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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. a conscience vote on same-sex unions The push to give Federal MPs "I do"? but is Australia ready to say, are charging us extra More and more businesses when we pay with plastic or are we just being milked? but are the surcharges warranted # Blah, blah, blah # Think you'll be getting this # Na, na, na

# Not in the back of my car, ah, ah at Brekky Central She's performing live this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, here's Kochie and Mel. Now, live from Brekky Central, Hello, and thanks for joining us. Ke$ha's been ringing up the sales in her name. since putting a dollar sign around the country this week, She has the number one song live this morning. and she's coming to sing it

She loves a man with a mo as well

apparently. Oh! She's going to be

all over you Beretts. Now you know

how to pronounce her name, she is on

to you. She's a great story, -y,

can't wait to see her. one-third of his bodyweight Also ahead, the man who shed on Google Street View. when he saw himself His amazing story is coming up soon. with Nat. But right now it's news time yacht off the New South Wales coast A couple rescued from their sinking saying they're lucky to be alive. has returned to Sydney on the trip of a lifetime to Fiji Denys and Sarah Smith were and started to take on water when their boat lost its steering over the weekend. to be back on dry land They're now glad and have praised their rescuers. things in a couple of bags We just had time to throw a few

and abandon ship. I don't think we'd be here today. And if they hadn't of been there, is now on the ocean floor The couple's boat most of their possessions. and they've lost A motorcyclist has been killed involved in a high-speed chase after he was hit by a car east of Melbourne last night. the Toyota Hilux at Longwarry Police were following when it crashed into the motorbike,

Tralfing in the same direction. As the police overtook two trucks the utility's brake lights activate they observed flying through the air. and then saw a body The driver of the ute a blood alcohol reading of 0.14. allegedly returned for more luck Qantas passengers are hoping for a second time as they head to Argentina following a mid-air emergency. to turn back to Sydney The QF17 was forced the cockpit. when smoke started to fill The problem is being blamed on in the electrical system. a faulty part It's a relatively low incident to be grounded in the future days. and we do not expect this aircraft from Sydney last night. A replacement jet took off of Australians support gay marriage. A new survey has found the majority The poll released today by EMC shows a change in the law. 53% of people support debated a Greens' motion Last night Federal Parliament to gauge community views. urging politicians to acknowledge The Greens want parliament is changing. that Australian public opinion Passing a motion to talk to their constituents to call on members of parliament to do our job. is no more than asking us

to make same-sex marriage legal. The Greens' motion doesn't seek

at Perth's Cottesloe Beach today Extra lifeguards will be on patrol to be closed yesterday. after a tiger shark forced it of the water around mid morning Swimmers were ordered out came within 100 metres of the shore. when the 2.5 metre shark by huge schools of bait fish. Lifeguards say it's been attracted Just last week, whites and tiger sharks spent days a school of great near Rottnest Island. feeding off a whale carcass

Finance news now and look, it is

takeover, takeover, takeover

everywhere at the moment.

everywhere at the moment. The Dow takeover, takeover, takeover

Jones index is still trading up 76

as we speak, better than expect rr

October retail sales figures buoyed

the market. And a takeover by

Caterpillar for a mining company in

the US. To our region yesterday and

despite some pretty big takeovers

being announced here, the all down.

AMP back for another go at AXA and

also Brambles and One Still making takeover offers as well. in September Total lending rose by 2.2% after sliding in August. credit facilities like credit cards Meanwhile, growth of personal rose by 0.8% on a year ago - in 16 years. the weakest annual growth rate Savanth Sebastian is at CommSec. Morning. what this all means. Take us through

Higher interest rates turning us off

credit cards and we are going to

talk a bit later, these feeathise

retailers are -- fees the retailers

are slugging us above the murnant

rate for the use of credit cards. It

is one of the timely readings on the

economy, because effectively if you

start to see consumers and

businesses are borrowing more

chances are they will spend more. It

is a forward-looking indicator

it is highlighting at the moment is a forward-looking indicator and

hrepding finance is very sluggish,

it is down 12% from a year ago and

the weakest in nine months. Personal

over drafts and credit card useage

is the weakest levels in 16 years.

So clearly seeing signs the rate

hikes and the high utility charges

and the psychology of coming out of

the GFC is seeing consumers and

businesses are not wantb to spend.

It does mean thinks are likey to be

weak going forward and a period of

interest rate stability is what we

would call for now. You would expect

the Reserve Bank will hold off on a

rate hike in December and we will be

well into 2011 before we see a rate

hike. Time for sport with my mo bro,

Beretts. Thanks, Kochie. Ricky Ponting is adamant 17-man Ashes squad is in contention each member of Australia's Selectors will finalise the squad series opener at the Gabba. for a berth in next week's

Sheffield Shield matches. after looking at this week's

A bit of competition arounds for

moment, as? some spots in our side at the

moment, as the selectors made it

clear they are going to keep a close

eye on the way the games are going this week. Callum Ferguson and Steven Smith Rising stars Usman Khawaja, can push their selection claims in Hobart. in Australia A's clash with England to come back better than ever Mark Webber has vowed in next year's Formula One season. Sebastian Vettel Webber and world champion are at Red Bull's headquarters in Austria celebrating the team's best-ever season. The 34-year-old admits missing out on the title has left him feeling empty and desperately in need of a break to recover from a gruelling 8-month season. The AFL's 18th team, Greater Western Sydney, will reveal its name and colours for the first time tonight. Kevin Sheedy's outfit is tipped to be known as the Giants and the colours are certain to be different from the red, white and blue currently used. The team will debut in next year's pre-season competition before entering the AFL in 2012.

Still basking in the sunshine and

glow of knowing he is going to be a

new, dad, Grant Denyer joins us from

Rose Bay. Some mo love from me to

you. Hope you are having a great one

today. A lot of persistent showers

up the east coast of Australia, a

couple of millimeters across but

some pockets in northern New South

Wales and south-east Queensland, up

to 30mm but storms around south-east

Queensland of around 100 mills, a

lot of rain and it will cause flash

flooding. We will talk about that

later in the morning but now the

first weather forecast. Sunrise weather brought to you by Claratyne. Year-round allergy relief. Be prepared and live Claratyne clear.

