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As we heard earlier in the Morning

News, both sides of pliks are

heading into the first party

meeting since the federal election.

For more, we are joined live by Peter Peter Dutton.

Good morning to you.

Let's start at the top of the tree.

Tony Abbott is being afforded hero

status by some in the Coalition for

his surprisingly effective election

campaign. Is there any doubt that

he will hold on to his job? There's

absolutely no doubt at all. I mean,

he ran a tremendous campaign. I

think he brought the Coalition

together at the end of last year at

a critical time, at a time when, if

an election had have been held

towards the end of last year, we

would have lost a dozen seats or

more to deliver the situation that

we have at the moment is remarkable.

He deserves full credit for that.

He will receive that in the party

room today. The minority government

scenario is bound to lead to some

very aggressive tactic bis the

Opposition in the next term of

parliament. Does Julie Bishop have

the mongrel element required to be

Tony Abbott's wingman? Julie Bishop

will be reconfirmed as Deputy

Leader today, it has been a

successful team. When you look at

the leadership structure with the

senior parts of our team as well,

we really have been quite effective

over the last 12 months. And the

most important job for us now is to

make sure that we take the fight up

to a government that does haven't a

mandate, that is precarious by

anybody's interpretation, to try to hold together this collaboration

just really - I think defies common just really - I think defies common

sense. We will be applying that

pressure to Gillard. Let's start

with Julie Bishop at the moment.

Andrew Robb has thrown his hat into

the ring to see the support he

would get. Was there any support

for him, anybody else looking

around for that job? Think I the

most important thing, Ron is that

we remain united with purpose and

offer that stability. This is a

government that could fall at any

time, and I think it is important

for us to remain united. Now is not

the time for leadership challenges

at any - leadership changes at any

level. As we start to apply more

cobbled-together arrangement with scrutiny to Julia Gillard's

the Independents and Greens, we

will have a great opportunity to

put pressure on to the Government,

and not on to ourselves. What, do

you expect to see much anger

displayed towards Tony Windsor and

Rob Oakeshott in the party room

meeting today? No, I don't think so.

Well, there must be misgivings

about the way he has treated the

conservative parties when both of

them were from very conservative

electorates? Look, I would be

disingenuous if I didn't say that

people are disappointed. Some no

doubt upset or angry. But the

reality is that they have made a reality is that they have made a

decision. We have to live with that

decision. Our problem is with the

Labor Party. They were a bad

Government over the last three

years. I think they will continue

to be a bad Government. That is

Australian people. what we need to highlight to the

morning. Thank you for chatting to us this