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Lost a few over the years too. There's one friend, though - He's a real mate. around the edges, Sure, he's a bit rough I love him. but when it comes down to it, I love him for just being...him.

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Hello. I'm Tim webster. Tonight

Australia will step up scrutiny of

some cargo planes after a major

terror plot against the United

States was foiled. The Prime

Minister meets south-east Asian

leaders as she tries to get

agreement on a regional processing

centre for asylum seekers and wet

weather in Melbourne rains on Derby weather in Melbourne rains on Derby

spirits. Day but it doesn't dampen their

First tonight Australia has ordered

urgent screening of all air cargo

from the Middle East after

authorities foiled a terror plot

aimed at the United States. High

explosives have been sent in two

loads of cargos from Yemen to

synagogues. They're being described

as printer bombs, two cart bridges

containing bomb parts. Sent in air

cargo from Yemen addressed to

synagogues in Chicago. They do

contain explosive material. One was

stopped in UK and the other in

Dubai. We don't know yet how they

were intended to be activated. Both

devices contain the deadly compound

PETN, the same exploszive use bid

the underwear bomber who tried and

fail to blow up a plain in -- plane

in Detroit. The president says this

was. A credible terrorist threat

against our country. It sparked a

trance Atlantic alert. Three other

planes from Yemen were search ad

UPS truck and this passenger plane

was escorted by flighter jets. We

were told there was some extra

security drill are happening.

Experts are blaming this man, Anwar

al-Awalaki, head of Kyi in Yemen.

Harpbded core of Kyi operatives

trying to hit the United States The

Australian Government says there's

no stkrek threat here but it's

ordered an immediate boost to

airport screening procedures.

Comprehensive 100% screening of

cargo coming from abbueda by, due

bay and Doha The US remains on high

alert with officials parts of the

plot may have gone undetected.

Julia Gillard's push for a regional

processing centre for asylum

seekers has received a green light

from the UN secretary general. The

issue came up ahead of the ease --

east Asian summit in Vietnam. Julia

Gillard toasted by Vietnam's

minister. Foreign policy may not be

her passion but seems to be getting

into the swing of it. Ban Ki Moon

among the first of her top level

meetings. Endorsed her efforts at

finding a regional solution to

people smuggling, and agreement

asylum seekers should be dealt with

under the framework of the U N

refugee convention This is

something, of course, that

Australia will pursue in direct

discussion with the United Nations

high commissioner of refugees Back

home the Opposition is unimpressed.

The idea that she's making progress

on this is a charade and she should

drop the ra and charade In that

know the atmosphere was warmer when

she met Bao boorbgs biggest trading

partner keen to iron out recent

bumps in the relationship. He's

invited the Prime Minister to

Beijing for an official visit next

year. It's only through engagement

and exchange of views you can shape

the future. Tensions between the

Japan and China are a worrying

backdrop to the meeting. There's

now - this meeting has the United

States add the table, seen as a

counter -- counter weight to a more

assertive Beijing Wet weather has transformed Melbourne's Derby Day transformed Melbourne weather has

to a mass scramble for cover, crowd

numbers well down on last year. It

was odds on Flemington was in a for

-- in for a Derby Day deluge, it

turned into a soaking wet slide on

wild side. There was no protection

from the rain on the public lawns.

(singing). Gum boots and poncho it

is must have accessories. Well, you

come prepared, have a few drinks

and enjoy the surroundings The rain

was so heavy it made life slightly

uncoverible in the narques where

designer clotheing is a must have.

Traditional black and white was

never going to do for Dame Edna

Everage, revelling in the company

of the fashion conscious. Look,

aren't you sick of men in cargo

pants with shades and three day

stubble and women in crocs and

tracksuits? This is a chance for us

to return to elegance and frufrp.

MasterChef Matt Preston happy to

follow tradition Even ditching his

cravat for a black and white tie.

Last time I wore a tie on the show

was in happy valley in Hong Kong.

It was also a day for the fashion

tragics but top honours belonged to

connections of Lion Tamer. He'll

connections of Lion Tamer. He'll

win by about six lengths Posing for

a photo true Derby Day style

regardless of the weather. The 25-

year-old man arrest indeed Sydney

east west last night for murder

will be extradited to Victoria. The

Chinese national has been charged

with one count of murder. It's

alleged he was chased down at a

suburban Melbourne train station

and stabbed in front of horrified

commuters following an argument in

the station's carpark. The accused

will appear in a Melbourne court on

Monday. A teenage boy has been

stabbed to death in Sydney east

south-east. He was found lieing in

a street bleeding when plis and

ambulance officers arrived. He was

rushed to hospital but died a short

time later. South Australian police

have dug up the backyard of an

alleged kill inner a bid to find

human remains, the last parts of

Vonne McGlynn whose body was

dismembered. Detectives are leaving

no stone unturned in their attempt

to find the missing pieces of

murder victim Vonne McGlynn. They

have returned to the home of the

woman accused of her murder digging

83-year-old pensioneack shed. The up the door of her back shed. The

83-year-old pensioner went missing

in December 2008. Police believed

she'd been beaten to death in her

home and dismembered, body parts

scattered. Early last year parts of

Miss McGlynn's were found in the

creek bed behind me across the road

from her alleged killer's house. from her alleged killer's house.

