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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. in New Delhi. Gunmen open fire on a tourist bus our athletes were already at risk. Experts say for the Commonwealth Games? So, what does this new attack mean on your mobile phone. How you could be getting ripped off We'll tell you how to get even. Do we need to say more? is live at Brekky Central. The teen heart-throb This is Sunrise on Seven.

here's Kochie and Nat. Now, live from Brekky Central, and welcome to Sunrise. Good morning everyone in the building within the hour. And yes, we're expecting him to Justin Bieber? Why am I getting flashbacks

Take a look at this scene yesterday

Take a look at this scene

Take a look at this scene Zac Efron

greeted fans in Sydney's west. He

had quite a few people there. We

have extra security on stand by this

morning. The police actually called

us last night and said, "

us last night and said, "Hoy, have

you got that bloke coming in?

you got that bloke coming in?." This

is the live shot at the moment, fans

started to arrive from 5. started to arrive from 5.15. The

25-year-old will be here to talk

about his new movie. I I am going to

have to paint a moustache on the

T-shirt. He has got that mature look

no, hasn't he? Yes, got the beard

and facial hair going. What do you

think? Anything Could happen this

the news. morning so let's get it start would

Good morning. in Adelaide. A man has been shot dead by police

with a police vehicle The man's car collided

around 9:30 last night. was being pursued by police It's not known if the man at the time. in Forestville Police sealed off streets immediately after the shooting, confirming the man's death with the assistant commissioner at midnight. Police Headquarters We'll be taking you live to later in the show. An Islamist group in India for shooting tourists in New Delhi. has claimed responsibility with a submachine gun Attackers on a motorbike opened fire biggest mosques. at a bus outside one of the city's were injured. Two Taiwanese nationals

In just two weeks,

of athletes and officials Australians will be among thousands for the Commonwealth Games. travelling to the city urges Australians The government's travel advice of caution in India, to exercise a high degree including in New Delhi. has threatened more violence The same Islamist group during the Games. The search is resuming who've gone missing in wilderness for five motorcycle riders south-west of Melbourne. were with 2 men 3 boys, aged 11, 13 and 14, in the Great Otway National Park who set out for a ride yesterday afternoon. looking for them Police and SES crews spent the night as the sun comes up. and are stepping up the search left orphaned by a Sydney car crash, A 20-day-old baby, will remain in hospital to raise her. while authorities look for someone Lucy Shollback's parents were killed in hospital last week. on their way from seeing her weighing just 1.3kg. She was born premature, seeking custody Family members have come forward of Community Services workers. but for now, Lucy's in the care five other children. Her parents have also left behind over an unpaid taxi fare It's claimed a fight Socceroos captain Craig Moore was behind the arrest of former in Dubai. A local newspaper says over the $14.50 fare Moore argued with the cabbie before police were called. shoved one of the officers. It's alleged he then would front court yesterday It was thought the 34-year-old when the hearing will be. but prosecutors say they don't know Until then, Moore is free on bail. accused of charging their customers Mobile phone companies have been free-call numbers. even when they dial from landlines are usually free Calls to 1800 and 1300 numbers

for mobile phones. but are treated differently Consumer groups say from mobiles some apparent free calls in just 8 minutes. can run up to $7.50 with the telco watchdog They've lodged a complaint their customers enough warning. saying phone companies aren't giving In finance news:

The Dow ended last week higher,

continuing a September rally,

despite trading bea bit of

uncertainty for most of the week.

Dow Jones added 13 points, the FT

100 down 32. To our region, and

Japan's Nikkei added 115 points.

To the commodities: at CommSec Let's check in with Craig James to see what's in store this week.

For this Grand Final week. (sings

Oh, when the Saints, Oh when the Saints. All

Saints. All together now! Let's

focus on finance first. Fair enough,

today zee the Reserve Bank governor

speaking, he hasn't fronted the

lectern fraa while. We will be

watching the speech with interest. I

think the Reserve Bank will wail

until November before making a

decision and wait until the

inflation figures at the

inflation figures at the end of

October. We have got the minutes of

the last board meeting on Tuesday

but it will be a less impressive

affair. We won't learn a lot from

that. Zee got the latest commodity

forecast, the latest forecast from

the government's forecaster and the

government financial accounts at the

end of the week. Most people

it is boring affair but we will end of the week. Most people think

learn how wealthy we are in terms

orphfinancial sense and how much our

superfunds have got invested around

the world. Craig, no doubt we will

catch up a bit later in the week to

see how you are tipping and how the

boys are going. See you. Good on

you, Craig, it will be a big week. Gary Ablett Reigning Brownlow Medallist to inherit his mantle is expecting Collingwood's Dane Swan as the AFL's premier player. an odds-on favourite Swan has been installed highest individual honour to take out the sport's in Melbourne tonight. but will garner plenty of attention Ablett is second favourite regardless of how he polls. remains undecided The star midfielder about a possible big-money switch franchise. to the incoming Gold Coast Phil Graham hasn't given up Injured Roosters winger NRL preliminary final on playing in Friday night's against the Gold Coast. Graham tore a pectoral muscle against Penrith but is having sugar injected into the muscle and hopes to make a miracle recovery. The Roosters are expected to target Scott Prince

at Suncorp Stadium but Gold Coast coach John Cartwright believes the tactic is doomed to fail. A hat-trick from Dimitar Berbatov Casey Stoner's frustrating MotoGP season has finally hit a high point. The Ducati rider scored a dominant victory in the Aragon Grand Prix overnight,

beating second-placed Dani Pedrosa by more than five seconds. The win moves Stoner back into third spot in the rider's championship.

