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(generated from captions) Don't think so. It wasn't 'Skyways'? it wasn't 'Skyways'... I'll tell you, ..and it wasn't 'Return to Eden'. Alright. Did you like him? OK.

of a lot more if I win this. Oh, look - I'll like him a hell Murph, guess what? (LAUGHTER) You've just won $20,000! You love Jeremy Sims. Well done! Hey, Lumpy! You beauty! Lumpy's got the two thumbs up.

Paul Murphy just won $20,000. Millionaire Hot Seat! Goodnight! See you next time in the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

Re-enacting the moment More damaging claims Jones sex case. The cameras And it's finals time - A huge explosion has ripped apart suburb in California, injuring than 30 people and destroying blast was caused

by a fiery explosion. rampaging through - this house was rampaging through suburban streets

more fuel for was searing, tearing through properties, reducing cars to out shells. saved out shells. These two couldn't be

close to other neighbours. I just can't what could Emergency crews flames from the retardant and It just That gas spewing fire from this broken main All the area became the noise still the sound, you know, boom! Residents wasted no time putting their video on the internet - just moments after people can be I was down heard a From every angle, 20m From every angle, flames shooting helicopters hovered flames under control but the damage assessment has only just send panic being so close to it may attack. it may have been in a terrorist

far. Sadly, that is expected to rise in daylight. They are people were getting A team of Sydney police officers has been assigned the of a colleague. Crews was shot during in Bankstown clear who fired One by in Wednesday Constable William Crews was the head in the Do you know who fired the fatal Do you have any idea might Do you have any idea when that We'll be in a position to that information It'll be an anxious Surely there's no tougher today still on scared to be identified, terrified. Just want to get out this place as Sydney - They are they are grieving for a son and united in their support for one In their hometown where Bill grew for a He was always a character full mischief but a The 26-year-old joined that a man was selling drugs to Why weren't they risk assessment did They're now looking at so horribly wrong. word on the funeral William Crews? Not at this full police honours. want to take him back to Glen Innes full police honours. His family

Barely a week after last in court turns again to the sex sensational claims have been to the $37 million case As Mark McInnes his defence bombshell Kirk and four other women, another firing team. More women have come forward, women harassment against Mr McInnes. Two they worked with Mr McInnes at One, a 19-year-old secretary at the time, says he: The second Black and Decker

It's alleged, he was counselled up to 10 times concerning his behaviour towards papers today DJ's employee by Mr McInnes last the one She also now breaking its way it dealt with sexual harassment conduct by another DJ's manager. David Jones and Mark McInnes file their defences to the they released a statement saying the claims are, Long suffering Sydney certainly need some salvation on the roads and now it's arrived precious minutes every day. second of the day, this giant Centre shows the drama that is our traffic. Today so far, it been too much of what we had 5 years ago. 5 years ago we really had basically had nothing on our traffic Now there the busiest roads in Sydney, A whole Of Best Using Quicker, To

there are around the clock to get moving quicker, using

Not surprisingly, six cameras watch the site, go to the RTA website and click on live planning your trip using up to minute information planning ahead. Tony Abbott and making history team. Late offer to become This time, Oakeshott didn't Declined - that's it. to keep it Family considerations regional funding risk if

it. There are try to drag me down and try to drag down the regional funding A clear suggestion Ministry claim he previously sought a fair go. You don't remember With Rob Cabinet equation, what's likely shake-up. what's likely to be a fairly big positions, one very get the Foreign Affairs portfolio. grief at another military 28-year-old Lance Corporal McKinney is

hours after blanket of thick fog. morning. For 26 rounds, they slug it out. Tonight, the race to the final begins. wins tonight? called today. They are keen to into it. Then Jim Marshall and told down to the wire, so many talented the Raiders Mac? Two huge packs collisions all over raiders Macca the Gold Coast. I did Acute, Georgie. In the news ahead - a How the VOICEOVER: Hungry Jack's apologises. When we created the Alfresco chicken range, we had no idea deciding would be so difficult. Sure, we knew that grilled chicken, succulent TenderCrisp burger and Alfresco wrap - each with avocado, fresh salad and garlic aioli - would prove irresistible. We just never imagined the stress choosing would cause. Hungry Jack's Alfresco chicken range. MAN: The burgers are better at Hungry Jack's.

