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(generated from captions) Yes. Before I forget. Lock in D, crime. (LAUGHTER) Hey, Gabby... Wasn't me. Who said crime doesn't pay? Yoo-hoo! Not you because it does. $10,000!

Can I give you a kiss? If you need to. Am I allowed to give you a kiss? Mwah! Good girl. Thank you. Well done, Gab. Well done, Gab. Well done, Clive. Gabby's lucky shirt strikes again. You've just won $10,000. Enjoy your trip to New Zealand. Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight! See you next time on the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by Drunk at the wheel - the policeman he drove headache times over limit. A father's to his missing son.

know that you're OK. We miss you so in history and why we are seeing more sharks. They form a riot squad officer is about to experience life behind bars

behind bars after being sentenced to jail for eight times over the legal limit. He was caught not once but twice, his lawyer telling the court he had suffered post-traumatic stress after years in the force. Glen Campbell arrived at the Local Court to be sentenced to higher range drink-driving charges. Have been advised to make no comment at all. came within an eight-month He parked his car at a local supermarket. He got us and collapse on the ground, recording a blood- alcohol reading of 0.395, a times the limit. When he made his way court, he came out to the street here but he didn't know that he would be held

would be held up by a random breath tests. He blew five times over the legal limit. The court is less than 700 metres around the corner. Campbell admitted he had drunk 1.5 bottles of Scotch before driving to suspended from the police, pleaded guilty. The judge accepted that Campbell had been struck -- suffering from post-traumatic stress after 16 years in the service. He sentenced him to 16 months jail with a nonpareil of 12 months. He was also disqualified from driving for years. And his lawyer has appealed. My client is upset, nobody wants go to jail. He has filed an appeal. Do you think you've learned to missing teenager has made an return home. desperate to get his son back but right now he would settle for phone call. If anybody about Matthew? call the police. need to know where Matthew is. disappeared 11 days ago, last as a. Not far from home. He travelling and food put his along with his school bag, were found to a beach. He's always so full of life and potential, he is a very caring, very bright young man. He loves the outdoors. He him so much. That love led detectives to a mountain but an extensive search has found no new cues. Police say that he had no problems at home more was an A grade in it

haven't ruled anything out there are not located anything that takes us down that path for can they us any further at this point. will mother and I need to know where you are. Win is no there you are alright. We have been for you. Please pick up the phone and give us a call all can summon call. Give a friend a call. do police go from here? hoping that they will be able to search the mountain again. are a number of Chris and case that they couldn't access They are falling up a number of sightings, some far as far away as trace. He doesn't have a mobile Queensland. Matthew is difficult to

phone all credit

phone all credit card and is not a big user of the internet. well but nine years has disturbing go to hospital expecting to get

figures about the number the infections inside the system. Liverpool Hospital tops the stakes with more than two cases week. Perhaps more experts say that most infections could have been hospitals took some simple, inexpensive steps. admitted to hospital he infected and had to have his leg amputated. It is a huge change and could have been avoided. husband died after he caught a bug.

I have never seen a hospital as filthy as this

The problem is largely related to behaviour of nurses and doctors if they are rushed off their feet they forget simple things washing hands. experts say that hospitals could easily cut their infection rates. Wollongong was once the worst in the state and told doctors placing bottles of hand rather at the foot of each bed. A simple, inexpensive step that saved the lives. - hospital along with three others did not report all infections last year despite being mandatory to do so.

hospitals as far as anywhere reviewing cases when they care, trying to work out whether could have been done to If you or someone you know contracted a but in hospital, would like to know about it. handbook is grim for Kristina Keneally with a new poll saying that she is more unpopular than ever. It is the worst result for Labor in more than 100 years and pretty much guarantee his defeat the next election. her Government looks clear is March 26th. They are not for a job changes left to turn things around. Three years of infighting and scandal has its toll and voters of the band and the Government. This is a tough job, one of the toughest in Austrian politics. These are the

: This is how the disastrous figures would play out at the election. It would be a Coalition and slide. I don't need a poll to tell me I have a tough job and a tough certain next election will be like climbing Mount Everest but every election is winnable and of re-election is losable. Opinion polls come

losable. Opinion polls come and go, they were narrow before the next election. For Kevin Jones has from Parliament. This comes while Labor Party is celebrating 100 years since his first Yes, 350 guests and $140 per ticket. They are not spending that on the food, they want to be in the presence of five former Labor

that it is spoken as a Labor's last supper. The Labor Party has around since 1891. We have through to in that world infiltration by roads and misfits. We are still in business. It will take a lot more than a bad poll knock us out of the ring.

certainly on the ropes and will lose the next battle, there will happen on 26th March. Gillard has arrived Indian among her first visit to Asia as Prime Minister. She and her partner first of Canberra for the 16 nations Asia some it. The territorial disputes and upcoming elections will be on the

have talks in Jakarta and will hold her first face to face the US President at Barack in Japan. The armed robber for his crime lead to a death has sentenced to just over two years'

jail. The her McCain was chased police when his get a very slammed into a child. is still grieving 10 months after the death of their daughter. happy with the decision. It is a said case. Kane was fleeing police. He was the passenger in a van which

ploughed into the old was killed. heard that the 22-year-old needed money to play his drug took drugs since he was eight. judge didn't want him to go to as all saying the number of additional men in our prisons should be counted as a national

disgrace. In sentencing him to years and three months he looked at him and said I'm sorry, wishing him implement a 3-year jail term criminals to lead police on high- speed chases. The man who was allegedly driving is still the courts.

the courts. A Melbourne home bonuses he could have been killed when the car crash through his bedroom wall in the middle of front fence. Luckily the man was not in bed at the time, he woken up and was to in some work in the study. You may not want to this but great white sharks are increasingly voting off a beaches.

