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(generated from captions) queen keep her life in order. The man who helps the talk-show Now, see what he can do for you. this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, here's Kochie and Mel. Now, live from Brekky Central, a new week of Sunrise. Good morning and welcome made its presence felt And the rain has certainly and western Victoria. across northern in Benalla This is the scene this morning to boil their drinking water where residents are being warned has flooded. because the local sewage plant And as water flows downstream, like Shepparton and Charlton. there's high alert for towns We'll keep you up to date throughout the morning. across developments

We will be crossing live to Nuala

Heffner throughout the show on a

constant base taos keep you up to

Also making news this morning, date. date. Das -- basis to keep you up to

some rather controversial comments brain surgeon. by Australia's best known

A man has to do well at his job to

support his family, a woman has to

be caring and a good loving mother and wife. That's Charlie Teo of 'Sunday Night'. on last night's edition will have a view on that. I suspect everyone

Talks a lot of sense, doesn't he... Talks a lot of sense, doesn't he....

We'll get into that but we'll begin

with the news and Nat. are predicted to worsen today. Victoria's worst floods in 15 years are already under water Hundreds of homes in the state's north-east. joins us with more from Benalla. Sunrise correspondent Nuala Hafner Good morning, Nuala. this morning? What's the situation there

Good morning, Nat, well the good

news is the rain that dumped between

50mm and 240mm over the weekend has

now eased. The bad news is the flood

danger has not. What you have got is

many of Victorias major rivers

swollen to breaking point with all

the rain water and snow melt trying

to make its way out to sea. It is an

anxious 24 hours for communities

like Benalla, Horsham, Sale,

Bairnsdale to see if their e

vocuations will hold. Thankfully in

Benalla the water has peaked and the

water is receding. I have got the

head of the SES here, Colin

Croxford, it has been an incredible

weekend and you still have

weekend and you still have of work

too done. Yes there, is lot of

to be done, when the water receipts too done. Yes there, is lot of work

from Benalla it is heading to

Shepparton. We have got a lot of

water heading to Shepparton and

Alinga. Some properties are cut off

and you would like the SES, people

to contact you. Yes, people in

Stuart and Alinga, I know you have

water around your properties, I

can't get in to ascertain how badly

you are affected. If you could ring

the flood line, 13 2 500, let us

know and we can get supplies by help

copt taor you. Brilliant, still a

very anxious 24 hours. Thank you, Nuala

very anxious 24 hours. Thank you,

Nuala. Will put the number on the

web site this morning. are preparing to reveal The three undecided Independents they will support, which political party of political limbo. ending two weeks and Rob Oakeshott Bob Katter, Tony Windsor considering their decisions. have spent the weekend As the ALP firms as favourite, to parliamentary reforms the Coalition has refused to agree proposed by Mr Oakeshott. to side with the Coalition Bob Katter's expected but he's giving nothing away. morning, noon and night. I've been meeting with people of all three to form government. The Coalition needs the support just two of the Independents. Labor needs are being warned Residents in Christchurch not to drink tap water devastating earthquake. after the New Zealand city's contaminated the water supply, There are fears sewage has to boil water. prompting warnings bottled water on the shelves It's almost impossible to find milk tankers so farmers have brought in of fresh water. carrying thousands of litres gastroenteritis infections. There are all sorts of very serious renal failure or even worse. Some of them could end up with in the quake zone remain closed, Schools and businesses which buildings are safe. as engineers work out

in Los Angeles Paul Hogan has arrived back the Australian taxation authorities. vowing to continue his fight with The Hollywood actor says is still out to get him the Tax Office despite his travel ban being lifted. that they let me out. It wasn't friendly around the world. It was because of the bad publicity You can get kept in there? It was like what? What? until proven innocent?" "You're guilty left Sydney yesterday The Hollywood actor in an upbeat mood. a multimillion-dollar tax debt He allegedly has he doesn't owe and can't pay. which he says In finance news:

It was a pretty good end to the

week. On Wall Street, up 128 points.

The market up 2.

The market up 2.9 per cent for the

week, after the worst August result,

monthly result since 2001. So things

have certainly turned around.

America going into the Labour Day

long weekend there, which is sort of

holiday. the official close of the summer

To our region, we also finished on

all high on Friday, up 14 points on the

high on Friday, up 14 points on the

All Ords, 8 on the ASX 200. Up All Ords, 8 on the ASX 200. Up 3.

a year. per cent, the biggest weekly gain in All Ords, 8 on the ASX 200. Up 3.29

73 euro, I will double that check. in finance, For a preview of the week ahead Craig James is at CommSec. Morning.

What's on the agenda?

The first faouz of the month? Yes

ordinary we would talk bout

Reserve Bank board meeting but we ordinary we would talk bout the

don't have to worry about it. The

economy is in good shape. So we will

have to dissect all the economic

data over the week.

data over the week we have got

figures on job advertisments, and

the measures on the monthly

inflation gauge, the housing figures

and employment figures on Thursday.

Those should be pretty good. We have

probably got 20,000 jobs created in

the last month, unemployment rate

ran 5.

ran 5.3 per cent. When you

in the US a jobless rate of 9. in the US a jobless rate of 9.6 per ran 5.3 per cent. When you consider

cent it shows we are doing pretty

well Down Under. Thank you, you will

keep an eye on it, any words of

advice for Beretts in sport Well, I

thought Geelong played well, but I

think the ump gave it to us right at

the death. So there wasn't too much

in it. A good objective view, Craig.

Got to learn the St Kilda theme song, though, it

song, though, it is what we need

now. Good to see you have got the St

Kilda tie on. Good on you, Craig,

the Saints were very good. NRL minor premiers, St George-Illawarra finished off the regular season in style overnight, comfortably accounting for South Sydney 38-24 at Kogarah Oval. A first-half hat-trick to Ben Creagh snuffed out any hope of the Rabbitohs sneaking into the top eight at Manly's expense. The sellout crowd helped the NRL establish a new season attendance record of more than 3.1 million fans.