There's your weather this morning,

have a great morning, talk to you

soon. Ic, you too. Blrx On the way this Sunrise - are the fees charged by businesses to use your credit card a rort?

Or fair enough? And pressure mounts for a rethink of the National Broadband Network. But next, the man who lost a third of his bodyweight after he spotted himself on Google Street View.

His story is coming up in a live report when Sunrise continues. It's got the usual suspects, all on sourdough - genius! and a little bit fancy. Sunrise keeps in touch with the new BlackBerry Pearl

thanks to our friends at Telstra. Google has been credited with changing many things about the way we live. The internet giant is being thanked for helping a British man shed about one-third of his weight. Bob Mewse was horrified after seeing his photo on Google Street View. 56-year-old Bob said

Bloke's mirror in the bathroom is

like a slim mirror compared to when

you see yourself in a fotdo.

he'd been thinking about losing weight for some time but his image on the popular website stirred him into action. Joining us now is UK correspondent Martin Frizell. Good morning. How much has Bob lost?

Well he did way when he saw the

photo 135 kilos, he has lost 44

kilos. Google has been accuse of

many things with Street Map of

catching cheating husbands, of

underage smoking, of prostitution,

of drug dealing, they even caught my

neighbour painting his fence but now

it has caught someone's conscience.

This is Bob, he is 56, believe it or

not he is a skwrepblgitarian and --

vegetarian and got to that size,

spending years eating cakes and

crisps. He saw the Google view car

go past and went home and up loaded

it and saw the picturewise and was

horrifyed. That is an extra, extra

large grey shirt. He thought I have

got to do something about it. How

did he do it? Well, you would think

this was, when I first heard this

and I think you guys probably would

have to, it is a stunt for a

slimming magazine or product, no, he

went down to the local gym, he

signed up, been meaning to do it for

a long time and purely threw better

diet and lots of exercise. Lots of

salads, and protein stuff, cut

salads, and protein stuff, cut out

the rurish carbs and exercising

three time as week and feels better

and looks great. I hope Google Earth

catches him doing his exercises and

looking fantastic. Thank you for

that, Martin. There you go a kind of

a jolt, do you reckon we all need,

when you walk past your shop window

and you see your reflection or

family photos. It is funny with

blokes, blokes seem to have a view,

you look at yourself in the morning and go, " and go, "Oh, and go, "Oh,,

and go, "Oh,,,

and go, "Oh,,,." Do you? And then

you see yourself somewhere else. I

can just see you at 4 o'clock in the

morning going... Because the only

thing Twiddling your. The belt

notches is pants. Eddie McGuire has

done the same thing, saw himself on

the Grand Final telecast on Seven

and wouldn'tered who is the big fat

so and so. We are brick heads

basically, we need stuff like that.

It is a little harsh. Ahead - the online campaign over a Twitter joke gone wrong. And the calls for MPs to be given a conscience vote on gay marriage in Australia. But straight ahead, are only-children happier? And the man-tan revolution. More blokes are faking it but wait until you hear just who they are when Sunrise continues. Really? I've got to say, I'm impressed. Go on. every box before it leaves here. (GRUNTS REPEATEDLY) Mum? Are you coming? Milo Cereal - What's Making News brought to you Beacon Lighting. Summer catalogue out now.

Keep cool this summer with a ceiling

fan from Beacon, ceiling fan out now.

That is coming to Hawaii. Look at the white teeth! Who can forget Beretts' on 'Dancing With the Stars'. and it appears he could've been a trendsetter.

Look at that tan! The number of men getting fake tans

You should have had a mo then,

imagine the combination? Blokes in

their 40s apparently leading the

way. Really. Booking in for oospray

tan for special occasions. This

isn't special for you two. A bit

pale. You have had looks, that

V-necky, lycra tan thing and now the

Merv. What is it like doing a spray

tan? Uncomfortable. It is not good,

I wouldn't recommend it. I did three

during that because... For special occasions. What is a special

occasion? What, besides if you

occasion? What, besides if you on 'Dancing with the Stars'? What would

a bloke over 40? I can't think. When

you do a... Okay. Tan... Is it

all-over thingo? Do you really want

to go down this road? No idea. Is it

why you do it for special occasions.

They actually give you little paper

undies to wear. Is it optional. I

think it is compulsory, I said, " think it is compulsory, I said,

"Thank you, do you have bigger ones." "Thank you, do you have bigger

ones."? Mr Beretta, your paper

undies. If you bloke has a fake tan,

tell us why. No! And you know what?

I don't know. Takes the focus off

the mo. Why do it? Also making news this morning - The debate in Federal Parliament on changing the Marriage Act to include gay couples. It comes amid polls suggesting

up to 60% of Aussies are in favour of the change. Later this Sunrise we'll speak with a Greens MP

who wants a conscience vote on the issue. But we'd like to hear from you on whether gay couples should be allowed to marry in Australia.

Anybody like torespond? I don't... I

must admit. I think so too. I think

we are there. I think we have come

of age and I think we are just sort

of edging closer, every year to

being more open and more supportive.

And apart from the couple involved,

does it really matter to anybody

else? Yes. Does it affect anybody

else what they do. Whatever makes

someone else happy. It is what I

think. Often the argument is that it

takes way from the sanktsty of marriage. takes way from the sanktsty of

marriage The divorce rate, one in

three being divorced does it take a

way from the sanctity of marriage?

It is time for a conscience vote. Also being clicked is the report that claims

only-children are more contented than those with siblings. Apparently only-children are happier because they don't have to fight for the attention of their parents

Fight, full stop. And the more siblings there are in a family, the less happy kids are because of name-calling and bullying by brothers and sisters.

