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Coming up on WIN News... Public sector jobs under threat. The Basin

Plan fears: farmers could face

drastic water cuts And the AFP' s

latest graduates - keeping our airports safe. Join me for all the details next. (PLAYS POWER CHORD) your old underwear VOICEOVER: Throw away for the whole family at Target. and make way for 20% off underwear (SQUEALS) Excludes sleepwear. (GUITAR RIFF) Hurry, sale ends Wednesday.

in QR National, Your chance to invest rail freight company, Australia's largest

government savings plan. government savings plan. Australia

s top incomes: Who earns what and

the graduates keeping our airports where? And the AFP' s crime busters where? And the AFP' s crime

safe. Good Evening, I' m Danielle

Post. Public sector jobs and

services could be slashed, as part

of a government savings program

suggested in the Department of

Finance' s ' red book ' . Liberal

Senator for the A-CT Gary Humphries

believes the cuts would contradict

election promises made by local

Labor candidates. Throughout the

election campaign, the Gillard