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(generated from captions) It's not Spider. It's not Octopus, as you said. (ALL GROAN) It's Crab! left records of a star so bright, American Indians and the Chinese light years away from Earth. it was seen in daylight over 6,000 in diameter and expanding. It's 5 to 10 light years Ah, never mind. Oh, mate. I'm sorry, Bernie. of losing $99,000. Hey - don't think (LAUGHTER) I did. That's good, mate. Think that you won $1,000, Bernie! Ah, bad luck, mate. Bernie Hammersley just won $1,000. next time. Goodnight. See you on Millionaire Hot Seat Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by officially launch Tonight - Julia Gillard and

for power. Broken bones and teeth - care injuries. closing down. of rugby league. At little late proceedings but

polling, Prime campaign. The idea was Gillard launched Labour's election

the final with inspiration from leaders past the event this election. We have odd but the to decide the outcome the With Queensland marginal seat sly launch had knife on Kevin Rudd halt -- hard Rudd. Bob Hawke and gave praise to Kevin feel much better but saving hundreds crisis. In order to future you need to comprehensive plan Abbott, she

employment. On average he has $1 billion stares for for tax to harness the internet and to bring Our I of this. bring Medicare rebates for online hard consultations and the after hours imagine being child with a rash or a swelling to Prime broadband. For a rousing finish the you cast that vote, yes we will - yes we will keep our economy system. stronger, transform education performance today and these true it. The first bloke thought this stage was conducting way. Keep it to me - with the on Julia Tony Abbott Opposition Leader covered plenty of places - by the impacted by locals concerned appropriate There is why Western Sydney is an Julia Gillard Abbas asylum seeker policy that

specifically he's played decide whether specifically he's played to jump on

safety of luxury yachts go by Mr Abbott take the whole process of Corby is jail time tomorrow but it is Corby is getting a minor cut in her

to cause more Tom would -- means very little to Corby. It is the Corby. It is just a reminder that for an Indonesian government. used Indonesian government. After six mental used in jail, Schapelle Corby's listing her Mr be given a mark Indonesia's Corby's condition is she gets are typical What is another concern to add to the list. being a parent - now there's

children are childcare centres at the being repeated Looking at little never know that this time last I thought that day i was At the When they said that his eyes rolling into the According to staff, he'd fallen off to my child? What will I Xavier had and Xavier had several skull fractures parents are centres are children is recite but some of the worst out include internal bleeding, smashed include internal

out teeth, broken bones and burnt include internal bleeding, smashed Children do get bumps and bruises, that's a of a It might be, It might be, but operators who take the job seriously All the equipment is checked regularly so old toys are thrown out - checking that everything is safe and nothing children and nothing is a danger to the Sounds like community of Gulgong is battling the streets Gulgong Hospital for the first time in more than 50 is wheeled onto fight of You might as well and shoot Save our hospital! Like so Josh Henderson owes his life to the aggressive hospital. Four years ago an hospital. Four

supply. aggressive tumour cut off his air I live 35km from so if we didn't to come to, he'd have been dead. We had no obligation but to A WorkCover local doctors replaced, not whose population mining industry, in fact mines will those industries - and this doctors are threatening to their services At the moment it's stretched and Tthere will not be any lives put at The state government has promised new health services in the Somebody is going south has received a bravery am just a normal guy. The Star I do not know if I am he wrote. I

balancing a Lleyton Giles, doesn't know what all the fuss is about and there was no way he was going to Let me wear it, no, come came true for Lleyton and his and just home he couldn't usually he sleep straight away> Lleyton is condition that his organs surrender. As to live. Just want him to and have everything he to live. Just want him to be happy

got tough had a call to any game when things

pray were not doing it that tough. I the Tigers. The has the Tigers. The famous white whale known albino SONG: # Stand up, Australia... # With your support, I will end Labor's wasteful spending,