Well done, Casey koner, great 250

have him back and great to have this

bloke back from holidays, straight

to little athletics for training? It

may be a phraepbd, but I am showing

that exercise shouldn't be

restricted to weekends. You never

looked fitter. There is an important

philosophy I live by, an inner zen,

it is a water fall starts with one

drop. That's a good one, I'm going

to write it down. What it means, I

am going to figure out in the next

half hour, but I am in Parramatta,

out in Sydney, the safest enough

distance from the singer? Zac

distance from the singer? Zac Efron.

Yes, I love her work, great. No,

only joking. It sounds like it is

going to be pandemonium. But we are

at Parramatta for little athletics

and the kids exercising for a good

cause. We will get your weather started

cause. We will get your weather

morning started with the weather,

good morning. Sunrise weather brought to you by Claratyne.

Year-round allergy relief. Be prepared and live Claratyne clear. Rain with a possible storm in Townsville. Rain periods in Bundaberg. Chance of a shower in Sydney.

But you wouldn't know it looking at

the sky at the moment. Morning cloud in Canberra. Morning cloud in Bendigo.

Yes, I will be just stretching the

lack tismous dorsi and the

trupedeium straight after that and

see you straight after that. Brrr!

Looks like you are on the long jump

track, catch you then. Good to have

you back. See you then. Later this hour - Dannii Minogue lets fly.

She claims she's the victim of backstage bullying. Also ahead, what doctors now say about circumcision. But next, how to score a discount next time you shop. It's a Sunrise exclusive right after this. # Rocking 'til the break of day # Don't stop rocking now, no way Big news this morning for Little Red who we had perform on the show just over a week ago. Their new album 'Midnight Remember' has debuted at number five on the ARIA charts. That makes it the top-selling Australian album of the week. And their first single 'Rock It' has also rocketed up the charts to number 19 - the second biggest Australian song of the week. So a big congratulations to the boys. Big news this morning for members of the Sunrise Family - and there are more than 200,00 across Australia. This morning, we're re-launching the Family section of our website

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have the Sunrise family discount card. Coming up - how a mum's behaviour during pregnancy could determine whether her child one day gets cancer. But next, can you believe this? The councils where mayors are chosen by pulling names out of a hat.

Plus another animal story for Nat. Even she will like this one. VOICEOVER: A Commonwealth Bank employee - prompt, personable, and...understands your priorities. Thank you, Dane. How far would you go to save a life? To protect the environment? To break down barriers? To strive for perfection?

To right wrongs? To stand for justice? To make the world safer, more tolerant, more understanding? With over 400 courses available, Charles Sturt University can help you go the distance. With flexible learning, you can study your way. From our cute file this morning, a scene ripped straight from the pages of 'The Lion King'. This baby lion has paired up with a meerkat in South Africa. The lion was rescued by a local safari ranch after being rejected by her mum. The meerkat was also separated from its family so they're now going it together.

Might be worth checking back when the lion is slightly bigger to see whether it's still happy families.

Or half an hour after the photo was

taken? I think it is a loverly

thing, Kochie, I mean, you know,

they have obviously had rough starts

to life, both of them and here they

found each other. Possibly not for

much longer. How long were you in

Africa? Two and a half years we

lived in Botsaana but the meerkat

looks a bit southwesternr concerned

in that -- looks a bit concerned in

that photograph. He is all a bit

Makoonamatada but to posmint. Get

the snap but I am out of here. Check

back with me after lunch. Looking at what's making news today. And is it time for Australia to boycott the Commonwealth Games for safety reasons? Indian Islamists are claiming responsibility for an attack on a tourist bus in New Delhi

in which two foreign tourists were injured. Local police say it was more likely the work of disgruntled criminals. But should we be sending our athletes to India if there's any risk at all to their safety?

What do you think? I struggle with

this. Look, we have been saying for

a couple of years, we flagged it a

couple of years ago, it is a real

problem. They can't control security

in India, too big a pop

in India, too big a population

in India, too big a population and there are risks that go with it. Is

it one of the things that incidents

happen in different spots and ourth

letes are far away and protect, we

don't know. And a lot of the

athletes have been saying it, we

don't feel great. The bloke whose

shot up the tourist bus just then

said we wanted to make a point the

police are stupid. Great, thanks!

Why don't you just protest outside a

police station? What if you trained

for years and years of your life

for years and years of your life and this is your first Games we look

look at that. Seven News tonight laz

a big story on that around the country at 6 p.m. country at 6 p.m.. Also making news, Julia Gillard is willing to reopen debate on euthanasia. Greens Leader, Bob Brown is demanding the repeal of legislation preventing the ACT

and Northern Territory

from legalising voluntary euthanasia. The Prime Minister's office has indicated politicians could get a conscience vote on the issue. Let us know

whether you think it's time for euthanasia to be made legal in Australia.

Time to have a serious debate on it?

I think it is a sign of a mature and compassionate society, if that is

the case. If the family whose are in

that situation are able to feel that

we are not going to break any laws

if this happens, I think it is a

good thing, my own opinion. Yes, it

is very personal mism Depends on

your own experiences. What you have

lived through and what you have seen

other people live through. Is it time to do away with local councils when some are picking their leaders by drawing names from hats? Many mayors are chosen by councillors rather than rate payers. But when that vote's tied, the top job on council is chosen by pulling names from hats.

Does this make local authorities a bit of a joke?

Is it a good idea? Would we be

better off doing away with them

entirely? It could open the flood

gates on, I-hate-my local council

type stories. Are they side type stories. Are they

type stories. Are they tpaeblgtive

You love yours, renovations going

through. They are great. Guys and

girls, on top of it. Great. I

girls, on top of it. Great. I think

you do need local councils but

should they be elected. Pulled from

a hat doesn't Sunday

a hat doesn't Sunday very

scientific. Administrators and run

like a local government department.

Is your mayor? Don't know. Can't

remember. I with Nat. Anyone on the

crew know your mayor. Or your ward,

how many people know that. Do we

really know who we are voting for?

