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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. since you've seen Robert and Bindi? How long has it been I can't remember, to be honest. So a couple of years? It'd been a while. inside the family's private feud The Croc Hunter's Dad takes us he still speaks to Steve. and reveals how against a popular drink. Customers launch a lawsuit Their lawyer explains why. And Mariah Carey. her new album and her breakdown. She talks exclusively about this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, here's Kochie and Mel. Now, live from Brekky Central, to the middle of the working week. Good morning and welcome

Morning. Looking very stubaly. Morning. Looking very stubaly. (clicks)

(clicks). It is Wednesday. of ups and downs Mariah Carey has had her fair share but she's taken control of her life our Molly Meldrum all about it. and this morning she'll tell George W Bush admits Also coming up, of terrorists to approving the torture the information they revealed but he says attacks allowed authorities to foil terror of innocent people. and prevent the deaths

I said Find out what he knows and I

said to our team are the techniques

legal and a legal team said yes they

are and I said yes, use them. torture of suspects OK? So does that make Why not.

Why not? I think I know your view

already. The bloke was behinds the

Twin Towers, gee, you would chop him

up bit by bit to get the

information. To too stop another

one? Where am being harsh? Good morning. of Kapunda Police in the South Australian town are urging locals to remain vigilant as they hunt a triple murderer. Rowe and both her parents The bodies of 16-year-old Chantelle

were found in their home on Monday. attacker may be involved. Detectives believe more than one The offender is still outstanding

the offender or offenders and I would suggest should be considered dangerous. for the killings yet There's no motive but it's understood financial difficulties. Mr Rowe had recently experienced Disgraced NRL star Joel Monaghan at the Canberra Raiders may still have a future over the lewd photo scandal. after quitting while announcing his resignation, He broke down yesterday its sponsors and fans. apologising to the club, Raiders Chairman John McIntire says to Monaghan returning one day. he looks forward he'll resume his career in the UK. For now, it looks likely Police have been forced to step in Melbourne teenager, bashed to death, after a tribute website for a was defaced by vandals. on Facebook Cameron Lowe's remembrance page and distasteful jokes. was filled with vile images network's administrators in the US Victoria Police contacted the social

and had the pictures taken down. after being attacked at Pakenham The 17-year-old died in Melbourne's south-east, while walking home from work. claims Former US President George W Bush

he saved lives by allowing interrogators on a terror suspect. to perform simulated drowning Mr Bush has revealed on a man linked to al-Qaeda. he personally approved waterboarding using those techniques saved lives. I will tell you this - and, I did. My job was to protect America from the suspect He says the information gained prevented two attacks in London. carpet at Melbourne's Crown Casino Tiger Woods has walked the red Australian Masters dinner. attending last night's with cricketer Shane Warne The golfing star had a quick chat for the camera. before happily posing and sports figures Several celebrities, politicians also turned out for the event. ahead of tomorrow's Masters. Woods will play in today's Pro Am onboard a cruise liner Nearly 4,500 people are stranded after an engine room fire. The 'Carnival Splendour' is running on backup generators, The 'Carnival Splendor' 300km off the Mexican coast.

or hot water - There is no air-conditioning

back to land. it's waiting to be towed In finance news:

Wonder if there is a spare pool

cocktail. chair? That would be okay, but no

cocktail. The Dow Jones is down, chair? That would be okay, but no

European markets were up. To our

region yesterday, and Japan lost 38.

Commodities still on a tear.

And the Aussie dollar is just buying over $

over $1.

The economy at this stage is looking

a little soft at the moment. With

some of the latest business

indicators: let's go to CommSec and

see how we are doing. The business

survey suggests a softening economy?

Yes we have been suggesting for some

time the economy is softer than

Reserve Bank is talking about. The time the economy is softer than the

NAB business survey highlights that.

The weakest levels in 15 months and

starting to see businesses are

actually triming the forward-looking

indicators like new orders and

pulling back. Profitability has

tracked lower, a 17-month low and

not a good sign given the survey

predates the last interest rate

we had. We are seeing borrowing predates the last interest rate hike

costs are rising and borrowing

sluggish it doesn't bode well for

businesses and it means

profitability will continue to be

affected. It means an extended

period of time for the Reserve Bank

to hold off on rate hikes. Yes, the

tough time see the prestige business

leaders rise to the top and really

perform well. Well done.

Congratulations to our bosses, Seven

Network increases their forecasts by

15 per cent in these tough time.

Thank you, Kochie, they do a good

job. They sure do. with a sports psychologist England's cricketers will be working during the Ashes at key moments in the series. to ensure they don't choke The tourists are desperate of their last trip here to learn from the mistakes series whitewash. which ended in a 5-0 to capitulate this time around. Australia doesn't expect England

They're stronger than when we beat

us in England last time, so it is

going to be a real challenge. behind Selectors have thrown their support and Marcus North. under-fire duo Mike Hussey

has named an extended 20-man squad Kangaroos coach Tim Sheens final for this weekend's Four Nations at Suncorp Stadium. against New Zealand Lote Tuqiri and Luke Lewis both have injury concerns, prompting Sheens to select seven players on the bench. Skipper Darren Lockyer and full-back Billy Slater return to the starting side after missing Saturday's win over the Kiwis. Collingwood's longest serving player, Simon Prestigiacomo, is poised to retire from the AFL. News Limited reports Prestigiacomo will tell team-mates today that he won't be continuing his 233-game career. The 33-year-old missed out on a spot in Collingwood's winning premiership side. Veteran forward Mitch Hahn may have also played his last senior game. The Western Bulldogs are expected to confirm his delisting today.

Time to check your weather right now

with Grant Denyer. Good morning!

Good morning, B-Retts. Did you

Good morning, B-Retts. Did you know anything about the Hyde Park

barracks museum? No. 92 I have been

part plenty of times but didn't know

what it was for. It is Australia's

only surviving original

only surviving original barracks from the Macquarie era. What

happened is the convicts came this

way and for the first 30 year they

arrived on the island and went?

Accommodation? Find your own. Food?