West is mourning the death of driven by tragedy has about young drivers - about young drivers - and prompted calls anyone gets Montana Brown celebrated birthday this week but now her has been family as you sister Tori, when the driver, a 17- control in other people in trapped for lengthy hospital suffering serious injuries. has been left shattered. is full of tears of sorrow and wishes and prayers. It follows Somehow, the P-plate driver 19 year old passenger 19 year old passenger survived the impact, car in think that accidents can't happen we say cars don't crash, people Many young cars don't people how to should be happen before there the real world. Reverse parking does not save you on a rainy by terrorism, can be Florida bomb squad only an expensive battery-powered toy, named opinion. David and Victoria Beckham depends on what

They're the Aussie rockers hungry for more. Now there is more # It's a long way to the top if wanna rock They've been 1975, so they've put of that properly chronicled. # I'm Hundreds of the Powerhouse Museum two years "Acca Dacca" world - everything you've ever wanted to know about the terms of sales, cultural export valuable, Bon It's a dirty ragged old still smells of sweat and Brian Johnson does the singing now but Bon Scott's song

stadium concerts ever seen - and Don't know about you from Willie Mason. He is off to rugby union for

tomorrow night's big says his Tigers will says his Tigers will be more motivated than their rivals. to poach With Wallabies. Brands made a Brands made a name attracts a squad of does before a game roosters have during the not want a tyre his players out he gave them a light session. if attention was paid to look to see how England bound Wyllie lashed out at the Rugby Union. says they need to ban the exotic with the tab so that bet on points. It will There is Cowboys Mac way forward. There has changes of the decision. on his hands, Jarryd Hayne is trying to become the fastest that turned down a the Eels because the lure of winning It's a world stage and any sportsman play at a world cup is play at a world cup is going to look at that as Bulldogs at the Tomorrow Rafael Nadal has booked his place in After a tight number one fellow Spaniard Fernando and is yet to drop a set in the tournament. Rafa now plays 12th seed the final of the title he hasn't of form but Tiger today the magic deserted him. A wayward tee shot left what appeared to but the great shot, Tiger is 9 the lead. It is get back to finance:

Coming up on WIN News... The

blossom beauty - Kristy Hinze launches Floriade. ACT students -

the smartest in the country. And the smartest in the country. And th

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Make sure the seeds are covered up. Oh, here she is. Get your free pair of gardening gloves with the 'Sunday Telegraph' this Sunday. SONG: # Sunday isn't Sunday without the 'Sunday Telegraph'. # and a short burst of afternoon - and in between, a and rather muggy isolated showers, very slim the culprit - A fine day for capitals Perisher. Light snow showers above 1,400m to moderate winds under a high will be sunny, coler thanks to winds up

Sunday - Sunday, out around Penrith. showers moving in Monday from official residence, Kirribilli weekend. You can also see AC/DC at Festival is in Canberra and the anniversary. For more Sydney News, follow the That is our news for Friday good Supertext Captions by per cent chance of rain. Tonight ..

Looking rosy: The Nation' s Looking rosy: The Nation' s larges

flower festival ready to bloom The

ACT tops the class in the latest

NAPLAN results. And, the Raiders

NAPLAN results. And, the Raiders hi

the road, ready to tame the

Panthers. Good Evening, I' m

Danielle Post. It' s time to shake

off the winter blues. The Nation' s

biggest flower festival is just one

sleep away. Organisers have spent

the day putting the finishing

touches on magnificent floral beds,

for the always popular ' Floriade'

Donning a twelve-hundred rose

petal dress, Kristy Hinze has taken

on the role of Floriade Ambassador.

It' s just amazing to see the timing of these all these flowers