Well done! Week one of the finals fires up on Friday night when the Titans host the Warriors. The Tigers battle the Roosters on Saturday, followed by the Panthers against the Raiders.

The Dragons take on Manly on Sunday. Barry Hall will come under scrutiny from the AFL's match review panel today for his stoush with Harry O'Brien in Saturday night's heavy loss to Collingwood. Hall's poor Tribunal record leaves him in real danger of incurring a suspension. The injury-ravaged Western Bulldogs will tackle a Sydney outfit

brimming with confidence on Saturday night at the MCG. The Swans staved off a second-half surge from Carlton at ANZ Stadium yesterday to win a 5-point thriller.

It was a beauty! Defending champion Kim Clijsters has breezed into the US Open quarterfinals this morning with a straight-sets demolition of Ana Ivanovich. Clijsters triumphed 6-2, 6-1 and will meet the winner of today's clash

between Australia's Sam Stosur and Elena Dementieva. Top seed Venus Williams also cruised into the final eight with a 7-5, 6-3 win over Israel's Shahar Peer. Australia has been dumped out of the World Basketball Championships in Turkey by a red-hot Slovenia overnight. The Boomers were never in the hunt,

falling to an embarrassing 29-point defeat.

And the Diamonds fly home from New Zealand today Grant is away this week. So Mel and Kochie have all your weather.

Sunrise weather brought to you by Claratyne. Year-round allergy relief. Be prepared and live Claratyne clear. Early rain then a fine afternoon in Brisbane. Morning cloud in Coffs Harbour. Flood warnings continue in certain areas around Victoria. There are showers in Ballarat. A wet day in Melbourne. Early drizzle in Hobart. Showers clearing in Adelaide. Cloudy with some rain in Port Lincoln. A late shower in Bunbury. On the way - why Stephanie Rice has apologised to the gay community. And, the breakthrough treatment

that's producing dramatic results for people with bad skin. We'll show you how it works later this hour. But after the break, why Prince Charles' green initiative has critics seeing red. See what you make of the controversy, next on Sunrise.

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Remember a couple of years ago you

didn't know about Kate

Miller-Heidke, well, Little Red is

the next one, they are amazing, you will love it. Prince Charles has a reputation for caring about the environment but his latest efforts to promote greener living have landed him in hot water. Here to tell us more is the royal editor from the 'News of the World', Rob Jobson. Good morning. What has the Prince done?

Well, he is going to go on a little

tour aground Great Britain, using

the royal train, it costs $

the royal train, it costs $80,000

Australian every time it comes out

on the tracks so it has caused a

Roy. It is using bio fuels but

people are saying why go on a train

to promote cycling and green issues,

it is not the right thing to do. I

have got a built of sympathy for

him, he is trying to get his message

across and is trying to care about

the environment. People can be so

grumpy. Unless he is on a solar-powered

solar-powered bicycle, he is probably dammed. He does have his

heart in environmental issues. He

really does, he is putting solar

panels on the roof of Clarance

House, I don't know what the Queen

will think about that but she is

green. He does his best. In

Camilla's house in the west of

England, he told her to turn the

heating off in the swimming pool as

part of the measures and over

winter, the pipes froze and it -h to

be replaced so he is in hot water

with the wife. A typical bloke. And

we are hearing Prince William's

girlfriend, Kate, might have to wait

another terpb years for -- tenner

years for an engagement? I didn't

think there would be a wedding this

year. But the truth is she has been

living with Prince William in the

north of Wales, he is going to be a

RAF search-and-rescue helicopter so

he will have to be -- pilot so he

will have to be two weeks on and two

weeks off. So I am sure they will be

able to cope. Sounds like a good

marriage to me. Welcome back from

holidays, good to see you. Thanks, guys, cheers. Ahead this Sunrise - is the wait finally over? Is this the day the Independents will make a decision?

Maybe they are waiting until William

and Kate get engaged. Hasn't the

country run snaogty without anyone.

Do we need a government. It has been

terrific. -- the country has run

smoothly without anyone. Take your

time, fellows. And, we'll take you live to New Zealand as Christchurch uncovers the full extent of damage. But straight ahead, And Stephanie Rice's anti-gay Tweet. from pubs and clubs. the plan to ban glass

exactly what she said We'll tell you are now calling her an idiot. and why some Yeah. M&M: YOU get in the bowl. (M&Ms POUR INTO BOWL) how would they get by? insurance, With ING's EasyProtect Life Why not give them a call? Buy online or call 1300 ING 100 now. of tasty, creamy cooking. It has all the taste of cream but contains 95% less fat. for Beacon Lighting. What's Making News Up to 50% off everything sale on now.

It has to be Beacon. Frjtsz

A man has to have a good job. He has

to do well at school so he can get a

good job and support his family. A

woman has to be loving and caring

and good mother and a good wife. That's respected brain surgeon Charlie Teo on last night's edition of 'Sunday Night'. They were speaking to him about what it takes to be a father in 2010. He clearly thinks many dads have it wrong, arguing that they're stepping into traditional female territory.

He also gets quite reasonable at the

end of the interview he said, as a

couple and family you divvy up the

jobs, according to what you are good

at. If you are good at certain

things you should concentrate on

that. That is the most radical

he said but I thought he did get that. That is the most radical thing

more reasonable as it went on. As a

couple you have got to decide what

is best for the family and also for

the kids, whifrb way you go. Forget

your job, the most important

investment you have is your chirp,

bringing up -- your children,

bringing up your kids and giving

them a stable life and it is how you

do that. But there are probably a a

lot of families who are in a

position where dad has a good income

and mum can stay at home innuture

kids. You cannot tell me there are

families who don't want the

flexibility of having one in the

nurturing role. But also you need to

keep the balance. It

keep the balance. Isn't all about

material things and earning a lot of

money or earning as much money as

you can to buy a plasma or take an

overseas trip. But isn't it almost

what he is saying, dads need to be

the bread winner and earn money and

look after everyone? But I think we

have seen a shift in generations to

dads who do try to adjust things to

come home earlier and bath the kids

or make sure they are there to read

a bedtime story whereas a generation

ago they would goat epihome ot7 or 8

o'clock at night? Well, I think the

corporate culture has change. He

admitted he doesn't see his kids

enough and hasn't got the time so he

hasn't got the balance right either.

