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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Wayne Swan versus Joe Hockey. of managing Australia's finances? So who'll do a better job real debate. You decide after another Sunrise Princess Mary back home in Tasmania. We're live to Hobart. in the top 40. The singer with three songs

# I'm only going to break, break your heart

# room rr only going to break, break

your heart

your heart # # I'm only going to break, break

Taio Cruz performs live. this is Sunrise on Seven. Right across Australia, here's Kochie and Mel. Now, live from Brekky Central, to the middle of the working week. Hello and welcome within earshot of a radio recently, If you've been anywhere from Taio Cruz. you've probably heard a song

Trust my, it will be in your head

for the rest of the day. It is one

of those catchy songs that stays

with your brain for 24 hours. He is

in this morning to sing. Yes, it is

good, gets you off on a good footing

for the rest of the day. to the Treasurers Debate - We're also looking forward

Swan versus Hockey. a real debate. No rules, no restrictions -

Isn't it great! A couple of

politicians got their act together,

be in the one place at the same

Sam. time, we thank them for it, here is

Good morning. Labor has failed to lift support With just three days to go of New South Wales and Queensland in the battleground states worth of promises despite billions of dollars for key marginal electorates. primary support for Labor The latest Newspoll shows and 35% in Queensland. is steady at 39% in New South Wales in primary support That's despite a drop and record support for the Greens. for the Coalition in both states Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott by Brisbane voters tonight will be quizzed a long debate on the economy. but are unlikely to have take part in a people's forum Ms Gillard has confirmed she will on the economy beforehand. but wants an hour-long debate should have accepted his offer Mr Abbott says the PM for half an hour. to debate the economy What's wrong with half an hour? A half hour is better than nothing. at the Broncos Leagues Club The forum begins at 6:00pm Eastern.

who was mauled to death by a shark The family of a man while surfing off the coast of WA to deal with their loss. say they're struggling one more surf at Gracetown yesterday Nicholas Edwards was getting in in the goldfields. before he returned to work when he was attacked. He was the only one in the water It looked like it had been snapped. The board was floating alone. heavy wipe-out and hadn't surfaced. I thought maybe he'd had a Mr Edwards' leg was badly mauled. to Margaret River Hospital. He died on the way remains closed this morning. The beach at Gracetown has spent her first night Danish Crown Princess Mary back in her home town of Hobart. to celebrate her pregnancy Mary arrived yesterday with family and friends. is following Mary's movements. Sunrise correspondent Nuala Hafner Good morning, Nuala. about Mary's schedule today? What do we know

Good morning, well, it is made very

clear this is a priferb visit and a

very quick one at that. But that is

a bit of an ask when you are a

princess, particularly whun who has

just announced she is expecting

twins. The locals are very proud of

their Mary, the Cinderella story,

very excited to have her here and

her pregnancy news. She hasn't done

much since arriving here at 11

o'clock yesterday. She stayed add

her sister Jane's place in west

Hobart. Lots of

Hobart. Lots of cars coming and

going and the media pack camped

across the road. The police aren't

taking chances and spoke to the

media and handed out a copy of the

privacy legislation that was changed

after her last visit when she had

her children with her. They were

photographed going to the playground

and Princess Mary was shot going on

an emergency nappy run. There won't

be any of that this time. We don't

know what her movement are but

has been hinted she will keep a low know what her movement are but it

profile until sheify flys to

Adelaide on the weekend for her

brides made's Amber Petty's

in the wine region of South brides made's Amber Petty's birthday

Australia. And her husband is in

Southern Hemisphere, he might pop. I Australia. And her husband is in the

don't know about Saturday do you

think she might vote or will be

postal? Thank In finance news:

the index faded in the last few

minutes to be up 4 point. That

graphic was done at 5.

graphic was done at 5.50. American

markets buoyed by good earnings

report by retailers Wal-Mart and

Home Depot. We had a strong day on

our markets,

The Aussie dollar has had a sort of

a day and a half, two good strong

days of trading. has delivered a speech Reserve Bank Governor Glenn Stevens titled "The Role of Finance". financial system since the 1880s He's outlined changes in Australia's over the centuries. as well as the role of finance Morning. Craig James is at CommSec.

Craig has been riveted with what he

has said. What can we take out of

it? It is hardly a sexy topic, the

role of finance in the economy but a

very important one because without

the banks and financeiers the

economy would grind to a halt. His

main concern is in the wake of

global financial crisis, a lot of main concern is in the wake of the

regulators are saying the financial

will institutions have stuffed up, we

institutions have stuffed up, we

will have to regulate and come down

hard. He said it is repeating hard. He said it is repeating the

mistakes of the past. He said most

finance systems held up well. What

he is taking aim at is the rocket

scientists, the financial scientists

coming up with the weird and

wonderful projects. He said

wonderful projects. He said we need

to have much more capital assigned

to the banks that come up with the

sorts of weird and wonderful ideas.

He said what we should follow here

and around the world is Australia's

example, APRA. They have been very,

very good regulators of our system

and made our our banks are in good

shape. That is comforting, a good

thumbs up for the system. It is.

Thank you, Craig, catch you next

time. Time for sport. Carlton coach Brett Ratten admits on Reni Maitua, Canterbury has closed the door troubled utility an NRL lifeline. refusing to offer the is serving a 2-year suspension The former Bulldog performance-enhancing drugs for using Parramatta is now favourite to snare Maitua when his ban ends in May next year. Eels half-back Daniel Mortimer is expected to play in the NSW Cup this week after being overlooked for the second straight week. Tahiti's infamous Teahupoo break is living up to its reputation ahead of the Billabong Pro. The triallists have been treated to sensational surf as they fight for a wildcard into the main draw. Aussie Laurie Towner is still a chance despite a shocking wipe-out. While countryman Anthony Walsh notched the first perfect 10. The trials are expected to wrap up today.

Now, Beretts before you throw

thoGrant I am always sort of

mesmerised by your s-l behind you.

That cup? Is it what I think it is?

