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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Students protests turn violent. and police attacked Fires started, windows smashed shut down the city as 50,000 demonstrators to protest against uni fees. as the rampage continues. We're live to London his wife on their honeymoon Will the American who killed remain in Australia? to face a fresh trial Or will Gabe Watson be sent home and maybe a death sentence? as he prepares for release. We're live to the jail

fighting to have him deported. And we'll hear from the prosecutor $250,000 in art. The 9-year-old who's sold on this Thursday 11 November, 2010. We'll meet her live this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia,

here's Kochie and Mel. Now, live from Brekky Central, Hello, and thanks for joining us.

Oh! Oh! It's really. Hey, big boy. I

wouldn't go that far. How you doing?

Slightly. Beretts is going to porn

star. I'm going mufrb hews. Embrace

it. You can see it today. That's

good, four days on. I am glad you

are doing the whole shape. I don't

know where I'm going, will shape it

later. Build a foundation. Most mums and dads like to think on the fridge is a masterpiece their child's painting stuck Autumn de Forest can now prove it. but the parents of young She's sold artwork worth $250,000

And not just to the grandparents.

She will join us later this morning,

kids, get painting! is this height of hypocrisy? Also coming up,

Options? How many homes are you

buying superman. Just one. Then it

will be option one. We just don't

want to get stuck with the wrong

loan if things change You'll have 25

odd years to get used to it. ANZ has joined the bank world by more than Reserve Bank. and raised interest rates to switch? So will it force customers

These banks are so full of it. More

on that later. Sorry. Nat is getting

ready for the news and once you are

started. Wooh! Thank you, Mr Koch. Julia Gillard has lashed out ANZ of the big four banks to raise rates after it became the second above the official increase. yesterday afternoon Ms Gillard arrived in South Korea of the G-20 Summit. ahead of the opening serving as an unwelcome distraction. Yesterday's 0.39% hike by ANZ is of interest rate movements There is no excuse for the sorts Commonwealth Bank and the ANZ Bank. we've now seen from the This morning Ms Gillard will join of the Korean War about a dozen Australian veterans to commemorate Remembrance Day. American man Gabe Watson immigration detention centre today is set to be flown to a Melbourne after serving 18 months' prison in Queensland. over the death of his new wife 32-year-old should be deported home There's confusion over whether the he won't face the death penalty. as our government works to ensure from the US government Once we have that assurance

to put Mr Watson on a plane we will be in a position to the United States. and send him home honeymoon scuba diving trip in 2003. Tina Watson died during a of manslaughter here Gabe Watson was convicted in his home state of Alabama. but may be charged with murder including rape, A man is in custody on 18 charges, in country Victoria. after an 11-year-old girl gave birth was arrested on September 9. The alleged father, aged 30, where the man and girl are from. Police haven't revealed including Qantas and Jetstar, Several airlines, and delay services to Indonesia. have been forced to cancel in and out of Bali at night Jetstar has stopped flying from Mount Merapi. because of volcanic ash since late last month It's been erupting killing almost 200 people of others out of their homes. and forcing hundreds of thousands on the streets of London There have been chaotic scenes as students tore through the city, increases to uni fees. protesting against Some even stormed Conservative Party headquarters. Prime Minister David Cameron's and hurled projectiles at police. The crowds smashed windows of action from students and staff We are seeing unprecedented levels that we've been singled out standing up to the fact universities and colleges in years. for the biggest cuts to our Several people have been arrested. In finance news:

It is called hex, big fellow, we

life. been paying it here for years, get a

life. The Dow is down, still been paying it here for years, get a

trading, a bit jittery head of the

G-20 meeting this weekend. European

markets were dawn pretty solidly. To

our region yesterday and it was

pretty ugly, Hong Kong down 210

points, despite sort of massive

in China. trade surpluses being announce said

Oil, whipped up to just under $

a barrel. Oil, whipped up to just under $8 US

a barrel. Oil, whipped up to just under $8 US It comes as no surprise had a big impact, that last week's rate hike in consumer confidence. with new data showing a big drop Craig James is at CommSec. Morning. Craig take us through the figures.

Would it have been taken into

account the rate increase last week?

Yes, certainly did. The surveying

started on Thursday of last week.

And concluded on Sunday. So

certainly taken into account, not

just the rate hike but also the

Australian dollar soaring above

parity, the highest levels in 28

years. That rise in the Aussie

dollar may have softened the over

all impact in terms of consumer

sentiment because most people

believe the high Aussie dollar is a

good thing for cheaper travel and

overseas goods but it was big drop

in one month, 5.

in one month, 5.4% drop in one

month. The distinction amongst the

generation, generation Y took it

hard, the ones out there trying to

buy a home, their confidence lovls

plunged by 18% in one month. Baby

boomers took it in their stride,

confidence levels were little

changed. Of course they own their

own homes and have got investments

rather than anything think rates

going up is a good thing rather than

a bad thing. Thanks, Craig, happy

travels, a big week of travelling

around the country, look out for

caig add the Chartered Accountsants breakfast tomorrow. champion Tiger Woods Defending Australian Masters will be out early at Victoria Golf Club this morning. when the tournament gets under way even-par 71 in yesterday's Pro Am Woods carded an unofficial and believes winning his second gold jacket. consistency will be the key to are grouped with Woods. Robert Allenby and Brett Rumford and Stuart Appleby Leading contenders Geoff Ogilvy are also in action early this morning. Geelong has accused Mark Thompson of lacking transparency

over his decision to join Essendon. Cats officials say their phone records confirm Thompson was in regular contact with the Bombers as far back as July. At the same time, the dual-premiership-winning coach told Geelong he wasn't returning to Windy Hill. Thompson told Bombers' coach James Hird yesterday that he'd accepted the role as senior assistant.

Oh! That's a witch hunt! Adelaide United has snapped its 2-game losing streak in the A-League heaping more misery on Perth Glory in the process. The Reds prevailed 2-0 at Hindmarsh Stadium extending the Glory's winless run to 10 matches. In Townsville, Melbourne Heart scored a stirring come-from-behind win over North Queensland. The Heart nailed 3 goals in the space of 15 minutes after half-time to secure maximum points.