A tough

A tough one. Also making news this morning, is in hot water Olympian Stephanie Rice on her Twitter page. for posting an anti-gay comment Wallabies win over the Springboks, She jumped online after the exclaiming, "Suck on that" with the offensive term. before ending saying she was simply excited. Rice has since removed the Tweet the comment was idiotic But gay footballer Ian Roberts says and he thinks her sponsors to her. should now question their commitment of her deals? So should she be stripped

Did she say a really dum thing? What

are you vures? I thought Ian Roberts

was very good, it was from the heart

for him, because stefsaid it is a

mistake I make because I like seeing

Australians do well. And he said, I

do to but it is never an excuse to

belittle gay people. It was

considered and from the hartd. But

she is a kid. No she's not. No, she

is 21. She made a mistake, she

apologised for it, she doesn't have

a history of being a boof head. You

know? But she, the perils of Twitter

though, When I saw it. People

though, When I saw it. People talk

in their own lounge room and it is

talk it is fine, she has had photos

on the Facebook page

on the Facebook page early in the

piece, she was very upset they were

out. You got to be aware Twitter is

out there, you want to tell the

world, Twitter is out there. Quat

excited when Swons won and I said, " excited when Swons won and I said,

"Cheer, cheer the red and the

white." I read a little more

something into it, I thought you

were having a go at communists, I

was offended. helping patients with eczema. Shortly - the breakthrough treatment You need to see how it works. And, we'll have a live update and New South Wales. on the wild weather in Victoria and weather together. But next, news, sport here on Seven. You're waking up with Sunrise, of our classic hash browns... is expected to worsen today Victoria's flood crisis as some of the state's biggest rivers

threaten to burst their banks. The worst affected region is around Euroa, Benalla, Wangaratta, and Myrtleford. At least 250 homes have already been affected and more evacuations are expected today, particularly in the west of the state and through the north-east as water flows downstream. The State Emergency Service has been inundated with calls for help.

There's still lots of work to be done the water is receding, but when it recedes from Benala, it's going toward Shepparton. Shepparton, Horsham and Sale Rivers around Wangaratta, are yet to reach their peak. The threat of disease to truck in fresh water is forcing Christchurch residents after the weekend's earthquake. to help with the clean-up. The Army is also being sent in

It would normally be the start of

the working week for Christchurch

residents, but not today. This

hairdresser along with other

businesses will remain closed. You can see up through here actually collapsed on top of it. where the other building's

All public buildings, including

schools and early childcare it

in the quake zone will be closed schools and early childcare it iss

until at least Wednesday. There are

fears water is contaminated.

Residents have been told to boil it

before drinking and it is almost

impossible to buyled water. There are all sorts of very serious gastroenteritic infections some of them could end up with renal failure or even worse.

Farmers have brought in milk tankers

are 78,000 litres of fresh water. Yeah, some people are calling up out of water.

The army is bringing in supplies

from Wellington. Otherwise, people

are looking after themselves,

mopping up patches of mess, slowly

putting their city back together. Swimmer Stephanie Rice has apologised for a homophobic comment she posted on her Twitter page over the weekend. in relation to the Wallabies' win The offensive slur was made on Saturday night. over the Springboks from her site. It's since been removed has called Rice a "complete idiot" Former sportsman Ian Roberts companies should sponsor her. and questioned whether she didn't mean to cause offence. Rice says will face court today An Adelaide man charged with four counts of rape over the weekend. after a brutal home invasion The victim, aged in her 50s, at her Christie Downs home was asleep through the back door. when the intruder broke in The woman's neighbour has told police

the alleged attacker is her ex-partner, who'd earlier tried to break in to her home. He was trying to get in. I called the police straight away. He was gone, they searched my backyard, they drove past a few times then they were gone. The victim is recovering in hospital. Two young men are in hospital with serious injuries after their car was ripped in half when it slammed into a pole at Hurstville in Sydney's south early this morning. and his 19-year-old passenger The 20-year-old P-plate driver both have broken bones. car was racing before it crashed. Police are investigating whether the a house fire A Sydney family has escaped in Fairfield Heights overnight.

were inside the home Two adults and five children but escaped unharmed. when the blaze broke out while fire crews put out the fire. They huddled under blankets

what caused the blaze. It's not known In finance news:

A good end to the week on Wall

Street, up 128 point after

reasonably good job figurers, even

though unemployment rose to 9 pous 6 though unemployment rose to 9 pous

though unemployment rose to 9 pous 6 per cent, there was good job

creation but the figures went up

because there were more people

looking for work. because there were more people looking for work.

For we go, the euro back to where

For we go, the euro back to where it should be. Just under 71 euro cents.

Time for sport with Beretts. Thanks, Kochie. Carlton coach Brett Ratten has been left ruing missed opportunities following yesterday's shattering 5-point loss to Sydney. Ratten refused to point the finger of blame at defender Dennis Armfield for his final-quarter gamble to Sydney's Trent Dennis-Lane. that gifted a goal

If we went through that again, back

yourself and go in again. Sydney tackles the injury-hit Western Bulldogs this weekend for a preliminary final berth. on Friday night Geelong tackle Fremantle to kick off the semifinals. in a preliminary final. The winner meets Collingwood on Saturday night The Bulldogs play the Swans for the right to meet St Kilda. to snatch the last NRL playoff spot South Sydney has blown a chance at Kogarah Oval overnight. against St George-Illawarra

The Dragons rested five stars but were still far too strong, running in 6-4. The Rabbitohs' loss allowed Manly to limp into eighth but the Sea Eagles could be decimated - Jason King, Chris Bailey and Steve Matai were all placed on report in yesterday's loss to the Bulldogs. The financially stricken Newcastle Jets will hold more talks with Football Federation Australia today in a bid to secure their A-league future.