Good luck, go find your own. So when

Macquarie got here he said, "

Macquarie got here he said, "It is

not good enough because we can't

find the convicts and they are not

turning up for work

turning up for work." So he built

this in 17. 18, it has a wonderful

story we will look at later. Sunrise weather brought to you by Claratyne. Year-round allergy relief. Be prepared and live Claratyne clear.

It is actually so sig

It is actually so significant it

It is actually so significant it is

world-hairage listed this facility

and it was this, I don't know if you

know this, but a female asylum (laughs crazily)

(laughs crazily). Does that too

well. Way too well, goodbye. Oh!

well. Way too well, goodbye. Oh!!

Biggest cash give away ever starts

Monday! The Cash Cow Is back? You

beauty. More details later. On the way - we're live to Melbourne as Tiger Woods tees off at the Australian Masters. And how Google Street View caught a thief in action. Straight ahead though,

George W Bush defends torturing terrorists, claiming it saved lives. I said, "Find out what he knows". And so I said to our team, "Are the techniques legal?" and a legal team says, "They are", and I said, "Use them". But does that make it right? We'll seek some views when Sunrise continues. (GRUNTS REPEATEDLY) Mum? Are you coming? Milo Cereal - and only cooling areas you're using and reduce carbon pollution. Find out what you can do in your world. Visit: Sunrise keeps in touch with the new BlackBerry Pearl thanks to our friends at Telstra. George W Bush says he personally authorised the use of waterboarding on a terror suspect. He gave the OK to use the simulated drowning torture on alleged 9-11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. President Bush certainly hasn't backed away from his decision. In fact, he raised it during an interview with NBC's Matt Lauer.

Let's talk about water boarding.

Okay. We believe America is going to

be attacked again, all kind of

intelligence coming in. And one of

the high. Valued al-Qaeda operatives

was Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the

chief operating officer of al-Qaeda

ordered the attack on 9/11 and they

said they have information so I said

find out what he knows and I said to

the team are the techniques legal

and the legal team said yes, and I

had use them. Whey are they legal.

Because the lawyer said it was legal

and it didn't fall within the anti

torture acrr. I am not a lawyer but

you got to trust the judgment of the

people around you and I do. I got to

tell you using those techniques

saved live. My job was to protect

America and I did. Bush says apart from uncovering plots against multiple US targets, the interrogation also prevented attacks on Heathrow Airport and Canary Wharf in London. We're joined now by Sunrise foreign editor Dr Keith Suter. Good morning. Can you give us a brief explanation of what waterboarding is?

It is a form of drowning. It is

water torture. The victim, as a

rule, doesn't die but feels as

though they are going to die as a

result of drowning. Dunking? Yes,

are we surprised it is used. I am

not surprised it is used but I am

surprised it is the President who

authorised it, the sort of thing

done quietly and out of the public

eye and give the President blauzability eye and give the President

blauz -- plausibility denability. It

is out lawed, the US is party to

this convention banning torture so

what you would normally have done is

just carried out, perhaps been found

out later and the President said, " out later and the President said, "I

am appalled by this. We shouldn't

allow it to go on." In a sense, Bush

has now got further tarnish on his reputation because clearly,

governments around the world and the

British government are not endorsing

what Bush has said. Overnight they

said we don't want to be further

embarrass Bush but we don't accept

his claims he saved Britain from

further attacks. But this is the guy

who masterminded 9/11, go to him and

say what other information have you

got? He can avoid the torture by

saying these are the people I worked

with, these are the

with, these are the plans. He

doesn't with, these are the plans. He

doesn't so you get the information

the way you can. You don't say good

job, off you go. It is not the

interrogators role. Two issues,

somebody is obviously willing to die

for the cause so they would be

willing to die under torture if

necessary. He is savery high-profile

person so he become as martyr in the

Arab world. Someone giving you

information under torture will give

you unreliable information to get

the information out there and reduce

the risk of dying under torture. If

you speak to professional

interrogators it is not good. It

doesn't work? Look at the country

whose use torcher, most

excellencyive extensively, Soviet

Union, the old soviet and Nazi

Germany and it failed so history is

on the side of the good guys. It

doesn't sit comfortably with me to say, " say, doesn't sit comfortably with me to Say, "

Say, "Gee, you brought down the Twin Towers. Say, "Gee, you brought down the Twin

Towers.." It is

Towers.." It is It is not the role

of interrogators. Saudi

of interrogators. Soud was able to

turn around the al-Qaeda person who

turned around the information on the

person going with parcel bombs,

using sophisticated techniques for

turning people around. Okay. It is

why we are not interrogators. Thank

you. You have heard the

you. You have heard the explanation,

now have your say. George W says he saved innocent lives with torture. Does that make it right? Go to our website and email us. We're wondering whether you think it's OK to use such torture techniques, particularly if it's going to save lives. On the way - Bob Irwin talks about the family feud that's cut him off from his grandchildren. And, just how safe is soy milk?

Oh? Did I have my soy coffee? We'll take a look at the class action over a popular brand. But after the break, the $128 million Powerball prize that's going unclaimed. And the gridiron player going viral. He has a very clever play but is it legal? Find out when Sunrise continues. What's Making News brought to you Beacon Lighting.

Summer catalogue out now. It has to be Beacon.

When was the last

When was the last time you saw

Robert and Bindi? I can't

Robert and Bindi? I can't remember to be honest. A couple of years?

to be honest. A couple of years? It would be a while. The Croc Hunter's father explaining the family feud that's preventing him seeing his grandkids. We'll have more of Bob Irwin's interview later this Sunrise. The Irwins' situation is in the spotlight because it involves a celebrity family. But is the problem

of grandparents not having contact with grandchildren more widespread? Email us with your experiences. Also making news this morning, the gay teen banned from taking her same-sex partner to her school formal. Melbourne's 'Age' reports 16-year-old Hannah Williams was told she could attend the function ifshe took a boy, not her 15-year-old girlfriend. Hannah's apparently moving to a school which does allow same-sex couples to attend formals together. This seems to come up about this time each year nowdays. So should schools be able to ban same-sex couples from functions?

