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and the history The canonisation, the celebrations of Mary MacKillop's charity work. We're live to the Vatican where it all began. and to the South Australian town of a popular herbal remedy. The side effects So just how safe are they?

Who mus you beat? The Kiwis. And, dodgeball heroes. who took on the world. The ordinary Aussie blokes this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, here's Kochie and Mel. Now, live from Brekky Central, and welcome back, Kochie. Hello, and welcome to a new week

Whaok who we found. Welcome back.

Look who the cat' dragged in, it is

great to be back... From holidays.

Liar. If you believe that, you will

believe anything. Went and visit the

grand kids in Vietnam so it was

really good. You had your Poppy fix.

He has even brought photos back and

everything, very sweet. Would cycle

is Matilda to preschool every day. That

Matilda to preschool every day. That

is very, very cute. Don't

is very, very cute. Don't know if

you noticed but a bit happening in

the world of finance, Nat has

over. How did she go? Craig is the world of finance, Nat has taken

astounded at my questions. She got a

lot out of him, he likes Katy Perry.

There is graig, we will talk to him

soon, here is Nat, will talk to her Good morning. its first Catholic saint Pope Benedict has given Australia of Mary MacKillop. with the canonisation joined the mass Thousands of Australians in the Vatican at St Peter's Square the historic moment. to witness and celebrate in Australia For, many countless young people who inspire by courage have been blessed with teachers perseverance and prayer. and set example of zeal, were also named during the mass. Five other saints to Rome Australians who couldn't make it

around the country gathered at special sites to watch the canonisation. birthplace in Melbourne, Thousands went to Saint Mary's in Sydney. others flocked to her tomb at Penola in South Australia There were also celebrations journey to sainthood began. where Mother Mary's I guess, It gives us a sense of hope, tough times we pray to her and whenever we go through so we're very happy. and it's been a long time coming The faithful clapped and cheered on big screens. as they watched the canonisation are looking for a man Police in Melbourne in a burnt-out flat who's partner was found dead in the city's north. an argument on Saturday night Neighbours say they heard fire ripped through the unit just hours before in Brunswick West. Others believe they heard gunshots. The real issue is when the fire started whether she was breathing

dead prior to that. or whether she was the man left yesterday morning It's thought and took the couple's dog. Tamils granted asylum It's claimed most of the Sri Lankan in Australia and Canada for a visit. have returned to their homeland News Limited reports within one year. as many as 70% had gone back The Sri Lankan government says have nothing to fear there. it proves ethnic Tamils has called on the Federal Government The country's Defence Secretary to get tough with asylum seekers. have returned to Camp Hope A handful of Chile's miners since their rescue. for the first time and friends for a religious mass Six of the men visited with family where loved ones held a vigil and to tour the area during the 10-week ordeal. and protect the men Police were forced to step in as a scrum of reporters swooped in. with dental problems. Just one miner remains in hospital In finance news:

Finance is buzzing again. The Dow

Jones finished the week down.

European markets were weaker as

well. Closer to home, Australian

markets finished the week pretty kul

day on Friday, down 8 and 10 points.

All the action in commodities and currencies.

The Aussie dollar, just tipped over

parity against the US dollar, it has

98. since eased back a bit now, we have

should let itfryly float. The simple freely-flotding exchange rate so we best approach? Yes, it is a appall aepblgz. Is is Wayne Swan's Good to see you've got me back, my Morning. Craig James is at CommSec. Like willy, to do its own thing. He says it should be free for a hands-off approach. Treasurer Wayne Swan has pushed with the US dollar this week. to test parity Australia's dollar is again set that. at the moment, we will double check gadget here says it is around 99.4 gadget here says it is around 99. 98.8 2 US cents, my sort of little since eased back a bit now, we have

greater demand for commodities. It China driving our economy with continuing to grow. We have got when most did and our economy is rates, we didn't go into recession reasons, relatively higher interest dmr dollar is strong for fundamental dollar falls ours will go up. The againsto currencies, if the US fact is the US dollar is weaker

is going to hurt tourism and

exporters but it is a case we have

to adjust to the new circumstances.

This Aussie dollar is going to

remain up around 90 cents to $ remain up around 90 cents to $1

against the green back for some time

and it is a case orphadjusting to

the new realities. A lot of

exporters will be throwing tomatoes

back at you, see you tomorrow. Welcome back at you, see you tomorrow. Welcome

back Kochie. on a new era today Geelong will embark as head coach. when Chris Scott is confirmed as Fremantle's defensive coach Scott has spent the last three years is confident and Dockers coach Mark Harvey will handle the pressure the former premiership defender of senior coaching. coaches North Melbourne. His twin brother, Brad, Scott replaces Mark Thompson, because of exhaustion. who quit earlier this month the passionate support of local fans Casey Stoner says

a fourth consecutive win helped spur him to in the Australian MotoGP. at Phillip Island, Stoner led from start to finish of world champion Jorge Lorenzo. coming home over eight seconds ahead waged a stirring final-lap duel Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden with Rossi edging out Stoner's Ducati team-mate for the last spot on the podium. Tim Cahill enhanced his reputation as Everton's money man overnight,

scoring the opening goal in the Toffees' 2-0 win over Liverpool in the Merseyside Derby at Goodison Park. Mikel Arteta doubled Everton's advantage in the second half ensuring the Reds remain in the Premier League relegation zone. In this morning's other clash, Manchester City jumped into second on the ladder

with a 3-2 win over Blackpool.

Very exciting this morning, this

behind me, yes, is indeed a little

something special, the Melbourne Cup

has joineds this morning we got to

take good care of that and well done

to Gai Waterhouse, Desperado winning

the Caulfield cup, moving up to

favouritism for this gem. Have you

become a big punter. Her

become a big punter. Her and Gai,

like that. Spring Carnival insider.

I give you a tip, take Mel's tips on the I give you a tip, take Mel's tips on

the races. Don't show us your ipits

though. It is a bit early for that

but great to have you back anyway.

