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(generated from captions) Final answer. Final answer? now with five seconds. You wouldn't wanna get it wrong Lock it in, lock in D. Quick, lock it in. Lock in D. Nearly out of time, quick! (LAUGHTER) Oh, thank goodness. I got you up to 175bpm. there, so I got it. I wanted to get my personal best Chris, you've won $20,000! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Thanks, Eddie. Well played, buddy! Chris Gregerson just won $20,000. The South Australian is on fire! Millionaire Hot Seat. Goodnight. See you next time in the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by smart phone that to anybody. Getting tough on

died in other Sander camp. died in other Sander can or prison three people killed in two separate city. A suspect has been whether it is earlier execution head of a family involved in a long-running feud with a rival across the The distraught widow drapes herself The distraught widow

He was the patriarch of a notorious backyard this was swarming armed officers Free children were have originally from 11 on, the family with a force set up to try to quell the violence will revenge attacks. certain plans scene of Police fatally shot the sun Then two just Then two other sons were arrested prepared to divulge that tone police make an arrest a for more blood is spilt. A Sydney man gruesome is coming to terms with the family expected daughter. And today he was asking be someone out worse by the way she was priority is to find the rest of her. after a hunch retracing his the area up but it is been told that area of her life their investigation is focusing on

She leaves behind a who has been asking for his mother. dismisses his mother. I do that dismisses his mother. I do not know DNA to feel. Police will have to rely on

and that cannot and that could take a week. You to anybody and to come stolen from Higham paintings and sketches by Norman paintings and sketches by Pro Hart, Police say they may have been but it is blaming the Treasurer as leak designed to damage puff. showing no sign of running out of showing no sign of running out

Melbourne's puff. And a Christian college in spending - $210 choose. for schools to buy technology they whether you like them or not. whole someone premises at work. tools. Tony colleges and training, though he filed a basic bitter row continued over the cost today's to submit any more policies by compromised by a leak about one its policies now being dishonestly makes policy is a fundamentally dishonest in 10% and is now relying on a dog ate my scrutiny. They say they will costings by the will have missed today's campaign launched bills for considering bills for downloads clear it is smart phone customers from you have had a control. had a massive phone bill and lost but they are a loaded $90 million many customers racked up They download expensive inflicted bad debt. proposing to cut off a customers if they spend in the hands of the come It is sometime in the next 12 months shock. there are ways to avoid the bill When you first time try and get the least and and least and see how much data used scanning it back. A simple of the cross is heading for Rome as part

Sister Mary case the Vatican brother who went soldiers died in and around the prison camp in Borneo. This is a feelings never change. He is 93 somehow survived the hell that was virtually sentenced to death. the end of the war back for the 65th anniversary of

brother. only memorial to their other part of they do here now in row of them. The prisoners of and the liberate them were all killed in our history. Gallipoli or Tobruk but it should be. In the news family knew living next door giant death him for will take Eden-Monaro backwards VOICEOVER: Tony Abbott by pulling the plug services we depend on. on the health and education on GP Super Clinics, He'll pull the plug the National Broadband Network, from our local schools 580 computers for 18 of our high schools. and Trades Training Centres the local Liberal candidate, do? And what will David Gazard, He'll help Mr Abbott pull the plug on Eden-Monaro. people are Returning to our top storey, three

territory in Melbourne. Just over dead at a public venue in That man is happened just there was happened just a few hours after

not been murdered as well. That gunman

there is some pink is hoped to dog -- this is not what they been a block of place. It is the not young that worry Jamie McCabe, with four We just want the children to McCabe complained Council but it says the privately owned intervene The only way the Council could enabling injunction but allow the council to fill the site, allow the

So, six months on and still remains. now than it has ever been. Developers were ordered to install has done erected a safety fence around hole, but Jamie's right under plan to development. The Council still plans on going to court. All of that that will take time, leaving the McCabes A man dangerous. A year-old Ron suffering from emphysema is slowly regaining Princess Mary was Princess Mary was seen checking out the lookalikes converged home town of Memphis for the Championship of from Adelaide and Paul Fenech from Elvis' home, It's like where the Elvis headlined, 23 battled it out for the title Ultimate Elvis. home, was second up. their make up is top line stuff. There was It's a tough because believe me, Elvis but he can sure sing like him. you are Elvisy, are a but the Broncos are that Parramatta fans will want to hear. (ACOUSTIC GUITAR MUSIC) MAN: (SINGS) # From little things WOMAN: # From little things Big things grow... # VOICEOVER: Nearly half of all Australian workers have joined something run only to benefit her interests, his interests, and their interests. Something that could mean tens of thousands of dollars more for their retirement. # From little things big things grow... # Industry SuperFunds - run only to benefit members. match that match that could make or break their next year. On the Superstars, his without Darren them. We them. We understand that he has opportunities. opportunities. We have done a lot of him in check. is. It is have seen the competition. Things are Straight to Parramatta. Parramatta bosses have been instructed by officials to start be done. has a queue about that after the league. Straits revealed its challenges. It is easy to get caught in would not know it from Australian challenged. first round. Matt Kuchar was one of five players tied for separate from the When the surf is up, you can play. Call them crazy, but they could not resist this dangerous reef if we not. They are braver than I am. will have Next, the weather. Rough seas there today.

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weekend' s action. In Australia, 50% of us don't get enough fibre. Luckily, new Uncle Tobys Bodywise Digestive Balance bars have a quarter of your daily fibre needs. So now there's something for everyone. Bodywise. Because your body is for life. Eight-10 feet waves on many of our south-west win. will ease. of new fronts moving in on Saturday. We Perisher. A morning. Fine cooler for next week. Patchy will have

Step out with the exercise craze sweeping the nation and join a Zumba class. Or put on your Science Fair, including experiment to You could get your skates on with the cast of Swan Lake On the cast of Swan Lake On Ice, look at farm experiences to the Australia's most haunted house. For more Sydney News, you can follow the Tonight ... The union campaign

against the Coalition' s planned

public sector job cuts, public sector job cuts, Winning-ove the vital senior' s vote in the

lead up to the Election, And, the

Melbourne Cup hits the Capital as

the event celebrates a special

milestone. Good evening, I' m

Jessica Good, There are signs the

union movement against public union movement against public secto

job cuts may be losing some of its

momentum, after a small protest in

the heart of Canberra today. Around

eighty people protested against eighty people protested against Ton

Abbott' s plan to cut twelve

thousand jobs. But ACT Liberal

Senator Gary Humphries says the

sector won' t be spared the axe