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Weekend Sunrise -

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(generated from captions) The 'Red Queen', Julia Gillard, of ministers to call her own. now officially has a new team this week, Labor's Cabinet was sworn in are making headlines. but, already, new and old faces correspondent with the Riley Diary. Here's our chief political PLAYS) ('SHINY HAPPY PEOPLE' BY R.E.M. and handshakes this week Yes, it was all smiles at Government House gathered with their families as the shiny, happy Labor people for the swearing in. # Shiny, happy people holding hands # Shiny, happy people holding hands # Shiny happy people laughin'. # for the second time in three months. As the red queen is sworn in serve the Commonwealth of Australia I will well and truly in the office of prime minister. the 'Kevinator' getting his wish. And presenting her new team, for foreign affairs. To be the minister They'll need to work closely now. So help me, God. in the service. Indeed, he reckons he's happy of Australia. I'm the Foreign Minister Yes, you are. the leader in exile Although the Opposition calls you were called up... and as his political assassins Senator, the Honourable Mark Arbib. William Richard Shorten MP. I present the Honourable giving the faceless men names. one the Honourable David Ian Feeney. Senator, Although not always the right name. the Honourable David Edward Farrell. Senator, That's DONALD Edward Farrell. or happy. No, he certainly doesn't looks shiny of how I look. I love these psycho-analyses by the way? What's your qualification, Well, none. Dr Julius Epstein for his reading So we asked respected psychiatrist of this apparent conflict. in this personality disorder Well, I think the conflict started in his formative years. Personality disorder? Strewth. I just think this stuff is great. with the new red queen? And his relationship They were once very close. What about now? is a very productive That relationship

and professional relationship to be conducted on that basis. and I'm sure it will continue with the explosion Hmm. But how's he dealt of their personal relationship? Dr Epstein again. the healthiest thing in his life. His love for her was It was genuine and clean. Not like some patients I know. but she says they'll still get on. Well, that love may be gone, Mr Rudd will play his proper role. I will play my proper role, The 'Slugger' is not so sure. (LAUGHS) and happy Independent Rob Oakeshott And the indefatigably shiny gift of the gab to some good use thought he might put his particular

the Speaker of the Parliament. by pushing to become

We already know he can speak...

when I was a kid One of my favourite movies was the 'Highlander' movie. ..and speak...

at many Christmases to come. This is going to be brought up ..and speak. half a dozen of the other. Six of one, how to be a speak-er. But does he know there's no parenting manual. But like parenting, Um, you work it out as you go. can be pretty unruly. Yeah. But these kids What a complete fake. What a fraud. What a phoney. He's an idiot. Tony! Tony! Tony! It can be a funny old game. of snakes and ladders There is something of the quality about the business of politics. Yep, but mostly snakes. his secret weapon to charm them. And in this interview, he revealed

A particular sense of humour. And moving motions? (GIGGLES) (SNIFFS) someone has moved a motion. Smells like (LAUGHS UNCONTROLLABLY) Did you fart?

that would raise the standards. Not sure moving motions. Sorry. Just when you said, um, speak too much. Oh, dear. Sometimes he really does Mark Riley, good morning.

humour on a Sunday morning, Kyles. Nothing like a little bit of toilet Julia and Kevin Former allies-turned-enemies

are back working side by side.

What was the other word

Professional. It will ever work

snnchts I think it might be proper

and professional. I think it will be

fraction as well. Kevin Rudd is not

a shrinking violet. What he has

proved in the last few days, in

Pakistan, over in the US,

Pakistan, over in the US, is that he proved in the last few days, in

will be a very noticeable and very

active foreign minister indeed. I

think you know, Alexander Downer

were no shrinking vie lets but I

think Kevin Rudd as foreign minister

will be the highest profile foreign

minister we have had. That may cause

some issues for Julia Gillard. He is

very heavy on international policy.

She gave an interview, saying she is

going to concentrate on domestic

politics. She will need to work

closely with Kevin Rudd. I think we

can still see that that relationship

has some eminent difficulties. I

think they may be apparent as the

foreign policy rolls out and Kevin

walks the world stage and jewel a

tries to run domestic policy. How

long before we see her flying on a

plane to exert that prime minister

yal ship if you like? She last to do

it. She also said in that same

interview yesterday that she will go

to APEC in a few weeks time in

Japan. Also to another G20 meeting

in Korea around the same time

they are the only two meetings she in Korea around the same time but

is going to. She will consider a few

regional meetings that are fairly

important but I think she wants to

stay in Australia, bed down the

problems here with domestic

politics. There are a lot of

contradictions here. Both leaders

over the weekend have contradicted

themselves, Julia Gillard is talking

about letting the sunshine in, being

a cooperative government, realising

the pressures of minority government

and a hung Parliament, working with

everybody in a sort of consensus

way. Then she gives a speech

yesterday, out of Bathurst,

on the Hill, where she talks about yesterday, out of Bathurst, a Light

acting like they won in a landslide.

You can't do that. This is a

minority government, you almost lost

in an earthquake. Then you have Tony in an earthquake. They

Abbott, saying, this

Abbott, saying, this is a government that Abbott, saying, this is a government

that lost its majority and lost its

legitimacy, they are going to tear

it down. Today in a column in

Fairfax newspapers, he is talking

about being a constructive

opposition. I think they are going

to have to work out who they are and

what their approach will be. EU

can't let you go without asking

about Rob Oakeshott. Will he

about Rob Oakeshott. Will he become Speaker of the House? Yeah, a good

question. He is very entertaining.

The thing about being speaker, it's

not just about the wanting to change

the standards of the house, it's

knowing the standing orders of the

cause, which is this enormous big

green book full of all this curious

dark arts of the procedures of the

Parliament. There is a very big

ceremonial part to the speaker ship.

It's a big job, it takes about $ It's a big job, it takes about

$100,000 extra on top of the $ $100,000 extra on top of the

$120,000 for an MP. So it comes with

a lot of money, a big office, a lot

of staff, and but a lot of

responsibility, the speaker is the

face of the Parliament, the representative of the Parliament.

Not the government or the executive,

but, the Parliament of Australia.

So, I heard Rob Oakeshott saying

through the week, I will be in

Canberra, during the sitting weeks,

it's not like that. You have to be

speaker every day of the week. The

problem for Labor is that Harry

Geneva instance is a very good

speaker, a lot of people in the walk

us want to keep him there but I

think the pressure is on her not to

accept Rob Oakeshott as speaker.