No, that is the 2010 Melbourne Cup Melbourne

No, that is the 2010 Emirates Melbourne Cup No, that is the 2010 Emirates Melbourne No, that is the 2010 Emirates

Melbourne Cup Melbourne Cup. It is worth $

worth $150,000. My goodness! Don't

touch it. You will need your white

gloves. You can have a white glove,

pop it up. Sorry, I forgot about you

guys. It did its Sydney stop on the

way to Victoria and of course, the

first Tuesday in November. The

presentation la night, one of the

first shots what the Cup in rodeo

drive held by our Nelson Aspen. This

is a special one? Yes, extra

special, it is the 150th running of

the Melbourne Cup. It is probably

the most recognised sporting

the most recognised sporting trophy in the world. Older than the

Kentucky derby, older than

Kentucky derby, older than the Arc de Triomphe. The only thing to make

it more glorious would be to stick

that finance book in you were

talking about. Happy Father's Day.

It is going to be a really big vent

this year. All the leading horse

owners from around the world coming

out to celebrate. Taking on Bart

Cummings, aiming for his 13th. Faint

Perfume is the star. I wondered why

there was ten guys in the corridor

talking into their collars. Now I I

know. On Seven. The whole week is

magnificent, not just the Melbourne

Cup. Get to darb aday on seven.

Check out the weather. Grant, are

you off the piste? Yes, for white

some time. I am. How good is this

one though, when you can in the Red

Centre on Friday, snow on Monday and

Tuesday and now on a beach, is it

Wednesday? Yes, Wednesday. What a

great country. Hey, look, I don't

know whether you can notice but

beautiful, baoump crimson sunrise,

red in the morning is shepherd's

morning and that is Clavelly is

where I am. A nice little shot

before things turn nasty for the

south-east. Rain fall and strong

winds for South Australia, Tasmania,

Victoria and southern parts South Wales this Victoria and southern parts of New South Wales Victoria and southern parts of South Victoria and southern parts of

South Wales this morning. So red in

the morning, shepherd's warning. Sunrise weather brought to you by Claratyne. Year-round allergy relief. Be prepared and live Claratyne clear. Rain clearing in Broken Hill. A little rain at night in Sydney.

That rain coming overnight and developing overnight. Afternoon rain developing in Canberra. Snow developing later with wind in Thredbo, and 1 degree. Rain and wind in Ballarat.

A little rain at times and windy in Melbourne.

Gusts are expected nearly at high at

100km/h. 14 is the top. Showers

developing in Launceston. A little late rain in Strahan. Early rain and wind in Adelaide. Windy showers in Port Lincoln. Showers easing in Albany. Chance of a shower in Perth. Chance of a shower in Broome. Morning rain in Carnarvon.

We will break it down in more detail

in half an hour the wind figures and

what areas will be affected by the

strong gusts. We will catch you

then. Okay, got to watch your strong gusts. Ahead - Wayne Swan and Joe Hockey face-off on the economy. And shortly, how surfers raced to save a mate attacked by a shark off WA. But next, here we go again. The new catchphrase of the election campaign when Sunrise continues. 100% poreless perfection has arrived. Dream Liquid Mousse foundation -

a new liquid sensation that's air-whipped. Our foundation cushions as it blends.

Pores vanish. Skin looks smoother, perfect. Dream Liquid Mousse foundation. SONG: # Maybe it's Maybelline. # I will pick up the phone to the President of Nauru to re-open our offshore processing centre and let people smugglers know their game is up. I will stop the boats. SONG: # ..for real action. # What do we really know about Julia Gillard? We know she back-stabbed Kevin Rudd and she opposed paid parental leave for families. We know she opposed pension increases for seniors. And we know that not even Kevin Rudd trusts her. How well do you really know Julia Gillard?

Beretts is having a lovely play. This is your exclusive first look at a new drawing gadget for the Nintendo Wii.

It is a mouse hole. It's called uDraw and it's been developed in Melbourne by THQ.

It is a sunrise, sea gulls. It was announced overnight and should be available early next year. Apart from new drawing games for the family, there'll be a version of Pictionary for it too.

We will leave the boys to play. Just when you thought we'd heard the last of broken record catchphrases in this election campaign along comes the Labor launch. Julia Gillard closed her speech with a phrase inspired by US politics. I am asking you when you vote on Saturday, to say, as you cast that vote - yes, we will. Yes, we will move forward with confidence and optimism. Yes, we will keep our economy growing stronger day by day.

Yes, we will offer people the benefits and dignity of work. In total, "Yes, we will" was used 10 times, in around 60 seconds.

So every child, every child get the

benefit of a great education. Yes,

we will.

Bob the Builder will be so happy it

has moved on. used by Hillary Clinton The phrase seems to have been into "Yes, we can". before Barack Obama turned it of inspiring Aussies? But does it have any hope Jon McKie from 303 Advertising. Let's talk election marketing with Good morning.

"yes, we will". We've gone from "moving forward" to Is it progress?

Do we like these naf little lines?

Sorry. A bit harsh. I don't know if

we like them or not, the point was

moving forward was the campaign

theme, it is what we have heard for

the last couple of month. Yes we

will is the advertising equivalent

of buy one, get one free. They are

trying to close the sale.

trying to close the sale. Whereas Hillary Clinton was using it as an

inspirational catchphrase, here she

is just trying to get

is just trying to get us to vote for

the Labor Party. It is unusual to

change, midcampaign, usually they

stick with the one all the way

through In the last week, a lot of

campaigns will

campaigns will change catchphrase to

get you, at the point of sale, which

in this case is the ballot box. They

are trying to coopyou to vote for

them. And to break the boredom? Yes.

Still waiting. Tony Abbott's

campaign launch had a song featuring

his campaign, which is real action.

That any better. I think thought,

have you heard it? It is pretty

awful. Look at the man, he is a bit

1950s kind of dad really. In my

opinion, that song makes him worse.

It is basically a John Williamson

pering ocker song. He need something

funkier and better. Maybe the

Presets. Perfect, his sort of

people. Now, body language of the

two leaders, Julia Gillard is a

hugy, feely type of person, always

giving Tim a hug, sort of put her

arm around MicroReilly our political

editor. Take daig mark Reilly, Tony

Abbott has his daughter and is not

as touchy feeling. If it is natural

and real that you are touchy feely.