This is the most pathetic bit of

research I I have heard. What do you

think of this research? People over

analyse family and kids and stuff

like that. If you went to a kid and said, "

said, "Would you be happier if you

an only-child? Because you get more

attention from mum and dad and you

are the only one to get presents at

Christmas." Of course the kid will

say yes, it doesn't mean the kid

wigrow up happier because he or she

is so centrestered. Who are they

surveying? The kids am If you survey

adults it might be difficult. Once

you are 40 you can reflect on your

up bringing. The research did kids

and are saying you will have happier

children if you only have one, to

parents. Bull dust. Go to China.

Speak to them. Ask them how lapy

they are. And the issues it is

creating. Little emperors. Also when

you do tell us if you are part of a

big family or only child. The bigger

the better. As a father you can have

a whistle if you have more kids. On the way, Julia Gillard rejects criticism her government has lost its way.

And we'll see just how bad this year's bushfire season could be. But up next, today's code word that you need to win your share of $200,000 from the Cash Cow. This is Sunrise, with Ke$ha performing live at Brekky Central. # Yeah, baby, take me there # Unfound and unfettered # That's where we're headed # Yeah, baby, take me there. # (YELPS) so it lasts for ages. For less roll changes. Tomorrow, exclusive - Portia de Rossi on her battle with anorexia, coming out and her marriage to Ellen. She joins us live, only on Sunrise. Plus, the Aussie dancer who became a star at the Moulin Rouge.

And your chance to milk the $200,000 Cash Cow. That's Sunrise - Wednesday. Coming up - the online outrage after a Twitter user was charged over a bomb-threat joke. And the love-struck public servant who enlisted an entire government department to help him find the woman of his dreams. Why not? Right now though it's news time. Here's Nat with the 6:30 update. A Sydney couple has praised the efforts of police after being saved from their sinking yacht off the New South Wales south coast. Denys and Sarah Smith were sailing to Fiji when they got into trouble and their yacht began taking on water. They sent out a mayday call early yesterday. I mean, it's a big ocean out there and you look around and there's nothing and you really don't believe anybody's gonna be there. The pair admit they are lucky to be alive and have put their sailing adventures on hold. Police in Perth are investigating a deliberately lit bushfire that threatened homes at Bibra Lake in the city's south yesterday. Residents were told to put their bushfire survival plans into action when flames came close to their homes but firefighters were able to get the blaze under control by the late afternoon although changing dry winds caused flare-ups last night. Investigators say they've found several ignition points and police are now hunting the firebugs.

Julia Gillard is doing all she can to speed up her push to put a price on carbon. The Prime Minister has ordered a Productivity Commission inquiry

to calculate effective carbon prices in China, Japan, the US and New Zealand. It's hoped the move will also boost the government's claim that putting a price on carbon will not disadvantage Australia when it comes to trade competitors. The Commission will be required to report back to the government by May. New South Wales MP Steve Whan is by his son's hospital bedside

after he was injured in a head-on crash. The State's Primary Industries Minister last night confirmed his son suffered serious injuries in the crash on Sunday afternoon. Mr Whan has thanked emergency workers and doctors and has asked that his family's privacy be respected. The crash happened on the New South Wales south coast. British hostage couple Paul and Rachel Chandler have learnt that Paul's father died while the pair was held captive by Somali pirates. The keen sailors were held hostage for more than a year before being released in exchange for a ransom over the weekend. In a statement the couple says Paul has been given the news that his father passed away in July and they've asked for space and privacy while they come to terms with the loss. The Chandlers are in relative safety in Kenya but they're expected to return home to the UK soon. 42 people have been killed after fire ripped through a high-rise apartment building under renovation in Shanghai. Some residents were forced to flee down scaffolding as hundreds of firefighters struggled to bring the blaze under control. 90 others were injured. Energy-saving insulation was reportedly being installed when the fire started. Wall Street stocks added to gains

Is tup, still trading at this very

second up 52.

second up 52.5 points on pretty up beat retail

beat retail sales, for October 1.

beat retail sales, for October 1.2% beat retail sales, for October 1.2%,

it doubled what everyone expected

and BHP has with drawn its takeover

offer for Canada's pot Ash. The Aussie

The Aussie dollar is sitting around

99 US cents. Are

time for sport, here's Beretts. Thanks, mo bro. Nathan Hauritz's Ashes place is on the line heading into New South Wales' clash with Tasmania, starting tomorrow. Hauritz will go head-to-head with Xavier Doherty at the SCG and whoever wins the spin battle is set to earn selection for the first Test. It doesn't really phase me, I think it's just healthy competition.

I just think the most important

thing is I'm bowling thing is I'm bowling well at the end of the day. Simon Katich and Michael Clarke are confident they'll overcome injury and play at the Gabba. South Sydney hasn't ruled out another bout of shoulder surgery

for star recruit Greg Inglis. Inglis is certain to be selected for February's All Stars encounter today but the injury could stop him from representing the Indigenous team.

Meantime, Kangaroos centre Brent Tate will undergo his third knee reconstruction on Thursday after sustaining a serious injury in Saturday's Four Nations loss to the Kiwis. Danny Green is letting his sound effects do the talking leading into tomorrow night's world title defence against American BJ Flores.

BJ's done a fair bit of (fast

talking) once he feels one of these

pwaepb prang crash) me is going to

be on the (pedaling) back foot, it

is all I have got to say come

Saturday night. Put some work into that, Danny. It's Green's first fight since his infamous encounter with Paul Briggs in July.

Let your record words do your

talking. And Grant Denyer is at Rose

Bay. And a sea plane. A wonderful

location here, there is a real

unity, are you feeling a real unity

on the show within the Sunrise team.

There is a brotherhood. Yes,

There is a brotherhood. Yes, there is a brotherhood, a mo manse, we are

-- Momance, a real motivation, the

work on your upper lip, you are

carrying on the good word. We are at

rose rr bey -- - Rose Bay's the

biggest bay, they used to land the

big sea planes, and land the old

Catalinas between London and here, they Catalinas between London and here,

they can still use it because it is

listed as an old aquatic run way,

and Rose Bay is still listed as an

aviation area as a result of the

spch 30s as we take a look at the

weather this morning. Sunrise weather brought to you by Claratyne. Year-round allergy relief. Be prepared and live Claratyne clear. A trough is spreading rain through Queensland and New South Wales. Cool, showery southerlies are affecting Victoria and Tasmania. Meanwhile, a high is keeping South Australia and southern WA dry.