You were talking about favourites a

second ago, in terms of my

favourite, movie, remember favourite, movie, remember the 'Police Academy' movies,

'Police Academy' movies, the bloke

who used to do all the funny voices

and sound effects, do you remember

that guy? Michael wins low?

that guy? Michael wins low? In Brekky Central with me, all day

today, we are going to have ball

with Michael wins low, running amok,

pulling tricks and stunts on people

outside, using his famous voices and

sounds effects throughout the

sounds effects throughout the morning, it is going to be

sensational. He is popping in unjust under half an hour. Sunrise weather brought to you by Claratyne. Year-round allergy relief.

Be prepared and live Claratyne clear.

Morning fog in Wagga Wagga. Showers with some mountain snow in Hobart.

It is going to be a great day! Very

excited! One of the legends of the

excited! One of the legends of the I

have loved for all these years, we

get to play today. He is very funny, good guy. On the way -

could one of New Zealand's runaway millionaires finally be coming home? And the vandals as old as 40 who've been linked to some of our worst graffiti attacks.

Rrn That's so old! Graffiti artists,

or graffiti, attackers, if you like.

People thought they were young teens

in hoodies but not! But next, Saint Mary of the Cross. We're live to the Vatican when Sunrise continues.

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Sunrise keeps in touch with the new BlackBerry Pearl thanks to our friends at Telstra. Australia's first saint was officially declared at a ceremony at the Vatican overnight. Mary MacKillop will now be known as St Mary of the Cross. Thousands of Australian pilgrims attended the event.

And Seven News presenter Mark Ferguson was also there. Mark, good morning to you. Describe to us what it was like to be part of this historic event?

Yes, good morning, Mel, I guess very

special is what I would say, any

special is what I would say, any day is a good day to be in Rome but to be an Australian

be an Australian in Rome today was a

wonderful experience, filled with

pride and filled with passion. There

was a real sense of Aussie spirit on

the ground here, we have seen lots

of pictures already of the ceremony,

of the canonisation service but in

the hours leading up it was

wonderful, I describe it like being

at Gallipoli for the dawn service,

very spirtual and special but lots

of Aussie pride. Green and gold

of Aussie pride. Green and gold and

chanting. They quianted down once

official proceedings began but it

was a wonderful place to be. There

were a number of people canonised

last night. What did the Pope say

about our mary? Yes, he did have

plenty to say. There was certainly,

lots of Italian in the official

proceedings but the Pope did go on. He

He spoke about Mary and said she had

a courageous and saintly example of

zeal, perseverance and prayer, not a

bad wrap from the Pope, he had

plenty more to say, let's listen. She dedicated herself as a young woman to the education of the poor in the difficult and demanding terrain of rural Australia, inspiring other women to join her in the first women's community of religious sisters

in that country.

Truly, remarkable, we are glad you

are there for os, thank you very

much for the update, we will

much for the update, we will talk to you later in you later

you later in the morning. Very

special, isn't it? Yes. And in what

is happening in the world, a really

happy thing for so many people. Later this Later

Later this Sunrise we will cross

back live to the Vatican and see how

the little town of Penola has

celebrated the occasion, at the

Coonawarra region and ensilem

seekers -- asylum seekers returning home. But soon, why Greg Norman's latest engagement is causing

ripples through his family. And there's some hair on there but will legs like these take off? Have your say when Sunrise continues.

VOICEOVER: At Baker's Delight, if there's one thing we're good at, it's making real nutritious bread. And that includes white bread. In fact, we're especially good at making one in particular. Of all the freshly baked white bread in the country, this one's got the highest fibre. And it's low-GI too. So, what have we called it? The Hi-Fibre Lo-GI loaf.

The new fashion line J. Crew is doing the rounds of the internet. At first glance it appears the model has found her inner feminist or been Photoshopped.

But take a closer look and you'll see they're actually lace tights from J. Crew's new range.

They are tights that look like hairy

legs? I don't know if they are mont

to look like like hairy legs, they

are lace. See it is a lacy

are lace. See it is a lacy pattern.

Wli do you girls shave your legs? So

we don't look like hat. Why do you

shave your face? Because Lib finds

it scratchy otherwise and thinks I laod stupe

laod stupid in a beard. Some people

don't like hairy legs. I don't know,

we just do, don't question, it we

can't stop now. It would be

can't stop now. It would be really

ugly. It is a bit animal like, a bit

furry. It feels nicer. Beretts

shaves his legs. I suppose I'm the

only one in the crew who doesn't.

The odd big bike tour. I don't know

about that... And when you're

dancing. Give it a go and see how it

feels? Whacko! Alright. The big story this morning is Mary MacKillop.

Her canonisation dominates front pages of papers around the country. 'The Australian' says more than 8,000 Australian pilgrims yelled and applauded Mary of the Southern Cross. Some even wept. Melbourne's 'Herald Sun' says, in one minute and with 100 words of Latin, Pope Benedict gave the world its first Australian saint.

That's pretty special. And the 'Adelaide Advertiser' says, "Hail Mary".

There's some talk of a resurgence for the Church from all this. How did you feel watching it?

Yes, no, very special day, a lot of

people, over in Rome, too. I think

8,000. Massive, the biggest

peace-time gathering of Australians.

It doesn't matter whether you are

Catholic, not Catholic, whether you

are religious or not, recognises an

amazing lady. An

amazing lady. An amazing Australian

amazing lady. An amazing Australian.

Being a non-Catholic, I am a bit

lost in the whole miracle

businessoffs how you going through

the steps but it is just such a

great story about a great woman who

is recognised. A great Aussie lady.

Terrific. But Australia is there. Also most viewed, concerns about a popular herbal remedy to relieve menopause symptoms.

We'll get some more information about it soon with Dr Ginni Mansberg. But it got us thinking how many herbal remedies are on the market and also those home remedies which our parents swore by. Do you have a herbal cure that works?

