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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. to have Schapelle brought home. Julia Gillard's push prepares to argue Corby's case. We're live to Indonesia as the PM just as his father was Enrique Iglesias is a sex symbol, with music and love? but how is he different and Beretts. The late mail from jockeys, bookies Melbourne Cup Day, 2010. It's the first Tuesday in November, here's Kochie and Mel. Live from the Melbourne Cup,

Morning, thank you for joining us. Morning, thank you for joining us..

What did you say, jockeys, bookies!

And Beretts... That's tease. What do they know compared

they know compared to our Mark

Beretta, replaced by a golden cup. In nine hours from now, around the Flemington track. 24 horses will be thundering

For that, for the 2010 Melbourne

Cup. I'd run fast for that. But what

a bit of history, 150 years, incredible. on the field and the track. Beretts is there for the late mail to check out the famous Birdcage. And Nuala is getting ready

gorgeous. You look beautiful. Doesn't she look

inside Flemington's gates, Sunrise is the only breakfast show on Australia's greatest race. meaning you'll get the inside word

As Beretts is going to whip out his,

what is it? Ped tromter or

it is? Yep, got the pet tromter what is it? Ped tromter or whatever

coming up. Or the car keys. at Southbank too And you can join us here

for our Cup Day breakfast. with Nat and the news. Let's get things started this morning Forensic tests will be carried out the New South Wales Central Coast. on a body found washed ashore on

at Forresters Beach yesterday, The body was discovered Appleby went missing two weeks ago. near where 16-year-old Matthew

in Terrigal, The teenager was last seen at school. dropping his younger brother off were found on Avoca Beach Last week, Appleby's belongings the body was found. about 4km from where the body today. Police will formally identify Police on the Gold Coast say have been found dead an elderly woman and her daughter in their unit at Surfers Paradise. the mother, aged in her 80s, Officers say it appears some time ago died from natural causes has died from lack of care. and her daughter, in her 60s, Tests will be carried out today women's bodies lay undiscovered. to establish how long the had been cut off. Power and water to the unit Police say to look out for each other. it's a reminder for neighbours Kevin Rudd has been accused of while Prime Minister holding fake budget meetings

to try to stop government leaks. that Mr Rudd held pretend meetings Fairfax is reporting this morning

light on detail that were deliberately

because he was suspicious was leaking to the media. Lindsay Tanner at the last election. Mr Tanner resigned

would then hold real meetings The newspaper says Mr Rudd with Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan. So You Think Red-hot Melbourne Cup tip is being compared to Phar Lap in nearly 40 years. as the shortest priced favourite his 13th win at Flemington Trainer Bart Cummings is chasing some high-level support. and has received

favourite, I'm tipping So You Think, with Bart Cummings, sentimental favourite and it is a Malaysian-owned horse. and given we are in Malaysia the most popular Melbourne Cup horse So You Think has become chased her third title in 2005. since Makybe Diva With all eyes on the Melbourne Cup, closely watching the Reserve Bank punters will also be when it meets today. to see if it raises interest rates for the sixth month in a row It's expected to keep rates on hold could be short-lived, but that mortgage relief by Christmas. with a rate hike predicted the official cash rate to 4.75%, A rise would lift from the current rate of 4.5%. In finance news - afternoon trade on Wall Street. stocks have turned negative during

The Dow a short time ago down three

points, the FT 100 added 19. To our

region yesterday, and

region yesterday, and but the All points, the FT 100 added 19. To our Ords up 38.

Capital city house prices are

stalling, up just 0 pout 1 per cent

and Melbourne had the biggest gain,

Brisbane down. All the other capital

cities in the middle of that. It may be Melbourne Cup Day

big event on today but there is another Reserve Bank Board meeting. and that is the Craig James is at CommSec. Morning. Craig, what's your tip?

Rates on hold? Not a foregone

conclusion but certainly all the

economists are tipping it. It should

be shock figure the Reserve Bank

increased rates. Boom, boom.

Increased rates today. Inflation is

under control, the economy, well it

saw it in Parliament is in somewhat of a flat spot, we

saw it in

saw it in house prices yesterday,

they are going nowhere. The service

sector is contacting and the house

levels the lowest in level years.

There is no reason for the Reserve

Bank to be lifting interest rates

but the Reserve Bank might say to e

conMcs you might think you know

where interest rates are going. It

might spring a surprise but we don't

think it will be the case. Is that

code? What is your tip? So You

Think, you can't go against the

champion and Illustrious Blue as the

roughy. The penny dropped, thank

ayou, good punting today. Speaking

of punting, time for sport. brought to you by Longines, Sunrise sport of the Melbourne Cup Carnival. the official watch Training legend Bart Cummings of a nation will carry the hopes and cash in this afternoon's Melbourne Cup. with hot favourite So You Think into a dominant $3 favourite The superstar galloper has firmed for the race that stops a nation. for Cummings It could be a memorable day to run a huge race. who also expects Precedence Two miles will be right up his alley to spare, take the quinella. and if you've got some money is the only other runner Lexus Stakes winner Maluckyday

under double-figure odds. on surfing's record books Stephanie Gilmore's assault has continued overnight. her fourth straight world crown The Queenslander wrapped up the Rip Curl Pro Search event on the way to taking out in Puerto Rico. is the first person The 22-year-old to win four world titles from as many attempts. Men's world champ Mick Fanning was one of the first to congratulate Gilmour on her latest slice of surfing history. Tiger Woods plans to use next week's Australian Masters to prepare for a return to the summit of golf in 2011. The American's 281-week reign as world number one ended yesterday when he was replaced by Lee Westwood.

He'll go head-to-head with the Englishman at this week's HSBC Champions event in Shanghai. Woods hasn't won anything since last year's Australian Masters at Kingston Heath.

