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(generated from captions) Thank you! Thank you! (LAUGHS) Have a look at Yvonne! Yvonne can't believe it.

Oh, thank you, thank you. How about that? I'm gobsmacked! Yvonne, what do you about that? your gob, and it looks smacked! You are, aren't you? I can see Hey, Audrey, $50,000. Do something with your sister. but enjoy it as well. Give some to charity, Thank you. You've worked so hard for it.

You deserve everything you get. is Audrey Doyle, What a wonderful woman just won $50,000! Millionaire Hot Seat! Goodnight! See you next time in the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by asylum seekers held back as Wrestle on a rooftop - desperate

try to A narrow scramble out of unfinished because of concerns over the Greed is good - from an iconic movie right here in New York. The stand-off from jumping from the roof of a is at protesters turning out in their have been told two of the asylum seekers have come down from the detention centre roof, Sri Lankan still up there and while until they have a more concrete officials with conditions surrounding their visas. that, truckloads lining the They were afternoon which could It has been a very intense Bay here in Australia. number of move to the continuously drag have told getting cent will almost certainly Two people on board a bus at Pemulwuy in escaped unhurt, caught fire. The looking for a the after spotting smoke coming from We're 12 days out Commonwealth Games and the of the event was put in doubt athletes' village. Damian Ryan is in New Plain and simple, the place is not they saw their section of the village. At From a distance, it stands tall will be home for 7,000 athletes proud - a high-rise village

officials. Last gave a cameras, but the New It appeared clean and fresh for the

has had a closer cameras, but the New Zealand team

New Zealand's declared it in a mess days off yet, I think. They've got two take days to do what's probably gonna In New Delhi, Australia's Perry Crosswhite interviewed, but told be ready begin be ready by the time our athletes easy, according to the Kiwis. The disappointing is that it's been left as late it has, monumental effort to get it the line. Security fears in this city mean fenced-off Games there'll be sweeping and fixing Army chiefs are in damage control frontline troops in Afghanistan. The soldier claims his left stranded by firepower during one of the The Battle province - 40 in the 3-hour gunfight. A soldier Lance Corporal Jared MacKinney died

who fought alongside him says email they needed He says arrived late late to have any real impact. used mortars Even though thick of the battle, a senior generals or anyone and do the job if you think you do better. and do the job if you think you can

The Defence Minister seems be considered in Defence investigation of this While air support might Most of the concerns are valid.

attack, slow in coming, not long after the put off from launching Will assault. Yes. It's the job we are here not alone? The soldier who wrote the email is

Another it sold jerked concerns air support had come He said that NATO available at of leave issues they could not anyone to when they attack, choppers anyone to fly them. He said that

to anyone who can help solve a murder mystery dating back three decades. and Sydney's northern beaches in 1982, answers after 28 look at It's hard. You still think - you

you think, "Oh, that looks The 33-year-old mother of two went missing in her Lynette's husband, Chris Dawson, of Lynette's husband, Chris

rugby her murder. At the time, the former 16-year-old babysitter, having an affair with the

in 2003 Chris Dawson had admitted his wife. We've missed our Two state coroners have recommended claimed there wasn't enough I do the community, particularly in the The only physical evidence discovered by remains unbelievably new laws enforced on our clubs. new laws enforced on our pubs and thanks to painstaking surgery she's finally able to face the world

A new always beautiful. like three years ago terribly like three years ago - her face another girl on a pub glass after an argument with

She lost and my stepdad live and my stepdad was "I don't want to her herself away, barely able For a long time, Krystle's hidden

look in the When they look in world, they feel more like Surgery old self. is helping Krystle feel whole again. Do you Um, I think I've got a long way I feel better, and I confident in pushing for plastic cups in pubs and clubs, glassings in people are Be responsible,

Bit by bit, psychology at back together. She's studying

Douglas, refusing to let He's made it to the battle with The experts said battle with advanced throat cancer.

were wouldn't make the premiere. They were wrong. A little frail, and supported by his wife, but he was when it strong - he's Oliver Stone Douglas an you seeing him like It's painful. It's hard. The fact he's come out a few times - There are more not just because of a movie He's going through a Greed is good - And in the sequel, Gordon ..and picking up Someone reminded me I once greed is The movie opens in Australia on Denham Hitchcock, Nine Socialite Paris Hilton has jail, despite pleading possessing cocaine. She's been sentenced sentenced to 200 hours of community service, the drug at a To the and few players more dynamic Lote Tuqiri. With a massive on Saturday rare insight spectacular side to watch than the This is Tiger town, all important emotion. Away from the Rebekah is there through the glory and We are very how we handle things how we handle things and how we are as parents. work on He's a hands-on dad - straight it with the boys. They Don't tell me he's a We have been working And when it comes Lote wants to make it clear Tigers can win There is a quiet the group. I think we can We just have Lote's ability In the news ahead Plus spectators injured And the It affects not just me, the smoker, but the whole family. I mean, my kids are gonna be without a mother. Um...I'll never be there to... help my girls dress up for the prom. You know, I want them to know that it's a real thing.