(whistles). Think the Harlem Globe

Trotters. That is what that was, by

the way. Grant Denyer is at the

KingDome sort of. The training

ground, today, yes my man, despite

my very pocket-sized 5 foot 5ness, I

am going to walk amongst giants and

celebrate one of the great sporting

enigmas of this modern sporting

century, the Sydney Kings, boom!

This team is back in 2010 after

short break for being way too rad. I

tell you what they are in fine form.

We are going to spend the Morning

Showing just how good the team, the

only team that has won three

consecutive NBL championships as we

put them to the test on the back

board, dunking in there their face,

with the Kings, down town! Let's

look at the weather. Sunrise weather brought to you by Claratyne. Year-round allergy relief. Be prepared and live Claratyne clear. Afternoon thunderstorms in Mount Isa.

Today you are going to see some fine

skills on display and also a a

reminder why Sydney side sqrz the

rest of Australia should get behind

the Kings when you have moments like

this. Rain maker! I'll refine that.

Really? Just let it go. Missed it by

that much. Okay, Grant, see you soon. On the way - what will happen if honeymoon killer Gabe Watson is returned to the USA? And the Top End council giving up the fight against cane toads. Up next though, London brought to a standstill by student protests. A live report is straight ahead on Sunrise, the breakfast show with television's biggest ever cash giveaway, beginning Monday. Take a journey through stunning Shoalhaven on the NSW South Coast and feel truly alive. From Nowra to Ulladulla, discover pristine beaches, rich green hinterland and a wealth of serene villages just waiting to be explored. And with Shoalhaven Breaks from as little as $100 per night, now's the perfect time to see where it takes you. For more great deals, go to: Sunrise keeps in touch with the new BlackBerry Pearl thanks to our friends at Telstra. There've been violent scenes on the streets of London overnight. Thousands of university students were involved. Their targets included the offices of Britain's ruling Conservative Party. With the latest,

we're joined from London by Sunrise UK correspondent Martin Frizell. Good morning. This was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration. What went wrong?

What is it about Good morning, it is

gratifying so many young people

gratifying so many young people are determined to get a good education.

It happened and still going on three

or four hours ago. 10s of thousands

converged on London and managed to

paralyse one of the world's capital

cities. Only a few00 or so decided

to take their anger out on the tower

block, which is where the

Conservative offices are based, the

ruling coalition. They lit fires,

they actually got into the building

itself, around 100 or so, putting

off all the fire alarms which meant

the whole building had to be

evacuated. Police had to

evacuated. Police had to withdraw from the building because they were

concerned what would happen in

there. They regrouped and at the

moment they have some corralled

tightly. Were police caught off

guard? Did they know it was this big

and messy? I think they were caught

off guard. They knew lots of coaches

were coming down to London but I

think there will be an inquiry into

this, they were expecting it to be

at Westminster, quarter of a mile

from where this other building is. I

get the feeling the protesters

thought if they can't protest the

way they want to because of the

large police presence is they would

go to are where where the

Conservative office was not guarded.

The head of the metropolitan police,

Sir Paul Stevenson is deeply

embarrassed. Here is what he said

half an hour ago. We're very disappointed, as I know the organisers are, that some people have chosen not to protest peacefully.

Are the uni fees protesting the

introduction of uni fees or

increasing them or whatever? Our uni

students pay fees here? It is all

part of a austerity measures.

Everybody is having to tighten their

budgets and it

budgets and it is what uni students

are being asked to do. At the moment

you will get 3,000 pounds in fees

and get a Nuala and get a

and get a loan and pay it back now

it will be three times, 9 thousand it will be three times, 9

it will be three times, 9,000 pounds

and they have saying only rich kids

will be able to go to university and

they want everyone to have a chance

to go. Tripling it to the level that

Aussie kids pay. Alright, Martin,

thank you for that. Ahead - can Aussies afford to keep living longer? Then, meet the 9-year-old whose paintings are worth a cool $250,000. But after the break,

the council that says the spread of the cane toad is just evolution. And, one for Kochie.

Dough, a deer a female deer, ray, a

drop of golden sun, me a name I call

my salf, far, a long, long way to

run, sow a needle pulling thread,

laa note to follow sow. The studio is alive with the sound of the cast from 'The Sound of Music' singing when Sunrise continues. Springtime...BBQs. Gotta love the BBQs. We have a wide range, from a little, tiny 2-burner right up to a luxury 6-burner BBQ. 4-burner hooded BBQ, $169. 25kg pool salt, $6.62. Supatool 105-piece tool kit, $39.96. Forest Reds decking, $3.85 per linear metre. If you happen to find a cheaper price on a stocked item, we'll beat it by 10%. Check out our latest catalogue online. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! # Lowest prices are just the beginning. What's Making News brought to you Beacon Lighting. Summer catalogue out now. It has to be Beacon.

Last time you sang back then or have

you sung together since

you sung together since? We have

been on the road. We actually sang

at the Hollywood Bowl in front of

20,000 people with the children. It

was just a little? No, no, no! You

want to keep your audience. We don't

want to shatter their allusion. We

won't sing either. I was going to

say, if you will, we will. In Case

Stephan. # Doe - a deer, a female deer # Ray - a drop of golden sun # Me - a name I call myself # Far - a long, long way to run

# Sew - a needle pulling thread

# La - a note to follow sew # Tea - a drink with jam and bread # That will bring us back to doe # CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Thank you. There you go, Kochie. Magic. The cast of 'The Sound of Music' have been doing the rounds of the talk TV shows to mark the 50th anniversary of the movie

50 or 45? You're older than you

thought. Is it 50 or 45. I just said

50th. Because I have got the

digitally remastered blue ray that

came out about two weeks ago, virg.

Blue ray? Yes, special anniversary

edition. It is fantastic. Just how

vivid the colours and the music. It

is fantastic. It will run

continuously without wearing out,

which is great. Yes, there is a

sing-a-long 'Sound of Music' coming

up in Sydney. How good is that? At

the end of the month, at Capital

Theatre, if you want to come, you

got to dress up. Do you play it

driving along in your duff, duff

car, the muscle car? Does it cut it.