A reminder today with the odds and

the hype around So You Think, it is

going to be a huge day at Flemington

for Melbourne Cup, a full house,

120,000, remember they close the

gates at that number. The advice is

come early, Metro Trains have put on

1200 extra services, a train leaving

every four minutes, we are now under

nine hours according to the big

clock for the start of the Melbourne

Cup, 2010, bring it on. It makes the

hair stand up on the back of your

neck when Melbourne turns on its

best to celebrate, we love it when

everybody dresses up to celebrate

the most important event in the

national calendar. It won't be a

clear day, there are showers

expected through the day, chillier

temperatures, 17 to 18 today, so if

you are starting to realise and put

on the dress that will be your dress

for the day, remember to take

something warm as well and maybe a

bit of protection from the rain as

we take a look at the morning

forecast for the first time, good morning. Sunrise weather brought to you by Claratyne. Year-round allergy relief. Be prepared and live Claratyne clear. Showers ahead for the Melbourne Cup.

Are you guys ready for the Melbourne

Cup? If you are in town and want to

come and spend a fun morning, feel

free to come to Crown, we will be

here all morning. Yes, a lively

bunch there, still on their way

home, I think, so anything could happen this morning. Still to come - our PM's approach to Indonesia over Schapelle Corby's jail sentence. And the global project bringing street performers together to sing a classic song. Plus, Enrique Iglesias on being a sex symbol like his dad. We're back soon on Sunrise, live from Melbourne for the Cup. you'd expect a smooth, rich blend. for a second year in a row. Sunrise keeps in touch with the new BlackBerry Pearl

thanks to our friends at Telstra. Enrique Iglesias was a huge hit last night when he performed the latest song from his album 'Euphoria' on 'The X-Factor'. But the superstar thinks he wouldn't have been able to cope if he'd started out on a talent show like that. Enrique had the experience of his father, Julio, on his side

but he's told us he actually walked out on his family to start afresh after a fight with his dad. We spoke to him about that, and life with his partner, Anna Kournikova.

# I can feel your heartbeat

# Sing it

# I can feel your heartbeat # Enrique Iglesias is at home on stage. And last night on 'The X-Factor', he showed how it's done.

# She said to me

# I can feel your heart # Of course, Enrique came into the industry a different way. He had a musical father in Julio, although he didn't want to trade off the name.

I love his music and respect him so

much but as a father, he has always

been a 10. But

been a 10. But once I sign adrecord

contract, I left my house when I was

18, I got in a small fight you have

with your parents, you disagree with

a few things and you, the record

business, I think he was just trying

to protect me.

# I can feel your heartbeat

# You said to me

# I can feel your heartbeat # His latest song, 'Heartbeat', shows a raw side to the heartthrob. Although it's still a very raunchy video not that it apparently bothered his partner, tennis player Anna Kournikova. I guess you could say it's almost like an actor being in a movie role.

It has a girlfriend or a girlfriend,

a girl that has a boyfriend who is

an actor and they have a love scene

with someone, and say, "

with someone, and say, "No, honey

you can't do that, " you can't do that, ",

you can't do that, ",." It is work. From art, to horseracing later today Enrique will be a guest at the Melbourne Cup. Something he reckons he knows a bit about. I used to race horses, I used to be jockey back in the day. But it wasn't really horses, it was donkeys. It's actually big in Miami, so it's pretty similar to horses. You just ride a little farther back, you're not like. I think he might be gee-ing us up. And we'll have more of that interview later in the show.

Really? An extended version. Well,

he is a great talent and I think we

should have more and there is no more races tips. Soon on Sunrise - how a sandcastle fell foul of beach authorities. And Tom Waterhouse explains how to place a bet today.

For all of us mug punters. Also ahead, the UK tightens security on air cargo. So should we do the same? And the man jailed for calling a magistrate "mate" when Sunrise continues, mate, live from Melbourne for the Cup, mate.

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He's got a great record. How will

you pick your horse today? E-mail us

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system that works or an uncle or an

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tried it once and it worked and you

quit while you are ahead. The Melbourne Cup dominates the headlines and the discussions. The 150th Cup has reignited the debate about whether the first Tuesday in November should be a public holiday right across the country. Later this morning, we'll hear from a leading racing commentator who says the Melbourne Cup is our only true national sporting event. Victorians already get the day off. So should the rest of us also have the day off?

Would you? Look, I think it is good

in theory because most of Australia

sort of takes at least half a day

off, but I reckon it would be a bit

embarrassed explaining to someone

overseas, you have a national

holiday? Yes, for a horse race. I

like the idea, I think you go home

at lunch time and then you've got

time to sort of watch the race,

because a lot of people do go to

lunches and events. School pickup is

just, we say it every year but it is

an awkward time, if we could just

move the race a little. My husband

has mentioned it to me because he is

on school pickup duty. I am all in favour of a

favour of a national holiday, it

makes great sense. Shock me!

makes great sense. Shock me!? But it

is a major world event, a major

international event and it is our

event and celebrate it with a

national day. Around the country,

whether you're in Kalgoorlie,

whether you're in Kalgoorlie, the Gold Coast, you will take half a day

off, go to lunch, most people won't

go back to work, a great export for

Australia, Kochie, you got to get

excited. Maybe half a day. Go to

work in the morning for a couple of

hours and leave at lunch. Beretts,

you got Joan's tips? No, she has her

cup of tea in the morning with

cup of tea in the morning with the onwers and trainers. But she is a

big Bart fan and she will go with

Bart. Sent

Bart. Sentimental. If you're calling in sick to join in Cup festivities you might want to think twice about posting photos from today on the internet. A man who lost his job for chucking a sickie to celebrate New Year's Eve won't get his job back. The barman got a doctor's certificate to cover his time off but his boss sacked him after a photo on Facebook showed the man partying. So should employers be able to get rid of a worker for things posted on their personal website?

