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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. to boot the banks and shop around. Homeowners are ready variable and fixed mortgage rates. This morning, we reveal the best

The plan to let young drivers in a simulator. chalk up training hours replace time on the road? But can time on a computer game

You think you're cooler than me

# You got designer shades to hide your face. 'Cooler Than Me' live in the studio. Mike Posner performs this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, here's Kochie and Mel. Now, live from Brekky Central, Hello, and thanks for joining us.

Poppy here had Smokie yesterday, the

rest of us get mike poseier. You

diant even flinch, you are meant to

bite. You be the judge, ladies and

gentlemen. But it is catchy you will

probably be humming it all day. I

wonder if he knew anyone called

Alsns I was humming Alice in make-up

from yesterday, it is in my brain.

They are legends, they are older but

that is nature. Aren't we all? at the big banks Also coming up, the growing anger with your feet and switch but is it really that easy to vote and their profits? because of their interest rates And which one do you switch to? throughout the morning, We'll take a closer look on the Soapbox. and you can have your say

You know it's more likely you are

going to get divorced than switch

banks. We never do. So switch banks

and your marriage is safe. Good

rule. Wow! See, that's the

difference between us, I never would

have thought of that angle. If you

have switched banks tell us how you

found it, was it easy, give us tips.

And if you are divorced. Don't go there. is under increasing pressure The Gillard Government the major lenders, to take action against with the Greens and one Independent the Coalition's bank plan. tipped to back Public outrage has boiled over record profits after Westpac announced hiked up interest rates and the Commonwealth Bank official rate. over the Reserve Bank's Treasurer Wayne Swan has promised competition with non-bank lenders tougher measures to increase but won't release the detail yet. further reforms The government is putting in place to keep the big banks honest. and it hasn't done anything. It's huffed and it has puffed Andrew Wilkie say The Greens and Tasmanian Independent they support key elements

9-point bank plan of Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey's soaring bank profits. which includes reining in into claims An investigation is under way involving Australian troops a firefight in Afghanistan cost a civilian local his life. The Defence Department says and Afghan forces a joint patrol of Australian skirmishes with insurgents was involved in a series of in the Baluchi Valley on Tuesday. After the conflict, approached the soldiers several locals carrying the body of a male, by small arms fire. claiming he'd been killed No Australians were injured. Investigators believe down outside his family home a teenage boy who was gunned early yesterday too much about an armed robbery. was murdered because he knew was shot at point-blank range 17-year-old John Wisnieski at Greenfield Park in Sydney's west. as a vicious and targeted attack. Police described it He was just loving. he was always there for his friends. He didn't care, like, He did nothing wrong. It wasn't fair. Police say

for John helping detectives it's possible the murder was payback in a robbery earlier this year. identify people involved by fire south-west of Brisbane. A house has been badly damaged of the Flinders View home. The blaze started in the garage is now in hospital with minor burns. One person was home at the time and brought the flames under control. Neighbours watched on as fire crews I was just inside cooking dinner and people screaming, "Get out!" and I heard yelling and the garage was on fire. and I came out has collapsed. The roof at the front of the house how the blaze ignited. Fire crews are investigating Two dogs that were trapped in the backyard were rescued

and returned to their relieved owners. And the aquarium in Germany that was home to Paul the psychic cctopus has unveiled Paul II. This French octopus has moved into the former tank of Paul, the German psychic octopod who shot to fame correctly predicting World Cup matches.

It's not yet clear if Paul II has any psychic powers.

Gee, the other one is not even cold

and you got the new bloke moving in. and you got the new bloke moving

in.. The Dow Jones at this minute

down seven points. The Federal

Reserve in America has just

announced they will buy an additional $

additional $600 billion of

treasureries to try and stimulate

the American economy. That's

printing an extra $

printing an extra $600 billion of

money to pump into the economy.

Dominated by more bank profit

results, Westpac up to $

results, Westpac up to $3.

results, Westpac up to $3.6

billionch the big four banks billionch the big four banks earned $ billionch the big four banks earned

$22 billion

Oil keeps climbing. The outlook for home builders is gloomy. Over the past six months, approvals have fallen by 31% - the biggest slide in a decade. It has raised questions on whether the Reserve Bank lifted interest rates too soon. Craig James is at CommSec. Morning. Do you think the Reserve Bank peaked too early?

The building game is a big employer

and big tonic for the economy, did

the Reserve Bank move too soon? I

think inReserve Bank move said too

soon. If you ask people in punter

land, consumers and businesses how

they are doing, they are say they

are doing it tougher than

are doing it tougher than the global financial crisis. For the

construction game it will get

tougher, significant down turn in

terms orphcouncil approvals and this

is the early stage, getting the

council approval in flows to

brickies and carpenters right the

way through the spectrum and

retailers at the end. You got to put

your carpets, curtains and light

fittings in, so a slow down in the

economy, driven nart just by housing

but commercial construction, people

are finding it hard to get new work

out there is some of the blame is

son the bank for not providing

financing for developers. There is

some justification for that and also

justification in the fact local

councils are taking longer to put

things through, and also the State

Government. All parties need to come

together and get to a resolution on

this because it is the life blood of

our economy. It is a bit of a worry.

See you tomorrow mm no problem. Sunrise sport brought to you by Longines, the official watch of the Melbourne Cup Carnival. A world record ninth-wicket stand has lumped more embarrassment on the Australian one-day side.

Setting the visitors 240 to win, Australia looked in cruise control after Sri Lanka slumped, needing 133 runs to win with just 2 wickets to spare. But Angelo Mathews and Lasith Malinga combined for a whopping 132-run partnership

before Muttiah Muralitharan hit the winning runs with 34 balls to spare. Sydney Roosters playmaker Todd Carney

has capped off a remarkable season by being named Rugby League's International Player of the Year. Two years ago, off-field problems saw him banned for 12 months. This year he helped guide the Roosters to the grand final and won the Dally M. I think the only thing that will cap off tonight is if I do receive a jumper that I class as the pinnacle of rugby league to play for Australia. Incredibly, Carney is yet to be picked for a Four Nations match. Boxer Paul Briggs has vowed to fight the "sham decision" handed down by the West Australian Professional Combat Sports Commission.