Fantastic. I dressed up as the

Captain last time. Stop! Also creating some buzz is the Northern Territory council that appears to have given up the fight against cane toads. The Palmerston Council has scaled scaled back its toad-busting efforts, to spend just $2,000 this year. The 'Northern Territory News' says the local Mayor reckons the cane toad invasion "isn't that bad" - those were his words. Apparently, there's a decrease in the numbers of toads in the area. And a council report suggests fighting them interferes with evolution but the man who leads the charge against cane toads, Graeme Sawyer,

says council has got it wrong. He says the reason numbers have fallen is because of toad-busting programs. We'll take a closer look at this later this Sunrise But in the meantime, have your say.

Evolution? I wish they would evolve

somewhere else to be honest. Should we continue to eradicate cane toads? Or should we roll over and let nature take its course?

Anyone? I think they're ugly, awful

things but. You don't eradicate

something because it is ughie.

Spiders. They do kill the wild life,

they are not good. An introduced

species. Evolve where they came from, I say. Finally we first told you yesterday that Miranda Kerr had lost her wedding dress. The airline lost her luggage. Designer Collette Dinnigan says she'll send Miranda another one. Collette designed the missing gown. But it got us thinking - are items like wedding dresses, wedding rings, or engagement rings sentimental and therefore irreplaceable? Or would you be happy with a new one?

Oh, look, Andrew might have lost his

wedding ring. Oh! Yes, surfing. So

we had to replace that. But I still

feel married to him. Did it worry

him. Not really. He was more worried

about telling me but it is a thing,

it is not your marriage, is it, it

is a thing so we

is a thing so we just replaced itch It

It is a representation rather than

what it is all about. Let us know

what you think on that. Soon, we'll see if Tiger can stage a comeback at the Masters in Melbourne. Then, what's the hold-up with deporting honeymoon killer Gabe Watson to the US? But after the break, news, sport and weather together. You're watching Sunrise - with breakfast television's biggest ever cash giveaway beginning Monday. VOICEOVER: At ActewAGL, we're looking forward -

forward to a world with boundless energy, a world where your old mail ends up in this bin a world where we leave things greener than we found them, a world where you don't fill up, you recharge. Every day, we're powering towards this future by sourcing green energy through Greenchoice, supporting an electric vehicle network, moving our headquarters to a new, energy-efficient building and encouraging paperless bills. ActewAGL:

Tomorrow - exclusive. Martina Navratilova and her toughest mission yet.

How she plans to conquer Mount Kilimanjaro.

# Get ready 'cause here I come

# Get ready 'cause here I come And songs from Sin City. Human Nature are live from Las Vegas. That's Sunrise, Friday. Coming up - the town-planning expert who reckons parking meters actually help main-street shops

He says the more expensive they are,

the better they are. And shortly, does the average Aussie really understand what Armistice Day is all about? But first let's check the news. Here's Nat with the 6:30 update. Good morning. Prime Minister Julia Gillard has a full day ahead as the G-20 Leaders Summit officially opens in South Korea. However, she's been distracted by issues back home

after the ANZ joined the Commonwealth Bank

in going beyond last week's official interest rate rise. There is no excuse for the sorts of interest rate movements we have now seen from the Commonwealth Bank and ANZ Bank. Ms Gillard hopes to use this trip to finalise a free-trade agreement with South Korea. American man Gabe Watson

is due to shortly be released from a Queensland prison after serving 18 months over the honeymoon death of his wife Tina. She drowned during a scuba diving trip in 2003. However, it's likely the 32-year-old will be held in an immigration detention centre before being sent home. Australia wants a guarantee from US authorities Watson won't face the death penalty when he arrives home. Victoria Cross recipient Corporal Mark Donaldson has had a second audience with the Queen at an official function in London marking Remembrance Day. Corporal Donaldson, who won the VC for bravery in Afghanistan, says it was great to see Her Majesty again. Just happy to say hello again and just a general bit of chitchat. It was nice, it was lovely. Services will take place around the nation today marking 92 years since the end of World War I. German airline Lufthansa has confirmed it's been forced to replace an engine on one of its A380s but says the issue is not connected to problems plaguing Qantas and Singapore Airlines. Singapore has grounded three of its superjumbos after crews found oil stains inside their Rolls-Royce engines. The rest of its A380 fleet is still in the air and passengers say they feel safe. I heard something this morning but I thought it was released to the Qantas flights but I wasn't aware of Singapore Airlines cancelling flights. Engine problems aren't the only concern for Qantas - it's been fined $12 million over a cargo price-fixing cartel. There's been a delay in the rescue of a crippled cruise liner broken down in the Pacific Ocean. A tugboat sent to tow it to Mexico wasn't powerful enough.

24 Australians are among the 4,500 onboard the 'Carnival Splendor'. The US Navy has choppered supplies to the stricken vessel which has been dead in the water since an engine room fire two days ago. The Pentagon says it's confident an aircraft and not a missile is responsible for a mysterious plume in the skies off California. The bizarre sight sparked all sorts of different theories some even saying it was America firing a warning shot from a submarine. However, it now seems there's a much simpler explanation. It's clearly an airplane contrail, it's an optical illusion that it looks like it's going up whereas in reality, it's going towards the camera.

The Pentagon came to that conclusion after checking its own missile launch-detection systems. In finance news:

The Dow Jones index is in fact, just

reverse that, up a point at the

moment, General Motors has anounszed a $

a $2.

a $2.1 6 billion profit, ahead of

the share issue, it is going to

raise just over $

raise just over $10 billion in new

shares to try to pay the government

back. To the commodities:

Time for sport. Here's Beretts.

Thanks, Kochie. Aussie Formula 1 legends Alan Jones and Jack Brabham are confident Mark Webber has the mental fortitude to win the world drivers' championship in Brazil. Webber trails Fernando Alonso by eight points heading into this weekend's season-defining race in Abu Dhabi.

