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(generated from captions) OK. That's a start. Not Bangladesh. Oh! Not Pakistan. Yeah? Alex... India. Yeah. Close. It's in the country's north-east. is between Bangladesh and Nepal The district of Darjeeling but it's in India, mate, but you get $1,000. which means you don't get $20,000, A good chance but thanks, Eddie. Stay there, mate. Thanks, mate. Good luck with the medical degree. career. He's a wonderful bloke. Alex is going to have a great He's won $1,000 in Millionaire Hot Seat. and I'll see you next time Goodnight! Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by Courteney trampolines. the south-west of Sydney.

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Skinny, lanky lashes? WOMAN: So not sexy. Turn up the heat... I love you (SINGS) # Never know how much from Maybelline New York. ..with new Voluptuous Mascara The red hot news? # Never know how much I care The Voluptuous brush.

at the same time, It lengthens and plumps for sexy new measurements. Up to 70% longer. # Fever in the morning 80% more va-va-volume. your lashes will ever wear. It's the most voluptuous mascara It's hotter than ever. # You give me fever. # New Voluptuous from Lash Stiletto. SONG: # Maybe it's Maybelline. # Maybe she's born with it.

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the distance but Courtney Cox and Holden Commodore Series II range. We've just released the new we've ever made, The smartest cars touchscreen Holden-iQ system. and the first cars with our new This car is so smart, and stream your music. it can rip a rear camera for safety, You can have direct-injection engine and there's a future-friendly or bioethanol to reduce CO2. that can run both on petrol is take one for a test drive. So the only smart thing left to do The very clever Commodore is here. New Series II. Holden. Go better. What we need now is energy - the economy growing, the energy to keep like climate change. the energy to tackle challenges came from an energy company? What if that energy billions of dollars Chevron Australia is investing in people, in ideas,

seeking, teaching, building, fuelling growth around the nation, now and in the future. This is the power of human energy.

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Coming up on WIN News... Will the

Murray Darling cutbacks lead to mor Murray Darling cutbacks lead to

imports? The Harley Davidsons

helping fight crime. And:The fire

fighters taking off their gear to

save lives. Join me for all the

details next. (UPBEAT MUSIC) (SQUEALS) Uh. Uh. (LAUGHS) (CHATTER, LAUGHTER) The Subway low-fat summer... VOICEOVER: (LAUGHTER) ..delicious Subs, salads and sides with all the taste and less than 6g of fat. WOMAN: One Turkey & Ham, Chicken Teriyaki. one Sweet Onion Choose low fat this summer

at Subway restaurants. shares in QR National. VOICEOVER: You can now apply for rail transporter of coal Not only is it the world's largest for export markets, from mine to port it also transports freight, grain and more a diverse range of minerals, across Australia. apply now for shares at a discount. As an individual investor, you can

Download an offer document at: Be part of something big.

B15 Tonight ... Food producers face

a bleak future if forced to make

drastic water cuts. Cruising cops:

ACT police road test their custom

made Harleys. And: the radio

station' s race to raise money - so

it can stay on air. Good evening, I it can stay on air. Good evening,

m Danielle Post. It could be good

news for grocery buyers but farmers

are being warned they' ll need to

sharpen up their act, if the

Murray-Darling Basin Authority is

allowed to cut water use by nearly

thirty per cent. Cheap imports mean

producers can not raise prices, and

will have to find smarter ways to

keep producing food. If irrigatio keep producing food. If