will guarantee

workers wages until the end of the

year, beyond that the company's

future is uncertain. More than $1.5

million has already been donated to

a trust fund. There is a future for

these families without their loved

ones, and we have to make that as

easy as we can. A condolence book

at the New Zealand High Commission

in Canberra is filling with

tributes. Greymouth is preparing to

honour its miners with a remembrance service next Thursday.

Still to come, Jetstar facing

industrial action for sacking a

protesting pilot. And Kylie -

parading her talent in New York.

This program is captioned live.

Hundreds have gathered at the

funeral of a family, stabbed to

death in their home near Adelaide.

16-year-old Chantelle Rowe, and her

parents Andrew and Rose, were

murdered in the town of Kapunda,

two weeks ago. We are all here to

say goodbye, but the question is

why? It makes no sense. The service

was attended by Christopher Rowe,

the only surviving member of the

family, who'd been away when his

parents and sister were killed. An

18-year-old man has been charged.

It ranks third in Australian death

rates, behind prostate and breast

cancer. But doctors still don't

know why still-birth numbers are on

the rise.

One in every four pregnancies in

Australia will end in loss. A

shattering blow couples struggle to

come to grips with. The reality is

nobody falls pregnant and thinks,

"Well, I won't make any plans or

get excited or have any dreams for

our family until the baby is here."

For Amanda Bowles, a miscarriage

was followed by Jesse's still-birth.

As a person I changed very much,

it's very isolating to have lost a

child through pregnancy, I hid away

from the world. While cot death

numbers drop, still-births are on

the rise. Most people are very

uncomfortable about the idea fo a

baby having died, what to say, how

to best support them so for parents,

it's an opportunity to talk through

and explore their emotions, to help

name them. I didn't know I'd have

the strength to survive it. The

number of babies who are still-born

rates only behind prostate cancer

and breast cancer deaths. That's an

average of six still-births each

day. Psychologists say women and

their partners need to break their

silence. To accept that the cot's

going to be empty, and the nursery

won't be filled with laughter and

joy. Amanda chose to write about

her feelings. With singer Phoebe

Banker they turned those emotions into song.

SINGS: live among the angels, you

sleep among the stars. Those who've

endured similar heartache are now

finding different ways to cope with

their grief. It includes sharing

their stories in blogs and getting

behind a push to bring Australia

into line with other countries in

marking October 15 as Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.

A young Perth mother has been

charged with murder over the

drowning death of her toddler. The

two-year- old boy was found

floating at a popular beach north

of Perth. Police originally

believed the death was an accident

after the 22 year old woman called

triple-oh saying she couldn't find

her son. What police will allege is

that she went to the carpark - she

has taken the child down to the sea,

and from there he has been murdered AT:

The mother was charged after police

viewed security vision. Business

and finance news now with Nick

Walter of Macquarie Private Wealth.

And Nick, a pretty quite day on our

market, but that was to be

expected? We're at this time of

here, the Thanksgiving holiday in

America has an impact on markets.

It'll go for their long weekend. Market Walloons though considerably.

We saw only 60% of the normal daily

volume traded through the market

today. A Michael has a 10 points

yesterday and another seven points

today. Only small gains. Leading

the way today of all companies,

Woodside end oil search.

Australia's largest oil company's.

Your price pushed through a $4 a

barrel. At the other end of the

spectrum was a risk decrepit

leisure issuing another profit

warning, its shares lost 20 cents -

- 20% a share. They cited weakening

economic conditions in the major

markets in the US. The casino

operators do not seem to be

expanding or developing new

projects. A significant impact on

earnings. We also heard from the

Reserve Bank governor who was presenting to Parliamentary

committee. One of the questions he

was asked was we thought interest

rates would be this time next year.

He said I had no idea. The sight of

positives and negatives and the

Australian economy and warned it

interest rates up more likely to

rise than anything but monetary

policy right now was exactly what

they wanted it. Interesting

comments from him.

The All Ordinaries finished flat.

The ANZ was the best of the big

banks and Rio Tinto was the best of

the mining giants. Aristocrat

Leisure took a 19 per cent tumble.