If I, Mel, I am being real? Now that

you are looking. Remember, there are

people watching. It is fun a, I do

it a lot to you, but I don't even

realise, maybe, like you say if it

comes naturally. It is a bit easier

for her because she is a woman and

people are more accepting of women

invading your personal space but for

blokes it is difficult to be that

intense and personal and tack tile

with somebody, certainly my

household. It is more difficult for

him and doesn't come naturally for

him. Blokes are always a bit more

Kochings with that. You -- more

cautious with that. You have to be.

You do. Sorry, I can't help myself.

It is okay, hug away. It goes to

show the fact that we are talking

about songs and slogans and hugging,

the big picture has gone. The most

interesting thing about the

interesting thing about the campaign has been the lack of anything

happening. It is why we are

analyseing the things in detail

because there is not much going on

in terms of policy or vision. Yes.

Good to see you. Pleasure. Ahead this morning - Opposition counterpart the Treasurer and his in our next real debate. go head-to-head really walk away from his AFL career And, can Ben Cousins in a positive light? Plus, meet the 'mamils'. in lycra" when Sunrise continues. The rise of the "middle-aged men in our Vita-Weat rice cracKF So, why do you belong from the finest lineage Well, I was bred and raised in the richest soils.

(CHUCKLES) Yes. I come from a cow, actually.

in a place... Nurtured by Mother Nature In a cow. ..where taste cannot be faked. One is born with it. I wasn't born yesterday, I've matured. I've aged. I'm sharp. Mmm. So, naturally, such delicious, tangy flavours belong in the tastiest rice crackers. Oh, naturally. Yeah, he's right. True. That's true. VOICEOVER: New 100% natural rice crackers from Vita-Weat. Your vote is a valuable thing. So on election day, it's important you make it count by voting correctly. You'll receive two ballot papers - for the House of Representatives a green one for the Senate. and a large white one For the green ballot paper,

candidate who is your first choice, you put a '1' in the box beside the your second choice, and so on '2' in the box beside till you've numbered every box. For the white ballot paper, above the line you can just mark '1'

of your choice. for the party or group every square below the line Or you can choose to fill in in the order of your preference. If you get it wrong, don't worry, just ask for another ballot paper. is a valuable thing. Your vote Make it count. Right now up to $8 billion is being wasted on Gillard's school hall rip-offs. Right now Labor's insulation disaster is putting 240,000 homes at risk. Right now the cost of living is pushing families to the edge.

Right now Julia Gillard's Labor debt is growing by over $100,000,000 every day. You can stop Labor's waste and debt. What's Making News for Beacon Lighting. Up to 50% off everything sale on now. It has to be Beacon. Doesn't take long, does it? Chicken chain Nandos is cashing in on Ben Cousins retiring from Aussie Rules. "Such is life" Cousins has the phrase tattooed on his torso. to say "sauce is life" Nandos has photoshopped it

and added the caption - to get saucy with our hot chicks". "Ben, now you'll have more time with Tom Harley shortly on Sunrise. We'll have more on Ben Cousins,

We koolove witty advertising. the fatal shark attack in WA. Also making news this morning - after his legs were mauled. 31-year-old Nicholas Edwards died at the beach at Gracetown It's the second deadly shark attack in six years. CPR on Nicholas, soon on Sunrise. We'll talk to the man who performed the discussion about sharks. But the attack has reignited What should we do to prevent attacks? Email or SMS us.

Is it a risk that surfers take and

are fully aware of it? Yes, been all

sorts of idea, the electronic beacon

that is supposed to send sharks

away, but at the end of the day,

surfers know their risk, they know

their patch, they know the risk and

decide to do it. Baz we are like a

burglar in their environment. We

just, we are in there just, we are in there their

environment. Often wondered what

surfers think. I am not a surfer, it surfers think. I am not a surfer,

surfers think. I am not a surfer, it is pretty obvious. Are surfers okay,

they say, we know it could happen,

we go into the water, know the risk.

Always after something after

something like this happens they go

after the shark. What does it do? Is

it meant to teach a lesson to other

sharks. You don't want a rogue

shark. Just go and shoot it. Really?

How will it prevent more. How do you

know he was after humans. Is it one

of those things they get a bit of

human blood. You put down a dog

after malling a kid. Why not do it

with a shark? Because

with a shark? Because sharks are man

eaters. That is exactly right. That

is what they do. Let us know your

thoughts, particularly if you are a

you. surfer, we would like to hear from

and weather together on Sunrise. Straight ahead - news, sport

Good to have your company.

# Some day soon

# You are going to catch that dream

you been chasing SONG: # When there is always something there to remind me # Always something there to remind me VOICEOVER: On 'Spirit of Tasmania', good things come in twos. Take yourself from just $74 each way. And take your car from an extra $74 each way. Hurry, offer ends September 10 unless sold out prior. Book online at: And make it a trip to remember. VOICEOVER: Tony Abbott will take Eden-Monaro backwards by pulling the plug on the health and education services we depend on. on GP Super Clinics, He'll pull the plug the National Broadband Network, from our local schools 580 computers for 18 of our high schools. and Trades Training Centres the local Liberal candidate, do? And what will David Gazard, He'll help Mr Abbott pull the plug on Eden-Monaro. John Howard in the 2007 election. she won from former prime minister to lose the Sydney seat Maxine McKew looks set

to lose the Sydney seat Maxine McKew looks set John Howard in the 2007 election. she won from former prime minister of a high-speed rail link Despite Julia Gillard's announcement of Bennelong, through the marginal seat a new Morgan poll shows a swing to the Liberals of almost 2%. However, in the Victorian marginal seat of La Trobe, won at the last election by Liberal MP Jason Wood, Labor looks set to defeat the Liberals with a swing of 3.5%. The Coalition admits its asylum seeker plan could lead to some boats being sabotaged but says it's worth it. Shadow Immigration Minister Scott Morrison says asylum seekers who think they're being turned back might purposely damage their boat so authorities would be forced to rescue them. We're not going to be intimidated smugglers putting lives at risk. by the criminal acts of people he'll make the final call Tony Abbott has said would be turned around. on which vessels are divided Expatriates living in the UK a republic when the Queen dies. over whether Australia should become Yesterday Julia Gillard said of the monarchy for now she's happy to remain part an Australian head of state. but would eventually like to see in London Her comments made headlines in the federal election. as Aussies were voting under the Commonwealth We came together as a country and that's how we should stay. I disagree, I think it would be good to stay in the Commonwealth but I think it would be good to branch out as our own country. Liberal Leader Tony Abbott is a staunch monarchist.

