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Coming up on WIN News... One dead in a collision on the Monaro Coming up on WIN News... One perso

Highway. The 43rd Parliament

officially opened. And the ACT' s

building boom keeps booming. Join for all the details next. building boom keeps booming. Join m

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Edition at 11:55 Tonight ... Edition at 11:55 Tonight ... Anothe

life lost: A car ploughs into a

truck on the Monaro Highway. MPs

Australia officially opened. And house bound: The 43rd parliament of

turning 100: the ACT government' s

push for the PM to chip in some

party money. Good evening, I' m

Danielle Post. The Monaro Highway

remains closed in the Tuggeranong

Valley tonight, after a fatal

head-on crash involving a logging

truck. An ACT man died truck. An ACT man died instantly,

when his car swerved onto the wrong

side of the road, and hit the

semi-trailer. The highway isn' t j? expected to

expected to re-open for at least

another three hours. Closed

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