Woops! Kind of a bit silly, caught

out big time, I guess. Should the

doctor be dobbed in for the AMA for

obviously giving a false doctor's

certificate. Yes. Surely you

realise, if it goes on Facebook it

is public, it is not private. No

matter how much you think it is. It

is a bit silly. Finally being clicked, the magistrate who locked up a man in Ipswich for calling him "mate" in court. Magistrate Matthew McLaughlin told the man to call him, "Sir" or "Your Honour", before sending him the cells. The Police Union and local mayor say the magistrate is out of touch. So is it OK to call a magistrate "mate"? Isn't "mate" the great leveller? A term you can use anywhere, anytime for anyone?

Or just when you have forgotten

someone's name. Or do some people

deserve something more respectful.

On the surface it seems stupid but,

you get the feeling the bloke was

probably a narc. He might have been

pushing the magistrate's buttons.

And it was the last straw but can

women say mate a lot. I have trouble

saying maaate. What do you say? I

say Hiiiii! Don't give away secrets.

Some women say darl, we are not kind

of darl girls. It is harder when you

are a femalech It is code, when we

are out and I say mate, Lib knows

and she goes, hello, I'm Libby

Kochie. Unless you are fighting with

your spouse and they go, " your spouse and they go, "Aren't you

going to introduce us." Rooow! You

do it to John? No! There was one

time... Beretts we will catch up

with you in tin minutes. California is voting on the legalisation of marijuana. Should Australia do the same? We'll debate the issue, next hour. Also ahead - Tom Waterhouse with a punter's guide to Cup Day. But next, news, sport and weather live from Melbourne.

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A little mushy under foot this

morning, there is the track, all

eyes, less than nine hours, the

horses will Beal bolting. That is

the trainers' stand there, the

brains trust on Melbourne Cup day,

the final tactics are being

discussed between the jockeys and

the trainers, whispering in the

horse's ear, getting them primeed

for later today. The jockeys are

sleeping in. Hope it is heated in

there. It is fresh, a few showers

around today, girls. 18 degrees,

rethink your outfit, you have still got time. If you've just tuned in, we're having breakfast at Crown's carnival live site.

We're here for the 150th Melbourne Cup. Now just ahead, the basics on placing a bet, with Tom Waterhouse. And later, can our PM persuade Indonesia's President to send Schapelle home? Right now though, it's time for a news update. Here's Nat. A 25-year-old woman and her 6-year-old son are recovering in hospital after having a chemical, thought to be acid, thrown in their faces in Melbourne. The woman answered her door in Northcote last night when a man allegedly threw the liquid at them before running off. She didn't open the flywire door fully and that seems to have taken the brunt of the acid. The woman's car was also damaged and police are investigating if the woman knew her attacker. This year's Melbourne Cup has been dubbed a 1-horse race. Bart Cummings' So You Think the red-hot favourite. After eight wins from 11 starts,

the horse is being compared to Phar Lap and Makybe Diva. The legendary trainer says his star can go the distance. He's ready to go two mile or further and that's what I bought him for and that's what we aim to do. 100,000 people are expected to flock to Flemington to watch the 150th Cup. Prime Minister Julia Gillard will meet with Indonesia's President today to appeal for clemency for convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby. Reporter Alex Hart is with the PM in Jakarta. Good morning, welcome to Jakarta - the third stop on the Prime Minister's tour of the South-East Asian region. Julia Gillard touched down here in the Indonesian capital last night after a brief visit to Malaysia where she continued to push her plan for a regional processing centre for asylum seekers in East Timor. While Julia Gillard will be pushing that idea again today in Indonesia she will take up the case of convicted Australian drug smuggler Shapelle Corby

X Australian government has backed

in Corby's plea for clemency based

on humanitarian grounds in relation

to concerns about her mental health. Corby has had 17 months taken off her 20-year sentence since she was convinced in 2005 but clemency is a big deal. Since becoming the Indonesian President,

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has not once granted clemency to someone convicted of drugs offences. So a big day ahead for the Prime Minister.

For now, it is back to you. A 27-year-old Sydney man has been charged over the alleged assault of Jan Utzon, the son of the Opera House architect Joern Utzon. The attack happened in a lane in Manly on the weekend. Controversial broadcaster Derryn Hinch will be in the High Court today as part of his battle to name child sex offenders. Hinch has been charged with ignoring suppression orders after revealing the identities of two people at a rally in Melbourne. He says the current law is a restriction on freedom of speech. The 66-year-old, who is battling liver cancer, will be in Canberra for today's hearing. In finance news, afternoon trade on Wall Street. stocks have turned negative during

Stocks fallen further in the US. .

Consumer spending has fallen for the

first time in a year in the US. Of

course, investors pretty nervous

about the Federal Reserve about to

release the extent of its

quanttative easing to try to

stimulate that economy. To the

commodities: Gold has dropped in

trading to $

trading to $1351 US an ounce. Time for sport. brought to you by Longines, Sunrise sport of the Melbourne Cup Carnival. the official watch

Fine preparations happening all

around, track work and all around

this course at Flemington, things

are being put into place for a

Melbourne Cup day. are being put into place for a huge Caulfield Cup winner Descarado Gai Waterhouse expects her will attempt to lead all the way $6 million Melbourne Cup. in this afternoon's saddle up Once Were Wild Racing's first lady will also behind boom-stayer Maluckyday who finished a gutsy third in Saturday's Lexus Stakes. So You Think Bart Cummings' superstar has a stranglehold on Cup betting and is now a red-hot $3 favourite. is third elect at $12. Last year's winner, Shocking, Stephanie Gilmore says crown from as many attempts winning her fourth world surfing is a dream come true. at the Rip Curl Pro Search The 22-year-old clinched the title in Puerto Rico overnight. over Melanie Bartels Gilmour's quarterfinal win wrapped up the title to take out the event. and she then went on

on Layne Beachley's record The Queenslander now has her eye of seven world titles. injury concerns England has brushed off over off-spinner Graeme Swann during yesterday's net session after he was hit on the thumb at the WACA. in a warm-up match starting Friday Western Australia play England Mike Hussey won't be there. but the desperately out-of-form to play against England Hussey knocked back the chance to find some form and will instead try against Sri Lanka. in the 1-day series

Well the atmosphere is building here

already at Flemington. This

already at Flemington. This is the

race, more than any other in the

world that creates the greatest

interest, forget the Kentucky derby

or Epsom $

or Epsom $6 million making it the

richest handicap race in the world.