There are a number of her body

parts not recovered. It's

understood they include a head and

clim. Angelica Gavare goes on trial

for murder next year. They believe

she targeted her in a welfare scam

and killed her in cold blood.

Police they they have all the

forensic evidence they need to

convict her and are looking for

closure. We will conduct whatever

searchs we Demon necessary, this

may not be the last of them, until

we find all the remains. Up next, we find all the remains. Up next,

thrill seekers on a Victorian

roller coaster get a lot more than

they bargained for. Plus, 22 2 days

teenager arrives home. and 15,000 kilometres later, a

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This program is captioned live.

News helicopters have been used to

track a car jacking suspect opt

Gold Coast. The pursuit lasted more

than four hours before he finally

gave himself up. A dramatic end to

a long chase. Gun drawn, the

officer was taking no chances. He's

been hideing in a retirement

village. This is a retirement

village. We don't have these kind

of things happen here The 27year-

old was wanted over a car jacking

on the a Gold Coast. He'd taken a

Mazda for a test drive and

threatened James Alaia. He reached

for, this it wasn't pulled out and

put into my face but I have no

doubt in my mine it's a gun, I said

doubt in my mine it's a gun, I said

whatever, take the car. Two hours

later police spotted to car and for

the next four hours they chased it.

News helicopters tracked his every

move. Eventually he abandoned it

leaving his girlfriend behind. But

it wasn't over. Police swarmed the

enabled. There was instant relief

when he was finally arrested.

Seiboth and his girlfriend Krystal

Kelly faced court this morning.

They were both kept in custody.

Between them they're facing at

least 20 charges. Fishing bans in

Sydney Harbour could be in place

for decades. Government studies

have founds poisonous dioxin levels

in the harbour are so high fish

will have toxic flesh for many

years. Sydney Harbour glisened

today but beneath the surface

today but beneath the surface

there's a build up of dioxins.

Fishing fan and bans and warnings

have been in place since 2005. New

studies suggest they could be

around for longer. It could be

decades. It will be many years

before we won't be measuring

dioxins The source of the union is

the old site at home bush bay.

Dioxin levels are still some of the

the highest recorded in the world.

The dioxins are absorbed by fish

and marine life particularly bottom

dwellers and fatty fish. When

humans eat it, it can cause cancer

and birth defects. It won't get any

worse but it will take a long time

to deal with those level that is

remain in the harbour. Current

warnings suggest if you're fishing

west of the bridge, don't eat the -

- don't teet eat the catch but east

you can. Never eat fish out of the

harbour. Nofrpblgts Are you

concerned about being on this side

of harbour? No. There are a number

of signs like this posted around

the harbour warning people against

eating fish caught in the most

toxic zones. They're publish indeed

a number of languages but there is

concern the message may not be

getting through. There are people

ignored it. We'd ask people to

think again. Overall the harbour is

getting cleaner, whales last week

an obvious sign of improvement.

Health authorities fear parents

refusing to vaccinate their

children could spark a whooping

cough epidemic. 8 outbreaks of the

ill innocence 2008 and 2009 were

spread through NSW and north coast

where 12% of children were not

immunised and Sydney's eastern

suburbs where 8% of children have

no cover. Doctors said don't base

their advice on internet research.

Thrill seekers were stranded high

above the ground on a carnival ride.

25 show goers in sale were stalled,

some hanging upside down for more

than an hour. We were stuck upside

down. My leg started to hurt. The

operators eventually got everyone

down without incident. A Brisbane

teenager has just finished a round

Australia ride for charity. 18-

year-old Michael Young's family

said he left a boy and has returned

a man. It's It's been a life long

dream, but now 22 3 days later,

Michael Young's dream has become


18-year-old arriving in Brisbane

where it all started back in March.

It's awesome to see everyone again

and just a great feeling. He did it.

He did what he said he would do.

He's covered 15,000 kilometres

around Australia through six states

and the Northern Territory. That's

100 kilometres a day of pedal power.

Quite a few days where it was long

hard head wind, pouring rain.

Because of his age some said he

couldn't do it. Frpbts once I set

me mind to it, I don't think there was anything that could have

stopped me. All those kilometres

have paid off. He has raised 18,000

dollars for the cancer council for

a cause very close to his heart.

Had a family history of cancer on

both sides of the family Now he

wants to spend time with his family

and friends and return to being

just that, a teenager. Big win for

Melbourne attracting a haul of ancient Egyptian treasures to

Australia for the first and perhaps

last time. Artefacts taken from the

best known narrow Tutankhamun and

his an zestors. Tuet Tutankhamun

ruled for just 10 years. Now the

stphrend your of his age is coming

to the museums. This is the most

renowned exhibition on the

international stage Tutankhamun and

the golden age of the narrows

contains 50 items from his tomb and

another 80 from from the graves of

his ancestors. As for the myth of a

mummy's curse surrounding his tomb.