No. Of course they shouldn't. Why is

it such a big deal? I don't know why

they are making a huge deal out of

it. They are 15, for goodness sake,

come on. Surely history shows us

simply banning something doesn't

work, they go to the media and

appear on the front page of

appear on the front page of the paper and get talked about in a

situation like this. I thought we

moved on from this sort of stuff. A mystery Powerball winner is making news. The prize of almost $130 million is so far unclaimed.

The winner appears not to have come forward because the ticket was bought at an adult store in the US. So here's your pop quiz. What would you do? Tell your partner, and then claim the prize or keep quiet and let the money jackpot.

I think for $

I think for $130 million, you would

probably forgive pretty fast. Honey,

I don't mind where you bought it. It

goes down to money again! It is the

only thing that drives you wimmanch For $

For $20 I would be narcy. Doesn't

matter where the hell they bought

it, give me the money. Don't tell me

you wouldn't? Have you had a similar

moral dilemma. Have you? Did it sway

you. If lib bought the ticket not

not quite the local news agent. But

Lib may have been buying...

Lib may have been buying.... Yes.

Now got $

Now got $130 million to spend. A

voucher. Surely $

voucher. Surely $130 million cancels

it out. A bit of a discussion,

darling, I have got great news and

all is something else. A disclaimer. And a clip of a football game from Texas is doing the rounds of the internet. Watch closely as the ball is played. R It's handed from the centre to the half-back, who then just walks through the defensive line. The opposition isn't sure what's going on and just lets him go. He then sprints more than 60m to score a touchdown and tie the game.

You normally put it between your

legs. And it caught him out. On the

net, a lut of people saying it is

not in the spirt of the game, very

uncharacter. But boy it is smart.

Thinking outside the square. It is

in Corpus Christi in Texas, that is

Jason, the quarter back for the Drivgal middle

Drivgal middle school, they were

down 6-0, finished up in a tie after

that and a lot of people saying the

most clever thinking outside the

game square. Since the up-the-jumper

tap in rugby. The bloke tapped the

ball, the whole team was lined up with ball, the whole team was lined up

with their back to the opposition,

they put it up their jumper and

everyone else put their arms up the

jumper. So no-one knew who had the

ball. It was banned after that.

Great, thinking outside the square. Soon - the hidden health risks of reusable shopping bags. And later, the boy who caught a thief using Google Street View. Up next though, news, sport and weather. You're watching Sunrise with breakfast television's biggest ever cash giveaway, beginning Monday. (LAUGHS) Lost a few over the years too. There's one friend, though - He's a real mate. I love him for just being...him. Good morning. Police say they still have no motive for South Australia's triple murder, north of Adelaide.

Detectives believe more than one killer may have been involved after the bodies of teenager Chantelle Rowe and her parents

were found in Kapunda.

Seven News understands Chantelle's father may have recently experienced financial difficulties. An American man, convicted over the honeymoon death of his new wife in Queensland, is set to be held in immigration detention after his release from prison. Gabe Watson has served 18 months in jail near Ipswich after pleading guilty to the manslaughter of Tina Watson. The 26-year-old drowned during a scuba diving trip in 2003. Watson is due to be released tomorrow but authorities here are waiting for assurances he won't face the death penalty when he returns to America. A major class action goes before the Victorian Supreme Court on Friday against a soy milk distributor. Bonsoy was recalled late last year when it was found to contain many times the recommended level of iodine. Drinkers claim they've suffered thyroid disorders, miscarriages, and their babies have birth defects. Shannon Cotterill became ill after the birth of her daughter. Within seven weeks I was unable to carry my baby, I couldn't walk up a set of stairs - I was extremely unwell. More than 150 people have joined the class action. Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has pulled out of this week's APEC meeting in Japan, due to illness. He's come down with a respiratory infection and has been ordered by doctors to stay in bed. Trade Minister Craig Emerson will step in to replace Mr Rudd. And fresh from her talks with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton this week, Julia Gillard will head to South Korea today for the G-20 leaders meeting. Former BP chief executive Tony Hayward has admitted he and the company were hopelessly unprepared for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. During a tell-all interview he's also revealed the company was on the brink of financial collapse at the height of the crisis

as credit sources evaporated. The oil spill was the worst in US history. Prince Harry has opened a field of remembrance honouring the British soldiers killed in Afghanistan. The Prince laid a cross in memory of a friend who died while fighting Taliban insurgents The sombre crowd also observed 2 minutes' silence. Britain has lost 342 troops in Afghanistan since the conflict began. A spectacular, but slightly terrifying, sight is taking place off WA's coast with a pack of tiger sharks getting into a feeding frenzy near Rottnest Island. The sharks have been lured by a giant whale carcass and more could be on the way. Fisherman have been warned to keep clear as the sharks can be dangerous to humans.

A bit of an understatement. Thank

you, Captain Obvious. , you, Captain Obvious.

A bit of an understatement. Thank you, Captain Obvious. The Dow Jones

is down 37, European market are up

11, international airlines,

including Qantas, have been fined $

including Qantas, have been fined $1

billion for colluding on freight prices.

General Electric is investing $ General Electric is investing $2

billion into China. To the

commodities, a lot of the action is

still happening. Gold has eased just

slightly, silver is back up to a record $

record $27.

record $27.75 overnight, the oil

price is around $

price is around $87 US a barrel. And

the Aussie dollar is just over $

the Aussie dollar is just over $1.

Time for sport with Beretts. Thank

you, Kochie. Tiger Woods will use today's Pro Am to get a feel for Victoria Golf Club ahead of his Australian Masters title defence. The world number two was the star attraction at last night's Masters Dinner in Melbourne and Woods rivals insist he still belongs at the very top of the golfing tree. I mean, he's the best at what we do, that's for sure and I definitely see, you know, good things coming out of Tiger Woods this week.