And he's ready to go for broke.

I don't feel I have a huge amount to

lose, to be honest, I think is a lot

of, you know, a lot of upsides for

me, to be in with a chance. If Webber wins in Abu Dhabi, Alonso must finish no higher than third for the Aussie to claim the championship. Tiger Woods will be among the first players out on course when the Australian Masters gets under way at Victoria Golf Club this morning.

Woods is unsure whether his remodelled swing will be consistent enough to win a second straight gold jacket but he remains hopeful the changes can deliver a drought-breaking victory. Aussie pair Robert Allenby and Brett Rumford are playing with Woods. Nathan Hauritz admits he no certainty to make the Australian side for the first Ashes Test. Hauritz copped a caning on the opening day of New South Wales' Sheffield Shield clash against Victoria and the off-spinner knows he'll face the axe if things don't improve over the next three days. England's Ashes build-up will continue at Adelaide Oval today, with a tour match against South Australia.

Well you probably heard of one of

the greats of Australian basketball,

leaping Grant Denyer, maybe not. You

with the Sydney Kings? Yes, a big

old day today, do you know what

old day today, do you know what the Sydney Kings are doing? They are joining motor vehicle

joining mauve mov. They have a

Movember page on their web site, let

me give you an idea what it should

look like, just up here... That, my

man. That is the shape Beretts is

going for too. Trying to achieve?

Well, Julian is showing you how it

is done, at 6 foot 10. Like the two

of you together. Six 10, 6 11,

either/ of you together. Six 10, 6 11,

either/or, doesn't matter. Man... I

am glad I don't have to try to get

chicks anymore now I'm married

because you've just ruined it for

me. What size shoe are you? These

here are a pair of 17s. What a

contrast! It is, can you travel with

me everywhere because I have trouble

putting my head in the overhead

locker. The thing that freaks people

out I put my arm up and reach it and

sit down. You can reach it sitting

down? That is gold. The Sydney Kings

are back, for me in the 90s, there

were two things, Michael Jordan and

the Kings, now they are back. We

the Kings, now they are back. We are hoping to get 10,000 people to the

game on Saturday. The more fans the

better but it is great having the

Kings back and being part of this

great club. Sweet, let's great club. Sweet, let's look at the forecast. Sunrise weather brought to you by Claratyne. Year-round allergy relief. Be prepared and live Claratyne clear. A trough in the east is generating showers

and potentially severe storms over the Northern Territory, Queensland and New South Wales. A weak front clipping the south-east is bringing isolated showers to southern South Australia and Victoria.

Are you ready for an Ejumacation!

Are you ready for an Ejumacation

White chocolate! Okay. Everybody's a

smarty! Well done, big fellow. See

you in half an hour. Well done.

Should check with Julian, the

advantages of being tall. Nat and I

say we often get asked in the

supermarket to get things off the

top shelf for ladies that are not

tall. Ladies? Okay. Did I miss

something there? Not at all. Sorry.

Steady down, blokes. Joke of the

day, that is very good, community

service. An Irish farmer named

Seamus had an accident with lorry, I

should say thank you to Ashleigh

Barber from Belladura in WA. Thank

you. He was sueing the lorry company

and in court their hot shot

solicitor was questioning him and said, "

said, "Didant you say to the policet

the accident of the 16 I'm fine."

And he said, " And he said,

And He said, "

And He said, "I'll tell you what

happened, I just loaded my favourite

cow, Bessy." And he said, "

cow, Bessy." And he said, "I didn't

ask for details, did you say you

were fine." I just loaded Bess a were fine." I just loaded Bess ay. And he said, "

And he said, "Your honour, I am

trying to establish that at the

scene of the accident the witness

told the police he was fine.

told the police he was fine.." And

Seamus said, "

Seamus said, "And I just loaded

Bessy, I had the accident. Put the

cow in the truck. We had the

accidenta policeman came on to the

scene, Bessy was so injured he shot

Bessy through between the eyes and

then the policeman turned to me and

said how are you feeling and I said how are you feeling and I said, "

said how are you feeling and I said,

"Of course I'm fine." He didn't want

to get shot. Sorry, really... It was

a long joke I shortened. I know you

are from WA but I'm really sorry.

I'm with her today. Maybe it is the

telling? I apologise if I didn't

tell it that well. Just ahead - Aussies are living longer but can we afford it? Plus, up next, we're on Tiger watch in Melbourne. And, it's the day to remember our fallen soldiers but we'll see just how many Australians know what Armistice Day is all about, on Sunrise. to over $6 million! That's one cool cat. Over $6 million. You ought to buy yourself a lottery ticket. Take a journey through stunning Shoalhaven on the NSW South Coast and feel truly alive. From Nowra to Ulladulla, discover pristine beaches, rich green hinterland and a wealth of serene villages just waiting to be explored. And with Shoalhaven Breaks from as little as $100 per night, now's the perfect time to see where it takes you. For more great deals, go to:

# Moving in slow motion

# Good morning, Brisbane, through

the skwrelt star sky cam. A few showers and a warm 27 degrees coming your way. You would have noticed the poppies we're wearing this morning to commemorate Armistice Day. If that doesn't sound familiar - you might know it better as Remembrance Day. There's a special reason for its official name though and why we mark it on the 11th day, of the 11th month. But just how many people know what it's all about?

Do you know when Armistice Day is?

No idea, sorry. Tomorrow we are

actually trying to find somewhere to

buy a poppy. No, I don't. No idea.

Armistice Day, I don't but I know it

signifies the end of the war. No

idea. No. No I don't. On, um, no.

November 11? Yes, the 11th of the

11th. The end of the first world

war, the 11th hour of the 11th day

of the 11th month and I'm not that

old either. 1918. Is it because it

is better known as remembrance dey

or have we forgotten? Don't mark it.