But they are the level of government

that is most intrusive on our

day-to-day life. And as we said before, they are great people! Shortly - the backstage bullying that left Dannii Minogue in tears. Then, why you could be getting ripped off by toll-free phone numbers. But next, news, sport and weather together.

As we count down to the arrival of Zac Efron.. (DOGS BARK) VOICEOVER: Life just keeps rolling on. So the home loan that suits you now might not in the future. That's why the NAB home loan exchange policy lets you exchange your NAB variable-rate home loan when you need to. And you won't pay a switch fee. (MIAOWS) So ask us about the NAB home loan exchange policy. Call 13 13 12 today. CHILD: VOICEOVER: Cuddly Ultra now has aroma capsules... ..for longer-lasting fragrance. CHILD: Thanks for making everything It's Zac Efron Monday here on Sunrise. The teen heart-throb will be here in the studio after 7:00am.

Lots of people have been lining up

since before 5 o'clock this morning.

It is effron fever but first the 6. It is effron fever but first the 6.30 update. Good morning. First to a developing story, and Adelaide police have shot and killed a man just outside the CBD.

It happened at Forestville last night, after the man's car allegedly collided with a police vehicle. However, it's not known if the officers man had been pursuing the man. We'll have more on this story through the morning. Fallen police officer William Crews will be laid to rest this morning during a funeral service in his home town in New South Wales. Constable Crews was accidentally shot by a colleague

during a drug raid in Bankstown earlier this month.

He was honoured during a service in Sydney last week. More than 500 officers are expected to attend today's memorial in Glen Innes. There are fresh security concerns in Delhi after a shooting attack on tourists outside the city's main mosque. Two men on a motorcycle opened fire on a bus,

wounding two people from Taiwan. An Indian Islamist group has taken responsibility. In just two weeks, Australians will join thousands of athletes in Delhi, competing in the Commonwealth Games. They need to be extremely concerned about ensuring they don't do things that are out of the ordinary. The Islamist group has threatened more attacks during the Games. Passengers injured on a Qantas plane that plunged in the skies over WA, are heading to court. 12 people were seriously hurt when QF72 fell suddenly near Exmouth two years ago. 64 passengers have joined the class action against aircraft-maker Airbus. but experts doubt it'll succeed.

First of all, we haven't got a loss of life here, and we also haven't got an accident cause yet from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. The incident was blamed on a faulty flight computer. A coronial investigation's been ordered

into why a sick teenager was turned away from a WA hospital before dying later that night. Andrew Allan's parents took him to Northam Hospital, east of Perth, on Thursday. he was vomiting and had a 40 degree fever. The 16-year-old was sent home without seeing a doctor and died hours later. I just want to offer my deepest sympathies to the family. The coroner's also investigating

the death of a baby boy at the hospital in the past few weeks. Victorian police will review CCTV pictures of a street brawl in Geelong, reportedly involving AFL star Paul Chapman. Witnesses say Chapman was out with fellow Cats players early yesterday morning when a fight erupted in the street. Most of those involved had taken off by the time police arrived, and there were no arrests. It's understood, club officials know about the incident and are investigating along with police. The wives and girlfriends of the AFL will battle it out tonight for best dressed at the Brownlow Medal in Melbourne. Top designers are putting the finishing touches on dresses and the women have spent all weekend preparing for the blue carpet. I think we will be seeing a lot of classy dresses, not a lot of cleavage on show,

We're talking bigger dresses, lots

of nude colours, very pretty, quite

demure . Collingwood's Dane Swan is a strong favourite to take the medal.

Mel wears nude on election night and

the world follows. Let's take a look at Wall Street

at Wall Street now. Over the

weekend, up 13 points, the Dow

Jones. The Federal Reserve, their open

Jones. The Federal Reserve, their

open markets committee will meet

this week to take a look at interest

rates and whether they should print more rates and whether they should print

more money to try to stimulate the American economy. Thanks, Kochie. Good morning. Time for sport.

a battle on two fronts St Kilda's Nick Dal Santo is facing to keep is premiership dream alive. suffered a back injury The classy midfielder preliminary final win during Saturday night's over the Western Bulldogs. And he's also expected from the match review panel to come under scrutiny for a bump on Callan Ward. is in no doubt Star defender Jason Gram despite a groin problem. they have to improve dramatically The Wests Tigers admit in Saturday night's to be competitive against the Dragons on their last performance

blockbuster preliminary final. St George-Illawarra ran out comfortable 34-10 winners in round 19 but the Tigers remain convinced they can spring an upset. Tigers skipper Robbie Farah believes his side is on the verge of replicating its fairytale run to the 2005 premiership. Rain in Cairns has forced Australia's vital Davis Cup World Group playoff against Belgium into a fourth day. Peter Luczak will return to the court today, locked at 4-4 with Olivier Rochus in the first set of their reverse singles clash. Lleyton Hewitt will miss the remainder of the tie because of a wrist injury. appears bleak Gold Coast United's A-league future 0-0 draw with Central Coast. following yesterday's uninspiring

2,037 spectators to Skilled Park - The club could only attract in its short history. the lowest crowd figure In yesterday's other clash, downed Wellington 2-1 at AAMI Park. the Melbourne Heart

Grandis back with us this morning

and he -- Grant Denyer is back and

can't get enough little athletics? I

worked on a television show called

Iron Chef where you eat a lot of

food, lot of food! So I thought

is a great way to come back to work food, lot of food! So I thought what

with enthusiasm and celebrating an

Australian tradition, kids and their

folks on the weekend? Little

athletics. We are at Parramatta, the

little athletics centre andz it is

long-jump time, good form, Josie,

sorry, Sarah! What amazes me mostly

about it is the world record. See

these kids are doing a top job. Let

me take you back, Leyou

me take you back, Le you go back to

where the world record is, I will

edge you that way, I will show you,

8 metres 98 is the distance. That

red cone there is when Mike Powell

in 1991 got the world record for the

US, hasn't been beaten since, that

is the length of a stretch hummer, extraordinary! Sunrise weather brought to you by Claratyne. Year-round allergy relief. and live Claratyne clear. Be prepared widespread rain over Queensland A trough is generating heavy in western Queensland. and northern New South Wales, A near-stationary high

There were falls up to 100mm

yesterday, could be falled up to 50

mills. But moves to the east now.

southwesterly winds is maintaining cool but only light isolated showers. and low cloud over the south, are affecting western WA. Gusty easterly winds for the rest of the week, And rain should continue Rain periods in Brisbane.

easing on Friday. A possible shower in Sydney. until Thursday. Rain periods will continue Clearing to a sunny Friday.

