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(generated from captions) C or D. 10 seconds... 8... ..7, 6... D. D? 30m. D, 30m, locked in? 1 second on the clock. It's locked in,

(REPEATS QUESTION) (AUDIENCE GROANS) Oh, Manish, 20m, 20m, 20m. It used to be 22 yards. 20.12m precisely. 22 yards, so 20.12m. Law 7 in the Laws of Cricket - Thanks anyway, Eddie. Sorry, Manish.

(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Congratulations! Mate, you won $1,000.

Manish just won a grand. in the Hot Seat. Goodnight! See you next time Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned Called off - police suspend the search for a missing teenage boy. Caught on camera - the men who held up a Sydney post office. The health crisis that means Sydney The health crisis that

babies are getting bigger. And making waves - the TV drama that has Prince Harry captured by the Taliban. This is Nine News, with Georgie Good evening. Police have suspended the search for Central Coast teenager Matthew Appleby, who vanished five days ago. His shoes were found on Avoca Beach overnight, raising fears he went for a swim Matthew's father made the discovery that led police back to We are talking a pair of shoes. They've been confirmed as and were found not far from where his schoolbag was located In situations like this, families feel the need to do Everyone acts differently. family member decided, rather than sit at home, he decided to Teams of officers and State Emergency Service volunteers spent the day searching the sands Avoca Beach.

I couldn't imagine what it would feel like. Well be physical search may be suspended, the investigation still in full swing. Police are looking any information on Appleby's last known movements. They found his school bag and his shoes on the beach. They think he may have gone for a swim, but they had someone will have that leads to his safe recovery.

Just before 1pm and two men sprint from a stolen car. Their target is a post office in Toongabbie. Less than two minutes later, they escape with the money - one carrying the shotgun used to threaten staff. few hours later, police spot the men in nearby Wentworthville. give chase and the alleged dump their stolen car after they hit another vehicle. year-old man has appeared here at Parramatta local court, charged with armed robbery, along charges relating to alleged pursuit. Despite a massive search, the man is still on the loose, although police say they're close to making an arrest. The owner of the post office returned to work Despite such a terrifying experience, life in Toongabbie goes Shaun White, Nine News.

Good to see you! He also describes him as an elitist who can't relate to ordinary people. Peter Costello wasn't talking today, but his father-in-law - who co- authored his memoirs -

I think he'd be a bit shocked, because of his own insistence in describing John Howard as a great prime minister. My parents always told me, "I you've done nothing wrong, you've got nothing to fear by telling the

Howard says Costello: When it comes to the leadership, Peter Costello never had the numbers and he never had the balls to challenge John Howard. Political partners for 11 years, both Howard and Costello have effectively blamed each other for botching the leadership transition. The Labor Party is very good at changing leaders in order to and John Howard should have followed their example, I think. Roseanne is seeking millions dollars in damages.

The rate of diabetes, certainly the number of women being diagnosed with pregnancy diabetes, continues to rise. list. Doctors say screening and treatment are important during We know by treating it we can lower the complication rate to about

Toyota is recalling more 25,500 vehicles, including Kluger 4-wheel drive and several Lexus models.

The recall extends to Klugers produced Klugers produced between May 2003 and November 2005, and the Lexus 330 between 2003 and 2005, as well as the 2005 models of the IS 250 and the GS 300.

shot out of the sky? What if he was caught by the Taliban? They told me to

They told me to say all Western troops must leave Afghanistan.

This Using the right gear is crucial. You've got the cleats, so you slip and slide off the green moss.

bottom line is, if you can't swim, then you shouldn't be That's why we really, really secure

it - this lifejacket is saving our Amelia Adams, Nine News.

Once he was done with his report,

Robinson took action, and it all caught on someone's home video.

..but is untested over the However, she will be lugging five kilos less than So You Think. had a

had a tough run yet - he's won them easily. It might be because he's damn good, but they've been cushy wins and it won't be cushy tomorrow. Jockey Steven Arnold is ready for a

the only other runner in single figures, with sentimental favourite Shootout at $10.

And - once he gets wound up.

the new couple of

She is definitely a good sort. The Wallabies leave tomorrow their spring tour, which begins with a Test against the All in Hong Kong.

Coming up on WIN News... Pubs and

clubs face increased fees - patrons

expected to pay more. And, the ACT'

s Afghani

s Afghani community' s support for

homeland. Australia' s involvement in their

The stock comes in on the pallets. So as you can see, we buy in bulk.

and out it goes, We just cut the case to the customer. so those savings are passed on just $19.90. Pack of 10 solar path lights, 3-piece bistro setting, $54.88. Sprinter 4-stroke $249. petrol lawn mower, Fencing screen, $19.99.

Garden hose, only $6.90. on our prices. Nobody can beat Bunnings SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse! # are just the beginning. Lowest prices

at the Blue Mountains. 6mm of rain

city's suburbs. Possible storms and showers from about

Facebook. But that's Nine News this Friday. I'm Georgie Gardner, thanks for being with us. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media

Tonight ... Patrons set to be

slugged, as pubs and clubs face new

hefty liquor licence fees. No

reprieve for the ACT' s tight reprieve for the ACT' s tight renta market - as

market - as tenants hold onto

market - as tenants hold onto thei

homes.And Canberra' s Afghan

community speaks out - in support community speaks out - in support o

our troops in their homeland. Good

Evening, I' m Danielle Post. A Evening, I' m Danielle Post. A nigh

out in Canberra is set to cost

patrons and clubs - a lot, lot patrons and clubs - a lot, lot more

In a liquor licensing overhaul -

some venues could be forced to pay

up to four hundred

up to four hundred per cent more in

fees. The ACT Government has

justified the hike - saying it' s

trying to recoup the multi-million