The Jets managed a 0-0 draw with Brisbane yesterday despite the club's dire position. In yesterday's other match, Perth reclaimed top spot on the ladder with a 2-1 win over Wellington. Last night's San Marino MotoGP in the Moto2 support class. was marred by the death of a rider suffered serious injuries Japanese teenager Shoya Tomizawa at high speed after coming off his bike and passed away in hospital. led from start to finish Spaniard Dani Pedrosa in the main event. Aussie Casey Stone finished fifth. brought to you by Claratyne. Sunrise weather Year-round allergy relief. and live Claratyne clear. Be prepared is triggering rain, A trough over the Queensland coast heavy about the south-east.

are generating Cold air, showers and alpine snow Victoria and northern Tasmania. over southern New South Wales, in Brisbane. Early rain, then clearing, in Canberra. Frost then a shower or two Early fog and frost on Wednesday. Some rain around tomorrow. Early drizzle in Hobart. Late showers on Thursday and Friday. Afternoon shower tomorrow.

Joke of the day. Comes from... Tony

Donolan from Clar in South

Australia. A matron and an on-call

doctor were doing rounds when the

doctor said, "

doctor said, "Is Nurse flangon

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matron. Why? And he

matron. Why? And he said I just

passed her going into Mr Petersen's

room with boiling water and then a

blood-curdling scream came from the

room. God no! Said the matron and

the doctor. What is the matter, the doctor. What is the matter,, "

The doctor, and he

The doctor, and he said Nurse

Flangon couldn't have heard me. I

told her to prick Mr Petersen's

boil." Rfrn A TiVo on the way to

Tony Donlan. You got it, but our

line producer, our boss didn't get

it. It is really weird. He is not

usually up this early. Hard of

hearing? Prick Mr... Don't go any further. This week, our friends at McCafe are giving you the chance to catch up with a friend over coffee anywhere in the world. You could be strolling through the streets of Sienna,

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You can mention me, if you like.

Wouldn't it be nice? Straight ahead this morning - how a spa treatment can work wonders for bad skin. We have the before and afters. Also coming up, we'll join the SES briefing in Victoria's flood zone. And you're looking live right now at Christchurch. Our reporter is in the quake devastated city.

We'll hear from him, right after this. so say goodbye to handling nasty refills. Harpic Hygienic is cage-less, so there's no refill to touch, and the toilet stays Harpic - master of the loo. Now in new marine fragrance. his premium would be: And with us: Why? Call 13youi or go to we can make plenty come true. That's right - $20 million. So get your entry in SONG: # Live a Lotto life. # Uh, what's that, Ian? Sweet! Sunrise keeps in touch with the new BlackBerry Pearl, thanks to our friends at Telstra. We're keeping a close eye on Victoria's flood zone this morning. There's a live shot of Benalla. Some relief for residents there overnight but concern is now shifting downstream. Our reporters on the ground will join us after 7am

and we'll head live to the Weather Channel for what's still ahead. Wild weather is the latest threat to earthquake victims in Christchurch. Now a storm is forecast to hit the quake-ravaged city. For a Monday morning in New Zealand's second largest city, there's no business as usual. Schools are shut and businesses in the CBD are closed. Seven News reporter Robert Ovadia is there. Good morning. Rob, it's the first business day since the quake. With most people still at home

May not have seen what's happened

and had reality sink in? Yes, they

are at home for a number of reasons.

They have been asked to stay away,

certainly right here, where we can

as you can see behind me, this is

the scene at various spots arounds

the CBD in Christchurch, there is no

point coming here because it is too

dangerous. With the wild winds

expected, some facades could fall

down, it is too dangerous. For those

businesses who are structurely

intact there will be no customers to

serve. The city is holding itbreath

to see which buildings are fine and

which aren't. To add to their woes,

bad weather is forecast today. What

are authorities advising people to

do? They just want them to stay

home, it is easier that way. Even

emergency services have to take

emergency services have to take care in the CBD. We are at Darfield, 40

kilometres west of Christchurch,

where the epicentre left, there are

few homes for the people to stay in.

They are staying in evacuation

centres and authorities need space

to do their jobs. We understand some

degree of demolition will happen

today but authorities are still

going from building to building to

building to see what buildings are

sound and which are not. Can you get

your camera to pan around. The

demolition today, gosh, where do you begin to

begin to clean it up? My goodness!

This is the problem, this used to be

a Mexican rostrestaurant on the top

level, it is muriculous the quake

happened at 4. happened at 4.30 in the morning.

During the day any number of people

could have been in there or under

the restaurant. It is very, very

fortunate. Panning just a bit left,

Paul Walker is my cameraman, this is

media central, all the reporters are

going into breakfast television add

the moment and this building is

pretty well symbolic of what

happened to the city. The worst

damaged. The one on the other side

looks untouched? That is the

sporadic nature, what is what

earthquakes do match it makes up its

mind ad hoc who going to be have a

victim and who is not. Not a single

window pain in the building

window pain in the building opposite has been touched but this one is

destroyed. There are fault lines,

cracks that have gone through the

centre of some homes and missed

others. It is a matter of hit and

miss. Thank you, Robert, keep us up

to date. Cheers, gang. Shifting focus now, and Australia has one of the highest rates of eczema in the world. But if you think it's just a rash with a bit of an itch, think again. For some sufferers, the itching is so relentless they can't even go about their daily lives. But a breakthrough is now providing hope. 20-year-old Genevieve Lin had one of the most severe cases of eczema her dermatologist had ever seen. But after a visit to a medical spa in France she saw some amazing results. Genevieve joins us now with her dermatologist Professor Dedee Murrell. Good morning to you both. Genevieve, tell us how bad was your eczema before you went to France?