A Melbourne University student is spending his birthday behind bars charged with murder. Umit Sengoz, who turns 21 today, is accused of stabbing a 69-year-old man to death in his home at North Balwyn on Sunday night. Police say Sengoz has admitted to the attack and that he was known to the victim. He'll face court today. Firefighters have spent the night damping down a huge factory fire in Sydney's west. of the electrical goods warehouse The blaze started in the rear at Smithfield just before 6:00pm. several hours It took more than 100 firefighters to bring the blaze under control to surrounding factories. and stop it spreading is being investigated. The cause of the fire In finance news:

The Dow Jones index up 104 points. The Dow Jones index up 104 points.

Because of strong earnings from

Wal-Mart and Home Depo. Wal-Mart the

world's biggest retailer. Also a $ world's biggest retailer. Also a

$380 billion takeover bid from

PHPBilliton for potash. Time for sport.

The Cup has gone already. It is a

quick trip, has got to move on. You

you see it if a bit and it has to

move on. Happy travels, Melbourne

Cup, see

Cup, see you in November, the first

Tuesday, can't wait. Harry Kewell has launched a blistering attack

on former Socceroos team-mate Robbie Slater. Kewell was irate over Slater's claims that he was verbally abused by a prominent Socceroos team-mate before the World Cup. You telling me that one of the players told me to F-ff and said to F-off and said I was no value to the team? You're lying there. Kewell angrily rejected suggestions injury problems his highly publicised build-up into a circus. turned Australia's World Cup Adelaide defender Nathan Bock's defection to the Gold Coast Suns is expected to trigger an exodus of players to the cashed-up club. Port Adelaide's Nathan Cracker is set to follow Bock north and Jarrod Harbrow has shelved contract talks until season's end, intensifying speculation he'll quit the Western Bulldogs. Campbell Brown, Cameron Bruce and Gary Ablett have also been linked to the Suns. Australian rugby union boss John O'Neill says he won't pay "crazy money" to Quade Cooper to prevent him from switching to the NRL. O'Neill did suggest he's prepared to increase his current offer to the budding superstar.

The contract saga is starting to wear thin on Cooper's team-mates, with Wallabies skipper Rocky Elsom refusing to answer questions on the topic. Now to Grant and today's weather.

He has taken his snow injury to the

beach for a bit of R & R. You going

okay? Yes, holding up quite fun,

just a 7 20 rail grab that caught me

out, caught a nasty edge. Fully sic.

Went out swinging, just got to have

a go, as an athlete you would know.

Is the Cup there? It is gone,

heading to Geelong, strangely

enough, it is on the plane. That is

good, it would be have been blocking

your motorcycle book. I I did just

put the book to the side for a min

toot see the Melbourne Cup.

Fantastic, let's move or fouk taos

the wert. A series of front will

come to Victoria, about 5mm could

fall today but that could extend to

20mm tonight. So extensive stuff

20mm tonight. So extensive stuff for New South Wales and Tasmania. 30mm

in Tasmania. But what is actually

going to cause a bit of a problem is

strong winds coming with those

associated cold fronts. Talking sort

of strong winds for the ACT, parts

of New South Wales and Victoria of

up to potentially 100km/h, 125 in

alpine regions so strong winds in

place. Let's look at the forecast. Sunrise weather brought to you by Claratyne. Year-round allergy relief.

Be prepared and live Claratyne clear. A trough and low are crossing from WA into South Australia, generating rain and isolated storms. A high is keeping skies mostly clear over Queensland and New South Wales, leading to a cool night. Afternoon rain developing in Canberra. A few showers with wind tomorrow. Rain with mountain snow on Friday. Early rain in Adelaide with wind. Afternoon rain tomorrow and Friday. And it should remain fine for the weekend with some north-easterlies on Sunday.

So I think we just got out of the

alpine regions just in time, 125km/h

wind expected today, might make

things uncomfortable. I don't know

how you pack, you must have ski gear

shoved in with normal gear, shoved

in with your outback gear. You do

well. Three cases on this trip, I

tell you, my laundry is not loving

me at the moment, that is for mure

s-p See you in half an hour. Lets

receive give away some cash. --

let's give away some cash. with $125,000 to give away. The Cash Cow is back you need today's codeword: To enter the draw to our latest Cash Cow winners. And congratulations You've each scored $1,000. after 7:00. We'll call today's major winner

They better get excited today. We

want screaming and yelling. Knock

yourself out. Joke of the day a

short one today. Good. I thought I

would cut my losses from yesterday

mooch WiI get it. Don't want to lose

Sam half way through. If she scores

3 and a half you get a TiVo, under that you

that you get the bestseller from

Beretts. A joke from Horsham in ACT?

I thought it was in Victoria.

Hickory dickry dock, three mice ran

up the clock, the clock struck one,

the other two got away with cuts and

abrasions. Sorry, I thought it was

funny. Get it? I thought it could

influence the score. Hang on, we got

one blonde saying to another blonde

did you get it. Hang on, got to

concentrate on this, nup, sorry.

Ian, you get a copy of the 'Riders'

though. Way better than a TiVo. Can

I stand by yesterday's decision,

even after you explained it. Still

give a a... Shorly Shortly - the gloves come off one of the hottest election topics - as Wayne Swan and Joe Hockey debate the economy.

