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Hello. I am Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome

to A Current Affair. Tonight,

tracking down the bit men bandits

and they are not happy about it.

Dirty, rotten taxis and find out

what they think about you. And Con

is back - our most famous fruiterer

has returned to TV. First, to this

extraordinary story involving a

burqa-clad Muslim mother of seven

and a dispute with a police officer.

Race, religion, bigotry and the

truth were all under the microscope

today, as Carnita Matthews was

sentenced to six months' in jail

for making a false complaint about a police officer.

VIDEO FOOTAGE: You are a racist. I

am telling you now you are a racist.

If you are going the say anything

other than abusing me. No, you are

abusing me. Carnita Matthews,

for now. guilty as charged, but out of jail

REPORTER: Anything to say about the

sentence? Is it unfair, do you

think? You don't go lying about

people or making up stories and

grabbing on racism just to try to

get your way.

VIDEO FOOTAGE: I don't appreciate

being called racist because you

didn't read something properly and

you are not doing the right thing.

Carnita Matthews didn't like being

pulled ore for a random breath test

five months ago, believed it was

because she was wearing a burqa.

She didn't like being asked to

reveal her face to Senior Constable

allowed. Fogarty, telling him she wasn't

I am trying to explain to you. A

magistrate said she became verbally

hysterical when she got a ticket

Plates. for incorrectly displaying her P-

She told the officer "it is crap"

and accused him five or six times

of being a racist, saying to him,

"You are going to be in trouble."

100%." It was upheld, that would

seriously damage his whole

professional role in the police

force. She even went to the media

with her false accusations. He

actually punched my veil and I

pulled back. It is what she did

next that landed her in big trouble.

She made a formal complaint and statutory declaration that the

officer had acted in a racist

manner and even had tried to rip

off her veil. It is unfair and it

is the ugliest accusation you can

make. Fortunately it is all there

on the patrol-car video, or put

more accurately, not there.

Thankfully, there was a camera in

the back of the car that actually

filmed the whole thing or that

officer would be skewered. What

makes her story really rich is in

court her lawyer argued it wasn't

her who made the false complaint to

police. He argued that because she

couldn't be seen under her burqa,

and no-one checked her ID, it may

not have been her. Now she is

trying to say, "For, it was another

person wearing the burqa. Her

twin." It is very clever. It is

game playing. I think the

magistrate recognised this quite

early. Magistrate Robert Ravage

said the evidence it was her was

overwhelming. He is the hero of

talkback for calling her crime

"malicious and ruthless and a cheap

and easy shot". He sent her to jail

for six months. She was out this

afternoon on bail and ready to

appeal. Keysar Trad from the

Islamic Friendship Association of

Australia says she shouldn't go to

jail for the sake of her seven

children. I wasn't in the court,

but sometimes judges like to make

an example of people and it

certainly feels this is a case

where compassion might have been a

much better-received outcome.

REPORTER: Why? The lady has a

number of chin and family

commitments. Because I have got my

P-Plates on. The judge said she had

been malicious and ruthless about

the police officer's life. Well,

look -- She didn't show compassion

for him. We are talking about

compassion for the children.

Fairness is a two-way issue here.

Radio 2JB's announcer doesn't bow

it. She was prepared for the

policeman to pay a high price. A

dent on his reputation of an

accusation of racism will never

clear. It ruins your career. There

is one obvious solution. I believe

this is proving a strong case for a

total ban on wearing a burqa. And

he has plenty of support. That is

our culture. I can look at you and

you can look at me - that is how it

works. Carnita Matthews will go to

the District Court to appeal the

sentence. I think justice has been

certificateed and I think this is a

major wake - served and I think the

is a major wake-up that this will

just walk away and it will not.

This proves my argument, we must be

an open-faced society. You are

going to be in trouble. 100%. OK.

See you. Bye-bye. Bye-bye. Islamic

leaders said today that it is

permissable for women to reveal

their face to a policeman when

requested. Now to the "Bitumen

Bandits" roaming surburban streets

across Australia. More than 100

gangs of mostly British tradesmen

are currently going door-to-door

looking for the next homeowner they

can bully into paying thousands or

shoddy driveway work. They are on

the run from police and the Office

of Fair Trading, so it was an

explosive encounter when we caught

them on camera.

Go, go, go, go! They attacked us.

If we get out here they will start

clobbering us. You saw the way they

attacked the car. They chased us...

They are getting out. They tried to

run us off the road... (horn hoots)

Their ringleader goes by name Billy

Smith and he's mad as hell that we

found them. We want to put a stop

to these people because they are

ripping off Australians of

thousands of dollars. For over 15

years, gangs of rogue door-to-door

bitumen driveway layers have been

on the run right across Australia.

