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(generated from captions) of up to five individuals. is in the hands Greens MP Adam Bandt Tony Windsor, Andrew Wilkie and Independents Bob Katter, and Rob Oakeshott who will be our next prime minister. could ultimately decide

and Tony Abbott Not surprisingly, both Julia Gillard the gang of five. have begun courting

As they are being called at the moment. will these MPs back? So which side of politics and Andrew Wilkie join us. Independents Rob Oakeshott

Good morning to you both. Rob, I'll start with you. to Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott. We understand you have spoken from either side that you like? Have you heard anything

What have they been saying to you?

Hello, Rob? Rob Oakeshott? Sorry,

hello. It is Kochie, sorry, mate got

the connection now. You is had phone

calls from Julia Gillard and Tony

Abbott. What have they been saying

to you? Have you been impressed?

Yes, I have been impressed that the

conversations are happening. It does

say people are putting their

political parties in the back pocket

and try to work on a commitment to

stable government and

outcomes-focused government for

innext three years. Those

conversationerize happening now,

everyone is heading to Canberra,

which is probably a good thing

because it is raining here. We will

start to get to face-to-face

meetings and down to some of the

detail. It is very early days, by

the way, as you were just saying we

don't know what final seat make-ups

are. So realistically, we can't even

get into negotiations let alone come

out of negotiate eggs until we

finalise that make-up of the

parliament. But the discussions at

the moment really are time-table

discussions, frame working of nation

tphoegsations, and discussions

it is very healthy in these days. tphoegsations, and discussions and

What will win you over? You are

quoting as saig emissions trading,

national Broadband are important to

you? Would you consider a portfolio?

I saw it in the paper today. It is a

complete speculation piece, Julia

Gillard has offered nothing, nor

Tony Abbott and that is quite right,

Tony Abbott and that is quite right Gillard has offered nothing, nor has

involved. This and quite appropriate by everyone

involved. This is a time not for

self interest by anyone. This is not

a time for political party interests

by anyone, this is a time for the by anyone, this is a time for

national interest. I would hope

everyone involved in the political

process, including newspapers, focus

on the country for couple of weeks,

let's get something that potentially

is very exciting, Saturday spoke

very loud and clear in my mind that

Australia has been underwhelmed by

the political process for the last six or

six or nine months. We all need to

listen on that and reflect on that

and try and establish something for

innext parliament that might impress

some people. It sums it up and well

said. Andrew, your seat in Tasmania

is yet to be decided but a lot of

the smarties are saying you have won

it. If you do win, what will you

look for on either side? I haven't

won it yet but I am heartened by the

credible analysts giving it to me. I

want the public interests to be

addressed here, I want a stable,

competent and ethical government and

coming from that will be good

outcomes for this electorate,

hopefully my electorate.

has been taken for granted for 23 hopefully my electorate. Dennison

years, and people here are sick of

being taken for granted and sick to

death of the antics of the big

partys. What do you say, Andrew, to

Australians who might be saying, Australians who might be saying, "

"Gee, we didn't vote for these five

and they are going to run the

country. How can we have a stable

government in the hands of just five

really powerful people?

really powerful people?." Well the

first thing I would say, what we

have got here, the result we have

almost got, there

almost got, this is what the result

of the election is. It is not a bad

result, it is the result. It is up

to all of us now to make it work.

have been very heartened by the to all of us now to make it work. I

comments by the other three

independents and the independents

member Adam Bandt and that we are

commited to one thing only, the

public interest. It is what sets

independence apart. We are focused

on the public interest, not the

political interests of parties.

There couldn't be a better group of

men to rely on. Can I comment? Sure.

It is an important point, because it

isn't just five people with power.

What happened on the weekend happens

after lection. 150 people got

election p lected and 150 could be

established in picking the

government and the Prime Minister.

It is a pretty simple job kripgds in

the end. The fact that 145 people

are opting out is where the real

questions lies. Why are they opting

out and putting their mritdical

party interests ahead of the

interests of the country. You

suggested another poll if it doesn't

work out. We put it to our viewers,

and 70 per cent of callers are

saying yes. Now, what is your

reaction to that result? Look, we

are taking all advice from all

sources so we will have a look at

that poll as well as everything

else. But I would hope, even those

that have participated in the polls,

even if they are in political

parties would have a stop and think

about the cost involved, the

difficulties involved and really

sniff the opportunity for Australia

that is before us. Yes, it is

to be a challenging week or two but that is before us. Yes, it is going

we could deliver something exciting,

consensus politics is what the best

politics is about. Here is a chance

to try to achieve it. I hope

everyone acts with good will, goes

for it, and from what I have

from the last 48 hours from for it, and from what I have heard

Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott we from the last 48 hours from both

might be able to pull off something

pretty special. After talking to you

today, seeing Bob Katter last night

and Tony Windsor last night on

Sun. Program you get heartened you and Tony Windsor last night on the

are sensible blokes and taking it

seriously, thank you both for

joining us. Thank you. Thank you.