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(generated from captions) The live TV blunder that saw the

wrong winner announced on

'Australia's Next Top Model'. It

was agonising to watch as Sarah

Murdoch was told the error and had

to correct it. I'm feeling a bit

sick about this. I just couldn't

believe this was happening. I kind

of looked at Sarah and she had this

look. It looked like you were going

to be sick. It's Amanda. I'm so

sorry. It was fed to me wrong. She

said, "It's not Kelsey, it's

Amanda." I didn't know what to

think. This is insane, insane,

insane. You would never puts your

worst enemy in a situation like

that, let alone these gorgeous

girls. It's fine. It's alright.

Sarah, what happened? I'm still, I

still feel sick about it. I'm still

in shock about it. We had had such

a brilliant show, an amazing series

to begin with. What a fantastic

live show. And then in the last

minute, everything went wrong. Take

us back to that moment when you

were about to announce the winner

of 'Australia's Next Top Model'? It

all seemed very smooth and very

easy? It had gone very smoothly.

The last thing communicated to me

through my ear piece was Kelsey 1,

Amanda 2. We had this great idea we

wouldn't use a card and have it all

communicated to me through an ear

piece so I would find out who the

winner was and thought it would be

great. Having heard the last thing

was Kelsey 1, Amanda 2. Went in to

the read. The winner of

'Australia's Next Top Model' is -

nothing. Oh! Nothing. There was

nothing. All I knew was the last

thing, Kelsey 1, Amanda 2. Kelsey's

the winner. It's you, Kelsey.


You were waiting for a producer to

say, "Kelsey or Amanda." And you

had nothing? The point was, yeah,

it was going to be communicated

through my ear and it didn't come

at that moment so I went with what

I had been told. How long before

had that been? Pretty close? Just

before that segment. And it was

obviously - I mean, it's a genuine

miscommunication. So, there is

immediate celebration. You hope at

that points you've made the right

call. There's still nothing in your

ear telling you otherwise? No, no,

no. As far as I knew, it was the

right call, that's what I had been

told. Relief? Great. We had

pyrofire works and screaming fans

and everything. It was so loud. I

could start to hear a name in my

ear - Amanda, Amanda. And I'm like,

"I have to speak to the runner-up."

"Amanda, how are you feeling? We

love you, you've been amazing on

the show." and it was communicated

to me on a card in front of me.

Kelsey, you were Australia's next

top model for all of about 45

seconds. First of all, how did it

feel when it was announced you had

won it? It felt really good to be

the winner but obviously it didn't

happen. Let's go back to that

moment when you're hearing

something in your ear, finally the

communication is starting to work -

what goes through your mind?

Disbelief. Yeah. I mean, I just

couldn't believe this was happening.

This is not, this was a complete

accident. I'm so sorry. It's Amanda.

I'm so sorry. It was fed to me

wrong. You make the announcement

and that's got to have been an

incredibly difficult thing for you

to do making the judgment call in

front of a live audience and the

hundreds of thousands who are

watching at home? Very brave. Were

you worried about how it might go

down? I couldn't do anything but

just do what I, what came out of my

mouth, really. I couldn't think

other than we had to clear this up

in that moment and make it right.

Have you seen the vision? I've seen

little bits of it. I try not to

look at it. You can actually see

the moment, I reckon, when you're

told or when you learn of what had

happened. I think the whole of

Australia just did the same thing.

Well, I think, yeah, I think, I

mean - you wouldn't wish that on

anyone. And to be in a position

like that on a live show, you have

to run with it. Kelsey, when did

you know something was up? When I

looked at Sarah. You could see the

change? Yeah. I mean, just the

crowd aul moist went a little

sileen -- almost went a little

silent. I had a bit of a sigh and

went in to my head and I thought,

"I'm here. I know exactly what has

happened. Obviously there's been a miscommunication." I thought,

"Alright, something's gone horribly

wrong. We've just got to, like

Sarah said, sort this out." I was

just really worried about Sarah

because I couldn't believe that she

was standing there having to tell

the whole nation that it was Amanda

and not me. It was crazy. And I

really felt sorry for her. Can I

say you handled yourself with such

grace. Thank you. Such grace. Can

you believe she's 19? It's amazing.