Morning cloud in Canberra. Sunny tomorrow. The cloudy for the rest of the week. Showers in Melbourne. And rain periods should continue until the end of the week. Mainly fine in Hobart today. Showers tomorrow and until Friday. Mainly fine with some cloud about in Adelaide. Mainly fine with continuing cloud cover for the rest of the week. Sunny in Perth.

To give you an actual realistic idea

of how far that world record is...

Um, Cooper, are you up for it? Up

top, big dog M. top, big dog

top, big dog. Alright, let's do this

thing, are you ready. On your marks,

get set...

get set.... Your shoelace is undone,


Yes!, yes! How far did you jump? Did

you jump far? You ran the whole way,

good interpretation, up top! Well

done. See you in half an hour. Very

cute. Little athletics, get behind

it and if you are a parent,

volunteer, it depends on parents to

volunteer. Like all sports, you need

the coachs and the managers. For

years I was the announcer at Karr

iglingolo little athletics. Towards

the end of the season, I would be

out with the loud Hayler saying, " out with the loud Hayler saying,

"This is not a baby sitting service,

do your turn." Good to see you have

let go of it. Joke of the day comes

from Peter Car from Golden Square in

Victoria, what do you call a

in the distance? Dot.

Victoria, what do you call a woman in the distance? Dot. Just shy, that

much. A copy of the 'Riders' is

coming your way, though, you will thoroughly enjoy it. Coming up - the hidden sting with toll-free numbers. But next, what doctors now say about circumcision.

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# A wind up toy

# You stutter

# A bit grey in Brisbane today. through the Jetstar Skycam. A view of Brisbane Rain periods and 18 today. It's an often fierce debate it has new fuel. and this morning, most influential doctors Some of Australia's circumcision. have thrown their weight behind clear-cut evidence They say there's now of contracting HIV later in life. that it will lower a boy's risk is our medical editor. GP Ginni Mansberg Ginni, what is this evidence?

I mean, it is clear cut, there were

three massive studies, all conducted

in Africa, they suggest that having

a circumcision lowers your risk of

HIV by around 55 per cent to 60 per

cent. Massive reduction in risk.

Pretty clear cut now. So is the

medical community now sort of

unanimous with this? As a parent?

Nope. What do you decide? It is so

tough. Basically in Australia, very

few people get HIV through het

rusexual spread, still so a lot of

doctors say what happened in the

African trials we can't apply here.

Here it is mainly men who have sex

with men and intravenous drug users

so on Friday, the college of

fissions came out with the --

college of fuscissions came out and

reinforced the mantra. Africa is

different. A report out of

different. A report out of the United Kingdom suggests the risk of

cancer in a person starts at

conception? This is just another piece in

piece in the puzzle. Poor mum, the

minute she gets pregnant, haf or

diet is off, and down the toilet and

can't drink, and everything she does

affects her baby. If she puts on too

much weight her baby has the risk of

obesity and diabetes. And now,

cancers as well. So is under so much

stress. Lifestyle is the key? Don't

drink at all? The debate between

half and glass and not at all? What

do you do some cephal do you do some

do you do some? Some evidence,

per cent of women who are pregnant do you do some? Some evidence, 59

drink, it does increase the risk of

babies getting leukaemia and you

breast cancer. In the old days we

would have to way in for our pregnancy checks every few

pregnancy checks every few weeks,

no-one is worried about that lm, it

is too much weight. If you have a

massive baby or a tiny one, they are

at risk of other things, now cancer.

I wish you doctors would stop

changing your mind instead of

changing through generations. I know

we have to get our act together. with her baby boy, Ethan. Dannii Minogue is now enjoying time But in a new biography, things were less happy for her she's revealed on the set of Britain's 'X Factor'. for the 2007 season. Dannii joined the judging panel She says fellow judge Sharon Osbourne resented her presence.

Things came to a head when Sharon screamed at her in her dressing room. shortly before showtime. Dannii says she was left in tears, Martin Frizell. Let's bring in our UK correspondent, picture of Sharon, does it? This book doesn't paint a very good

It doesn't make her out to be Mother

Theresa, certainly but Dannii has a

book out, there has to be something

in it to sell and Dannii is saying

Sharon was a bully. I certainly hope

and I am sure the publishers have

had it leagueled to the enth degree,

because Sharon, wife of Aussie

because Sharon, wife of Aussie Ozy

is very litigious. She will

broadcast to as men people who live

in Australia, huge show, it is her

36 gtd birthday, before she goes on

air, in comes Sharon Osborne,

furious because she doesn't believe

Dan aye has been giving positive

stories to the press, she isfurous,

swearing and ranting, at one point, quoting from the book, "

quoting from the book, "Sharon

Osbourne, in full flight said I am

not doing anything to the press M. not doing anything to the press not doing anything to the press.

