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(generated from captions) Oh! who he divorced, Napoleon was married to Josephine, daughter of the Austrian Emperor. and then Marie-Louise, who was the along the way, Apparently he had a few dalliances but only two marriages. I bet he did. $50,000 for you, Sandy. Doesn't matter. Good on you, John. Congratulations. You're off to Vienna. just won $50,000 cash. How about that? Sandy Cailes on Millionaire Hot Seat. See you next time Goodnight. the door. Family nightmare - the death trap that no-one will repair. And all alone - bird thieves nab a suburbs and Matthew Newton quietly checks out of rehab. The peace broken with his arrival at court. Making his way through a swarm of media where he agreed to the violence order brought by former conditions of an apprehended

fiancee actor Rachel Taylor. enormously humbled by the support I have had an today was the first and necessary step. The couple barely showed a glance in court. Months ago they were sharing a holiday in Rome where Newton asked the 26-year-old to marry him. It was Newton allegedly bashed Rachel twice. It is claimed Sheikh -- he gave her confession and a jaw. Newton has not admitted to any allegations and Taylor could still pursue criminal charges. conditions of the HVO Matthew Newton is banned from going anywhere near Rachel Taylor or having any some -- form of for the next two years. In short-term that should be fairly easy for back here checking in at three have. He faces a jail term if he breaches the AV alone. dangerous drivers caught on camera. They are lucky to be alive but they are certainly Dharm. is clocked at high speed in the Lane Cove tunnel. This driver does not care. He is in a 67. the wet dangerous conditions can slow this driver at Darling Hirst. He is nearly 50 kilometres over limit. It is It is rare for the RTA to this video but it is fed up. Tired of being attacked as raisers they are defending cameras. Whether it is racing in the rain in the school's own at banks down or city intersection at 90 Kay's over the limit. We are there to save lives. There are some particularly stupid behaviour. are very well signed so you have be done to get caught. Still, plenty of drivers do.

busted for doing more than financial year 328 drivers were

clicks over the limit. this car. It is all over the We had a speed camera there it is unknown crash spot so it is particularly galling to see someone not only speeding but at extreme speed. In a 60 zone that is a -- Sarah, this comes as the government announces the results of a trial of an anti-speeding That is right. The trial lasted six months and involved 100 drivers. The device makes a beeping when the driver exceeds the limit. This trial found the gadget could save 35 lives injuries each year. Minister says that will not happen and it is not being made because the beeping noise is considered too irritating to Four Australian SAS soldiers been wounded after coming under fire during an operation in northern Afghanistan. One serious gunshot injuries during the attack in the Kandahar Province. Two of the diggers will return to Australia for treatment. All four are expected to make full He is in the twilight of the year-old career which saw him rise to being Speaker of the house. more sadness and relief, it has been a big part of my life for a long time. He was first a way back in 1986. former teacher later to con the education portfolio for six years. Today he joins a growing Labour politicians are calling it This is clearly another rat the sinking ship. The members do not have confidence in Keneally. Their view the Member for read the Sun will not accept the Premier. very much what They need to give her a fair go. The polls show that is not the case. Labour strategists feared the seat is a likely Liberal game, made easier by the statement today. Kevin, how many other Labor MPs considering their future? our tour and Jodie McCabe. former racing and gaming Minister as well. It should all be resolved by early December. Almost three months after Nine News met the McCabe family, mother Jaime is still battling Pittwater council over this giant hole next door to the family home. She's scared her four young children could drown in the abandoned Avalon construction site that has filled up with I want it drained and I wanted filled. The McCabes first complained about the site in February. A man suffered spinal injuries after his tinny hit a log at Bonnet Bay in Sydney's south late last night. The happened around midnight but he wasn't discovered until this

move and on a mission. CEO one of the thousands of women with or without signing up to the website. their personal history online, speeding up the hunt for a cure. This is the perfect way for people to get involved.

confidential. One in eight will be diagnosed with the disease in their lifetime but it is no longer a death life has completely changed for the better. I am so grateful to be alive every day. This woman was because I am alive, thank God. is a luncheon for survivors. When I first started 85 women attended ten years ago. Now look at this room. There is a very special that have been to every single one. the Prime Minister was reminding women to have their health checks ribbon data host his first official function at the lodge. With daughter by his side he did not do too badly. A Labor Senator has spoken out against his party's rules, saying they're so restrictive that MPs turning into zombies. Doug Cameron is a self-confessed raging heterosexual. The Labor senator from New South Wales has been married 40 years and everyone, straight or gay, be allowed to do the same. This not a debate that you hear too about in other countries. We are behind. His position on gay marriage is out of step with Labour Party policy. and platform are that the Act should stay in its current with marriage being between a man and woman. I am not raising a rebellion, I am simply saying I think it is force MPs to take a pledge to support the party on all and this according to the summer to highlights a major problem within the A L P. You can't speak out, can't debate some of the issue is. The comments follow a meeting of the Labour Party left faction which argued for greater freedom for members to speak their mind. He said the current system is turning MPs into zombies. political lobotomy. We come from party that strengthened by being member of team. Bird-nappers have raided North Ryde RSL club and stolen a valuable blue and gold macaw. The bird's worth thousands of dollars - but to his lonely partner, he's Although she still has some playmates, this macaw is pining for her best mate. They had been together for ten years came to an end in minutes and now she is flying solo. prepared with wire cutters prepared with wire cutters and a hessian bag and a Kade. video shows two men running to car park with the could go in there that did not know what they were doing, could they? It is really sad. Potentially a big win for the thieves. I think they fetch between 10,015 $1,000. months ago thieves tried to one of the birds. This time managed to cut through the fence early this morning. The club is offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to the recovery of their popular resident. All indications show they were preparing to mate. We might have had a few more. In the news ahead - the 13-year-old who addressed the nation. Plus, fireworks over a pile of Italian rubbish.

