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Hello. I'm Natarsha Belling and

welcome to Ten News. Tonight, wild

weather, Victoria counts the cost

af once in a decade flooding puts

large parts of the state under

water. While the nation's south-

east coast has been hit by gale

force winds, downing trees and

cutting power to tens of thousands.

As the massive clean up from the

Christchurch quake begins, aid

pours into New Zealand. And,

fathers across the country

celebrate in style.

First to our top story tonight,

large parts of Victoria remain on

flood alert after wild storms

dumped more than 200 millimetres of

rain on rural communities. Joining

us now from the flood zone is Ten

News reporter Allan Raskall. What's

the situation there tonight? That

very nasty low pressure system that

has caused so much heart ache in

Victoria has moved east Victoria has moved east across the

state and is now on its way to New

Zealand. But while the rainfall is

no longer causing any problems, the

river flows are. There's just far

too much water feeding into our

water ways. In fact, attention is

new turning to new areas of

potential concern including the

Gippsland region east of Melbourne.

The Victorian Government have

promised aid for flood victims and

the defence force has now been

enlisted to help with the clean enlisted to help with the clean up

from tomorrow. After years of

drought, large parts of Victoria

aware. The town of Myrtleford in

the state's north-east bearing the

brunt of an all mighty wall of

water. Homes were inundated leaving

residents and their pets stranded. Further east,

Further east, as residents shrelt,

the town split in two as the main

bridge was closed. Compared to

years ago, see the difference in

the height. Streets were turned to

rivers, homes were built high

enough to avoid being flooded.

Welcome to my island. To give you

an idea of how much water as inundated this

inundated this area, yesterday were

were a carpark past the building.

The bird walk and everything else

along the side of the river

swallowed by the rising tide. Euroa

residents are counting to cost.

Most homes there spared but it was

a close call. Out there all the

plants. It was just on here as I left with

left with the SES. Overnight a

frantic bid to save houses and

businesses, sand bag it is only

weapon. Staying around for a bit

longer. My family's evacuated

Residents weren't taking chances,

fleeing to shelters. You only have

one life. Possessions can be

replaced John Brumby visited the

region promising help for those who region promising help for those who

need it. For anyone who is forced

out of their home because of flood

waters, they are eligible for an

immediate grant of 1,060 dollars.

While the rains appear to have

Eades, a warning, the emergency is

far from over. Totals of 200

millimetres in the north-east have

seen the river systems start to

rise now. As I have indicated, will

days. continue to rise over the coming

days. Meantime, the country's east

coast has been batted by gale force

wind. Thousands of homes remain

blacked out with conditions too

dangerous for urgent repairs. It

wasn't just the trees blowing in

the wind. The power poles took a

batting too as wind gusts up to 120

taking kilometres an hour ripped through,

taking a bite out of countless

buildings along the way. Many were

lucky to not only keep their own

roofs but miss collecting someone

else's. It hit the house there. I

heard it land there and the door

started flaping. Winds of this

force are rare seen crossing inland

but some residents knew it was a

matter of time before they were in

the firing line. Council refused to

give permission to cut this give permission to cut this one

down Today they were forced to cut

it out instead. The driver of this

car had just walked away when it

was hit by the top branches of a

downed tree. The weight of much

smaller ones proving tough work for

those on the clean up front line

and they were in hot demand. In

Sydney, the wind gusts are topping

90 kilometres an hour but further

south they -- south south they -- south they've been

much stronger and plunged 65,000

businesses and homes into darkness. Energy providers say dangerous

conditions are hampering repairs

leefg many in the dark tonight.

Some a little colder than others.

The city of Christchurch is picking

up the pieces after yesterday's 7.1

magnitude earthquake. Crews are magnitude earthquake. Crews are

working to see which heritage

buildings can be salvage ad which

have to go. Ten reporter Matt Doran

is in Christchurch. There have been

quite a number of after shocks

since yesterday's quake. How

concerned are locals? Christchurch

is still very much a city on edge.