The old golden era of aviation,

where you just would have fired her

out that way and said, " out that way and said, "London,

please, chapy." And it would have

cost you pretty much the annual

average wage at the time to make the trip, about $

trip, about $60,000 in today's

language. They could only carry 15 pas language. They could only carry 15

passengers and had to stop 31

passengers and had to stop 31 times on the way to London. Take you a

while. Thanks, Grant, see you

shortly. See you. Let's give away some cash. (LAUGHS) The Sunrise Cash Cow. The cash cow has a massive $200,000 to give away over the next two weeks. To win your share you need today's code word - "cow". Now, call: and include your name, address and the code word. And in our next hour we'll call our major $10,000 winner.

So stand by the phone!

How exciting is that? Joke of the

day of course, Nat is in the sin bin

after losing concentration

after losing concentration and reading a magazine yesterday, caught

out by viewers. Concentrate! She is.

I don't have to. Ested anymore. Mr

Bretta, during Nat's incarceration

outside of the judging panel, for

the rest of the week, is judging

today, this joke of the day, Beretts

comes from Nelson Clar from Findon

in South Australia. Three elderly

gentleman are talking about aches

and pains and bodily function. And

the first said I wake up at 7 and it

takes me 20 minutes to pea. One said

I get up and sit and grunt and grown

for half an hour before I have a

bowel movement and in90-year-old said, "

said, "I am worst at 7 I pee like a

horse, at 8 I poo like a cow." And the other said, "

the other said, "What is your

problem." And he said, "

problem." And he said, "I don't wake

up until nine." What do you up until nine." What

up until nine." What do you think

Nat? It doesn't matter what I think.

A TiVo is coming your way. Such a

soft touch. Good on you,

soft touch. Good on you, yep. Shortly - we'll ask how retailers can get away with charging so much for credit card payments. But next, the Gillard government accused of losing its way. And the man arrested and charged for threatening to blow up an airport on Twitter. Is he a troublemaker? Or just a harmless twit? We'll seek some views when Sunrise continues. was neither either but both? Happily, Honda really thought about this when creating their i-VTEC engine. It has a clever cam widget

that changes the way the engine breathes, making it both economical and powerful. So you can save the juice and really cut loose. i-VTEC. V technical. V clever. V Honda. What's next? making it even stronger. Hit pain hard with new Panadol Extra.

# Thinking about us


# What we going to be. You have

gathered it is a time lapse. It is

Brisbane through the Jetstar sky

cam, possible showers and 28, enjoy your Tuesday. Graham Richardson is one of Labor's best-known power brokers. But last week he claimed the government had failed to set out an agenda. This is how Julia Gillard responded in Question Time. I don't know if this is going to strike the Leader of the Opposition as a grand surprise but the answer is, no - I don't agree with that critique from a private citizen. (ALL YELL) which, to the best of to the best of my recollection, Order! I have met once in my life. The Prime Minister dismissed the criticism as political point-scoring. Graham Richardson joins us now. Good morning.

Were you insulted? No, I am a

private citizen. She is entitled and

you wouldn't expect her to gleefully

agree with what I said to say, I

said she no plan and no agenda.

said she no plan and no agenda. But I think it needs to be said and some

very senior people in the party rang

me as soon as the column appeared last Fridays and said, " last Fridays and said, "Good on

you." I don't want to see what

hatchened to Kevin Rudd, everyone

was frightened to have criticism and

say something is wrong. After four

or five months, there should be a

new agenda, can you

new agenda, can you you? What should

it be? Climate change is the

obvious. There is arguments if a

carbon tax sent to inproductivity

commission, isn't it extraordinary,

after all this time, two years

Kevin Rudd said it

after all this time, two years after Kevin Rudd said it is the biggest

issue. There isn't a policy, one

became the CTSR but it got dumped,

but there is nothing there. If there

is going to be an economic reform

agenda we don't know it. You can't

keep running on a rudd agenda that

was failing. Is Julia Gillard taking

advice? Should she be listening to

you, to the senior members that you

mentioned that agreed with what you

wrote? Well, often it depends on

wrote? Well, often it depends on how

many of the senior people in the

cabinet are prepared to go to her

can with criticism and not just agree with me

agree with me from the side lines

but there is growing agreement to

change staff, and get people who are

in more in touch with what is going

on in the ground. A bait more

experience a bit young and fresh? I

think some of them are. There

think some of them are. There needs to be a few older hands can lead her

back to where the mob are. There is

not much contact with ordinary

Australians and I think there

Australians and I think there needs to be. Where do you think the Labor

Party needs to go gow ninety-three?

Well it has got foowork out where it

wants to be. Fw it wants to be a

party at the left it has to

party at the left it has to start taking the Greens on more

dramatically than the past. It is

broad enough to get the Green votes

back that have leaked but it needs

to have an agenda to do that.

Whether you talk about agenda there

is no social agenda too. There is

the big argument about gay marriage,

and mark Habib dared to say it

and mark Habib dared to say it was

an idea to approve it. People have

got to get over these things if you

want to get votes back from the

Greens you have to have an agenda of

that kind, the Greens are getting

bigger and bigger all the time. The

only thing I said is she needed to

expose the sxn greens, some of the

policies are really quite mad and

nobody talks about them. The Greens

are allowed to get away

are allowed to get away with it

because Bob brown is the most

effective politician in Australia

with the nice and gentle face. We

found on Sunrise when options were

limited they were a viable

alternative. N broadband, does it

need a rethink. I listened to Conroy

saying it doesn't. He argues well

but there are so many people saying

there is nothing wrong with it.

Sometimes you shouldn't be

frightened of review if you are

confident of what you have got to

sell is good enough, then people

will still buy it. I think I would

probably risk some of of review.