The Australian dollar is buying 97

American cents. To the commodites,

gold and oil are firmer. Another

Australian businessman has been

jailed in China on suspicion of

embezzlement. He is behind bars

after a dispute with his Chinese

business partner. I can never

prejudge a case like this. Charges

have not been Labor we are

providing consular assistance. We

need to respect the legal systems

and other countries. It much stern

who was just for 10 years in China

on bribery and corruption charges.

The mayor can commanding Australian

troops commanding in Afghanistan

believes that troops could be out

in half the time. The Prime

Minister has given 2014 as the date

for the draw down on their combat

troops in Afghanistan. A senior

American commander believes we

could in part because of our

success in killing top tell a barn

field commanders. With the Dutch

gone, this US colonel commands

coalition troops including

Australians. He knows what he wants

from them. Killing insurgents, he

says, his core business. You are

got rid of most of the leaders over

the last 10 months. With really

targeted dramatic events. At Ten

News when with them on any real to off far flung Australian patrol

bases. He believes things are going

so well our combat troops could be

out well before 2014. By told the

Prime Minister a few months ago

that two to four years is right.

Everything I have seen since that

time confirms it. The Australian

American announce works brilliantly

on the ground. The Australians and

Americans are made out of the same

material we speak to different

languages that is something we have

to have worked our way through. But

remains a dirty war, targeted

killings against the tell of farm.

The landscape looks rural and

peaceable but looks to see. Patrols

come across a collection of Olda

mortar bombs, not explosives and

these to be made up into improvised

bombs that caused a great deal of

carnage. How much carnage. Every

Deagon knows the cost of a lapse in concentration.

Kylie Minogue has a lot to be

thankful for. The Pop Princess has

appeared in her very first Macy's

Thanksgiving Parade. Surrounded by

ducks and rugged up for the winter

weather, Kylie belted out one of

her new hits for the Big Apple.

It's quite a coup for Kylie - who's

trying to crack the US music scene.

You know you've made it when you

line-up alongside Shrek and

SpongeBob Squarepants! Next, the

threat to Jetstar services over a

controversial sacking. And -

earning their stripes - Australia's

recruits in the battle to save the tiger. MAN: Don't tell me I lack vision. Do not. Dare not. Fate could not stop me. Nor prejudice. A doctor's prognosis. Or can't, won't or don't.

And when people ask me how I compete with sighted competitors, I tell them, "They never see me coming."

This program is captioned live.

Actress Cate Blanchett has put

renewable energy back in the

spotlight - and sunlight. She's

flicked the switch for 2,000 solar

panels on the Sydney Theatre

Company building at Walsh Bay. As artistic co-directors, Blanchett

and husband Andrew Upton want to

set a sustainable example to other

businesses. It's not only a

practical way to tackle climate

change and reduce our emissions,

but it's also a symbol the city can

be proud of. It's Australia's

second-largest rooftop solar array,

and will generate 80-percent of the Theatre's power.

New polling shows tomorrow's

Victorian election is too close to

call. Today the leaders were

shoring up every vote they could.

The Premier spent the final hours

of his campaign continuing to woo

marginal seats. With the polls

tightening, he appealed to voters

for another chance. I would accept

that there are some things that we

have done haven't been perfect, far

from it. And I understand if we are

re-elected we need to do better and

I intend to do better. For Ted

Baillieu it's his second, and

almost certainly his last election,

as opposition leader - win or lose

- but he's refusing to contemplate

defeat. I'm focused on tomorrow, to

the extent I'm focused on Sunday is

the extent I'm focused on Sunday is

the opportunity to govern. And this

is what Victorians have to consider.

Among Labor's big ticket items is a

bootcamp plan for Year 9s. While

the Liberal party has pinned its

the Liberal party has pinned its

hopes on a big cut to stamp duty.

Law and Order also a campaign focus.

John Brumby and Ted Baillieu

promising hundreds of extra police.

In Health, Labor is selling a $1.5 billion

billion hospital package while the

Liberals are promising a $1 billion

health infrastructure fund. Voters

will decide tomorrow.

