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(generated from captions) Summer? 'Appalachian Summer'. Five seconds. Yep. Lock in D. Lock in D. Yep. Final answer? It's in.

wanted Summer all the way through. With two seconds on the clock, we Sharon, 'Appalachian Spring'. choreographed by Martha Graham, It was a 1944 score for a ballet for the record there. Thank you very much. Hey, Sharon, you've won $1,000! Fantastic. Well done. Sharon Russell just won $1,000. Well done. Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. I'll see you next time in the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by If we can't achieve some sort of stability, we'll go back to the Bob Katter came out all guns polls.

blazing. No, no, you listen to me, 'cause we've really had it up to here with the media. You've given a run to every idea known to man, except us. 14 million of us tried to decide who should run this Parliament. We failed. Now it's all come down to just three men. With the weight of the world on their shoulders and the future of our nation in their hands, they're getting ready to meet Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott. You will not get a new politics from an old Government. Tony Abbott says only the Coalition offers stability and competence, and he's already committed to some of the things the Independents want. Namely, parliamentary reform. I put that on the table during the As Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott campaign.

networked over a coffee, Governor General Quentin Bryce was addressing young Australians at Government House, offering timely advice about leadership. You must be flexible and try not to let your ego get in the way of your job or your vision. I'm prepared to exercise patience, forbearance and tolerance of spirit in the days It seems the Ibrahim family can't go anywhere without attracting controversy. Today, John's brother Sam was due in court but his case was delayed, after a security guard was knocked unconscious. King-hit and bloodied, the young sheriff is stretchered from the court. He was at the security scanners this morning, when a 24-year-old man walked through and punched him in the head twice. As he was going through the security perimeter, he was asked to hold his hands up to be searched. The attacker was held down as the sheriff, unconscious and bleeding from his mouth and eye, started convulsing on the floor of the Looking on - Sam Ibrahim, the older court house.

brother of the "King of the Cross", John Ibrahim. He was at the same court to face charges of kidnapping a 15-year-old boy in April last year. The boy was due to give evidence at the hearing today via closed-circuit TV but after the one of their own was hit, the sheriffs couldn't proceed. Police say the Ibrahims had nothing to do with this attack. It was an unprovoked and brazen assault, just a coincidence that Sam was even there. Can't explain it. I have no idea why it's occurred. Sam Ibrahim will fight the kidnapping charges at a hearing later this year, where his wife may be called to give evidence. Disturbing allegations have been made about what really happened between Matthew Newton and his former girlfriend Rachael Taylor. Witnesses say the actor punched her in the face and had to be sedated by paramedics. We have complete coverage - from Tim Arvier in Rome and Jessica Rich here in Sydney. He's one of Australia's most recognised entertainers but Bert Newton is also a father trying to come to terms with the fact his son's life is unravelling. How's your son going? I'm fine, thank you. Wish Matt all the best. Thank you, very much. Former 'Underbelly' actor Matthew Newton is in rehab again after a Roman holiday with his partner Rachael Taylor - ended with a sickening assault. It happened right here in the famous five-star Excelsior Hotel, staff telling Nine news they saw Newton punch his actress girlfriend to the ground. None of the staff here can appear on camera because they'll be sacked immediately but one eyewitness told us he saw Newton punch Taylor in the face in full view of the hotel lobby. Rachael Taylor is believed to have suffered head injuries, before police and ambulance officers were called to break up the fight. Newton even had to be sedated by paramedics in order to calm him down. Ms Taylor is now seeking an anti-violence order against Newton, less than four months after he left rehab the first time. This is another example of when a celebrity has done something wrong in the past, has been let back into spotlight and has been given another opportunity to provide Drug and alcohol experts say Newton another bad example.