What is the weather going to do?

Rain? Showers, we are not talking

rain, or anything too heavy but it

is going to sprinkle down on us,

unfortunately, more tending to the

afternoon so it won't be too

horrible, not like Derby Day when it

teemed down there. I know you were

debating whether it should be a

public holiday, should it be a

public holiday? (all yell) Pretty

conclusive. Pick the finance member

of the team earlier, with Kochie, of the team earlier, with Kochie, product

productivity but it is about

community spirit! Come on. We don't

know our neighbours anymore but it

is a great event that brings us all

together and why shouldn't it, the

entire country. I think they have

been going for four days. Let's look at the

at the cast. brought to you by Claratyne. Sunrise weather Year-round allergy relief. and live Claratyne clear. Be prepared is bringing patchy rain and storms A trough in the east and New South Wales. to eastern Queensland over Victoria and Tasmania. are generating light showers South-westerly winds

A high is clearing the south, low overnight temperatures. bringing with it a few showers. And for the Melbourne Cup,

Should be a national public holiday? (all yell)

(all yell). Good spirit, community

spirit, all togetherness! Too right.

Thank you for that, Grant. Come down

and join us at the Crown live site,

the carnival site at South Bank, we

are here until nine o'clock,

the day? Nat comes courtesy of are here until nine o'clock, joke of

Russell how are you? Good.

Russell how are you? Good.. Hit us

with your joke a TVy is up for grab.

What did Simba say to the herd when

they weren't moving fast enough?

Mufassa. You

Mufassa. You won a TiVo! Russell

well done. That is a high score.

Have you got a tip for us today? No. No.Three, yell Have you got a tip for us today?

stick with the three. And No.Three, I'll say. He is going to

stick with the three. And stand on

the sidelines and say, "

the sidelines and say, "Move

faster." Hopefully that will work. Later this morning - of street singers in action. the remarkable video But after the break, can't detect the explosives why sniffer dogs and X-rays flown from Yemen. used in those cargo bombs

to placing a bet on the Cup. And, the beginner's guide on a Metro train. This is Sunrise, getting to track get everything you need. Come to Bunnings - you can Lots of brands, lots of products. for the things that you're after It's getting easier to shop in names that you can trust. Arlec portable floodlight, $9.90. $52.90. 4-litre Cabot's decking oil, 7-piece sling setting, $288. Gorilla folding work platform, $69. $17.98. Tuffweed herbicide concentrate, Best brands at the lowest prices. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! # are just the beginning. Lowest prices to buy supplies over the phone, you can use your own money book travel on the net wherever Visa is accepted, and use your own money Business Visa Debit card. with the ANZ Just click, call

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Sunrise at the Melbourne Cup, Metro Trains. Sunrise at the Melbourne Cup, for until the big race A bit over eight hours now the official timekeeper of the Cup. on the Longines clock - A mostly cloudy day is forecast for Flemington with a few showers and a top of 18 degrees.

They are kicking in now, can I say,

18 will be the top, it's not quite

there yet and my mate, I don't know

if we can pan around, Matty, he is

protecting the cup. We have got the

big cup here and he is protecting

it, don't touch it. I am protecting

it. Don't touch it. Flash it. While

he does that, I will change focus. Britain is increasing aviation security measures after the recent discovery of two parcel bombs sent from Yemen. They include increased checks on people travelling to the UK. The crackdown comes amid warnings Australia's air freight system could be a soft target for terrorists. Sunrise foreign editor Dr Keith Suter has been following the story for us. Good morning. Britain has extended the ban on unaccompanied air freight from Yemen and added Somalia. What's the significance of the inclusion of Somalia?

I think it is a smart move. We have

been concerned about Somalia for

some time, there are allegations

about what is called the altia bob

movement, in -- Elshabab movement

even here in Australia. The Home

Secretary has decided not only to

deal with gem p Yemen but get in

early and include Somalia and I

think it is a smart move. We were

talking couple of days ago about

reducing airport screening but now

passengers won't be able to take

printer cartridges larger than 500

grams? So longer queues? Yes, we

already have to take computers out

of cases if you are traveling with

computers but what will happen they

will ask you an additional question,

are you carrying aerosols or printer

cartridges. For a lot of passengers

already sick of the security

arrangements, it becomes yet another

problem. We also have the screening

for explosives, it is why may pick

at people at rantm and ask to --

random and check the clothing and go

around the bag, it is looking for

aromas from particular explosives.

But doesn't the explosive material

used in this terror plot

undetectable? It is according to the

allegation is that it is

undetectable according to x-rays as

you go through the screening but

you go through the screening but it can be picked up because it will

exude a very slight aroma or vapor

and that is what they are hoping to

pick up, it is why the they have the

test thing. But intrusive you have

got to be swabbed in terms of your

clothing and your bag. If it is

wrapped up in a consignment or

freight, then you can't open it up

each time to put your detector into

it. It is easier to carry on as

freight if you want to blow up a

plane rather than put it on your own purseman. plane rather than put it on your own

purse -- person. If our freight

industry is a soft target, how much

are our freight flights scanned? It

is the passengers we give the most

attention, freight will now,

obviously receive far more

attention. Maybe we need to change

it. Thank you, Keith for joining us.