I'm hurt. I am traumatised. I am

angry. They are aggressive. He was

getting angry and he was shaking.

The threats were scaring me. They

are intimidating. I think they are

vultures. And they are Masters of

man place. They lied to me.

Knocking on doors and ready to

bully their next unsuspecting

victim into paying them thousands

oaf dollars for shoddy driveways.

But tonight, the luck of this

particular band of bandits has run

out. We are here in Killarney on

the border of Queensland and NSW.

They don't care who they rip off or

how they go about it. At the end of

the day, they just want your money

and nothing is going to stand in

their way. Their modus operandi is

nearly always the same. They tell

homeowners they have got some

leftover bitumen and it is in the

resident's best interest to buy it

from them. Dodgy doing a job they

shouldn't do and not paying their

taxes. They conned mechanic Paul

Fish out of nearly $1,000 and all

he's got to show for it is an

eroding driveway of gravel. I can

obviously easily get through to the

dirt. How long will that take to

wash away? Probably not long. This

is where we tracked them down.

Desperate to drum up business in a

hurry, the bandits door-knocked

every home in this street and

because it is so rural, it is easy

to hide. They never leave a phone

number or company name. If they do,

it is a lie. You can forget a

receipt. These snakes will only

accept cash. Ray Bowman is one of

the luckier locals. Just before he

handed over $2, 500 cash, we told

him of the scam. I said, "You got a

number I can ring you back?" He

wouldn't give me his number. On the

way to another job this is where

the bitumen truck drove down so

they jumped in the car and headed

into town - or so we thought. Just

as we were getting up close to the

vehicle, the men returned and four

burly, angry blokes jumped out of

the car and attacked us. Go, go, go,

go. Our cameraman just made it back

to the car before they started

pounding our windows and that is

when the car chase began. If we

just get out of here they will

start clobbering us. You saw the

way they attacked the car. 15kms

from the nearest town, the four

enraged bandits were out to stop us

and teach us a lesson. When we

wouldn't, they tried to run us off

the road. Do we really want to go?

I am not surprised at all that they

chased you. That is the type of

people they are. They are very

intimidating. When Bailey Pshley

refused to pay $4,000 for his

driveway disaster "Bitumen Bandits"

in the Ipswich area threatened him.

They even followed Eva to her ATM

in country Queensland, demanding

she hand over $5, 500. They were

intimidating... 82-year-old was hit

by a bit men gang roaming NSW.

$2,000 and absolutely hopeless. AD:

Right now there could be con men in

your town, in your suburb. The

Government is so concerned about

door-to-door scammers, it has

released a special television

warning. Don't be tempted by cheats

today-only or cash-only offers. For

home res,s you only local,

reputable people. They are on the

move. They never come back after

doing a dodgy job. Tony Johnson

from Australia's Office of Fair

Trading. They will want to do a

quick job for cash. AD: If you are

suspicious, make a note of their

name and Carindales. I want to stop

it from happening. They are the

lowest of the low. Remember that

face and if you have any experience

with this mob of rogue contractors,

we'd like to know about it. Just

call or send through an email. If

you are heading out tonight,

chances are at some stage you will

be looking for a cab. With any luck,

you will get a good one - clean and

with a driver who knows where he is

going. More likely, you won't. We

went on a raid with taxi inspectors

who found plenty of cabs in

ordinary shape and drivers youing

up to have a whinge of their own. -

queuing up to have a whinge of

their own. Excuse me. Never used

them. Rather walk. Friday night and

drive my van and you deal me if

they are filth. I am not going with

you because I have got your plate.

We come from England and we just

wanted a quick 5- minute cab but he

took us 10 minutes the wrong way.

REPORTER: Do you grow some taxi

drivers don't know where they are

going? Yes, they don't. Complaints

about cabs. I live in the inner-

city and offence they don't want to

pick you up and take you a short

distance. It is almost a national

sport. I don't want to take a small

job. Maybe I have a headache or

changeover. If you only want to go

57 minutes, it is like $15. (5

minutes) that is expensive. Pay at

least $10. Why are you taking cabs.

Why if a taxi comes for everyone to

kick? It is 11am at Melbourne

Airport and the taxi inspectors

have swooped. Today we've had a

couple of taxis put off the road,

grounded by their conditions. The

problem is we have two tyres on the

front of the vehicle with the same

problem. It has caused the tyre to

blow out. What is the reasons for

the security camera not separating.

What are you going to do? Nothing.

Nothing? He says it needs changing.

The watchdog certainly did. You

can't operate as a taxi cab until

the front two tyres are replaced.

The point of these regular checks

is to keep the public safe, but all

of the cabbies want to do is

complain. I want to talk.