You know, it's not enough just to see what it does to your lungs. I want them to see how it tears apart a family, you know, emotionally. VOICEOVER: Get a car, home or CTP insurance quote from Apia before October 31 and you could win the experience of a lifetime with Peregrine or $25,000 cash. Now's a great time to get a quote from Apia. They insure for us over-50s.

Apia understands us. They know what we want. For your chance to win the experience of a lifetime or $25,000 cash, call Apia today on 13 50 50 or go to This program is captioned live. It's been a week now, and search is still on for the mystery $20 million ticket was Castle Hill last Tuesday. Wales Lotteries say it's one The two Bali Nine ringleaders today Indonesian court. Andrew Chan and Myuran heroin into Bali in their final attempt Today they faced Denpasar's lives. Chan was first to take stand. He stand. He presented his case in Indonesian - a language he's deserve to be punished for my crime, but I beg the court that I not be executed. The pair was arrested when Indonesian 8kg of heroin out of Bali to wasn't carrying drugs, Indonesian police described him police described him as an organiser. changed man and is studying to be a priest. Sukumaran was picked up a Kuta second shipment of heroin, was also His mother, brother and sister in court to hear his He said, "I know that I back the wrong I have done, am now leading a life which helps other people". Both Chan and Sukumaran say they are rehabilitated, reformed and both my clients in my view are clearly rehabilitated. A spectator stand during a southern Brazil. More than 100 people gave way, but hospital. The stand had not been They've taken a back seat for most of the season, but the limelight. Brownlow medal? league of her own - for all the wrong reasons. red number - Twigley It was Judd by the way who did she get it share - $170,000 share - $170,000 for this gold necklace. Our pick of the night bit intimidating, but Sport is next with Ken, and a young Tiger but today the electrifying centre had another mission down by the And barrels champ at the place they call mini pipeline. And how long can weather? I'll have all the details VOICEOVER: Hungry Jack's apologises. When we created the Alfresco chicken range, we had no idea deciding would be so difficult. Sure, we knew that grilled chicken, succulent TenderCrisp burger and Alfresco wrap - each with avocado, fresh salad and garlic aioli - would prove irresistible.

We just never imagined the stress choosing would cause. Hungry Jack's Alfresco chicken range. MAN: The burgers are better at Hungry Jack's. Premiership will Premiership will fix it. At the Tigers it has been a day to do what Balmoral Beach is Balmoral Beach is hardly the place to but Tigers centre Chris Lawrence was in his element kids through their While his from football, Lawrence was happy to We know if we don't turn up for the full 80 minutes, lot of lot of points in a short space of time. Lawrence will line this year When a lot of players don't achieve they've achieved a lot individually if for their state or country, collectively as a team that's ultimate goal. Scott Prince was the Scott Prince was the Wests Tigers leader when they won captaining the Titans, that victory against the a highlight of years down the believes his old club can defy odds again. game I've ever been involved in. Upwards of 30,000 fans are open the gate at training open the gate at training tomorrow, ahead of the AFL Grand Final. Test tour and Test tour and the limited overs series. series. They had been warnings about about the risks of travelling to the sub-continent. relaxed about The big battering our shores welcomed by some. pictures were shot on the coast. The pipeline, and you can see is world is world champion Dean Bell and inaction. For servers, it does not get much better than There was indeed. A perfect spring day. Details Coming up on WIN News... Day two Coming up on WIN News... Day two o the double murder trial. The A-triple C crackdown: protecting

young people from internet

scammers.And What is the financial

impact of irresponsible drinking?

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and don't miss out on a great deal during Holden Month. Go better. beautiful warmest day in will be a call southerly It is definitely starting to warm For more Sydney news, follow the that is I'm Georgie Gardner, thanks for

killer. The court heard Tonight

... A love triangle at the centre ... A love triangle at the centre o

evidence on day two of a double

murder trial The consumer watchdog,

sweeping the net - stopping sweeping the net - stopping scammer

from targeting teens. And top

honours for a Canberra

mother-of-three - helping women mother-of-three - helping women bac

into the workforce. Good Evening,

I' m Danielle Post. Defence lawyers

have revealed a love triangle as

part of evidence, in the second day

of Russell Norman Field' s double

murder trial. They argued the

girlfriend of one of the slain

bikies, played a key role in the

events that lead to the killings.

The woman who can' t be named, gave

evidence, telling the court she is

now hated by the Rebels motorcycle

gang, which has labelled her a

killer. The court heard Senior

Rebels bikie Richard Roberts, and his accused killer Russell Field his accused killer Russell Field ar linked by one woman. That woman

can' t be named in the double can' t be named in the double murde

trial, and is known only as trial, and is known only as witnes

three. In her evidence today she

told the court she started a

relationship with Rick, a little

after she broke up with Field in

October 2008. After Rick and Greg

Carrigan were shot dead on March