Briggs went down just 29 seconds into the IBO cruiserweight world title bout against Danny Green in July. Mr Briggs knew, in essence, that due to conditions with his nervous system and his physical ability, to mount a credible defence, he wasn't a worthy and genuine competitor. The Commission cleared Green and has banned Briggs from fighting in WA.

Of course big day at Flemington,

Crown Oaks and Brazil Pulse is the

favourite. Time to get your weather

with Grant Denyer who is embracing

all things gymnastic this morning.

Yep, Beretts, just stretching the

all important Lactimus Dorsas, they

are the crucial ones. A big day we have had breakthrough

have had breakthrough results in

have had breakthrough results in the Commonwealth Games and the world

championships so this is a big day.

Woooh! Damn Foam pits, they are

everywhere. Better take a look at

the forecast while we are down here. Sunrise weather brought to you by Claratyne. Year-round allergy relief.

Be prepared and live Claratyne clear.

Just if I can...

Just if I can.... No! Well, catch

you in half an hour with real

talent. Pull yourself together. Boy,

that's difficult. Thank you, we are speechless. Ahead this morning - Michael Jackson's former bodyguard on whether he fathered Blanket. And why So You Think is unlikely to ever race here again.

Ho. Beretts is crying. Next up though - are governments killing off the solar power industry? We'll put their dim view of a green industry under the microscope, when Sunrise continues. Compeed introduces the first invisible healing patch for cold sores. New Compeed Cold Sore Patch treats all 7 symptoms fast for total cold sore healing without cream. (COMPUTER BLEEPS) New Compeed Cold Sore Patch. Sunrise keeps in touch with the new BlackBerry Pearl thanks to our friends at Telstra. Solar energy is a topic that's been close to our hearts ever since we launched Cool the Globe a few years ago. But the latest changes to the solar industry have us worried about its future. In New South Wales, the government has cut the solar rebate. It's reduced the tariff it pays for solar

to 20 cents per kilowatt hour, down from 60 cents.

Talk about from one extreme to the other. The New South Wales government wants to save money, meaning the green alternative could end up costing us more. And in other states, the tariff varies wildly too. Let's bring in John Grimes from the Australian Solar Energy Society. Good morning. We've got multiple tariff systems in Australia.

New South Wales at 60 cents was

generous but 20 seems dum? It means

people with solar panels will be

paid less for solar electricity than

they buy coal-fired power from the

grid, people with solar panels will

be subsidising the grid. We have got

a graphic, of those states which one

works the best so Look, it is very

complex, there is this is a problem

for consumers. The tariffs range

from 40 cents to 60, there are two

different types, one is a tafer

where you get paid for all the

electric you generate and put into

the grid and other is for the excess

you don't use. So the right approach

is something like the ACT government

has taken, where they set a tariff,

about 25 cents and review it every

year, so it is incremental change

over time as solar prices come down

and that gives certainty to

consumers and businesses as well.

Should we have, like, Should we have, like,ed

Should we have, like, should the

federal government step in here and say, "

say, "This industry is way too

important for this country. We could

become a world leader, let's have

one tariff for all states, for all

of Australia, so consumers can be confident? of Australia, so consumers can be

confident?." Yes, there is a

standing joke in the industry a

standing joke in the industry a day is a long time in solar policy. The

policies get chopped and changed

policies get chopped and changed all the time. The federal government

support for a national approach is a

great idea and wouldn't lead to the

situation, where about 2,000 people

are set to lose their jobs

are set to lose their jobs in New South Wales because, suddenly it has

gone from boom to bust. Who is the

minister? The minister is Greg

Combet at the federal level and Mr

Ferguson. We will stick it on the

Roz wall, it is gathering dust, we

will see if we can get an answer.

Great. If people want to come along

today, the Sydney Town Hall at 10am,

we are holds agrally, 20 cents is

not sustainable. We need a fair

incentive for people to do the right thing. Coming up - the new type of speed camera that knows if you're wearing your seatbelt. And the best bank deals on variable and fixed-rate mortgages. But next, how do you discipline kids when they're not yours? And, taking on the banks.

# What do you want? I came in here

to ask about these penalties. Seems

you over drew your credit card. I

have a limit. When it comes to

charging you penalty fees, the sky

is the limit. The advertising campaign turning up the heat on the big four, when Sunrise continues. (DOGS WHIMPER) What's Making News brought to you Beacon Lighting. Summer catalogue out now. It has to be Beacon. (silence)

Siren wails. Shit!

Good afternoon, madam. Yes, I am

sorry, officer. Can I see your

papers, please? Hello! Mummy in a

bit of a hurry was she? That's not my mummy.

Step out of the car, madam! Step out

of the vehicle now.

I love it. Isn't that great. Doing

the rounds this morning. How would you feel if you were the driver? And how would you deal with that girl?

You try and sneak your kiz under age

into movies and get dobbed in. Not

me! My husband. Dob him in. Nat

would never do anything like that,

thank you for trying to set her up

in such a way. Let's talk about

discipline for children or popies. Discipline for kids is a hot topic this morning, thanks to a new book called 'The Slap'. The story kicks off at a barbecue in suburban Melbourne. When a young boy throws a tantrum and he's given a sharp slap but it's not from his parents. Someone else at the barbie dishes out the smack and the parents end up having him charged. It got us thinking, should another adult be able to discipline your child?

Have you disciplined someone else's kid only to have it blow up in your face?

There is discipline and there is

slapping, are two different things.

Telling a child, no you don't do

that if they have done something

wrong, just as your own child, which

I have done before, like-minded

friend who leave their kids at your

place and say treat them like us,

but slapping. You can never imagine

slapping someone else's child. Here

is the scenario, the child whose

parents don't discipline runs wild,

taking a cricket bat to the iskid,

about to hit Another boy. So the dad

of the other boy stepped in and

smacked him. No, took it, said, " smacked him. No, took it, said,

"No." Then this little blighter.