It opens at 8 o'clock in the

morning and they're open until 6

o'clock tomorrow night. Despite

being put last on four inner-city Liberal how-to-vote cards, the

Greens haven't given up hope of

winning the party's first lower

house seat in the Victorian

Parliament. I'm very hopeful we'll

see extra Greens in the Parliament,

certainly our vote is up.

Jetstar could face industrial

action for sacking a pilot who's publicly criticised the airline.

The union delegate has gone public

- accusing Jetstar of compromising

safety to save cash. Jetstar and

the pilots union are at war over a

proposal to base some of its pilots

in Asia. And as a union delegate,

First officer Joe Eakins has spoken

out on that issue and against

Jetstar hiring less experienced

pilots. By reducing those minimum

hours to 200 hours, we believe as

AIPA, there could be significant

reduction in safety margins. He was

fired after voicing his concerns

online. But Jetstar says the

sacking is nothing to do with

safety issues. They say he was terminated for misleading its

customers. Malicious

customers. Malicious misrepresentations into the

marketplace, public statements that

were materially inaccurate and take

a real risk of misleading the

travelling public. I believe the travelling public. I believe the

concerns that I've raised were

reasonable and legitimate. I

believe I was acting within my

rights as a union representative.

Joe Eakins had criticised Jetstar's

strategy of basing some of its

pilots in Singapore, a move he said

would cut their base salary by

almost 50 per cent. Jetstar says

that's wrong and another reason for

his dismissal. Pilots will fight

the sacking next week in the Fair

Work Commission and haven't ruled out industrial action.

Adelaide Zoo's Wang Wang and Funi

are one step closer, to making

Panda babies. On the first

anniversary of their arrival, Funi

is showing signs she'll be ready

for motherhood, next year. After a

year in Adelaide, Wang Wang and

Funi are now all grown up. They're

used to our bamboo, they're used to

the Australian climate and

conditions and they're very relaxed.

They're enjoying our bamboo so much,

they've packed on the pounds. Wang

Wang has gained 12 kilograms, now

weighing in at 1 hundred and 25.

Little Funi is up by 15, tipping

100. And, she's still growing. Funi

will turn 5 next August. At the 5.5

year mark, we are looking at

putting them together to see how

they behave together. Keepers hope,

come next spring, they'll be ready

to mate. Funi has just come into

season, for the first time -

showing signs she's almost ready to

be a mother..

She was calling out to Wang Wang

and he was making noises back, sort

of like a bleating and you'd never

expect that from a big fella like him!

They've been trying to rub up to

each other, get close to each other.

Since Wang Wang and Funi arrived,

Adelaide has gone panda crazy.

Wang Wang and Funi have attracked

750,000 visitors to the zoo in just

one year, generating more than $10

million in ticket sales alone.

Overall numbers, are up by 70 per

cent. Visitors from interstate and

overseas, up by 25. The Tudors

weapons and the fight to save the

so much untidy have gone on show at

a zoo South Sydney. The twin tubs

of the first born to the mother and

father with fewer than 400 tigers

in the wild, the clubs will play a

vital wrong in conserving the

species. We have won the loose at

Cape -- a shy guy, one female who

is very adventurer. In two years

the cuts will leave the mother to

be part of a global breeding

program. The weather is next and

then the Ashes battle is

intensifying. Yes, Tim. Mike Hussey

came to the rescue for Australia

today. We'll have all the action -

in around 5 minute's time. The

Aussies in trouble before Mr

Cricket lives up to his name. Look

who's joined the Giants. And Stuart

Appleby versus a Lamborgini.

This program is captioned live.

Cloud over SA and Victoria is

causing widespread showers

installed. Ragged cloud over NSW is

causing shattered skulls and a

thunderstorm. Coastal cloud over Queensland is causing Unley

isolated showers. There is a trough

and the East there will spread Hebe

rainfall and storms across the NT.

There is a moist easterly along the

Queensland coast. The high will

clear SA with call gusty wind and

in the West will draw in gusty storms and

And that's the latest from Ten News.

Sports Tonight with Rob Canning is next I'm Tim