Robert Allenby rates fellow Aussie Geoff Ogilvy as the man to beat this week. Under-fire batsman Mike Hussey has received some heavyweight support ahead of the Ashes series. Both chairman of selectors Andrew Hilditch and Greg Chappell indicated Hussey's outstanding record will be enough to keep him in the team for the first Ashes Test. The man tipped to challenge for Hussey's spot, Callum Ferguson, is also keen to see the veteran hold his place in the team. Greg Murphy is looking for a new V8 Supercar team for 2011 after deciding to quit Paul Morris Motorsport. The 4-time Bathurst winner remains determined to finish the season strongly. Series leader James Courtney will head into this weekend's round

at Symmons Plains with the future of his team, Dick Johnson Racing, still clouded. Mining magnate Nathan Tinkler has decided against buying into the team.

Plenty happening in the V8 supercar

world, how it weather looking? Not

looking too bad, still some storm

activity for parts of New South

Wales to take effect today but we are at the Hyde Park Barracks

Museum, celebrating the pioneering

early men and women who came out to establish Australia and how

difficult it was. Never been here

before but extraordinary, these are

the two meals, it was the same meal

every single day. You did go a

little insane. These are rats, see

this little fellow, these rats are

real, the reason we got them here,

they are the heroes of this place

for a reason. Until recently

for a reason. Until recently they have been responsible for preserving

over 100,000 different artefacts

under the floor boards at the

barracks. When they lifted the floor

boards they realised the rats were

cucollecting original shirts,

playing u 10sles and using it in

their nests. Things like this,

original actual pipeathise convicts

had hand made themselves, most of

them illegally, out of fish bones,

they used to make player cards and

the like, and using the markers on

the playing cards was soot or

the playing cards was soot or blood

and the rats uncovered oval 100,000

different artefacts. Let's look at the forecast. Sunrise weather brought to you by Claratyne. Year-round allergy relief. Be prepared and live Claratyne clear. A trough in the east is bringing widespread showers and storms

to the Nothern Territory, western Queensland and New South Wales. Moist easterlies coming into the trough are causing showers along the Queensland coast while cold upper air is triggering rain in south-west Western Australia.

The flogging triangle, these are the

things I remember from school when

you learn about the convicts

you learn about the convicts and this is the part of the display

where the kids do start to listen

and pay attention. We had our little

own twist on the cat O 9 tales, the

Australian officers decided to

extend the length of the shaft to

get really good leverage in there.

The knotting was another great

Australian invention there, and

also, dipping it in salt water

before hand, now, that had two

effects, it would stiffen the rope

up nice and hard and firm and

imagine rubbing the salt of

imagine rubbing the salt of those things into the wounds as well?

Pretty hard core. Listen they don't let the

let the rats run free when you

visit? Do they? Yes, it is part of

the experience, Kochie, no hiding or

escape. They are big, I am

surprised. This is no simulation,

computer animation, this is real

living history here. I am not sure

we need that bit. It is great. Walk

around with rats. Yes. You got to be

kidding. Big girl. Girl's blouse.

Exactly. My goodness, a rat! Exactly. My goodness, a rat!!

Exactly. My goodness, a rat!!!

McDonald's don't have rats across the country. Now we're marking McHappy Day this Saturday at McDonald's Restaurants across the country. We're asking you to tell us who your unsung hero is and how they offered a helping hand when you needed it most.

It could be a friend, family member, or someone you least expected. For each entry we receive, McCafe will donate $1 to Ronald McDonald House to help them continue their vital work. And by telling us your story you could win $1,000 for yourself and $1,000 for your hero. All you need to do is head to the website

and tell us about your unsung hero. Go to

Joke of the day, comes from Kevin

Jones from Devon port in Tasmania.

Good morning. Why

Good morning. Why do chicken coupes

have four door have two doors?

Because if

Because if thaid four -- if they had

four itb would be a sedan. Did you

hear about the woman who got

electrocuted in the bakery, she trod

on a bun and the current went up her

leg. Add them them together. Okay,

Kevin a book is on your way, the 'Riders'. And Miranda Kerr's desperate plea for the return of her missing wedding dress. But next, if you think you're doing the right thing by using your eco shopping bags you might want to think again. Stand-by for the hidden health risks, after the break on Sunrise. A few showers and 26 in Melbourne today.

Look at the colours there. That's the view through the Jetstar Skycam. Across town, Tiger Woods arrived a short time ago at the Victoria Golf Club.

Along with... I thought it was

Along with... I thought it was a funeral procession, all got the

lights on, obviously it is early. He'll take part in a PRO-AM today ahead of the Australian Masters.

We'll have a live report from the

club very, very shortly. He is

looking good. The tinting. A lot of schools already have security cameras to stop vandalism and theft after hours. But some school councils in South Australia would like to see camera coverage extended to stop bullying. The cameras wouldn't be in classrooms, but they would cover bully hotspots outside.

So could this actually work? Let's bring in our parenting expert Dr Michael Carr-Gregg. Good morning. Does this sound like a good move?

Look, I am a bit worried about this

idea. Wonder how the surveillance

cameras will impact upon

cyberbullying or social exclusion? cyberbullying or social

exclusion?Atise it is not going to

do anything there. And I am

wondering if you can't have the

cameras in change rooms or class

rooms and you wanted to bully,

wouldn't you just bully there? Want

p But they reckon it is just part of

the solution. And it would be sort

of, isolated places in school

grounds where people may get beat up

or something like that. Look, my

understanding is that seven schools

in South Australia already have

these cameras. Six secondaries and

one primary and it is primarily to

stop vandalism and theft. And if

they could prove to me that it also

impacted on bullying, I would be

very, very happy for it to happen. I

suppose what you are saying is the

biggest issue is just changing the

culture within the school? Well, it

is, we have got to look at policies,

practices, curriculum, teerm,

practices, curriculum, teerm

material and overwhelming me to get

the message to the kids not to

engage in the behaviour in the first

place, not don't get caught. There's no doubt re-usable shopping bags are great for the environment but are they great for our health? American University studies show while they're growing in popularity it's what's growing inside the bags which is most concerning. So what hidden nasties do we need to watch out for? Nicole Bijlsma is a building biologist and naturopath. Good morning to you. What kind of bacteria could be growing inside our re-usable shopping bags?