Do you have one that is disgusting

and doesn't work but your grandma

made you take it. Grandma Koch

made you take it. Grandma Koch used

to do the Bonox in hot water for

colds. Nana used to honey and lemon

and something, even a bit of

vinegar. A bit of whiskey. Haves

Vicku up the nose no, the chest, not

good. Up the nose. As a kid, and put in your ear when you

in your ear when you had an ear ache

as a kid. Hot olive oil? Really, I

didn't do that. Whack a bit

didn't do that. Whack a bit cotton

wool in there so it wouldn't run

out. Brave. It is now a well-oiled machine M. machine out. Brave. It is now a well-oiled

machine. Yes, no-one believes me. Finally making news, the engagement of Greg Norman and Kristen Kutner. The Shark's proposal comes just 12 months after he split from second wife, Chris Evert.

But apparently Norman's children from his first marriage

are considering boycotting the wedding. Now weddings can cause a lot of angst in families. Who to invite, who not to invite, who sits where. How do you deal with that?

Some advice for the Shark this

morning? Maybe just elope. Do the

kids have a say? It is not their life, it is

life, it is Greg's. They are grown

up, his daughter is 27, his son is

slightly older or younger I'm not

sure. But the kids are grown up.

They are not happy, accord thaog

They are not happy, accord thaog the 'Woman's Day' they are incredibly

incensed. Greg doesn't muck around,

moves on. I think they were incensed

the last marriage. Look where that went.

went. We'll delve deeper into that. Coming up - the Aussie blokes who dreamed of wearing the green-and-gold in dodgeball. We'll see how they went, at the world championships. Then later, just how safe are herbal remedies? Up next though, news, sport and weather. You're watching Sunrise - now streamed live and free to your compatible Telstra Next G mobile.

Have you seen this? Oh? .

Out and about later this morning? You can now watch Sunrise live and for free on your compatible Telstra Next G mobile. Press the BigPond button, scroll to BigPond video and click on Sunrise. Soon - police investigate Justin Bieber.

We'll tell you why. And we'll cross live to the Vatican

to see what Mary MacKillop's canonisation means for Catholics and those from other faiths. But first let's get a news hit. Here's Nat. Good morning. The world's first Australian Catholic saint has been named

with Mother Mary canonised at the Vatican. Thousands of faithful flocked to St Peter's Square for the ceremony

where the 19th century nun was named Saint Mary of the Cross. Australian pilgrims say the feeling was indescribable. We've been speaking to our families on the telephone and texting them and they were so excited that we were actually here. Five other saints were also canonised during the special ceremony. The woman recorded as Saint Mary's first miracle has broken her silence, saying every day of her life is a gift.

Veronica Hopson was diagnosed with leukaemia in 1961 and was sent home from hospital to die. The New South Wales grandmother says nuns prayed to Mother Mary for her before she recovered, without explanation. I feel very fortunate, very fortunate,

that I was given the opportunity to live my life. Ms Hopson joined thousands of Australians in Rome last night

for the canonisation. In other news, a Sydney man is on life support after suffering serious head injuries getting out of a taxi. Police say the 21-year-old fell over and may have been dragged by the cab.

He's in a critical condition at St George Hospital. Officers are looking for the taxidriver, saying he took off after the incident. They also want to speak to two women who had earlier been dropped off.

FIFA has launched an investigation into bribery allegations levelled at members of its executive committee. has been caught on camera One of its officials apparently agreeing to sell his vote the 2018 World Cup. on which country will host The British government insists

its bid for the event. the scandal won't taint whatever other countries do, Whatever happens, a correct way - we'll deal with this in

paying no bribes. doing absolutely nothing corrupt, a kickback culture in its ranks. FIFA denies there's US police investigating of Australian girl Zahra Baker the suspected murder have been given a breakthrough, of the girl, three weeks ago. with a confirmed sighting

in North Carolina Workers at a furniture store with her American stepmother, reported seeing the 10-year-old

Elisa Baker. it's a vital piece of information Investigators say before the girl was reported missing as they establish a timeline on October 9. and her stepmother Zahra's father, Adam Baker, in the disappearance. are considered chief suspects Chile's President says the world could learn something from his country's successful rescue of the 33 trapped miners.

Sebastian Pinera is in London as part of a week-long tour of Europe for both the Queen and has brought some souvenirs and British PM David Cameron. from the mine, We have brought some rocks from the actual mine almost 10 weeks. where the miners spent The President also brought

the miners sent to the top a copy of the first note informing rescuers they were OK. In finance news:

Wow, that's a bit of history, isn't


The end of the week, Saturday

morning our time, the European

markets were down too. Closer to

on home, we were lost 8 and 10 points

on our major indices. Commodities,

gee, gold streaked ahead since

have been on holidays. When I gee, gold streaked ahead since I

it was just getting through 1300. have been on holidays. When I left

Now it is at 13 68. .

Of course, the Aussie dollar is

around 99 US cents.

Here's sport with Beretts. Thanks, Kochie.

into China as a resounding success. The AFL is hailing its push More than 7,000 fans turned out showdown exhibition match for the Shanghai overnight. between Melbourne and Brisbane put on a 1-man show for the Demons, Budding superstar Liam Jurrah kicking five goals to get Melbourne over the line 84-79. China over the next two years The AFL plans to run draft camps in in a bid to unearth athletes to AFL football. capable of making the switch

to return to the Australian side Brett Lee believes he's ready from an elbow injury after making a successful comeback in the One-Day Cup.

in New South Wales' win over WA Lee took 2/37 1-day series against Sri Lanka. and is keen to play in next month's also survived a stern work-out. Brad Haddin's injured elbow hit a classy 70 from 75 balls. The wicketkeeper-batsman

More Joyous Gai Waterhouse's glamour mare a vet examination today will undergo to ensure she's in peak condition $3 million Cox Plate. for this weekend's of more big-race success Waterhouse is confident with Descarado on Saturday. after taking out the Caulfield Cup

That was Mel's tip. will round out the preparation Master trainer Bart Cummings

at Mooney Valley tomorrow. with a track gallop So You Think of raging-hot favourite

Now, the weather is sounding pretty

good this morning rb what you got?