Here is Kochie. To not have a punt on the Melbourne Cup is almost un-Australian. In fact, about 70% of Aussies bet around $150 million on the big race. But if you're unsure on how to have a flutter, bookie Tom Waterhouse is here to explain it all. Good morning, Tom. Let's go back to the basics. How do you place a bet on the Cup?

Do you get nervous I do, I laid big

bets against the favourite, Bart

Cummings's horse. So yes. If So You

Think gets up as the favourite am I

don't think you'll see me. I'll be

hiding somewhere. I think. First of

all, how do you place a bet? Look

you go to a bookie on course and

finds a bookie with the Betts odds

or go to the Tony Abbott and place a

win bet, place bet or each way or a

quinella or trifecta quinella is the

first two horses and a trifecta is

the first three or a box trifecta is

to pick a number of horses to finish

first, second and third in any

order. But there are always people

on hand to explain it? Yes, and on a

Kay like today you don't want to

search too far for an extra 5 cents

or 10 cents, you want convenience

but get good odds. I will give you

the hand Mike because -- Mric

because we are having trouble

picking up your Mic. It has been

raining today and the last couple of

days how has it affected the odds?

Inodds for Shocking have drifted

Inodds for Shocking have drifted to $ Inodds for Shocking have drifted to

$11, last year's Melbourne Cup

winner. It can handle the ground,

the only problem is it is has got a

bad barrier and will be caught wide.

Shoot Out is $

Shoot Out is $31, great value at $

Shoot Out is $31, great value at $31

can definitely handle the wet. The

horse I am most scared of So You

Think, can handthal wet but a very

-- handle the wet but short prices,

you will probably get that but look

around, especially on a wet day, I

can't leave my mum's horses out. She

has got Descarado, negative

has got Descarado, negative 11, $

or $ has got Descarado, negative 11, $13

or $14, loves the wet, a really

tough horse and she thinks it has

got a hell of a chance and Once Were

Wild, right down the bottom, it

30 to 1, terrific value but the one Wild, right down the bottom, it is

I have got to tip you, Kochie is a

horse called Maluckyday, which is horse called Maluckyday, which is $

$ghine and a real -- $

$ghine and a real -- $9 and a really

great chance, suited by the wet

track, a perfect run and hard to

beat. Put in all your quinellas and

trifectas and straight bets. How can

they say So You Think can't be

beaten? It is the hardest race in

the country to pick a winner? I

watch races every day of my life

So You Think is the best horse I watch races every day of my life and

have ever seen. More than Makybe

Diva? Better. Weight-for age horse,

So You Think is probably a couplef

of lengths better than Makybe Diva,

it is phenomenal. But the first time

since last year in handicap

conditions, in the Melbourne Cup, it

has never run over 3200 metres

before, I am laying it over the gap,

I need it beat big time. If it can

get beat today you will see me

partying at Rock Pool. It is

wonderful to have such a great horse

for the 150

for the 150th anniversary. And

especially to be trained by Bart

Cummings, I am going to lose all my

money if it wins, a bit of me is

happy. We feel sorry for you too if

you lose all the money. Can he swim

though? The rain is coming down now,

and yes, I have to ask Grant when

you go between showers and rain

now. because it kind of feels like rain

on legalising marijuana, Up soon - should Australia vote as California is doing? of the debate. We'll hear from both sides being banned from beaches. Plus, the row over sandcastles at the centre of it, on Sunrise. We'll speak to the council (GENTLE MUSIC PLAYS) helping you to think, breathe and see clearly With the help brought to you by 'New Idea'. The Sunrise Showbiz Report and more. For all the latest celebrity news is in Hollywood. Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen a shocking discovery. Emma Watson has made What can you tell us?

I think Kochie will appreciate this

because it has a financial angle to

it. It explains why she is such a

down-to earth and grounded young

lady. It turns out in a new

interview, she revealed growing up,

translate to $ she had an allowance that would

translate to $81 a week. She had no

idea of the vast fortune she was

amassing by starring in the Harry

Potter movies and when it was she

$ was 16 her parents revealed she had was 16 her parents revealed she

$32 million in was 16 her parents revealed she had

$32 million

$32 million in the bank. She said

she felt sick and very emotional

when she discovered it. But it may

be the answer to keeping her so

grounded, keeps a low profile, goes

to university, doesn't get into

trouble, unlike certain celebrities

who are young and have billions o

dollars at their disposal. I wish my

like that, " parents would shock me with news

like that, "something we didn't tell

you, darling." opened up about her recent split. Moving on, Courtney Cox has finally

What are you hearing?

And Of course, her estranged

husband, David ark ethas been very

vocal, in fact, too vocal talking

about what wept into their

separation but she has come out and

said look, guy, it is a separation,

she is not saying it is a divorce,

it is not over. They are working on

on it and it is important to be kind

to one another. For David speaking

out she laughs it off and says

is a kook and entertainer. Innever out she laughs it off and says she

thought of her being together,

smart, and savvy human being, always

thought of her as a celebrity so I

am very impressed and encouraged

they might work it out. It thinks,

gees, maybe they didn't have a

prenup and they have been married 11

years so keen to work it out, it is

my more jaded side speaking to me.

Any rumours of a divorce may

certainly be premature. We wish them

all the best, they are a mum and dad

at the end of the day. And a lovely

couple. I know their gardener who

speaks very highly of them. You know

their gardener Who is also the god

mother to their children. How do you

bow her? She knows my

brother-in-law. You are more

connected than we thought. I know

Natalie Barr. She is a lovely lady,

apparently. What about the gardener.

Sorry, Nelson, goodbye? An Aussie

who set up her own business over

there, used to be in the music

business and does guard toons the

rich and famous. Gee, I bet she

charges a lot for a hedge clipping

now. What are the punters saying?

