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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. during a late night drug raid. An officer seriously hurt We're live to the scene. The off-field allegations in trouble yet again. that have landed the AFL star This morning - what he has to say. pinched from the Adelaide Show. The prized puppy His owner will join us live. this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, here's Kochie and Mel. Now, live from Brekky Central,

That's a big story. From the

Adelaide Show, there hasn't been a

scandal like that since grandma Koch

got second prize in the coat

knitting. How was it resolved? We

just went home depressed. We called

for a steward's inquiry into it,

nothing happening. Unbelievable.

Find the biggest puppy. The biggest

show in the Southern Hemisphere. And, how's this for a thrill! has performed overnight Young Aussie dancer Dayton Tavares at the White House. Good enough, but it gets better. then got a standing ovation The star of 'Billy Elliott' from First Lady Michelle Obama. As you'd expect, is still on a high this morning the 14-year-old He's just touched down in New York later in the show. and will join us live from there

What a buzz! Yes. Isn't it lovely.

Great story. with the latest news. But let's begin this morning are investigating Homicide detectives

of a Sydney police officer the shooting during a drug raid last night. to search for drugs Police were at a unit in Bankstown when a number of shots were fired. was hit in the head A 26-year-old officer and taken to Liverpool Hospital. His colleagues are being praised

and professionalism. for their bravery demonstrates I think this, once again, how dangerous police work is displayed by all police officers, but also the professionalism that's one of their own was injured. even though lasted for around two hours. A tense siege have now been taken into custody. Eight people will gather in Canberra today Labor and Coalition MPs

party-room meetings, for their respective since the election. for the first time On the agenda for Labor - during the election campaign. a post-mortem of what went wrong That review will be thorough. It will be conducted with rigour a lot of interest and I expect there will be to that committee, and a lot of input as there should be. of handing out new portfolios. Julia Gillard also has the job Alan Griffin, The Veterans Affairs Minister,

he'll move to the backbench, has announced to sit up front. clearing some space for Kevin Rudd There's speculation is set to be charged AFL player Brendan Fevola at the Brownlow Medal a year ago. over his boozy night Fevola will be charged 'The Herald Sun' reports involving a female journalist over an alleged sexual incident at the event. was suspended indefinitely yesterday It comes as the disgraced star he indecently exposed himself following allegations on the weekend. to a 38-year-old woman The woman's husband says at a community day in Brisbane. the incident happened Fevola has denied the accusation. and a man criticially injured A woman has been killed when their car crashed in Melbourne's north. into a broken-down truck The B-double was parked on the Hume Highway in Epping in the emergency lane when it was hit from behind.

The impact is, is tremendess. It

would appear there is no skid marks

and the full impact has taken place

at 100km/h. died instantly, The car's female passenger to hospital. her husband has been airlifted was leaning against the truck The truck driver's female passenger

and suffered minor head injuries. Gay couples in New South Wales the right to adopt a child. are on the verge of winning last night voted 22-15 The state's Upper House in favour of same-sex adoptions. did attach two amendments The Legislative Council the Lower House. that will need to pass for faith-based adoption agencies One narrows an exemption while the other would provide to the birth parents more information about those adopting their child. In finance news:

Wall Street has closed up, 46. Wall Street has closed up, 46.3

points. We should round it down to

46, I think. Not trying to be picky.

But the Fed's Beige Book made an

appearance again last night, showing

there is slower-than-expected

economic conditions. As a result,

President Obama has unveiled a $350

billion sort of road, rail, building

program to try to boost jobs in the

US. To our region yesterday, and we

are down 35 and 36 points, the whole

region was down. Faster's

region was down. Faster fosters

received and rejected a surprising

bid for its wine division too. Commodities: bid for its wine division too.

Commodities. Gold has eased. Rfrn

couple the Aussie dollar has had a good

the Aussie dollar has had a good

couple days against the euro too. are fairly active at the moment Home builders

that may be about to change. but according to new figures, fell for the ninth straight month - Loans to build new homes the first time in 35 years. Craig James is at CommSec. Morning.

Should we start to fear the outlook

for the building game? Well, it

certainly does mean that activity is

going to dry up for all kirned in --

kerned in coming -- concerned in

coming months. It is the hangover

effects from last year's stimulus,

the government gave tax breaks or a

boost for first-homebuyers and

interest rates but it has dried up

and first home builders seem to have

dried up as well. Most people

it is bad news for brickies and dried up as well. Most people think

carpenters but if new homes are not

built, it means less carpets,

curtains, landscapers rufected so it

has mgnifying effects through the

economy. We need to be concerned.

The bottom line is the Reserve Bank

has to leave interest rates I they

are for some time until we get over

the hangover. It is why when the

government wants to stimulate the

economy, the first homeowner's

grant, because the ripple effect

through the economy is massive,

jobs, retailers, the whole lot.

No-one is unaffected by it when you

do have that boost. Good to see you. Time for sport. has given his side a massive boost Fremantle captain Matthew Pavlich heading into tomorrow night's semifinal against Geelong at the MCG. The Dockers touched down in Melbourne overnight, buoyed by the news their inspirational skipper has signed a new 4-year deal. And I know this young group, as I've said plenty of times before, are so driven and motivated to gain that sustained success The Cats are backing star midfielder Joel Selwood to return to form following his shocker against St Kilda. Colossal Warriors winger Manu Vatuvei has promised to target Gold Coast skipper Scott Prince in tomorrow night's NRL qualifying final at Skilled Park. Prince will carry a shoulder problem into the match and the Warriors' big men are planning to give the injury their own brand of fitness test. The Kiwi side is aiming to snap a 5-match losing streak against the Titans. Lachie Turner is set to be recalled to the Wallabies side today for this weekend's Bledisloe Cup test in Sydney. Drew Mitchell was ruled out yesterday because of a hamstring injury. Turner's inclusion is expected

to be the only change to the side that downed South Africa in a thriller last weekend.

Sunrise weather brought to you by

Claratyne, year-round energy relief,

be prepared and live Claratyne clear.