Anzac Day is a big day for us,

Anzac Day is a big day for us, which is a bit unusual around the world

but we should be

but we should be rememberering Armistice Day. Yes, world wide. The

end of World War I in France. We

talk about all sorts of walks and inwear against tear inwear against

inwear -- and the war against

terror, it is World War I, no fancy

weapons, nuclear weapons. 412,000

Australians fought, 62,000 were

killed, 152,000 wounded. Casualties

were 52% of people that went to that

war. And all up, 42 million fought

people fought World War I. You go

through France now and go through the through France now and go through

the Western Front, one of the

the Western Front, one of the most

emotional thing you can do in your

life and farmers in France are still

digging up remnants of World War I.

Well, it was today, 11 o'clock, 11th of the

of the 11th the allies signed the

peace treaty. At 11 o'clock there is

a minute's silence. Yes. Tiger Woods can turn around his career at the Australian Masters starting in Melbourne this morning. He'll tee off next hour, trying to avoid a whole year without a victory. Our Melbourne correspondent Nuala Hafner is outside Victoria Golf Club. Good morning, Nuala. He's checked out the course. Does he think he can retain the title?

Good morning, guys, after he played

yesterday and scored an even par, he

said I am good chance of winning if

I play the way I know I can play. He

said it is a lot slower here at

Victorian Golf Club than Kingston

Heath where he won last year but

Heath where he won last year but he loves the sand belt, he has played

in Scotland. He has changed his

swing recently under new coach Shaun

Foley but he said he is hitting it

further with less consistency. He

wants to play a boring game and make

puts rrs. We saw him arrive at 6.

puts rrs. We saw him arrive at 6.30,

he is playing with Australians Brett

Rumford and Robert Allenby. But I am

nrtdshed to see how Geoff Ogilvy he

has played here since a teenager. I

am not taking chances, be safe, be

seen, a spectator was hit by a ball

by a player partner and she saidfore

was yelled after the ball was hit so

I am not taking chances. What did

Tiger say about coming back to

Melbourne He dodged any questions

about his personal life but he said

he loves coming back and since

starts in 1996 he comes back for

holidays. He credited Aussie fans

who he described as fanatical. Take

a listen. I want to come back, I

love it down here, always have. Used

to come here on holidays? Yes, must

have snuck in under our radar. Who

knew? What about fans yesterday on

the course, happy to see him? Yes,

there were not as many as last year,

more than the hundreds than

thousands, but he saw familiar faces

back again this year, the weather

will be beautiful, sunny and

will be beautiful, sunny and 29 but

it comes crashing down tomorrow,

rain, thunderstorms, strong winds

and it will stay that way over the

weekend. It will test Tiger fans.

Don't do a LeTravino. Absolutely.

And let us know, if you have got a

Tiger Hollywood story you would like

to share with us. Pardon? He used to

come down here on holidays a lot,

who knew that? If you spent time

with Tiger on previous holidays, let

us know. After the break - will Australia's honeymoon killer face justice in the US? We're live to the jail where he's being held. Plus, London burns as students protests turn violent. We have the latest pictures coming up in a live report from the UK.

And the 9-year-old whose art is worth $250,000. We'll meet her next on Sunrise. you'd expect a smooth, rich blend. and only cooling areas you're using and reduce carbon pollution. Find out what you can do in your world. Visit: Take a journey through stunning Shoalhaven on the NSW South Coast and feel truly alive. From Nowra to Ulladulla, discover pristine beaches, rich green hinterland and a wealth of serene villages just waiting to be explored. And with Shoalhaven Breaks from as little as $100 per night, now's the perfect time to see where it takes you. For more great deals, go to: The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more. Showbiz reporter Tomm Taylor is in Hollywood. P!nk is pregnant. Tomm, how far along is she?

Everybody in Hollywood is talking

about P!nk, the rocker and singer

and R & B beauty. We are hearing she

is 12 years along, she has been

married since 2006 to a motor cross

expert, Corry heart, she is in

between tours, no word whether she

is pregnant with a boy or girl but

obvious names, if it is a boy she

could call it Maroon and a girl,

Magenta, right? I am sure she will love the suggestions. Moving on, and Daniel Radcliffe may be joining us for Christmas. What's behind his visit?

Yes, the Harry Potter boy wizard,

super famous on the big screen is

dreaming about spending Christmas

holidays with family in Australia.

He has found fond memories and has

missed Australia and trips to Oz,

they missed Australia and trips to Oz,

they have a vacation property they

visit frequently but he hasn't been

to Toorak at any time. But there is

a challenge because he is getting

ready, Harry Potter, Daniel

Radcliffe is getting ready for a

Broadway debut, New York City, for

How to Succeed In business Without

Trying, the show, he has been taking

singing lessons and dancing each

week so those commitments might keep

him in New York. He is excited about

the Ashes with regard to cricket

the Ashes with regard to cricket and he said for a London win it would be

the first time in 40 or 50 years the

British could take it. I don't know

what the Ashes are, but I know Harry

Potter has new movie coming out in a

couple of days. Just tell him he is

dreaming. We would love it if he

could come for Christmas. A great

young bloke, a gentleman, been on

the show a number of time. Yes, a

holiday house in Torak. Where else

do you have a holiday house.

Exactly. Double Bay might be next.

Do that again. No. Do your Toorak

accent. No... Now, how do you feel about paying to park your car?

Do you avoid areas where there are parking meter? An American town planning expert who his visiting here, reckons paid parking doesn't deter shoppers. He says sales have gone up in main-street stores, where there's a charge for kerbside spots.

His reasoning seems to be based on the turnover of cars, which in theory brings more customers. So tell us how you feel about parking meters.

Did you read the bit at the bottom,

his trip was sponsored by the

commercial parking industry. It

cheeses me off, there is a

particular lovely street in Sydney,

I know they have all around

Australia, Oxford Street and they

put in one-hour parking meters,

chicks don't go for an hour, grab a

coffee, park. Enough for a bloke. We

like to wander, chat, get a coffee.

So it is an hour spot it deters you.

But the shopping centres have the

first three hours free, I go to

them. And I think it is happening

right around the country, people are

leaving the little suburban streets

because they can get long-term

parking. Doesn't it encourage you to

stay, shop, stay for lunch, get a

sandwich. It is sad that people are

going out of the suburban areas. You

don't want them all into the big

shopping centres. And the Soap Box?