Should the Melbourne Cup be hubhook

holiday, in Victoria but not the

rest of the country. Craig said, rest of the country. Craig said, "

"Come on, it is a beep horse race,

grow up, as for Victoria, you

to be ashamed for such a pointless grow up, as for Victoria, you ought

event, get your priority right." But someone said, "

someone said, "Look, a public

holiday to encourage gambling

doesn't seem right." But spare a

colleagues, " thought for Rebecca and her

colleagues, "Definitely the way to

go, as a four year uniee students I

love the Melbourne Cup but our

university has put our fine exams on today at 3.

today at 3.30. How unAustralian, it

is quite a sprint from the pub to

the exam." Don't they think of those

thinks. So you think. Dob the uni

in. It doesn't say, Rebecca, e-mail

back, they weren't thinking. Time to

say goodbye to our viewers in Perth

and WA, Toy Box is next for

insomereason, you have got to whip

in a kiddy's program for the

licence. There are mums saying, " licence. There are mums saying,

"Thank goodness." And then excuseive

coverage of the Melbourne Cupa we

hope you get a winner. You miss out

on Toy Box. A bit like a kiddy's program. But

program. But xhou... to have Schapelle brought home. Julia Gillard's push prepares to argue Corby's case. We're live to Indonesia as the PM just as his father was. Enrique Iglesias is a sex symbol, with music and love? But how is he different and Beretts. The late mail from jockeys, bookies, It's the first Tuesday in November, Melbourne Cup Day, 2010.

Sunshine continues, Live from the Melbourne Cup, here's Kochie and Mel.

Most importantly, it stopped raining. If you've just tuned in we're at Crown's Carnival Live Site for Cup Day. Beretts is at Flemington for the late mail on the field and the track.

All happening. And Nuala is getting ready to experience the luxury of the Birdcage.

No-one more equipped for that either. Remember, Sunrise is the only breakfast show inside Flemington's gates, meaning you'll get the inside word on Australia's greatest race. And you can join us here at Southbank too

Beretts has been talking to the

jockeys and trainers and ground

staff, we have it all here. You can

join us here at South Bank for our

Cup Day breakfast. Right now it's time for Nat and the news. Good morning. A win for So You Think in today's Melbourne Cup could elevate Bart Cummings and his horse above Phar Lap as Australian racing legends. More than 100,000 people are expected to flock to Flemington for today's big race. At this historic 150th Melbourne Cup legendary trainer Bart Cummings is chasing a lucky 13th win. While the 82-year-old's battled health problems, his horse So You Think is the overwhelming favourite. He's ready to go two mile or further and that's what I bought him for. The Prime Minister agrees. I'm tipping So You Think, favourite, sentimental favourite with Bart Cummings.

The Opposition's looking at the outsiders. This is the one day of the year when I have a bet, and I'll probably put it on Descarado. Punters across the country

are expected to spend more than $150 million on today's race. So you'd think the jockeys would be feeling the pressure. Is he favourite, is he? There are conventional methods to take a punt on the Cup. Or meet Bee-Bop the poodle. For years he's helped his owner pick winners

by walking across the form guide. His impressive record includes a triple treat with Makybe Diva. No matter which horse you back, this year there's just one sentimental favourite.

I'll be happy for all the fans. Police are investigating an acid attack on a mother and son in Melbourne. The liquid was thrown in their faces by a man who knocked on their unit door at Northcote. The 25-year-old mother and her 6-year-old son suffered burns to their faces and were taken to hospital. The woman's car was also damaged. A 16-year-old boy has died after a hunting accident in country Victoria. Two teenagers were hunting on a property near Merriang late yesterday when one of the boys accidentally shot the other. The injured boy was rushed to the Royal Melbourne Hospital where he later died. New South Wales police will today formally identify a body

believed to belong to missing teenager Matthew Appleby.

The body was found at Forresters Beach on the state's Central Coast yesterday, two weeks after the 16-year-old disappeared. Some of his belongings had been found on a nearby beach, sparking fears he may have gone for a swim. The Appleby family was told last night about the body find. A massive factory fire has destroyed two businesses on the Gold Coast. Half the factory was completely gutted by the blaze but three other businesses in the complex were saved

as fire crews put out the flames using cranes. There was a lot of volatile chemicals in the panel and paint shop

there were several small explosions that could have been caused by pressure cans, things like that. It's not known what caused the inferno. A fire investigation is under way. The South Australian Education Department will review a case of extreme bullying in which a student was nearly hanged. The incident happened in Adelaide's north in September but has only just come to light. A 13-year-old boy was strung up to a post twice but managed to struggle free. The school disciplined four students but no police charges were laid and an ambulance wasn't called. The state's Education Minister says his department will review the case.

Finance news now and stocks have

fallen on Wall Street, down 16

points just shortly before the

close. Of course, a lot of

nervousness ahead of the federal's

receive's release of the quanttative

easing program, basically how much

money they are going to print to

money they are going to print to try

to stimulate the American economy.

Consumer spending down for the first

time in a year in September. It

shows you how lackluster the economy

is, vastly different to ours.

To our reejered yesterday and -- region yesterday.

House prices stagnated in the three

months to the end of September,

Melbourne was the best capital city

with prices up 2. with prices up 2.7 per cent,

Brisbane down 2.1.

The Reserve Bank Board likely to

keep official rates on hold when

they meet today. Time for sport with

Beretts. Sunrise sport brought to you by Longines, the official watch of the Melbourne Cup Carnival. Top jockey Michael Rodd believes last year's Melbourne Cup champion, Shocking, is ready to run the race of his life at Flemington this afternoon. As hype builds around Cup favourite So You Think, the Shocking camp is happy to fly under the radar.

It's good, you know, it takes the

pressure off the owners, Mark and

myself, so no, I'm really happy

where we're sitting. So You Think is a dominant $3 favourite for the race that stops the nation ahead of Lexus Stakes winner Maluckyday. Tiger Woods plans to use next week's Australian Masters to prepare for a return to the summit of golf in 2011.

