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(generated from captions) Returning to the election countdown

and Tony Abbott is well into his

36-hour blitz. He sat down with our

reporter on the campaign bulls before leaving Brisbane.

It's only a 36-hour blitz whofplt

is going to be worn out first. Them

or you? I suspect that we'll all be

this exhausted at the end of it, but

this election is too important to

insist upon the luckury of a good

night's sleep. We were both at

Penrith RSL club the other day and

I spoke to some men who said that

they wanted to get there and have a

beer with you, because they thought

that you were the type who would

love to have a beer with you. And

said that as much as they want you

to be the leader, they want you to

be the leader of the Labor Party because they prefer their policies.

Is that something that you come up

against? I would like to think against? I would like to think that

everyone at heart wants the best

for our country. And that decent

and honest Labor people might be

able to look at me and say, well,

actually, you know what, I think

that that guy sincerely wants the

best battler, sincerely wants a

fairer society and a freer society

and says, look, given the state of

is the current Labor Party, maybe he

is the best person to have as Prime

Minister. Your daughters at

different times have been with you

on the campaign. Louise was with us

yesterday up in Rockhampton and

Gladstone. She didn't seem to enjoy

the questioning when it got heated

from the media. How do you deal

with that with her? Does she enjoy

seeing you grilled so much by all

of us? I think, as you would expect,

she loves her dad. she loves her dad. And she doesn't

want to see her dad being treated,

as she thinks, disrespectfully. But

the point that I make is that you

guys are doing your job, and your

job is to subject politicians like

me to the most rigorous possible

scrutiny. It is actually part of

democratic accountability and part

of the quality control on the pligs,

and I might not like it, she

certainly doesn't like it, but that's just what you've

that's just what you've got to do.

I mean, it is sort of like the

destruction testing that you

subject a motor car to before you

put it on the road. If I'm going to

be the Prime Minister, I've got to

be able to stand up to very tough

questioning and give a good quality

of myself. Well, by sun we'll know

if you're Prime Minister or still

the Opposition leader, so good luck.

the Thank you. Thank you for being on

Now, the team.