Miranda Kerr of course, lost the

wedding dress, Collette Dinnigan is

going to replace it. What have you

lost. Charlie said," me dad lost his

wedding ring ten years ago, it was a

custom design, it took months to remember custom design, it took months to

remember the details, he got a new

one and was very upset when we moved

five years later when my mum found

the aerageinal, now he has a backup.

Is it a boy thing to not remember

the details? What, of the shackle?

The ball and chain. A common theme

for men and wedding rings, Lisa said, "

said, "My husband's ring was handed

down over the generations he wasn't

popular after losing it snorkeling

on the honeymoon, an identical ring

can never be replaced but I still

love him." And happy anniversary to

my hubby. Rememberance Day. He can never my hubby. Rememberance Day. He can

never forgot. A highlight? How many

years? 15, I was a child bride. Give

thus top five highlights. We'll come

back to you on that. Now, still to come on Sunrise this morning - Student protests turn violent. Fires started, windows smashed and police attacked, as 50,000 demonstrators shutdown the city to protest against uni fees. We're live to London as the rampage continues. Will the American who killed his wife on their honeymoon remain in Australia? Or will Gabe Watson be sent home to face a fresh trial and maybe a death sentence? We're live to the jail as he prepares for release. And we'll hear from the prosecutor fighting to have him deported. The 9-year-old who's sold a $250,000 in art. We'll meet her live, on this Thursday 11 November, 2010. Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. Now, live from Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Mel. If you've just tuned in, thanks for joining us for breakfast. Right now it's time for the news of the day.

Good morning. Prime Minister Julia Gillard is confident she can lock in a free-trade agreement with South Korea as the G-20 Leaders Summit begins. Ms Gillard has already held talks with the Korean President and says both countries are keen to push ahead with a deal. Trade means jobs. A free trade agreement will be good for Australia and it will be good for Korea. However, trouble back home has been distracting Ms Gillard after the ANZ joined the Commonwealth Bank in raising rates above the official increase. A man is in custody on 18 charges after an 11-year-old girl gave birth in country Victoria. Police are revealing few details about the case but have confirmed the alleged father was arrested on September 9. Australia is refusing to send American man Gabe Watson home until officials there guarantee he won't face the death penalty. The 32-year-old has served 18 months in a Queensland prison over the honeymoon drowning of his new wife Tina in 2003. He's being released this morning but will stay here until the Americans promise he won't face a death sentence. Once we have that assurance from the US government we will be in a position to put Mr Watson on a plane and send him home to the United States. It's not yet known what charges Watson will face in the US.

A massive street protest in London has turned violent as university students stormed a government building. They smashed windows,

forcing their way into the Conservative Party's headquarters. Outnumbered police were totally overwhelmed. This level of violence was totally unexpected. We've got to ask ourselves, "Why it was unexpected, "Should we be able to anticipate it better? "What lessons can we learn for the future?" But it seems some of the demonstrators

weren't taking it too seriously, getting a mosh pit going. Victoria's political leaders have duked it out in a Melbourne pub

ahead of the November 27 election. Classroom sizes, hospitals, transport and clogged freeways dominated

as both leaders copped a grilling from around 200 randomly selected voters. The trains are like cattle trains, Monash Freeway's like a parking place. We've added 2,000 additional services, which is by far the biggest increase the state has ever seen. At the moment it's a lottery every time someone gets on the train and I don't think that's good enough after 11 years. And in a hit to Mr Brumby's election chances, Fairfax reports talks have collapsed over a preference deal between Labor and the Greens. Remembrance Day ceremonies will be held across the country today to honour our fallen soldiers. A minute's silence will mark the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, 92 years after guns fell silent at the end of World War I. Governor-General Quentin Bryce will deliver the commemorative address at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra.

Of course, the marblgts are still --

markets are still trading as of this

very second, down 2 points. General

Motors has released a $ Motors has released a $2.

Motors has released a $2.1 6 billion

quarter profit and the lower number

of people filing for unemployment

for the last four month, a good sign

the jobs market might be turning

round. China, how is this for a

trade surplus, $

trade surplus, $2 billion, up -- $ trade surplus, $2 billion, up -- $22

billion, up 61% from September.

Here is Beretts with sport. Thanks,

Kochie. Rb Defending Australian Masters champion Tiger Woods will be out early when the tournament gets under way

at Victoria Golf Club this morning. Woods carded an unofficial even-par 71 in yesterday's Pro Am and believes consistency will be the key to winning his second gold jacket.

Robert Allenby and Brett Rumford are grouped with Woods. Leading contenders Geoff Ogilvy and Stuart Appleby are also in action this morning. Geelong has accused Mark Thompson of lacking transparency over his decision to join Essendon. Cats officials say their phone records confirm Thompson was in regular contact with the Bombers as far back as July. At the same time, the dual-premiership-winning coach told Geelong he wasn't returning to Windy Hill. Thompson told Bombers coach James Hird yesterday that he'd accepted the role as senior assistant. Kangaroos prop Petero Civoniceva has vowed to regain his Test jumper after being axed from the squad for this weekend's Four Nations final against the Kiwis. Coach Tim Sheens opted for Nate Myles and Tom Learoyd-Lars as his interchange props. Aussie centre Willie Tonga is dealing with fresh speculation over his NRL future. He's reportedly keen to seek a release from North Queensland to join Brisbane or Parramatta. The Sydney

The Sydney Kings are back in the NBL

this year. They are one of the hall

marks a legendary team of the

competition and it is where

congratulations is today. Purple and

gold is the colour of royalty and

speaking of royalty, can I welcome

back to your screens one of the gods

of the game and one of the nicest

blokes of Australian sport, Mr Bob

Turner who is back home at

Turner who is back home at the Sydney Kings to turn it all around.