Rain developing in Toowomba. A bit

of light rain in Southport and 23.

Rain increasing in Tamworth.

Possible thunder in Broken Hill,

rain developing in Sydney. Wet day

in Canberra, rain increasing

in Canberra, rain increasing in Wagga Wagga and again. Rain and wind

battering Ballarat.

Showers and wind tonight in

Adelaide. A bit of early fog in

Ceduna with a late shower.

Afternoon showers in Katherine.

Chance of a morning shower in geralten. On the way - is it game over for Brendan Fevola? Our panel of experts is coming up. But straight ahead - the world's smartest robot. And, how a prized chihuahua was stolen from the Adelaide Show. His owner will join us live. going on at EPIC, Canberra's biggest event venue. WOMAN: Yum. memorable meetings, (ROOSTER CROWS) To see what's going on this week or host your own EPIC event, The US military has released footage of a new robot that can smash down doors and care for wounded soldiers. The Battlefield Extraction Assistant Robot - or BEAR - is able to stand on its hind legs, search cars for explosives, or even flip them over. It can also open doors or smash through them. Dr Michael Blumenstein is an expert in computers and robotics from Griffith University. Good morning. How sophisticated is this robot?

Well the robot is pretty

sophisticated in the tasks it can

do, great hydraulics and mechanics

but in terms of the brain, the

artificial intelligence in there is

still reasonably simple in that it

still requires, at the moment, for

someone to control it, via remote

control. So in that sense, there is

still a lot to go with

still a lot to go with regards to

trying encode reasoning into it and

enable it to gather its own

knowledge. There have been lots of

movies about countries sending

robots to war instead of human

beings, is it the first step on the

trail to reality? Absolutely.

trail to reality? Absolutely. From

what this particular robot, BEAR

demonstrates, there is a possibility

to send the device out, concurrently

with humans to do reconnaissance,

and also retrieve wounded soldiers.

Now, nobody likes war, but and of

course, if you have got something

that can actually save humans and

actually not put other put other

humans to risk and rescue wounded

soldiers it is a great step forward.

How long before the robots think for

themselves and be in front of the

front line. Can we trust them? I

don't know, I have watched too many

movies. I don't want them smashing

the wrong window and pull the wrong

bloke off. Movies do exaggerate

reality slightly. We have some time

to go before we have robots that

think for themselves like we do. To

reason and make intelligent

decisions in the same way we do, I

would probably at this stage this

current robot is trust worthy to the

extent humans are still controlling

it to some level but you know, it

hasn't got the smarts to then walk

on its own and do things but we are

not close for the robots to

not close for the robots to take over. Alright, fascinating story,

thank you for that, Michael. When I

can sit on the couch and instruct it

to do the vacuuming and do a a load

of washing, great. It is

of washing, great. It is why you have kids. On the way - what are the rules for throwing a sickie? Plus, the man's who erected a giant crucifix in his front yard. But next, who would steal a prized dog at the Adelaide Show? And terror on the high seas. Have you seen this footage? It's enough to keep you on dry land. # Discount jewels, meats of distinction # Henry Jensen, mega pest prevention # We remember the names but not the details # We try so hard but the memory fails # Don't waste your life searching for ages # Find them faster in the White Pages. # the new Chicken Schnitzel Sub from Subway Restaurants, I'm hooked. 100% premium chicken breast covered in tasty little breadcrumbs. I always start with the white bread - I'm not into the fancy ones. I stack up the middle with green stuff, chuck in a few olives, and bring it all home with a bit of mayo. Give it a go - it won't be around forever. Just eat it. ('I FEEL GOOD' PLAYS) A hair colour that brightens my blonde without turning brassy? VOICEOVER: It's finally possible

with Glossy Blondes from L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss, the new no-ammonia creme technology for a natural-looking result. Super glossy. Glossy Blondes Casting Creme Gloss, Australia's number 1 no-ammonia colour. What's Making News for Beacon Lighting. Up to 50% off everything sale on now. It has to be Beacon. It took more than two years to emerge but this footage is now being seen around the world. It shows the terror aboard a P&O cruise ship when it struck heavy seas off New Zealand. Waves of up to eight metres rocked the ocean liner, causing it to roll violently from side to side.

Look at the bloke with the...

Look at the bloke with the.... Wow!

And the problem with those ships is

that they don't have the hand rails

for big seas and everything bolted

down, like when you go across the

Drake and around the Horn and stuff.

Passengerswer thrown around the ship

and slammed into walls and pillars.

All the furniture is now secured.

But the company said it was a

freakish incident. But like I say,

everything is now bolted to the

ground, frightening! And what do you make of this? A neighbourhood dispute has erupted over the placement of a giant crucifix in a Melbourne front yard.

Devout Christian Lenny Thuraisingham put up the 2-metre cross last week. He believes God will help him through bad health and the cross is a sign of appreciation. But his neighbour Shane Pye says he doesn't want religion shoved down his throat. We'll be live to the house after 7:00am.

What do you reckon? If your

neighbour puts one up, and it is a

shared driveway and he has got to

drive past it. Oh? A shared

driveway? Yes, not the privacy of

his own backyard or something. It

doesn't look that bad to me, it is

in his front yard. I was expecting

it to be a fair bit bigger. So Shane

is objecting, he has got to drive

past it every day. But the crucific

is on his property? Does it mean you

can put up anything you want on your

property some Not anything, because the council has

the council has restrictions. So would you

would you say a nativity scene. You

would think Christmas lights would

be more offensive to people. It

doesn't seem that bad to me. We will

talk to them after 7 o'clock. The Royal Adelaide Show has been rocked by the theft of a prize chihuahua. 2-year-old Harry was stolen shortly after he'd won runner-up in the best-of-breed category. Harry's owner Kylie Sunman joins us now with one of her other dogs who looks similar to Harry.

It is Harry-grandfather so there is

a a family rezelblance. When did you realise Harry had been stolen?

You get lots of people through the

dog pavilions at the Adelaide Show.