REPORTER: What do you want to talk

about? These people. They will stop

anywhere, everywhere, right. This

is salute humiliation that the taxi

drivers are being subjected. If we

like we can stop the cab for one

hour and then leave. Chaos. Rest

aside, the cabbie crackdown

shouldn't come as a surprise. In

Victoria alone there have been

almost 4,000 complains in the past

year. They range from

unprofessional behaviour to

disagreements and refusals and

route issues, even theft, smoking,

drug use and drink driving earned a

mention. It is not rocket science.

It should - we shouldn't have

anywhere near the level of

complaints we are having at the

moment. This cabbie has been

working the nightshift for more

than 20 years. Cabbies refuse fare

is a huge problem. Whether they

will be little distance or long

distance, I honestly don't know why.

What I experience from most

passengers, they are rude.

REPORTER: So you are actually

admitting you don't pick them up?

If they are pissed and are going to

cause damage and hurt us, why

should we pick them up? Even if you

are not pissed -- Who knows. That

is why taxi drivers get their doors

kicks and that. If you have been

standing? The cold street and been

refused six types where you want to

go, people just want to kick your

window in or your door. We don't

accept unfair refusal. Drivers who

don't take short trips will face an

on-the-spot fine of $299. The air

vent needs to be replaced. Another

common complaint, smelly cabs. That

shouldn't happen at all. I suggest

to the viewers if they get somebody

like that, they pull into the 7-

Eleven and buy the guy a cake of

soap. Don't think twice about

dobbing the dodgy taxi drivers in.

It is easy to track them down if

people can take down the taxi car

plate and time of the trip and

always get an electronic receipt.

The passengers always complain.

They will never be happy. To your

guys who are not putting your wake,

ship up or shape out. It is a job

and nobody has your arm up your

back to do it. Get on with it and

let's improve the standard of this

industry. It would be a hard job to

do if you are dealing with drunks.

That is no excuse for doing it

badly as so many do. Time for our

weekly peak inside Australia's

hottest properties. Tonight two

magnificent homes including an award winner.

What a lovely spot for a home. Now

stay with me here, open-plan, clean

and crisp, with a magnificent lap

pool - and if you buy yellowIt, the

owner will throw in the - if you

but it, the owner will three in the

house behind. For some, home is

more than just a place to rest

one's head. Yeah, this is someone's

home. We are not in rural France,

but just down the road from Geelong

in Victoria and if you are

salivating right now, it might be

best to swallow because we are

going inside. It is like something,

it is like being in a castle in

Europe, isn't it? That was the idea.

Yeah. From the moment you walk in...

And then you are confronted with

that tear caste. It was all hand

made right here t whole thing. It

is a monster. Aaron's humble abode

just gobsmacks you. This is where

we spend most of our time. Wow.

This is the fun room. Yeah. It is

cosy. It is always warm. Everything

has to be grand because the house

is grand. The kitchen cupboards

have to be grand. How the devil

does your wife get those top

cupboards, I don't know. (Laughs).

She doesn't. (Laughter) What is the

floor? Maree Antoinette pattern. It

is oak. What we wanted, we wanted

it to look old. And then you come

to the doors. Yeah, all hand carved.

Even the hintenings are hand made.

(Laughs). (hinges) We had those

hand carved and they are all solid

brass and hand-pateered to give it

a real effect. Now the dining room

where I guess Aaron and his wife

dress every night to the master

bedroom that takes up the entire

top floor of the chateau, each have

their own en suite and living room.

Of course, the exquisite marble

staircases throughout and nearly

everything in this home was hand

made. This place is your heart and

soul, isn't it? It is. You have put

a lot into it. Blood, sweat and

tears has gone into this. I love it.

I really like it. For guy went

Stubbings there is one major

problem. How on Earth do you put a

price on that? I knew you would ask.

We will be told by the market place.

With that he left from the chopper

pad shortly after. Why would Aaron

be selling his 37-acre lake-front

estate? Well, to do it all again.

It seems he likes doing things in

twos. These beautiful vanities, not

one, but two, everywhere I look,

there is two. Everything is

balanced with you. Everything has

to be in symmetry for me. It has to

balance. It has to. It looks right.

(Laughs). That is why there is a

his and her's garage. It is a low

maintenance house, really. It is.

It designed the age without having

to do much to it. It is better if

it looks older. Wouldnt that be

good if we could do that? Well, you

can!. (Laughs). Good bless ya!

From France to Scotland, Ireland

that is. In the middle of Pittwater

on Sydney's Northern Beaches, is

Scotland Island and the Housing

Industry Association Home of the

Year. This wonderful pavilion home,

complete with separate guest

quarters, has 180-degree easterly

views across Pittwater, but it was

the craftsmanship that won that

award. Yet, it is very earthy. You

have got the highlight windows up above it which bring in the light.