This morning we are looking for one

of the great icons of the great

golden comedic era, Michael wins

low, famous of course for

low, famous of course for the wails). 'Police Academy' movies. (siren wails) 'Police Academy' movies. (siren

wails). Just trying to find a

present, something that is uniquely

Australian. (surf roles, you caws.

Take that, mate. It might be

something indigenous. That we can

give the bloke. Gee I tell you, I am

a little thirsty. Praerpb water girls) a little thirsty. Praerpb water


girls). He's got to be somewhere

here. Prain senses Ava Mari ang. It

keeps getting better and better. We

will find him after the weather. brought to you by Claratyne. Sunrise weather Year-round allergy relief. and live Claratyne clear. Be prepared A broad high pressure system south-westerly winds is directing cool

over the south-east low cloud and isolated showers

mostly dry and sunny. but keeping elsewhere off the west coast, A trough is sitting affecting WA. with dry and warm offshore winds Fine in Brisbane.

(wind blows and bird coos). (wind blows and bird coos)

in Hobart. Showers with mountain snow (wind blows)

(wind blows). (crickets chirp). (wind blows). (crickets chirp)

Fly buzzes)

Fly buzzes). Are you in here? (dog barks) Fly buzzes). Are you in here? (dog


Fly buzzes). Are you in here? (dog

barks). You sure? (sheep bleats)

barks). You sure? (sheep bleats).

He's here. That's right, Dave, I'm

glad to be a post office picture.

There he is. The leckened himself.

(-- The legend himself. This is one

of the most intimidating days of my

life. I have watched the

'Police Academy'. And life. I have watched the films

'Police Academy'. And Space Balls

with Mel Brooks. Yes, the radar he

is going to be get jammed. (speaks

with ocker accent) yes, going to be

at Cotffs on Thursday. How many

sounds can you do? Beyond 10,000

plus. I have lost track because the

hard drive crashes. When

hard drive crashes. When did it

start? Is it something you just

annoyed your mother with as a kid

and it turned this fantastic career.

Yes, to all above. I started this in

19... (we all remember 14... Don't

we? Yes, 77 I was born. 17! I'm

feeling really young now. We are

going to play a few

going to play a few games in the

building with Michael and hear some

of his great experiences and talent

throughout the day, we will check

in. It is going to be a pearler.

in. It is going to be a pearler.Ed

with you like to leave us with

something (horse winies and runs)

I'm the droveer, I ride from point A

I'm the droveer, I ride from point A to point B, I could use a chump,

what is he doing here? One orch

those mornings we have no idea what

is going to happen. As opposed to

every other morning? Yes, we are a

well-oiled machine. A complaint, my

mail, literally, that you were mean

to Mat with joke of the day. No!

Heaven forbid. Yes, according

Heaven forbid. Yes, according to Joanne Barkley, she said, "

Joanne Barkley, she said, "I still

think you were robbed from first

place in dancing with the stars,

Matt and here is a joke to please

Nat." Good luck. An elderly

gentleman go nothing to Centrelink

to have his pension card refew

newed. The -- renewed, the customer

service person said I need proof of

age, driver's licence? Passport?

he said sorry I left it at home. She age, driver's licence? Passport? And

said instead of going home, just

unbutton your shirt and show me your

chest. Feeling pleased he unbuttons

and she gives his chest a feel. She said and she gives his chest a feel. She

said I can tell from feeling your

wiry grey hairs you are in advanced

years. Smiling

years. Smiling he won't home with

the card. His wife was unimpressed and she said, "

and she said, "You should have

dropped your dacks, we could have

got the disability pension as well."

Joanne! Why didn't you send it in

earlier last week? You could have

saved Matt! A TiVo is coming your

way, from D egagan

way, from D egagan in Queensland. Shortly -

three of our Commonwealth Games' stars join us live. But next, why the typical graffiti vandal might not be a teenager in a hoodie.

Have a great flight, boys, make us

proud. Catch, Guusy! Catch. The Emus take on the world. We'll see how they went at the Dodgeball Championships when we return.

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# Australia #

# Someone told me

# This great land

# And everyone

# Shining

# We all join hands

# Across Australia

# # Congratulations to Pembroke School and Marree Aboriginal School of South Australia. That's their joint entry that won the Hands Across Australia competition. Generation One sifted through hundreds of submissions from schools across the country

but this video really stood out. The two schools have an incredible relationship and twice a year the kids participate in an exchange.

The students from Pembroke go to Marree and spend a day on the land. Then the children from Marree spend a day in the Pembroke classrooms in Adelaide.

The schools have scored $25,000 to help end Indigenous disadvantage.

Well done, a

Well done, a very big

congratulations, a very special

program. Yes, that's terrific. Melbourne has been labelled Australia's graffiti capital with vandals travelling from around Australia and even overseas to leave their tag. Graffitists are often thought to be teenage boys with spray cans. But some of those involved in the vandalism are old enough to know better. Sunrise Melbourne correspondent Nuala Hafner joins us now. Nuala, just how old are some of these graffiti artists?

Good morning, guys, that is the thing.

Good morning, guys, that is the

thing.. You think of a graffiti

artist, a man, a teenager, that is

wli it is illegal to sell anyone

under 18 a can of spray paint but

what police are finding is there are

people offending in their 20s, 30s

and 40s. During the

and 40s. During the aerosole boom of

the -- aerosol boom of the' 8s, and

still doing it decades later. In Victoria still doing it decades later. In

Victoria they have amped up the

laws. Around train stations they

have made quite a few arrests. They

are saying still the

are saying still the more prolific

graffiti artists are the young guys

graffiti artists are the young guys uzbut the ones doing the damage are

the senior ones because they have

the resources and planning to do it

on a much more ambitious scale. It

is not just local in Melbourne, it

is from interstate and overseas. We

are not talking the legal street

art. In Hosier Lane, it is a draw

card, people have their wed

card, people have their wedding

card, people have their wedding photos done and it is in tourism

brochures. So it is the difference

between legal and illegal. The

illegal stuff rb what is the cost to

the community? It is astounding,

nation wide we are talking $

nation wide we are talking $300

million a year to clean up. In

City of Melbourne alone they spend $ million a year to clean up. In the City of Melbourne alone they spend

$1 million. And metro, the train

operation spend $

operation spend $11 million a year.

operation spend $11 million a year. Train stations are very popular

tagging places. The argument is

perhaps one of the solutions is to

have more legal art, street art

places like this for people to go so

they are not tagging train stations

and people's private proper. Representing your country on the world stage is always going to be a special moment. But we're not talking about the Commonwealth Games.