Good to talk to you. A pleasure.

Have a good day. I'll do my best.

Kochie, all yours. A huge campaign of civil disobedience has broken out on Twitter. That's after a British man was fined for Tweeting a joke about blowing up an airport that was snowed under. Paul Chambers was arrested earlier this year and found guilty of sending a menacing electronic message. He was fined $1,600 and recently lost an appeal. Here's what he Tweeted - An airport manager happened to see the message and sent it on to police. But since the court appeal was lost, the same message has been repeated by 5,000 other Twitter users. And a lot of those messages carry the "I am Spartacus" tag. That's a quote from the movie, where gladiators protect Spartacus by all claiming to be him. So will Twitter-power work in the end? Tim Burrowes from media website Mumbrella joins me now. Good morning. They're not going to arrest 5,000 Twitter users, are they?

No, clearly they can't. But

technically, if they wanted to they

could. Some of the problem with this

is it was a fairly badly defined

is it was a fairly badly defined law in the United Kingdom where this

came along, seemed to be applied

fairly badly. I guess in the same

way we all know you are an idiot if

you make a joke about carrying a

bomb in your luggage going to the

airport because they have to react

and they have chosen to react in the

same way, even though he was in a

conversation on Twitter. But the

thing is letters to the editor sort

of say derogatory things about

airports in newspapers or airlines

or whatever, make jokes about them.

Is this a case of the law not

keeping up with the electronic media

am Yes, the argument I make it is

about context and understanding the

conversation that was happening and

applying the law fairly. In this

case, the guy wept through the whole

legal -- went through the legal

process, lost his job as a result of

it. The police came to his office

it. The police came to his office so it was a massive over reaction to

what quite quickly they should have

seen was a fairly innocent comment.

Twister just goes to your followers,

supposedly people who like you, you

wouldn't call them friends. It is

bad luck the airport manager picked

it up am I were it can go long you

feel like you are talk ogto your

followers and he only had a doesn't,

and there is no Merckinism to lock

it up, if you search on the right

phrase, someone from the airport was

looking for a reference to the

airport, they stumbled on the

comment and put the whole train in

chain. You have got a hidden

audience when talking on Twitter

that somebody might see something

you Tweet but you hope they treat it

with the right level of seriousness.

As you say, it is all about context,

always a pleasure to see you. Thank you. After the break - has Rihanna gone too far with her latest attempt to make the headlines? Then, should MPs be allowed a conscience vote on gay marriage?

And, get ready for summer. We'll see just how bad the bushfire season could be in your state, next on Sunrise. ,

# Our body

# Is going numb

# We'll be forever young. There she

is, Ke$ha is in the house and who

else could we get to greelt her but

the Cash Cow. Nice, she is going to

sing at 7.

sing at 7.30. And we will chat with her. The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more. Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen is in Hollywood. Morning. Jake Gyllenhaal is apparently trying to romance Taylor Swift. And it's costing him a fortune.

He's raising the bar pretty high but

you have to consider the fact

celebrities operate in a different

stratus fear and their combined

wealth is estimated to be $ wealth is estimated to be $80

million but the pape rrz talking

about the -- papers are talking

about the fact he sprung for a

private jet to whisk her to London

where he was doing private functions

so take they could spend the day

together. The argiable cost would together. The argiable cost would be $ together. The argiable cost would be

$165,000. I hope for her sake and

his it was a worthwhile date.

his it was a worthwhile date. They have been seen hiking in California

and apple picking in the suburbs

and apple picking in the suburbs of New York so why not a private jet to

London. Ain't love grand! And

Rihanna has offended a few fans

andparence. What did she -- parents.

What did she do? We should be

wagging our fingers at her stylist.

She is a family-friendly celebrity,

even though the videos are

provocative. She met young fans and

neglected to take off the obscene

necklace and parents are waking up

to see the photos going whaerbgs to see the photos going whaerbgs, " to see the photos going whaerbgs to see the photos going to see the photos to see the photo, "

to see the photo, "What was she

thinking." It is like when Lindsay

Lohan was in court and had the

obscene nails, and she said it was a

trend and not directed to the judge,

so I am curious how Rihanna's people

will spin it. Not a nice trend. Have

your name, do a carry but anyway.

Thanks, Nelson. That's right, see

you soon. Who is Carry?

you soon. Who is Carry? From 'Sex and the City', she started the whole

name necklace thing, keep up, there

is more to the world than finance.

Missed that one. There's sport.

Anything else. Let's give away some cash. The Cash Cow has a massive $200,000 to give away over the next two weeks. To win your share you need today's code word - "cow".

Ke$ha? Can't say Ke$ha the Cow. No,

Ke$ha is way more gorgeous. And include your name, address and the code word. We'll call today's major winner in 30 minutes so stand by the phone.

What's happening on the Soap Box?

Lots of people talking about the

study that single kids, only

children are happier, which most

people think is a croc, basically.

Johnny said I am a 22-year-old only

child and I can tell you with no

doubt in my mind having

doubt in my mind having siblings would be have been better. The

better attention from parents are

only until your teens, and presents

twice a year but siblings are a life

time. My girlfriend is one of many

kids and I am constantly reminded of

what I am missing out on. Because

the study said the little darling

won't be subjected to bullying and

name calling by siblings. It is how

you toughen up. Yes, grow up. Bear

in mind, there are lot of family who

have only one child because of no

fault of their own, it is all they

can have, don't diss it completely.

This is a choice thing we are

talking about. Saying before, slam

all the poor only-children out

there. Not slamming the poor-only

children but the report, which is a

croc. Gay marriage is sahot topic. Jan said, "

Jan said, "Our daughter married the

childhood sweetheart at 24 and

realised she was gay and left him.