It's been almost 40 hours since the

ears opened up and the

ears opened up and the mortar began

tumbling and power after shocks

continue to go through. The ground

here was shake aing short time ago.

We've seen 30 since the initial

quake came through. Looking ahead

to tomorrow, authorities say it is

very child the CBD will remain in

lock down. Schools have been clouds

and all non-essential surgery has

very palpable been postponed. Still, there is a

very palpable sense of relief on

the streets that nobody was killed.

I think most are acutely aware that

had this quake struck during business hours authorities would

have been dealing not with

insurance claims but fatalitys.

Like so many across Christchurch,

Wayne Tate is preparing to say

good-bye to his family home and a

lifetime of memories.

lifetime of memories. Jam jar. It's

bad, man, bad news. Yesterday's

tremor has torn 2 city apart. Large

chunks of the CBD were felled with

eerbgsz the immenseity of the clean

up operation only now hitting home.

The reality sets in. The adrenalin

is gone and you're faced with loss.

It's a tragedy to see that the story of our

story of our past kind of

obliterateed but it could have been

so much worse again. From a

Brisbane woman -- former Brisbane

woman is among hundreds scrambling

to find a roof for her family. The

house is off its foundation. It

didn't know if it has to be

bulldozed. Relief centres have

shocks sprung up after the city. After

shocks have left many too afraid to

shocks have left many too afraid to

leave home. Pale, shaking and I

couldn't eat. Glass cracking,

constant movement. You don't expect

to wake up on a Saturday morning

and no longer have a house. Fresh

water is being truck indeed amid

fears of underground contamination.

Food and other donations are

pouring in. Among a tragedy like this pouring in. Among a tragedy like

this the human spirit comes to the

for. The CBD went into lock down

overnight with fears it could

collapse. There are reports of

looting. They've trashed to house.

Pulled the drawers out. Alcohol and Pulled the drawers out. Alcohol and

jewellery and cash missing. As the carnage mounts above ground,

authoritys are turning their mind authoritys are turning their mind

to the un to the un told infrastructure

damage beneath the surface. Across damage beneath the surface. Across

the city monster cracks have opened

up along key roads. This has torn

apart things vital to the north-

west. The damage could be as high

as 1en 5 billion Australian dollars.

The family of a Victorian man

killed in yesterday's New Zealand

plane tragedy say the teenager was following

following his dreams. New Zealand

police releaseed to names of all

nine on board. Following in his

three sisters foot steps, 18-year-

old Glenn Bourke was having the

time of his life in the midst of a

backpacking adventure holiday.

They've got to follow their dreams.

I never worried, never worried,

when they're aware because I've done skydiving twice, done skydiving twice, and I told

him that New Zealand was amazing.

Best friend Freya had just

successfully completed her sky dive

at New Zealand's Fox Glacier before

disaster unfolded. Glenn's plane

crashed shortly after take offer

instantly killing all nine on board

including three European tourists, including three European tourists,

four dive instructors and the pilot.

Despite continuing investigations

today, there's still no explanation as

as to what caused the trash. --

crash. It's sadly the second

tragedy for the Bourke family. He's

with our dad, so the boys are

together now. Yesterday's

earthquake in Christchurch is

delaying the family's efforts to

brifpbg Glenn home. Back in

Australia they're still coming to

terms with their loss. I just want

to see him home and get some

closure. He'll

closure. He'll be right. Paying

tribute to a bright young man with

a big heart and dreams of being a

paramedic. He made the best of

every opportunity. The independents

are warned they may not have a

decision on exactly who will lead decision on exactly who will lead

the country until Wednesday. It

choms as the coalition ramps up the pressure on the King

pressure on the King makers. Still

managing a wary smile. Father's Day.