It was really bad. I had it all over

my body. I would wear clothes to try

to hide it, it was really itchy and

painful at times and hard to get on

with life, doing normal things. You

poor thing! Dedee, you suggested

Genevieve go to the spa in France.

Tell us why? What did it offer that

you thought could help Genevieve?

When I was lucktureing in Toulouse I

had heard about the spa, but I was

sceptical, but having seen people

with cases of psoriasis and eczema

and get remission for nine month

afterwards, I thought we will

afterwards, I thought we

afterwards, I thought we had been

putting jen eve on putting jen eve putting jen putting afterwards, I thought we had been

put Genevieve on lots of powerful

treatment. What happened? First I

met a doctor and she gave

met a doctor and she gave me a

routine for every day. I would go to

the hydrotherapy centre every day,

for a bath, 20 minutes and sometimes

get a massage and treatments. So

normal bath and a normal massage. A

spa bath which just with the Evian

spring water. So special water? Not

like you could have a bath back here

with the same impact. No, there are

property in the water, they don't

know why it has the effect but yes.

So what can we do at home, anyone

who has eczema who can't travel to

France. Genevieve is keeping her

skin good seven weeks after the

treatment by spraying her skin with

the water, which you can purchase,

which is sterile. She can use the

use the moisturiser which has it

too. She has been seeing me every

week. She had a score of

week. She had a score of 50 on an

objective level before he left and

own nou has a five. She is maintain

tg without drugs. Maintaining baths

twice a day helps, it helps to

rehydrate the skin and seals it with

a moisturiser. Obviously you are advocating the products,

advocating the products, anything you can do without the products?

When your skin has eczema, muit is

like a sieve, with the holes. Yoyou

have got to plug the holes and you

can do it with a bath better than a

shower and sealing it with a

hypoallergen moisturiser, like brushing your teeth

brushing your teeth a day. Are the Independents about to show their hand? We're live to Canberra in just a few minutes. Also coming up, the brain surgeon who's divided the nation. He says men need to be less like women. And continuing live coverage of our major story. Where's the next danger point in Victoria's flood emergency? VOICEOVER: Get a car, home or CTP insurance quote from Apia before October 31 and you could win the experience of a lifetime with Peregrine or $25,000 cash. Now's a great time to get a quote from Apia. They insure for us over-50s. Apia understands us. They know what we want. For your chance to win the experience of a lifetime or $25,000 cash, call Apia today on 13 50 50 or go to # I was back stage at Sunrise # and that's the way I like it # Sunrise is Australia's undisputed home of live music on TV. # So what? # I'm still a rock star. # # Oh, my gosh #

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It will be fantastic, trust us. Time

oocheck show business news. The Sunrise Showbiz Report brought to you by 'New Idea'. For all the latest celebrity news and more. And our showbiz editor Nelson Aspen is back in Hollywood. Welcome back!

Kate Hudson has settled a lawsuit against a company that recently sued her.

This is actually been going on since

2008. A company called 220 Labs had

given her some samples of their

products that contained volic ash

from Vanuatu and you could use it in

your hair. Some time later Kate and

a partner developed their own line

of pair care products that included volcanic ash etc.

volcanic ash etc., etc. So there was

a law suit involved, even though Kate

a law suit involved, even though

Kate claims she never met,

personally, the people from the Labs

nor was there a written agreement. It nor was there a written agreement.

It was settled and the people from

the Labs say they are very happy

with the settlement. Who knew?

Volcan ash in hair shampoo. Roo we

are going to talk to you in half an

hour, your interview with Julie

Andrews. Be still my beating heart.

She asks for you all the time. Lots

of people talking about Charlie

Tio's comments about the women being

nurtures. Regina said, " nurtures. Regina said, "I don't

believe he is radical, he is a

family man, get a grip, an iconic

Aussie who is doing the right thing

for his family." Pet ru, "

for his family." Pet ru, "I am a

mother of five and my husband work,

it is not the way we imagined our

life and it is busy and stressful

but who is going to pay the

emergency." And, "

emergency." And, "Judge Judy wrote a

book called Beauty Fades, Dumb Lasts

forever. She suggested that women

should invest time working on their

career and stay staying independent.

As sort of an insurance policy

against splitting up, which is

common. Stephanie Rice has things

ticking over after the Wallabies

comment on the weekend. BJ said, "

comment on the weekend. BJ said, "As

a gay young man I find the comment

offensive." And another, " offensive." And another, "I am gay

and it doesn't offend me, she did

and it doesn't offend me, she did it in the heat of a moment. If we take

one comment and blow it out of

proportion, it would be sad,

especially after all she has done for especially after all she has done

for Australia." And another, "

for Australia." And another." for Australia." And another.", " for Australia." And another.", "I

have a couple of gay friends and

they make comment all the time that

shock me, harden up Australia." She

doesn't have a track record of saying things like that. Residents evacuated, roads washed away and services stretched to the limit as Victoria faces its worst deluge in more than a decade. This morning on Sunrise, live coverage from the danger spots. Have the Independents finally made up their minds on who should govern Australia? The man who helps the talk show queen keep her life in order. Now see what he can do for you. Right across Australia, this is Sunrise on Seven. Now, live from Brekky Central, here's Kochie and Mel.

Also coming up - Dozens of communities in regional Victoria remain under threat from floodwaters this morning with many swollen rivers yet to reach their peak. Sunrise correspondent Nuala Hafner joins us with more from Benalla. Good morning, Nuala. Which communities are at risk this morning?

Hello, again, look it has just

started to drizzle again now which

is not what

is not what they need, the rivers

can't take more water and the

Weather Bureau is forecasting more

weather for Wednesday and Thursday.