It's ridiculous. How did this

happen? It's OK. It's an honest

mistake. It's fine. Amanda, you go

from being second place, after

everyone said you were going to win

it by streets anyway, initial

reaction? Of course, I was a little

disappointed. "I'm OK, I worked so

hard but that's OK." I was ready to

go out into the world and try

modelling but I was happy with

Kelsey. I was ecstatic she had won.

So that was my initial thoughts.

When did you know something was up?

I didn't know what was happening.

The crowd sort of went silent and

Sarah is going, "I feel sick. Oh,

my God." I'm going, "What's

happening?" I was really confused.

And blank thoughts ran in to my

head and she said, "It's not Kelsey.

It's Amanda." I didn't know what to

think at all. You could have

dropped a pin across Australia. You

could have. Definitely. And it

would have echoed throughout the

whole of Australia. So it's tough

when you've won the competition,

it's been announced you've won it.

The second winner within a minute.

Pretty good, isn't it? Pretty tough

going for you. Then to have to make

a speech, it was wonderful what you

did. It was kind of a

disappointment. What can you do?

You have to go with the flow and

these things do happen in live TV.

You don'ts feel robbed at all? Not

at all. I had my moment. I'm still

the winner. All kinds of reports

around today. Some suggesting that

was a set-up. Was it? I can't, I

don't know whether to answer that

question. I mean, obviously you can

see how close we are to the girls.

You would never put your worst

enemy in a situation like that, let

alone these gorgeous girls. There's

some talk about the voting was in

some way flawed. That it went on

beyond when it should have? No. The

voting was exactsly as it should

have been and closed whether it was

supposed to have closed and the

numbers were counted. It was just a

miscommunication. You pride

yourself, I know, as someone who

loves live television. Does this

make the prospect of live

television in the future daunting?

I always told you after the 'Today

show'. I don't know if I like it

that much anymore. I'll go for

prerecorded. Do you think this has

stopped you in achieving your aims

in life? No. Not at all. I'll keep

going until the end. What would you

like to be? Australia's next top

model, but that didn't happen, did

it? Not that you're bitter about it.

Finally, the truth! Thanks, girls.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

There is nowhere to hide on live TV

but both Kelsey and Amanda look set

to have strong careers after the

international interest in last

night's blooper and thanks to Karl

for sticking around after his

regular shift on the 'Today' show

to help our ACA tonight. The latest

generation of video games are all

about physical interaction and

today an exclusive peek at one of

the hottest titles for Christmas. A

game that teaches you how to dance

like Michael Jackson. So tonight

we're going to do Billy Gene. A

dance lesson with the King of Pop.

A tribute artist, Jason Jackson and

a very uncoordinated reporter for

comic relief. We got off to a shaky

start, but before long, the hats

were flying freely. The hips

shaking, toes tapping. Jason's work.

Mine, not so much. Come on, you can

do it. Am I not doing very well?

You're doing great. You've got to

stick your pelvis out more. Come on.

The new Wii game allows fans to

relive the magic while rocking to

some of Jackson's most iconic

tracks. It's predicted to be the

must-have item this Christmas. What

did you think of the game? Well, I

thought it was amazing. I

absolutely love it. It gave me a

good workout. And it's awesome.

Mikpe Kolodzinski says Ubisoft

commissioned the game after being

approached by the Jackson Estate.

They love what we've done so far

and I think the consumers will be

able to relive the iconic movements

of the King of Pop. If dancing

isn't your style, there's still

plenty of new hits to get the heart

pumping. Gaming bodies are in overdriving creating new experiences for the Xbox Connect.

He's on it. As you can see here, we

are the controller. This is

controller-free gaming. The

camera's capturing all of my

movements. It picks up all of the

little movements within the game.

Motion Sports allows players to ski,

play soccer, even American football.

You need to start running from the

beginning and this guy comes from

the right. I'm dodging to the right.

Your body literally becomes the

controller. The player running and

jumping on screen. You can backhand.