Robert Oakeshott feeling the strain

even over lunch the decision never

leaves his mind. Been lots of

lovely offers, electorate wise,

national policy wise. I'm very

conscious of the economy and, you

know, the comments about pork

barrels. Just around the corner,

huddles in the back of a restaurant, huddles in the back of a restaurant,

a clandestine meeting between Bob

Katter and senior Liberals. The

usually not camera shy Bob Katter

wanted to keep this meeting a

secret. We turned up just moments

ago he bolted, eskaiching out a

back door -- escaping out a back

door down an alleyway. I've spent

eight hours with Liberals. I want

to spend some time on the other side discussing more. The side discussing more. The Opposition leader rushing to

Canberra late this afternoon. The

party that emerges from this

election with the most legitimacy election with the most legitimacy and that's the message I'll be

putting to people. Tony Windsor riding over the intense

negotiations spending the day

celebrating his mother's 9 3rd

birthday, a present for Labor

endorsement of its broadband policy.

Do it once, do it right and do it with

with fibre. The Opposition leader

issuing an open letter pleading for

support if the Independents don't.

Whether anybody's gone or attacks

or criticised is really a matter

for the future. Almost trying to

intimidate people into making a

decision. Tony Abbott is yet to

follow the Government's today and

lead and sign up Mr Oakeshott's

Parliamentary reform. As for a Parliamentary reform. As for a

decision. At best tomorrow, at

worst Tuesday Wednesday. If not

tomorrow it will be early

Tuesday.Fully Closer to making a decision?

Up next, Paul Hogan dons a disgeez

as he tries to slip out of the

country. Plus, the Brisbane

festival kicks off with a

spectacular show of light and fire.

This program is captioned live.

You're with Ten News. Computers

have been seeds from a convicted

sex offender and a youth worker. In

a police crack down on child porn.

35 computers and 29 hard 35 computers and 29 hard drives

were confiscated in 17 raids across

Adelaide. They'd been used to

access a Queensland child porn web

site. Every one of these

complueters will contain images of

children -- that have been sexual

Alexander boozeed. A woman and a

15-year-old boy are among those

accused of down loading the images.

Brisbane's Artuhr Gorris prison was

in lock down today after a fight in lock down today after a fight

between inmates. One of the

prisoners threw boiling water on to

another prisoner. When a guard

intervened he was kicked in the

ankle. Visitors were not allowed in.

We found roughly 10 ambulances and

more than five of six cop cars The

guard and three prisoners were

taken to hospital. The bodies of

four men killed in a Papua New

Guinea plane crash have arrived in

Brisbane. Australians Chris Brisbane. Australians Chris Hart,

Luke Wright and Darren Moore and a

man from New Zealand were killed

when their charter plane crashed

and burst into flames on Misima

Island. The Queensland coroner will

now carry out postmortem

examinations. Olympic golden girl

Libby Trickett has revealed to true

motivation for her plunge back into

the pool. The super fish has

revealed she's battle add slight case of

case of the blues since retiring

from swimming last year and says

depression runs in her family. And

actually I think everyone but

myself has suffered from depression

at some point. Trickett is speaking

out to promote the role exercise

plays in combating depression.

Hogan has had the last laugh as he

slipped out of the country. The

actor arrived at actor arrived at Sydney airport

sporting a fake moustache and joked

a senior politician was behind the

tax officer's decision to allow him

to return to the US. This powerful

man, of your future leader, never

met him nor have I spoken to Katter

ka the - Bob Katter. Hogan was

forced to hand over a security bon

guaranteeing he will return to

Australia to settle the ongoing tax

dispute. Dads around the country

were treated today as they

celebrated Father's Day. The for

some it was an extra special moment

meeting their newest family member

for the first time. Little Joseph

James Coyne might one day be a dad

himself. Today the newborn

brightened Father's Day for his

great grandfather, also a Joseph,

along with his dad and his grand add.

add. It's a good day, get the four

dads, get the photo. The visit to the 84-year-old's Queensland

nursing home, a chance for three

generations of of dads to share

time with their newest relative.