Don't play the insnlt, because if

you want to play games, missy, don't

you worry, I will play." It would

make me cry, it made Danny Minogue

cry, she had to go on stage five

minutes later, she is standing in

the wings, and Sharon comes up and

takes her hand and they walk on

stage and Sharon takes her hand,

Dannii is clearly confused. Sharon

left the zone and Dannii is still

there. It is a war zone in London,

Dannii is flying here to launch her

new fragrance, in town was

new fragrance, in town was also Sharon Osbourne and Ozzy Osbourne,

thank goodness he has gone to Paris

with her. Hard to keep up! Sharon

and her family are heading back?

This is the best bit, the fallout is

the best bit and it is only day one

of the serialisation. Kelly Osborn,

an Osborn got straight on to

Twitter. Sunrise she

Twitter. Sunrise she heard haorx is

on the Twitter sphere, and she said:

But there are better ones that than.

She is saying the best thing

She is saying the best thing to happen to Danie rr career. Wloung

it gets better than that! Hang on,

Oh! Well, we will trust her, won't

we, of course. Thank you, Martin

for, I think, clearing all that up,

or shedding some light on the public

spat. Life is tough for some people.

Poor Dannii too. I wonder if there

was any hair pulling, it would have

topped it off. Sharon livers where

Ozy so would have gone with bullying

boot camp. Coming up - the overnight attack in Delhi that places new doubt over the Commonwealth Games. Plus, get set girls - Zac Efron will be here in the studio. And a skydiver's near-death experience. The full story and the remarkable pictures when we return. ('TREPAK' FROM TCHAIKOVSKY'S 'THE NUTCRACKER' PLAYS) VOICEOVER: Today, 26 million texts will be sent on the Optus Open Network. 37,000 people will look at the weather... ..17,000 will look for love... ..over 200,000 will watch a music video, and over 25 million calls will be made on the Optus Open Network - the mobile network with real possibilities. (DOGS BARK) VOICEOVER: Life just keeps rolling on. So the home loan that suits you now might not in the future. That's why the NAB home loan exchange policy lets you exchange your NAB variable-rate home loan when you need to.

And you won't pay a switch fee. (MIAOWS) So ask us about the NAB home loan exchange policy. Call 13 13 12 today. The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more. Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen is in Hollywood.

And Katy Perry celebrated her hen's night over the weekend. What did she get up to?

She did not let her feains ayee -- Fian She did not let her feains ayee --

Fiance's arrest deter her. She went

to Vegas with 25 of her

to Vegas with 25 of her closest

friends, including popstar Rihanna.

They had a pool party and went to

see a Cirque de Soliel show and went

nightclubing and she managed to Tweet, "

Tweet, "Signing up for a liver transplant now."

transplant now."O good time was had by all. Moving on, and Lindsay Lohan is struggling to get back on track. We hear the actress has entered Alcoholics Anonymous. Just weeks

Just week after getting out of

rehab? If she doesn't

rehab? If she doesn't enter Alcoholics Anonymous, she could reenter jail sell.

reenter jail sell cell: she has

Tweeted, some are rather verbose and

contain vocabulary wouldn't come

from her mouth so I imagine she has

a Doppleganger who Tweets tl if her,

yes, she slipped, failed a drug test

and attending Alcoholics Anonymous

meetings in hope the judge won't send her back to

send her back to jail. Of course e

she did go to inpatient rehab but

got out 23 days into the sentence.

Maybe the answer is not jail and

more rehab. Can I interrupt?

Maverick's girlfriend got married

overnight? Yes, Kelly MacGills,

married her long-time girlfriend of

ten years. Girlfriend snaompt yes,

congratulations to Kelly and her gal

bal. She is still gorgeous too,

isn't she? Sort of ayou have got a

whole legion of blokes who fell in

love with her, going girlfriend!

Good luck to her, too. Shouldn't

stop you from sending them a gift,

guys, send the girls a gift. A

leather jacket or wrap around

sunnies. She was hot. Yes amazingly

hot. Euthanasia dominating the

soapbox. Sharon is a nurse for 25

years I believed in preserving life

no matter what. Until I saw my

father in the final stages of lung

cancer. I saw my father lose his

dignity. Those who are dying should

have the right. Bob Brown from the

Greens putting euthanasia debate

back on the agenda and Julia Gillard

saying she will consider a

conscience volt. Belinda, I recently

had a family member are numerous

medical issues starve himself to

death. We wouldn't let our pets do

this. The conscience vote is not to

allow it or not, it is to allow the

states to decide. The tear torts to

decide. Because the tpedz are only

impose it on the Northern Territory

and AC

and ACF and the states have to make

their own decision but it would put

it back on the agenda. The Northern Territory was the

Territory was the first place in the

world, in 1997 to actually allow it.

It is a very emotional issue and

again, depends on your own

experienced. Ath leegts going to the

Games, Ross said I believe they

should go to the Games but we should

insist on providing our own

security. We do, we have security

advisors but it is very delicate

going into another country. The

federal police travel but don't do

much but look at the team and what

they are doing. What are you

from the team? Mixed but as it gets they are doing. What are you hearing

closer, a lot of athletes are

humming and haing and seeing the

stories of this morning, it is

affecting them. A lot of athletes

are thinking if they should go.

Perry Crosswaithe, inhead of the

delegation is already there. on Sunrise this morning - Now, still to come in New Delhi. Gunmen open fire on a tourist bus were already at risk. Experts say our athletes for the Commonwealth Games? So what does this new attack mean on your mobile phone. How you could be getting ripped off We'll tell you how to get even. Do we need to say more? The teen heart-throb is live at Brekky Central. She is on no She is on She is


He is on no other breakfast show,

even though they are pretending. This is Sunrise on Seven. Now, live from Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Nat.