Yes, hundreds add a time. We had

just taken two of the other dog out

to the toilet, which was only 10

metres away from where we sat, there

were people sat opposite us. And I

came I realised that the door was

open and the person had to have

gotten under the safety barrier,

unlatched the door and they would

have had to have pinned Harry down

because Harry is really scared of

strangers. They have gone with some

intention. Any idea who it would be?

A competitor? 93, no as competitive

as it is, none would put friends or

competitors through the worry it is.

And the person liked Harry? Yes, he

is really pretty little dog and has

a lot of character. High barks and

talks to everyone as they walk past.

He is very, very attractive. I don't

know, I was doing an interview at

the Advance Stance, helping Pedigree

out there and there was a guy that

came across and said, "

came across and said, "You have got

nice dogs, where are you." And he

wanted my number and I sent him over

there myself. From the reports of

the person that was seen, we are

assuming it is most likely him. It

is a big clue. Can you describe him

for us, Kylie? I'm not sure. He

wasn't really tall but he had a

stockier build, darker hair, he was

an unshaven face. An Asian man. As

he ran out of the pavilion two

people tried to pat Harry who wasditeing people tried to pat Harry who

people tried to pat Harry who biting

and scratching at him and he and scratching at him and he yelled, " and scratching at him and he yelled,

"No." And he took off and another

lady followed him. If people have

clues and we want to help you on

this, maybe people who were at the

show at the same time saw something

suspicious, do they get in contact

with the show or crime strop snrz

Yes, any of the, well, the police

are all informed in Adelaide. The

administration or the Royalty

Agriculture Society are all aware

and we are all working together. All

of the vets around Adelaide are also

aware. Any of the animal shelters,

the Dog And cat Management Board. Is

he microchipped. No. Sorry. No

because we show them, they are sort

of in our house constantly, we don't

really, yes. Leave it with us. We

have got a huge Sunrise family that

will, we will now Marshall. Can you

keep us up to date if there is any

progress? We would like to find out.

I certainly can. Thank you very

much. Thank you. Coming up - the pastor who wants to burn the Koran. Wait until you hear what the Taliban has to say.

They had a news conference overnight

to comment. And, more drama for Brendan Fevola. We'll see if his career can survive the latest allegations. Up next though news, sport and weather together. You're watching Sunrise on Seven. VOICEOVER: New Volume Million Lashes from L'Oreal. A brush with a multitude of bristles, an anticlump wiper to remove excess mascara. Lashes look multiplied, as if you had millions. New Volume Million Lashes from L'Oreal Paris. Shortly - the debate over whether products with sugar should have the Heart Foundation tick. It's going to get heated. Right now though it's over to Nat for the 6:30 update. Homicide detectives are investigating the shooting of a Sydney police officer during a drug raid last night. Police were searching a Bankstown unit for drugs when multiple shots were fired. A 26-year-old policeman was struck in the head. He's been taken to Liverpool hospital and it's believed he's on life support. His colleagues are being praised for their bravery and professionalism. I think this, once again, demonstrates

how dangerous police work is but also the professionalism that's displayed by all police officers, even though one of their own was injured. I'm sure there will be a number of things that will come out in relation to the bravery and the performance of the officers involved. A tense stand-off between police and the gunman lasted for two hours. Eight people have been taken into custody. Controversial AFL star Brendan Fevola won't be attending the Brisbane Lions Best and Fairest awards tonight after accusations he exposed himself to a woman. The incident allegedly took place at a family fun day in Brisbane at the weekend. It is incredibly disappointing to be dealing with a complaint of this nature about one of our players. Fevola categorically denies the allegation and is asking the public not to prejudge him. Liberal Deputy leader Julie Bishop looks set to keep her job at today's Coalition party room meeting after Opposition finance spokesman Andrew Robb backed down from a possible challenge.

Senior Liberal figures say Ms Bishop has the support of the party. This is not the time to be changing the deputy leadership of the party, or leadership for that matter, because we've had a very good result led by Tony Abbott but the whole team was fantastic. Tony Abbott is set to be re-elected unopposed as Opposition Leader. He's signalled there'll be few changes to his frontbench. As the clean-up begins in many parts of flood-hit Victoria there are concerns a levee bank holding back floodwaters at Wangaratta is in danger of failing. Engineers have determined there is significant structural damage to the levee in the state's north-east. If it does give way 60 homes could be inundated by 3m of water.

Urgent repairs will be carried out to shore-up the levee, although the work could be delayed, with more rain predicted today. A Dutch tourist has been killed in a single-vehicle crash in the Northern Territory. The 26-year-old's car hit a guardrail on a bridge at Timber Creek, 600km south of Darwin. Three others in the car survived. Cattle urine is believed to be the cause of dozens of eye complaints at the Royal Adelaide Show. Around 30 people have been treated in hospital for stinging eyes after visiting the show's dairy judging marquee.

Within an hour my eyes were starting

to feel sore and irritated and I

realised there was a problem. Woke

up in the middle of the night and my

eyes were very sore, gritee like

there was sand in mieyes. Health inspectors have collected samples from the enclosure. It's thought ammonia from the cows' urine might have turned toxic.

Wooh! A lot happening at the

Adelaide show. Who would have

thought going in the dairy pavilion

you would be gased. Not safe in the dog you would be gased. Not safe in the

dog pavilion either. A lot has

changed since I was a kid. The Dow

Jones closed up 46 points despite

the Fed's Beige Book, basically a

report card on the American economy,

showing there is widespread deceleration

showing there is widespread deceleration of the American

economy. President Obama has launched a $

launched a $350 billion stimulus

package to get Americans back to

work, business tax breaks and also

building lots of roads and rail and

things like that. To the

commodities, cuffee is at a 13-year

high -- coffee is at a 13-year high

would you believe. And the Aussie

dollar is up against the US dollar,

and the US dollar is down against everything overnight. and the US dollar is down against everything overnight. Time for sport. Thanks, Kochie.

