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Weekend Sunrise -

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(generated from captions) Well, after a major shake-up, has officially been opened. Australia's 43rd Parliament But as you'd expect, without controversy. the new look line-up has not been Mark Riley has all the details. Our chief political correspondent (CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYS) The opening of the 43rd Parliament. Appropriately, with canon fire. reluctantly got its Speaker back, As the parliament being dragged back to the chair. the likeable Harry Jenkins of holding this office. I can think of no-one more worthy said no. Well, at least since Rob Oakeshott of the way, Mr Speaker. I was with you every step new paradigm thing... Oh, boy, in this

that word 'paradigm'. (LAUGHS) I started choosing Old paradigm, new paradigm. I hate to use the word 'paradigm'. was pining for another word. Christopher Pyne as manager of Opposition business I need you to love me Mr Speaker. but I haven't always felt that love, ('LOVEFOOL' BY THE CARDIGANS PLAYS) easy to love. But he didn't make himself will resume his seat! The manager of Opposition business Oh, where is the love? And despite some tough love... You made your point. You got the call. Then you sit down be quiet! He didn't, and almost inevitably... will leave the chamber for one hour. The member for Sturt of the new parliament ..was the first to get an early shower. You could have bet on that. What? This? Everyone will be doing it soon.

I call it the lie-down stand-up. It's the next big thing. Peter Slipper Anyway, then the little known slipped into the limelight.

long-standing Queensland Lib Yes, the little-known but

and under the slugger's guard slipped under the radar to become the Deputy Speaker. have congratulated me. Most of my colleagues Others called him names. aren't you! You really are Stinky Pete, Yes, he is. Good heavens. Was that me? Others called him Slippery Pete. you can count Slippery Pete. Believe me, George, Slippery Pete? either. Yeah, I don't care for the name And neither does Slippery Pete. call me Mr Bean. In my electorate, a lot of people Really? Yeah, now that you mention it... As this new paradigm...

I hate that term. would be the expression. A new ball game paradigm will see people behave The new or they'll be out the door. of the word paradigm myself. I'm not too fond There were teething problems. for 15 minutes Rob Oakeshott spoke

answers to four minutes. about limiting

has expired. The honourable member's time to the new four-minute clock... And it'll take a while to get used on our new our new digital. We've got training wheels Poor old Harry had a hard time.

Order! ORDER! As in this parliament of firsts, member of the house, Ken Wyatt, the first Indigenous resplendent in kangaroo coat,

the first Moslim MP, Ed Husic, taking the oath with the Koran. to lose a vote on the floor Another first - the first government was a pup. of the house since God's dog This is finally a real parliament. Eventually the Opposition they lost the election. will get over the fact that had drained out of the place... And just when it seemed all the love

for the Prime Minister. birthday kisses Kiss. Aww!

Put that in Hansard. Oh, the age of Aquarius! Politics - it's psychedelic. ('AGE OF AQUARIUS' PLAYS)

Hopefully Larry Geneva ins can

expect one from Christopher Pyne on

his bairt day I don't remember

BobKater being in hair. It's hard to

know if he has any under that hat

There's plenty there, it's all

white. They are officially back at

work, Riles. Can we expect a few of

the big issues to be addressed? No,

I don't think so, Andrew. I think we

will expect more of what we saw this

week. It was fascinating from a

journalists point of view, the

government struggling to get

anything done in there, and the

committal of those two votes, the

one for Peter Slipper as the

speaker, the government won that

tactically but I think the most

important one was the second vote

where the government was defeated on

the floor of the house. That was

about a procedural issue. But it

showed the tactics of the Opposition

is going to employ in their to

treeuf a wedge between government

and the Independents now that really

allow them to hold power. So, it's a

bit like the old Howard wedge in

reverse, not trying to drive a wedge

between the factions of the Labor,

the right and the left but between

the Labor and the Independents. It

got people like me thinking about

how many issues there are out there.

There are many. The purpose would be

to show the government as being -

having a fairly flimsy hold on power

and build that narrative, that is

this a a government that geets

beaten consistently on the floor of

the house when a big issue comes

along, the people will say, it's

only clinging to power anyway. Get

that narrative built there, a very

big challenge for jurd and her

government to look like they are in

control and maintain power from the

Opposition taking that. It will be

interesting to see how that

with the electorate. Now that you've interesting to see how that plays

told us that is the narrative they

are constructing. Do bee like it. We