This is the debate Julia and Tony won't have. for Ben Cousins But next, what the future holds after announcing his retirement. And, tragedy off WA. This is Sunrise on Seven. by a shark at a notorious beach. The father of two attacked

may soon be PM, VOICEOVER: Tony Abbott

but do you really know him? the stimulus He opposed that kept Australia out of recession. He didn't even know New Zealand was in recession.

His former boss says he is "innumerate". His business tax hike will be passed on to groceries and petrol, and he'll pull the plug on GP Super Clinics, Trades Training Centres, the National Broadband Network and computers in schools. Don't risk our economy and your family's future with Tony Abbott. with the new BlackBerry Pearl, Sunrise keeps in touch thanks to our friends at Telstra.

# I'm only going to break

# Your break your heart # through the Jetstar Skycam. A view of Brisbane Fine and 23 today. As we heard in the news earlier, has died after a shark attack. a 31-year-old father-of-2 It happened off Gracetown, south-west of Perth. a remote surf spot

by a shark not far from there Another person was also killed six years ago. on the victim. Robert Alder performed CPR shark expert Valerie Taylor. He joins us now, along with Good morning to you both.

what happened yesterday. Robert, talk us through

Such a sad day. I don't want to

spend too much time on that Mel, it

is all yesterday, and that is

already on line and other place.

Briefly, I was watching the break

about to go in myself and noticed

that the surfer had disappeared. And

got down to the point as fast as I

could, hoping I could be of

assistance and found him injured on the rocks

the rocks being attended to by a

friend. We performed CPR for about

40 minutes until the ambulance crew

arrived. Robert, we obviously, I

won't ask you any further, I can

understand it is very painful for

you and lot of people. We know the

outcome is not positive and the poor

man did die. I imagine it has

completely stunned the local

community? I think stunned is an

appropriate choice of words. We tend

to regard the bay here in Gracetown

as a bit of a shankchy. From the

weather and to have -- sanctuary,

from the weather and to voohave a

tragedy on top of the other

cliff-top tragedy and shark attack

around the back, it is quite a bad

memory raiser for many of the people

who were involved in those two

disasters. You mentioned you have

been campaigning to have the area

made a

made a sanctuary, do you want it

protected? Is it wrong to demonise

the shark

the shark? I am the convener of a

campaign to have the area

from the federal government's oil e campaign to have the area removed

ploration acreage, which was

announced on the

announced on the 16th of May. They

want to offer this beautiful

pristine coast up to the oil

industry to play, environmental rule

elwith. With area is already report

for a marine sanctuary. That is what

we would like to have happen here.

Valerie from your perspective this

area is notorious for sharks. What

draws them to this particular part

of the coast? There are sharks all

along the coast, all along all of

Australia's coasts. The shark that

attacked this surf board rider was

probably a great white. And they

patrol an area, they generally feed

on sea lions or other, maybe dead

things that are in the water. They

are not man-eaters, as you can tell,

they didn't eat him, they bit him.

He probably bled out rather badly

before he made it to the rocks. It

was a terrible tragedy. If he be on

land and hit by a car and had that

sort of injury he would have

survived, there is no doubt. Sharks

are very warm armed and a gentle

investigation by them generally

causes severe damage. So what do we

do? Is the a way man and shark can

both share the surf or is it case we

Do we just need to be aware of the risks?

Do we hunt them down, cordon off

areas, leave them alone, what do you

think we do? Hunting them down won't

help. I mean, they are outlooking

for the shark right now, how do they

know, if they find a shark, how do

they know it is the shark? They

won't have any idea. The shark

doesn't have hands. Big sharks find

something or sense something unusual

in their area, and being curious by

nature, and I know this from working

with them for almost 50 years, they

will investigate the unusual. They

don't have, they can't feel it. They

feel with their teeth. And just a

gentle feel can be fatal because

they are so well armed. I think it

is wrong to run around killing any

wild animal because it has attacked

a human. If we go into the ocean, we

go in there knowing it is not our

environment, we choose to do so

knowing this. Okay, Valerie, thank

you. We are after people's views

this morning, particularly those of

surfers who feel the same way.

Robert thank you for your time. Can

I just make a point, Mel? Of course.

What I would like to say, when I was

learning to surf in the early '70

and Val and Ron Tailer made was it

Deep Blue Great White and I think

Paul Gimble was the cameraman, they

got footage no-one had seen of great

whites feeding. It was the basis of

Stephen Spielberg's jawerizeer. They

went to shoot the footage and as

surfers we were furious and

incomprehensive as to why Val and

Ron were baiting sharks and teaching

them to attack humans and goading

them and feeding them to a frenzy, really, for a lot of sensationalest

footage. And I would like to make

the point that now sharks with one

of the most vulnerable machine

species simply because they are

being killed at the rate of hundreds

of millions of years for their fins,

for inthe gluteinous mass of sharb

fin soup, 100,000 tonnes, imagine

how many sharks it

how many sharks it is were consumed

last year. Look, I think a lot of

people would agree, a lot who would

disagree, probably a debate not for

today, giveen the tragedy of

yesterday. Our thoughts are

particularly with the victim's

family and I do appreciate your

time, thank you both for joining us

on Sunrise. Thank you. Ben Cousins is leaving his options open after announcing his retirement from AFL. The controversial footballer said he'd like to stay with the Tigers for another year, a new chapter in life. but he's looking forward to I believe it is the right time. with what I've achieved in footy I'm happy and content from the game now and I think by walking away I can walk away in a positive light. media conference, During an emotional and his fans over the years. Cousins paid tribute to his father and what's his legacy in AFL? So what's next for him joins me now. Footy legend Tom Harley Good morning. didn't surprise anyone, did it? This retirement announcement

He said he wants to walk away in a

positive lightch. After all that

happens do you think he can? He can.