A good morning to the sample

collector from the Adelaide show who

has his hands full this morning. Australia's major sporting bodies have joined forces in a bid to eradicate illegal betting scams. NRL boss David Gallop has promised involved in match fixing. to come down hard on any player

Life bans are available to us, and

if this type of thing is proven,

then you would have to say that's

very much on the cards. rugby, league and cricket The betting scandals engulfing to form an investigative unit, have prompted several sports aimed at wiping out corruption. Union and Cricket Australia The NRL, AFL, Australian Rugby are all involved. battling to overcome a calf injury Penrith back rower Luke Lewis is against Canberra on Saturday night. in time for the Panthers home final with an ankle problem Halfback Luke Walsh is also in doubt is hopeful both will play. but coach Matt Elliott has been given another week Fullback Lachlan Coote a lingering groin problem. to overcome seeming endless injury crisis The Western Bulldogs'

ahead of Saturday night's semifinal has deepened against Sydney. for the rest of the season Shaun Higgins has been ruled out after his thyroid problem flared. to replace Higgins Easton Wood is expected

is certain starter and Ryan Griffen at training yesterday despite clearly struggling with a knee problem. rates himself an 80% chance V8 Supercar star Greg Murphy in time for this weekend's L&H 500 of overcoming a back injury at Phillip Island. just two weeks ago The Holden driver underwent surgery in tommorrow's practise session and will drive before decding whether to race.

weekend. The V8s are back on Seven this

Year-round allergy relief. brought to you by Claratyne. Sunrise weather

and live Claratyne clear. Be prepared strong, showery winds A front is bringing a burst of to south-west WA. over central Australia A trough is triggering gusty storms and western South Australia.

Showers with a windy evening in

Adelaide, still srefrper out at --

though. venture out at the Adelaide Show

Afternoon inland showers in Darwin.

Joke of the day. Comes from

Christine Stephens from Terrigal

New South Wales. At the end of the Christine Stephens from Terrigal in

year, the tax year, the Tax Office

sent an inect specter to audit the

bookoffs the local hospital. While

the auditor was checking the books

he turned to the xeef executive and

said I noticed you buy a lot of bandages said I noticed you buy a lot of

bandages. What do you do with the

end of the when there is not much to

use am and he said, "

use am and he said, "Good question,

we send them back it the bandage

company and every now and again they

send us a free box M. Okay, said the

auditor, he went in a fairly

obnoxtious way, what about the

plaster purchases? What do you do

with what is left over after set

agcast on a patient? E yes, he said,

we save it and send it back to the

manufacturer and every now and again

they send us a free package

orphplaster. Starting to get annoy

would the tax auditor. I see,

would the tax auditor. I see, said

the auditor, thinking how he could

fluster the chief executive. He said

what do you do with the leftovers

from the circumcisions? He said we don't waes, from the circumcisions? He said we don't

don't waste, we send them all to the

Tax Afs and once a year they send us

a complete dick. Had to do a bit of

edits but it turned out alright in

the end. A bit? we intend to take Sunrise to Hawaii. Yesterday on the show we announced on the beach at Waikiki We'll be broadcasting in the week of November 22. we'll have it all. Sun, sand and surf, in speedos. You may even see Kochie and Beretts

No! Yes! I have lot a kilo this

week. I on a week. I on

week. I on slugo program. Boot camp.

So I can on the Malibu, you can be

on my shoulders. I have got to lose

a kilo or two. you can come with us. And the good news is - are putting on a special flight Yes, our mates at Jetstar who wants to tag along. just for us and anyone It's called the 'Sunrise Express'. Simply go to In the booking engine, as your departure city enter "Sydney" as your destination city. and "Honolulu" as your departure date Enter the 20th of November as your return date and the 27th of November and click "go". come up. You'll then see two flights with the faces of Sunrise. The one to book is the one to choose from. They have a range of fares We'll all be onboard along the way. and can guarantee plenty of fun

where to stay And if you're wondering

If you want to choose another

flight, that is quite okay.

That will be HQ for our broadcast the Hilton Hawaiian Village. we suggest

to the beach because they have direct access you've ever seen. and one of the best poolside bars

Really? A swim up. A swim up? You

have to goat out though, when you

need to go to the bathroom. Thank

you for telling us.

you for telling us. Really well pointed out. Sometimes you can get

caught in the moment. We will be in

a different pool from burota. We are

trying to encourage people to come

with us, you are not helping! Back

to the Hilton Hiwien Village... starting from about $190 a night. They have rates by heading to their website - You can find out more for our week in Hawaii And we've put all the details on our own website as well.

Be great if you can join us, it will

be a lot of fun. the neighbourhood dispute Coming up - in a front yard. over the erection of a giant cross We'll take you there live. one man's war on sugar. But after the break, might not be as bad as we're told. And, why the cane toad is next on Sunrise. The scientific verdict what we own, what we do, what we earn, we're responsible for. the people and things to protect your family, VOICEOVER: If you weren't here and everyday living expenses? to think about, It's not an easy thing Life insurance, but with ING's EasyProtect you could help give them the financial security they'd need to carry on if the unexpected did happen. In the short term, EasyProtect Life makes it simple for you with cover from just $1 a day. if the worst were to happen. Assistance Benefit, Plus, with ING's Advance payment to deal with urgent costs. they could rely on an up-front It couldn't be easier to protect what's important. Buy online or call 1300 ING 100 and do something now to safeguard their future. Like to know more? Why not give them a call? Go online. Check it out. ING - making insurance easier. When our next guest got sick of watching his waistline expand, he tried a few diets, but they didn't work. Then David Gillespie simply stopped eating sugar

and he lost 40 kilograms. He's since campaigned against its widespread use in our diets. He reckons the Heart Foundation has a role to play by not endorsing foods which have sugar in them. He joins us now. Along with Susan Anderson from the Heart Foundation. David, the title of your book is 'The Sweet Poison Quit Plan'.

That seems a bit dramatic. Why do you see sugar as poison?