Great to have you here. Thanks for

being my PR man. I will write your

press release from here on in. How

big a turn around is it for inSydney

Kings and the NBL? It is a lift for

the spol sport of basketball, to

have a team in Sydney is key but to

have the Kings as an iconic brand is

just sensational. A lot of things

have happened in the last six

months, simply because the Sydney

Kings are back. It has been a

transitional period, can we get back

to the heady days of the '90s

to the heady days of the '90s when it was No.1? Coming up to people in

the media and corporateland and say

can we get it back to where the

Kingdome used to be and I say, there

is no question, because basketball

is more entrenched today than it was

20 years ago. We have players that

can dunk, almost everybody can dunk

and it is great to see bat

abasketball coming back. It is

great, I played it, Kochie and his

kids played it. It is sport theatre

when you watch it. Last time we had

nine,000 at the entertainment

centre, one of our sponsors came up

and said, "

and said, "This is classic family

sports theatre." And I thought, " sports theatre." And I thought,

"That's a good line, I like

"That's a good line, I like that." But we have the dancing girls and

the crew and the lion and lot of

fun, we have the four-sided

scoreboard so we can do a lot of

things to interact with the crowd.

Great to have you guys back, let's

look at the forecast. Lrn Sunrise weather brought to you by Claratyne. Year-round allergy relief. Be prepared and live Claratyne clear.

They won one game from four but they

have four players that have won an

NBL championship but the stocks are

billing and I know Kochie you are

excited? Very excited, let me tell

you. Good stuff. See you in half an hour. The American man dubbed the "honeymoon killer" will be released from a Queensland jail shortly. But our Immigration Department won't allow Gabe Watson to return to the US where it's expected he'll face another trial for the death of his wife. Sunrise correspondent Michelle Tapper is outside the prison where Watson is being held. Michelle, good morning.

Just recap the details of this case for us?

Good morning, Mel, well this all

began back in 2003 when Gabe and

Tina Watson came to Australia on

their honeymoon. Now

their honeymoon. Now they had only

been married for 11 days when they

went diving off the Great Barrier

Reef off Townsville but Tina Watson

made it 7 minutes into dive before she made it 7 minutes into dive before

she drowned. Gabe Watson, an

experienced diver trained in

rescuing others, said his wife

pulled his mosque off, grabbed his

air supply and in the confusion she

drowned and he surfaced. The

prosecution said he held her in a

bear hug and turned her oxygen off

waiting for her to drown. But it is

difficult to prove because there are

no witnesss and the eerie photo of

Tina Watson lying on the ocean

floor. He struck a plea deal with

prosecutors and pled guilty to man

slaurts and said he failed in his

duty as his wife's dive buddy. When

will he be released? He is

will he be released? He is expected to be released from Borallon prison

in just over an hour but he will be

picked up by immigration

authorities. They arrive 15 minutes

ago, it is believed they have to go

in, collect his stuff, have an

interview with him for 45 minutes or

so. We

so. We expect him to leave in an

hour and he is headed for a

detention centre in Melbourne. The

reason for that is the Australian

authorities are saying they want

written proof from Washington, not

Alabama, but Washington that gabe

Watson will not face the death

penalty, until they get it he

wistale in the detention centre but

it could be weeks or month but it

will be the taxpayers will be the taxpayers expense. Don Valeska is the top prosecutor for the Alabama Attorney-General's office, which wants Mr Watson back in the USA. Good morning. Just explain to us why you want Gabe Watson to return to Alabama?

Well, Mel, um, Jefferson county

grand jury met in October and

considered the evidence in this

case. And although I can't comment

on what their decision was I

on what their decision was I think it is pretty clear that we will be

looking for Mr Watson when he comes

home. Okay, look, obviously I understand you

understand you can't go into too

much detail. The hold up from this

end is that Australian authorities

want a written assurance from

Washington that he will not face the

death penalty in Alabama. Will

Australian authorities get that?

Yes, Mel, I would hope so. I heard

Sandy Logan from Immigration say

that and he is going to have to

contact the Justice Department or

the State Department in Washington.

I would have sent him written proof

but he wants it from them. I can't

answer for them or for him and

hopefully he will get it and move

forward. It sounds like the

wheelerize in motion for it to

happen and the moment we get that he

will be on his way, US-bound? Well,

we hope so. We have no idea as to

the time span. Okay. Alright, and

then he will face another trial in

the States, I

the States, I know that you are

charging him with murder. As we said

he faced man slaughter charges here

and got 18 month so I assume you

would want to have that

would want to have that whole trial,

would you want a longer sentence?

Well, that would be up to a jury if

he has in fact been charged. By an

indictment. So that would be left to

a jury. Obviously, any prosecuteer

-- prosecutors is interested in the

maximum punishment for a crime

before a grand jury, commonsense

will tell you that. What is the

maximum punishment? Life without

parole. Okay, thank you very much for your time this morning. More now on the violent protest by university students in central London. Some of the demonstrators smashed their way into a building which houses the offices of Britain's ruling Conservative Party. To update us, we're joined from the scene at Millbank by ITN reporter Alex Thomson. Good morning. Is the protest continuing?

No, as you can see it is a very cold

evening here in London, slightly

colder than Australia I suspect. You

will seeing the very last

demonstrators being filmed and

having their particulars taken by

the police. The league altd of that

I have to say is under some debate

tonight but it is the very end of

it. Come with me New York it. Come with me it. Come with me now, if you look in

the -- at the background you can see

the damaged smashed in windows. It

is the building that houses the Conservative party in the United

Kingdom. It has been given a

trashing. I don't want to make light

of this in any way but it is clear

the students did their home work.

What happened was a demonstration in

the centre of London, up to 50,000

or so, maybe a,000 broke off,

perhaps a prearranged plan, I don't

know, came down here and to be

frank, gave the front of the office

a very good going over. There were

very few police, they were

outflanked. Just remind us why the

students are so angry? The students

are very angry for a very simple

reason: which is that at least one

of the parties, the Liberal Democrats Fought the last

Democrats Fought the last election promising to altther system and get

rid of tuition fees. Instead of that

they will more than

they will more than double and in

some cases treble university fees.