If you asked the question two years

ago when it really hit the fan for

him, it was all over the shop, his

legacy was up for debate. But what

he has been able to do in turning

himself around, and getting the

response from the the coach, Damien

and the players, he can walk away in

a positive light. What will he do

now? He has left it open. He has got

a lot to offer in the mentoring

space, he is a talent when it comes

to media, there will be plenty of

options. But he has got to take the

approach he is still in a

rehabilitation phase, his lifestyle

will be different to what it is now

in a structured manner. He has

options but I am sure they won't be

taken lightly. Despite all this

past, the footy community,

are an integral part are of quite past, the footy community, which you

impressed of the last year. Would

you work with him if she

you work with him if she joined the

Seven team? Yes, and the court

Seven team? Yes, and the court of

public opinion has changed in the

last 12 months. There was a smirk, a

lot of people thought he hasn't

necessarily taken everything on

board but the last 12 month has been

fantastic. Good to hear, that

fantastic. Good to hear, thank you

for that. Of course, his documentary

comes out and will be shown on

in the next week or two. comes out and will be shown on Saefp After the break - and weather together. this morning's news, sport Plus the latest on Princess Mary's movements in Tasmania. And our next real debate.

Wayne Swan and Joe Hockey go head-to-head

when Sunrise returns. VOICEOVER: Tony Abbott is just too big a risk. He's putting a new tax on your groceries, petrol and electricity bills. He's cutting services and he'll bring back the worst of Workchoices. Don't risk your family's future with Tony Abbott. The debate of the men who want to be treasurer is coming up. Joe Hockey versus Wayne Swan. Let's see who goes first. Joe, your call of the coin toss.

Heads. Head? Cay, it is heads. Oh!

You are it. The money men face off

soon on Sunrise. brought to you by 'New Idea'. The Sunrise Showbiz Report and more. For all the latest celebrity news

Work it out, he calls Sam and I blonde! Showbiz editor Nelson Aspen is in Hollywood. You have exclusive information on Zsa Zsa's condition. What's the latest?

The other day you were telling us

she was very serious? she was very serious?. Yes, but

yesterday afternoon she was actually

discharged from the hospital and

went home. I have spoken to her

publicist, John Blancehh and he told

me she and her husband, Prifz

Frederic they don't want more work.

She didn't need to be tortured

anymore. They are hoping being in

her home environment at home, she

will be encouraged to eat

will be encouraged to eat and

rebound. The silver lining, that is

not Zsa Zsa galore, that is her

sister, Eva mchg she was the star of

Green Acres but Zsa Zsa has

reconcile with her only child,

Constance and she had paid a visit

to her home. Moving on, and we know that Michael Douglas has been diagnosed with throat cancer. How's he doing?

It is positive. Michael is very

optimistic about it, the doctors

expect him to make a full recovery.

He will have to undergo eight weeks

of treatment. He will be able to

walk the red carpet in September

when What Street 2 hits theatres. Money men debate. Wayne Swan versus Joe Hockey. So who'll do a better job of managing Australia's finances? You decide after another Sunrise real debate. Princess Mary back home in Tasmania. We're live to Hobart. And chart topper. The singer with three songs in the top 40.

# I'm only going to break, break your heart # I'm only going to break, break your heart your heart # Taio Cruz performs live. It's Wednesday 18 August, 2010.

Right across Australia, this is

Sunrise on Seven. From Brekky

Central, Kochie and Mel. Taio Cruz's songs are all over the radio

It is going to be all in your head

all day but you will enjoy it,

sorry. It will make you smile. But right now it's time for the news of the day. Good morning. Seven people are missing after a fishing boat sank in the Southern Ocean off New Zealand. The boat went down in waters east of Dunedin just before 5:00am local time. There were 51 foreign crew on board it's not know if any were Australian. The beach at Gracetown in Western Australia remains closed this morning after a 31-year-old surfer was mauled to death yesterday. Seven News reporter Blake Johnson is there and joins me now. Good morning, Blake. Will authorities try to hunt the shark responsible?

G'day, Sam, well department of

fishery and sea and rescue were

outlooking for the shark, nobody saw

the shark involved in yesterday's

attack, before or after it. There

were lots of dark shapes in the

water, possibly seals and it is what

the experts think may have attracted

the shark into the little bay but

they say it is long gone. The beach

was closed yesterday and will remain

closed for most most of today. Okay,

Blake Johnston in Gracetown, thank you. Julia Gillard will be hoping to win back voters in Queensland at tonight's town hall-style forum in Brisbane. The Prime Minister is still pushing for an hour long debate on the economy, beforehand but last night issued a statement saying if Mr Abbott ducks that debate she'll still take part. The Liberal leader says half an hour on the economy is plenty. If we have a matter-of-public- importance debate in the parliament - the leading speakers get 15 minutes each. That's regarded as being a pretty good going over. The Coalition is due to release the costings of its campaign promises today done by a leading firm of accountants instead of by Treasury. A major road in Sydney's west has reopened this morning after it was closed by a massive factory fire. The blaze started in the rear of the electrical goods warehouse on Woodpark Road at Smithfield just before 6:00pm. It took fire crews several hours to bring it under control. The cause is being investigated.

A former Israeli soldier has caused outrage after posting photos of herself on Facebook posing with blindfolded Palestinian prisoners. Eden Abergil believes she'd done nothing wrong

and says the photos were taken to remind her of her time in the army. They've since been removed from Facebook. Britain's biggest known freshwater fish has died. Two Tone, the mirror carp, was found floating on the surface of a lake in Kent where it's lived for around 45 years. It's thought he died of old age.

Oh. Finance news now and Wall Street

closed higher today. Up 104 points.

The death of a fish around the

world? Okay... Strong earnings from

Wal-Mart and Home Depo sparked the

market and Spain and Ireland got

away with a successful debt auction.

We are strong, BPH Billiton has launched a $

launched a $38 billion takeover for

fertiliser company Pot Ash. Time for sport.

Poor old Two Tone... Carlton coach Brett Ratten admits he's in awe

of reigning premiers Geelong, heading into Friday night's showdown. Ratten labelled the Cats' 101-point demolition of the Western Bulldogs last week as phenomenal and the Blues mentor is fearing a repeat performance. It makes it very daunting, knowing they could bring back Ling, Corey - the list goes on. Carlton produced one of the upsets of the season back in Round 5 thumping the reigning premiers by six goals. Gold Coast utility Greg Bird is set to return from a hamstring injury for Monday's encounter with the Roosters. South Sydney has also received some positive injury news with Beau Champion to return from a knee problem for Friday's must-win match against Penrith. The Wests Tigers will be without Bryce Gibbs until the final series with scans revealing the tireless prop has a fractured kneecap. Socceroo Brad Jones's $4 million move to premier league giants Liverpool is almost complete. Jones has passed a medical and agreed to terms and says he's up for the challenge of ousting incumbent Reds goalkeeper Pepe Reina.