Well, I see sugar as poison

Well, I see sugar as poison because there are over 3,500 credal studies

that say it is. And the best summary

of those credible studies is the

American Heart Association's

scientific statement on sugar which

they published a year ago which

linkatize to heart disease, type 2

diabetes and obesity and various

forms of cancer. Susan, if sugar is

so bad for us, why has the Heart

Foundation tick been awarded to a

lot of snacks that contain sugar,

particularly if the Heart Foundation

in America is cracking down As a

dietitian, I can assure you that

sugar just in itself isn't actually

the cause of our weight problems or

heart disease problems, the

heart disease problems, the Heart

Foundation in Australia totally

agreewise the American Heart

Association that eating too much of

any nutrient, 92 in thecluding

sugar, isn't good for our health.

But the foods out there on our

shelves, that we are having for

breakfast this morning they are

combinations of nutrients so they

have protein and fat and sugar and

it the Heart Foundation awards the

tick to products that get the

balance right, the good nutrients

like the fibres and the whole grains

and the less of the bad ones like

saturated fat and salt and too many

kilojoules. But you can't judge the

value of a food on one newt eant. Is

it about getting the balance right?

We all know eating lollies and thing

high in sugar and fat are bad. But I

would have thought a would have thought

would have thought balanced diet

containing fruit is not so bad. It

is a message put out by sugar

manufacturers. The message is it is

okay to eat sugar in moderation. The

trouble is what they are talking

about is a substance when chthe

latest research shows is highly

addictive. You can't eat a highly addictive substance in moderation.

Look at how much we are consuming to

understand that. In the last four

years, the average sugar the average

Australian eaten has doubleled.

Product carrying the tick are high

in sugar. There is a snack being

sold for children that is 72 per

cent sugar, with Heart Foundation

tick on itch Wow! Susan ahodo you

reply tothat. Those figures by

themselves alarm us a bit? That is

bought because we are not

bought because we are not really getting the whole picture here.

These getting the whole picture here.

These products are a mixture of

whole grains and fibreser and also

saturated fat and sugar. A lot of

the products have very positive

nutrients. Yes, but 72 per cent

sugar seems quite high in a snack

food that has a tick on it? These

sugars are coming from different

sources. So sometimes they are

coming just from namp

coming just from namperal -- natural

sugar, fruit, the product we are

talking about has a high content of

fruit. As a snack it is controlled

in terms of calories and the portion

size. So it is important to get in

context in terms of you know, these

foods have very important other

nutrient in them and the Heart

Foundation looks at the whole

balance of those new reants.

Obviously, a decision we have to

make and something which is off the

shelves. Thank you both for joining us. David's book is called 'The Sweet Poison Quit Plan.' There's more info on his campaign against sugar on the Sunrise website. It's hard to find someone who's a huge fan of the cane toad. The ugly amphibians were introduced in Australia in the 1930s in an attempt to eradicate a cane beetle. The move wasn't a success, and the toads multiplied. They've gone from Queensland through the Territory, just into WA and as far south as the Sydney region. In the future,

they could reach WA's north coast and also take over inland areas. They're not pretty, but have they been as devastating to our environment as predicted? In the 'New Scientist' magazine, biology professor Rick Shine says perhaps not. He joins us now. Good morning.

We are told cane toads are just

killing our native animals in

droves. It has got to be bad. Toads

are bad. The question is we haven't

really known how bad they were until

the last few years. There is a lot

of research now, a small number of

the big predators are in real

trouble when cane toad arrive but

most of the rest of the native

species are not that much

species are not that much affected by the arrival of cane toad. Which

ones are affected? The really bad

thing to do as a native predator is

eat a cane toad because they have so

much poison. If you a fresh-water

crocodile, the big goannas, king

brown snakes, quals, it kills them

immediately of a heart attack. The

small predators eat small toads,

they get sick, die and learn to

leave them alone. Wouldn't we rather

the big native predators than an

ugly cane toad. It is still a

catastrophe, we are still wiping out

90 per cent of goannas and quals and

it has flow on effects. It is great

news if you are the creature the

goanna used to eat but it

goanna used to eat but it is bad

news for the ecosystem mism the

toads are a problem but the

devastating effect is on a small

number of native species. Kind of

good in a way, okay, thank you for

joining us Rick, good to fauk to you. After the break - this morning's news and weather. Then, more dramas for Fev. We'll see what it all means for his career.

And, the Melbourne residents with a cross to bear. Should someone be allowed to erect a giant crucifix in their front yard? VOICEOVER: With new Perfect Clean from L'Oreal, the first deep cleanser with the soft cleanPod to clean pore by pore. Pop it out, pour it on for a perfect clean every day. New Perfect Clean Because we're worth it. brought to you by 'New Idea'. The Sunrise Showbiz Report and more. For all the latest celebrity news is in Hollywood. Morning. Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen

is back in the headlines. Britney Spears against the singer today. We hear a lawsuit is being filed

Well, it is pretty shocking stuff,

Mel, her former body guard and he is

reportedly set to file a sexual

harassment suit against Britney,

claiming she made a lot of unwanted

sexual advances at him, she exposed

herself to him and probably the most

shocking amongst all the

allegationsise the claim she would

have engage in loud sexual relations

with other people in the

with other people in the proximity

of her children and would actually

abuse her children using a belt. The

interesting thing about this,

have been stories previously this interesting thing about this, there

guy had contacted Children's

Services. They went out,

investigated to find his claims had

no merit. Once the suit is actually

filed it will be interesting to see

what Britney Spears's camp has to

say in terms of a comment has been spotted Moving on, and Halle Berry latest Hollywood co-star. cuddling up to her

She might want to make a phone call

to chyleo Minogue for a consult

because she is costarring with

Olivier Martinez because they shoot

agfilm and spotted sharing a lot of

affectionate moments off camera in

his native city, physical displays

of affection, riding his motorcycle,

maybe it is an onset friendship, we

will see if it develops into

something more. Yep, okay.

could be happy together. It is something more. Yep, okay. They

lovely. Maybe, you know? She is the

rabbiting one, he's the one. I don't know, I'm

one, he's the one. I don't know, I'm

rabbiting on. Well, that's what

happens, romances and stuff at work.