Well, according to the recent

Well, according to the recent study by the Juneversity -- University of

Arizona they found they had col form

bacteria and also E. Coli. Which is

normally found in human faeces. They

didn't find salmonella or Listeria,

it is a risk if you store meats and

cheeses. Back tracking, the Coliform

bacteria what does it do and how

does E. Coli get in? It is due to

cross contamination, not washing

your hands and touching toilet

doors. Coliform is a marker that

there could be more pathogenic

bacteria in there such e colei. It

depends on if there is moisture in

the back and the temperature, which

is why it is critical if you have

raw haets you

raw haets -- meats you don't store

them in the boot of the car and buy

them at the end of shopping and

store them as soon as possible. Is

washing them good enough? Yes, that

was the interesting thing about the

study. By actually washing them in

warm water or hot water and drying

them in the sun, inside out,

preferably you could reduce the

bacteria by 99.

bacteria by 99.99 per cent. So you

have got separate raw foods

have got separate raw foods and meats, wash hands, use the same bag

the same purpose. Meat in particular

and raw food usually comes packaged

up anyway, doesn't come in contact

with the bag and I guess, any fruit

and anything you have you wash

anyway. It help you? Ideally you

should double bag the meat, what can

happen is you get a bit of

happen is you get a bit of blood etc. Which may seep out of the bag

and into the green bag which could

contaminate it. Raw meat to contaminate it. Raw meat

contaminate it. Raw meat should be double contaminate it. Raw meat should be

double bagged. And you are right, in

relation to the bags it should be

used for the one purpose. So the

meat should be kept separately to

fruit and vegetables and never multi

purpose your bag, not use

purpose your bag, not use your gym clothes or your baby nappies and

your food in the same bag. If you

are an average mum like myself who

has a pile of them floating around

the boot of the car, not good? It

means, not with the food in them.

Just wash them ideally. Socay, more

work! Good to talk to you. Thank you. Nicole has written a book about the health hazards in your home called 'Healthy Home, Healthy Family'. It's available now.

I thought I was doing the right

thing but I don't need to go washing

my shopping bags. Gees, Howard

Hughes had a point, live in a

bubble. Everything has got germs. If

you are meant to use the recyclable

bags to use the environment, using

the water and the power and the

detergent is going to cancel it out?

I don't know. Can anyone tell me

anything that is good around at the

moment, to make us happy,

moment, to make us happy, everything seems to have a health issue to it. After the break - Lindsay Lohan out of rehab and reunited with her estranged father.

That's good news. Wonderful news, for how long? We'll tell you how their meeting went

in a live report from Hollywood. Then, our Bob Irwin exclusive. He takes us inside the family feud that's separated him from his grandchildren, Robert and Bindi.

And, the boy who caught a thief on Google's Street View. We have the full story when Sunrise continues. Kwrrx Dulux Wash & Wear Kitchen and Bathroom paint repels moisture

and actively prevents mould and bacteria. So only nice things can grow in your home. going on at EPIC, Canberra's biggest event venue. from bountiful banquets... WOMAN: Yum. memorable meetings, from fresh farm produce... (ROOSTER CROWS) fresh new technology. visit MAN: Mmm. The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more. Showbiz reporter Tomm Taylor is in Hollywood. Miranda Kerr is asking her fans for help. Tomm, what is she after?

She was travelling on American

Airlines and has taken to her

Facebook page and said if you found

my wedding dress can you return it.

American Airlines are saying we sent

her an application or question Ayr

to fill out and she hasn't

responded. The world is looking for

a wedding dress misplaced. A couple

of weeks after they had I do. So she

is confused and asking through Facebook, "

Facebook, "Has anyone else lost

their luggage with American ire

lines and -- Airlines and did it

show up." I imagine it is white and

tiny. It looks like this one I found

in Nelson's desk this morning, I

don't know if it is Miranda's. She

will be on the phone if it is. How

is her baby bump going. Seven months

pregnant, she poses for'W' magazine

but a lot of people are saying he is

too thin but it is partf the family

edition and she has got an

incredible body. She is doing yoga

and eating healthy and it is

exciting for her but a little

controversy with how thin she could

be. Leave her alone! Sorry, it

popped out. She is obviously, she is

a superplodal, she is meant to be

slim. Let's talk about Lindsay Lohan

before I get myself into trouble.

She is out of rehab and met her dad,

how are are they doing? Well, she

rendezvoused with her father over

the US weekend here, here is Lindsay

Lohan with a pink binder and a short

mini skirt moving 92 a sober --

moving into a sober house. Family

time is on Sundays in the main

house. Dad is excited to be

reconnected. He ran to a jewellery

store to buy her something attract store to buy her something

attractive. She can go and do

shopping and such like but it is the

buddy system

buddy system and the court, the

judge here in Beverly Hills wants

her staying sober and in Betty Ford

until January third. The family

can't come visiting at the residence

but Lindsay Lohan getting freedom

and doing well, looking fresh and

fit in rehab. Good to know. Okay,

Tomm, thanks for the update. What is

happening on the Soap Box? The

unclaimed lottery ticket bought at

an adult shop in the US saying would

you care if it was your partner?

Take the cash and run and Stacy said, "

said, "Don't be so judgmental on the

adult shops. My partner worked in

one, most people are customers like

yourselfs in long-term relationships

trying to spice things up in their

love lives Kochie." Kochie!

love lives Kochie." Kochie! Because you were sort of saying. It would be. To

be. To be honest, you do go, and...

No. I haven't been in one. I am too

embarrassed to go in one. But. A

friend of yours. If you in a lull.

No-one will know who you are. I am

growing a mow... Haven't you

wondered what is sold. How do you

know we haven't been in one and go

every week. What is it like. Not

telling. A big lottery shop. Mel and

I say we don't care where they telling. A big lottery shop. Mel and I say we don't care where they it,

we would take the 130 mill.

I say we don't care where they it, we would take the 130 mill. . Bags,

this SMS, I work in a supermarket

and people don't realise how dirty

and smelly their reusable bags are,

sometimes I have to hold my breath.