She has found a wonderful woman and

we cannot understand why they can't

have all the legal rights of a

marriage." Wrrn Now, still to come on Sunrise this morning - The push to give Federal MPs a conscience vote on same-sex unions but is Australia ready to say "I do"? More and more businesses are charging us extra when we pay with plastic

but are the surcharges warranted or are we just being milked? # Na, na, na # Blah, blah, blah # Think you'll be getting this # Na, na, na # Not in the back of my car, ah, ah... # And superstar Ke$ha. She's performing live at Brekky Central Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. Now, live from Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Mel. If you've just tuned in,

Ke$ha has the number one song around the nation. And she's coming in to perform it live, here at Brekky Central. But right now it's time for the news of the day. A motorcyclist has been killed after being struck by an alleged drink driver east of Melbourne last night. Police were following a white ute

which was speeding on the Princes Freeway when it hit the motorbike which was heading in the same direction. He's been hit from behind with what appears to be a pretty significant speed differential. I would imagine he would have had no idea about what was taking place. Police arrested the driver of the ute at the scene

after he tried to flee on foot. A Sydney couple has put their sailing adventures on hold

after being rescued from their sinking yacht off the New South Wales south coast. The pair were on their way to Fiji when the yacht started to sink. Arriving back to Sydney on a police rescue boat wasn't how Denys and Sarah Smith pictured their dream holiday to end. The couple was rescued off their yacht 300km off Wollongong

on Monday morning after their vessel suffered steering problems on the way to Fiji. An enormous amount of water was coming in the boat the boat was sinking so, ah, we knew we didn't have long. They put out a mayday call and hoped for the best. And the police boat came on and said "We'll be with you in 20 minutes". That was fantastic. But as rescue teams arrived there was a second drama - the yacht was hit by a massive wave and Denys toppled overboard. To have them onboard safe and well was a huge relief. An even greater relief to be back on dry land. The couple is planning to stay put for some time. Putting their ocean adventures on hold for some much smoother sailing.

If Sarah will allow me, I'll buy a little boat and just potter around the harbour. Qantas passengers have finally arrived in Argentina on a second jet following a mid-air emergency yesterday. The QF17 was forced to turn back to Sydney when smoke started to fill the cockpit.

The problem is being blamed on a faulty part in the electrical system. It's a relatively low incident and we do not expect this aircraft to be grounded in the future days. Meanwhile, Rolls-Royce will temporarily replace engines on the airline's troubled A380 fleet while repairs are carried out. A man accused of closing down part of Brisbane city during a 16-hour standoff onboard a ferry is due in court today. The 54-year-old moored his yacht between two ferries last month on the Brisbane River and threatened self-harm.

The man then allegedly set fire to the vessel before stabbing himself in the chest. He'll face court on a string of offences including serious assault and bomb hoax. Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has spoken by phone to Burma's pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi, saying Australia will work with the international community to bring democracy back to her homeland.

Suu Kyi has called for a non-violent revolution in Burma and says she wants to hold talks with the ruling military junta. Suu Kyi insists she wants to change the ruling government, not bring it down.

An hour of trading left, the Dow

Jones index is in positive

territory. As of this very second,

it is a bit lower than that, up 55

points. Look, better-than-expected

retail sales figures for October

helped the market there. Also

European markets up because the

European Central Bank says Ireland

could use aid from the European

Union to bail out its dodgy banks.

Overnight, BHP has with drawn its

takeover offer for Canada's Potash.

To our region yesterday, it was

takeover fever in Australia, AMP back with a $

back with a $15 billion takeover bid

for AXA and also Brambles and One

Steel on the acquisition trail as well.

Mo pwroe Beretts with all your

sport. Mo pwroe Kochie thank you. Wrrng blourngs Ricky Ponting is adamant each member of Australia's 17-man Ashes squad

is in contention for a berth in next week's series opener at the Gabba. Selectors will finalise the squad after looking at this week's Sheffield Shield matches. A bit of competition around for some spots in our side at the moment as the selectors made it clear they are going to keep a close eye on the way the games are going this week.

Rising stars Usman Khawaja Callum Ferguson and Steven Smith can push their selection claims in Australia A's clash with England

in Hobart. Mark Webber has vowed to come back better than ever in next year's Formula One season. Webber and world champion Sebastian Vettel are at Red Bull's headquarters in Austria celebrating the team's best-ever season. The 34-year-old admits missing out on the title has left him feeling empty and desperately in need of a break after a gruelling 8-month season. Hawthorn president Jeff Kennett has launched a fresh attack on Essendon over Mark Thompson's controversial defection to Windy Hill. Kennett believes the former Geelong coach's claim that he was burnt out and needed a break was simply a sham. He also branded Bombers coach James Hird arrogant. Thompson will take up a full-time role with the Bombers in December.

Is he right? I don't know. Don't ask

him. I just report the news. He's

dirty on Mark Thompson for

defecting. I am just glad he is

better and over his depression.

Before we get to weather, did you

see the players in the cricket?

Something very unusual, our Aussie

cricketers it is what they are

wearing yesterday, we have seen the

colour dribbled in, where is the

green and gold and why are the

players wearing glu? It seems

strange given the predominant colour

of English is blue. Are we

pretending to be Poms because we are

scared to not win. Shouldn't we be

sticking to the traditional green and sticking to the traditional green

and gold? and gold??

and gold? The baggy blue doesn't

have the same, this is it, the baggy

green it is what it is all about.

Can you find out. I sent some

messages to Cricket Australia and

haven't had messages. That sealed it

they are bunkered down. We should

start a poll. It is our proud

colours. Even I wore it today in

honour. Call me up, no don't, can't

catch and throw. But the pride and

tradition. But it is the Poms's

colour. Of all the colours in all

the world. What is happening to the

universe. It has thrown the universe

out. You might have an answer. That

is outrageous, how are you supposed

to go as a sports fan get

mo-mowmtom? Those colours don't run?

Sure, green and gold, my friend.

Beretts I don't think you can wear

that. He can, he has got the Merv

mo. Just got my baggy green on. It

is not inthe real one. He does wear

a hat very well. I think you have

the drinking record between Sydney

and London? Don't you? Correct. Look

out Hawaii. Sitting next to you.

Let's look at the forecast this morning. Sunrise weather brought to you by Claratyne. Year-round allergy relief. Be prepared and live Claratyne clear.