Of course, of course. during a late-night drug raid. An officer seriously hurt

We're live to the scene. The off-field allegations in trouble yet again. that have landed the AFL star This morning - what he has to say. inside a Las Vegas casino. A lion turns on its trainer Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. here's Kochie and Mel. Now, live from Brekky Central,

the 14-year-old Australian dancer Also coming up - at the White House. who got a standing ovation He'll join us live.

Michelle Obama loved it, she was a

big fan, talk to him soon. here's Nat. Right now it's news time - Good morning. Homicide detectives are investigating of a Sydney police officer the shooting in the city's south-west last night. during a drug raid has the latest from Bankstown. Seven News reporter Sean Berry Sean, how did this unfold?

Nat, it was a police drug raid gone

wrong. Shortly after nine o'clock

last night, officers from the al

Eastern Crime Squad raided a

Bankstown apartment and they were

caught by surprise and something

went wrong. A 66 male officer was

went wrong. A 66 male officer was --

26-year-old officer was hit in the

head. He was dragged out by

colleagues and taken to

Liverpool Hospital in a critical colleagues and taken to the

condition. That was last night and

the police haven't given an update

since then but the police

commissioner said they were heroes

mooch I think it demonstrates how

dangerous police work is but the

professionalism displayed by all

police officers, even though one

orphtheir own was injured. The

shooting sparked a siege, the whole

area was locked down, the Polair

helicopter was brought in. Shortly

before one o'clock in the morning,

heavily arm officers went in and

came out with a number of people,

the remaining ocppts, some in

handcups and they were taken away.

Eight in all. Police have said they

can't be sure they have the shooter

in custody at this stage. Forensics

have come in and the homicide squad

is now investigationing. will gather in Canberra today Labor and Coalition MPs party room meetings for their respective the first since the election. On the agenda for Labor - during their election campaign. a post-mortem of what went wrong That review will be thorough. It will be conducted with rigour

and I expect there will be a lot of interest to that committee, and a lot of input as there should be. party room meeting In today's Coalition as Deputy Leader Julie Bishop is set to keep her job by Andrew Robb. after talk of a possible challenge Brendan Fevola Controversial AFL star he exposed himself to a woman. has denied allegations at a family fun day The incident allegedly took place in Brisbane at the weekend. by the Brisbane Lions. He has been suspended indefinitely It is incredibly disappointing of this nature to be dealing with a complaint about one of our players. best and fairest awards in Brisbane. Fevola will miss the club's and a man critically injured A woman has been killed crashed into a broken-down truck when their car in Melbourne's north. The B-double was parked on the Hume Highway in Epping in the emergency lane when it was hit from behind. The impact is tremendous. there is no skid marks It would appear has taken place at 100km/h. and the full impact died instantly. The car's female passenger to hospital. Her husband has been airlifted was leaning against the truck The truck driver's female passenger and suffered minor head injuries. in Victoria's north-east There are still concerns that a levee bank at Wangaratta, will fail. that's holding back floodwaters Engineers have determined there is significant structural damage to the levee. If it does give way, by 3m of water. 60 homes could be inundated to shore-up the levee. Urgent repairs will be carried out But the work could be delayed is predicted today. because more rain

has weighed in to the debate Angelina Jolie has been posted on YouTube Dramatic video lunging at a trainer in Las Vegas. showing a lion attacking the trainer last week The video shows the male lion and another man trying to hold the lion back. seems to try to stop the attack. The female lion and needed stitches to his leg. One trainer suffered minor injuries In finance news:

The Dow Jones index finished up 47

points, despite the Fed reserve's

Bakes Book saying large parts of the

market are decelerating. There is a

package from President Obama to

boost business, and sabig program of

road and rail building. To our

region yesterday, it was all down.

The All Ords by 35, the ASX 200 by

36. Loans to build new homes down

for the ninth straight month. It

hasn't happened for 35 years. To the

commodities, cuffee is at a 13-year high.

Time For sport. Thanks, Kochie. Fremantle captain Matthew Pavlich has given his side a massive boost heading into tomorrow night's semifinal against Geelong at the MCG. The Dockers touched down in Melbourne overnight buoyed by the news their inspirational skipper has signed a new 4-year deal. And I know this young group, as I've said plenty of times before,

are so driven and motivated to gain that sustained success. The Cats are backing star midfielder Joel Selwood to return to form following his shocker against St Kilda. Colossal Warriors winger Manu Vatuvei

has promised to target Gold Coast skipper Scott Prince in tomorrow night's NRL qualifying final at Skilled Park. Prince will carry a shoulder problem into the match and the Warriors big men are planning to give the injury their own brand of fitness test. The Kiwi side is aiming to snap a 5-match losing streak against the Titans. Russia's Vera Zvonareva is through to the US Open semifinals following an impressive win over Estonia's Kaia Kanepi this morning. A frustrated Kanepi struggled to adjust to the windy conditions, going down in straight sets 6-3, 7-5. Zvonareva will meet the winner of the match between top seed Caroline Wozniacki and Dominika Cibulkova. The Ferarri Formula 1 team has avoided further punishment for the team-orders scandal that tainted Fernando Alonso's win at the German Grand Prix. The F1 giants appeared before an FIA hearing overnight for ordering Felipe Massa to let Alonso pass him at Hockenheim in July. The sport's governing body upheld Ferrari's $110,000 fine. Sunrise weather brought to you by Claratyne. Year-round allergy relief. Be prepared and live Claratyne clear. Now to the latest drama surrounding AFL star Brendan Fevola. The Lions forward has been suspended indefinitely over an allegation of indecent exposure. The club says he's entitled to the presumption of innocence. Fevola denies any inappropriate behaviour, saying, in his words, it's complete crap. But how will this affect his career? I'm joined by footy legend Tom Harley and Beretts. First to you, Beretts. This allegation is being taken very seriously, isn't it?