Tops Father's Day, and obviously my

dad's father day and pop's Father's

Day. In Sydney Day. In Sydney Australian father of

the year Guy Cooper celebrated the

day with his growing family. The

former -- former Taronga zoo

director o director is a father of

fie and grandfather of 10. Dads got

a wriggle on in Sydney at the power

house museum to celebrate the

Wiggles' 20th anniversary. (Sings)

# Big red car. It

# Big red car. It travels far. In

Adelaide, Father's Day for some was

spent at the Royal show. Side show

alley the perfect place to be a kid

again with the kids.

Brisbane was ablaze with colour

last night. More than 500,000

people watching the river Firepower

works display. It was also the

final dump and burn from the

retiring RAAFF111.

The event kicks off the Brisbane

festival. Up next in Ten News, some

amazing survivors give the trapped

miners in Chile a morale boosting

visit. Plus, Australian medics take visit. Plus, Australian medics take

on an incredible task in Pakistan.

Grab the Sony

of Australians

This program is captioned live.

A team mate of the three suspended

Pakistan cricketers has admitted

that corruption is widespread.

Yasir Hameed said almost every

match was affected as an undercover

camera recorded the explosive claims.

In opening batsman has denyed

giving the newspaper an interview.

Four of the Uruguayian rugby

players who survive add plane crash

in the Andes have visited the

trapped miners in Chile. The team's

2.5 month ordeal in 1972 inspired

to movie alive. They told the men to work together and to work together and stay strong.

The miners have been stuck under

ground for a month. New hope for ground for a month. New hope for

flood devastated Pakistan with the

opening of an Australian field

hospital. 29 civilians, and

military medics are treating flood

victims. Chris Campey joined the

deployment. The joint military and

civilian task force loads supplies

into a waiting

into a waiting Chinook helicopter

at Multan military air base for the

short journey to Kot Addu. From the

air the normality of their task

becomes clear. The hand picked

professionals from several states include the first civilian

components to staff the field

hospital. Now 18 million people

affected by the flood, in this

region alone we're working with nearly

nearly 250,000 people. For some

medics this is their first

humanitarian deployment, their

first patients leave a lasting

impression. Amazing. That little

kid, nearly made me cry. It's just

amazing With the field hospital now

operational, word is spreading.

We're starting a campaign to inform

the locals that

the locals that we are open for

business. One important

consideration for the medical teams

deployed here to Kot Addu is the

oppressive heat. In the sum it's up

to 50 degrees and in the tents it

can reach 70. Despite all

precautions, several members of the

joint task force have already been

treated for heat stress fpbl It's

hard work but it's very rewarding.

The weather details are coming The weather details are coming up

next and then it's tame for all the

action in Sports Tonight with Rob

Canning. The AFL finals served up a

cracking contest this afternoon.

That's right. It is a great time to

be a sports fan. Coming up we will

bring you food's AFL match up and

the NRL's finals scenario.

Fighting for survival, Sydney Fighting for survival, Sydney and

Carlton with the season on the line.

The Bulldogs farewell nod di as

Manly farewell the finals,

Sports Tonight.

A new generation of master chef,

ready to cook up a storm and put

the adults to shame. It's sort of

like living a dream. Meet the

junior master chefs tomorrow at five.

Now for a look at

Now for a look at the weather

details around the nation for tomorrow.

That brings you up-to-date with all

the news. Stay with us now for

Sports Tonight with Rob Canning.

I'm Natarsha Belling. Thanks for your company. Good night.

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Finals time means show time.

Welcome to Toyota Sports Tonight.

I'm Rob Canning, and we've got a

killer show lined up for you.

The fight for the flag continues.

Six teams remain. Beautiful goal.

The latest news, impacting the

premiership race is coming your way.

The NRL is set to explode

The NRL is set to explode as the

finals puzzle is pieceed together.