And duck. And touch down. With

summer just around the corner, you

may be thinking it's time to join a

dream. Forget hefty membership fees,

now you can get a great workout in

the comfort of your own home. A lot

of people are really busy these

days and don'ts have time to

allocate for a gym. This is

fantastic. I can do it when I need

to and in the privacy of my own

home. Your Shape costs around $90.

I'm going to take him down,

hopefully, using my knees. Elbows.

My fist. You can kick,. Fighters

Uncaged is all about martial arts.

It's a decent workout. Got him. For

the big boys, 15 plus, Assassins

Creed Brotherhood will soon be

released on Xbox 360 and

PlayStation 3. Come on, do it with

me? I'm going with ya. You're not.

I'm not the first ACA reporter to

embarrass myself trying this new

technology. Back in August, Bridy

Halls attended the event. Hollywood

A-listers were talking up the games.

The opportunities for family

entertainment are really good. It

can create a whole virtual life.

The game industry has been a bit

flat of late but coming tine

Christmas with the launch of

Connect and previously with

PlayStation Move, I think we'll see

a big Christmas. That's my

favourite move. Come on. You can do

it. You wants to be the next

Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson

The Experience will be available on

Wii number twenty-five. Xbox 360

and PlayStation 3 owners will have

to wait until early next year.

Oopsy. Who's's bad? I'm bad. She's

bad. I'm bad. You're good. I'm bad.

Not too bad. There's more

information on those games at our

ACA website. Our dollar is the

strongest it's been in years and

plenty of Aussies are planning

overseas holidays to take full

advantage. But if you can't afford

a trip, you can still find bargains

locally and save hundreds of dollars.

Take advantage of the dollar while

it's strong because it may not last.

Yeah, yeah, I'm travelling heaps

because the dollar is so good at

the moment. At the international

airport, lucky travellers are not

only looking forward to their

holidays, they're armed with strong

Aussie dollars and plans to spend

them. We're going to do a lots of

shopping and going on a cruise.

Holiday-makers aren't the only

winners. It's good news. Really the

time to buy. Electrical goods,

stereo equipment if you want to

import it, clothes, shoes, perfume.

How much can we save? We put it to

the test, sending Sarah to the

shops to buy 10 every day items.

$20, thank you. From right here in

the office, I'm going to hit the

shops of the USA. I'm going to use

our strong Aussie dollar to go

online and see if I can get a

better deal. How do we compare when

it came to fashion? Sarah bought a T-shirt:

The difference was even greater

when it came to jeans. $2, shipping

$23.95. $25.95, I think I'll take

them. Sarah's Levis set her back:

Nadal runs a website. A lots of

online stores in America are seeing

Australia as a markets now. She

warns the shipping costs can be

more than the item you're buying

and make sure you know the store's

return policy. I once got a $100

charge for sending something back.

Not so cool. If you're planning on

doing online Christmas shopping,

check out the toys and electronics

fpts not a bad price but the shipping.

Of course, online shopping isn't

great for our economy. The money

leaves the country for good and

local retailers miss out. Finance

expert Tom Elliott. Our economy is

growing much more rapidly than the

rest of the world and the high

dollar will cool our economy buzz

our exports will be less

competitive. There will be bad news

to follow all the good news. But

the bargains will be hard to resist

for even the most patriotic shopper.

If you are travelling, make sure

you pay now. One of the ways is to

come in now and pay in advance and

to convert your money in to US

dollars right now. John says you'll

get a lot more money for your money.

If a family has $2,000 in spending

money and convert it in to US

dollars, they'll get an extra $600

US dollars. If you do plan to stay

home and spend on the net, be aware

there is one serious risk. My

biggest problem is not being able

to stop. It can get very addictive.

I had an eBay problem for a very

long time. Still to come - the

farmers' reunion, as they tell us

what happened when the cameras

weren't rolling. In the middle of

nowhere. Hopeless in love. I needed

a wife. Somebody to keep me comfort.

visit Target's Bumper Babython From tomorrow, underwear and footwear. and get 20% off kids' clothing, Excludes accessories. now $30 - save $5. And Huggies jumbo nappies a big event for little people! The Target Bumper Babython - Sale starts tomorrow.