Throw them in the washing machine, you are right. How long has it been since you've seen Robert and Bindi? I can't remember, to be honest. So a couple of years? It'd be a while. The Croc Hunter's Dad takes us inside the family's private feud and reveals how he still speaks to Steve. Customers launch a lawsuit against a popular drink. Their lawyer explains why when he joins us live. And Mariah Carey - she talks exclusively about her new album and her breakdown. Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. Now, live from Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Mel.

Speaking of Movember we will tell

you later how to support the boys.

Yours is doing well, Beretts is day

two. Hard to tell though, good

point, Mel. But right now it's time for the news of the day. Good morning. Police in the South Australian town of Kapunda are urging locals to remain vigilant as they hunt a triple murderer. The bodies of 16-year-old Chantelle Rowe and both her parents were found in their home on Monday. Detectives believe more than one attacker may be involved. The offender is still outstanding and I would suggest the offender or offenders should be considered dangerous. There's no motive for the killings yet but it's understood Mr Rowe had recently experienced financial difficulties. Disgraced NRL star Joel Monaghan may still have a future at the Canberra Raiders after quitting over the lewd photo scandal. He broke down yesterday while announcing his resignation, apologising to the club, its sponsors and fans. Raiders Chairman John McIntire says

he looks forward to Monaghan returning one day. A leading Australian author says he feels lucky to be alive after suffering serious injuries in a bizarre beach accident. Children's writer Allan Baillie was sucked into the sea water outlet of an ocean pool in Sydney, leaving him with deep cuts to his arms and back. The next moment I was being spat out. The local council is investigating why its workers opened the pool valve while Mr Baillie was still swimming. Nearly 4,500 people are stranded onboard a cruise liner in the Pacific Ocean after an engine room fire. The 'Carnival Splendor' is running on backup generators 300km off the Mexican Coast. The US Navy has sent planes and an aircraft carrier loaded with food and supplies. There is no air-conditioning or hot water. It's waiting to be towed back to land. US President Barack Obama has arrived in his childhood home of Indonesia for talks with Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. Seven News reporter Adrian Brown is in Jakarta.

Good morning, Adrian. It must be strange for President Obama to be back after all this time?

Good morning, Nat, very strange

indeed. Mr Obama arrived here to a

traditional Javanese welcome, a down

pour and was whisked to the

presidential palace for a welcome

presidential palace for a welcome by Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. At press

conference last night he spoke in

Bahasa Indonesian, the language he

learned in the 60s at school. There

was a banquet last night in which he

was given his favourite dishes, Nasi

Gori, and meat ball soup. He said he

was here to stress America's desire

for engagement with Islamic world.

The focus is on security and as he

stresses, there is an importance on

improved trade between the US and

Indonesia. Here is

Indonesia. Here is what he had to

say. We are looking to expand our

trade and investment and commercial

relationships. Because it can create

prosperity in both our countries.

Okay, thanks very much, Adrian Brown

reporting live from Jakarta.

The down Jones is down 48 at this

very second. It is still trading.

A lot of action still on commodities

with gold prices still above the $ with gold prices still above the

$1400 point mark, silver is add a record $

record $27.

record $27.75 overnight.

Time for smort with Beretts am. South Sydney boss Shane Richardson has rejected claims they're rorting the NRL salary cap to recruit Greg Inglis. Inglis is expected to sign with the Rabbitohs by the end of the week but Souths high-profile owner Russell Crowe

is keeping his cards close to his chest. I would say it is probably impossible, you know, but impossible is good, right? Impossible is not absolute. It's believed Parramatta may launch a late bid to lure Inglis to the Eels. A host of leading Australian Masters contenders, including Tiger Woods, are about to tee off in the tournament Pro Am. Woods is a firm favourite to win back-to-back gold jackets despite the fact this morning's round will be his first at the Victoria Golf Club.

Second-favourite Robert Allenby is hoping

his local knowledge of the layout will prove decisive. Kangaroos coach Tim Sheens has named an extended 20-man squad for this weekend's Four Nations final

against New Zealand at Suncorp Stadium. Lote Tuqiri and Luke Lewis both have injury concerns, prompting Sheens to select seven players on the bench. Skipper Darren Lockyer and full-back Billy Slater

return to the starting side after missing Saturday's win over the Kiwis.

Tiger Woods about to olive leaf tea

off in five -

tee off in five minutes, with Brad,

Nat's mate, Robert Allenby and

keeven Abood. If you thought today's

house prices are out of control or

the size of a modern-day unit is

tiny, be grateful you were not a

convict. Check out the accommodation

you would have got here, built in

1817, governor Macquarie needed to

put everyone somewhere. It was built

for how many? 600 and they used to

squeeze about 1500 people in. It was

jam packed full of people, but

original bricks and roof, check it

out! Our history isn't very long but

it doesn't mean it is not

interesting or spectacular, going

back to 1817, the brickwork, it took

200 convicts two years to build

this, the hand chisel marks in each

brick, they made 600 bricks per

week, it is all they could do. But

the chisel marks where they make it.

What you doing, mate. Watch all your

stuff too, they'll steel it, if it

is not locked down. You could be

next to a murderer, even if you are

a pick pocket. I try and keep it up

near the pick pocketers. What do you

do during the day? I do an important

job, clean out the toilet buckets

and try and fix the hammocks and

keep it clean. Not many people are

allowed in here, only special

convicts mate. Very narrow and itchy

and they didn't wear underwear.

Right, because it hadn't been

invented yet. Bit hard on your bag

with a flogging and with the leg

irons hard to sleep. A tough old

life. Goodnight. Sunrise weather brought to you by Claratyne. Year-round allergy relief.

Be prepared and live Claratyne clear.