His fans are up early. Have you seen him? His fans are up early. Have you seen

him?? They are asking us. They have

been here since before five o'clock,

very enthusiastic girls. Is he here

yet? He is in the building? I am

hearing threw am magic of my ear

piece, he is apparently in the

building. He is coming up in a few

minutes. Say it again. In the

building! Atmosphere is electric. And we'll preview the Brownlow. in Adelaide. A man has been shot dead by police collided with a police vehicle It's believed the man's car before officers opened fire. around 9:30 last night, Bachman joins me now from Adelaide. Sunrise correspondent Amanda take us through what happened. Amanda,

Well, Simon, they are still trying

to piece together exactly what did

happen. As you said, at about 9.30 happen. As you said, at about 9.

last night, what witnesses are

saying a 4-wheel-dlive prese car ran

into another car. A man got of of

the car and started to run.

Neighbours heard cries of, "

Neighbours heard cries of, "Get

down, get down." Followed by a

volley of shots. The man died at the

scene. We don't know his identity.

It wasn't an ordinary patrol car but

one carrying elite STARR force

officers. There will be questions

why they were following the vehicle

and why they took aim. I guess they

thought the man must have been

armed, given they fired on him.

Forestvil is a quiet area in the

southern suburbs of Adelaide and

streets remained sealed off this

morning. Are police say

morning. Are police say more or is there a media conference planned for

later in the morning? At this stage

they are not saying anything else.

They are hold agpress conference

first thing. Assistant commissioner

Bronwyn Kilymyer came utand said

there will be an inquiry. But we

need to see if police thought he was

were chasing him. a suspect in a crime and why police

OK, Amanda. Thank you. An Islamist group in India for shooting tourists in New Delhi. has claimed responsibility opened fire with a submachine gun Attackers on a motorbike biggest mosques. at a bus, outside one of the city's were injured. Two Taiwanese nationals In just two weeks, thousands of athletes and officials Australians will be among travelling to the city for the Commonwealth Games. The government's travel advice urges Australians to exercise a high degree of caution in India, including in New Delhi. The same Islamist group has threatened more violence

during the Games. Foreign Affairs minister Kevin Rudd has held talks with Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon in New York. The meeting took place before Mr Rudd joined his special UN panel on global sustainability. He will also address the UN General Assembly this week. after a packed round of meetings Hollywood heart-throb Zac Efron

into a frenzy in western Sydney. has sent thousands of fans from teenage girls The actor had a wild welcome last night. at a cinema in Parramatta he loves Australia The 22-year-old says for sneaky visits. and often pops down as a second home. I really do think of Australia I love it out here. to come surfing as much as I can. I come in my own time at Brekkie Central And Zac will be here a little later on. In finance news - Stocks on Wall Street ended last week higher,

The third consecutive weeks of

gains. Very unusual in September.

I'm nervous, market are nervous,

volumes very light, September is the

month of all

month of all the big share market

crashes. European markets were down

a touch. To our region, we finished

up 35 and 34 points on our major

indusaes. -- induskaez.

Interesting to see how the currencies war go this week,

remember, the Japanese government,

Bank orphJapan, waded into the

market to try to bring the value of

the Japanese yen down to help their

exporters. The Aussie dollar against

the US is 93.

the US is 93.8. Time for sport. Thanks, Kochie. Good morning.

Appreciate that. Sorry about the

Cats on the weekend. He was in his

jammies until 1 p.m. On Saturday.

Just crawled up in a little ball in

bed, nauz easy. Very sad. There's growing support Steven Baker to be recalled for fiesty St Kilda tagger against Collingwood. for this weekend's grand final Danny Frawley and Garry Lyon Respected commentators of experts have joined a growing band can help shutdown who believe Baker of small forwards. Collingwood's dangerous band The Saints remain adamant, injured duo Jason Gram and Nick Dal Santo are in no doubt, while Magpies coach Mick Malthouse is optimistic Luke Ball can overcome a hamstring problem. Injured Roosters winger Phil Graham hasn't given up on playing in Friday night's NRL preliminary final against the Gold Coast. Graham tore a pectoral muscle against Penrith but is having sugar injected into the muscle

a miracle recovery. and hopes to make to target Scott Prince The Roosters are expected at Suncorp Stadium. believes but Gold Coast coach John Cartwright

the tactic is certain to backfire. A hat-trick from Dimitar Berbatov to a thrilling 3-2 win has powered Manchester United at Old Trafford this morning. over Liverpool netted the winner in the 84th minute The Bulgarian striker after they squandered a 2-goal lead. to rescue United its unbeaten record Elsewhere, Chelsea maintained with a 4-0 thumping of Blackpool downed Wigan 2-0. and Manchester City Let's check in with Grant.

I can Assure you Grant Denyer has

not hasugar injecked to in the to

any muscles, he is natural. But I

may have had a couple of red frogs,

the e lixier of life, had food of

champions, Usain Bolt? How are you

the fastest man in the world? Red

frogs, it is fact. Something we

didn't know. This is Cooper We saw

him earlier and his tiger-like

performance on the track, show us

your tough face, Cooper. Yep, look

at that killer instinct! It is just

pumping through his veins, that kid

can win. We are celebrating little

athleteics and to give you the idea

of the tiger like taounlts, here is

Nick, who came back from the youth

Olympics, gold medallist hurdler.

Great. Yes. In Singapore, we have

come a gutser behind us but it will

be fine. What was it like? Such a

great experience, I never imagined

would be at a big event and to come great experience, I never imagined I

away with a medal, I came in expect

agfinal but to am with a medal,

fantastic. Not just a medal, the

medal, 16 and not being in a rap

band, is it pretty cool? Yes, it is

cool, I kept it close to me, I slept

with it, the night I got it, just to

make sure it was there and nothing

was going to happen to it. So the

full Olympics is your goal? Now you

realised your true potential? Yes,

trying to get through my HSC but

after that, full steam ahead for

Commonwealth Games or Olympics. I

after that, full steam ahead for the

started in little As, for seven

years doing little ath lethics, got me years doing little ath lethics, got

me into hurdles and hope I have a

big future. On behalf of all

Australians, well done, now the forecast. Sunrise weather brought to you by Claratyne. Year-round allergy relief. Be prepared and live Claratyne clear. Rain with a possible storm in Townsville. Rain periods in Bundaberg. A possible shower in Newcastle. Chance of a shower in Sydney. Morning cloud in Canberra. Morning cloud in Bendigo.