Last night, 'Sunday Night' featured

a competition of a very different kind.

You must beat the Kiwis. Who must

you beat? The Kiwis. This is a final

call for the Emus, Australia's dodge

ball feem and Australia is

ball feem and Australia is wishing

hem luck as they head to LA: have a

great flight boys and make us proud.

Catch, Guszy! Catch. Take your time!

It was now do or

It was now do or die.

Catch, Gassy! Take your time.


And then, the Emus took flight.

# Fly like an emue ca

# Not just one, but two mighty

victories. They did us proud. It is

the dodge ball world championships and we

and we had the Emus on. We had our

one and only national team on a

month ago. Here with an update is

their captain, Michael Good morning

to you. Well done, congratulations,

I didn't realise dodge ball is

massive in the US. Over 100,000

registered members you guys started

after a buck's party. Tell us

after a buck's party. Tell us about

your experience? It was an

unbelievable trip. You are right,

over in the US there is a

professional league and 100,000

members that really do support the

code quite avidly. Look, we had a

great time, managed to pick up a

couple of wins and finished 27th out

of the 32 teams in our division bh

chis not bad for a debut tornment chis not bad for a debut tornment.

chis not bad for a debut tornment. Did you beat the Kiwis? Snono, but

we did beat them in the second most

hotly contested prize, the best

dressed award. It was us and them,

we took them down and they were

crushed. How lauz the lead-up? You

undertook pretty intense physical

preparations. It was intense, we

were in our peak

were in our peak physical condition,

perhaps that is a matter of

perspective, I think perhaps we

peaked too early. I might have

peaked back in 1989 and been on a

down hill trend since. But do you

follow the old adage you have got to

lose a world championship before you

win one? Is it a start, the

experience under your belt, do

experience under your belt, do you

reckon dodge wall balls was the

winner? Absolutely, for us the entire winner? Absolutely, for us the

entire journey is amazing. We played

in front of 19,500 people at like

art for the West Tigers, we have

become producers of our own I tunes

singling, Fly like An emu. My

partner in

partner in crime is in the

partner in crime is in the final

throwoffs a diary so it will come

boo a book store near you. We have

liveed the dream and now it is the

next round of dodge ballers. We

would like to make a reality. For

those people who have ingreen and

gold hole in their heart. It sounds

like a dodge ball empire in the process. You

process. You heard it here first, my

friend. I love the cold of arms on

your hat, fantastic. God bless the

emu. Well done and well done to the

whole team. That is the Aussie

spirit. Yes. After the break - this morning's news, sport and weather and we'll take you live to the Vatican. Then, has science found the silver bullet for the common cold? And the runaway millionaire returning home to face the music. This is Sunrise with a look at Brisbane

through the Jetstar Skycam. Fine and 23 today.

With more chances to win, and you could walk away with a magical $85,000! (CHEERS) Ahh! (SINGS) # Scratch me happy! #

The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more.

Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen is in Hollywood. Justin Bieber is reportedly being investigated by police. Why?

It's true! The royal Canadian

mounted police, call in Dudley Do

Right because I don't have to tell

you, you saw it first hand the

frenzy that surrounds Justin

frenzy that surrounds Justin Bieber,

whenever he goes mayhem follows with

the fan base. He went to a laser tag

fuility in Canada, good clean fun,

theoretically but a 12-year-old

boy's father reported to the police

his son got hit by Justin. There are

several conflaketing reports, one

report said he pushed the kid, that

he smack him, another he

he smack him, another he got hit.

Police are interviewing witnesses to

see where it go. A representatives

for Justin denies any wrong doing.

Can't imagine Justin would do that.

Let us know the outcome of the investigations. Moving on, and Madonna has a new man in her life. Who is he?

How old? Oh! This one is a man. What

was that?

was that? He is a man, a full five

years older than the last one,

Jesus. This is her chorog refer,

Brahim Rachiki, he is only 33 but it

takes a relatively young man to keep

up with Madonna, even at 52

up with Madonna, even at 52 she is

go, go, go, they have been spotted

at nightclubs, not only holding hands but

hands but the verb canoodling,

making out. They are not making

comment but lots of eye witnesserize

seeing public displays of affection,

bring on the chorographer. Yes,

50-year-olds have a bit of pace to

them, you whippersnappers have got

to keep up. It

to keep up. It is called a heart

pacemaker. I was going to say thanks for sharing

for sharing post holidays but

anyway, how is the Soap Box? Yes,

Beretts has got some, some people

happy about the aninization? Yes,

Hayley and Jason sent in this

picture of them, they said, " we

were at the aninization of Mary

MacKillop at holm and proud to be

there alt the

there alt the special time for our

country. A few people

country. A few people not believers, Tony, "

Tony, "How can supposedly

intelligent people accept the

nonsense, what if people who don't

have cancer don't go the doctor." It

is happy occasion, if you are

Catholic and you don't understand,

or can't make sense of the miracle

stuff, and I must admit I am more in that camp, put

that camp, put that aside, she was a

great Australian who is being recks

ined for her faith. And I think that

is terrific, it is a happy story, we

shouldn't be narcy about it. Whether you believe

you believe in it or not, it is a

good thing, it is nice in this day and age. Now, still to come on Sunrise this morning - The canonisation, the celebrations and the history of Mary MacKillop's charity work. We're live to the Vatican

and to the South Australian town where it all began. The side effects of a popular herbal remedy. So just how safe are they? The Royal Mint makes a plaster mould for a coin to mark the wedding

of Prince William and Kate Middleton. We're live to London for the betting on the date.

Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. Now, live from Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Mel. Also coming up - the bid to calm the fury

over water cutbacks in the Murray-Darling Basin. Right now though, it's time for the news of the day.

Celebrations are expected to continue in Rome today after the canonisation of Mary MacKillop. Pope Benedict officially declared Mary our first Catholic Saint in front of 50,000 people at the Vatican. Mark Ferguson is there and joins us now. Mark, it looked amazing from here. What was it like to be there? It really

It really was amazing. It was wonderful to wonderful It really was amazing. It was

wonderful to be here, I guess

whether you are Catholic or not or

religious or not, it was a wonderful

day for Australia and a wonderful

day to be Australian in Rome, there

was a purpose and sense

was a purpose and sense orphspirit in the place, lots of Aussies coming

in and chanting. They quietened down

once official proceedings began once official proceedings began but it was

it was a wonderful day and wonderful

time to be here. It has been such a

long time coming, 85 years. How are

Saint Mary's supporters doing today?

Well, it is still the Sunday over

this way so I think a few of them

might be celebrating. A few

might be celebrating. A few nuns

told me it was high time to have a

glass of

glass of champagne so they might be

on to their second or third. The

process began way back in 19 25 to

try to have Mary MacKillop declared

a saint. They have waited 85 years

of hard work and struggle and that

came to fruition today. It has been

a day of celebration, it is still

Sunday night here in Rome and where

am sure there is a night of

celebration still under way mism

celebration still under way mism Thank you, Mark Ferguson in Rome. Australians who couldn't make it to Rome still had plenty to celebrate here at home, flocking to special sites across the country to watch the canonisation. It was screened live at Saint Mary's birthplace in Melbourne where she set up her first school. and at Penola in South Australia, at Mother Mary's tomb in Sydney, Thousands also gathered as "magical". describing the historic moment In other news this morning - for around an hour two men have been trapped

a telegraph pole in South Yarra after their car smashed into in Melbourne. the wrong side of the road, The car crossed onto before up-ending a telegraph pole. colliding with three parked cars and the front-seat passenger The driver had to be cut from the wreckage, escaping without injury. with a third occupant under harbour-front land in Sydney Toxic waste buried interstate or overseas may now end up

in the city's west. after fury at plans to dump it contaminated soil More than 5,000 tonnes of at Hunters Hill will be dug up wants to dispose of it and the New South Wales government at Kemps Creek, near Penrith. the soil as safe The government has reclassified despite fears it's radioactive. To reclassify hazardous waste

in western Sydney in order to dump it is stupid, it's a threat any government ought to be behaving. and it's not the way of alternative sites. The Government has ordered a review Our politicians are preparing for this week's long-awaited on the Afghanistan war. parliamentary debate have pledged Leaders on both sides of politics on Australia's role in the conflict. to let their MPs speak their mind as part of its deal with The Greens. The government agreed to a debate

Overwhelmingly, I believe for the deployment in Afghanistan. Parliament will express its support will begin the debate The Prime Minister when Parliament resumes tomorrow. In finance news:

Overseas, the Dow Jones index closed last week,

last week, Saturday morning our

time, down 31 points. London down

24. The bank orphEngland is

of England is buying $

of England is buying $160 billion 24. The bank orphEngland is -- Bank

worth of government bonds do

stimulate the economy, basically,

printing more money to try to get

their economy off its knees. To our

region, it finished the end of the

indices. week down 8 points on our major

All the action in commodities and currencies.

The Aussie dollar tipped over parity

against the green back, over a $ against the green back, over a $1,

late Friday night our time but ease

back over the weekend. Time for

Kochie. support with Beretts. Thanks,

Kochie. . support with Beretts. Thanks, more-fancied candidates, Chris Scott has upstaged Brenton Sanderson and Ken Hinkley, coaching position at Geelong. to secure the senior as Fremantle's defensive coach Scott has spent the last three years is confident and Dockers coach Mark Harvey will handle the pressure the former premiership defender of senior coaching. His twin brother, Brad, impressed of North Melbourne. in his first year in charge Thompson's replacement today. Scott will be confirmed as Mark

have banned AFL-bound Israel Folau Australian rugby league officials in Sunday's test from being a waterboy at Parramatta Stadium. between Tonga and Samoa to Australia's Four Nations clash The match is a curtain-raiser against Papua New Guinea. Meantime, another NRL defector, Sonny Bill Williams,

could line-up against the Wallabies in next month's Bledisloe Cup test. in the All Blacks squad Williams has been named

to tour of Hong Kong and Europe.

the passionate support of local fans Casey Stoner says a fourth consecutive win helped spur him to in the Australian MotoGP. at Phillip Island, Stoner led from start to finish of world champion Jorge Lorenzo. coming home over eight seconds ahead for second spot in the championship. The win keeps Stoner in the hunt

Boy, great time of the year in sport

here in Australia. The Melbourne Cup

just behind me dollar and of course,

the Cups closing in, less than two

weeks to go. Grant Denyer has got a

special friend upstairs and knows

about noises Yes you have the icon

of sport down stairs I have the icon

of comedy upstairs. Help

of comedy upstairs. Help me, get it

off, please. Got a bit of a stapler.

We have actually, we have planted a

speaker down in the news room below

us and we are going to put

on the microphone. That is bad. I us and we are going to put Michael

take no responsibility for what is

about to occur. This is the news

room, Michael, your microphone feeds

to that speaker, let's

to that speaker, let's see if we get

reactions. (crickett chirps, fly

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Gee, they are focused in the news room.

room. (cat muoes Lady Gaga song)

back do work. Mrs Boss! Keep

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gallops). Is that from Australia M. gallops). Is that from Australia. gallops). Is that from Australia

(makes didgeridoo sound) keep gallops). Is that from Australia.

calling love, from point A to point

B. That is gold. That is the news

room, so dedicated. We can tell who

does and doesn't work, can't we.