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Madeleine got his celebrity at school this morning and so she should. It was really good. addressed a TV audience of million. Head to minute plea calling for a brighter future for indigenous Australians. Wouldn't it be great if by the age of 30 that we had equality? over the free-to-air networks, of a campaign by an action group. We're really confident we can try and nail this disparity in one generation. It is an ambitious goal but Maddie is no ordinary spokesperson. Her great-grandfather was Charles Perkins. whole generation one doing. Better education, and jobs for Aboriginal people remote communities and inner For the time being it is back to student life. She is determined to continue the fight for indigenous interests just as her would have wanted. He would be so supportive of the whole and I think you would be proud. Haiti's cholera epidemic has now killed 253 people. It comes nine months after the country's devastating earthquake - which around a million refugees living in It's become a massive existing garbage In China, this is one very Ken is next with sport and the Kangaroos bruised and sore today? And a very bad day at the office for Mark Finally a bit of sunshine through the cloud but will it

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and Watmough has caused a stir by At the recovery session it was a case of what now? The high diving platform at the Sydney aquatics centre was closed but that did not stop the Australian second-rower from climbing to the top and the plunge, despite being told not to do so. After being rattled by a high shot in might have been -- might not been the smartest thing to been the smartest thing to do. But he was keen to jump. would be the Aussies were talking about their physical start to campaign. The camels got away with tactics that would have cost dear Rick -- dearly in the NRL. Probably got to curb my way is a little bit. The Kangaroos are likely to stay intact for next game have too much comment but the rivalry will be a part of With just over a week until the nation stops for the 150th running Melbourne Cup, 47 horses remain in contention to start in our most famous race. The final field won't be known until Saturday night but who can win, who can't and why are already hot topics. For 150 years this has been the prize they all want to when. At today's Melbourne Cup launch that history was celebrated with some of the champions and fashions that have graced Flemington over the decades. Marc-Kevin it tasted success on the first last November. It is very hard to win one Melbourne Cup but to win two with the same horse two years in a row is very very hard. says the winner might come from further afield this year. A huge force this year and they brought some proper resources this inspecting his hopefuls. our great race is getting tough to win. There are more good foreign horses coming in and the Australian Stayers are improving as well. One horse everyone is talking about is so you think. Doubts whether he will run out. an exceptional horse he can probably do everything. In Bart Cummings hands become probably win as well. Mark Webber needs to win remaining two races of the Formula One season to guarantee the Drivers Championship. The Australian had a 14-point going into the rain-affected Korean Grand Prix but on lap 19 team was gutted but there was only one person to blame. A huge routine was almost faultless, upsetting the favoured European Winning a tournament on the US PGA tour is hard enough at the best of times but you've got to feel for Australia's Cameron Percy. He was in a play-off in Las Vegas this morning, but could do nothing when American Jonothan Byrd nailed hole in one to win the title. just said that is a bit of bad luck. I bet he did. After almost 150 years the Australian stock exchange could lose its identity under a proposed merger with the Singapore exchange. ASX shares closed almost 20% higher today after both agreed to the deal to become the Asia Pacific's second biggest exchange after Japan. across Sydney?

Coming up on WIN News... Top of Coming up on WIN News... Top of th

list: Canberra' s economy booming list: Canberra' s economy booming blaze destroys a house in blaze destroys a house in Canberra

s south And, The parenting program inspiring the nation.

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A few isolated showers about today. On the satellite photo a slow- moving trough is triggering over the north-east of the southerly winds along the causing isolated showers. This is a Tuesday is looking. A cold front bringing showers to Melbourne. Overcast in day for Canberra. tomorrow. Winds freshening in the afternoon, temperatures from 12 to 24 in the city. through midweek, bringing a few showers but those temperatures will start to warm up as we head towards Friday. Similar in our west. Overnight lows in the mid-teens. Make the most of the next few days of sunshine. We do have a showers as we move towards the Half the brolly handy. Sydney news, go to the Ninemsn website and we're also on But that's Nine News for this Monday. Have a good evening. Supertext captions by Red Bee Australia,

an education, rolled Tonight ... A

woman, arrested and charged, following investigations into a

Belconnen murder. The Territory comes in on top: Canberra' s comes in on top: Canberra' s econom

booms, while New South Wales lags

behind. And, the program giving behind. And, the program giving tee

parents an education, rolled out

across the nation. Good evening, I'

m Danielle Post. After five months

of investigations into the murder of investigations into the murder o

Andre Le Dinh in a Belconnen

apartment - a young woman has been

charged with several offences.

Ashlea Brown has the details...

The eighteen year old woman will spend the night here in custody at

the ACT Watchhouse, before she

fronts court tomorrow. Detectives questioned the woman for two hours