could be buckling under the pressures of his industry. He had a similar incident, which occurred right before he had a job in radio in Melbourne. This comes right before he starts a TV program, the 'X Factor', I believe. He may suffer from some degree of starting these jobs questioning his ability to being successful. In 2006, he was charged with assaulting girlfriend Brooke Satchwell. The conviction was later quashed. Last year, two hotel rooms were thrashed. Last time Newton underwent treatment, entertainment industry insiders were confident his career would bounce back. This time no one is quite sure. Jessica which joins us now. Had you any idea how long Matthew Newton will be there? We do not have that sort of clue. The last time Matthew Newton was in rehab, he spent about a month inside. I do not expect this will be any different. As for what he is specifically been treated for, we do not know that either. This clinic specialises in the treatment of people with addictions and mood disorders. In Rome, our reporter. What do we know about the police investigation? The police here have listed this case as an altercation between a couple. Despite the violence and the witnesses, it would have taken up a complaint from Rachael Taylor made against Newton. The police are under no obligation to proceed any further with the matter. We were so close to having another Aussie, crowned as Miss Universe today, with Sydney girl Jesinta Campbell finishing third in the pageant. The 19-year- old from Potts Point really impressed the judges but Miss Mexico took the title. Holding her breath, Jesinta Campbell, the girl from Sydney taking on the world. In third place, Miss Australia. Beaten only by runner-up Miss Jamaica and winner Miss Mexico. She didn't go home empty handed, winning the Miss Congeniality award. The Australian beauty started the night in the national costume that caused controversy back home. Despite animal rights complaints about the sheep skin shrug and high-heeled ugg boots, designer Natasha Dwyer was very proud. It was what the gown was meant to be. It was perfect. She looked amazing. Passing the first round, it was time to strip off for the swim suit competition. After cementing her place in the top five with a stunning evening gown, she was asked whether governments should be able to ban religious clothing. Fashion is freedom. I don't think the government should have any say in what we wear, because we can all make our own personal choices. Her family back home delighted with her performance. Over the moon, eminently thrilled. Miss Universe has launched many careers. Jennifer Hawkins launched a clothing line here. There are so many modelling opportunities and radio and TV. It is all of to her what she does with it. The six year marriage of Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren is officially over with divorce granted in a 10-minute hearing at a Florida court. It's nine months since a front yard car crash marked the start of a cascade of scandals for the golfer. Elin gets a settlement which may be as high as $700 million and the custody of their son and daughter. She's still deciding whether they will base themselves in Sweden, or a location close to Tiger's Florida mansion. School students came face to face today with the deadly results of alcohol and speed on our roads. It was a confronting scene but one that will hopefully reinforce the message about dangerous driving. It could be any Saturday night on our roads. A car full of teenagers on their way home from a party. Add speed, and alcohol. A young life over in seconds, two more hanging in the balance. The re-enactment is for the benefit of 12,000 high school students. We were seeing Farrar to many young kids coming in, suffering serious injuries. Some of them were dying. Jarrad Ingram was one of those. He suffered a serious brain injury after crashing his ute four years ago. He'd been speeding. Never drive when you're angry. Get out and have a walk around. Naomi Deck survived this crash. She's endured brain surgery, and years of rehab. This injury has been no fun at any point. That message was driven home to the next generation of drivers. Hopefully, after today, a safer generation. We were cut we were crying. It was really confronting. Keating. Be speeding? ESI do. A battle is on to save the childhood home of cricketing legend Richie Benaud. The house at North Parramatta is in danger of being demolished by developers. Number five Sutherland Road, North Parramatta - a little 1930's bungalow with nothing much going for it except it's where Richie Benaud grew up, learning his cricket in the backyard between the choko vine and his mum's pot plants. He practised his googly spins top spins flippers all his skills was probably done right here. New owners plan to knock it down. Parramatta council is calling for permanent heritage protection. Make it a museum and cricketing Mecca, just like Don Bradman's old homes. It's that important and so is Richie Benaud. Richie is the most acclaimed sporting personality to come out of western Sydney, on a global level. And old friend Ian Chapell says that boyhood home still means a very great deal to Richie. You can tell it's still very much part of his life. Local MP David Borger bought the house in 2003 - and made no changes. But the new owner wants to redevelop the site. I can't speak for anybody else of course but if you ask me what I think of turning this place into a sacred site for Australian cricket. Well I think the idea is simply marvellous. In the news ahead, a terrifying view of a car crashing at high speed. Plus - caught out - the woman who's clearly NOT a cat lover. And how Sydney doctors are restoring sight in minutes. WOMAN: Hello. Welcome to AAMI. Yeah. Hi. Look, I've just driven my car into a hotel lobby. Are you alright? No, I'm fine. Oh, good. Is everyone else alright? (YELLS) I hate you! Ah, yeah. They're fine. Um, it's the car. I mean, a chandelier fell on it. Well, I'm sure we can help sort things out. Are you with AAMI? No, I'm not. Oh. Actually, I just...I really wanted to talk to somebody.