Yasmin, nine, she is

Yasmin, nine, she is a force to be

reckoned with, little Cooper, five,

they call him Cooper the Kid, the

tenacious little tiger. He is

rampant in these parts in

Parramatta. Usain Bolt n world's

Denyer, aged... fastest man in lane 3

Denyer, aged.... Ready to run his little Denyer, aged.... Ready to run his fastest man in lane 3 and Grant

little legs off? Cooper stop looking

at u sane, he is not real. Are you

ready to jump had hurdles? On your

marks, kids, get set! Go! Yes.

Yasmin is off, Oh! Cooper are you

lrtd son! Take it easy. You should

be on the other one. He should be on

the other one. Slow down. You in the

wrong lane. I think that is the

problem. He should be in your one.

Golly! Is he okay. Cooper is putting

on a brave face. Are you okay. How

was that? Good. You enjoyed it.

was that? Good. You enjoyed it. He is a tough little guy. Best thing

ever. Word just in, official, put

ever. Word just in, official, put it in the news break, best thing, ever.

Thank you, Cooper. Athletes and officials heading to the Commonwealth Games in India are being urged not to panic. on tourist buses overnight. That's despite gunmen opening fire

in the attack Two people were injured

The incident coincides with a report in New Delhi. which happened near a mosque

counter-terrorism firm, from an Australian of a terror attack during the Games. warning of an 80% chance paramount, Now, with security concerns is about to reveal a Seven News investigation just how easy it is to buy explosives on India's blackmarket have serious security flaws. and how Games' venues for our 500-strong Australian team? So is New Delhi safe Sunrise foreign editor Dr Keith Suter is with us in the studio and Commonwealth Games gold medallist and Olympian Matt Welsh joins us from the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre. Good morning to you both. Matt, if you were on the team, would you be going to India?

Look, good question, qaugs and

Look, good question, qaugs and good morning, a bit of a worry, isn't it?

It is decision time, Beretts was

saying before it is decision time. I

feel scory feel saying before it is decision time. I

feel sorry for the young athletes.

Later in your career you can pick

and choose a bit to make it easier

but the young ones, it will be

tougher. I am glad I don't have to

make it but I would err on the side

of maybe not with all the

information. 80 per cent chance of a

terror attack, could it be right?

Secondly, where is the threat coming

from? It is very difficult to put

any sort of probability on it, it is

a higher risk than smoking and

getting cancer, so a very high risk

indeed, almost a certainty is what

they are saying. Secondly, we do

know India is very close to

Pakistan. It has a lot of its own

terrorist groups and there

terrorist groups and there are a lot

of terrorist groups over the border in p.r.n. in of terrorist groups over the border

in Pakistan. Yes, there are risks

there, it is a very big, high-proevent and it high-proevent and

high-proevent and -- high-profile

event that kill one and scare a

million. Where is the threat coming

from? Mainly the Islamests, made the

claims this morning about the attack

we have just seen this morning a few

hours ago, so mainly Islamest groups

but also separatist groups within

India, the whole dispute about

Kashmir, etc. So a number of groups

operating will see it is a good

opportunity to carry out their

agenda. Mat you were part of the

Australian team that travelled

around the world, post September 11.

Tell us how much does concern over

security dictate where you compete?

After 9/11, we had to go to America

a couple of times and people didn't

go because of it. The risk was far

less than now, it is much more

serious situation here now, as

serious situation here now, as a tourist and spectator, definitely

'Wanted' to go to New Delhi but as

an athlete, they will be looked

after. Going to and from the venues,

I know going to Athens, they said

the security was tight but there

were people walking around the

phetdal detectors, they say it is

tight but you are not sure. It is

something that is changing by the

hour in the lead up to

hour in the lead up to the Commonwealth Games, thank you for

joining us. The next time you dial a toll-free number from your mobile phone you might want to stop and think about how much it's going to cost. 1800, 1300 or 13 numbers are not necessarily free. Elissa Freeman is from ACCAN - a body representing phone users. Good morning to you. Firstly, what's the difference between the 1800 and 1300 numbers?

Sure, a 1 800 number is afry-call

number from a land line font you

won't pay anything to call it. The

30000 numbers are low rate numbers

so a fixed rate which is equivalent

to the cost of a local call but it

is only from a land line. Those same rates don't ply to mobile phoneles.

What has been inproblem? Do people

not realise this? The charges crept

up over the years for these numbers

on mobile phones? I think the

problem is one of usage. We tend to

use mobile phones more than land

lines. We now have 24 million mobile

phones in operation, as opposed to

10 million land lines and the land

lines are rapidly deceegsed. A

policy set 10 or 15 years ago doesn't make

doesn't make sense anymore. You need

to treat them the same to keep the

services equitable. There is an

anecdote someone was on their mobile

phone, calling Telstra to report a

fault in their land line and it costs $

costs $30 in charges. It is not

surprising. 1 300 numbers have been

used byinizes

used by businesses for a long time

to provide services. It is the case

when you are on hold for a long time

you do rack up quite a big bill. But

utilities are not the only people,

government services pretty much run

a up with a government services pretty much run

a 1 300 number. And other essential

services like life line and road

assist run the numbers. You have got

a complaint going through? Yes, it

is time to change the inevwitable

treatment of mobile phones. Good

luck, I think you will have a lot of support there. Now to the parachute jump which went horribly wrong. As we saw on 'Sunday Night', two friends had organised a jump west of Brisbane. One was experienced, the other a novice with an instructor. They were out of the drop zone when the solo parachutist hit power lines.