(and now, more news, big light in

sky scares minority groups in sector

B. And there

B. And there is hamburger on the

highway at Bondi beach. Is your

whole show improv or a set? I

music and comedy and I like where am whole show improv or a set? I like

I going, my job is to help everybody

forget about the rent for a moment,

so that is what I do. Come see us,

we are we just wantia to have a good time,

we are recession busters. Coffs Harbour this Thursday.

Harbour this Thursday.Is there any

news on 'Police Academy'? Done

seven, will there be eight? Yes, New

Line Cinema has announced it, 8 is

coming. Yes, sensational! Do you say

it happily? Yes, phraes academy rr,

no podium scenes.

Fine in Townsville.

(wind blows)

(wind blows). That is rain!

Coffs Harbour this Thursday,

Newcastle Saturday, Perth, Monday,

Darwin Friday, Michael winds low.

Um... (squeezey voice, sorry everybody. .

over 100 years ago Mary MacKillop may have lived more remarkable. but that only makes her achievements the Pope officially made her saint. Overnight, as St Mary of the Cross. She's now known

For many countless young people

throughout Australia, have been

blessed with teachers who were

inspired by the courage and the example of zeal,

example of zeal, perseverance and

prayer of Mother Mary MacKillop.

Pope Benedict XVI told the thousand

ofz Australians gathered

Peter's Square he hoped our first ofz Australians gathered at St

saint would continue to inspire. is Mary's sainthood? So just how significant is Dr Paul Collins, Joining me from the Vatican who's now an author and writer. an ex-Catholic priest And in the town of Penola, local historian Marg Muller.

Good morning to you both. Paul, for the non-Catholics, just explain why this is such an important event.

Um, David I think the most important

thing about this event is that it

confirms the wonderful work that

women have done in

women have done in the Catholic

Church in Australia. Especially

religious women. The Catholic

education system, the hospitals, the

aged care, the charity work, the

work for the homeless, all of

work for the homeless, all of that has been built largely by women in

the Catholic Church in Australia.

And I think Mary's canonisation

today by Pope Benedict XVI

symbolised the fact that the Church

symbolised the fact that the Church confirms women are very much part of

the ministry of the church and in

many ways, the church's foundations

are built upon their work. That is

how it seems to me at any rate.

Okay, what made Mary MacKillop such

a special Australian in your eyes,

Marg? She did wonderful work. She

certainly did, she was

certainly did, she was well ahead

with her time, in tough with her

time but ahead of it. She realise

said, isolated and poor children, we

say started in Penola because it is

where she cofounded the order with

Father Tennyson Woods, between them

they worked out they needed to form

a radical Australian order

specifically for Australian

specifically for Australian conditions. And that is exactly what

they did. Paul, Mary MacKillop, as

Marg was saying, was a bit of a

revolutionary, in her ways a bit of

a revel saint, isn't she? She was

asked to leave the Catholic Church

at one stage because she took a very

firm stance against the acs of the priest. Does

priest. Does the church see her in

that way as well? Well, the

interesting thing about saints,

Kochie, is that saints are often

revolutionary people, they are often

people who do things that kind of

outside the normal or conventional

way of doing things. Mary got into

conflict with the some of

conflict with the some of the

bishops in Australia because she

wanted to form a religious order

that in many ways was independent of

them, they wanted to interfere, she

wanted, if you like, the kind of

freedom that comes from having

approval by the Pope and it is why

smee she came to Rome to get the

approval, once she got, it she was

in many ways a much freer woman to lead

lead her sisters and do the work

that they thought was important.

Quite often bishops don't see the

things that are important that

things that are important that need to be done. Mary, for instance, was

really concerned about women and the

role of women within the community.

And so she wanted to emphasise that,

she was kerpbdz about women who were

madgeinalized, -- marginalised,

madgeinalized, -- marginalised, women who were homeless, women in

trouble. So the sisters reached out

to them. Bishops tend to live with

their own priorities and Mary, well,

she just decided she was going to go

another way and it turns out she was

right. Sounds like a typical Aussie.

As you say, the order was started in

Penola, a really proud day

Penola, a really proud day for your

town, how are you celebrateing?

Well, we celebrated big time

yesterday, it was fantastic. The

place was buzzing, there were people

everywhere. We had the most

wonderful day, yesterday, very, very

elated by it. Good on you, it is a

very, very happy story, a beautiful

part of Australia in Penola. Marg,

and also to Paul, for joining us

this morning, appreciate it.

Now to concerns over a popular herbal remedy to relieve menopause symptoms. A report from two Queensland doctors says a woman fell seriously ill after taking Remifemin. The 59-year-old suffered fainting spells and even a complete heart block. The manufacturer doesn't agree the medication was to blame. It says Remifemin has been used for over half a century.

So how safe are herbal remedies and what checks are carried out on them? I'm joined by Sunrise GP, Ginni Mansberg. Good morning. Some of your patients are on Remifemin. What will you be telling them?

Is this a one off or something to be

concerned with? I think just the one

off, as terrible as it was for the

off, as terrible as it was for the woman who had quite a severe heart

condition, complete heart

condition, complete heart block is

really nasty, I don't want to play

it down but I don't think the one

case is enough to take everyone off

it when that has been used for long,

long time without this particular

problem, liver problems, this

particular problem, no, it doesn't

always work though maneuver p. For menopauseal

menopauseal symptoms, unless you are

tinkering around and take your 27

hot flushes down to 24, it is not

effective and there are better

things to be out, there

things to be out, to be honest. You

hear the words natural therapies and

I kind of assume they are fairly

safe, probably not that severe, is

that connect? Or do they have the

ability, natural therapyoffs any sort to affect you in

sort to affect you in ways such as

this? Yes, this is not the first

time where a natural therapy has

caused nasty problems. For

caused nasty problems. For example,

we had a Swedish study that

we had a Swedish study that showed women who took multi vitamin

pillerize more -- pills are likely

to get breast cancer and beta

keratin is linked to lung cancer in

keratin is linked to lung cancer in smokers, so just because they are

natural doesn't mean they are not

harmful. So talk to your doctor?

