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(generated from captions) And how Sally dropped 50 kilos in 50 simple steps.

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First to ATM fees, and we are

paying well above the odds for the

privilege of accessing our observe

money. It is hard to take when you

consider that the banks have been

making billions of dollars in

profits, but tonight we will show

you how to avoid ever paying ATM

fees again.

How agreedy do the banks have to

be? I would love to open a bank, I

would love to take money off

working class people, just robbing

them. We put money in and then they

take it off us. Paying to access

your own money. It doesn't seem

quite right but as Australians we

do this more than 300 million time

as year and as a result the big

four have been laughing all the way

to the bank but now it is you that

can be having the last laugh. It is

becoming much easier to avoid the fees.

Those secrets to saving in a moment,

but first some other facts they

don't want you to know about ATMs.

Don't be tricked into thinking

those holes in the wall are all

about giving out cash. They are

huge money makers themselves. All

the little $2 charges added up to

help the banks may more than $1,000

a minute from machine fees, which

at the end of the year totals a

whopping $650 million.

Without any doubt, these charges

are an absolute rip off.

Independant Senator Nick Zenophon

is supporting legislation trying to

force banks to reign in theory dick

louse fees. It is costing the banks

74 cents per transaction and they

are charging $2 or $2.550 this is a

rip off of Australian consumers to

the tune of hundreds of mills of

dollar as years. Whose are the most

expensive. When it comes to the big

banks, Westpac, and and the

Commonwealth charge $2 but NAB is

trying to lure customers with $1.50.

They are making money. They are

getting exceptional fee, home lone

fees. You will never avoid them. Effie Zahos from 'Money Magazine'

says ignore the big banks if you

are looking for better deals. ATM

is a big tick for you, that is what

you want, then you really need to

move your account to a bank or

building society or credit union

that gives you access, to not just

their ATM but anyone else they may

have hooked up with. Don't be put

off by BankWest's unusual

advertising, they actually offer a

very good deal. Free walls at any

of the big four's ATMs. Some things

should be free, you know. But if

you do want to stay with the majors,

then it is best to have as many

locations as possible for you to be

able to get your cash. Here is how

they and their partners stack up.

The alliance between the

Commonwealth Bank and BankWest is

the biggest in the country,

providing the better part of 4,000

ATMs. Next thrt is the NAB and bank

of Queensland, with just under

3,500. Westpac is teamed with St

George to provide their customers

nearly 3,000 options, while the ANZ

offers the fewest locations of any

of the big four.

These days technology is helping

you save on fees. Now all after oh

of the main banks have handy

appears for your phone that give

you the exact location and even

directions on how to get there.

This is great if you are not in

your local area. There might be a

fee free ATM around the corner and

that could save you $2 by checking

your phone. That is afternoon

afternoon from Canstar Cannex. He

has another good tip. Next time you

have using EFTPOS take out some

cash. If you are going to the

supermarket just get some cash out

with your weekly groceries, or just

go up to the service deskment make

of them will let you make a

without any fees. transaction and get your cash out

When the cards burst on the scene

people thought that would be the

death of cash, but it is still here

and it will always be King. The new

tip now is perhaps the days of

cards might be numbers with

technology starting to move money

on to our mobiles. New applications

have just launched where you by you

can download it on to your iPhone

and pay your meat while you are at

dinner. Splitting the bill has

never been easier. I think it is

brilliant. I think we are moving