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(generated from captions) and Applied Science, for prizes. of Engineering with the other 85%? Fantastic. What would you do on a world tour with the kids, Well, I was gonna go much further than Sydney. but I don't think it'll get us mate. Get you started. No, well, it gets you something, Yeah, that's what we'd do. science fiction author HG Wells Pioneering was born in the United Kingdom! (APPLAUSE, CHEERING) You won the $20,000!

There you go. There you go, mate. Thank you, Eddie. with $20,000. Ray Beebe just buzzed off in the Millionaire Hot Seat. See you next time Goodnight. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program Farewell to Sydney stops for Constable William Crews. A man of loyalty, a man after a night police chief gives after a night on the town. Former

help save

assault. The girl asked to school for This is Nine news. First - hearing reports that a Cemetery and that the baby has In the last for a and abandoned as in some sort of Police are mother tip-off. They hear that the young extremely concerned pictures, up to 10 police cars on the and the police They are all mother. As we get will bring it scenes of colleagues. Constable colleagues. was shot at and Italy by one of his remembered by his people of Sydney. crews was not

police family is at its coffin of Constable William police family is at its best. The

was carried into Cathedral. was carried into St Andrews brother who A record brother thinking to myself, now my little on his He was a man of integrity, a man loyalty, a reason why will continue to go to

the service commissioners Bala at have of honour for the officer who gave his life in the line of the small cruise grew up. It final resting place. his resting An appeal has been has written another chapter in the players and blues. He was is the has had a

butt. He was drinking for several hours with Thurston was wrestled with one of when he know why they have ended up when he was arrested. He does not

police custody. implored the Thurston. were only interested in Johnathan this morning, he could not have his voice and his thoughts incense. I will talk to the club

was apologise to the end taking attention away from Johnathan Thurston feels bad about

Grand Final.

Because Xenos be disturbing walking crutch. He was the grains the company the grains crates. He was also in

full details. says, the players do not seem to society. They are trying to the life the cop who helped to went to the rescue of Scott Rush. This could the firing job to Scott Rush was only just a career, not Heavily police heavily Mick Keelty

could save the life of Scott Rush. The matter is before the courts and the first to take the parents of Scott told the very little role in when strapped to his body in 2005. Facing the was the Australian Federal to tip was the Australian Federal Police

arrest got rush committed any person, inexperienced on his like Scott charge of the investigation. trafficking. By nor what adjourned to the end The prosecution were

Supreme Court Rush should face the firing squad.

deny angrily suggested -- she angrily move. This was the watched as

CCTV. She told the court, he to kiss their tongue in her mouth, and put his time of the incident, Keith then the television.

During cross-examination, Brett it. herself up. She laughed, she denied

had used fake to names. He have been asleep

because she fails say schools need to do more to to focus. would have done it - no jock! to focus. If I could concentrate, I

to leave. feel I do not know school denies that she has been if she sticks

That is being at back because she is afraid she will be bullied. schools In the last thing we need is faced tough times. looking for a new school, for me a whole new level, an company has space saver. these space saver. Passengers may sit on Sydney men the days

All the big occasions get a day. New Year's Day, Australia Day. they need more than a day. But some occasions are so big, Welcome to Holden Month.

must clear all their stock Right now Holden dealers during the massive Ute runout. incredible $31,490 driveaway. Like the SV6 Ute demo for an

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Returning to be police have launched a widespread search near Rookwood searches for man died after a collision Wollongong hospital. Picton

speed was 2pm. Police do not believe that

scenes of the from the past. skills that modern tradespeople have largely found one. shadow of the pieces of the Australia. Battered Australia. Battered and bruised, they but it is another restored. This is a schooner. But skills. They had to challenge. We had the Tabor them up was a 1,500 rivets a found the answers. They hope to make us appreciate the with it. Even though we came by bought? of their time each year-old choir girl. Isn't that beautiful?

certain starter. well and

the do or die read tomorrow. He is waiting the final De Raiders are convinced that Benji Marshall will play. The game has started The game has started early for the Tigers. into training in Canberra. He did inside. I am not going to decide right now, but we have alternative plan Raiders kept up their Lockyer in said it people's home. He says Wally but I have not spoken to him yet. result, the favourites in front of a sell-out crowd. We will just try and settle in the We need to possible. Now to the little boy with big ability to make them from the north-west he has been earmarked by one bigger soccer clubs in Europe. Even to the that he has great gifts. The word has them? I have heard very good sources. This is the Court of

the age of goals flowed. Were they surprised how well you how well you played? I could not understand what they were to Lisbon what the days and plays friends. I can't force anything he does not

is his life, his choice. We just have have to respect that. The 10-year- old wants to play for the

was a beautiful spring day. Can we

Coming up on WIN News... The

growing drugs problem at AMC.

growing drugs problem at AMC. What are Canberra' s best drops? And -

The Raiders Captain' s run - ahead

of their first home semi in 7 of their first home semi in 7 years

Join me for all the details next.

afternoon. Widespread cloud cold south-westerly parts of the state. All the cast for Brisbane. There will be a Sunshine for Sydney tomorrow, with light Cloud increasing early Tuesday will be their best day. If you were going to be snore, expect good Nine in use for Good evening.

should set just before 6pm. Tonight

... The car crash heartache: ... The car crash heartache: parent

relive the horror of losing their

children.The big name band rocking

the ACT - with an environmental

message. And - Terry Campese at

home, on the eve of the sell-out

semi Good evening, I' m Danielle

Post It' s been an emotionally gruelling day for the families of

two young people killed in an

horrific car accident in Canberra'

south last year. Today, during

sentencing submissions in the

Supreme Court, parents of seventeen

year-old Megan Minney, broke down year-old Megan Minney, broke down a

they recalled the moment they had

to identify the body of their baby

girl. Angela Reynolds held a girl. Angela Reynolds held a phot