Yes. Just beforeio go go, scientists

say they have been able to cure the

common cold. Attaching tiny bits of

silver to bacteria, explain what it

will mean? It is still in the

experiment stage but watch this stage,

stage, if they can find it, I want

shares because I think it

shares because I think it will be bigger than Ben hur. Will the

bacteria destroy the virus? It is

the Holy Grail because the virus

injects itself inside your cells

where they hide which is why

antibiotics don't work so this is

antibiotics don't work so this is the Holy Grail. Good to talk to you. Do you remember New Zealand's missing millionaires? They took off last year with millions of dollars which Westpac had put into their business account by mistake.

It's thought the couple headed to China where extradition proved difficult. But now there are reports that one of them is heading home. So what's gone wrong for these cashed-up crims? TV-3 Reporter Melissa Davies has been following the case. Good morning.

Who's supposedly heading home - and why?

Well, Kochie, when businessman Leo

Gao ended up with an accidental $ Gao ended up with an accidental $10

million he left New Zealand with his

girlfriend, Kara Hurring and her

8-year-old daughter, Lina. What we

understand now is Kara and Lina have left China for Hong

left China for Hong Kong, meant to

be their stepping stone back to New

Zealand so they can back here for

Christmas. Is sounds like Kara's

fufrpens weren't so good in China,

the couple split shortly after they

arrived and Leo left her with little

money and it is left her with little

support because her family are back in New Zealand

in New Zealand. What

in New Zealand. What about Leo Gao,

has he scampward the rest of the

money? The bank was able to recover all but $ all but $3.

all but $3.8 million but very little

is known about his exact wraabouts

but that he did meet with his

brother and mother in China, even

brother and mother in China, even if New Zealand police know where he is,

the Chinese authorities have refused

the Chinese authorities have refused to process their requests for

extradition back to New extradition back to

extradition back to New Zealand.

What are the New

What are the New Zealand police

saying? Charges obviously still

pending? Are they chasing him at

all? Well, yes, they, I mean, New

Zealand police have actually been

very reluctant to say what they do

or don't know about the case

or don't know about the case right from the very beginning. But the

detective in charge has said that

detective in charge has said that he has been an e-mail and

has been an e-mail and phone contact

with Kara, we don't know what

contact if any they have had with

Leo but police we understand have

also said if and when

also said if and when Kara does

return they are not prepared to do

any deals so when she does return it

is likely she will face criminal

charges. Thanks for the report,

appreciate it. Here is Beretts. The bulk of Australia's Commonwealth Games team is home.

Their bags were weighed down with the medal haul from the two weeks of competition. And several of our stars from Delhi have dropped in to Brekky Central this morning. Swimmers Brenton Rickard and Meagen Nay and diving sensation Melissa Wu. Welcome, Meagen, you got the best birthday present - a gold medal in the 200m freestyle medley. Your dad won the men's medley at the 1974 Games in Christchurch. Was his memory in your mind?

Yes, definitely. It was

Yes, definitely. It was my birthday

the day before the relay, so to

follow in my dad's footsteps after

1977 Commonwealth Games gold

1977 Commonwealth Games gold medal it was amazing. To share it with

three girls it was special and the perfect birthday present for me. Brenton, finally, you got the gold at the Commonwealth Games. A Games record in the 200m backstroke. That's another big tick in your career? That is

That is an important step heading

for you towards world short course

later this year and the world

championships? Yes, I was lucky

enough to win a world title last

year and to be a Commonwealth Games

champion is special. We have got a lot champion is special. We have got a

lot coming up and hopefully bigger

and better things in London. Melissa, you were pipped in the 10-metres platform but won the synchro gold with Alex Croak. How was your Games experience this time around?

It was an awesome experience, there

was a lot of negative media leading

up to it, but it proved to be a

great games. I had a really great

time and it was different to go to

India, probably a place I never get

to go again so I enjoyed it. We did

talk about security before you left.

I know for a lot of people, you

included, it was a tough decision

whether to go or not, you glad you went?

went? Yes, I think India definitely

put on an amazing quel games. I am

sure, leading into it there was

negative media and I had a few

butterflies heading in. Once we got

there, security, I felt safe the

whole time. I was fine and you kind

of make the most of it. In the

of make the most of it. In the end it was are it was such a good games

and for me, personally, I had a

really good time. Brenton you have

really good time. Brenton you have been to see are so many of

been to see are so many of the Commonwealth Games and world world

championships, is it once you get

there you go in the zone and it

doesn't affect you? Yes, obviously,

swimming was the most important for

me to do or whatever sport you do so

you put your head down and do the

job you are sent to do. As these

guys said, the security was top notch, the whole

notch, the whole event was done

pretty well, probably not 100 per

cent, they were lacking a bit of

preparation in bit in terms

orpheverywhere, it was fantastic to

go. I have never been to India

before, especially for a swimming

meet, so it was amazing to see the

culture. A bonus. All of you, next year, culture. A bonus. All of you, next

year championships in Shanghai? Yes,

that is the goal. And London? Yes,

almost 29, which is getting on in

swimming years but I will be getting

there and firing? Yes, definitely

worlds next year and trials in

March. Tasmania stepping stone to 12 12,

12, it feels like yesterday it was

2008 and a year and a half out from

the Olympics, but time moves on and

it should be good. Fantastic on your suck it should be good. Fantastic on your

success in Delhi, we really enjoyed it. Thank you. On the way, are some asylum seekers really in danger if they return home? And we reveal how a leak from the Royal Mint may have given away the date for a royal wedding between William and Kate. But soon, remember the Baby Animals?

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# One little

# One nod

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