The Spaniard started the new season disastrously, costing his side victory with a 90th minute howler against Arsenal.

Well, Afghanistan Denyer is nursing

a sore knee from the snow and is at

the beach at Sydney's Clovelly.

Pretty good for an extreme snow

boarder when it went terribly

boarder when it went terribly wrong playing with three-year-old on the

snow. But it is not a bad old day.

Be careful there. Well, yes, I am

safe, a bit of gap over there, so I

am not being too daring. I don't

node need two incidents in two days.

I love the Australian coast, the

sand stone that catches the morning

light, a great place to be. One

thing that will catch your notice is

a fig knt front bringing a --

significant front bring agran band

for Victoria, -- bringing a rain

band for Victoria, South Australia

and act. It kicked off in Esperance,

it has gone into Adelaide, just a

couple of minutes go they recorded

3mm of rain so far in Adelaide, 5 to

10 in other parts of the state but

more concern sg the strong winds

coming with this active front. We

are talking wind gusts at Melbourne

airport of 50

airport of 50km/h, likely to

increase to 80 or 90km/h tonight.

More concern for the alpine

as well, up to 100

More concern for the alpine regions as well, up to 125km/h. Significant

stuff, a pretty ugly day for

stuff, a pretty ugly day for the south-east corner of the country.

Let's look at the forecast. Sunrise weather brought to you by Claratyne. Year-round allergy relief.

Be prepared and live Claratyne clear.

Rain for Ballarat.

Late rain for Strahan. Rain has

started in Adelaide, as I just told

you. Windy showers in Port Lincoln.

If you are in those regions of

Victoria, New South Wales or ACT,

batten down the hatches, a strong

wind is coming your way today. Thank

you for the warning, appreciate it.

Talk to you in half an hour from now. Now to another Sunrise real debate. And the economy is shaping up to be the election issue. This morning the men who could control the nation's finances

go head-to-head. Treasurer Wayne Swan against Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey. Here's Kochie. Welcome to you both. Before we start the debate, you both have 30 seconds to explain your economic philosophy. Joe, you won the toss so we start with you.

Well, my philosophy is based on

houseple hopds, based on the fact

people have had an 18 per cent

increase in electricity in the last

year, 14 per cent on water, 10 per

cent on gas, they have had their

mortgage rates go up and from

Peugeot spective -- perspective

Kochie, the way best way to take the

pressure off households is to pay

down Labor's $

down Labor's $100 million a day on

debt, fast, it includes fast

decisions, getting rid of waste,

like the $

like the $400 million on the cash

for clunkers. Joe, that is your 30

seconds, Wayne Swan, your 30 seconds

starts now? All Australians should

be proud of what we achieved during

the GFC, the worst crisis in 77

yires. We -- 75 years. We created

300,000 jobs and bringing back into

surplus flea years earl -- 3 years

earlier. We can move forward from a

position of strength, to cut tax for

small business, to invest

infrastructure, Larry for broad --

particularly for Broadband. We have

cut taxes three times to assist

families and provided increased

assistance for child care and

education. I want to start with the

race you are having to bet the

budget into surplus. There are signs

of another global financial crisis

on the horizon. Europe is awful,

Japan had terrible figures this

week, even Ben Bernanke, the boss of

the Federal Reserve, the most

powerful banker in the world said

America is looking sick. Joe Hockey,

do you fear another global financial

crisis in the next term of

government and what would you do to

insulate Australia from it? There is

going to be volatility around the

world. The growth in the US and

Europe over all will be anemic. The

most important thing from my

perspective is to have cash in the

bank. We went into the last down

turn with cash in the bank and it

helped to get us through,

unquestionably. We will do it again.

Now, overnight we discovered the

biggest investor in resources in the

world said because of the new mining

tax. Not the question, the question

was, do you fear

was, do you fear another global financial crisis. Of course I do.

What wouldio do to insulate us?

Would you have an economic stimulus

plan and put back getting us into

surplus to fight it? Kochie, you can

only have a stimulus plan if you

have got money. You can only spend

money if you have money. If you go

into the position of borrowing

money, its has to be repaid. The

second thing is you wan the Reserve

Bank to go further with cuts in

interest rates. Put it on

interest rates. Put it on the Reserve Bank wouldn't have an

economic stimulus package? I did not

say I would not spend money but I

did say I would want to see the RB

move further in cutting interest

rates. Would you put the money into

getting a surplus if faced with

another global financial crisis, yes sore another global financial crisis, yes

or no? It depends if it is global or

financial. Wayne Swan, get off the

fence, are you prepapered to go into another global financial crisis with

a surplus? Firstly, we have got the

proven track record to deal with

international uncertainty in a GF

crk rr. If -- global financial

crisis. No, It is not right. What

would you do? We acted during the

global financial crisis to support

our economy. I don't believe we are

heading for a double dip but now is

not the time to impose a 1.

not the time to impose a 1.5 per

cent grocery tax, which is what Jo

is proposing. Would you delay us

going back into surplus if we needed

another stimulus package to fight

another global financial crisis? We

are determined to get our budget

back into surplus in three years,

three years early, we have got the

necessary investment still flowing

through the economy to support

employment and to support small

business. I believe those settings

are correct, now is

are correct, now is not the time to

cut the investment which is what the

Liberals want to do. Joe, would you

be prepared to delay getting into

surplus if we need to fight another

global financial crisis. A yes or no

answer? We are getting into surplus

in three years, Kochie. Okay, come

hell or high what center Come hell

or high water but we have got the

judgment to handle the situations.