The river here in Benalla peaked add 1. The river here in Benalla peaked add

1.2 metres but at the moment, the

water is heading down streams. Many

of Victoria's river rrz swol toon

capacity and so it is a -- rivers

are swol toon capacity. It is

affecting the north, west,

Gippsland, Shepparton, Bairnsdale,

we just heard Wangaratta, 1,000

people have been warned they may

need to evacuate and One Mile Creek,

just near Wangaratta, 60 homes have

been e vocuated. Also Skipton,

people have been evacuated from

there. 50 soldiers have been brought

in to help with the relief effort in

addition to 600 SES workers working

over the weekend and extra

over the weekend and extra police have been brought on hand to help.

You have got the clean-up effort in

places like Benalla and places like

Euroa and Creswick where waters have

peaked and also the flood watch with

the sand bagging and evacuation and

people hoping for the best. Some

areas further up have been able to

start cleaning up? Yes, I mean, they

are just really waiting,

particularly if the water to go. It

hasn't gone completely but it has

been declared a catastrophe. They

are expecting the clean-up bill to cost $

cost $10 million plus. The premier

has announce said there will be

grants for people to help. $

grants for people to help. $1,000 to

find accommodation and food in the

short term and larger means-tested

grants, up to $

grants, up to $26,000 for people

with major damage to their houses.

We know of 250 homes that are in

that situation but we are expecting

that number to grow today. Thank

you, Nuala. And. And Kochie and Mel will speak to the area's SES commander and the Weather Channel in just a few minutes. We should finally learn today or tomorrow which party will form the next government. Independent MPs Bob Katter, Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott have spent the weekend considering their decisions and are expected to make an announcement soon. Tony Windsor spent the weekend in his electorate. He wasn't giving much away but he did say he backed Labor's broadband policy. Do it once and do it right, and do it with fibre. Labor needs the support of two of the three MPs and is tipped to retain power. There's a disease threat in New Zealand's earthquake-devastated city of Christchurch after sewage contaminated the water supply. Residents are being told to boil drinking water. It's almost impossible to find bottled water on the shelves so farmers have brought in milk tankers carrying thousands of litres of fresh water. There are all sorts of very serious gastroenteritic infections some of them could end up with renal failure or even worse. Schools and businesses in the quake zone remain closed

as engineers work out which buildings are safe. An 11-year-old boy is in hospital after being shot in a duck hunting accident. The boy was flown to Perth last night from Albany in WA's south-east. Police say he was staying with a friend on a property when the boys took a rifle to go hunting. A bullet fired by the friend ricocheted off the water and lodged in the boy's armpit. He was operated on last night and is expected to make a full recovery. A former Pakistan cricketer is claiming a player hid a mobile phone in his helmet while waiting to bat in a recent international match. Mobile phones are banned to stop players talking with match-fixers. It follows another player's claims that almost every match is fixed. WOMAN: Do you think it was a fix? Bracing himself against a barrage of questions, at the Pakistan High Commission, this is the cricketer who was secretly filmed apparently making allegations about match-fixing. According to edited footage released by the 'News of the World', Yasir Hameed, who denies making statements to the paper, seems to tell an undercover reporter that game rigging is widespread.

The reporter asks about Pakistan's tour of Australia. The Pakistan Cricket Board have issued this statement

on behalf of Yasir Hameed - (READS) "I wish to stress, "I have never been approached by the 'News of the World' "and neither did I approach anyone "connected with the 'News of the World' "to disclose any allegations "concerning the Pakistan cricket team or any of the players". The remaining beleaguered Pakistan cricket players tried their best to concentrate on the cricket but the controversy was hanging over Cardiff's Swalec Stadium like a rain cloud.

That is just devastating. Can I say,

as a mummy of a little boy who

starts this weekend, couple of our

cameramen have got sons who love

cricket and play really well.

Cricket is everything and the

players, he worships them and the

bowlers, I think it is so, so sad. I

just think it is really devastating.

Destroying their faith in their

icons. Doesn't it? Did people expect

that of Pakistan though? In the

cricketing circles. Not that wide

spread, thumounts of money and what

is going on and the fact it is

Sydney now, we always suspected but

they got 1.

they got 1.8 million pounds to throw

the Sydney test. The moral of the

story, go home to Nick and say, " story, go home to Nick and say, "Buy

BHP." Time for finance news now. The

Dow unon the weekend after the

pretty good jobs growth figures that

came out on Wall Street. In our

region, we finished up 14 points. We

happen up almost 4 per cent for the

week, the biggest weekly gain in

over a year. Following the 2 per

cent drop in August. Dpont forget,

our Reserve Bank Board meeting this

time tomorrow, expected to keep

official interest rates on hold. Time for sport. Thanks, Kochie. NRL minor premiers St George-Illawarra have geared up for their finals assault by comfortably accounting for South Sydney 38-24 at Kogarah Oval. A first-half hat-trick to Ben Creagh snuffed out any hope of the Rabbitohs sneaking into the top eight at Manly's expense. The sellout crowd helped the NRL establish a new season attendance record of more than 3.1 million fans. Barry Hall will face scrutiny from the AFL's match review panel today for his punch to Harry O'Brien's chest

in Saturday night's heavy loss to Collingwood. Hall's poor Tribunal record leaves him in real danger of copping a suspension. The injury-ravaged Western Bulldogs will tackle a Sydney outfit brimming with confidence on Saturday night at the MCG.

The Swans staved off a second-half surge from Carlton at ANZ Stadium yesterday to win a 5-point thriller. Aussie golfer Jason Day has siezed the outright lead during the third round of the Deutsche Bank Championship in Boston. Day is 16 under for the tournament, two in front of American Brandt Snedeker. Adam Scott and Geoff Ogilvy are in the hunt at 12 under after both carded impressive 6-under 65. Tiger Woods showed glimpses of his best on the way to a 2-under-par 69. Our women's rugby side, the Wallaroos, have recorded their best-ever finish at a World Cup this morning.