Very much so. The Lions, the AFL,

Peter Bluehopchev, Fev manager have

put out statements, Peter pleaded

with people not to judge Fev.

with people not to judge Fev. There is a lot of speculation at the

moment. Probably the big question is

where to for the Lions. Here it the

guy, who is supposed to have been an

asset and is now a liability. They

came from 6th last year to 13th.

They paid a lot of money. He had the

Brownlow saga last year, the family

issuess and the gambling and it has

capped off a bad 12 months. The

Lions have had a reputation of a

great standing in a new market

great standing in a new market and this is just terrible. Let me play

devil's advocate. People know I am

not a huge Fev fan, but it is only

an allegation. It has been made by

the husband of woman involved. Is he

being treated fairly? Is, should we

be presume his incense as the club

is saying -- innocence as the club

is saying and give him the right? I

know given his track record we all

instantly say the boofhead has done

it again. I think you have to

presume innocence. He is going to be

treated more harshly in the media

given the rap sheet he's got. The

allegations whether it is

allegations whether it is proved is

where it will come out and it is

hard not to pass a strong

adjustment. If they are not prove

said, do the Lions have to get rid

of him is I think

of him is I think they reinstate

him. I think the damage is done, I

take the other dag is done. Michael

Voss is trying to set up a culture

and buzz Brendan Fevola fit the

culture? No. Be done with it, start

to rebuild. They almost gave up

Michael Rischitelli to get Fev. They

they have got to will they have got to move forward, they they have got to move forward, Michael Rischitelli to get Fev. They will move him they have got to move forward, they

will move him to the Gold Coast,

Rischitelli, they got to look to the

future. The wrap sheets in the

papers, there have been many fines

but there is never direct

accountability for the actions. For

player like Fevola, football is his

means to life and he has never been

stood down for anything so there is

never the accountability. There is a

duty of care, probably probably from

Carlton back in the day, with the

mishaps there and now with the

Lions. Interesting discussion at

your house, your wife very vocal,

thinking he should be on his bike.

Most AFL clubs now have 50 per cent

female membership, you will alienate

your femailt membership as with Fev. Thank you. A decision by a US pastor to continue with a planned mass burning of the Islamic Koran has received worldwide condemnation. The Taliban has warned it will step up attacks on US forces based in Afghanistan, saying the planned event is indicative of the West's hatred of Islam. To tell us more we are joined by Seven News US bureau chief, Mike Amor. Good morning. Mike, what did Pastor Terry Jones say this morning?

We were talking about it yesterday.

He has spoken again this morning?

Yes, and Melish he is not going to

stop that plan to burn the Koran. Of

course, the holy book for Muslims.

He said he is going to go ahead with

the plan, and it is important to

point out he is the pastor of a

very, very small church, you are

seeing vision of the church now,

there is only 50 members and we

believe 30 members have already quit

that church in protest of the plan.

The 20 remaining members are

carrying around weapons because they

are so concerned about the plan to

burn the Koran on Saturday our time,

Sundays your time. I think we have

got a grab from Pastor Terry Joans,

let's listen to what he said to say. It is

let's listen to what he said to say.

It is possibly time for us in a new

way to stand up, confront terrorism.

There is something very much wrong

with our policies when we stand

there and we watch a building full

of people die because our so-called

policies do not allow us to do

anything. Now, Mike, the Taliban has

responded to the Pastor, what have

they said? You know, Afghanistan

used to be a very isolated country

but of course with the Internet now,

even they have found out very

quickly and said it is indicative of

America's attitude towards Muslims.

I must point out, there has been

widespread condemnation here in

America to this plan from Hillary

Clinton, the

Clinton, secretary of state who

urged the media not to cover it,

General David Petraeus, the highest

ranking soldier in Afghanistan and

even Angelina Jolie spoke out today

saying it is just not the right

thing. Despite all the protests from

people who think it shouldn't go

ahead, there is nothing that can be

done by the government because under

the American constitution they have

every right to go ahead with the

plan to burn the Koran. But isn't he

insighting violence? I know it is

naive but can't they find some way

to stop him or arrest him? It is

such an extreme view, the fact that his such an extreme view, the fact that

his church is walking out,

everything! Yes, absolutely and I

think the guy, let's face it, is a

nutter. We haven't heard of it

before, he is getting a lot of

publicity, he has become quite

infamous overnight and it is perhaps

what is driving him to continue the

plan is & the protest. As I said,

nothing the government can do, he is

fully within his rights to do it. On

the anniversary of 9/11. God, you

hope not. Now to a religious dispute closer to home. A devout Christian in the Melbourne suburb of Chadstone has erected a giant crucifix in his front yard. But other residents don't seem too impressed. Nuala Haffner is there for us this morning. Nuala, why has he done this?

Set the scene for us. Okay, so about

three days go, Leonard installed

this two-meet cross and he has

planned -- two-metre cross, he has

plans for more adornment, a crown.

Leonard is in iler are health and

said he needs as much help from the

Lord. Shane shares the driveway, he

said it is something he doesn't want

shoved down his throat. Shane, you

launched the complaint, why do you

object to the cross? First I don't

object to religion, I object object to religion, I object to the size of size object to religion, I object to the

size of the cross and the situation

I have been not given the right to

have religion in

have religion in my life, whether I

want it or not, it has been pushed

upon me, it is the way I feel and

also on top of that, it is not a

dispute of neighbours over a fence

or a dog barking, this is a 2-metre

cross that I have to look at every

time I leave the place, every time I

arrive back here. I can understand

Lenny's side of it, as much as he

wants to think it will heal his sickness and

sickness and everything else, if I

thought for a moment I wouldn't

dispute it. I am disputing against

the size of it and also, there was

no need to put up a cross like this.