If we had gone into recession, we

wouldn't be in this position and it

is where we would have been in the

libls were in power. That is just

complete rubbish. We supported the

first stimulus package, we had the

second one waw way to be big with

pink battss and school hauls. It is

not true. You opposeed the second

package. It was way too big. You

went around and said it wouldn't

create jobs and we created 500,000

jobs in Australia since the last

election. Business creates jobs,

governments don't create jobs. You

went on the program and said it

wouldn't create jobs, it is about

jobs, jobs jobs and said the

stimulus program wouldn't kraelt job

-- create jobs. You said it. I stand

by it, business creates job. Yes,

but it needed investment to support

the business community which is what

we did and we avoided the waste and

destruction of recession which would

have destroyed the UN country. If

you did such a great job why did you

dump Kevin Rudd? We did a great

dump Kevin Rudd? We did a great job dealing with the recession, which is

what the countries say, and

what the countries say, and the Reserve Bank governor said. If you

had your way, unemployment would be

far higher and so too would deficit

and debt. I want to focus on the

future, sort of everyone talks about

the past and credentials, that is

fair enough but we are putting

someone in powfer the next three

years. And apart from the global

financial crisis, the other dark

cloud is residential property

prices, by any measure, they are the

most expensive in the world.

Economists overseas say it is one of

the great bubbles in the investment

world that is going to burst. Joe

Hockey, do you see a crash in the

housing market in the next three

years and how would you stop it

years and how would you stop it is it is? What policies would you put

into place to protect us? No, I

don't see a crash because demand

significantly exceeds supply. The

biggest challenge chg is --

challenge, the biggest challenge is

builders can't get finance to put up

the houses and apartments to house

Australians. The biggest challenge

is housing affordability over the

next few years. From my perspective

I don't foresee a proper crash at

all. There has been a shortage of

housing developed over a long period

of time, I don't see a bubble, we

have got a shortage of sf supply and

we need to increase the supply of

housing. It is important in terms of the government,

the government,, we have got a

number of programs in place to do

that. I also agree we need to see

the housing finance market more

competitive and it is why we

competitive and it is why we are have been investing in rez

dongsal--- residential mortgage

securities, it is important to

increase the sector and put in place

initiatives like that to increase

supply and help affordability.

Gentlemen, a quick quiz, a yes or no

answer required. It relates if you

win government on Saturday. Wayne

Swan, will you guarantee to not

change the superannuation rules to

make our super less attractive

make our super less attractive than it is now? Kochie, we want to make

it more attractive because we have

got propose ltz out there to build

up soup frr a 30-year-old -- super

for a 30-year-old meaning an extra $ for a 30-year-old meaning an extra

$100,000 when they retire. Joke will

you guarantee to not water down

superannuation? Yes. He is going to

knock off our super. Come on! I have

said I won't change it, full stop,

yes. You will knock it off. Joe,

will you guarantee not to put up

personal taxes. Yes, we are the ones

who pull them down. Wayne Swan? We

are keeping our commitment and

already delivered three rounds of

tax cuts. Okay, Joe Hockey you keep

telling us if we

telling us if we put you into

government you will cut our

household bills, I don't understand

how you can make the guarantee. The

government said it will rip $

government said it will rip $300

million out of Medibank Private. We

are not going to do it. If you rip

money out of utilities, like water

and gas, it puts up prices. We have

said we won't do that. We also said

we will put downward pressure on

interest rates by having a bigger

budget surplus, the faster we can

get rid of Labor's debt, because

once again, you get into surplus you

have to do the hard yards of paying

off the debt, when you get that debt

down you start to take the upward

pressure off interest rates, I think

interest rates will be the biggest

challenge for the neeks three

challenge for the neeks three --

next challenge for the neeks three --

next three years because the cost of

funds to banks will be more than

people expect. I think if the US and

the Europe do start to have

recovery, and interest rates go up

over there, they are going to have

to fund their government bonds,

there will be a shortage of money.

It will mean it will be harder for

Australian banks to raise money,

therefore the real cost of interest

rates that Australians are going to

face over the

face over the next three years is

going to going face over the next three years is

going to be much higher. So you are

expecting the banks to put up our

interest rates, even if the Reserve

Bank keep them on hold? As you know,

the margin spreed spred between --

spread between the cash rate and

what the banks are charging has

grown. It is on the RBA web site.

For example, with an unsecured over

draft for small business, they are

paying 11 per cent at the moment.

Now, it doesn't matter that thacash

rate is -- that the cash rate is 4. rate is -- that the cash rate is

rate is -- that the cash rate is 4.5 per cent. If they are paying 11 per

cent, it is what they are paying.

cent, it is what they are paying. Is Joe Hockey right in saying a vote

for the coalition means your bills

will be less? No he is not. He has got a $

got a $6 billion grocery tax, an

increase in company tax rate of 1.

increase in company tax rate of

increase in company tax rate of 1.5 per cent to push up business costs

and push up costs at the supermarket

and petrol bowser. That is a fib.

And it will last for ten years,

pushing up business costs, pushing

up inflation. The cuts the Liberals

will put in place to important

capacity building programs will put

up pressure on inflation. The rate

is much higher under the Liberal

party, the disHahn

party, the dishonesty from

party, the dishonesty from Joe on

interest rates. The interest rates

are lower than under the Liberals.

We have to take everything off the

pressure off interest rates and the

government has a comprehensive

program to do it. Now, Wayne, I want

you to tell the truth here, Gerry

Harvey, an open and honest and fair

dinkum guy said your claims about

increased prices as a as a result of

our parental leave policy were in his words "

his words "crap" and the head of

Coles thds same. Are you that naive

a supermarket firm might say an

increase in company rate will not

push up prices? Of course it is. An

increase in company taxsise going to push increase in company taxsise going to

push prices you know it and Tony

Abbott said the increase is going to

last a decade. A

last a decade. A decade of higher

prices under the Liberals. If that

is the case you will concede your

new resources tax on coal and iron

ore is going to... It is different.

An internationally traded commodity,

you know that. The economics of what

ayou said won't work and you know

it. Electricity prices won't go up?

Thank you, gentlemen, with that we

will leave it, thank you both, good

luck on Saturday, may the best