The American's 281-week reign as world number one ended yesterday when he was replaced by Lee Westwood. He'll go head-to-head with the Englishman at this week's HSBC Champions event in Shanghai.

Woods hasn't won anything since last year's Australian Masters at Kingston Heath. Stephanie Gilmore's assault on surfing's record books has continued overnight. The Queenslander wrapped up her fourth straight world crown on the way to taking out the Rip Curl Pro Search event in Puerto Rico. The 22-year-old is the first person to win four world titles from as many attempts. Men's world champ Mick Fanning was one of the first to congratulate Gilmour on her latest slice of surfing history.

It is a tremendous achievement. Just

a reminder as you start to gear up

your day, in Melbourne, heading to

Flemington, Metro Trains is the way

to go, a train every 4 seconds, I

mean four minutes, four

mean four minutes, four seconds would be really fast. 1200 extra

services, the way to get here,

especially given the weather

especially given the weather which could be drizzly later in the day am

I don't know what it is like where

you are but we started to feel the

effects of morning showers. We were

hopeing and had our fingers

hopeing and had our fingers crossed we were going to skip through the

day without showers and they would

go cross, but just this morning it

kicked off and hit us here which

mean as premium to find dry spaces

like, Crown carnival live site, it

is kind of like the Birdcage at

Flemington but here at Crown and it

is free for everyone to use right

throughout the Crown Carnival but

you will need an umbrella and coat,

it is a little warmer than

yesterday, yesterday it was 6

degrees so it did plummet a bit more

temperature to keep it warmer. The

small amount, it will be annoying if

anything, just 0.

anything, just 0.4mm has fallen and

lucky to see a millimetre today,

will it hit us, won't it

will it hit us, won't it? But it

will be annoying. Here is inforecast. Sunrise weather brought to you by Claratyne. Year-round allergy relief. Be prepared and live Claratyne clear.

Hopefully she's inside, she's Nuala

and she's in the Birdcage. I am

inside and I wish you were here,

Grant, mum is the word here at the

Birdcage, each year the marquees

Birdcage, each year the marquees get bigger and better and this year,

champagne one is really lifting the

bar, boom! It is all about tradition

and Chris and Julian are going to

show me the tradition behind

champagne Mumm. I have never seen

this, opening champagne with a sword

or a subarrage. We are hopeening

bottles with the traditional method

of subarrage. It is more an art. I

will attempt to show to you, so

basically what we are doing is

running the blade along the bottle.

And then the whole, not just the

cork but actually all the top of the

bottle will come off. I will believe

it when I see it Waaahhh! Can I have

go. It is not easy, they say

Napoleon's men did it in battle, if

they won they deserved it, if they

lost they commiserated mism A

prestigious way to open a bottle. I

am not sure if I am insured with

this. A personal record for the

earliest I have opened a bottle of

champagne, thank you. Back to you,

Kochie. Woooh! Brilliant. That is

the place to be. Perfect! In the

bird bur there. Half your luck. We

will cross back later. In just a few

hours, i 650 million people will

watch the race around the world, it

is an institution, it is the first Tuesday in November. Author and racing journalist from 'The Age' Patrick Bartley is with me. Good morning to you.

150 years is extraordinary It is

amazing. It is a race that has

gavelinized Australia. They should

make Australia Day on Melbourne Cup

day because everyone takes the day

off. For those interstate people

they relish it as much as

they relish it as much as the Victorians. Three quarters of the

world will be watching the race

today, but 20 years ago, it was just

our race. The amazing thing, we is

such a wonderful horse in So You

Think, coming in for this historic,

the 150th anniversary, Tom

Waterhouse saying he thinks the

greatest horse in history. They are

making comparisons with Phar Lap,

like cricket with Bradman, it is

amazing. The other dimension, nine

very good European horses that we

haven't seen much of and a very good

buildup of locals but So You Think

has gripped the nation. He is a

powerful horse and the Bart Cummings

magic, the X factor makes it all the

better. So a sensational race. Do

you reckon Bart can make it 13 wins?

I do, he will be very short and I am

not a great favourites man but gee,

you are very game to bet against

him. What about the weather. A

concern, we had a wonderful day

yesterday, the most track that

recuperates so beautifully, but just

this rain this morning concerns me,

it has put them back that little bit

more but I would say, it will be just slow.

just slow.. Just slow, well, that is

pretty remarkable given all the rain

it has had. They have got the most

sfaisticated drainage system of any

track in the world, so long as it

doesn't rain heavily on the day it

will be a good service. You

will be a good service. You have written books about tales

orphpunting and the Melbourne Cup,

you have seen big losses and amazing

wins. What are your favourite

stories of the Melbourne Cup? My

favourite story, just one aside to

that, on the gambling side, everyone

loves to gamble was the AFL football whaor won $

whaor won $10,000 on the Saturday and another $

and another $10,000 on the Sunday

and on the Monday they had mad

Monday and he said no, I will take

the there are 20,000 down to the

casino, worked it up to $ casino, worked it up to $30,000 and

his friends came in and he said no I

will break the casino. The next

morning he was there and didn't is a

cab fare to get home and on the

kitchen bench there was a note on

the table saying you don't deserve

this but on the nes cafe can is $ this but on the nes cafe can is

$88y,000 ugworth of chips. Some of

the great horses and stories behind

the Melbourne Cup? Marvellous to

have a mare lie Makybe Diva to

within three in a row, bought from

Europe, couldn't get a bid, bought

here, and a year behind by the

Northern Hemisphere and just kept

betting better and better and

betting better and better and the Melbourne Cup, just as wonderful to

be in Bart Cummings time but her

time too. A very special race, even

if you are not a punter like me if you are not a punter like me you

can't help but be infected by it.

Thank you. And if you want to read more true tales from the track pick up a copy of Patrick Bartley's book 'On the Punt'. Legalisation of marijuana is a thorny issue which comes up every now and then. Californians are about to hit the ballot box on the question.