Wild. Kicked him in the knackers and

he went like that. So does it make

it any different some I it any different some I think once

you touch another child, it is a

line I don't think you should do.

Regardless of what they are doing. I

think you can do a very stern, " think you can do a very stern, "You,

in the corner." Stick it and kicks

you. You call the parent and say, " you. You call the parent and say,

you. You call the parent and Say, " you. You call the parent and Say,

"Take this kid away and never bring him "Take this kid away and never bring

him back." 100 purse with Nat. Would

you smack someone else's child?

you smack someone else's child? If it was a niece or nephew or part of

the family, probably. Which is

different. But in this situation, I

would. What if they are not related.

It makes it a little different. That

is what we are talking about. If it

is in your house, does it give you

the right to impose your discipline

on other unruly kids if the children

are out of control and the little

angel gets no discipline at all and

runs riotch if it gets

runs riotch if it gets out of hand,

pull the pin, tell their parents to

deal with it. And never let them

back again. Busy on Saturday night.

A fascinating book and a fascinating

conversation to have. Drop us an

e-mail or SMS. Mike Posner will perform his hit single, 'Cooler Than Me'.

I do have a cats o 9 tails. Knuckle

dusters, that is fine. But after the break, news, sport and weather. This is Sunrise, with the crazy antics of Robin Williams on the show tomorrow. With the help When I moved to Victoria, I was very happy to discover that they have a one nurse to four patient ratio. Unfortunately, they don't have this safety requirement in NSW. No pain? It does make a huge difference to the care of each individual patient. If Victoria can do it, why can't NSW? Send a message to the State Government. Perth police are hunting for a rapist believed to be travelling the city's train network, looking for victims. This is the man police want to find. Two women have been attacked at the same station in two days. Another woman was approached at a second station but her screams scared off the predator. Detectives believe he follows his victims from the platform, then attacks. Obviously, someone who, I don't know, holds no fear. Officers were at the Edgewater Station investigating the first attack when the second one took place on the other side of the platform. Security has been increased on all train lines in the city. Westpac's multibillion-dollar annual profit won't save thousands of staff jobs. The bank has warned middle-management places will be axed over the next two years. It's being reported up to 6,000 jobs could go. Bank boss Gail Kelly says the cuts are needed to avoid doubling up staff after the merger with St George Bank. Three men have fallen from a balcony on the Gold Coast, allegedly during a fight. The men fell from the first-floor unit's balcony at about 9:30 last night. Two of the men then fled. When police arrived, the remaining man became agitated and at one point officers pointed a taser gun at his chest. He was then treated by a paramedic for cuts to his head and leg and taken, under arrest, to hospital. It's not clear if the injuries are from fighting or the fall. The threat from a bushfire in Perth's eastern suburbs has eased although residents are still on alert that the blaze may flare again. The fire broke out in the John Forrest National Park in the Perth hills yesterday afternoon and threatened adjoining properties. Homeowners were told to prepare for the worst

as more than 350 hectares of the park were burnt. It's believed the fire may have been deliberately lit. They should be strung up, I think,

its ridiculous. pay for what they gotta do - it's ridiculous. Hot, dry winds helped fan the flames. Late rain is forecast for Perth today. US President Barack Obama has accepted responsibility for the Democrats' poor showing in his country's mid-term elections. The Republicans have taken control of the House of Representatives and have already signalled a plan

to dismantle the President's health care reform package. The train is leaving the station, come onboard. We invite you to come onboard but we're heading in a different direction. The Democrats narrowly hold onto power in the Senate. The parents of missing British girl Madeleine McCann are pleading with authorities to review the evidence in her case. 3.5 years since her disappearance, Gerry and Kate McCann have launched an online petition

frustrated with the lack of progress. We don't want a review to look over mistakes and saying, "I apportion blame", it's nothing about it's about identifying areas for further investigation. Madeleine went missing while on a family holiday in Portugal. In finance news -

The big news out of Wall Street,

The big news out of Wall Street, the Federal Reserve has announced its

stimulus, its quantitative easing,

it is called of inAmerican economy,

it is going to buy $

it is going to buy $600 billionf

treasury bonds between now kw June,

100 billion more than most people

thought. As a result, the markett

has risen, the dollar is down and

treasureries are off.

Oil is still up there.

Because of the slide in the US,

ker-ching! Look at that! Parity!

Bank! First time on this show. Yes.

The dollar has got to parity. Look

at that, we had to adjust our

graphic all over. Look at that!

graphic all over. Look at that! That is a bit of history, ladies and

gentlemen, just over $

gentlemen, just over $1, US. Keep chugging. Time for sport. Sunrise sport brought to you by Longines, the official watch of the Melbourne Cup Carnival. Champion jockey Jim Cassidy has been banned from racing for three months after testing positive to marijuana. Cassidy plead guilty to the charges at a hearing at Racing New South Wales' Sydney headquarters. He can still ride track work but is expected to use the time to recover from ongoing injuries. Rugby league journeyman Chris Walker has signed with the NRL's Parramatta Eels. The 30-year-old former Queensland State of Origin winger had been playing in the English Super League but he'll wear the Eels' colours next season. In the A-league, Brisbane has ended Wellington's 2-year unbeaten home record,

thumping the Phoenix 4-1. And Perth has stopped the rot, ending their 7-game losing streak with a 0-0 draw against the Melbourne Heart.

Now if you happen to be in the front

row of the Middle Park Hotel, Gerry

Ryan took the Melbourne Cup and

plonked it in there. Thank you to

Kenny and Snagles for filling us in

on that. Good morning I would like

to introduce you to the superstar of

Australian gymnastics, Nasmy

Johnson, still warming up. No! The

camera never saw it, it was only two

million people who saw you drop it,

pretend it never happened. Stop

making her laugh. I would make a

terrible coach. Mate, she is

amazing, our most successful

rhythmic gymnast we have had in

Australia, three gold, two silver in

Delhi in fact she was just amazing,

21 years of age, been doing it for

for 13 years, trains six days a week

to bring home the gold for this

mighty country. If I said she

trained seven days a week she

wouldn't have got two silvers she

would have got two golds but she is

a superstar and darling of

Australian gymnastics. Sunrise weather brought to you by Claratyne.