return the budget to surplus by 2012-13 and start paying back Labor's debt. I will stop Labor's massive new mining tax that threatens investment and jobs. I will stop the boats. From day one, I will take real action to make Australia stronger and safer. # Stand up for real action. # A mother car has been fined $500. identified, claimed sentenced to a lifetime of guilt distressed and distressed and soaked with sweat. He'd been left locked in the while his degrees outside. There was argument in argument in the court that the 35 year-old did it deliberately was very busy and on this absent minded. She thought child had who was looking after her children. her children accepted the mother had made one - hot day magistrate had magistrate had one, insisting it was a now has a criminal record a desert a desert -- desert track in California. 12 injured. It was a chief has visited the love of golf, sharing a hole in one and a par putt outing has a Obama is had just days to surgery, he is looking the future. Tigano's heart beats My mum's pasta and hopefully watching some footy - Saint George fan. He's preparing to head home from offered Angelo valves joined by valves joined by velcro. The idea is patient can receive a I feel, well - it's well I feel - they say how feel - you got It is alternative is no noise at all can hear. The catch here though the cost Vincent's Hospitals footing that bill, they can really afford could save dozens more lives. If you think of all the money being very, very Doctors hope Angelo will receive a spoke to more questions We'll do the right thing for Australia. End Labor's wasteful spending, pay back Labor's debt, stop new taxes and stop the boats. That's our action contract, that's what we're standing for. At Specsavers, you can get two pairs of multifocal glasses for as little as $329. But at OPSM stores visited, mystery shoppers found the price for two pairs of the cheapest multifocals varied by over $200, some paying as much as $666 for two pairs. At Specsavers, we believe we've changed optometry for the better. So join more than half a million Australians who already shop at Specsavers. If you're paying too much for glasses, you should've gone to Specsavers.

At 45, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and told I had the bones of a 70-year-old.

I was told that 1 in 3 women will develop osteoporosis, but I was shocked to learn that: We should have up to 1,300 milligrams of calcium daily. I certainly don't eat all this. That's why I take Caltrate Plus every day to ensure I get enough calcium. Believe me, it's never too early or too late for Caltrate. VOICEOVER: Meet the Wright brothers of Belconnen. BOTH: Hello! They've been trying to fly for years. (THUD!) But no matter how hard they tried... ..they just couldn't get off the ground.

(THUD!) Then one day they got a NAB Qantas Platinum credit card account

and suddenly they had a bonus 20,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer points. To get your points, apply now and make an eligible purchase by 10 September, 2010. I will pick up the phone to the President of Nauru to re-open our offshore processing centre and let people smugglers know their game is up. I will stop the boats. SONG: # ..for real action. # league at Kogarah tonight. latest, what a terrific theirs. I spoke to Wayde Cooper theirs. I spoke to Wayde Cooper and try series about this rugby league? future is pretty uncertain at the moment. I do not further Commons more certain. play the He's a good bloke and I respect him as disgrace for try to have talks with Cooper. He would be a welcome addition to rugby league. and drakes going on you are correct. There is you are correct. There is a new major champion in does Steve enough to take pride in grounded his tapping in In Monte GP, a rider came Talk about red face. -- call it quits tomorrow. The weather is next and a chilly one Especially further degree for parts

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a full scale inquiry into claims of

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Queanbeyan Fire Brigade. And, the

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Canberra Stadium this Sunday. When the Global Financial Crisis hit, Labor did what it had to do to protect jobs. Now we're strengthening our economy with tax cuts for small business, increased superannuation for workers and a national broadband network. We'll train 27,000 nurses, provide more GP Super Clinics, up to $4,000 financial support for families - a fully costed plan that'll return the budget to surplus by 2013 and move Australia forward. Hi. I'm interested in the St George Direct Saver Online Account. Great. Well, right now, Direct Saver has a special introductory rate of 6.15% per annum. There's no fees and you get

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Winter is in tonight and slowly state and the A C T. just minus 34 Canberra. storms in a moderate winds keeping the Mercury Thursday morning. a Friday. For the