VOICEOVER: At AAMI, you'll always speak to a real person. SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI! # There has been a disastrous end to able siege in the Philippines. It began with a cop with a grudge. This is the moment when the siege ended. At a volley of shots and stored by command us. Inside, on a disgruntled policeman. He opened fire with the men 16 assault rifle. With eight Hong Kong tourists dead, a police sniper puts an end to the spree. They shot the 50 such year- old ex officer. One dead hostages were taken out. This woman describes seen her husband gunned down. She is furious authorities did not storm the coach earlier. They tried, but were forced back by gunfire. The Philippine government has promised a thorough investigation. Hong Kong's leader has promised co-operation. Mendoza was a veteran of the police force. He was sacked over extortion. He wanted his job back. A teenager has been severely injured in a high- speed crash on an American Free Wave. His car was torn apart on a bridge by Lunn. He lost control and went airborne. The video always recorded from a police pursued car. Police are astounded he survived the crash. A happy seen on an English trait. A passer-by gets fan the with Lola the cat. But hang on, this lady does not like the cat at all. She put did indeed really been. 15 hours later, the owners heard her miaowing. These footage has been released in an attempt to find the woman who carried out the crime. There has been a treatments developed for an eye condition that affects many Australians. No stitches, and the patient is cured and minutes. At aged 82, David is in pretty good nick. In the past 12 months, seeing has become a problem. The vision in my right eye is deteriorating fairly fast. He has and he has a condition which affects his membrane. It affects one in 60 people over a certain age. Vision blurs, straight lines appear wavy. Untreated, it leads to blindness. Now, I patients can be cured in the time it takes to watch this news bulletin. The retinal surgery is increasingly a keyhole procedure. It does the need stitches. An instant the size of a hare is used to strip away scar tissue. Rather dauntingly, be patient stays awake throughout the entire operation. The lies is just so bright, in bleaches out their vision. All they see his shadow and lights moving. With no stitches, it feels very quickly. David will be in action soon. Vision must has not only affect the elderly. A condition like David's can be seen in patients as young as 20. There is a lesson for all of us. It is never too late to keep an eye on your side. In sport - the Tiger's have some improvement to do. Be burnt a dragon scared and very thin ago -- physical and training. Animal -- and a mortar returns to be Eels. Loti Tuqiri has warned that his team could be his Orme worst enemy. He is the coolest cat in Tiger town. He has had more big- game experience than any of his team-mates. Loti Tuqiri likes what he sees in the side. You know what it wins -- what it takes to win? Have you got it. Who were issue? Ourselves, it is our mentality going into games. Playing the way we do, we go tempera the bit. If they are to be genuine title contenders, they need to develop an edge. When we have a good handle on a game, we should be a bit better in getting -- closing a doubt. The Dragons are also looking to add to their game. Wayne Bennett has criticised resting people. Breasting wasn't so good at the weekend. So we would go back to what we were doing in pre-season training. At the

anyone. Chapel is the Beast of the

ocean. Taj Burrow is the man to

tame it. A deadly Reiff, it is his

backyard and has been as

playgrounds and see was 15. Now we

is the poster boy for a big wave

riding. What is it like to see

yourself on the posters? It is cool.

That was one of the best rides's of

my life. What does it like to see a

massive wall of water coming to

you? You are trying to keep as much

speed as you can, to make at the

end. A do feel like chicken wing

out? Nor. Tranquil island life

caused him how to master this

monster. Fishing and swimming, he

learnt how to will hold his breath

for a long time. This skill saved

his life. There is more to it than

being brave? Yes. I think so. You

have to be crazy. How many have you

broken? I don't think I have ever

enough boards. John Tapper once

told me, some horses name and their

horses to annoy the commentator.

These horses are in a fight to the

finish. When his name to the wife

does not know of. The other is

named my wife knows everything. The

wife doesn't know, the wife knows,

COMMENTATOR: The wife doesn't know

everything, the wife knows

everything, they are neck-and-neck.

My wife knows ate my wife knows

everything came first.

Weather-wise, weather-wise, it has

been a beautiful day. I will have

all the way the detail That the up on WIN News... A report into the Canberra bridge collapse questions

the formwork structure design, And,

the Raiders vow not to the Raiders vow not to underestimat the fifteenth placed Cowboys.All

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After Well - its been a big day

here at the Rosemount Sydney

Fashion Festival. Jen Hawkins and

Kris Smith took centre stage for

Myer and Nikki Hilton has just

walked for Charlie Brown. Plenty of

action at the Sydney fashion

festival. But let's take a check of

the weather. But let's take a check

of the weather. And - Mostly Clear

skies for Sydney today - slightly

warmer than yesterday - temps

reaching 20 degrees in the City and

in our West. On the satellite -

that band of low cloud is hanging

around, delivering patchy light

rain to northern NSW. Around the

country tomorrow, cloudy in

Brisbane. Some Rain around in

Melbourne and Adelaide. Mostly

Sunny in Sydney tomorrow, a top of

18 degrees in the City. The same in

the West. Mostly Fine for the next

week - reaching highs of 21 degrees

by Tuesday. A similar story in our

West. Warming up slightly on the

weekend - 20 degrees on Sunday.

Peter, there's two more shows here

tonight featuring Camilla and Marc,

Manning Cartel, and Carla

Zampatti's designer daughter -

Bianca Spender - just to name a few.

That is nine years for Tuesday.

Tonight ... The engineers report

into the G-D-E bridge collapse, The plan to crackdown on plan to crackdown on alcohol-fuelle

violence delayed in the Assembly.

And, the Liberal Party seeks the And, the Liberal Party seeks the ea of the independents... but where

are the Nationals? Good evening, I'

m Jessica Good. A report into the

Gungahlin Drive Extension bridge

collapse has raised questions about

the design of the formwork

structure. The independent structure. The independent engineer

report, commissioned by the ACT

Government, found a lack of bracing

may have been a contributing may have been a contributing factor

Fifteen construction workers were

injured when a section of the

Gungahlin Drive Extension collapsed