Year-round allergy relief. Be prepared and live Claratyne clear. Moist easterlies are feeding into a trough over Queensland, causing showers and storms in the tropics. A front clipping the south-east of the country is causing scattered showers in eastern Victoria and coastal areas of New South Wales. A high is keeping the interior and west dry and warm. Rain developing in Brisbane.

Wow, the most successful rhythmic

gymmist ever. That is quite a

prestigious title, isn't it? For

Australia, it is. What was it like?

Yes, it was a great experience. Um,

going to Delhi and competing. Just

there was like such a big crowd for

the rhythmic gymnastics it was

really exciting. You were going for

a big one, in the middle of the

performance you had a pesky

grasshopper buzzing around your head

and annoying you and you resisted

and won? The grasshopper was

following me for half the routine

and my coach was going get away from

her, but it was this close to my

head, but I think I kicked it and

killed it during the routine. That

is taking gold by an Australian. We

would like to see more magic later.

Is that okay. Yes, that is fine.

Sorry about the throwing off

earlier, seven days a week training... earlier, seven days a week

training.... Thank you, Grant. Jrb There's plenty of anger at the banks and their high interest rates and big profits. It's prompted a new ad campaign targeting unfair fees.

What do you want? I came in here to

ask about these penalty fees. Seems

uzps you over drew your credit card.

I have a limit. When it comes to

charging you penalty fees rb the

sky's the limit. How much does it

cost you? Well I could tell you but

I would have to kill you. You are

just another bloody bank? Right there in

there in the name. Later this Sunrise, we'll ask industry experts about the need for greater banking competition. And we'll reveal the cheapest home loans. But all this talk about voting with your feet, is it really that easy to switch? Kochie, would it be easier if we all had one bank number that we could transport between banks like a mobile phone number.

Look, the Council of Small Business

Associations suggested it today. I

think it is a good thing to stick in

the pot, I am not a great believer

in regulating the banks to tell

in regulating the banks to tell them how much to put up rates,

competition is the way to do it and

make it easier to switch. It is a

has tool do it, but once you get in

the swing of it and understand

the swing of it and understand how it is done, it could be beneficial.

A lot of the smaller ones get gobal

up? But there are credit unions out

there and a lot of people don't go

to them because they say they are

not big enough so they are not safe.

Well, they are regulated with the

same regulations as the big banks so

give it a go. We will tell you some

web sites, my favourite, to compare

all the products. Can't wait. We all

have different favourite web sites.

How long do you spend on them. Okay,

just try to be helpful. Joke of the

day That was it. This is from Dawn

Reynolds in Mandra. Good morning,

Dawn, two elderly women were having

breakfast in a restaurant one

morning, Ethel saw something funny

in Maybel's ear and she said, "

in Maybel's ear and she said, "Do

you know you have a suppository in

your ear skwefplt and she pulled it

out and said, "

out and said, "am glad you told me

that, now I know where my hearing

aid is." No! I have heard that about

a blonde.

a blonde.. I appreciated it more than Nat. Ahead on Sunrise - Mike Posner performs his hit first single, 'Cooler Than Me'. And the baby boom ends in Australia.

We'll explore the reasons why. But next, should learner drivers Well, sort of...

Well, sort of.... Not those reasons. Nature.

be able to do some of their training hours in a simulator? The Xbox L-platers are coming up on Sunrise. WOMAN: (SINGS) # When we kiss my heart's on fire # So, my darling, please surrender WOMEN: (SING) # Surrender! # A view of Melbourne through the Jetstar Skycam. Chance of an early shower and 19 today. Iran's already unpopular with the West but now outrage over its actions has reached fever pitch. The 43-year-old mum-of-2 was sentenced to death by stoning for alleged adultery. The execution has not gone ahead today, as expected. And Iran's accusing the West of trying to pressure it over the case. For more, we're joined by out Foreign Affairs Editor Keith Suter. Good morning. A deeply troubling story. Any official word from Iran?

Not at the moment, the problem, by

the way, this woman has already been

flogged 99 times. So she has receive

said one punishment, then they

backed down on the stoning because

of the international outrage and

said we will execute her. Because of

all the pressure, the government

iserary reluctant to go ahead, the

problem with the government if they

are seen to back down because of international opposition it is an

encouragement to the forces for

modernism within Iran that are

pushing for democracy, etc.

pushing for democracy, etc., because

they are saying if we can win on

this case we can win ounther cases.

But they did take into account the

international outrage, not that it

is better. Yes, stz still death but

not by stoning. You got the

international outrage, the domestic

opposition to it. You also got a lot

of opposition not only from overseas

governments but from Muslims around

the world who are very concerned

suddenly this type of behaviour from

the Iranian religious leaders are

giving the wrong impression what the

faith is like. Because

faith is like. Because of course,

obviously stonings and amputations

are not carried out in other Islamic

countries. Like Indonesia, we had an

amputation of a hand only two weeks

ago because of someone accusing

orphsteeling and someone stealing sweets sweets from orphsteeling and someone stealing

sweets from a shop to come. You have

outrage like from the French Foreign

Minister this morning and other

Muslims saying Iran is giving a very

bad impression of what Islam is

like. Wow! So I guess, future, there

is nothing we can do. Adultery will

continue to be punishable. In, under

current Islamic law in Iran,

adultery is seen as the same as

murder, therefore you are sentenced

to death. And as I say, they are

also amputations that take place as

well. So but the international

outrage, plus the very savvy use of

the Internet, Faasi, the Persian

language is one of the most common

languages on the Internet, the

I knows are tech savvy and know how languages on the Internet, the Iran

to arrange an international

campaign. We said the hanging was

meant to happen today, hasn't as

you. yet, let's hoping it doesn't. Thank

could soon use simulators Learner drivers to help chalk up logbook hours.