Tomorrow, the richest Australians

under 40. How they did it and how

you can too? Life after 'Precious'.

Now back to Tracy. Thank you. For

Nathan and Amanda, the recent

series of 'Farmer Wants a Wife' was

a love match. It's been months

since the last episode was filmed,

so we caught up with the other

farmers. It's been an amazing

journey. It's been incredible.

Life-changing experience. Were you

isn't? looking for love? Absolutely. Who

Hey, guys. Remember farmer Jamie,

Shaun, Devon, Charlie, Nathan and

Becky? This is my home. This is the

beautiful resort. The farmers have

travelled from the far corners of

the land to the beautiful coastline

of Western Australia. For a special

reunion on Jamie's Pearl Farm. The

reason the pearl comes out black.

The question on everyone's lips are

the flirtatious farmers back on the

market? What's your current status?

Single Not single. Single For now

it's working well. True love. I'm

single. That's for you. You're a

star. Out at Jamie's shop at sea,

he's testing his roam antsic skills

on Becky. Unfortunately, for Jamie,

it wasn't such smooth sailing after

the show. Sparks were flying at the

start and really good. She was the

stuff I was looking for. Whether

the cameras switched off, so did

his feelings for Emma. I found I

was dealing with somebody who was

like this one day but like that the

next. Every time I spoke to her on

the phone I was frustrated. And I

thought if you're frustrated this

early in the piece, time to move on.

I see you're getting in touch with

your feminine side with pearls

around your neck. These are the

masculine 1s. It definitely was

sparks, but not what I needed to

commit to. Hopefully the love of my

life. Shaun didn't bring a

favourite girl to the final episode.

You see, his heart had wandered

elsewhere. Pretty much once the

filming had finished, I met someone

pretty special. But it didn't work

out. At present, I'm single and

still looking. What do you think?

No. It's impressive. I don't want

to turn my back on it, to be honest.

Are you in love? Wow. Since the

show, Charlie clearly hasn't got

any better that expressing his

feelings towards Alison. We talked

about this. Come on, Charlie. Spit

it out. It's going well. We see

each other fairly regularly, every

couple of weeks. She comes up in

holidays and things and I get down

there as much as I can. Hold it by

the tail. She came back for a

couple of weeks and I caught up

with her a few other times

previously. But we're not together

anymore. Devon says sadly the

candle went out with her but he's

ready to open his heart again to

another girl. I'm ready for a

relationship. If there's anyone out

there that's interested, yeah, come

and meet me. Good boy. He's really

easy going and fun to be around.

Becky is dating someone else. We

decided we're close mates and

that's probably all we're going to

be. Thought there was something

there to follow up but when we did,

it wasn't right. Nathan y see

you're fishing but you already have

a pretty good catch? Yeah, my

fiancee is a lovely woman and the

love of my wife. Will you marry me?

Yep. There was no mucking around

for Nathan whether the -t came to

popping the question in front of a

national TV audience. I signed up

to the show to get a wife. I was in

the middle of nowhere, hopeless in

love and needed a wife, somebody to

keep me comfort. But lucky or

unlucky in love, for now our humble

farmers are simply enjoying their

celebrity status. If I had the

chance, I'd do it again. I loved it.

Most amazing thing I've ever done

in my whole life. And a new series

of 'Farmer Wants a Wife' will

return in the new year. After the

break - the new CSIRO super cereal.

There's nothing and nobody that can

contradict what CSIRO and others

have found about this product.

Tomorrow, the latest super cereal

developed by the CSIRO. The rise

and rise of the Aussie super cereal.

It's the breakfast revolution that

promises to boost your family's

health and keep the weight offer.

Why supermarkets kaen get enough on

the shelves -- can't get enough on

the shelve snz our exclusive one on

one with the king of cool.

Apologies, we had to hold our story

on the Australian car wash king

because of breaking stories. We'll

bring it to you tomorrow. Look

forward to your company then. Goodnight.

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exclusive eastern suburb, Vaucluse. ..right in the heart of Sydney's Neisha and John High school sweethearts got downstairs apartment 1 in making it livable. and wasted no time I love it. I love it. You're in your element.

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