Now, you know how half an hour ago

we described the rats were

responsible for hoarding over

100,000 different real

100,000 different real artefacts from the convict days, we lifted a

floor board and discovered some

inhouse footage from the original

Sunrise from the convict days. You

wait until you see it, we will show

it to you. I can't believe we found

it, it is going straight to the

museum after we found it today but

ground-breaking stuff. Okay, see you in half an hour. A law suit against a soy milk distributor could potentially end up with thousands of claimants. So far 150 Australians have joined the class action claiming they've suffered serious health effects after drinking Bonsoy. Shannon Cotterill is suing after she became critically ill with heart failure. Within seven weeks I was unable to carry my baby, I couldn't walk up a set of stairs, I was extremely unwell. Before its recall last Christmas Bonsoy contained unsafe levels of iodine.

In fact, seven times the safe level. So do the claimants have a case? Joining us is lawyer Rod Hodgson from Maurice Blackburn,

the firm handling the class action. Good morning to you. Just explain some of the serious health complaints that your case is looking at?

It is a wide variety of health

complaint, Kochie. They range from

heart problems to eye problems,

extreme fatigue and many people have

had to stop work, some people have

had to under go surgery to remove

their thyroids. Many people have had

multiple hospitalisations and they

are very serious health problems.

Okay, they are pretty scary

problems, but how have you linked it

directly to the levels of iodine

found in Bonsoy rr. The Bonsoy milk

sold between 2003 and just before

last yismous contained in one glass

-- last Christmas contained more

than seven times the safe amount of

iodine and doctors in a number of

cases have already made the link

between that. There is no other

cause for the major health concerns.

Recently, medical journal of

Australia published an article which

again confirmed the link between the

multiple health problems and the

excessive amounts of iodine. How on

earth was it let on the shelves? I

thought we had authorities to look

after that. We don't know that yet.

Over an extraordinarily long period

of time, something in the order of

six years, it may have been longer

but certainly between 2033 -- 2003

and 2009, it sold through major

supermarkets chains including wool

worth and Coles and health foods. It

is extraordinary. How much did you

have to drink of the stuff before it

had those health issues. One glass

contained more than seven times the

safe amount of iodine on a daily

basis. A lot of our clients report

drinking several glasses per day or

more. So you didn't have to drink

much to get far too much iodine and

suffer the health consequences.

Alright, Rod, keep us up to date

with that, fascinated to see how it goes. And if you'd like more information about the class action,

just head to our website. Just before we move on, Tiger's on course at the Victoria Golf Club. Nat's friend Brad Gale is playing with him in the Pro-Am.

How is it looking? Everything

lookeds great, I am embarrassed

because Tiger Woods and Steve

Williams are on the tee and I am

sitting here talking to you in the

stands behind them. How did you

break the ice? Did you say

something? Acknowledge his big year

or just say G'day, mate, good to see

you again? I might drop the mate and

call him Tiger. Did he remember you

from last year am

from last year am I don't know, I am

about to walk on the tee and find

out. Hopefully we can have a fun

day, there are lots of people

around, I just hope to make contact

with the ball as we tee off. Hey you

play off 2, you are amazing. Good

luck, we are looking now down on the

course so I will let you hang up the

phone and let you abide by good

phonetical rules. We will check in

with you after the game. He is gone,

there you go. What would you say to

him? Mr Wood, how you doing? It's been four years since Steve Irwin passed away, and two years since his dad, Bob, walked away from Australia Zoo. Since then, there's been plenty of speculation about a rift in the family. Now, Bob Irwin has opened up to Sunrise correspondent Michelle Tapper about his decision to leave the zoo he created and how he plans to continue his son's legacy. Reports of a rift between Terri and Bob Irwin has made news around the world.

Do you have regrets about not being

part of the zoo anymore? Um, yes and

no. But that was my decision. That

was totally my decision to make.

was totally my decision to make. And I can live with that. Terri and Bob Irwin couldn't be more different. Bob - a private man - doesn't enjoy the spotlight. unless he can talk about his beloved animals. I'm just an ordinary Aussie bloke trying to do the best he can that really doesn't have the talent for it but I have the passion - I have the passion that Steve had. Terri also has that passion but seems to enjoy the spotlight that comes with being Steve Irwin's wife, and now widow. She courts Hollywood, seeking fame, fortune and a future for her children. Just a couple of months after Steve died. an action figure was launched. Then in February 2008, Bindi was also immortalised in plastic. It's very exciting, it's every little girl's dream to have her own little action figure doll that looks exactly like her. It's cool. A month later bob left the zoo. You have to be able to live with yourself. I've got to have a certain amount of integrity and honesty. Do you think things would be different at the zoo if Steve were still alive today? I'm sure they would. He was a very big influence, wasn't he. Bob was also. he started the zoo 40 years ago and has seen it grow from a reptile park into a Disneyland-style empire. What do you think of the direction the zoo is now heading in? It has nothing to do with me, I have no thoughts on where the zoo's going or how it's working, it's entirely up to them. By "them" he means Terri Irwin and Wes Mannion - formerly Steve's best mate, now the director of the zoo. I think the key is, Bob has had no interest in how the zoo has been run for years. Although Bob won't pinpoint the incident that caused the rift

he says Terri and Wes have desecrated his son's name and now that he's recovered from his heart attack he wants to continue Steve's legacy with integrity. I got a little message from Steve and I thought, "I've got to do it". How does Steve talk to you,

is it a voice that you hear or a feeling you get? It's probably more a feeling you get and I admit I have that same feeling with animals. For want of a better word, I guess I can say I can talk to the animals. But for the time being, he still doesn't talk to his grandchildren. How long has it been since you've seen Robert and Bindi? I can't remember, to be honest.

So a couple of years? It's been a while. But Bob isn't giving up hope. Well, who knows what's going to happen in the future, we don't know. Maybe things will change. So you're hoping for a reconciliation? Well, maybe things will change. Sunrise correspondent Michelle Tapper joins us from Brisbane Michelle, how is Bob dealing with the separation from his family?