Just don't move! Kirsty! You got to

say something. Can you hear me

Kirsten. Help me, please. I can't see. Kirsten suffered severe burns, and it took hours to get her down. The instructor who watched this unfold from above is known as "Fully Sik". He joins us now, good morning. Take us through this. Kirsten was an experienced jumper, and you were looking after her friend, weren't you?

Yes, I was. So what happened? Do you

think it, there was some kind of

delay jumping out of the plane? Is

it where things went wrang? It

didn't start from there, it was a

few different little events that led

tupe it. But at the end, the

parachute worked fine and we chose

an alternative landing area. On

coming into land, there was no way

she was ever going to see the power

lines and entangled at about 8 to 10

metres above the ground. Fully, when

did you realise things were going

wrong? Soon after jumping out of the

plane? No, it wasn't until towards

the end of the jump, after the

parachutes had opened. We flew

around for few minutes and just

before landing, it is where I seen

it all happen and unfold from there.

I think she was very lucky the chute

hit the lines and took some of the

shock, didn't it? And then her body,

but she was severely injured. Yes,

she was quite badly injured. As we

saw on 'Sunday Night', she's has had

lots of operations, how is she

recovering? Absolute fantastic. We

got her out of the hospital last

night if a visit, she came for a

visit and we watched the program

together. It was fantastic to

together. It was fantastic to see how much recovery she has made so

far. It is an amazing story, Mr Sic,

thanks for joining us. Not a problem. thanks for joining us. Not a problem.Jrblg AFL grand final week celebrations get into full swing tonight with the Brownlow Medal presentation. Collingwood's Dane Swan is favourite to take out the medal while Geelong's Gary Ablett is also in contention. To get their thoughts, we're joined by Sunrise Sport's Jim Wilson and former Geelong captain Tom Harley. Tom, Swan is a clear favourite with the bookies and also with many AFL scribes. Is he a certainty?

I don't think there is anything as a

dead-set certainty in Brownlow Medal

market. He is really short, a

fantastic year, voted the players

MVP, so all the credentials to be a

winner but stranger things have

happened. Five out of the past ten

favourites have won. Gary Ablett

looms large and Adam polls well. looms large and Adam polls well. Do you looms large and Adam polls well.

you think we might see a surprise? I

think Dane Swan will kick-start

Collingwood's week. Add even more

pressure, Collingwood start

short-priced favourites and start

building up the Collingwood

juggernaut. I am with Tommy, if Gary

Ablett hadn't missed a few week m

games he would go back to

games he would go back to back. I

think next week we will get an

announcement he will head to the

Suns, it won't happen in Grand Final

week. Wait a minute, don't jump the

gun. Put your PJs back on. Help me?

I was exactly the same on Saturday,

one of the longest days of my life.

You would be wrapped with

Collingwood playing the Grand Final?

As a carton bloke, fantastic, --

Carlton bloke. Can't get enough.

Talking GF, one side hasn't won a

flag for close to half a century,

the Pies haven't won since 1990, Collingwood deserves to be there.

They can hope in all sorts of

pressure, but Nick Riewoldt's 3rd

quarter and the second half against

the Doggies, Tom, I don't know who

they will line-up on Nick Riewoldt

but he is a superstar? The third

quarter, hearts are in mouths,

fraught just from St Kilda

supporters but Nick is the story of

the year, unbelievable standward the

injuries. Went down with with the

franken sign face, but --

Frankenstein face, but he won five

best and fairest, seriously hurting

after last year's loss. I don't know

what it is worth but it is worth a

certain amount of goals having lost

the year before. Collingwood's form

is red hot but St Kilda not without

a chance. Thanks very much, the

black arm band. We are still

hurting, Tommy, aren't we? Yes.

hurting, Tommy, aren't we? Yes. As far as the bookies concerned,

Collingwood are the shortest priced

favourites in years. Saints are the

real deal. I mean, I thought Geelong

would play Collingwood in the grand

final. The Saints knocked them off

in week one, your boys, any side

with nick rewauld, I like Schneider,

and if cugingsky lives, he will give

problems. Saint Nick is the ace in

the pack, do they bring back Presty?

Leon Davis won't be brought back.

But Presty am Reid. Brown is the one

being talked about here in

Melbourne. But the one he played

against Harry Taylor, he covered 8

or nine Ks, extraordinary for a

forward. Nick Maxwell is rolling

importantly, but St importantly, but

importantly, but St Kilda have

overcome every possible on field and

off field hurdle and the Grand Final

is the biggest hurdle of all, stay

tuned. Who you tipping? At this

stage, tipping Collingwood. Tom?

Yes, Collingwood were awesome on

Friday night, so four goals to the

Pies. Huge. Big Grand Final week, Brownlow Medal tonight. And Telstra is calling out to AFL fans across the nation. You can send your messages of support and inspiration to the grand final teams thanks to the Telstra AFL Hero Message. Just text 0448 300 500 with your message. Standard SMS charges apply. Telstra is also giving Sunrise viewers the chance to offer their support in person at the Telstra Hero Message Station at Federation Square during grand final week. So stay tuned to find out how to win! Back to Kochie and Nat.

We will be broadcasting live from federation We will be broadcasting live from

Federation Square, AFLHQ. I had a

phone hook up with Mel and we will

stick with our team, Collingwood M. stick with our team, Collingwood stick with our team, Collingwood. We

were with them on the weekend so it

will be interesting to see who

Beretts goes for. Coming up - should we have the right to die?

The issue is about to take centre stage in Canberra. Also this morning - Ronan Keating will drop by for a chat. Speaking of big names, have we mentioned Zac Efron? He's coming up, just after the 7:30 news. (TIN CLINKS) (RATTLING) He may not know it yet, but now there's

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