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(generated from captions) what threw you off there. which is probably But not on the coast. are on the eastern US - The other three options is on the coast. only North Carolina

as opposed to Washington, DC. We needed the state of Washington That's alright. Sorry, Nicky. Thank you. All the best. You've missed by one question. Back again. Well done, buddy. You're back. from there to there. You've won $1,000 just from walking Not bad. playing for 10 grand. Ben's in the hot seat, in your pocket, Ben. You've already got $1,000

Ready to go? Let's multiply that by 10. Here it comes. I am ready to go, Eddie. (READS QUESTION)

television, probably too much. As a kid I watched a lot of enough television. You can never watch That's right. 'Mr Ed' has your name in it a bit of a distraction. so that could be people and one particular robot. 'Get Smart' - that was all about 'Gilligan's Island' - not so sure. Don't remember a pig in it. 'Green Acres' - and it had a pig, I'm sure I watched a bit of it and I'm sure it's a pet pig. Didn't know its name was Arnold

'Green Acres'. but I'm going to lock in C, 'Green Acres' is locked in. was a talking horse. 'Mr Ed' of course 'Get Smart' - Max... He was. ..99, chief. Max. Maxwell Smart, yeah. Siegfried, Starker. 'Gilligan's Island'. 'Gilligan's Island'. Don't remember a pig on No. You've won $10,000! 'Green Acres' is correct! You beauty! I love it. Ben, you've won $10,000. Yeah, well done. I'm happy with that. 'Green Acres' on the GO! channel By the way, you can see that was around and there was a story they actually ate the pig that at the cast break-up party

but they didn't. Thank goodness for that. They didn't! They didn't! what they did to Skippy. No way. You should have seen No, they didn't do anything. Ben Churchill just won 10 grand.

Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. See you next time on Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned Day Campbell sent to jail.

get just as at the Australian Tax Office. the battle to labelled as dull and frumpy. cliff, fully aware her the man cliff, fully aware her killer was

did just recently married. Des Campbell was jailed for between 24 and

Des, you're as low look over your shoulder next 24 years, her off a Palms in the Royal National Park. In a rare move, the judge allowed saying it was a cruel calculated murder had calculated murder which Campbell had been planning for Janet's death must believing that marriage offender opened a fresh chapter believing that marriage to the

her life Janet had inherited two properties from for Campbell to woo her in secret and kill her. She'd already given him but he wanted the lot, standing already given him $255,000 before

gain a further death. So, Des pitched just metres from the edge, telling Janet it would be a romantic to camp. But it was all part of his absolute tragedy, it's dark picture Campbell. The jury was told, he bragged to his family, his new bride was pig ugly.' Instead of mourning wife's death, he by the pool, while Janet's held a funeral in held a funeral in Deniliquin. Today watched the an old man when it comes out. there now. She always pass outcome. We just want to let it it pain, Janet's family has suffered, who it was her beloved brother Kevin I actually said the soap. Was there any from Des Campbell when stared at the Water prison. said that the murder conviction and length of Paul Hogan has victory in his Australian victory in his battle with the

allowing him to return home to Los Angeles. Peter Harvey joins as sudden as it was Hogan continues Do we have any idea where Hogan is two o'clock. The statement was released just is a fair until while we won't know officially government, until next week who will form farewelled admission comes as both leaders soldier at a funeral in soldiers Present Arms! 21 Australian killed He was a father of two and he was Gillard and Tony deadlock. Back in Canberra, guessing game continues. not made of Coalition is teamed up today to stay alive to Independents will not would be the most Coalition After so many days of doubt, a Labor Party Independents are convinced. Rob Oakeshott and Rob Oakeshott may have Windsor likely to support Labor.

right path. stability thinking is in the Guards to chance to win over Bob Katter. dined chance to win over Bob Katter. He The decision would see a small swing to the hung Coalition. But it would still be a attacker, who targeted 10 women in 16. The arrest of in August end what was a terror. He had fantasised rape after last year, Curreen attacked YouTube. Then, over seven months

women. Today, court to see him sent to jail. is fair for the

year-old Curreen's first victim was an 18- months later, he struck again at Mona it again". And he was word. Over four days in August last year, at least seven of them but they were saved by either a nearby. Curreen, who had a girlfriend and a record, told a psychologist after power. What did you make Curreen's family can ever think about can ever think about getting out of jail. A professional bodybuilder has sentenced to bit his face. The 30-year-old blamed use. It's been the hardest in my life since this has I'm still having some counselling and seeing a psychologist and doing physio. Mr McDahroo but the father of five says it's forced to resign for looking at porn on replaced in Paul McLeay's Paul McLeay's responsibilities of Ports and the Illawarra Treasurer. Good news is hard to hard to manfucature for the Kenneally opening of a new commuter carpark at Glenfield Railway station messy ministerial a work computer to gambling and porn sites. I will making an Could it be the man beside front of his electorate? popular and respected Dr Andrew McDonald elevated into the do taxpayers and the do taxpayers and the public a favour by simply not appointing new minister doing the work doing the work three ministers did just weeks ago. He took McLeay's two ministry roles as well. There are now 20 Ministers. The last three to leave farmers are preparing farmers are preparing for the worst locust plague in 30 years, Farmers and landowners in the areas of NSW affected by locusts need to locusts. If we miss them and take to the wing, then it's much A multimillion-dollar destroy mission is about to get under way. There's been a less positive reaction to Commonwealth Games in New Delhi. With just a month to suits with monogrammed it wasn't you could be mistaken you could be mistaken for thinking our athletes have taken