A bit of a grey one right up and

down the east coast of Australia

today. Going to persist for the next

couple of days, talking serious

falls for south-east Queensland and

north-east New South Wales of up to

100 mills in some places for the

next couple of days. So some flood warnings to come in

warnings to come in the coming days.

Keep us inform said. Will do my mosister. Last night, the issue of same sex marriage was discussed in Federal Parliament. As expected, the Opposition MPs who spoke were against changing the Marriage Act to include gay couples. But most of the Government's members who put forward their view made a case for same-sex marriage. Greens MP Adam Bandt wants to see a conscience vote on the issue. He joins me from Canberra. Good morning to you. You put forward a motion

to encourage MPs to talk to their constituents about gay marriage. The polls suggest between 50% and 60% of Australians support it. But do you think public opinion is clear cut on this issue?

I think it is certainly changed. I

think it is one of those instances

where public opinion has moved so

far and parliament hasn't caught up

with it. What I was trying to do by

the motion is have parliament

recognise, for the first time, the

public opinion is changing and

encourage those who might be stuck

in an old way of thinking to go out

and talk to the people in their

constituency and I think they will

find out most people are probably

pretty relaxed of the

pretty relaxed of the idea of two

people who love each other getting

married. Do you think it will stay

opinion? Tony Abbott and Julia

Gillard said they won't

Gillard said they won't support changes to the 'Marriage Act'. Will

you have support from MPs.

you have support from MPs.? Ng I

think it is something that will

change. We had a couple of Labor

senators in the last couple of days

saying change is inevitable, it is a

matter of when. During last night's

debate we had pretty well-reez nds

and heart -- well-reasoned and heart

felt and emotional speeches of the

rights of those in their

constituencies to get mare haed. You

are hoping public opinion will stay

old-fashioned views. On the Soap Box

we are seeing overwhelming support,

it is like the community is in

support but it hasn't got through to

parliament. When do you think we

might see a vote on this? We might

see a vote on this motion I movered

this week. But we have got

legislation in the senate, that our

senator, Sarah Hanson Young will

move later in this term of

parliament. It is where we have the

real opportunity to change the law.

But what I was trying to do is give

people an opportunity to speak out

and speak their minds. I am

and speak their minds. I am pleased in the new parliament we have got,

we have got these new issues being

aired and debated in a

reallystructive way and it has given

an opportunity for back benchers to

speak their mind. That is what we

want, thinks that are of interest to

the entire country. In recent years, we've become used to paying a surcharge if we put something on the credit card. But just as banks have faced questions over their fees now retailers are under scrutiny over the size of their surcharges. A report from 'Choice' spells out what we should be paying plus how to avoid them in the first place. Christopher Zinn from 'Choice' joins me now. Good morning. How many businesses impose surcharges and how bad can they get?

What's the range? Well, look the top

of it is of course, cabs, taxies, 10% of it is of course, cabs, taxies,

10%, the top of the range and the

taxidriver doesn't get a Zac of it,

it goes to the operator. Hotels,

some can be 3%

some can be 3%. Qantas, $

some can be 3%. Qantas, $25 per

passenger on international bookings,

not per transaction so again if you

are flying first class to New York,

perhaps the credit card

perhaps the credit card surcharge would be reasonable but economy to

Fiji is not. So a cross subsidy

going on we raise issue with.

going on we raise issue with. The Reserve Bank allowed it and

introduced it for transparency so

retailers could cover the mergeant

fee they areurg -- merchant fee they

are charged by credit

are charged by credit companies. How

much are they? Typically for visa

and plaster card, 80 -- master card,

it is less than 1%

it is less than 1%, but you know, it

is why we are not against

surcharges. The arrival of

surcharges. The arrival of the Reserve Bank reforms pushed down the

merchant service fee by half. There is $

is $1 billion savored in terms of

the fees should have translated

the fees should have translated in lower charges to us. But it is hard

to find the money. If you are at the

shops using master card or visa and

they charge you more than 1% should

you say you are making a profit out

of me, forget it, and what about

American Express and Diners. They

can twice ass much? Yes, 2%

can twice ass much? Yes, 2%. I would

ask questions as to why. If

ask questions as to why. If they are

a small person they might say they

have costs. It is consumer

resistance that will stop it making

it go higher and further. Why not

put o law on it to say retailers are

not profit from us using a credit

card. Sure, recoup the mergeant fee

-- much ntd fee but don't rip us

off. They can play lots of games, as

we found in discussions with Qantas,

the platinum cards have a higher

merchant fee but they bundle them

together and make people pay it the top-of together and make people pay it the

top-of-the-range cards and it is not

fee. There is a survey that 17

fee. There is a survey that 17% of

merchants are not thinking of

putting on a fee. If they feel you

will take the custom elsewhere. But

we should be protect, as a consumer

and we talk to a shop assistant we

are going to get nowhere in terms of

the surcharge. Why can't we have a

law that says yes recoup but don't

profit. But the law is still in a

grey area. The Reserve Bank is

looking at this

looking at this. I think the more

people push the credit card

surcharge, the more unpopular. How

do you avoid them? See if you can

pay with alternative methods. Go

somewhere else, use a debit charge

but some of the surcharges are even

catching up with debt cards. Thank

you, good to see you. The recent rain in eastern states has been welcome but it could cause big problems on the bushfire front. Authorities are warning the big wet might produce an above-average fire season. So just how bad is it predicted to be across Australia? Stuart Matthews is with the CSIRO. Good morning to you. Just explain why the wet weather could potentially be a problem? Dpn

The wet weather has been great for

farmers but the inland parts of

Australia the grass is growing, so

lots of fuel for fires. At the

moment it is green but when the

rains stop and the summer heats up

then we have got the potential for

bad grass fires in the inland south

eastern parts of the country. So

much growth? Yes, great if you are

growing crops but not so good for

fires. The new boss of the CFA said

Victoria is expecting an

observe-average fire season and so too observe-average fire season and so

too New South Wales, is it shaping

up to be babad season in the east? A

different season, up until now we different season, up until now

different season, up until now it has been dry so we had forest fires.