T laous one state will consider the

-- at least one state will consider

the move if they prove to be

effective on the road. from learners It follows complaints their supervised driving, struggling to complete

up to 120 hours of training. requiring with some Australian states

Morning, Michelle. Michelle Tapper has more on this. Sunrise Brisbane correspondent

How will it

How will it work? Good morning,

Kochie, instead of getting behind

the wheel of a real car they will

get behind the wheel of a simulated

car and they will look at computers screens. I haven't been

screens. I haven't been in a

simulator but I am told it operates

like a regular car, put on the

seatbelt and feel it revving up but

if you hit another car or

there are no consequences. if you hit another car or pedestrian been the response

been the response from road safety there are no consequences. What has

experts? Well, a number of road

safety experts have said it is a good idea because learners will be

able to fine-tune their skills in a

non--threatening environment and

apply it out on the real

apply it out on the real road, it is

also a bit cheaper, it is about $

also a bit cheaper, it is about $40

an hour for a simulated experience

compared between $50 and $ compared between $

compared between $50 and $80 for a

real driving lesson. But Queensland

Transport says nothing beats

real-life road experience and of

course, that is critical to learning

how to drive. Sort of, you worry

that this, again, links driving to a

game with kids? That there is no

consequences, if you do crash the

car, you just reboot and start

again. In real life you don't do

that? Well, that is right, that is

definitely one of the concerns but

100 hours is also a lot of hours to

clock up with a patient parent

sitting in the passenger seat,

trying to offer words of wisdom.

I think a lot of parents would trying to offer words of wisdom. So

probably go for this idea if there

were time limits set on it, if their

teenager could do 10 per cent of the

hours in the simulator and gain some

experience driving in wet conditions

before they actually head out on before they actually head out on the before they actually head out

road. Maybe some parents would want

to simulate the whole driving

appearance. My mum flat out refused

to sit in the car with me when I was

learning. But you can't trade off

convenience for your kids' life or

somebody else's life on the road.

Yes, but if there are time limits on

it, ten hours in

it, ten hours in the simulator

it, ten hours in the simulate it

would belt you. I wouldn't mind

having a go in wet conditions and

heavy traffic in a simulator and my

mum could benefit from something

like that as well. Careful. We wul

cut in there before you get into too

much trouble. Thank you, Michelle. On the way - to the big banks, for mortgages. we'll size up the alternatives And the super speed camera, your rego. that knows whether you've paid is flogged off overseas And outrage as So You Think Bart Cummings. without anyone telling when Sunrise continues. The 'Cup King's disappointment, in the morning. BOY: The sun comes up Trees grow. And waves, they crash. they're the best things. Fruit by nature, juice by Berri. brought to you by 'New Idea'. The Sunrise Showbiz Report and more. For all the latest celebrity news is in Hollywood. Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen is furious with hubby, Brad. Why? There are reports Angelina Jolie

You know, it never ceases to amaze

me, all all these years they have

been together, the tabloids are

still trying to cause friction out

of relationship, that is a

non-relationship between Angelina

Jolie and Jennifer Aniston. We know

that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

use to be friend and Brad Pitt

Courteney Cox are friend, we know it use to be friend and Brad Pitt and

for a fact. The papers are tying to

say Brad Pitt called Courteney Cox

to console her over the separation

David ark et. of her marriage of 11 years with

David ark

David ark Arquette. The tabloids are

trying to have us believe they got

wind of the phone call and angis

furious because it means there is

some kind of a tie between him

Jennifer Aniston. Of course, they some kind of a tie between him and

are naming all sorts of anonymous

sources and I just want to be very

clear, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer

Aniston are both very well adjusted,

working professional grownup women

and I doubt they sit round obsessing

about eacherther's lives. Well said, because about eacherther's lives. Well said,

because every week they are

fighting, secretly meeting, calling,

hating. It is all just plucked out

of the sky. Okay. Thanks, Nelson.

Sure. Speaking of stars, hanging out

and being la-di-da, Beretts how was

your day? Magnif snlts. Why? We were

at the VRC Oak Club Lurch, there

were 1500 ladies dressed to the

nines, it is a tad on the

nines, it is a tad on the rowdy side. They dress up and Peter for

exampleten was the surprise

entertainer kwrert. -- Peter

Frampton was the entertainer and the

ladies were down in the mosh pit.

Todd McKenny. Who is this? That is

the lovely Francesca Comani, she

knows everybody about horses, she

rides Bauer, she rouds horses with

her boyfriend, who is Annen tinian

through Africa. Does she drink beer.

She is a great girl all around. You

and 1500 ladies at lunch? There were

six blokes, we had to divvy up the

tables. He is the perfect one, such

a charmer. Yes, they would would

have loved him. What is happening on

e-mails Ooslap? Would you hit

another person's child if they

misbehaved in your company. Not

punched, a tap. Well, hit, not

punched, a tap. Well, hit, not punch in the face, I guess. We have had a

lot, most people agreeing that is

the line you would draw in the sand.

I am a mum of six and ask I would

never hit anyone else's child, if

anyone hit my children I would have

them charged. I would prefer them to

call me and let he mee know they are

doing the wrong one. Only one has said, "

said, "I have a nephew who has no

discipline and hits and yells he is

three. He threw something at me and

I slapped him on the back of the

legs and told him never to do it

again, he was shocked and won't do

it again." Sometimes it is a circuit

breaker. The line in the sand,

breaker. The line in the sand, when it is someone else's child. Let us

know what you think. Homeowners are ready to boot the banks and shop around. This morning, we reveal the best variable and fixed mortgage rates. Michael Jackson's former bodyguard on those claims he fathered Blanket. # But you probably won't # You think you're cooler than me #

# You got designer shades # Mike Posner performs, 'Cooler Than Me' live in the studio, on Thursday 4 November, 2010. Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. Now, live from Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Mel. If you've just tuned in, thanks for joining us for breakfast. Right now it's time for the news of the day. The banks have been put on notice with the Greens and one Independent MP throwing their weight behind Coalition plans to protect consumers. The government's been under pressure to rein in the big banks after the Commonwealth lifted interest rates over the Reserve Bank's official rate. There's also consumer backlash over Westpac's record profit. Treasurer Wayne Swan has promised tougher measures to increase competition but he won't release the detail yet. The Greens and Andrew Wilkie are tipped to back Joe Hockey's 9-point bank plan. A man has died after being hit by a train while jogging in Melbourne overnight.