The no vote is ahead by the slimmest margin. So would we ever consider the move in Australia? Here to debate that are Fiona Patten of the Sex Party and political advocate Wendy Francis. Good morning. Fiona, you think pot should be made legal - why?

Look, obviously, our 50 year war on

drugs has not worked. We have spent

billions orphdollars and -- of

dollars and it failed miserably so

we do need to take another approach

and look at other models from other

countries. Okay, Wendy your views?

You don't support the legalisation,

why not? No, I don't, it is a

stupefying drug and alters the mind.

So what we are talking about is

something that makes people lose

control. I am tired of talking about

money when we are talking about

people's lives. I am a bit

suspicious it is money that is even driving this in

driving this in California today.

They are deeply in debt and hoping

the legalisation of marijuana will raise over $

raise over $1 billion in taxes. If

we put money before people's lives

we are in really deep trouble. I am

glad you acknowledge the financial

situation of California because it

couldn't be ignored in this

discussion but Fiona, it is a drug

and alters the mind as Wendy said,

is making it legal giving in? No we

have got to start taking a different

approach and treating drug use as a

health issue rather than a criminal

one. I think it is 82 per cent or

one. I think it is 82 per cent or 86 per cent of all arrests in Australia

are for possession, I think we do

need to look at totally different

approach, yes, look at cigarettes,

it is a legal drug, a very dangerous

drug but because it is legal we can

do proper education, we can regulate

it, and we have seen a decrease in

the use of tobacco. I think we have

seen the same in countries

seen the same in countries like Portugal where they decriminalize

marijuana and seen a decline in the

use of it. Alright, Wendy, Portugal,

it has happened, the rate

it has happened, the rate of teenage

use has dropped significantly,

use has dropped significantly, do you think it would be an up side? It

is a weird way of looking at it if

we think it is reverse psychology.

Say that you can do it so they won't

do it. No I don't agree at all. I

think that cigarettes is a different

issue because it is not a

mind-altering drug. Yes it is. Try

to combat, well it is not a

stupefying drug, Fiona, what we are

talking about with marijuana is the

700 microgramsise what starts the

mind altering with marijuana use.

They are proposing in California

that every person can carry 28

gramgs. Put that into perspective,

one gram equals 1 million micrograms

and at that, the mind begins a

neurological use of change. But

prohibiting it hasn't worked. I

disagree. It hasn't stopped people

using it. People are not not using

it because it is against the law,

people are using it. We are seeing

increase, young kids use it. I

agree, it

agree, it is not a safe drug but

criminalizing it has not worked. We

need to treat it as a health issue,

not a criminal one. I don't think

you know... You are fine, Mel Mel, I

don't think we change the laws

because that way we trick people

into not doing it. We will be taking

it to the Victorian election for

this exact debate in Victoria. We

will see what happenedens with the

debate in California, they are about

to vote on it. The discussion will

come up here in Australia. Thank you

for your contribution. Schapelle Corby's clemency bid could be given a massive boost.

Julia Gillard is expected to use a meeting today with the Indonesian President to ask for Corby's return to Australia on mental health grounds. For more we're joined by Seven News political reporter Alex Hart, who's in Jakarta following the PM on her tour of South-East Asia. Good morning, Alex. How will the PM make her approach?

Well, that will be made during her

meetings with

meetings with President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono today and

certainly her intervention won't

hurt. Julia Gillard will be keen to

demonstrate just because there is a

change of leadership in Australia in

recent months there is not a

recent months there is not a change in the government's position.

in the government's position. Under Kevin Rudd he was quite supportive

of Corby's bid and made several

representations on her behalf. He

has continued to do it as Foreign

Minister now. Our Consular officials

have regular contact with Corby and

have developed concerns about her

mental health and are supporting the

bid. Australia will continue to

lobby diplomaticly it won't

interfere with the Indonesian

justice system and it will have to

play outside. What are the chances

of a reprieve? The way politics

work, the Indonesian President must

the know Julia Gillard is going to

bring it up. She would have some

indication on the way he is thinking

for her to even formally approach

this. Is it a foregone conclusion?

Do you think he is about to change

his mind on this? No, certainly not

a foregone conclusion at all,

Kochie. I mean, everything rests in

the Indonesian's President's hands,

he has the power to reduce sentences

and there power to quash the

conviction and do what he wants.

History is not on her side. In his

six years as the President,

six years as the President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has not once

granted clemency to someone

convicted of RU-486s offence --

drugs offences. It is an 11- hour

bid, they lodgeed the bid for

clemency and now it is a matter of

wait sw see. One thing is that

clemency requireathise prisoner to

admit guilt, it is something

Schapelle has never done. There is

not a

not a time frame set on when the

decision will be made but it is

widespread that it is expected in

month. Thank you. Is this the worst ever case of the fun police gone mad? A family holidaying on the Sunshine Coast was told to stop building a sandcastle between the flags. A lifeguard asked Kim Thorley and her young family to move on from playing in the sand. The life savers felt it was in the wrong position only because if they needed to do a rescue and they stepped in a hole we could cause an injury to them. The request shocked onlookers on the beach. But lifeguard officials are standing by their decision asking people not to dig deep holes in the sand. So is this a simple desire to keep beach-goers safe or bureaucracy gone mad? For more we're joined by Lifeguard services manager for the Sunshine Coast Council, Scott Braby. Good morning. Is this making a mountain out of a molehill? Are we banned from building sandcastles?

Absolutely mountain out of a mole

hill, life guards on there Sunshine

Coast are not the fun police, we

don't have issues with kids building

sand castles on the beaches. So what

happened in this situation? The

family was told to move. Was it a

case of no sand costles between the

flags? No, at the time, the lady was

digging reasonably deep hole

directly in front of the life

guard's rescue equipment and he felt

it would hinder a rescue if he had

one at the time. So he a