role. He looks be pushing a trolley on a airline saying, airline saying, 'Chicken or beef?' They're will wear when they march in the It's kind of a of like a light linen, as well, not too heavy going, we're going to be getting

fashionistas, they're an insult actually show some fantastic colours of our whole country, colours of our whole country, that we're fresh, we're bright, we're gold hasn't been lost Athletes will compete colours on pool. The team has its

still. Is New Delhi go away. will obviously be looking after to the degree. to the degree. Officials are monitoring We're looking at it every day at this stage, be ready and the security will acceptable. Like giant ink stains on ballet of massive blobs of little fish - a smorgasbord water off the coast of Noosa. This bait fish - hair care.

the chance to reel in the chance to reel in a beauty, even fine line between becoming the bait himself. rid of have forced the selling price London pad. priced at $7.5 million but she's the flat back in it comes complete with its own dance studio. In the Plus - the Ferrari explode in flames American desert with the

His addiction caused to get Doctors do of Mexico, five of Mexico, five weeks after the Deepwater

There is are continuing to investigate and monitor it does not head before There are hot cars and 458 because of a technical fault -- the other cars will fastest Aussies.

before the noise - there before the noise - there is a beauty But not this week. Welcome to the salt flats home of land speed people who chase If it doesn't If it doesn't make you go fast, it has They come from all middle are If you are going faster has ever done reached new ground, you That bike is . Kim then beat the boys in the 750 It's like riding on a The back is out of control, front is

The superstars the riders are 600km/h. Are I don't The women line up against the men. Just drive like Andretti One of the main problems you have is bike to the salt. Too much and it They call it For us Riddled with it. Can't hold back The Tigers battling for second spot,

up for clout went -- up for grabs when in Friday great way to kick off joined by the is very difficult. Injury for your boys, but you are for. Tim, you can wrap up fourth. What about injuries? We have preparing for their final games Apart from not winning a Barrett plays against Penrith Saturday night, Samantha Stosur is Australia's hopes in the singles at the The men's singles is now an Aussie free zone after to Spain's Albert Montanes. Federer continued his march towards a straight sets winner action was in the stands, Novak

charged the mound,

going to

Coming up on WIN News... An Coming up on WIN News... An illega

brothel shut down in Kaleen. The

alarming statistics: the ACT' s alarming statistics: the ACT' s hig

breast cancer rate. And the breast cancer rate. And the Raider

fans - turning the town green. fans - turning the town green. Joi

me for all the details next.

One of One of our wettest defence of the year is 50km/h. The big wet we have all been

including the ski Conditions will improve

Best weekend turns one, so grab

to Best Weekend's of the the Sydney Fringe the Sydney Fringe Festival. Find out what is happening History Week weather tomorrow. for Father's Boboyan Road every day. Tonight ...

Is this road a death trap? Is this road a death trap? Motorist

furious in Namadgi National Park.

D-day looms: just days until the

three independents decide who to

side with. And the alarming

statistics: The ACT has the highest

rate of breast cancer in women. rate of breast cancer in women. Goo

evening, I' m Danielle Post. A

death trap, is how a group of angry

locals have described a narrow, windy stretch of road through the Namadgi National Park. They' re

amazed nobody has been seriously

injured or even worse, killed and

are urgently calling for upgrades.

However, the ACT Government says

just sixty cars use Boboyan Road

every day. Take a ride on the

Boboyan Road and you can see why

drivers are jumping up and down

about it. Shocking, shocking. about it. Shocking, shocking.

ACT and New South Wales residents

who use the rocky road met today,

because they' re tired of sharing

tales of survival. We passed with

inches and I couldn' t get off the

road because it' s too narrow and I

was going to Canberra and I was on

the side that if I' d had gone off

the road, I would' ve rolled the road, I would' ve rolled severa

times and probably killed myself. times and probably killed myself.

I' m talking about sixty

kilometres speed and your coming

around blind corners and to get out

of their way you' ve got to go

scrub. Boboyan Road is a main

thoroughfare in the Namadgi thoroughfare in the Namadgi Nationa

Park. It stretches from Billy Park. It stretches from Billy Rang

to Shannons Flat. It' s

unsuspecting tourists who aren' t

familiar with the rocky and windy

territory who pose the biggest

territory who pose the biggest risk

But the ACT Government, who' s

responsible for it, has just

provided help to build..... a new

walking track here at Brayshaw Hut.

On one hand the Government wants

to entice people to come an

experience what the Namadgi

experience what the Namadgi Nationa

Park has to offer. But on the Park has to offer. But on the othe

its reluctance to make it easy and

safe for people to get here is

keeping them away. +y I' ve got

friends who refuse to come up this

road to visit me on a Sunday

afternoon now, because of the near

misses they' ve had. The

Opposition happy to make the trip

from the Capital to weigh in on the

debacle. If roads like this are a priority and they should be, they

need to upgrade it as quickly as

possible. We shouldn' t have to possible. We shouldn' t have to wai til the 2012 election for this now to be upgraded. It needs to happen