It's not a curse, but a blessing. 7

million people have seen the

exhibition at museumss around the

world in the last past five years.

Melbourne will probably be the

world's final chance to see the

treasures anywhere but Egypt. Once

they return home they'll be house

indeed a museums exhibit with some

of the the exhibitions profits T

intention is never to let them

leave e jipt again. The Government

says it won't say how much it's

paying for the exhibition but says

10 million dollars is exaggerated

but says the show will make a

profit. Next, volcanic ash rains

down on Indonesians adds --

Indonesians as Mount Merapi erupts

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This program is captioned live.

Police in the Maldives have

arrested two resort workers who

allegedly abused a European double

during a ceremony to renew their

wedding vows. A video has gone

viral sparking fears for the

tourism economy. It promised warm

service. But this couple who came

to the Maldives to renew their

wedding vows got anything but that.

Staff at the resort conducted a

prank ceremony which was poed on

Facebook, picked up by local media

who added subtitles revealing what

was really said. Two men are now in

police custody, although at this

stage no one seems sure what they

could be charged with. In a radio

address to the nation, the

president expressed his disgust and

announced new guidelines for all wedding ceremonies.lines for all

wedding ceremonies. It's no wonder

he's angry, tourism accounts for

20% of the country's GDPs T

Maldives welcomed 517,000 tourists,

far more than the islands

population of 390,000. There are no

figures for how many visits for wedding celebrationy visits for

wedding celebrations but the villy

reef said 50% of customers were on

their honeymoon and 10% renewing

their vows T couple are become

offered compensation for. The

parents of a British aid worker

kidnap indeed Afghanistan have

praised to US military for

admitting one of its soldiers may

have accidentally killed her. Linda

Norgrove died during a botched

rescue attempt but her parents say

they don't blame the soldiers

involved. We don't want to get into

the blame game. Linda is dead, and

there's flog going to bring her

back to us. It was believed she was

killed by per cap tores but U

sefplt general David Petraeus

admitted she may have died when a

rescueer put off a grenade. Mount

Merkel erupted again. At least two

people were taken to hospital with

burns and witnesses say the

explosion was loud louder and

stronger than the eruption that

killed 34 people on Tuesday. Bad

weather and a shortage of boats is

hampering pefrts to deliver aid to

the tsunami island. The death it

will has risen to more than 400.

Officials now saw say the 7.7

magnitude quake that triggered to

tsunami was too close to land for

any early warnings to be effective.

There were emotional scenes at

Brisbane Airport this morning when

nine Australian Surfer who is

survived the tsunami arrived home.

Some were burned when they tried to

escape their boat when the wave hit.

I just charged, yeah, floundered on

the bed, the smoke and the flames,

it was pretty - I couldn't see. His

friend escaped through a port hole.

He's gone to follow me up and had

tripped, fell to the doona on the

ground and thought that I had all

theen -- fallen over and was gone

If men are urging all Australians

to support the aid effort. A karate

instructor who convince add groum

of minute to kill a wealthy couple

could be executed. He's accused of

master mining Byrd and Melanie

Billings while their nine adopted

special children slept nearby. We

have all lived this and we have all witnessed the United States justice

system The judge will make a

decision on his fate in December. A

baby elephant received a shock

after a hungry crocodile tried to

pull it into an African water hole.

It bit on the end of the calf's

trunk as he was about to drink. The

story has a happy end, the baby was

rescued by his herd who responded

to his distressed calls for help.

Weather is neck and then Sports

Tonight with Rob Canning and the

English men have arrived. Yes,

bring it on, in fact herself a lot

of cricket news plus plenty more.

ST starts in five minutes. The

kangaroos are all set for the old

enemy. Adelaide's Melbourne misery

continues. And today's NBA action is off the hinges.

This program is captioned live.

This program is captioned live. Now

a look at the weather around the

nation. The satellite picture,

thick band of cloud from the

Northern Territory across NSW,

Victoria and Tasmania. Trough is

causing some heavy rain and thunder

storms. Scattered clouds pushing

over South Australia and western

Victoria carrying some showers wit.

There is a trough that will push

showers further east across

Victoria, NSW and dwld. Storms are

of likely for the tropics. Tomorrow's forecast:

That brings you up-to-date with the

latest from Ten News. Stay around

Sports Tonight is next with Rob

Canning. I'm Tim webster. Enjoy the

rest of your weekend. Good night.

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This program is captioned live. I'm

Rob Canning. Welcome to Toyota

Sports Tonight. The spring carnival

is in full swing. First up tonight

we'll take you there. The tradition.

The colour and glamour. Where

winning means everything. Just have

a look at this. It's just beautiful to watch.

We've got mega stars on our show as

King Kelly eyes off world title

number 10. The idea that I could

get ten in ten is cool In golf,

tiger's number 1 ranking is doomed