The runner, in his 20s, was killed

after being knocked over by a passenger train at a level crossing at Seaford in the city's south-west. Emergency services were unable to revive him. He was jogging, he crossed against the lights and boom gates and I just want to let people know that you should wait until all trains have passed. A report is being prepared for the coroner. Another man was left to die on the road after a heartless hit-and-run in Melbourne's west. The man was found by the roadside in Braybrook after 1:00 this morning. He was taken to the Royal Melbourne Hospital with serious injuries. The Major Collision Investigation Unit is investigating. Police have charged two men who are accused of going on a ram-raiding crime spree across Melbourne yesterday morning. In two hours the men allegedly used a stolen car to smash their way into seven petrol stations and supermarkets

across Melbourne's northern suburbs, in search of cigarettes. It's even alleged they rammed a police car. Officers were able to track them following a trail of cigarette and sweets wrappers. The pair are in custody and will face court today. Police on the Gold Coast are investigating

a balcony fall last night. Three men fell from a first-floor unit's balcony at about 9:30 last night, allegedly during a fight. When police arrived, one of the men became agitated and at one point officers pointed a taser gun at his chest.

He was then treated by a paramedic for cuts to his head and leg and taken under arrest to hospital. It's not clear if his injuries are from fighting or the fall. US President Barack Obama has accepted responsibility for what he's described as a "shellacking" handed to the Democrats in the US mid-term elections. Republicans have taken back control of the House of Representatives and the President admits he needs to do more with the economy. Over the last two years we have made some progress, but, clearly, too many Americans haven't felt that progress yet and they told us that yesterday. The Democrats narrowly hold on to power in the Senate.

The Australian dollar has hit parity with the US dollar again. We just tipped past the $1 mark before 6:30 this morning. The Aussie's now buying just a fraction over 100 US cents. The US dollar weakened after the US Federal Reserve announced plans

to inject $600 billion to stimulate their economy.

Do you want to read that? No, I'll

go, you want to do finance?

go, you want to do finance?? The big

stories, go for it. No, goon, you

have it. No, please. No. Hoo Here

you go. I will take over. But that

is not the reason it has gone to

parity. No, that waiz very

misleading, I will get to the. I

will tell the news room. This is the

reason it has gone to parity. Stocks

on Wall Street have closed up 26

points, that is because the Federal

Reserve has come out and said they

are going to buy $

are going to buy $600 billion worth

of government bonds, basically,

treasuries, and nen they are going

to reinvest in another $

to reinvest in another $300 billion

of bonds that they already have and

role them over. So it is close to $

role them over. So it is close to $1

trillion they are going to pump into

the US economy to try to kick-start

it. Of course, unemployment is still

10 per cent, that sort of stuff.

What it has done is sent the US

dollar down, and pushed us up over

parity. So there we go. Dollar, for

dollar, a bit more than that. And 71

euro cents. Why? Because it is very

tricky when you start printing money

like this in America, it can

kick-start your economy but if you

don't remove that measure when you

should, it can fuel inflation and

fuel an asset boom which could

crunch the economy. Don't go there

again, Nat. Lesson learned, sorry!

I might do sport, then? No, Beretts.

I bow to the expert. Sunrise sport brought to you by Longines, the official watch of the Melbourne Cup Carnival. Don't even think about sport! Australia has squandered an almost unbeatable position, losing to Sri Lanka in the first of three one-dayers last night

The locals were reeling, needing 133 runs to win, with just 2 wickets in hand but Sri Lanka's tail wagged Angelo Mathews and Lasith Malinga combining for a record ninth-wicket stand. It just seems to be right at the end when we get close to winning matches we just can't seem to turn the corner, I guess. Australia will have its chance for revenge tomorrow at the SCG. Roosters star Todd Carney has continued his remarkable year being named Rugby League's International Player of the Year at a ceremony in Auckland. This year, Carney helped the Roosters to premiership glory and picked up the Dally M along the way. I can't say it's a dream come true 'cause I never dreamt it but yeah I'm stoked. Carney says only a green-and-gold jumper would top last night's win. It's Ladies' Day at Flemington for the running of this afternoon's million-dollar Crown Oaks. Brazilian Pulse is expected to start favourite for the 2,500m race after winning the Wakeful Stakes on Saturday.

Just our main concern is going to be the track conditions, a bit.

She just seemed to be better a bit, when she's on better footing. Among the celebrities flocking to Flemington will be Jerry Hall and supermodel Jessica Hart. And you'll see it all right here, live on Seven.

The whole day from Flemington, right

here live on Seven. It is going to

be a beauty! We just need the

weather to do the right thing. Boy,

over the years our gymnastics team

has clawed away on the world

rankings and got to a great spot and

we love them. We love this one here,

Nasmy Johnson because she took three

gold and two silver in Delhi to go

on to become Australia's greatest

rhythmic gymnastics. Explain what it

is? In rhythmic gist nastics we use

five apparatus, the rope, the hope,

the ball, the clubs, which you

juggle with and then the ribbon. The

ribbon is a beautiful aprot -i.

Explain, how do you get to be one of

the greats? What are the judges

looking for? What wins you gold?

Well the ribbon is very long, six

metres long, you got to keep it off

the floor and not get knots and keep

it moving through body difficulties

and throws and make up new skills.

