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2 CC1 3 B15 Tonight ... A show

2 CC1 3 B15 Tonight ... A show o

solidarity for a slain Rebels Bikie: in the final day of the double murder trial. The PM forced

to defend her carbon tax backflip o to defend her carbon tax backflip

day one of sitting parliament. And

our officers honoured for making th our officers honoured for making

ultimate sacrifice. Good evening,

I' m Danielle Post. More than

eighteen months after a senior

Rebels bikie and his associate were

gunned down - the Judge presiding

over the double murder trial has

reserved his verdict. Parents of

reserved his verdict. Parents of th

accused, thanked their son' s

defence lawyers, while family and

friends of slain bikie Richard

Roberts are hoping for justice.

On March twenty-four last year Greg

Carrigan was shot dead by Russell

Field in the backyard of a home in

Couchman Crescent at Chisholm.

Richard Roberts was shot dead here

on the street a couple of doors

down. The Prosecution has argued

Field made a choice to use deadly

force against two unarmed men. force against two unarmed men. Whil

the Defence has argued Field shot the men in self defence and it was

case of kill or be killed. +y For

the first time friends of Richard

Roberts showed a strong presence in

court.Rick the Rebel, as he was

known and his associate Greg