Well done, girls. Australia thumped France 22-8 at Twickenham Stoop to finish in third place overall. Brilliant! Sunrise weather brought to you by Claratyne. Year-round allergy relief. Be prepared and live Claratyne clear.

Flood warnings continue in certain

areas around Victoria, we will get

the latest in minutes. Of course, the weather remains our major story this morning

as Victoria comes to grips with its worst flooding in 15 years. 250 properties were inundated, prompting hundreds of evacuations. The government has promised emergency assistance and has sent in Defence personnel. While some communities are now switching to clean-up mode, others are bracing.

We are joined by Colin Croxford from the

We are joined by Colin Croxford from the SES. And Tom Saunders is at the Weather Channel.

? We have got reseeing water, it is

going well. We are now inthe

clean-up mode but the water has

passed on from Benalla and is


heading down to nulinga, an area to

Shepparton. We have ice lailted

properties there and in the rural

area. We are trying to get in touch

with the people and get them to

phone in. It would be good. We need

to know how you are and if you need

something, let us

something, let us know. Don't feel

you are isolated there, just give us

a call. Have you got a phone number?

1 3 2 500 and just ask for the

Benalla unit and they will page us

and we will get back to you. Is it

the only way to do it? We had an

e-mail from Kim in Bright in

Victoria and she said it is hard to

get updates on road clocheierss

scand which town -- closures. Vick

Roads have a

Roads have ayish - Vic Roads have a

1 800 number. They have sadedicated

-- dedicated call line they can give

the information outs on. We will get

that and bring it to people shortly.

The clean-up is under way where you

are, they are an awful period to go

through. It takes so long. What

about the risk of disease for

residents? Is it a concern? It is

always a concern, we try to do our

best possible way of dealing with

this. We just urge people to follow

all good hygiene practices. If they

are in a rural area and rely on tank

water, perhaps boil it, don't use

any products that have been

contaminated by flood water. Just do

all good hygiene stuff but yes,

all good hygiene stuff but yes, that is a problem. Okay, Tom,

is a problem. Okay, Tom, Victoria has been battered and bruised by the

weather, when is it all going to

end? Well, thankfully, the

low-pressure system responsible for

all the severe weather for the

south-east of the country this

weekend is heading to New Zealand.

It is good news for Australia but

not Christchurch. They are getting

galeforce north westerly winds this

morning but the rain has eased in

Australia. We have scat frd showers

for Victoria but most less than 5mm

of rain today, nothing compared to

250mm on parts of the ranges on the

weekend. Is it the same weather

pattern that hit New South Wales

with the wild winds is Yes, it

started in South Australia on

Friday, they got hit by torrential

rain and flooding and then to the

eastern states on the weekend,

Melbourne had winds of 120km/h, and

Wallin gaoung. We

Wallin gaoung. We had heavy

flooding, all the way from Tasmania

to Queensland. It is hanging around

in Queensland but will clear

tonight. For Victoria, over the next

week, is there more bad weather

coming across? We can see a couple

of cold front coming up at the

moment? Is it going to be

significant? It is true, there will

be cold front approaching during the

middle of the week. The showers will

clear tonight, tomorrow dry, a front

approaching on Wednesday, showers

for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

in Victoria. But the good news is we

are expecting maybe 5 to 10mm of

rain so nothing like we had on the

weekend. Okay, thank you gentleman,

really appreciate it. That Vic Roads

number is 13 11 70 for road

closures. So for Kim from Bright,

hopefully that helps. The whole country has been waiting and waiting for their decision. But it looks like today could be the day. After more than two weeks in limbo, the three Independents are expected to announce who they'll back. However, one of the main sticking points is now about parliamentary reform. Seven's political reporter, Jodie Speers, is in Canberra. Good morning. This is probably one of the best kept secrets in politics - is there any clue who'll get the nod?

Look you are right, the poker face

is on the three Independents over

the past week or so. Really Hard,

you have to say Julia Gillard is

infavourite. Let's look at the

figures and get a recap. Labor is on

74 seats, that is with the help of

one Greens MP and one Independent,

Andrew Wilkie. The coalition is on

73 seats and then there are the

three Independents, they have

three Independents, they have the power to make or break either side,

Labor needing the support of two

whereas the coalition needs the

support of all three. Hopefully we

will see a decision today but Bob

Katter told us he was changes his

mind every 15 minutes. Tony Windsor

said he wouldn't make a final

decision until he sat down with the

other men, they want to avoid

another poll and don't want a

situation where it is 75-75. Of the

three, can you speculate which way

they will go? We know Tony Abbott

met with Bob Katter but he also met

with a lot of people so it is no

indication there? No, I am not a

betting woman but if I had to put

money on them I would probably go

for Bob Katter going for the

Coalition. He is from north

Queensland and very conservative.

Rob Oakeshott and, going with Labor.

Yesterday he came out strongly in

support of Labor's Broadband policy,

that is where I would put my money

but I wouldn't rule anything out.

Just talk to us about the proposed

changes for parliamentary reform,

the coalition is analysing it, but

run us through the changes and the

impact they could have on us? There

is a whole raft of changes so I

wouldn't want to bore you with them

all but the main are reforms to

question time. Anyone watching

question time over the past couple

of years would see how

of years would see how frustrating it is to see the kids in

kindergarten throw mud and try to

blame the other side for doing it

first. Shorter answers, shorter

questions. They also want to

guarantee the

guarantee the independence of the

speaker. That is a sticking point, the speaker. That is a sticking point,

the Coalition isweried it will be

disadvantaged. They want independent

committees and a budget office,

boost the role of Independents and

also acnudge the country before

prayer, which we see in a lot of

speeches in Canberra, surprising it

hasn't been done yet but that is the

gist of it. Thank you for the

update, we will wait. Time to talk sport. Talking sport. Brought to you by Telstra T-Box Internet entertainment, direct to your TV. The AFL finals certainly started with a bang over the weekend. The Saints sought revenge downing the Cats in a thriller on Friday night. So can Geelong bounce back? Let's ask AFL legend, Tom Harley and Mark Beretta. Good morning. Tom, can the Cats claw their way to a fourth straight grand final?