Now it has been raining we have got

grass fuels so expect lots of grass

fires. So bad in a different way? So

as a journalist who, I think I feel

for 20 years I have been saying it

is going to be a bad season. So they

are all but in their own unique way?

Yes, it is always fire season

somewhere in Australia and every

year there is the potential for a

bad season, just different. What about in the

about in the west? Yes, they have

sadly missed out on the rain we have

been had in the east so almost no

rain over winter and have gone

straight from winter to summer and

are having bad fires and a long

summer. Is it being dealt with? Do

we see burning off of a different

nature or what happens? Fire aid

agencies around the country and

research institutions like CIRO are

thinking about this and thinking

about how we manage fires under

different conditions, shorter

conditions, do we adapt to burn

earlier or later in the season? And

also focusing on community

awareness, making sure people have

fire plans. Are we getting better at

that? I think we are. Every time

there is a really bad event we go

through a period of introspection

and learning and get a lot out of

it. Also there is research being

done all the time in different

institutions and that does help to

gradually improve how we manage and

responds to fire. Just quickly, wet

or dry season e head? Well, we are

in a La Nina so wet but it will

probably dry up later. Thank you. Muslims around Australia and the world

are today marking an important day in the Islamic religious calendar. It's Eid al-Adha - or Festival of Sacrifice. One of the largest gatherings is in the Sydney suburb of Lakemba, from where Sunrise correspondent Simon Reeve joins us.

Good morning. What's the significance of today to Muslims?

Good morning, to you, Kochie.

Today's significance for Muslims is

that it marks the end of the hajj,

the pilgrimage to mecca which just

occurred in recent days where so

many millions of Muslims from around

the world descend on the hajj. This

is a real celebration, it is a

festival of sacrifice, basically,

where they, traditionally, in Islam,

you will buy a sheep or a goat or a

beast of some description on this

day, Kochie and cut that up, and

give it to your family, give it to

your friends, and give it to the poor as well poor your friends, and give it to the

poor as well. That is the tradition.

So what we have seen here today are

the most extraordinary scenes. Just

behind me in the last 15 or 20

minutes we had 20,000 people in

prayer. It really is a celebration

of the great diversity of this

country. It is a privilege to stand

here today with all these people, it

is, everyone is happy, I guess the

equivalent for Christians it is like

celebrating Christmas, everyone will

go and spend time with family and

friends and celebrate for the next

few days but one of the

few days but one of the crucial things is to come to prayer on this

morning and it is what we have seen

this morning, maybe up

this morning, maybe upwards of

30,000 or 40,000. Personally I love

learning about religions and their

customs, and apparently it is a

reminder of when Abraham sacrificed

his son to God? Isn't it? It goes

back that far? That is right, was

going to sacrifice his son and

basically then sacrificed a beast in

place of that. That is the

significance of buying a sheep or a

goat or something like that on this

day. But it is just unbelieve. So

many times in this country we are

reporting on Islamic issues in a

negative frame work but this is a

fantastic day for Muslim people.

Terrific, thank you, Simon for

that's. Thanks, Kochie. After the break - could we be calling you? We'll phone our $10,000 Cash Cow winner. Then, is it time for the Gillard government to rethink the $43 billion National Broadband Network? And, Ke$ha is live at Brekky Central. She's performing the number one song in Australia - just ahead on Sunrise. We've got a 300ft jump... What's this? Hungry Jack's Cheeseburger Stunner, Chicken Burger Stunner, or Whopper Jr Stunner. Stunners from just 4.95! You'd be crazy going past deals this stunning. Sunrise brought to you by Jetstar, Australia's low-fares airline now flying to 50 of the world's most fantastic holiday destinations. Jetstar - low fares, good times. (LAUGHS) The Sunrise Cash Cow. The cash cow has a massive $200,000 to give away over the next two weeks. To win your share you need today's codeword - "cow". Let's call today's major cash cow winner. To win $

To win $10,000. We are

South Wales. (phone dials)

To win $10,000. We are calling New South Wales. (phone dials). RG, name

similar to a famous Prime Minister. Hello? similar to a famous Prime Minister.

Hello?. Is Rick there please. Yes, I

will get him for you. Thank you very

much. I hope he is not in the shower

and take a while. Might be. Or have

porridge. Hello. Hello? Is that Rick

Guogh. It is Kochie and Mel is next

to me. Would you like $

to me. Would you like $10,000. Yes

please. You've got it. That's me.

How's that? You happy, Rick. Yes,

sir, I sure would! Thank you. Glad

you are excited Rick. It is just

sinking in. Woohooo! Fantastic. $ sinking in. Woohooo! Fantastic.

$10,000 coming your way, big fellow. Thank you.

Thank you! Pleasure. And we'll announce more cash winners in our next hour, so stay tuned.

People do get shocked with you

screaming down the phone. If someone

rang me in the morning and said

rang me in the morning and said it would be a prank. Should I be

gentler. Just ease them in. Remember

they may not have had their coffee

yet, their tea. Good morning, how

would you like $

would you like $10,000. What! would you like $10,000. What!!

would you like $10,000. What!!? Lots

on gay marriage on the e-mails, my

name is Scott, I am a gay man who

owns his home and pays taxes and

obeys the law but I can't marry my

country. My taxes go to a baby bonus

for rewarding people having sex,

even unmarried one. And this no

name. I can't see why it is

legalised. The government

recognises, Centrelink recognises it

if a government agency recognises

why not let the marriage certificate

on the wall. And the superannuation.

How is the Soap Box running? Most

are in support. That is what the

study is saying. 70%

study is saying. 70%? 80% on

study is saying. 70%? 80% on the Soap Box? Yes, probably. Nearly

that, yes. Probably the big debate

is the blue shirt for the crick

lter. Dean said it confirms what

everyone knows, it is the New South

Wales first XI, not Australia.

Matter of opinion, Dean. And Luke

said all my family and friends hav