The call water means they hanging around for longer as well as moving up and down the coast. They are scars that to less every school at -- story. top of his jaw and that was the side. Andrew was having a morning surf when a great white shark Malta his leg. Almost 20 months on his back on his board with a different

rare attacks but stark reminders. 18 sharks have been spotted off the beaches in the past two months. Call the temperatures are enticing more great whites to hang around. This latest ball sharks around the move. are moving around Sydney Harbour

massive distances. Number seven to increase but they are differently. There hunting humpback whales loitering around they are not the problem. sharks that pose the threats are the smallest greatest whites. They're the ones who will close win closer to looking for a feeding frenzy. the moment there are plenty of bait fish around.

fish around. They're the type of for sharks there will Bice Airtours and Sea Wave and possibly Patrols and shark next are there to protect us but experts warn that simple common sense could save your life. If you swim early morning always in the afternoon you're putting yourself at risk.

crocodile there was floating off a popular tourist beach in WA. 2.5 Maitre reptile has floating around the beach in the past five days. there to close the beach and to shoot the crocodile if it comes back. Why this police officer tried to stop using an arrest. more volcanic

international air routes. reunion of the Sound of

I had a police have admitted a female officer made a she threatened to smash a cameraman's mobile-phone.

team pictures of a violent arrest when the officer tried to stop midnight, the police detained suspect. The driver captioned on a mobile phone but one young officer it didn't like the attention. honest I was shot. She made a beeline for me and assaulted me.

the suspect. He continued to under the good you media past? here. Don't go past here then. King's Cross is well a most difficult spots to police.

of those reasons it is member Republicans to an end, we are not breaking any law. considered that she'd made the mistake and that she would be counselled.. She and I acknowledge that matter could have been handled

jet liners has to volcanoes in Russia's Forest begin belting warned to watch important baby news that London Zoo.

They are celebrating the birth of a gorilla. Anusol the black male will pass be introduced to the family and assume the roll of the stepfather. In the history of movie musicals, this is one of favourite things. The Sound Music is 45 years old and her pro rounded up the cast to remember the songs that feel like the bin signed for 1,000 years. The scenery was grand and the soundtrack with the sound of music. the year of the most popular movie musical in history. most popular talk show brought the cast together for the first time since the premiere all those years years old. Julie Andrews is 75. made my career. We had no idea really at the beginning that it was going to be the issue. like in the movie, Captain von Trapp blew the whistle. the children. Back then they were 7, into stardom. I did a Playboy centrefold. There were rare pictures, tailed from the dead boy days. We drinking every night?

in in the on-screen chemistry that made the movie also made the show. It was like an awful 80s, I can do anything! They're sport is next and Merv Hughes has been axed? irony would not be lost on getting dumped as a selector. how the Wild West was won on the

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Have the Melbourne Cup field is yet to be finalised but for the time in years there are

locals. Yet there is a possible America and owned by Is she Australian Thank you do feel like traders if you win on an international rider? The money will stay here solid and in so. He has been proven over been proven over two miles. can see he is a magnificent winning the Geelong Cup, the remains third favourite for great race. He is a Group One in Europe and he has a chance but this is a big race. The competition is very high. The horse will out with silk decorated in Stars and Stripes. We're dreamt about this day. Bamford Iris true-blue as they Nothing more than a Northern person would like to do is being a Melbourne Cup winner. lose, she can now call home. The horses going to stay in

Australia. Derby day is going to be a slob, rain is forecast but the jockeys have more issues at the thing hours deciding and whether she saw her mandate snatch my best - wife's outfit. Australia has dumped Merv has a national selector and given the green investment in the six big investment in the six big - League teams. England's team is on its way down-under and yes they have packed the end after the very public There's a bit of mischievous stuff going on. That helps build a series. Be a England is ranked higher Australia heading into the Ashes.

Body boarders a tease for not standing up in this serve. professionals were the only men brave enough to ride the last two each swirls to it was no Australia. Their theory are at that this small the boards and the bigger the waves. The wave is so heavy that it suitable only for body boarders. Hughes was lucky to survive with just a bloody nose after this wipe out. He is the son of a former Australian cricket captain.

: We didn't see much sun did not but it is set to I'll have we can weather

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Over not a lot of sunshine today with low cloud keeping temperatures call her. was the top for the city and the West. On the satellite, a trough and front is spreading heavy through SA and parts of the NT.

Some heavy rainfall over Victoria. Derby Day should be a Northerly winds will break up cloud across Sydney so we will see the sun and will be nice and warm.

The rain from Victoria will head our way on Sunday. We could get a late storm. Prepare to be speaks for with some of Sydney's

spot. Visit the pub but with the ghosts in the cellar and the complete guide to a celebration of Asian culture in western Sydney. Plenty to see and do. Have a great weekend. This is it from us, I hope you have a good evening.

Tonight ... The children taken from their mothers speak about decades their mothers speak about decades o

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rejoice as recent rains boost dairy

production on the coast. Good

evening, I' m Danielle Post. evening, I' m Danielle Post. Imagin

having your baby ripped from your

arms moments after birth. That' s

what hundreds of young Australian

women had to deal with decades ago

in an adoption blitz. in an adoption blitz. There are now

calls for a national inquiry after

the ACT has decided to apologise to

the mothers who were separated from

their children. Today local support