Very, very fragile, on Friday night,

the Cats, a bad

the Cats, a bad dose of the yips

going into fines. The knifes are

out. Welcome to my world. We should

have had Molly Meldrum. What are

Port doing? Just a week off, a nice

break. Enjoy the holiday. It was a

massive game on Friday night, they

got found wanting in the first half

without a doubt. Conditions between

the first half and second half were

totally different. Really, you can

see this one at it end, the

controversial tackle Cameron Mooney

suffer, caught in the back? What do

you reckon? As you call accurately

earlier in the game no-one would

have batted an eyelid. For the whole

season you have been a protected

species and now you are whingeing. I

just wish the AFL would stop using

umpires. You reckon the Swans

have been a dark horse in

umpires. You reckon the Swans could have been a dark horse in the finals

series. They played well. It

solidified it yesterday. The Swans

were in front with the momentum,

credit to Carlton, Tom you called

the game yesterday, they were right

into it. You would have thought

Sydney didn't have it together and

in them to pull it back and they

did. It is what finals football is

all about. It is why I reckon Sydney

can go on. I I reckon they will get

the Bulldogs and look out. Their

form, is as good as any. You are

right, Beretts, Carlton got to seven

points ahead and Sydney had no run

at all. But at Anic Z Stadium, the

-- the ANZ Stadium, the red and

white army, they live to fight

another day. Big, bad Barry could be

missing next weekend? Shoo the punch

to the chest, there is a bit of grey

area between the neck and the

midchest, a bit of grey area, so

they are certainly in trouble. Beretts, in Rugby League, St George cruised to another victory yesterday.

They rested four or five play snrz

Yes, they are looking good. The

bookies have posted them as run away

favourites to win. It is the Dragons

to lose at this stage of the

competition. They are in red-hot

form, Wayne Bennett is a maestro.

They are it the team to beat, but

keep an eye on the Titans. How much

do you reckon last year's finals

series plays over ST George? Very

much so, they know it is their

golden chance. Dragons

golden chance. Drag fans

golden chance. Drag fans have suffered a lot. Let's focus on new

allegations Pakistan made $

allegations Pakistan made $3 million

from rigging the Sydney cricket

test. Is it getting way out of

control? Is this beyond belief of

what anyone even suspected? I I I

reckon it is staggering. It is at

that stage you read something knew

and you can't believe it. We

suspected something was going on in

the Sydney test but not this proportion. $

proportion. $3 million Australian is

pocketed by the Pakistani players.

Is it because you can bet on so

much. It is the one sport you can

control the owcome. Like Mel's

comments, it is going to rip the

heart out of the game. You can't

tolerate a team like Pakistan coming

through, story after story after

scandal after scandal am. It is so

ingrained in the culture, I was

talking to Ian Healy, they were

going through the same thing ten or

20 years ago. Good to see you. Coming up - how Stephanie Rice managed to offside the gay community. We'll show you her offensive Tweet. And one of the world's most-loved film stars in a despicable new role. Julie Andrews is on the way. bankers with a fight-mode feature actually understood your business? bankers with a plug-in feature

Sunrise books online at Enjoy a choice, enjoy your stay.

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Now we are taubing this morning

about comments Charlie T ego, the renown brain

renown brain surgeon made last night

on 'Sunday Night'. A man has to have

a good job, do well at school to get

a good job and support his family. A

woman has to be loving and caring

and a good mother and a good wife.

Yep, make yourself look good for

when we get home. Which we all do.

Have dinner on the table, put the

pearls on, do your hair, make

yourself look presentable. Shoo you

saying we don't look presentable

during the day? Anyway, quite

varied, Shara qafrjts he is not varied, Shara qafrjts he is not --, " varied, Shara qafrjts he is not --,

"He is not forcing his vaout vaou on

anyone." I am a soul parent of five

kids and I am a bloke, should I stop

doing something because some clown

says so, opinionerize like naval,

everyone has one but some are full

of lint. Deborah, "

of lint. Deborah, "I have to agree

with the Judge Judy book, after

staying home with no means to

support my children, I had to leave

because of domestic violence, get

educated and be independent, it is

what I will be telling my

what I will be telling my daughter M. Stephanie Rice has got the

soapbox humming? Yes, a bit

following the Wallabies win, Candy

said I am 13 and use the term all

the time.

the time.." I think it is the word

at the end. Dylan said, "

at the end. Dylan said, "I am 16 but

I realise it may be naive but I

don't think when she

don't think when she Tweeted the comment she meant to cause offence

to anyone." Don't forget, she is

very, Quade Cooper's girlfriend, who

plays five-eights or fly-half in the

modern lingo. She has a

modern lingo. She has a connection to the Wallabies. I don't care how

passionate you are, would you ever

say it some when your team wins?

That is all I am asking. She made a

mistake. I think. Learn from your

mistakes. I think you can a bit kind

to people and say, "

to people and say, "Learn from your

mistakes." And she has obviously

learned from her mistake, so move on. Coming up - the radical new way to save on your power bill. And Julie Andrews, the villain.

I cannot believe that! But right now it's time for the news,

here's Nat with the 7:30 update. Residents from 60 homes in the Victorian town of Wangaratta have been evacuated this morning as the state's flood crisis deepens. Torrential rain has caused devastation to the north-eastern region and floodwaters are now flowing downstream to Shepparton, Nagambie, Seymour, Charlton and Horsham and Ballarat. The State Emergency Service says disease is a risk as the floodwaters recede. If they are in the rural area and rely on tank water and that, it may be possible to boil the water, don't use any products

that have been contaminated by floodwater. The damage bill is expected to reach into the millions of dollars.