In a few years you will have

students coming out of universities

with debts of 30,000, 40,000 or

50,000, it is obvious

50,000, it is obvious students are

not happy and there are a lot of

parents looking for university for

their kids are not happy not least

because the Coalition promised to do

the exact opposite. I can understand

the anger it is a broken promise.

Australian students and their

parents have had this scheme for

years and years, hex, you pay it

back to the government when you go

back to work. Is there any word yet

on arrests or injuries? There has

been have arrests. I personally

witnessed, in the building behind me

they corralled a doesn't people in

there, transit vans now are taking

away the last of those. There has

been several people injured here

today. I don't want, get this in

perspective, central London is not

brought to a halt, it is not a large

riot, it is a violent, sustained

violence for quite a few hours but

yes, this building has been damaged,

10 yards that way, there is a pizza

parlour completely untouched so

don't come to the idea London has

come to stand still in any way but,

and a big but, an awful lot of

people are telling me, police

officers, bystanders, people

officers, bystanders, people people

in their 60s are saying it is

exactly what they expect to happen

and they expect a lot more of it

across the United Kingdom in the

winter. Thank you for your time, appreciate it. If you've recently had a baby, there's good news for your new addition. The Bureau of Statistics says life expectancy in Australia is among the best in the world. A baby boy can expect to live to over 79 years. For girls, it's nearly 84 years. That's an increase of up to six years in life expectancy over the last couple of decades. And those figures are getting better all the time. While it's great to see this, it does create a big problem down the track.

That is, how will the nation afford to have everyone living longer? Will there be enough workers paying tax to fund all those pensions? Let's ask social researcher Mark McCrindle. Good morning. Do you think we'll be able to afford this change to life expectancy?

Not that we have much option? How

will we go? We are struggling to

afford it as a nation. This aging

has taken us a bit by surprise.

While it is a good news story it

does come with massive costs, health

care costs, age costs and pension

costs so the expenses for our nation

are growing. There is a second

problem as well, at the same time

the income tax side of it is not

keeping pace. So today, for every

retiree we have got, five retiree we have got, five people

nutworking -- -- got five people but

we will only have 2.

we will only have 2.7 later. A week

ago we were having the debate people

saying we should limit the number of

children we are allowed to have,

limit immigration, is that the

answer? Do we need to bring in more

workers? To boost the work numbers?

The work force? Or should we have

more babies. We will need both of

those solutions. If you look at the

aged-care sector it is set up for a

few million. We will have twice as

many squeezing in over the next few

decades and there is an acute

shortage in skilled workers, so we

need skilled migration to fill

existing gaps. But at the same time,

we need the long-termed sustained

economic boom that comes through

children so they can balance out the

aging we have. Nothing is going to

balance out the aging like child

birth and it will produce sustained

growth and also in four and five

decades-time it will produce a

working fork adult migration won't

do. Will the age pension survive the

century? It

century? It is unlikely, already

those in their 50s know the goal

posterize pushed back -- posts are

being pushed back to 67 and 68,

where it has been for a century. It

is the start of changes, we will see

many more changes. For those in

their 20s and 30s, they will need to

be self funded, longer in retirement

and there won't be the pension we

know today for them. Plenty of parents think their child's painting that's hanging on the fridge door is a masterpiece. But one mum and dad can now prove it. Their 9-year-old daughter, Autumn, has been painting for a few years now. And all up, she's sold artwork worth $250,000. Her style is being compared to abstract painters and even Andy Warhol. The young painter Autumn joins us no. along with her Mum, Katherine. Thanks for joining us.

Autumn, you've sold a lot of paintings worth a lot of money.

G'day. Very good! Where did the love

of painting come from? Um, well, I

just really love to paint and I, I

paint every day and you know, when I

paint I just feel really relaxed.

And it is just what I really love to

do. You are really good at it.

Katherine, when I was first told

about this story by one of my producers I thought, " producers I thought, "Here is

another mum with rose-coloured

glasses everyone thinks their kid is

a genius." Until you see what

a genius." Until you see what Autumn

has painted and I am gob smacked.

When did you realise she had a

talent? It is the texier and

everything in the painting that is

so adult? You know, I think in the

beginning we thought it was a bit of

an anomaly. For the first year that

Autumn was painting they were just

for our walls at home and we really

never thought about showing them to

the public. But they are such a

message behind so many of her works.

We came to realise that her painting

is just an extension of her inner

voice, of her thoughts, of her

growing up, her ideas. They are a

passion. Yes, Autumn... So at that

particular point, you know, I

thought that they were really good.

Well, that's an understatement.

Autumn, does anyone tell you how to

paint? Where do the ideas come from?

Well, you know what? The ideas

really come from anywhere, it could

be something usual, for example,

other artists for example, Andy war

hole, he had a thing of whatever he

put a frame around could be art.

Before that I thought you had to

paint a fancytia mansy thing and it

had to be art but I felt refreshed I

can open up my mind and imagination

to anything I could see. I think

someone needs to check your birth

certificate, I don't reckon you are

9. I reckon you are 29. Sometimes I

think she is raising me, the

questions that she asks, the

profound nature of her thinking, it

isn't just so much painting skill. I

mean, there is a lot that she still

has to learn and this is a process

but the thing

but the thing that fascinates me the

most about raising Autumn is just

the way she will look very deep into

different subjects and the origin of

different subjects. And it is really

caused me to relook and rethink

everything that I know. Well, it is

you have got an extraordinary young

lady there and no doubt we will be

hearing a lot more in the future.

Thank you for joining us. You too,

thank you. I was such a cynic when I

was told about the story, I was told about the story, I thought, " was told about the story, I thought,

"I am going to get stuck into the

mother." You did say that on the

conference call. Here is another

mother who thinks her child is a

genius until you see the painting.

She is just incredible. Just ahead - ANZ raises interest rates by more than the Reserve Bank.

Flexible home loan options. Options,

Flexible home loan options.

Options,? How many you buying for

man. Then it will be option one. We

just don't want to get stuck with

the wrong thing if situations

change. You will have 25 years to get used to it. So are the ANZ ads now just the height of hypocrisy? And, stand-by for Maroon 5's big news in about 15 minutes. You