The training and creativity for a

good routine is spectacular to

watch. I got a pretty big

announcement to make, which is

really exciting. After the latest

look at the weather, we have a very

special performance by one of the

true icons of the sport. Anna Bolic

will be leer to perform in the

flesh. I love her. Amazing, such a great moment. Sunrise weather brought to you by Claratyne. Year-round allergy relief. Be prepared and live Claratyne clear.

# Near

# Far

# Whenever you are

# I believe

# That the heart

# Does go on

# There she is, Anna Bolic with the

routine she made famous, the twirly

gig, and the spring and swing, she

hasn't lost a thing over the years.

Delicate. Anna Bolic is a master of

the ribbon and eventual pickup, the

trademark move.

# On and on # Of course, who can

forget Munich when she tangled

herself in the ribbon, almost

choked. And there we have the

pitter-patter, pitter-patter,

perfect timing in rhythm with

perfect timing in rhythm with the music and the chalk and drop,

nothing like Anna Bolic in full

flight. She is brilliant! flight. She is brilliant!!

# And never let go # She is just beautiful.

# How can you top that? Put some

pants on, for starters. Well done.

It is a 10 all around. Keeping the big banks honest could be easier said than done but Treasurer Wayne Swan says his soon-to-be-announced reforms will do the job. Included in his pitch is more power to the ACCC. But is there really a problem with competition? Or are borrowers just too set in their ways to take a stand? Mark Bouris was the founder of Wizard Home Loans. He's now started a new finance company, Yellow Brick Road. Good morning to you. Do you see there's a lack of competition amongst lenders?

Well there was until Tuesday but

Well there was until Tuesday but the Commonweatlh Bank hasopethened

competition because they broadened

the gap between themselves and

everyone else. A great opportunity.

We are waiting for other banks to

catch up. If they do it is fine

because there are smaller lender

like us and the credit unions and

the building societies who don't

need to push up their prices if they

go up. How much of the mortgage

market do the big banks control? It

is contentious but around 97 per

cent. 97! Of flow, new business.

Wow! So, are consumers just being

too conservative? They don't even

look at the alternatives for a

safety fear? Well one of the things

that surprised me, David

that surprised me, David David and

you will remember this, ten years

ago you found a box in the papers

every weekend that listed the

various interest rates that people

charge, I don't see that anymore. I

wonder why it is? Why? Because

wonder why it is? Why? Because there is a sense everything is the same, and there and is a sense everything is the same,

and it is tip cal haul mark orphan

all-gobly. I don't think they exist

today. I think people are lazy. Is

it our fault as consumers we are

lazy? We are not looking arounds.

With the different rates and also

the safety issue. Like, you're

controlled, Yellow Brick Road works

under the same regulations as the

big banks some through our credit

union gateway yes because it is

controlled by APRA. There is no

difference in the risk between a

credit union or a big bank. No, So

give the little guys a go, what is

the difference in rate. Our rate is

now 7.

now 7.34, CBA is 7.

now 7.34, CBA is 7.81, half a purse.

It could save you $

It could save you $137 a month. What

sort of reforms would you like to

see? I would like to see an

enhancement to the credit union's

ability to take more deposits. So

maybe ability to take more deposits. So

maybe drop off the guarantee to

banks and leave it for credit

unions. It will attract more money

to credit unions. You put more money

in credit unions and they are to

lend, as soon as they get the

liability they have to find the

asset, which is the borrower. We as

the taxpayer through the government

guarantee the bank deposits of all

the major banks and also they trade

off our AAA credit rating to raise

money at a cheaper rate overseas. If

they want to make big

they want to make big profits, go

and do it, but don't expect us, your

customers and taxpayers to give you

the AAA credit rating we will do it

for your competition am The

government did it to protect the

banking system but now the banking

system has got a bit out of kilter

so we need an adjustment, maintain

the guarantee for credit unions and

encourage the smaller institutions,

maybe maintain it for the smaller

banks, bank of Queensland, Bendigo

and give them a leg up. The council

of small business associations has

come out and said why don't we have

a common bank account number like

the phone and TRANSLATOR:

the phone and TRANSLATAnd

the phone and TRANSLATAnd transfer it is? Yes, if I can get a better

rate I can transfer the number. That

is the game. So it is those sorts of reforms to make it ease reforms to make it

reforms to make it easier to switch,

don't regulate. Yes, switch and

save. If you are fed up with being

charged too much by your bank, stick

arounds because in our next hour we

are going to tell you how to switch

lenders and which ones are the best

value. We invite said all the chief

executives of the big banks

executives of the big banks come on

and explain their side of the story,

three decline said and one didn't

get back so we did try. Getting caught by a speed camera is a sure sign you need to slow down on the roads. But how about a speed camera that can also check your rego, insurance, and whether you're tailgating or wearing a seatbelt. The Asset device is a prototype camera currently being tested in Europe. It's the first device that can detect multiple offences,

all at the same time. Our UK correspondent Martin Frizell can tell us more. Martin, good morning. How does the camera work?

Mel, first of all, I have to

Mel, first of all, I have to declare

an interest, through my letterbox

came this, a notice of intentioned

prosecution for the City of Lund

police for me

police for me speeding to the

studio, my speed, 45km/h. We are in

the United Kingdom, the most watched

country on the planet. We have more

security cameras than China or North

Korea and into the mix they want to

add this, the big daddy of all speed cameras add this, the big daddy of all speed

cameras. It is a serious beast and cost around $

cost around $80,000 AUD. It is in

trials and has on board, four

cameras, one is a three-D camera to

see inside the car, are you wearing

a seatbelt, if you are eating in the

country, an apple or Kit-Kat and

your hands off the wheel, you can

prosecuted. It can check if your car

is registered, if you paid your

insurance, if you are speeding and

if you are tailgating as well. Not

just that, it is

just that, it is linked by satellite

straight way to the police computer.