Well, it is incredibly Saturday. He

is coping with it as best he can but

he does stress it was his decision

to walk away and

to walk away and since his heart

attack he feels he's had a second

chance at life so throwing himself

his conservesation work and I caught

up with him at Tin Can Bay, it is

famous for its dolphin feeding

famous for its dolphin feeding but he said it is a breeding ground for

the Great Barrier Reef, there

property development company called

the Seymore Group here in Brisbane

and they want to build a $

and they want to build a $300

million Marina with 60 berts with

five hectares and they have to

dredge up the area. Bob said there

is a mariney there already and so

why not use that. He is with the

locals, and trying to protect the

dolphins, dugongs and dozens of

species of fish. They are trying to

get a petition with more than a

million signatures. It is an

international campaign and if you

want to help go on line to WWW When the Soanes family's $19,000 caravan was stolen,

their 11-year-old son, Reuben, decided to play detective. He found a picture of the robber caught in the act on Google's Street View. For more we're joined by Reuben's dad, David, in the UK. Good morning. It reads like a clumsy Hollywood script. David, what made Reuben look on Google?

They were just playing around really

on the computers at school that day

and him and his friends decided to

look at Google Street View, it was

some nine month after the caravan

was actually stolen. Did you believe

him when he came home and said, " him when he came home and said,

"Dad, I think I have seen a

suspicious character outside the place?

suspicious character outside the

place?." Well, it was absolutely

amazing. Because you know, it was a

one-in-a-million chance the Google

Street View car happened to be

passing our house at the exact time

the chap was on the drive, when we

assume, taking the caravan. We were

just astounded that you could have

had that kind of coincidence. Have

you caught the bloke? No, the, at

the moment, Google haven't released

the numberplate on the vehicle. So

at the moment, the bloke is still at

large. I am hopinging through the

publicity this has generate we will

be able to catch him. It is the

actual photo and Google, for privacy

reasons block out numberplates, why

on earth

on earth wouldn't they just give you

innumberplate? I don't know, I mean,

the police are have been pursuing

Google for some time, I understand

there is some kind of legal

technicalities about them doing it

but the police are confident they

will get the registration number

from Google it is just taking a long

time to happen. Did see an amazing

story, thanks for telling us about

it. Back to Tiger Woods plays at the

pro-amevent. Tiger has teed off,

good morning, now, we just spoke to

Brad a second ago, playing with him,

how did last night go, I want to ask

about the red carpet, did Tiger stop for a chat.

for a chat.. He is almost doing

breakfast TV hours, burning the

candle, looking surprisingly

refreshed considering it was a late

night. There was speculation he

would by-pass the red carpet and go

straight in but he was happy to stop

and smile for photos. No interviews

though, I had three seconds with him

and he uttered three syllables in

that. He was chatting inside the

dinner, interviewed alongside Shane

Warne and the question was put to

him, you share the same nocturnal

habit and the audience was, "

habit and the audience was, "I can't

believe he said that."

believe he said that."? And they

laughed it off and Shane Warne laughed it off and Shane Warne said, " laughed it off and Shane Warne said,

"yes woo we do have bit in common, I

like golf." If you

like golf." If you want to see the

scintillating but friendly

brush-off, my three minutes, I wish!

My three seconds with Tiger Woods

take a listen. Hello Tiger welcome

back to Australia, looking forward

to defending your title. Thank you.

Like this, like this. Any focus on

his entourage, do we know who is

travelling with him? Just his mates.

He kind of bunkered down in the

hotel yesterday, he was happy to

pose with?

pose with the other guests at the

gym and the galla. There will be a

press conference later today ahead

of the big event today. He is still

the bookies' favourite and his

Australian competitors are saying

Australian competitors are saying he is a chance to win. The weather is not great, it

not great, super windy here today.

So we will see what his form is

like. Thank you, Nuala. Got it all

covered. Earlier we spoke to Brad

Gale, his playing partner in the

Pro-am, a friend of Nat's owner of

JB Where but his dad is Terry We're,

a golfer. Connections. On the way - is it OK to torture terrorists if they reveal information that saves innocent lives? And the $128 million Powerball jackpot going unclaimed. We'll tell you why the winner is reluctant to come forward.

Plus, exclusive. I'm Mariah, and I'm coming up with Molly on Sunrise. Our interview with the pop diva is on the way in 15 minutes. You're watching Sunrise - with breakfast television's biggest ever cash giveaway, beginning Monday. Sunrise brought to you by Jetstar, Australia's low-fares airline now flying to 50 of the world's most fantastic holiday destinations. Jetstar - low fares, good times. I feel

I feel like I am sitting next to a

whole new man, Movember, coming

along nicely, given you started

Friday, haven't shaved since last

Friday, Beretts hasn't changed since

Monday. But I am feeling like a boy,

not much happening. I don't know if

you boys thought about where you are

going with the moustache and what

look you are after. I have done some

research, this would be for Brett,

given the sports connection, this is

the sports mow. Merv. Quite a

considerable amount of hair, that

will require. Could be stretching

it. See how you go, you only got a

month. You might like the actor Mo,

Tom Selleck. I am thinking of Tom

Selleck because we are going to

Hawaii. Or Charlie Chaplan. Alright!

I know I am German, move on.

Einstein or Hitler, Hitler's

requires a bit of

requires a bit of grooming, less so

if for the iron stein but I don't

think you can do the

if for the iron stein but I don't think you can do the hair.

Celebrity. My hero, Ron Burgundy.

That is a porn-star look, not that I

know. You are telling the story or the cartoon m the cartoon

the cartoon. Yes, and a quick final one,

the cartoon. Yes, and a quick final one, Chopper or Poirot. My 5th grade

teacher had a Poirot, Mr Tobin, good

morning, sir. So, there you go. teacher had a Poirot, Mr Tobin, good morning, sir. So, there you go. .

This is Ben our weather producer. He

is going for the, a bit of a Chopper

but a bit of a sort of, I don't

know. We will call it the Hogarth mo

mchg you got time to work on it. I

am thinking Ron Burgundy for you.

You should grow the sides. Aimpt bit

of Newk.

It is for men's health issues,

prostate cancer and depression. Good

on you boys. It is a great thing.

Older blokes, all the young blokes

get into it and us older blokes are

more at risk for them so get behind it. Ahead - should Australia deport an American man

who killed