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(generated from captions) extraordinarily important job

considering this situation we have

with the Government at the moment.

Yeah, well, that's very true. It

will be a demanding and challenging

job. In fact, the parliamentary

sessions ahead will be demanding

and challenging for all involved,

whether they be members of the

Government, Opposition or indeed

the Independents. Now also under

previous governments it wasn't

uncommon for many MPs to miss votes.

Many Australians, I guess, would be

quite surprised by that, the fact

that MPs would miss crucial votes.

It's very important and it's your

job to ensure that they are there

for those crucial jots. Well, the

whips -- votes. Well, the whips

have always tried to maintain a

state of discipline with regard to

the Parliament but the reality is

when the Government has a majority

of, say, 20 votes, it doesn't

matter so much but it certainly

matters know and the Government, in

reality, can't afford to have one person missing in action.

There are serious concerns, though,

with this situation we've got now

under a minority Gillard Government

that we won't see effective

legislation passed. Do you believe

that? Well, that remains to be seen.

We are confident that won't be the

case but that's largely in the case

of Tony Abbott. What we've tried to

do in this difficult situation is

take the opportunity, make it a

positive, to reform the parliament

and give the Australian people the

sort of representation they expect

and deserve. We think that is

possible. Unfortunately, Tony

Abbott is taking a different path.

He's decided to be a wrecker rather

than someone prepared to work with

us to produce good government. Is

this a time to start playing

politics tit-for-tat? I guess we've

got to work together to make sure

legislation does pass effectively?

We don't expect Tony Abbott to

entirely end the political game but

we do expect him, in what is a

difficult circumstance, to play a

positive role and, where necessary,

cooperate with the Government. Now,

the key to that, of course, is

parliamentary reform. He signed up

to a deal with the Government and

the Independents and sadly, he's

decided to walk away from that deal.

Mr Fitzgibbon, just moving on to

another issue, you've obviously had

quite a coup successfully electing

Peter Slipper as deputy speaker.

Why was it so important for the

Labor Party to have a Liberal

person in this position? Well,

again, the Government entered into

an agreement with both the

Opposition and it's Independents

that if we were to have a Labor

speaker, then we should have a

deputy speaker from the other side

of politics. What we've done,

indeed, is remain committed to that

deal and that arrangement, in

writing by the way, that deal. But

Tony Abbott, of course, has walked

away from the deal. So all we have

done is stuck to our commitment.

Alright. Thanks so much for joining

us this morning. Much appreciated.

It's a pleasure.

The Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh,

has just started a stint as a

checkout chick for a day. It's part

of a pre-election campaign to win

back voters. Ten's Jessica Turner

is at the Brisbane store.

Well, it's certainly not your

average day here at the Coles

supermarket at Marsden in Brisbane.

The Queensland Premier, Anna Bligh,

is set to be checkout chick for a

day here and it's certainly created

quite a stir. Now, you can

guarantee there won't be any of

your regular chitchat at the

register this morning. The

Queensland extremeier is pretty

unpopular with voters at the moment