You could lose your licence in in

just one hit. The police press the

button straight away so you can lose

your licence within a day. What do

motoring organisations think about

it? Hey, I am not happy, who cares

about them. But they have got to be

very responsible about this,

clearly, because they would be, they

say as long as it is not a Cash Cow

and a genuine way of making the road

safer then they are happy and will

go along with it and see just what

happens. Another organisation said

the main thing that causes accidents

is people in cars, having their

attention distracted and not driving

with due care and attention. There

is no camera that can actually pick

it up. Superfast, if you got busted

at 35 - - 45km/h what is the speed

limit where you? Disappointed you

asked it, because I was going over

Tower Bridge where the speed limit

is just 30km/h. But because of

austerity measures they have cut out

the lights, so the streets were

dark, they sent me a nice picture of

my car, which is just basically all

black. 30km/h is really slow. I was

just curious, because, that is

really slow: It is an old bridge.

Okay. Well you will know next time.

Sorry, I sound like your mum.

Martin, sorry you got a fine but

glad you got to work on time to talk

to us that night. You're welcome. A post-mortem will determine what caused the death of 3-times world surfing champion Andy Irons. The 32-year-old was found dead in his hotel room in Dallas. It's understood he'd been suffering from dengue fever. But a US newspaper is reporting a number of prescription drugs were found in the room. So could these prescription drugs have caused his death? Sunrise medical editor Dr John D'Arcy is with us. Good morning to you. It's been reported methadone was found in a bottle of sleeping pills. How dangerous is it to mix those types of drugs?

That is a very good question, for a

start, somebody travelling

internationally and interstate is

not going to cart methadone with

them, it is a shocker. It sounds

like whatever state he is in he

picked the methadone up there. You

got to ask why? Why would you be

looking for that? Let me just go

back and say about the dengue fever,

let's say they did, they call it

break-bone fever, it causes enormous

pain, it may well be he was in such

pain he chose to find something to

ease the pain. How he got the

methadone, which is used for people

with narcotic addiction, I do not

know, it is highly suspect he found

it and had it. Could dengue fever

kill you on its own? Dengue fever

could kill you on its own. It tends

to kill children more than adults,

it tends to be a repetitive

condition caused by viruses and

caused by the ADis Ejipty virus

which is in northern New South

Wales, it is a problem with global

warming because the mosquitos are

coming south. Fit as a fiddle you

wouldn't expect it? No, it doesn't

matter he was in Puerto Rico, it may

well be he picked up the, that he

got it by travelling as he does in

tropical areas where he is seeking

surf so he could have had dengue. I

think we ought to keep it in the

equation until we work out whether

or not it is the case. But any

medicine he was taking for dengue,

mix it with other prescription,

mix it with other prescription, that is a deadly cocktail? Absolutely.

One of the great concern we have now

about prescription medications it is

easier to get them than to go on the

street and buy things. We know the

story of Heath Ledger etc.

story of Heath Ledger etc..

Increasingly, narcotics have become

available prescription and people

are using them for arthritis, they

are extremely dangerous and need

great care and attention. So the combination of the dengue and

whatever prescription medication he

has, plus or minus the methadone

could have killed him. You are lured

into a false sense of security. Yes,

you do, the doctors know what they

are doing but you can doctor shop

and go to this doctor and that

doctor and get a whole host of them

and away you go. Pleasure, good to

see you, back to Mel. It's one of the most glamorous days in the Australian calendar - Oaks Day. And this year, the A-listers include Jerry Hall and Carmen Electra. For more on the day we're joined by Melbourne correspondent Nuala Hafner. Good morning. You've been on celeb watch. Who's expected to wow the crowds?

Melbourne Cup Carnival is a great

way to celebrity spot. It is

interesting to see who has jetted

in. We have seen Enrique i

glazeious, Katherine Jenkins and my

favourite, Dame Edna and today Jerry

Hall and her daughter will help

judge the Fashions on the Field.

Carmine elect trau, it is -- carmine

Electra, she has made a name of

being more risque so it will be interesting being more risque so it will be

interesting to see what what she

wears, they call it colloquially

Blokes Day and not Oaks Day. And a

Victoria's secret model. She hasn't

been to the races in a while. Also,

it is better known for what happens

off the field, fashion, I don't mean

antics, talk about the trends we

might ski. We won't talk about the

other trends but the fashion trends,

it is all about vintage apparently,

so channeling the 19 40s, '50s and

'60s. Old-school throw backs like

lace gloves and high necks and

inclassic sill wets and thet is just

for the men! No for the men, it is

the rose, the flower of the day, but

today hopefully we won't see

umbrellas, it is supposed to be

fine. Any showers this morning

should compleer and it could should compleer and it

should compleer and it -- should

clear and it should be sunny it the

running of the Crown Oaks at 2. running of the Crown Oaks at 2.55.

Yes, there is a horse race! Those

things that run past there! Any

tips. Brazilian Pulse is the favourite, I think

favourite, I think it is $

favourite, I think it is $3.

favourite, I think it is $3.30 and

also Sassa, at there are 4. also Sassa, at there are 4.50 my

best tip is not to take any tips

from plea but I have heard Precious

Lorraine, a David Hayes trained

horse is a favourite. Beretts is

yelling spot on, and looking as

gorgeous as all week, Thank you am, Mel. Later this hour, is Wayne Swan just playing catch-up with Joe Hockey over a crackdown on the big banks?

And the singer with a hit first single, Mike Posner. Plus later, Michael Jackson's former bodyguard on those claims. Is he the father of Blanket? He'll join us live on Sunrise. CHORUS: # Ah, ah # The sun shine down on me # What a day. # New Garnier Nutrisse Radiant Blondes, with no ammonia. Enriched with avocado oil, but no ammonia. Even damaged hair feels nourished. For lasting colour and no greys, new Garnier Nutrisse Radiant Blondes. WOMAN: Take care. MAN: Garnier. Sunrise brought to you by Jetstar, Australia's low-fares airline now flying to 50 of the world's most fantastic holiday destinations. Jetstar - low fares, good times.

Christmas is next month, ladies and

gentlemen. Next month? Scary. It is

scary. I thought I would get your

attention. Coming up, is it possible to create m