Yes. And gives us that aspect right

now. We've got the trees around us.

Mmm. You can see the movement in

the trees. Yeah. We are under the

canopy, aren't we? Yeah. Look at

the way the woodwork is finished

off. Everything is classy. Yes.

Well, it is no wonder it won an

award. The owners use this

yachtsman paradise as a holiday

home, but not enough so Century's

21 Tania is selling half of it. The

owner said, "Look, we have this

magnificent home. We thought we

would use it more, but in actual

fact we are not. Why don't we try

to find someone else that is like-

mined, would like a magnificent

holiday house like this and we find

a way to share it." If someone

wants to buy itout right they can

do that, too. - bow it outright,

they can do that, too. An island

resort in the heart of Sydney. It is relaxing. There is more

information on those properties at

our ACA website. After the break on

A Current Affair, Australia's

favourite fruiterer returns. It is

shameful to know that fruit is going to waste.

Ow! So you think Santa will like these red and green M&M's? I don't know. I never met the guy. (SHRIEKS) He does exist! They do exist. Ohh! Ugh! Uh, Santa...?

This program is captioned live In

the '0s and '90s millions of

Australians turned the one pan for

their fruit, veg and a little home-

spun advice. Now, Con the Fruiterer

has made a comeback to save us all

a fortunate at the groan grocers.

Give it a couple of days, beautiful. Beaut yellowFul.

Whatever you need, come to me. He's

Australia's own Greek God of fruit

and vegetables, but Con the

Fruiterer reckons our attempts to

eat healthy have gone pear-shaped.

It is shaiflful to know that fruit

is going to waste. We Aussies throw

Ahmed about 4 million pieces of

fruit every single day. When you

treat beautiful fruit like this -

when you treat it so badly, this is

what happens to him. Though, Con

has gone back to his routes to

teach us all about summer stolen

fruits. Here we are at the market.

You are in your element. Yes. I

started off like this, at one of

those places. That was back in the

'80s and a star was born. Since

then, Con has branched out. Wrong

one. Hang on. To become our newest

celebrity chef. Can I get you with

me? Don't tempt me. Thank you very

much. Don't text me. Con, where are

your daughters? Six daughters, is

it? Yeah, yeah. I just found out my

cousin got another daughter. He

married another girl. Lena, Tina,

Neena and Wendy. It is the members

of Con's adopted family that he is

trying to educate about how to

store summer stone fruit. You don't

put it in the fridge, do you, love?

No. I follow you. If you put it in

the fridge it goes floury. Shocking.

Instead, Con keeps his fruit in a

bowl. Look at the shine on that.

You see that? You get that from

spending a little bit of time just

spitting and buffing -- But when it

comes to picking good fruit from

bad, Con's secret is in the

speckles. The ones that grow in the

sun they go like that, but they

taste the best. So many people but

fruit and then they look at the

fruit and it has got mould so they

have to buy it. You should buy what

you want in the next couple of days

and then go back to the fruit shop

and get some more. So business is

booming. Hello, mate. Would you

like an apricot. For free? Yeah,

for free, mate. It is a gift. Con

is plotting to get a new generation

of fruit eaters on side. I am like

a pusher. I am pushing healthy

stuff and I want the people to try

it and get addicted and come back

to me in a couple of days. You

could be the dealer. I want to be

the dealer. I am the dealer. I want

to deal in fruit, you know. Still

to come on A Current Affair - an

exclusive - it is a perfect match

as Greg Evans marries Debbie Newsome.

Well, I think we all blow-dry our hair and straighten it. It causes hair breakage.

So I use new Pantene and I'm sticking with it. All new Pantene. My hair's really strong and the hair breakage is not a problem anymore. Pantene.

What if this or that was neither either but both? Happily, Honda really thought about this

when creating their i-VTEC engine. It has a clever cam widget that changes the way the engine breathes, making it both economical and powerful. So you can save the juice and really cut loose.

i-VTEC. V technical. V clever. V Honda. What's next?

This program is captioned live Song

stpong I had you

# That would be the only thing I would ever need # If I had you

# Money, fame and fortunate couldn't compete

# If I had you

# Life would be a party # It is a

love match to rival William and

Kate. That's on Monday's ACA. TV:

Perfect Patch. Could never have

imagined I would end up marrying

her. On A Current Affair, the

surprise wedding of the year, even

Dexter is blown away. TV: Your

perfect match with the -- But, tiny

raoemer's bundle of joy finally

comes home to his amazing family. I

am actually very happy. Perfect.

And from bargain basement to top

shelf, our guide to the best-value

bubbly. I don't think it'sive been

this cheap. Those stories Monday

only on ACA. Have a great night. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by

Red Bee Media Australia


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