Lenny has at least another 10 or so

crosses inside his house they can do

the same thing, which he believes

this cross is going to do. Leonard,

could you explain why you felt the

need to put up a 2 metre cross in

your front garden. As I told her,

this cross, I had desire to have it

here because I have gone through

enough sicknesses. I have suffered

more than since 1992. I had

meningitis then I had four major

brain surgeries and I have epihraes,

I have convulsions. He knows how

many time yz have been to the

hospitals. I needed God's guidance

and God's healing power. So I was

having this. So that it came to my

minds that the cross is the answer.

Because Jesus died on the cross. And

it clearly says his blood, he shed

the blood for each and every one of

our sins and also. You think putting

the cross up is going to save your

life. Yes, because he said on the

cross I was wounded for your

transgressions. I was bruised for

your inequities and by

your inequities and by my stripes you will heal. I believe that. That

is why I erected this, for my own

safety, not to provoke anybody for

religion. There is plenty of

churches they can go, the entire

neighbourhood enjoyed from our

church, the helping hand, they got

four items everything mism So this

is really very much to help you, not

to annoy the neighbours at all. Now

so far, Kochie, the council is

saying it is Leonard's property, he

has every right to do this. It

has every right to do this. It seems it is going to be very difficult

coming up with a resolution that

suits both parties here. Thank you

gentleman for explaining your

different points of view. Australians are notorious for throwing sickies. You might remember

even former prime minister Bob Hawke condoned taking a day off. I tell you what - any boss who sacks anyone for not turning up today

is a bum. But would you believe the average Australian worker

is now taking almost 10 days off sick each year and it's costing the economy more than $30 billion. So what is an acceptable excuse for a sick day? Workplace relations lawyer Sian Ryan and Garry Brack from Employers First join us now. Good morning to you both. Sian, when should workers stay home and when should they toughen up and head into work?

Well, the interesting thing is there

is actually an entitlement to take

10 days per annum in sick leave or

carer's leave, we tend to talk about

these days. So I don't know if

people are pitching their illnesses

towards that entitlement or whoever

came up with the 10 days got it

right statistically. But if you are

genuinely ill or a member of your

family is genuinely ill and requires

your care, you are entitled to take

a paid day. People say I have got 10

days up my sleeve, use them or lose

them. Gar bosses don't want people

coming to work if they are sick.

What is the line in the sand? When

do you bant workers to take a day

off and toughen up? There are some

people who come to work, come hell

or high water, even when they are

feeling deathly ill and they want to

simply get their work done and

bosses say

bosses say you ought to be at home

and they say I is got to get the

work done. They are determine

work done. They are determine said to be there. You are to send them

home if they are likely to be a

problem to themselves or others,

yes, send them home. They know their

limit, there are other people, on

the other hand who come the first

sniffal, they'll be off. There are

some people

some people who religiously cut out

their 10-day entitlement. As it has

been explained you entitled to take

sick leave for your relatives,

children when they are sick, to take

care of them, it is not an

illegitimate proposition but the

amount of sick leave taken in total

has risen from an average of eight

to approaching 10. It is going up,

it is a big cost industry has to

bear, everything, not just sick

leave, a whole host of other things,

they are additional costs and have to come out in the

to come out in the priges you

charge. The highther price it costs

you to produce -- higher the price

it costs you to produce a service or

product, the less business you will

have. Employers are keen to watch

that stuff and cut it down. It was

quite a lengthy conversation on our

conference call last night, the

whole issue of caring for parents

and caring for sick parents came up.

Some people who are young, single,

no kids, almost kind of begrudge

those who take sick days because

they have got to take care of kids.

How do you as a boss get the balance

between bludgers

between bludgers and those who aren't. There is a balance to be

founds. The entitlement, 10 days is

your own personal use or carers

leave. So those who have to use it

to care for family members are not

getting a greater entitlement for

their own illnesses or misadventure.

Or a mental health day. Yes, there

is something to be said if you are

unwell, stressed to the max and not

having a productive day, in some

circumstances it is better to look

after your health, be it physical or

mental be it pushing and pushing and

being far worse off than you took

the time. Gary you come back the

next day and work doubly as hard. Is

that the deal? But the fact is

coworkers are the biggest guards in

relation to those who are bludgers.

They complain saying, "

They complain saying, "Bill is off

again, I wonder what the excuse is

today." I hope the boss will listen,

there you go, Kochie, who knew? Ten

days? Can you store nem up? Coming up - the call to sentence criminals to home detention instead of jail. We'll tell you why. And, no pressure. The young Aussie star, invited to perform for the Obamas. I'm free # He'll join us live after the 7:30 news. VOICEOVER: You insure your home and car. Why not secure your income and your family's way of life with ING's EasyProtect Income from only $7 a week? Why not give them a call? Call 1300 ING 111 now. Bodywise Digestive Balance bars have a quarter of your daily fibre needs. So now there's something for everyone.

# rocking till the break of day

# Don't stop rocking now

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# Everybody # That's the music of Melbourne band Little Red who we are in love with here at Sunrise. You'll see why when they perform two songs tomorrow on the show. As Molly would say, do yourself a favour and tune in. Time now for your Jetstar deal of the week. Here's Fifi.

I'm here at the airport again, about

to give you this week's Jetstar

special but first I am going to

accost this beautiful woman, Joe,

you work here at Jetstar, what is

your role? I am a customer service

officer at the domestic airport,

officer at the domestic airport, so from the check in to boarding and

making announcement and customer

service. A lot of responsibility,

where I am guessing with that smile

you rarely get grumpy? Absolutely,

we have to start at 4am and smile

from the moment they walk in the

door. Do you get to travel? I have

been traveling with Jetstar over the

years. I have flown to Cairns, one

of my favourite Australian holiday

destinations. So much to do there,

do an adventurous holiday or

rerelax, sky diving on the Roof or

the Kranda railway. Gosh, you should

work for Cairns Tourism. Thank you

for your time, Joe, let's have a

look at this week's Jetstar special. Jetstar has some great low fares on selected domestic routes. For more details or to book, visit:

Natalie in her Jetstar uniform?

Exactly, look, lots coming in about

the sugar story. But I need to get

this one ou